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Sunday, September 3rd

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Oh would look at to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling helper homes this is the showed dedicating do you the homeowner for you to experience the Dixie different. If we can help you or your plumbing heating or cooling needs give us a call at 913. 8256600. Or app would be Dixie difference dot com. On and keep forward and cross certainly is it Joseph Byrd. And block and don't forget good. India DP I think I think the downtown yeah you get heated it's and I messed that up now leading off and so you know I'm annoyed today we now have guys like now all I knew every share did you ever got here in alien. They need to know hi Phil Taylor yes I wonder how they feel right I think we're friendly right now of course the united because. Every time we come here I get chocolate cover on the down like I yet or it's dark chocolate here is Sally says yeah. And says but it didn't pray for the you know the what was that yet Austin Powers act and I've been a yet but so. That an oddity I'm complaining to the radio station. Chocolate cup IS for one thing L like chocolate covered on those daddy don't get some of eating peanut M and m.'s instead only how good is that for me. At least at least dark chocolate and I almanac of Odessa Dotson iron middle son says it's dark chocolates Katrina yeah that's when I tell of the Vietnam there. Like a cane and that's what Lee does not help. Hey I wanna attack right back in a manager bred into our show and I'm a little heat myself. Wrote yeah you know I'm kind of the time in prison door and into there and unless you're not on our show last two weekend now this you know every weekend out and dad and I think last with the last inning the first time and how and then shell in four years why now try to fill we have some like. Major of them calendar issues that work and just as the had to be there at the computer tech guy. And so and thank goodness he does has backed up and about forty by Matt after back however it live while with the city here doing the show. So Al listening to be here you obviously we're here or as you know so much about computers. But yeah we are high you know you should be here and I can almost use my phone down and then I. The aim is UT they did Sheila number repeat the note at the you you like the best show ever only a second bash however because the other room was the other talk about my apartment the FC reviewer here yet it to Bachelet is an eight DW tell it like it was more like Britney planet Dixie shell or some does not only Atlanta has some positive things about it earlier and we meet you glad to talk about taint collect water heaters which is somewhere gonna talk about today. Now what we do another round because there's so many great benefit of taint the less water heaters. And everyone has the water heater in their home measure is not in nearly one hone it doesn't have a wade heat the water for the home. We have educating folks on tank Clinton's forty year old technology forty plus years technology. And it's only gotten then there stir here in the United States in the last ten years and Ashley then and installing take less for over ten years. Phil we have the likely know a lot about it and we love it about it ten next usually a topic we get a lot of questions on how ever you guys did not talk about all the benefits. Obtained grant. Bastion all the ten to water heaters which I agree eat. Came to water heaters are something they should be of yesteryear. Like cal wanna make sure that we tackle Alvin didn't pick and take away if the present and future of heating your water then I couldn't get agreement Danny Kaye here but here is the other side of the point. You're doing what echoing bill with. All these listeners that are out there all six million listeners we have of course I had so all six million listeners listeners with death. Corporate for what they understand is why would they switched. That tank let's just on the benefits that they don't understand. That taint water heaters are the worst thing that they can have in their house eat their water while most people don't really are actually you're still learning about paint Glenn flatter heaters fell one having that discussion about Cain vs England. Mean good in the utility and defeated arena in the eighty Ellison is short and sweet yacht the most noble our about half. And maintained vs tanker flatter heaters at eight. And at channel on YouTube you can now look at. However we do I take about both sides what they don't ruin your last name Debbie and LL and MR EE Texas girl marry again. That and that nearly that's so warmly wanna make sure we can't concentrate on today in both sides of the war in. Corn and then when they don't animal Othello and then left at tank of water heaters and if we get at time of questions all year long about what it's tank as well what I wanna detained grant. Tell me about taint us how much does taint cliff cost. You know how long does it take in style where and just all of those questions today. Nine tinker with Larry Peterson would need all those benefits and you can also concentrate a little bit. I can hear the show last weekend about that why you when you rated taint water heater. Circuit immediately aside example hang itself. You know those annoying scissors they have that don't have the sharpens they have the curved ends you mean like far. You know of seven year old who eat out herself I get this safety all lives call they'd like has challenges yet I'll got to learn the challenges cell and now the only reason