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APW Help for Homes
Sunday, July 23rd

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Hello and welcome to a PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes this is the show dedicated to you the homeowner for you to expert incident difference. If we can help if they need your plumbing heating and cooling needs it was a call 913. 8256600. My name is keyboard and across raised its fuel. How happy I. Came to our way down. Now it's horrible I couldn't get the Dixie gift I could like multiple things out it's all right it's a finished second show for the rest of the day. And and to bring new information about plumbing and heating and air conditioning. And hopefully we really do help keep and I do have and that we can learn later Cendant has correctly ha. And get it information you can take your own home. Ant with a way to safety issues and efficient CE at repairing. I hope your parent maybe for little tips for yourself. I've got one really good one today that wanna go over with he that you can take care of yourself and save yourself. So much money. And rather than having a company like APW coming heating cooling although we do value. Are our customers that that. We give a really great pricey I mean we actually it's one of our four point that we think is so great that he keyed up Leo is that we give really great products that it would be very good price. So elaborately that's a great tips yeah actually like to do every weekend for you for listening to act if and let the can win you know let's let me come and every week to dealing it is because of of you listeners. You given off the feedback that can you do enjoy the shell and actually get some good valuable information. No that's not why come back and then it's not like you come back no Thailand and anyone in Nellie you're gonna say how did you make me. Don't apply to go to your door and rain on like Joseph and Heidi and she does don't you want to tell people stuff now yeah yeah yeah yeah the wind who tot. The most out of the bulk of you don't want that in Iranian we had today and like I evershed that sound except for the show you talked month except for the shin that's the only thing. And when you're yelling at me or discipline me yeah man or minority like me. Or. Only get neck is it. Hard and violin out right now played I don't know it's it's funny. And I do appreciate it just tears don't like Justin Timberlake many are they just into the sun crime near her. Well yeah I can play listen to it now I'll. The trees resume our all right up like are were we right training stuff in their time writing up some stuff from some service text. And you see is now every time I write to me I always after they tied it up and always goes to Dixie. And that's this ditch it's a lot smarter than me. But chill shall serve and things don't changed up some sort of back she is what is best. Get soaked body because I read it was like while that really sounds dumb law but Yahoo! or do they keep of that so I know about I collected all the studied English weekly read remaining and new training with their technicians and Lenin Fidel in writing. And yet Canada prefers UNL and some of that staff and the maker censor what you do you all make sense and they still got height of like the maker Spencer hey and you heard I was doing some carbon monoxide stuff Dixie just makes it makes sense to me. I just make it sales highlight key yet it's really get a cake till. Don't let any maybe that's why I talk a little bit more on the radiation they knew hung on them maker sensor could hear the make some. I guess most people would agree with that in fact you're like much more organized and I AM you have like. Like the four points of the guy to do in my head on boards are there and you like no way then I have to guess who is like. I'm surprised he knows that the number of points. But I guess sit there and you have stuff like you compile a step in Freddie it's organized set. It sounds Smart it all over there and meet. I got a Q&A monster away also like chocolate almond if you haven't anything to keep the floor to get the keys they're don't I'll keep like and and keep. You have one of those photographic memory is that mean it is pretty darn close if you remember more things than any other person. Ever met I wish I had that kind of brain that we'll probably teen wrestling and it argues it can't remember the things that let's word conversation about our information your life don't need to talk about on the radiant and abroad and Burma or nothing. Delta mean to share but it really bad Everyman that's out there. Like that got you do you like about our time air conditioner safety inspection for eight. We half of that at 59 dollars for our betrayed your specialty not taking care to air conditioner will have to come out and if you're thinking clean check for you. We will be happy you're conine went 318. And 6600. Now only 318 fat 6600. By Dixie difference dot com. And the effect that Weinke Sheila had the opportunity to write that phone number down again the Dixie different dot com. And Dan would be happy to get 59 dollar radio special air conditioner safety and clean each for yell. And where it's a little bit about that today film let's start and that's about as we don't talk about the what you need needed to maintain your air conditioner would really like talking about this. And because we just feel like you either know it or you deal and that's what we find out in the field a lot. Is that though either do it and Mano a little bit about why they do it no one now and they've got a great GF standing. Order