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APW Help for Homes
Sunday, August 6th

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Oh and look at eight PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes this is the show dedicated you the homeowner for you to experience the Dixie difference. If we cannot be bigger plumbing heating or cooling needs gets all at 913. 8256600. Mining is keyboard across me is Dixie will offer and our special guest on to. I'm just amenable Hannah and you've added a half I don't know how I don't know like do good days and then vendor pole there and very again and expect a lot of great color aren't at eight PW planning each ankle link though what I don't have any here is that he has such a great value. He used his brain knowledge I just act and act through the radio waves I just like teasing me look Smart listener. Nobody that before everybody's got to be good at something and re open. I don't think I'm and we never all three been on the radio wants. And now we have the hell out of it deacons and and the radio show will lift I eight days and then very gently years what was the best radio show in supporting our rating again and I. A dagger and those are the best yet Brady wrote radio show ever raped in the history in his journey yeah they it was like a hundred sir op people's heart I asked. Gas fell and exactly I don't know we never see those rating I. Talked to a lot of our customers. They don't and on the lead and and I thought the hair never say. Michelle you and keep her just amazing they now notice that they bring up my name doing it is who knew these errors as the next guy. I will yeah. I can't hanging on the same thinking if I Dixie. Yeah that's great that's so funny I got. Still love that when I wanted to alike go to like go service tech to make their from the radio show and they'll say yeah we love the radio show. The legal Dix he's wonderful and I think I know what about to go home as they are these guys and the right thing and you're like a lot or eat it out meet you don't know me. Well then that Phil and I don't tell me it's me because that plane yeah. Weird and they are slightly adding nightgown well he really did that then I'll put the right. And let's they would go oh my gosh you are much better look at them we thought Al yes you should have been more incredibly good looking men have no idea the idea out there like me deadlocked and all of them got a job to do all my neck and neck with. Indignant I'm glad your still humble me now yeah and frank L president in I knew we're coming up in a new economy that we all manner you know like. Yes I think he can about mapping it out and have a planning yeah air conditioning Sherry Rehman did you have to deal hair and and and answer it at oak ASAP gebbie on the media calling you know living doing business here in the match up for over fifteen years. And dad always liked here at Graham and the fact that Muhammad best kept secret and we don't do a lot of advertising nineteen year radial. And and and we did the radio show and she GS started doing our first TV commercials is like two months ago silk and and we'll have. Over at you know cash panel and we have thousands and thousands of customers who have energy savings agreements with different plumbing maintenance agreement to let that. We had me and great relationship with thousands of customers that continually use this year after year in. Am I more than testament keeping costs down for them currently don't do it a lot of and TV and radio advertising hit. That really bombs that prices up for you the homeowner. Am the bank town we've lad that he communicating dealing dealing hopefully a public service for you giving you information about planning a year and a sheet for your account. How a lot of ED I wires can take care of things yourself. And that anything not you don't have the time or the means we are you lag give acid try eight EW plumbing heating and cooling. And on how you can get a hold of actually lead draft phone 9132. Avant 6600. Our economic effect eight PW plumbing. And and give it to shouting AT&T plumbing. At gmail.com are you go to die Dixie different dot com there's. A different different ways of getting a hold that. And tell you Keith when it attacked and went in media start off with our monthly actual. And now we always had a 59 dollar radio special for the air conditioner safety inspection we want you to carry American nation or the mechanical equipment in your home. Takes care of your home your family pets. And dad just like in a little change for the car you would never not think about doing that he'll make sure that you maintain year equipment for your home. And so bad you get asked efficiency and safety for your home that 59 dollar air conditioner safety. And clean check from 8 PM if 125 dollar value. Great special they have going on for the month at odd guests have for making gebbie is. And you need a free after met for a full complete change out of your furnace and air conditioner I know we'll get super excited about those types of things hop hop. But I did you are in the market and one and get at three estimate. For eight and change out of their furnace and air conditioner. At no cost no obligation TU this month are giving away free air treatment and three. Definitely get us a call that free after the game and went there too fat 6600. To go to die Dixie difference in dot com are right now. The free no cost and Essen and we always had a I need anti terror happy folks out as well excellent financing any PL EL Canada how that out and about one Barack. And we are not first