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Sunday, September 10th

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Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes this is the show dedicate be viewed the homeowner for you to experience the Dixie difference. If we can help you believe your plumbing heating your cooling needs give us call at 913. 8256600. Or the Dixie difference dot com. I am keep border crossed is Dixie Robert. Meanwhile come to AT WL the fun weekend around. Although that allegedly hit and we get until I hit the road on the way here to radio station most of pop over it now. I don't know they were crazy guy that should keep and I leaned drove here separately and deck of the gonna go differently after the shell and only getting the balmy new. Never goes differently and but we do have there play an obligation. We have key to deal at yeah yeah. Way that I mean I don't even I I don't wanna talk about it is it's just. You know filled shocking need that email on I 35 days and aren't eyewitness he weren't really back what I action we're on the phone talking to each other you're like be careful there's some crazy people and grant. And guys than the time I got there if I had both of their car doors opened aren't I 35 south and we. That was the on ramp to get on the on ramp and just this is the lanes are merging should they stop their car right there. As like what are they doing. Eighty seized person BV it was the girl beating up the sky and that that is for digger. Now at that I get to the guy he did not try to hit her back and I thought I feel any Allan thank you call an economist and their idea coming online at like abuses are good no matter who would you let anything just that it was where they were parked at all these people he could not get on I thirty all I couldn't get a road exit doors are wide open again. Then you type delay on an attempt to loop around only them so keep your you know step in home please. At and historian he did you get home. Bill and don't bring it on other people are looking live not average and the cell. Wanted to about the brightly everybody's okay did you like that I did on my own. And your hands and it's easy I've added the Dixie difference in to the water and natural gas and I don't how you got eight Italians all by myself if any. I just I just wanted at least nice job you went head recognition jam out they'll hug after the show died I indeed at Arthur. So what do underwent hill our monthly specials on September we have a 59 dollar earn at safety and clean check this is our radio special 125 dollar value for 59 dollars. And I dragging the word out her fern best because you know we only have the radius Michelin S. And it's always in the air conditioner will folks we need to start thinking about the first half. It's getting into that thieves then sent out aren't usually human hands out that first we hadn't you know we had a cool not if the last two weeks though it did start getting people to think about it. App unless you get real and hold a little bit and then us now like and my short sleeves for letters on them you know at that time if he's and I can authors squeeze an and then. And they really need to actually start moving forward on this is that it's the same thing every year we render the stone when where. People procrastinate. Horrible things happened at a horrible time sound exactly just having it done and be prepared Wragge column that preventive maintenance really and you don't wanna find yourself in the middle of the night where your furnace I yelled. And if you had your furnace properly. In our faith in clean checked and I EPW we can see any existing problems that might eat. And that battered they're Egypt no we give me and fixed in time for so that is that the idea. Of keeping everything guy and classy you get higher and efficiency and maintain year. Equipment every year you lose efficiency every year not maintain year Clinton. Cell lab you might as energy bills as low as possible ticket and to our radio special which is the 59 dollar earnest faith DN clean check IE Kenny caught. And 132. At 6600. Now went 32 Matt 6600. Or if you're right your computer you at eight PW landing at gmail.com. So what's this white stuff you put in front of me I'm confused white's epic. Like paper and how how can you count all does for me I mean it's you know that I never look at. Anything till. In a fill you radio listeners and this is not on TV they can't feel you're talking about. Only filed a couple pieces of paper over and yell things that we're actually talk about today and keep you on poke it by. Do you tend to not want to follow the. Rules all the. Though it's my it's my way to like you don't. He rebellion guy it's their night I was at rebellious were on Jones and I'm thinking about it and I can. I'm running out of time I need to you know. Yeah I live in all of you should be a little our valiant you don't get ready to say about old pick I want to. So this gentleman comes in for and it got to the I told you this now now did. Take comes in for interview is a little bit and dominant start of a joke our bag you know I don't know what it wasn't real it was an interesting. And you know. Age has a relevant Sandra how good worker a matter of fact no they are typically the smarter better they are that stuff right X zero experience pays off a lot well. The funny thing was the interview wasn't about them. Okay what it was about is his or photo shoots that he had done wearing sweaters. And so he was giving me pictures of his photo shoot. The Dallas part of our interview around there and it was not well with the people. Plummer and food but the united but he wanted to meet up with your mind. Not now not with a lot of I don't know I mean again but he wanted to undermine our guest is very proud and I respected his. Proud nest. I just thought it was a little different for the date plumber interviewed Julia. Over your photo shoots or your sweaters down I mean you know it takes all kind I've learned that and as I went merrily her and that old. Like identical kinds of this program and I love that land that it does take a look I can't Tina keeps hitting just it is my voice some better today. And she's befriended me Andre because I'm sitting up straight like you request me to see how high have look at yeah he led the united yeah. And just like you know it's we have witnesses yes we have is that six million witnesses listening right now Craig who heard you say you sound the same. And I simply get more and is the act like you're being hoarse you know like you know course on value interchange at army I see guys hitting it straight you are good at posh is good posture analytics is like perfect. Wanna talk about I think she's like six foot tall country's essential story. Do you don't really strait no no knowledge of your. Yen and anyway and M and directional Allen just your son my tenth and it felt it had yet nothing special attack about it in the had a whole show last week dedicated to go back to our podcast. Here that. Is about teen collect the water heaters. Am on to me and