the customer just getting they're kind of more anti like why would I did this why did at least money line. Maintaining my mechanical Clinton and I held only a white when he to clean air conditioner in Alex. Out of sight out of mind so we talking about this integrate time and see thing to do that. Hi hi we want your air conditioner. To be prepared for this hot. Time of the year we want to be working act peak form orient. And what are the things you by doing that is maintain your air conditioner every feet then. You can raise it to 5% of fishing for every year not maintaining your mechanical click any Neil. Ten that by ten years to 50% efficiency. Not so every dollar you spin you could be there really fifty fans because of core inefficient equipment in your home. So we wanna do that around whom you know you wanna do that so if he just invest a little bit of money every single year. Like our radio special the 59 dollar air conditioner safety Kleen chat. You can keep that 5%. Every year and keep your system working top notch so teacher mainly cool. She utilities gallon. And it's working and faith environment for. Selling in your home until Brett tackle a bit more about that today he got some stories that he wants to share. But he likes giving the story is Al well anti iconic old days the eighteen days I would have been that old guy sitting by the fire telling the history of our tribe. Who's that you won't be an old guy sitting by the firepower with the talking about your tried it does aim at that loud happens you know I've thought about other B clinical Thelma again I can have been would have no way I just panic I just had the Asian right answer we haven't. And fix eighteen year old and they're not going to lived on the street for math they're gonna move sparked RO way. The baby you know what happened a million stories nodal Cooper and Cooper about as we do much. Now known I'm sure they of course all let you ever talking about. What can you really well he's on you more than the other I think for you to know he's answered I heard that it would ever parent thinks that one kid loves me more than me and now. I'll let me yeah it's pretty is being mean to last night jumped on me. You beat me well they was playing easy quite pull it out and so I mean about the and now they think we're gonna talk about instead of our children in. At the mysterious flash that happened. Get this question no I actually am about the question and last week and posted it on faith that says he'd like to get some cool face the and and you kind can't go to HP gebbie plumbing heating and cooling and our page you'll get some good. Good content air for you like and easy fix on the mysterious thing income flash. On the ghost and that's foolish is that too willing to not against it's not a fan clashed there's an easy fix on how he can repair your own toll you don't have that I knew and you can't if you want that to you don't have to with a very easy they think you could I do eat yourself. If you lie for granted that adhere to that as well. The 1998. Air conditioner and air conditioning cleaning up those fat baby to get him. Can't completely. Working at patiently and comforting your home the weighty share led. Taking care of them that safety inspection keep any wanted to share the stories about people who have. Problems like that actually you know at the first are concerned. Yeah Tania. Okay so I'm sitting in the office people on every time he Tonya was her hands are she's your ministry of executive assistant yes are again under the title and ready to sit and office with you I don't get an office he doesn't fit in the opera threatening blood that we're not often in the end in the office to different offices and get in the self. When you guys are playing video games. So. But let I don't have an office I've descent and the like brick room. So I was right up some of papers time he wanted to just you know I have a question for you as I guess there's all that. Stop that sticks on the outside the white furry stuff in a semi cottonwood is she goes out all the rest which has. What do people think there's balls to do because. I don't really know you know I think you should just build to wash it off is that okay and let me check on our air conditioner out on the outdoor air condensed area. And so I was like you know what here's the problem that happens is that. People see all the leaves are the material on the outside and so they sprayed off it falls off. Obviously the obvious point is it's cleaner right into a degree they're kind of correct is the outside debris has been removed off the but I went island or knows that. You don't understand when you spray that opposed the smaller particles in the dirt gets pushed into the back of the coils to Jeff spends. So the fins in the coils on the condenser that outdoor air conditioner. Everything at a materials. Whoever may be leaves or whoever gets stuck to. The condenser and so by spring and off you may in May look cleaner on the outside but the problem is the inside. Where all the closely together it's incredibly dirty. If it's dirty it cannot properly released the heat from inside of your house and that's the biggest issue with the can't spray with those from the outside. Action Phillies have more about this topic that got to go to break quick test and cut cut you off there. And fill the real quick wanna remind folks at our free estimates that we have online replay thing you furnace and air conditioner if it's something needs free have to find information that you and your own best judge. Finally there a tweaking get to that the big here in Kansas City to