and topics to cover today. We do but your real what you're talking about the that they safety check that we're doing is she has no probably seven out of ten service calls. Are because your systems are dirty. It's either led to the problem or is the problem because it's either so dirty. That there's not flowing properly or the blower motors having issues are it's causing problems the capacitor. Virtually all of armor because of that so if you guys can get your systems clean. And you keep up on it. I gear real people service calls a loan will be saved for the cost of any cleaning anything else you do with your system a bullied and now. Air called and calling its service provider decline any of the of the now I have no airman Thelma it's blowing hot air with silly ganache fat gadgets clean. I mean just doing it green house gas clean the bathroom. And I hate you know. I can't even had a definitely clean your air conditioner but. And we've given enough shows on how to clean you can go back to our podcasts and a listen to what we talk about is what should be done on a cleaning. All these things that we go through we go through a lot of them and every one of them are important for recent. If you clean properly just like YouTube and maintain your car your marriage all the rest of that they last for very long time didn't tear apart your marriage. I think gender marriage I had that are right that the Tuesday if you don't maintain you don't put any effort if they typically don't last very long that I that's what you need to do so I want to make a comment the other thing is our last we drive for the food we did one of the few guys we set a great deal of food. It helped a lot of people out so we do wanna say dame Q for helping out some people gave extra food. And by the way if we ever come out there in your listening and you wanna still give food we still we still end up delivering it. I'm to the food banks to help lead people at any given time so if you don't like doing it. Please feel free we appreciated also apps silently for spending in the back I think those are the only two things yeah I held at the end the national and the special leave big deal. They because we'll explain everything that impacts it's actually a much larger than what you may imagine just here as a state income or anti about more that two day old DC eighteen and what eightieth elect gives you. Find the free air is actually changed that we have for you and eat your call talent. And I don't think you know now but didn't Jason yeah had a customer who requested. The rich and they're glad stand right so we're only tell this story 'cause the customer said it was. Okay you do it or we wouldn't tell all the and that's why we're doing what's his name to get on site whose name is rich and he's from Gladstone a game because I didn't know the guy and he didn't ask for me or compliment me he compliment addictive and wow how. I'm sell I don't know him now I've I'll land is going on we don't know right now however. Understand well yeah well as they don't tells the story gives it is it's amazing some of this information is he gets really crazy out there doesn't. Will Anderson stepped up there that you don't even know is going on there and until you into you talk to customers area 51 right. I'd even be some like that yeah I'd just second I didn't see with my eyes however he told a couple. But I'll tell a story don't this is what I'm gonna say on assailant. And a good friend in my rich. I was at his house and he had duct work in his four. And putting me in his fork in his four he had he hit his house was they concrete slap lab outlet and his doctor Burke was actually tunnels into the concrete. I believe a really now so there's houses that have done that there's many many houses that I've done that on the telly after the air of like that that that. Yeah he's seven rang eight. An artery in our ever that yes okay so they actually. No these bottles through the concrete to allow the air to flow to the house while they poured the concrete aid they lead the ductwork out and poured the concrete over the doctoral carried. Well not thinking that. This duct word is galvanized metal is going to run out over time right so now what he had in his house as he was blowing rust. All through his house beat that galvanizes broken down your house here in Kansas City there's packets of this hollow where I've I've. And installs in maybe don't know him that is like this and one of his things was it was his his foundation has concrete core. And it was bringing in bugs is the lungs were coming through and moisture was coming through into his ductwork. And make in his house for one like super super human. There. Well it's patchy you know Lambert and like where created ahead to a quick break the Riddick merry about bugs. In your death court and I don't believe that and what solutions we gave great job in Gladstone. And just a moment the term ninety get a college still hot simmer take care of the nation with that 59 dollar. Air conditioners safety and clean check GAAP pat baby clean from any 125 dollar value. Content and 132. Fat 6600. Are going to die Dixie difference dot com. Argued it's a copy of the furry Aston Taylor obtain New York. Heating and cooling equipment and take advantage of our I did special that we have going on to talk more about that in the shelves just AT and after this quick break. Hello and welcome back to you PW plumbing heating and cooling. I can keep Ford across ms. Dixon Rupert and especially this is Jason Bender bull. Had a wonderful hello and welcome back. How unwelcome mat and a lot of my daisies. Is