they came out with those seizures as why. Hit Chris TI so that's my point and beat. Don't know scissors didn't come out because they were. Cool they had great benefits still it wasn't until. It every great. Is that they didn't come all of them until they decided that running with scissors was a bad idea because of the sharp bends right. So somebody said okay scissors are really dangerous because of the sharp and so we need alternative hence. Into water heaters are extremely dangerous and not beneficial to heal so now we can talk what the benefits right if that why we wanna switch to the Dolan scissors and a Dahlan vendors. In that the great Condo what's it annoys me are the ones Quincy has our youngest daughter and their plastic and the exit their fake Teddy wants sector and he is a white. Well stupid is this how stupid if you're China currently I didn't have anything else might gouged his hitting streak it is a wow I apologize that digital edited to Quincy now note she wouldn't help Nolan lady went absolutely the only. At port girl she wouldn't get out of bed but last week for school as an I was reading idea to work let out a piece of string. His first I plugged her nose and then she is open about the server in her mouth tonight. And then I tried to hold their mouth and then she decided a mile of it every like this girl's crazy it's figure everything out we don't they did your attorney Jesus during. And I put into the tip of her nose. How he couldn't take it. It's like why is that why he's entering a lean mean and yes exactly but that know what she shouldn't mess with yen and. And she will have psychological problem that none of the other daddy I'm just can't do it but getting. It's mind you I'm Soledad lately analog I forgot to tell that identity or. It was worth it affects a down cycle the water heaters first off you know he'd been around for Nike for over forty years. And there all over Europe and Asia Europe and Asia. Know more about ten collects water heaters and they do know about ten to latter heaters and young may have act a issues there are some ten cliff has only begun to carry on suitcase can mounts on the wall. It doesn't take the floor space. And then they're small like instead like a carry on suitcase and that's something that's more mediating in that area because they don't have the big houses like we do the deep space that we deal. In addition to that they've always have to be a little more energy conscious. And we here in the United States because their energy prices are higher over the air traditionally. And that gives you a lower energy their efficiency as far as fan how they operate. And that there's forty at 250% more efficient and it taint water heater is. I'm debating on what stats Uga you know look at and goatee. It is a beta Guatemala you know and where Austin like Dominican to build houses right yeah. So we went in the cool thing is when you have the water heaters actually on the shower head. And there's a life wired Dominique Dawes from the shower head and it's plugged into 110. You're taking a shower or you just look at that. In their heating the water to the little head. And you're sitting there looking at night wondering you know what a bong and get shot I can't 'cause it is I don't know I don't know. There's no hello there after they crying Guatemalan don't really care unit the coolest thing for general Gonzales with that. Is when they actually have a Dolly and they have a propane tank. On the bottom of the Dolly and they hook it to thankless to the top of the Dolly. And they can go around they can hook a garden hose up to the tank astray by period up and they can have portable hot water anywhere everywhere I love that I would I want to do that. I've finally had recall. To do it did not just to dance like him will it around our eyes and again at the neighborhood that is now what we're talking about for Helmand but taking us can do that yet again another ballot that is not our tacking about here benefits you now I mean have you attacked again we're gonna get into in the next segment a little bit about the any reasons why taint water heaters. I really eight out dated you know horrible they and to still having your home. You heat your water and I do not take that lightly I mean it really is and we've not educate while Kate let the water heaters are such a better option. Count for safety reasons but did any and cannot and that's what we really jump on that. I don't normally talk about the safety reasons that you do such a good job about that Asia talk about the four bullet points. Of the benefits that I love it to encounter armor gonna tech about the film that morning shell. A one of the main benefit the luxury part not to like about together do we get back to the legend right in the UX amount of hot water they eat yet. Is that he can get hot shower for three days and never rent at a hot YE candy dish washed your washing machine every Sharon in the house think every faucet on in the house. With hot water. And steal not rank out of hot water so you so big they only if you know what I'm talking about when you have to take a shower after your three kids just got out of the math. Can't you read how watered not a lead paint Chris water heaters. So our tech about the other benefit how it saves you money how it's safer at home how long that these things last which is much more than a taint. Letter heater dad when we get that we did have to take a quick break and do you wanna Al sobering at. That if you wanna have any questions about best. We are actually gonna offer. 