help lift. Especially kids because they don't have lunch is not in school and yet till nine and 318 fat 6600. For you free. Estimate to go to the Dixie difference dot com we'll take charities state we'll be right. Hello and welcome back APW a lot of media filling up front. I can keep for Democrats is Dixie over and welcome welcome back to AP get the help our hounds. We have here enjoying your weekend and I don't think you for sharing something you're timely accurate. And the eight PD AB help for home shell. We do this every weekend fully appreciate and the EU actually to meet UN and leaving did surprise that it may and all felt that. Especially with your brain a nest and getting the now they still do that they're interviewed about whether show it to about you and they are disliked it. Just a couple of dozen feet yeah I never do that has Nat cherry library that I guide our history like how loudly morally I might get. Really think it's that a nation that the best that we both have information to share a lot of age. Eat 59 dollar air conditioner safety and and eighteen and I inspection. And we edu or ask our customer or were and that's a radiant special. That a dead exe difference dot com or call 91318. Fat 6600 to get you worse today so call today. And more you cannot sell land and take advantage of our free pass to Matt. And if you're at a place where you really wanna get a free asked Manny for placing your equipment the furnace and air conditioner. And I New Delhi the time where people are like no I really don't like it if you like a free estimate no cost no obligation do now be decided daily decibel we have financing. And you can't get off thousand dollars off in the month of July. I donating twenty food can't her any nonperishable food items for our food drive that we have going on the month of July. So I wanna make sure that folks know that they can really do good for the community. And get money off. If they decide to do something done for this month but still no cost no obligation free estimate on your furnace and air conditioner. You folks and your best judge of whether or not we eat and eat yet you can help you in the future even called out at 9132. Fat 66 kind drink. Look at that Dixie differing dot com and we and I can. You eat the information TRE complaint and seen the information and we'll get right back T. And killing them and make sure what people know what our specials are right now where you're special and oh no sorry go EU. So anyway so did you some I think the post last week I talked about how they add the ghost on the queen elect. And down this list you eat out and says they were literally there's a test on there is and it both sitting on the toilet. Liked and not a real ghost of course that eighty lay was kind of cute picture. I wanted to make my point across that was a person sitting on the stool with a sheet over there and can hang with the white GM and February as lead I don't does that kit yet and lift it is around my that I get question of the depression sometimes come calling in the opera seven night toilet is the rain normally fashion flashing in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day. Nobody then there how could it possibly you'd be doing now. Any industry called apathy and some flash. There is no ghosts don't need to called ghost dusters. It's just a leaky toilet tank. Then basically a flapper in your pain has eroded DT men are hard Nancy can be fed inning year. In the water that accumulating giving B of old age. Clapper is allowing wider delete or detained therefore eventually the floater in the tank we'll drop in in the left owing to flash. Because it thinks that's and they flush the toilet because of that drop. And tighter place a flapper than at that point in need be you could consider even a complete tour at grade. And tilt into plumber can help heal like TPW Connie he and calling to get that flapper replaced or even if your idea I wire you go to your big box store. And and gadgets replace the clapper. Enjoy yourself so if you need and how police either and getting a flapper replaced. Or urge you wanna find out what's the X upgrade. You can go to bed mixing different stat comic do you have a fabulous. U2 video on our web site you can check out. Which is beat Toto toilet if you've ever heard it totally Dahlan the great great great tool it's thinking of toilet. And you can find out more about it will upgrade and a PD AB can help be out with that as well so just know they're very big toilet is not. Internet against San and it's just pay that flapper and you need to regain reply. I'm I'm good flapper and and he did a good flapper you dot ease that flap Erlich I mean I market pocket socket. So glad I don't. And I tell you that the seat this heat is breaking through I'm getting grants. Elements like eight years I think that night may be like a toilet seat number no no no not at this he has no right excited like forty feet of them side of the house. And then I laid seed in thirty. And ACC won't coat this a bad time a year did you see mine is all coming up but it's hardly know that hopefully it's her and. Well I'm doing a man he she was gonna survive you'd like water and out of as a guy. I keep 4 in the morning water and water and it latter and it latter and it and it gave fell anyway and I'm so glad that you're seen FED. If is not breaking Harry Brady no ground right filing your area of them so. We have out of some a few things we've changed their work is we're trying to make it easier for customers to understand silver service calls. So we've always had processes that we go through to verify that your equipment's