everything is gonna simple I had this like there element. He's like the opposite of me I Dexter and I'm a little crazy out and he's calm GAAP. And the calm and really work and make him a little crazy yet proud of brain I have to agree with that sense yet of or does. We go back and forth pretty good yeah. This actually likes me though. And the example he tells me that then there's there's probably won't like me you know welcome back eight. And not just tuned him the answer rounding them crazy weird staff we should deal and it provides great information for your home and how to take care of your home and great information to game daily went and go over. Plea deal in question is what I learned mark I help you want to get a call corner opposite nine when Perry eat too bad. 6600. We'd love to go over any of the information provided. And we we do have some solutions that we really proud that we fix for some folks here in the last couple weeks. You're listening samples around pat Barry show today that's under special that we're gonna attacking them out. And Denise and information on the field before every dampen that won her ninth outs. A week it's still a hot summer was sent out a lot of hot days ahead and ask them maintain your air conditioner by taking advantage of our 125 dollar value for only. 59 dollars air conditioner safety in clean Jack from eight. Ill just like you would be neat clean your house clean you map very. Don't forget about the air conditioner but you need to make she had a professional come out and do that like any pioli technician. He can have that again calling asked at 9132. Bad at 66 angered or they did that DC different dot com. And we will at our information they aren't you in college fanatic accept. All have our this special which is red top that later in the shallow. That we have and basically if you did choose to change out. And replace your furnace and air conditioner with eight PW for the month of August we have three air treatment and forget feeling we're gonna go for what Eddie specifically later in the shell. The did you that's Ollie peppery estimate at no cost no obligation and always great financing available for it. And so that covers. That information. In fact his last sending Jason they Interpol thanks for being on the show and taking time we appreciate we know you're busy with eight PW customers. So and you really solid AM and a big issue for our customer who had a unique home hearing can see in the UN and there's a lot more of and then we real life. That. Basically the customer rich from Gladstone a let down and which isn't as great listener additions to thank you very mad too rich for shell Jennifer of the wonderful tack Indian the other day about the way. And down and for the implant and he really wanted us to talk about his problem because he knows that other people had his problem as well. Act now older home that was built back after then I abort his after the internal and they Korean war on accept. They built a flat home before it up the slab home me and laid out the duct work. And then poured the concrete over the death where. That nineteen problematic then but now you fast forward to 2017. You have rescued out duct work that the blood only one route home now rest literally going to outcome. I think any time you have some cracks that have happened. And that's a great place for buds and creepy crawling youth. To get Guillen ending get in to be rested out duct work and wet indeed they do they crop throughout the home. This is the real issue for a lot of homes earrings he and the skinny and was for rich in Gladstone and Jason mantle had a great solution in helping a mallet that. So what we did out there is this Burress was actually blowing air down words into into his concrete. Which obviously was spared everything around so what we decided to doom after looking in and do and all of the test and I came over the solution of turning his furnace. The right way up and have an air go upwards. And like he's commonly and a lot of hell out of it's it's and I was at and throughout the death blow them out and look at an hour we're gonna do is we're going to. He's going he is gonna put concrete into as existing doubt because he doesn't want them the bugs come in through any moisture coming to fill in an app and then we're gonna run. Registers and supplies were blows the air into the ceiling. So that now he has duct work in the attic as opposed to do his four. Make it you know actually I mean no these CNET and a lot of homes are that many read through this feeling men out. They're registers. Not to and then we see it and it's typical. And he and concrete slap but there are lots of different package here in Kansas City did actually it was designed. He don't have to be stacked like that you don't at least step with the bugs crawling into your home the 'cause. You know we can feel that all lap and take care and it with new debt supply. And their with a great selection. And it worked out too full for him for one we're getting rid of those the duct work in his boring. However he did just recently have an addition put on the back of his house. And with no duct work them so now we're gonna run duct work through the entire house in the whole house will be centralized and adolescent shall there throughout the house. How wonderful thing now he doesn't have the I'm conditions ace that is paying too much to me and and what was putting too much demand. I and that they conditioned space at the house. And so now he'll he'll have a cool and air in the summer and heat in the winner all throughout the Helm he's gonna love