200 dollars spurt to take your ten to wire here out of your house to replace it with attained collects water heater. Just AT and you're looking to get help for homes I'm Dixie Wilford and keep Ford will be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to EPW let me heating and cooling help perhaps not in key for an across from me is to two over and welcome back and. And how we attack now about tank like today like let's lighter heaters UV and gave the act can help from laughing IEU it's just you know make my day. You know what I was thinking this is the difference between us you know I was thinking and I think it while she's really pretty. And your finger on duty yet the end of that good as they gained a while like I'm almost about how I should the flowers after this have a new home for a year ago. I some quality time it was not I guess even different even doing a load of laundry I was thinking why do I think and I'm goofy yet because I'm pretty done all the laundry so there is no load the Bob you're gonna go find another load right you know exactly does that sort I care in but I theory if its not to change the subject today and yet he lifted a show on an at you know my grass roots our friend Texans. And then on my immediate feeling is in the Houston area thank you definitely land you a little chat up to them or stop in Miami feeling at all you know faith. And miraculously. None of them actually got let it. Mike's own mini get people's announcing it really is amazing actually and. And notations and one of my Brothers and old home that completely flooded new home did not. And then my older brother he made into a home and at four fight houses in that neighborhood did not like every single one of them being in my brother was when the ones that didn't. So felt lucky felt so lucky and doubting yourself is to make sure that you know thoughts and prayers down to entire Texas family down there I know. There's still many of us who have that extended family or friends that live in an area. And gadgets my heart goes out to that area it's gonna take them months and years to recover. And and so many people laugh so much in their homes or cars. And that possessions and being displaced from their homes eminent if I can even add and that as we go on with their daily lives. You know around here recently we had complained here in the Kansas City metropolitan area you know if flooded real quick and it went Elaine to weep and we had a little bit of that did not heed the near disaster if level as Phil meanie people in that area around in and around Houston Neary and now you know going into Louisiana. You know what applicants are gonna make a comment. So economical or audible in yen up from. Protections on the mound but I do you have to admit not many if any place in the United States that handle this catastrophe in its Texans that that man I care about its. That's right phones strong as you can get an idea are really about neighbor helping a little Stanley and Johnnie stick together daughter and other places don't believe we are yet that place on -- RA days and it's just bread with big meal that you help each other out when in a town of cry if any to come to bell. You know. We're pretty low you know everybody ballot help any tethered Jeff Payne passed from generation to generation without. Not that I I mean Texas pride ADU they'll help and they are purchasing alcoholic Colorado yet AG of Baylor Oklahoma just OK after the pilot error of them Arkansas our Kansas probably put it protects is you have prior Canadian it is conical they. If you feel sorry for. The one thing I did like and I appreciate actually you know I don't watch a lot of news may and I stay away from the centers waters up annoys me it pay. However there was a reporter that was. That was sticking a microphone in this lady's attorney talked to her. And he's like trying to dig turned to questions and she turned on him and said are you serious. I am sitting here suffering. And vultures like you who comment try to ask questions one were vulnerable. You should be ashamed of your key that I thought when Anthony might as well drop the camera and help. Instead of trying to learn and ask their permission camp can have a you ask questions before matter friend listener. Doesn't their faith that as Texans are strong people though they'll make it out of Ed Ed they have a lot of supports illegal began yes you do feel bad for the you know it's a health care like in there and. They'll take care of each other and we can help can block and is doing a lot primarily done amazing athlete like started off the campaign is just like a million dollars or something and he donated a 100000 in this town and then. He's over like an active Ken Powell asked me ten million dollars though. And guys incredible and I'm a Texan stand dispersal bolting. I bet that guy is staging lackeys for eagle is a good guy yet he really guilty. That I know about him really DI again never ever an errand I generally don't yet like you are in her trip. No and neither not just wanted to talk about that permanent end is near and dear to my heart in death hoped that. Everybody continue to keep in your prayers and he didn't land any support whatsoever you know and I had an eating and then that would be appreciated. They'll be live on I want to make sure that continued talk about tank of water heaters Alec is so many questions about paint a list. Not taint everybody can knows what that he has that you want hot water and how can I connected to by the literature I know you you know I love when I enter a duke. However here's the SI apologize that it ended that but it's you know one of the things you talked about are flooding in this is on the I didn't talk about