working right so in that the summertime. You know there's. There's companies to sometimes just come out and. Sprayed down stuff wipe it down that any changes and I am unhappy isn't just because they'll adult I know where your billing that much for your audience is are you bailing. Well which is your tagging about to win coming amounted to secure American issue. Or you had about an hour diagnostic cause you have no air. We've implemented the new processes that we really think our our great. And not only first service technicians did their job and feel much better that it's also greatly that we can shell what we're doing for the customers an assist for the air conditioner. We're all figuring this on our. And tune ups for our past our service agreement and our service of our what we call the energy and savings agreements or to visit the year to maintain furnace in the air conditioner for though just it didn't get people in know what you're talking. So we have always come through it and there's a lot of things that actually checked it diagnosis system. And a lot of HPC companies and people rely on past history. Where they'll see you probably they'll say you know what I know it is that's the exit. And this is what gets a lot of return calls in for the consumer it's horrible because you don't want return calls. And for the companies that can cost a lot of money which nobody wants to see happen either. So what we spent a great deal of time to make sure that we get it right the first time so. We go through tons of temperature checking when it leaves your system and it comes in in the web bulbs and all these things that you guys don't care about. But the cool thing that we did. Is that we came up with a little chart that has arrows on it and so would lead you are diagnostics our customers can follow along. And concede. If you see this problem it's caused because of this and so they're little basically it's just lines of arrows and dots that tell you exactly what's wrong with that picture back at the picture looks yeah. Camera like cats really cool so that's what's wrong wait until we're right back more about the picture back for our customer is Tim really gunned down eight to be fear heating and cooling Fisher calling this time the season she comes up or just make it easier for them to see. Exactly exactly at holiday so we can't take another quick very coffee your 59 dollar air conditioner safety clean check right now. At tad elementary eighteen fat 6600. And will be back in just a moment. Hello old welcome back to a PW plumbing heating cooling upper arms I can keep Orton or Grossman is the digs delivered. Again and here's an undefeated and did it get over a half. And welcome back AB get the hell for her own we attacking apple tech that's utility issues and how he can take care Rouse talking about. And thank you should look for the company coming out. He dealing air conditioner seeking clean check we did those all the tie and our customer and love for you to try it out as well. And even use our radio special and get it down and for 59 dollars a 125. Dollar valueless forget to tell people the true value that is. And various officials 59 now players and you get your safety air conditioner safety and clean check. Dan from eight PWI. Calling 9132. Fat 66 and jury in doing that right now. And before we get back on topic also wanna remind folks how he vacant senate last week was are dry that we have going nine. In the month of July. Really helping out our local community here in and around intensity and area at the I. Donating. Food nonperishable food items and which we talked about it ramping it means increased men still at. You know there's a lot of addition there but during the summer months. These a lot of kids in the area don't have alleged there they depend on school defeat in the language and what helped heal a local area food giants to keep damn. In a fool and you can take advantage and that night they free estimates that we're giving. To our customers. And evil premiere on this judge of whether or not happy in the future. And that is a free estimate time in twenty nonperishable food items. That you tee and and and if you purchasing furnace in an air conditioner from eight. You'd also get a furry diagnostic referee and I just donating. Five. Nonperishable food items. If you just let free asked Matt brown to picture to or two where find out what he had no air or where AD we won't charge you are diagnostic EU. And at all come out absolutely free to do eighty Lennar diagnostic is an and you folks can be your best judge of weepy Debian can earn your business. And we do you ask for at least five nonperishable food items from here. In the month of July film and now we've got adding European cherry you can just look at Dover and the next time he got the Christian story can replace it. So even really help out our local food you know food drives that we that we don't meet TU and down and really feel good way to. About helping out the community. May indeed get a great that I eat a pre diagnostic call for. So in college now nine when 382 laps 66 senator good to bad Dixie differently dot com. So do you slacker like I did not matter they often carry me very expressed fear that this happened too bad misses an on TV Nene added. We had like some FaceBook I don't know why we don't think we should do face the life and dine numb and naive I can come back and. I'm gonna adjust and yes I'm actually you know that's funny your retirement that we are bad posturing you're you're talking hind Al hunt a slight delay on re training right now at. I I certainly don't the Bilbray today I