that. And yeah absolutely will cash offer of really appreciate you reach wanting him to share that story with our listeners. And death is semi folks who are dealing with that problem and want to learn more addict. Staffer you reason to give us calling your eight PWR. Goody bag he difference dot com. Right so to learn from this if you guys have a slab home which means a concrete floor house and you're duct work is coming from the floor are from the lower parts of the wall. This could be an issue that you're having that you don't realize that you are. If the air that blows on news coming from the ceiling. But you don't have the problem but it's coming from the lower lever on the floor that you should give us a call have just come out there and look at it as you could be obviously breathing in rust. And allowing other things inside your house that you probably don't want to organics and other Majoli can cause cardiovascular issues we as you get older. Concrete Camby health it and just don't think it just hoping it is that they go oh yeah. Comic reading your lungs and they used to do that Portland we don't people's throats and kill and they don't even the ocean Italians. My mom know where I'm Dutch and on yeah. All right guys used wood and that it. I would use it would she. And then he's wrapped around the island country governmental and conquered and here right because they would float. The cat that was that your boy as very. And well and we've got to take another quick break register my get our special we have going on a month at on act. Is and and and kind of got me up like him back to school you went free staff back to school here you guys be. Are looking to replace your turning your air conditioner get a free after that for me PW an antibody to get three. Got talent and free air treatment. And we still got to get access AT&T can learn more information pollen and went 318 fat 6600. Go to Baghdad he difference dot com right now you're free after demand. And gas. And in an experience and great financing with luck he needs his estate his will be right back. Hello and welcome back TPW plumbing heating cooling help for homes I'm Keith poured across the dukes who Wilford and next hurt this amenable. Actually got a full house and here today I let it. It's bad. And it's exciting kind of fun to top ten but that had everybody here. Well there's only three of the so I mean Regis you and I did the shell boy Larry he can't make it and I have Jason and then there's been contends are Jason and you do the shell but we do actually elegant like what was the question NRA right. I email Elaine at the bash she'll ever after my dad loved after the got a lot summit differ nation to share. And death Imus not at times you really get an all out so do like once a month he comes in and does not armor often pay if such a great guy and a lot of more often. You've just started listening to the shade on the neck we are built ES hand. Well known keep forward Nene a year keep Florida and eighteen gebbie plumbing heating and cooling has been in business for over fifteen years. And there we eat and when I do everything possible to help the value of residential planning heeding an air conditioning means that we. Shell in order to give me good information that maybe you could take care for yourself. And and then of course if you're not able to we hope that you give us a call. So I. AP get BP is successful at the DN filled glad to have you both been here to help Alec a shell. And it's filled with another solution that we had a problem and the solution Jason the Wentz definitely shared elegantly it's kind of a Racine obviously here the last couple weeks. Ian trees are down ash in the neighborhood I live and we have great Dayton in the church for either. And damp Cold War mentality and you know electricity. Because these trees are fallen on all the lines in comic NFL but the problems and then other areas of the city had a ton and the lady who. And data and planning and that they may not actually create Najaf and flooding issues. Al pill and created an issue easily you know making sure that their gas lines are taking care of it would just helped apartment complex here last week they can't they had to shut out on the gas to the hole. Apartment complex and we had to do some great repairs there and then no we upset like towns that their basements gladiator. And that really hurt their central air system. We have you can come up with solutions in order to have cannot help not quit. And what are the great solutions that Jason came up with with Mary now in Overland Park. And hope that you could share that said that maybe folks can now you know learn from that experience that she knew pat. She must've had at least four feet of water in this crawl space now allow her backyard had about twelve inches of water she will she had a city Seward. Sewer drain in the backyard. However it must heels were thrown it must have blocked up it must have clogged or something because her air conditioner was flooded a lot of foot up. Wrong and then move the water was completely her front yard about a foot up. And also in her crawl space about four feet up because that was the level line of the water. Well her crawl space was probably about three and a half feet. There is powerful new water and are urged her furnace was in there all her drains are sump pump was doing the best it could have probably burnt out because. Well. Are linked to name the water destroyed it. And soul what we had to do there was we had to completely. Take everything out of this crawl space and completely dry the system out. And the goal