is how many calls. Did we have. For water heaters being ruined because of the flooding outlet. Getting wanna come we think this wanna hear calls to Rio. Not very many really have any had a single person had a problem why he's gay hang up on the wall they don't sit on the. Floor right I'm just give my stuff a lot outlandish yes the plaintiff I thought you meant by people saying and I need you to take a snow winning and any people any issues with their take of water heaters. They deer hanging out on the wall actually I actually a call from a customer. I was calling and just to let us know how much he appreciated they take current was so excited about it. Because they did get them playing in their basement that not to tank of water heater we'd just to recently. I installed the templates for them and then it was a really cool calm but I love those calls as a Lily to take us to do is sit at their only as big as the carry on to keep him they do mount on the wall. T get that extra space for storage. On heat and of course they eat you know 100 years you might get a flight it you know or an hour at. Four times that not you know it seemed like in this last month there. So and so that the definitely huge benefit. It maintained it that way it works gives used in the amounts of hot water and like it set a joke affectionately to get hot shower for three days they never run out of hot water it's not a gift a high ticket infinitely EV how whitehurst the cinematic time. For the water to reach further detain list to your phosphates or wherever the shower head where you need even though you can get with three circulating any standard on on some of the ones that we sell. Where it will get there instantly it just to govern and you do had three circulate got to defend him yes absolutely sixteen and get that he can requesting. Absolutely so we are almost gotten another break in the name and we keep talking too much about understaffed. Earth did. Please stay tuned we are offering 200 dollars to hear taint water heater out of your house or replace it with a tank less water yet how much we load the and water heaters that we wanted to get that the calling 9132. Fat 66091318. That. 66 hung jury is an amber to cause you give us an email shouted apes he gebbie planning at gmail.com. Eight. Gmail.com. Your 200 dollars off your team water heater and replace it with a paint a less water heater so. All you out will be right. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating mentally help for homes in key board and across from me is too old for that chatted like imitate my accent or something new Colin credible eight. No no you don't have a great southern accent at all now know that there is drag out you know line can why because I just talked a mountain I mean it's always did and they'll tack go out our ballot died. It yeah did you script in Denver in this city EU you'll be when he first of all really anything that anybody who's bend to debt of what we're talking about. I get a Little Rock solid play at the mountains city bully talking about so I make it in Westminster area and why people who went there with two north. And northwest Denver how and hurt eligible donors at the gift near the mountains we attacked women talk about take a period boulder escape again. Do you like he died and I looked up only pretty much as well paid academic Jens we hunted skunk where I'm torn great gal like. Against her dogs. So what are the four basic point what people wanted to switch from tank to tank for mr. dynamite a little quick steals that even driving around Dirk. Trying to get John on the wet they tinker story here negated a quick update. First is the energy savings he continued to 40% a new utility bills switching out tainted Fuller tank life. As of the on demand system you know while you're listening to the show are out driving around your taint water heater is on and off. On an off on him not ranked. We tinker with it only on when you request how latter otherwise this system and not it's not acquired any. High energy so therefore. Mentally energy savings come from the sect they lasted did twenty years folks that potentially outlast two. Taint water heaters into she standards on a paint the water heater is 1818 years. Never went up people tend not think waters last fifteen years let's Corey good for you it's deadly not working. The fishing the anywhere near the idea when he first got even when that came years so loud it is horribly inefficient. And and you know I mean of course we don't like replacing things before we need teal. But you know they you are wasting a lot of monthly money on utility bills with the new tissue products are highlighted one year. And I can tell you about how much any month that in the summertime if your gas bills above about seventeen dollars the rest of it's wasted. Is deleting my average cost in our area per month that's about what it would be means anything above seventeen dollars is how much your water heater is wasting yeah. Out and then heard and I guess that about before winter break is only as big as a carry on C case. And they can and relate to what that side is is sound like they're eighteen I grew a lot of space for storage and get their mounted on the wall. That he had Noory in mounted on the wall so they need it that's as more space as well back in the game all the net we've been talking about it's not something you will get played you have problems left. And and then lastly and of course my personal favorite in most people's favorites really is a luxury of endless amounts of pot to potter. And again you can use EA have all the kids take a shower one right after