think for all you people who just got out of bed and in your jamiat yeah and I'd like to do spray gate so. You know the interesting thing are the the interesting issue that we have if you guys don't know like on the field. Easy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays ago with service techs I spend as much time on the field training as possible this weekend. I'm but it's interesting that we get a customer or one who I guess you listen to the radio. Radio show. And she works or a maintenance company. I and so she had just come out because they were having an issue they couldn't figured out there because the Dixie difference she wanted to see. And with we've basically if we could helper out. And so we go out there in the craziest thing is we're going through her equipment in this call I was not on so it's that second hand that we're going through equipment. And the maintenance some of the maintenance guys were there and as we see there's one thing you can do is you can check. I'm not only the pressures of the referred jerk but you can check. The humidity in the air that's coming in and leaving and the difference of temperatures the air coming in and leaving and you can tell if in the blower motors are either running to faster too slow and you can also tell if there's law blockage somewhere. And sometimes the blockages in the coils. Will what they were doing was we went through there at the outset of the units looked nice. So but the one thing that. He did is he took it apart and the front. Didn't look bad but only got to the backside of it was all caked with mud. And so what they were just doing his washing off the front and every time it rained or the something happened mud would splash on and and so the outdoor condenser I'm sorry the one that city on a pad your air conditioner. It people he they the maintenance guys were even spraying the coils off. However the mud in the dirt all on the backs I was so Kate it nothing can breathe through it. Normally. There's only certain units week we take a torch to feel good air flow in in into Portland just the counter condense or anywhere and good air flow is important for your air conditioner to work properly but for your of the Vernon Martin worked properly. It's good if I am but the funny part is that this is a maintenance company in its there. You know they have all these houses they maintain and what was happening is they were taking short cuts of spraying the outside to it looked Coleen. However they weren't doing all they work as you know breath. The arrest in the unit in front guy and wait to properly do it if despray inside Al. And the air conditioner. I taking off until the top and the pain and cranny yes and instead of spraying ENTV recognition yes well what they were doing that however. The front you can you know would you see condenser you can't see the back try to do is using against the house or close to the house the front side. They were spraying down with a host so when they we do inspections looked clean. However nobody looked on the backside of these house's. And so we did all of our tester we figured out there something wrong there's a blockage somewhere it's not releasing air so. We terror the whole thing apart and it was just hate Don it was cake and so bad we actually had to take. A torch and burn off all the material. To try to get off of deploy hills and then finally what it took about an hour of scrubbing the back of the back of the condensed or they air conditioner. And then we finally got flow. But even maintenance companies into doing in the weird part as we went to two calls in one week or they were very similar. Another lady works for company and she had the maintenance people for the company come and take care for air conditioner. And some of the individuals who own Mike trains. Trains use an interest in coal oil and what it does is it it's like spot it's like a sparring. And all the pieces in airlock with the each other we actually can't spray it off. We don't even try to use a cleanser you have to use actually a torch to burn everything off it's the only way to actually clean them. So we would now is that our service call with her and she was having problems and the systems horribly dirt I don't even know what they did have a two day ever claimed that. But he was so dirty we torn apart and that's the interesting things in this is one of the reasons why we take. All the readings and we take all the measurements is because there's a lot of people we go to that say that they have somebody who cleans it. Or they have a company that they work with her work for that clean it. And when you go into someone's home and they say yes my own company cleans this and you're like no they don't. Unless you have proved sometimes they think that you're not being completely honest of them because it's a company they work for. So that's why we take a lot of the readings so you can see there's an obvious problem is likely shelling them. Aid every means camera physically showing the K dying. And I GR EE dad has been Ian and and Q relating throughout the year. And right. So it was kind of funny well what we did was. We you can also tell that no one had taken a single bolt off the air conditioner that's the other thing he tells me on the ball to vigorously you know it had been taken part. So they set out there with us for thirty minutes by. We torched it and everything burnt off of it we retook the readings and she got about. 