back through and put gravel in the sit in the crawl space and then so it can drain there wasn't gravel on the crawl space they had covered it with a vapor barrier but no gravel. Now we're going to dry the system that are driving area out. Lay a bit of gravel and then run the vapor barrier backed up and we had a dry it out so that mould will grow back in their. Because it was just hot and humid and really as moist as you can imagine. It would to create a lot of moisture. In the year. So album yet rather own home keeping the humidity to completely app which creates again the mold issues. And tyranny. Mold it would cost you know attacking. This is an ounce to dollars while thousands and thousands of Dallas basement the average cart are Costa to strictly as ten to 30000. If you're doing it in the basement area or in essence Urals or maybe Molder and the role. And if you have adding to your dock work or just on the walls it's anywhere between three to 9000. I mean it is call Billy of them we retrenching here a bit and basically with a solution for her at this hour lady in Overland Park. Is the fact that Kelly Kenny and eliminate that problem before it became apparent before became a ground to the biggest part is. If we would it would just went in there and replace her furnace and air conditioner we would have made her house comfortable. However somebody would have been sick before they knew something was rotten. And we really went into the great solution to ripped all that stuff out. Inking that with a great vamp the barrier. And down and unfortunately she had to replace their furnace in Philly got that you know high efficiency or Al lower utility bills. And and interstate keeper home and having to replace it was you know haven't flooded was a bad thing. However like you said that the good thing is she did get a brand new high efficient system yet where she's going to most likely save sixty probably fifty to seventy dollars a month on utility cost alone night and that's a great a cost that's not just right now that's a month after month after month that had that give anything. 506070 dollars extra month. You know on me now would love that each have united and that night you know year after year fear that's who I rate additional training. Fell and appreciate day you know they had examples that he's yeah. You don't feel your best example for that is obviously running gravel under crawl spaces is not one of our businesses. However I mean the cool thing he did Jason and which the entire company tries to do is we ran into a problem where there's mud or there's going to be other drainage issues wherever we're gonna put equipment. So instead of just doing the minimum which is put in new equipment and satisfy the part were and we look at things is that entire solution every aspect of what how it's gonna be connecting door equipment. And so we went through great extent to make sure that we put enough gravel in their aid that we would give a good drainage and it protects the system into the future so she has less issues with that. Obviously there's a six foot flood we can't do much about. However we deal to take care of a lot of the issues we live beyond what most HBC companies ever would have done to make sure that everything around our equipment was taking care. Yeah finally did good job. Yeah me and then natural he had that we take a lot of great pride in. Looking at a solution he had a problem may not just. At the exe takes 1010 that looked but the main confidence into the path that we can tear a Levy the congress. Pakistan to sell. Am perfect but you are good at them by the way. Well me I'm great that we are good that I've been around for or 56 years a kinda. Seeing how you do it an actor and emulate that I'm Mike ended two. And it at a guy and he aware that these I know your parents just went up I. See that's the Q Jason that's all I want to hear and I don't know why does order a week off yeah. Our governor I'm not let's go to you and you deserve every bit of it take to move it back and. And great well when you ready to wetter monthly specialists which is air tree free air treat. In free ducks selling. We knew our at this point we do you have to replace your pretty thin air conditioner hopefully that because of a black and dark because of that there you know different. God for sake in and that emergencies or doctors again disasters. Bikes and we definitely want to make sure that you're getting them most of valued. Or what your purchasing and we're always looking at that. And you know it is attending personally I'm always licking and keep your it was a connect DC nearly the canal when you have the purchase something for your own home. You might get the best value so we just take that same mentality. We put that forth their 8 PM deal and would do in thinking for 8 PM the customers. So we have to come to an airplane and as you want better efficiency you wanna lower utility bills he'll really do now is the best time ever and ending. And yell and very placing your furnace and air conditioner because. A quick out there really has changed. The adding technology. Has really been implementing an end to the industry now there was not they are ten years again I'll. Says you know we can detect about our phones and our computers and you know how cool they are now and then they were teen years ago in the HTC industry. We give furnaces and air conditioner so it really is a good value if you get an you have an aging fist and then you know breaking gallon or you got high energy bills. It's time to do it and get the best value now in the month of August they taking