another inane steel gate in and take a nice long luxurious. Bath or shower yourself and still not have run at a hotline you can rent multiple. And and appliances and even your dishwasher your washing machine and still get all the kids through the shower. And so there's so many benefits stealing that alone for our family. Faith says so much titanium working parents. You know will you be counted and I got every getting get everything again and a few hours you have in the ninety. Are you wanna worry about your water is heated back up or not yet you now and you're trying to get the family out. And get them all showered in the morning. Out to school whether you working or not just trying to get everybody out going you know everybody wants to have a nice hot shower. So land and then after that he might get the dishwasher going you're able to do that way they hang cliff water heater so. Those are the huge. Very efficient they are they did take a decade install. As well. Phil and their like installing my high efficiency furnace just to give you some comparison. Though they're not. And like it you know a couple of hours and I paint letter heater blew more in an out Philly does take a certified technician. Knows what they're doing to install attain thus water heater is something we advise anybody just go out and did and felt. You really want a professional did as a you don't void that let them know the warranty get it comes to. Feel they can't thereafter and the those quick bullet points as you're driving around I hope that's super helps but I also enemy. Should really go to the super deeper reasons why he won a switch from tank detained us on the safety and addict and just say you know it's good for family time. Need to get their family time did you think about all markets take showers at night right before they go to bed generally so we have a shower upstairs and showered counselor is going at the same time yet. How many film is can run two showers at the same time. And have kids come in right after another. We're poor kids right. To they're all taken showers we're getting ready now here's the family time what you think about until we get Debbie for a bad we don't run out of hall where we never even think about it. We can run these things forever so in the morning we all like to eat together Kurt we'll get lunch breakfast out usher debate what do you make lunches. We do all this or for the kids we get to spend a lot of family time be America's. We don't have to worry about burying the hot water we get it done at night. And then in the morning time we actually all kinda hang out together even if our 1015 minutes. It's called family time to sit and eat breakfast together and yeah Headley or more at issue in tune with their time in the home any tangles later latter two deep right and I get to rescue children rate cuts might alarm that. They don't spill and the before we go to our next break I want you go over a little bit of those benefits of switching tank to tank left. Because and the safety features right in that because have to understand is that all tank water heaters every person who has a tank water heater downstairs. They all produce carbon monoxide inside your home. Now you'd say no my carbon detect my carbon monoxide detector would detective that was the case Keith no it doesn't it needs two hours. Of high levels of carbon monoxide before to go a long term exposure right however every tang to water heater for the first two minutes that it's going. We're not even allowed to test carbon monoxide from it because it's producing enough. Aid that it would hit above the levels so in all testing procedures for carbon monoxide on the tank water heater we have to let it run for two minutes so think about Gisele. How often a day did you water heater turned on. Three Daryl or 610 times a day depending on the domain I think you can eat and your putting carbon monoxide inside your house every single time. It's it's this is not something where. You hope it does it or we think it make it absolute and that any rights and the gap that is required didn't between the topping your water heater. The flu that is connected it goes up anatomy house and this is why it happens it's called the chimney effect the idea is that. We have to heat the air in the flue pipe enough to allow it to ex skate. Kick in until that air is heated. The air cannot leave because cold air is heavier than hot air so what happens is when ignites and it's trying to push out the air. All of a sudden it blows carbon monoxide into the house so you do it every single time now remember what carbon monoxide gas carbon monoxide. Does not allow your red blood cells to absorb oxygen it instead the carbon monoxide gets on the red blood cells. So you're basically starting your body of oxygen now maybe only to a small degree but I have a single question or. Anybody who has a drink in front of them miss dorsett how much. Out how much arsenic would you allow me to drop into that. They'll searching here and I glass right around the he relish the according to the federal government you're allowed a certain amount of arsenic in water and still to be safe but USA zero I'm just pointing out it's the same idea with carbon monoxide. It doesn't matter what carbon monoxide detectors. Could be a lull and that he why don't do their ears then I'll turn it so only didn't Millie and we didn't have an alternative and will mainly discolored and the best that got that there is gonna turn and width. Thankless wire heaters. You do not they banned the gases out in a wait for in the home the canteen is. Completely different and then thinking for a ten to water