15%. More air or cooler air inside of her house. It readjusted the number number no not that has huge rain in any increase totally agree that's for you wanna make shed their comfort now in the home because she's got better air file and we talk a lot about maintenance and it's because it's so important into taking care recorded making it last the most important part is that. There are too many people into these companies. That take it lightly and they do poured jobs with that winds are you waiting lists and they clean clean check for yes yes and so you really need to ask the questions are physically located is what are you doing to clean the system. And that's why we try to tell you. You know this is how it should be cleaned and taking care of. And lean SM and you have to work during the game you have that trust a company they'll let you you know come in and do it for you why your god we do data as well for our customers. But we also want to leave the information that how everything is working properly. Or if there's any flight issues and only that forty is well. The you know that we get our job and inside the system outside the system is going to look than fedayeen. And I know that's and they make you shouldn't have to look for that you always want to inspect what to expect. And Danny PM the amputees that need a make sure you look around didn't. Any should if it clean look clean inside and now and then you know you've got a elis know that. That I could be part of what they do any safety grange. New numbers there's a lot there's a lot. It goes to the the safety and clean checks. They take care make sure your system is safe. Clean connections there's a lot of stuff they do but you can go much beyond that and actually allow your equipment to work extremely good. And that's really what you want when you're going right into that same board that's a tough thing in our industry is getting everybody to do so that's why we came out of the charts there really. Think you are absolutely not because you're dumb yeah it's candidates cooled to about hearts we know why eating use our services to be don't already give us a call it. That Dixie difference that comment Chillicothe that we Collison and went 382 clouds 6600. We'll be back in Jaffna moment. Hello and welcome back and that the plumbing heating cooling help parents are empty border crossed me is these big difference and then I think that's right at the date the different eat there any out there. That's what I do yet you do in eighth with we have had it and had a great time this weekend am we hope that you are getting good information. Got a little technical on our last segment so hopefully we can and that kind of green that back in. And you know give some good information in case you were so technical could be no there's all kind of listeners out there so we hope to appealed all in deal. And getting good information. That you can evaluate the type of work that you performed for your heating and cooling worry media planning service says. Fell and guess what it collar city if an. If you have some topics that you want ST Shearer or you my honest and to continue to share and that's helped sets victory or shall I hate that I appreciated. And very naturally get those and now we get a lot of you do you guys out they're doing now or at the thank you so much for that. What are my ain't even exit go to our EPW. Plumbing heating and cooling aced the page. And my fear in linked DN you can check and check us out there's a well and and and and I am in the process. Gay nine in Sudan and snap chat yes so that will be coming in this next week as well we need posting all of our fun staff. On every avenue that's out there so and the only we knew we wanted and we get a great poster child really huge response signed. Which was the mysterious. Light Sheen of your toilet the PM ten tour to a colony in the industry. Against when her ninth as attacked that couple segments again I'll act if you have a team that's a toilet which is rained only flashes. That ten there's no ghost at doing it. The is easy fix he can handle. 3-D I wires. It's an easy thing for you to do as well and it's she asked eight slapper that need to be replaced in this case. Clapper indeed you're ready due to the men are hard neck. It's just fat and being in the water. I'm or even old age cell and it's a rambling water to leak. Brown DT pain and therefore that float thinking in the float thinks that your tooling needs beef last. And they air it didn't flashes the rest of the tool it starts all over again. You're wasting so much money in the water so there's another utility building you can. Make so much better for your pocketbook by repellent repairing or replacing in this instance. The clap her hands Italian a deal which is fits in that McCain though remind jab them and Tim lash it's not a ghost buster issue. Sell another thing that we have been dedicated Christians here is how we eat properly take care of the air conditioner for safety claimed Shaq. I also how people can do it and in Maine to make sure that they know that they're getting it done right. Yeah and and so what we're basically what our goal was don't you train service techs with explaining to customers all the time about how it works. Doesn't necessarily happen as well as everybody wanted to. So we simplified it and put it into a little charts and it in little pictures. So it makes better sense it's easier far and really what it did it made it easier for our service text to bill to show the customers it made it less confusing. And we've had to. You know we've always done the process but we haven't simplified and enough that everybody could understand or see it. And it's so we've been doing a parolee about two weeks now. And the overall. Response from our customers have