advantage of our nightly special. And the key and you you Milan. So I really when he get into and get as you know once we treat your air then we're gonna feel in your act all your death quirk. To make sure that that air is getting to where it needs to be which is. They're out ear grin and not getting lots and you know throughout all the walls are the feeling in the act yeah I'm in I try to go out. The service tax and sometimes a cells reps as much as I can't but then you know the one of the things you guys noticed. You walk out walk into a basement addition easiest to finish especially finished ones. Where he'll walk in you walked down the stairs in a series you come near the utility room you can feel it dropped like five degrees. And then you go into the somebody's utility room and in the summer it's the coldest spot in the house in the winner it's the hottest spot in the house. And statistically we know that consumers lose up to 34% of their air flow through their dock work and that's why overcoming now with a special is that. We we if you need to replace your equipment. Of course we're gonna replace them for you. But you really need to look beyond the basics you know just like the gravel into the crawl space need to look beyond that and make sure you're taking your care of everything so it actually works. Properly in here so that's what we're gonna talk about the special for the next segment of former new for the air treatment that Texans and you know exactly what you're gonna get. But trust me into this it'll make a huge difference of how your house works. And where the air goes inside of your home and I eighty trash to me on that flaky now lining trash to me how did you tear ducts villains like god hates a real nobody it's huge and it makes these routes and handed them and I must have just been something that. What we know I yelling hey you're absolutely right Phil. I want you back this eighteen that one more segment left. I want you to tres keeping that great information did it to Shirokiya app expects China to gonna fade eland better value reading and your quick name. And you'll see eighteen will be you're right. Hello and welcome back to eight PW. Let me you Italy up front I'm Keith fort Dixon Dixon will for an across from me is Jason temple you can. And welcome mat. At folks were glad they stayed to Indiana and if you just tuned and you are less being. Like he sacked eight. Actually let me texting analysts many members and the Dana I really don't allies and economic regulator. Is that cute you think now obtained from owl. He laid there me out to fill little what attacked LA tech I think I'm happy with your home when the pain that attachment that our last segment. Did promise that we've talked about it is that air treatment and Jack felines. And I mean do we think about hot you may glad they're especially in August we get hot and humid weather to really think about the quality of the air that we bury eat. And Atlantic Matthew pierce solutions if you're looking to replace your pretty thin air conditioner this is also a time tier. I take it ever August special which is free air treatment in furry Dex killing. Mean they get to replace your air conditioner and furnace in order to get that something you can do your excel flip and and right now and didn't get information from class on how he do you dat. And it's great that so this is what we're gonna talk about is I'm when we it when you get immune system for months. They were gonna sealed the dark work and what we're talking about as your main trunk which is the main supply line that goes across your bay basement. And then the plenum which is on top of the furnace itself in the coil. So what we're gonna do is we use a mastic any gets painted on and what the mastic does it gets into the cracks and basically seals them. So instead of using like tape which taped errors splits opens up allows air to get through. We're gonna put a master which is gonna sealed the joints of your dock work. The goal is to stop the air from blowing down into your chilly room or into other un conditions I'm conditioned space. They now why is that a big deal well imagine this take your whole upstairs. And what it's like is you take a bottle an empty bottle and blow as hard as you can end of that bottle. So no matter how much you blown out bottle there's only so much are they get sent to their correct or a bank acting so I'm Wiki and where you are done with the so we need good air flow is kind of my point in if you don't have good air flow because the air is being wasted into another spot. You're gonna have that upstairs that just doesn't work very well and hear this all the time yeah my house is fine except for the upstairs. Well you're losing so much of your air into the basement that's what the problem isn't. How please cables basement is hot in the summer and summertime hours is now. Don't know what he's basement is hot in the summer to so why are we putting more air into a space that's article but you. Regents and I agree to a perfect in his own but the source IR. I concur as they give Jason a preacher in but so. But this is what it and it's content such horrible way. And it's downplayed so much buying companies and by customers like how it's no big deal. No it's monster is just the way had been dealing with Italy and live at Philly you know lately complete fit because it just easily eighty but it's not supposed to be that way. I mean there's a better way of doing yet. Just because we're used to it does that mean we should do it correct or we need to make a change and by doing this ceiling figure Dutch