heater fare better when I make sure that distinction is being made there is a difference between. Actually they're thinking is what makes the tank of water heater just that much cooler. Because they're hinting allowed the gas into re use of the eye is accurate to get that higher efficiency. That's what's really cool about the anti with a tank of water heater right. If you say yet that the don't and I mean it's important to you okay that's cool then. I Europe water heater at Estes 67% efficient right if it was brand new instantly everything from the point abusing it gets worse. And 67% efficiency that's the best tank water heater that we know of on the market right. So everything passes that means that you have what 33%. Of the full of the gas is not being burnt. In a tank during this water heater. On the high efficiency tank was running at 94 to 97%. So what they do is they have a secondary heat exchanger so what happens is that in the field that wasn't Burt the first time. They re burn it again so we only have like 3% coming out. So think about every time your tank water heater turns out and the millions of homes in the United States how much 33%. Minimum is being dumped out the flu and about again are highlighting everybody Hannity every apartment 90% of the plate on the united states of Take Two 190%. Are wrong. You know let me got to go to break have a voice did you look at Allen already done that before. Hey get me aren't easy UPL fired without tax and they hang collects water heater copier free estimate. And right now now 1382. Flat at 6600. Creaking get to think email and will let it she started there at eight PW planning and gmail.com. Again if you forget the memory that a bag Dixie different dot com all kind of ways to get a hold of that scene that our the page. And get a hold them back. All different kinds that call now to get your free ST 200 dollars hot you're tainted water heater to switch out partake of the lead back in just a moment. Hello look at navy Debbie Fleming eating good legal forums and Keith Gordon across mes did too low for him out back and I said as he began via mr. kollar riding. Land and Colorado is you know how you'll get I get about that you just about where I'm from that you know we we really are. You know and KC metro people who we let your friend longtime AP get year putting heating cooling has been in business for over fifteen years here in an actor Al. I'm more I'm really proud that we've you know and established Kansas City as home that Casey pride they actually. I'll be very honest with you you know I spent most of my life in Colorado right means gain and I'll listen to people always say how could you come moved here. And I say I love being Kansas City had never move back to Colorado rate is still people are airing I'm chuck I you know I still love it there to visit however. The people just aren't as nice anymore it's kind of all changed in the tropics horrible there's a lot of great things about Colorado but. It's not a direction that I'd ever wanna go Kansas is in great plays and ray Moore and wherever my way daily handful more relaxed. People are nine certain little more calm her. Some people disagree with. May end up at Yucca I just. I have it and until Joseph Levy deadly that they throughout the Sheehan if he'd just to Indiana that he just again you listening to eight PW help for home this. And keep an eight and rent EP Getty plumbing heating and cooling and done that for over fifteen years hearing and I Trout. Everything fear residential mean and so if you have any questions. We love taking your calls and an answering them at eight PW inning you can get that the calling 9132. Fat 66 time during the and any time and we'd be happy to be dad to meet and and additionally when I get 200 dollars. We're told water heater we hate your tank water heater so the Aberdeen 8200 dollar dislike or we don't do anything to taking out. And replaced it with a tank or left or water heater. And because of the great benefits and that you get not only just for the environment because they're such such energy efficient products. I tab for the safety of your home because you're not leaving the home with carbon monoxide which were just talking about. For the great benefit in less amounts of hot water you can take. All kinds of showers and did have a dishwasher and wash machine all going you never ran at a hot water. Endless amount of hot water after 40% savings on your energy Beale switching out taint. Pertain collect. These. And they eighty years. These take up a lot of leaders and laugh at 1020. Years industry standard on attained what Peter is only eight to eighteen years so how little that I mean you'd get a great and that's our air. And in addition to that. It is that only if they get to carry on suitcase that they did not take up a lot of space of TV more space in your recent winner closet where we had a and then there mounted on the wall just give you at physical location aware they get it. Medford and we love tank this so much we're gonna we're gonna try to make it to Germany just to return when I hooked it. And only really ever going to germs have a cousin couldn't. Moving to Germany so we get a free hotel yeah exactly I don't know there's a reason and that's just something we just learned that there may have eaten there about it but -- because they are all over Europe and Asia they and then here for way longer than the last teen years they've really catching on here. And the United States up for over forty years of technology here. And now we're just catching nine and we installing take us for over ten years. And with AP Gabby is so we we