been this is so nice I actually get but the guys talking about. Buy and sell it makes it easier and I think I think for most consumers I know it does for me at least to me that should speak for myself. Is when somebody's explaining to do you mean I doubt and I don't quite understand I always feel like I'm being taken advantage of or. I'm always on comfortable because I don't understand it. And sometimes it feels like parents sold to me maybe they're not that they are because I don't know what they're talking about they know that meal right and that's what up on one of our concerns or is that. You know in this day and age people wanna be educated more than one understand more they wanna feel comfortable they don't wanna feel like they're being taken advantage up. Oh you know as us being consumers we feel the same way and soul. And that's why whenever we have somebody come by led Dixie take her because she's much tougher on the and then I am. So. I just want to point that out detectors for you and so. That's where we and that's so we came up with pictures and diagrams that make a really symbol for the customer to follow. And really made it simple for our service text to explain it people really liked it and it was so. We we've taken in now and bargaining enhance it into more areas of our company so whenever our service techs are coming out there it's just not gonna be them telling you. It's stem shell when you based on. You know either out specific testing that was done or information given from the government or some. Body that are in control of whenever may be water heaters or whatever product we're going for. And so you can actually see what the result is what caused it how it happened and it's can be more simplified for you so at least when you're looking at you know that. This is really what's happening. Ray in pac ten and T is kind of samurai is what you're saying there when the least is services for you. And what you that you're trying to say is that if the folks one the information we've really put it in a very picture book kind of away what we've been able to accomplish. And and at the end if there is any issues with the air conditioner. And in how we can make it work at peak performance that we are able to communicate and very you know really simple terms today. Customer. But they still have all the information of all of our. You know lack technical diagnostics that we've done as well so really proud of that Kelly in his early technical diagnostic information. And be able to prey to an easy form that customer connection understand. The Kaz you know and I joke that it's not rocket science really do that yet these guys. They were they have to go to school can't learn how to do other states BC work they do they eat and then they learn out in the field and eight are like doctors for your air conditioner. And your furniture they really know what they're doing you know with the talking about if you consumer knew it you we do yourself. These guys are great elect a deal that would really love the new process that leader and are doing for customers in the early responding port. Don't that's funny because that's kind of one of the examples I gave to the HBC's service techs would we implemented this. Is that it's like a doctor you spent because our guys Nellie did most of the HTC guys go to school they have to. Obviously get licensed and certified to write what they pay in doubt it takes years up for everybody to train these guys to even be able to. Be able to go up there and diagnosed properly. So one of the things I was told about it's like a doctor you know some of your doctors say come you have great bedside manner. They can explain it to either make it simple there's other doctors or bat and hence I managed. But that doesn't make them bad doctor race and I just I just like you right. So that's what post on the surface Texas you know the doctors don't necessarily see they're doing a batter they would probably change it. Well the same thing with service text they don't always realize that the way they're explaining it. Easy sometimes insulting sometimes ncube kept confusing. Sometimes it doesn't make sense so instead of relying on them we just made it that they have a tool. That can sit in front of the customer and now the customer hopefully at no given time. We'll feel like they're an attic I know or armed that they don't get another not Smart enough yet and that's really what we want to Jeep and I think it's really cool I. I don't feel any of our customers ever fill Libby taken main engine will he goes against our mission statement goes against a white eight PRB is about which is opera great products. And do you know very good very good price for our customers that really educating and sneaking your customers in the best customer service way. And Dan Phillips one more element that we're unity PL EO Robert at a time. They show that if they don't they did for an artist you can fly get it every every week it again getting home to connect down what are mind that's are specials a thousand dollars off an air conditioner for into your ready to die right now you have free estimate a cost no obligation Ollie have financed think. And for our local food drive in the next twenty nonperishable food items for your free estimates and net for the three estimate that's free asked me is free not even any bank. And you all fill a year when F free estimate you do you have to get five. Nonperishable food items for our food drive as well. The commodity pre diagnostic called not only thirty eat too fat 6600. And we'll tell magic he difference dot com. See you next week yeah.