court. We're gonna allow for good air to flow and we're gonna make a difference in the rest of your house. Now will solve every problem I don't know and I couldn't guarantee that but I will tell you it'll greatly increase the quality. Of how you're living in social gravity work. Forced to me and discipline. But as I did a breath CEO night. So I think you do have a duck organ in the second part of this before wintertime you know me I'll just that they're Jabber about nothing forever and yeah it's the the oxy for as what we're gonna use and what the oxy for you mean can't treat their treatment I'd say yes to take by changing gears I hear treatment would get good quality here in your town was his idea right we seal the dock work the -- EPA standards saying on the EPA lead site. Is that your air quality is ten to a hundred times worse than our most polluted cities the indoor air content you're Gorham you act I mean just crazy thing about that. It's just and and horrifying really what our what were your poisoning yourself if you don't realize your slow lead poisoning yourself. There isn't. Does she know there's not as you can see the thing about it is there's not a single house that is that people look at and all of my house is that bad no it is. Casino as soon as you stressed to me on. Your heel of the art. I think about our ads are gonna go kind of get a kind of guys I go ahead a bit of. It's on the dollar bills that I trusted me on all starts with the growth so. Would jettison decision said my air spine that doesn't apply in my house and let you know you're wrong apps you're now the one who needs it the most in their. So what you have to worry about is your DOC's. Is the biggest thing that we have to worry about they which you know they are volatile and. RB organic aunt and. African. Isn't he sees big kills you. Atlanta contaminants compounds how about him dollar eighty Jason's not part of organic compound a guy. Tell that is a bit. Would you look at it is that we're talking about a three musketeers that area and we are battered again and set it apart. I. Have some three stooges. Being a world that cares enough I got our captain and the SE their Banta-Cain right and so. What you have to look at is are talking about like. Paint inside your house how would you finish your hard would forge your carpets your furniture clothing drapes. Any thing in your house that is made releases slow chemicals from. Every time you cook every time you put hairspray every time you put winters and there. You're adding these chemicals inside your house and you don't realize what is junior cardiovascular system. It's the number three health concern according to EPA in the United States number three. I think about Webber's second number 30 concern in the United States sell. That's something you need to be concerned about and you need to be able to treated now how we treated as by using two different items they want this and altered by it like. And the reason is almost every house has mall virtually every house has more than our area. So the ultraviolet light is gonna help kill the mold in and boiling your furnace and today he made me I links to the humidity we have that the darkness all that. And casino in this in the wintertime it's gross I can take your coil. And I can basically peel a layer of cook off of it gets hard and it peels off which is mold dirt. All the sudden it's disgusting that we can show you never know that you twenty bucks he got in on yours right. You'd Jason talk what was your press Tony on the other way around to mailing Tony but I. I got up. Thank but the UV light will kill the bacteria and all the mauled its in the air. Air and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna use an oxy to end up cleaning out any of your bacteria appalling your viruses. Are. What does do the viruses but the smells the voters the pet dander is a few pets. They finally released tons of the casino he notes and more gross than pets and humans. We do it's it's disgusting most of the dirt senior house is not actual dirt. It is actually. Insect body parts in the human skin it is the most disgusting thing in the entire world again ever I'm gonna crate my own. And to become paranoid or something in their suit. But we treat certain led many hour how would be a little cleaner knowing this they wouldn't have Dirk as we have to system 72 in our house yelling and yet I don't know we have to we have every going to predict he gets accused of freaks me out and I like to talk. So these are things or reduce the organist seal the dark work so we stopped leaking the air and then we're gonna get the air so it's fixed where it. This is like 242500. Dollars worth of stuff that we're gonna do that were edited take care view. And it makes a huge difference you know the cool part is none of dying comes out of your pocket the cash exit we take care of Y because were eight PW and that's what we do. Tell you what he did get F three ethnic or make he get the coming heat up for grueling and dad over yeah yeah I like and over again and dad. Pretty often earn eight. PW. You can get the free air treatment that keep the so passionately explaining what Kevin Everett yeah you are thinking that free and deck and Felix colonel talk about this again they're adamant that that. I guess businesses are on this special election take care I got to do is call now. Now I'm 1382. Fab 6600. Included that Dixie different dot com. Get back in the heirs to go to Maggie endeavor and dot com to get there. And that the preparation and pain get its confident that we had a great weekend we're at a time Rodriguez.