believe it legally didn't it from the beginning. And we love to talk and educate folks somewhat take what isn't that are. The percentage I think it's like 75 to 85%. Of the rest of the world uses thankless. In the United States 90% of what we have the statements are a little bit multi stealing he added until wanna make and at parent is that need to be demeaning captured overseas. But every night tank of water heaters is going to be actually making manufacture plant here in the United States the cuddle you just after they ate feed back in manufacturing and and doing it right here in the United States is going to bin because people are really becoming more aware of tea cups water heaters. So bear all the money right here in the United States to deal demeaning action play here. And I detect an average nineteen cartridges and want to have beaten most well Brit and renowned and respected brain hands on the market. And dad and that's what we install overnight Kinko's water heaters so. They think the market is gonna completely change here in the United States a week and I mean we've seen in over ten years we install so many happened here and the Kansas City metro silk. And we I help you get involved in as well I giving you 200 dollars for your tank water heater to get out of your mouth. And put in a tank of water heater to do is call us for our free estimate will come out and pitched up orient. Am I all the benefits likely dent on the show hearing DB your price they are more than a taint water heater that's the big question how much how much how much. And -- we do there is a few at actors we need it properly thigh is out the thankless water heater for your home. And and I don't mean by physical and like gallons and like eat into water heater is we have to make sure it's going to keep up with the capacity. And they did me and they Ime or are in your tank with water heater with all the required hot white you need all one time. And any additional got to check out the install on that in teen like this early in the show it's special banking it's not the same flu you used entertain to water heater. This bit thinking is again more like a high efficiency furnace and a re use the unused yeah I think is an Catholic teaching that high efficiency. Eight lowering utility bills. We're Pincus water heater so we've got to take those two accountability how it's installed in your pound weakened inside anywhere never -- of any company ever said. I cannot give me a week cannot install the sweating your house they just to know what they're doing now I gearing teen dating know what you're doing and they were just trying to get. I think what are hearing your house because they didn't know how to do it now has a lot of companies out there out to say. In Kansas City area they don't have as certified technician denied installed take. That's what leaders right is that I have this question asked to me a lot it's you know out over years that would not so sure I was on the field talking to customers. I mean personally I would install over undertake this a year right. And so people would ask me I don't understand this information you talk about. You know the carbon monoxide all the all the negatives that you talk about how come that appeared anywhere else and I and my answer is. I truly don't know the exact reason why right. And I'm not a psychic I can't tell how lover I came to ease some of the stuff that I do believe and I do here. Is that we have no American companies from making tigris water heaters at least to this point now they do privately beloved but they don't make them. So there is no benefit till now we have the greatest country that ever exist in the world I truly believe that is ever existed. However that doesn't mean we don't need to fix himself and one of those is the manufacturing of tank water heaters in our country there really bad for the people. Eight and just the environment matters trust me that we all need to be careful but I'm more concerned about the lungs. Of the kids the elderly everybody inside about how's your pats haven't gotten a night Taylor says Guinea this flu like 710s without having the flu without the fever railing and it's much more prevalent than you know it's just not talked about a real because there is no benefit but I guarantee you what. American companies start making more tangles or overnight starts making in the United States. Soon everything will change and that's all will hear about how bad take into water heaters were. It was like Canadian talk about this before. They've noted the whole time they just don't talk about eight. And don't understand him and they give bad information. I will debate with anybody about ten vs tankers at any given time affect the number's 9138256600. I'd be more than happy to talk to any of your plumbers. I about thankless vs staying right you need to help. There are much at a time you go to UT VFC video I get a few years a gal aren't Tate vs tank left. At the Dixie and you need are the Dixie will offered her eight PW plumbing heating and cooling and go to our YouTube channel to feed that video again he just about three ain't. Also want to make sure before out 200 dollars for your taint what heater to the chopper tank left. We do have finance scene and easy ways to make you you know make it easy for recent copier free Internet 913. Too bad 6600. Also wanna get my prayers out to. And friends that Chad made it through left Turkey Harvey Texas strong. And Danny you know so many and get elongated line and it made it through the heirs to continue for prayers for than a year old so happy birthday Quincy ever think you. Have a great weekend.