obtained a list as a couple of the catch turns you here. Not that into what heaters that he collects water heaters that give you any amount of how lighter. And Delhi the special going on right now for the month of September 200 dollars off. A purchase of a tank of water heaters of your incident in three estimates. Give eight PW call in right now 91382. Fat 66 and eight. What bigger computer and get a CE not shout out at eight he gebbie plumbing at gmail.com. The peppery S and no cost no obligation TU we always have I need to. I get sad at 200 dollars off I think that's what he purchased. If he got EG old tank water heater and Jack just not keeping applicant and there's just not doing the job. And or you just want more to me just don't have a knack for your growing vainly hang collect water heaters are belated well I think I could look at the white piece of bring you that in front of me paper like paper today but I just figured I'd recession we're gonna talk about take this little bit bigger outlets did you have a lot the other a lot of people actually call I told that a lot of people call in and that July originals had is this the Dixie difference. And it hasn't Edith. And yelling like people call and at this topic Alex talk about lean week talked paint it. This is the one that people want to talk about the Nile still we do a lot of shows and this week it were actually down on the late at old settler days. And we can of this so come down and CX. And down and we talk about what we deal in our service department. This is the question we get a lot of there there are a lot of old settlers left in the corners and and he can't McCarron though it's that it's very very easily into an NAR fry just Lincolnshire. It's so anyway that is out and he got me off track here guess Arctic. And that's the question people talk about the message don't mean you know air conditioners political player in Curtis is bloke. By air but paint a less is let they have lots of questions about Klain a lady is how does that work. You know and me and that's the thing we really do love talking about I mean forty year old less technology. Only catching on here in the US for probably ten years it's been around forever but really just now catching on and no land and we install a lot and take it to that more than anybody else here in talent and we saw overnight tank that they. Excellent product. You know great I quarantines and you know and customer service right here in the UFA. They they if they really fabulous product though we always insulting cliff every night tank is me because. It being a great product he doesn't break down and they just lasts forever cell. If you're gonna and that kind of money is more than a taint water heaters that you're gonna spend more than eighteen to water heater you wanna actually have the best product out here. What he'd get these very proud of is that were always very reasonable on our prices are. And that for a couple of reasons I mean we're homeowners where a couple we have problems. Now with our helmet when we want somebody come out like. People to give us a reasonable price to leak have that same kind of mentality it with their own business action I just wanted to call me back yes and I felt light I don't know. How these companies stay in business. We've been trying to get some of them as others have done that we don't dale and literally this thing going on for months just to get people to come out. And then they do they are just not very nice people in time they I don't I'll send it. I. Don't does that I don't understand I know that it tacking about APL sign who didn't. Is effect and you know and in the meanwhile we like keep our prices damper customers is that we don't do a lot of advertising. TV and radio we do have the radio show that we deal. And we have just a few actually just started doing commercials after being in business for fifteen years. And that would not doing a lot of them just a little bit out there's ecological awareness through till we keep prices down and because our advertising and when at spending millions of dollars on SO. Let's call to get at three estimate on your ankle for water heater. Get 200 dollars off the month of September call 91318. Fat 6600. And again no cost no obligation we always have I can't think off a copy of 59 dollar furnace safety and clean check. Pioli the oppressor ready for the season we're. Out on the senate time and got a quick break and we'll be right back you're listening to get help for health. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing he'd be filling up problems and Keith Gordon across from me is the Dixie different. Our predicts he'll forgive all get used to say and and I have changed with that I guess against you'll freight I'm used to say the Dixie difference many my last name has now changed T different part. Only you're only trying to teach your try to teach my last maybe if you could legally do that you know I knack Kennedy's. That would just he would put your doesn't exceed apparently and I haven't. Now Dixie is in the end domain experience flu member's name. How everything experience that DP different. At them even on that's every weird what do tech about paint touch lighter here's where it had about given your little earnest 384. And and fall and winter and then we have a timer event had about the garage and heaters. To get ready for all and winter. That already cleaned our isn't ready to go up and good. Not some brown has sinus clean got ready don't read a mate in into the and you have to re guys you had to do when it's cold it's already ready to go after those are for George your. Threes and burst in the wintertime for I don't and the big advocate to have your refrigerator and grabbed the and I haven't next your return go to Texas thank yep absolutely. And I feel like he has no basements and you never fly again. Exactly so we had a 59 dollar furnace eighteen clean check of the 125. Gallon valued though cleaned it from eighty to 39. Dollars. Because it is our radio special column now 91318. Fat 6600. After 200 dollars up the eclipse water heater purchased in the month of September. We really want you to focus on. And upgrading too late not she much better product for your home. On many different levels getting rid of your tanks water heater and really considering tank left. Easily that the feature and neck and then I think that in and Joseph Kuwait Arab I actually need theories. One game every home will have eight thankless water heater in it it will not have came to light so it you know eventually cap and sell and backed a US has been slow to catch on Europe and Asia have been everywhere. And because of the energy savings in energy costs and you know that we've had we've only become more winner of Nat now. In addition adapt or nineteenth what I hear they are working on next to gear actually had a manufacturing played here in the United States. So big and that's that's make a big difference steep because you can't have. Them being shipped over oversee. Fell out of the little tidbits for you there if you get no I can't staff. I tell why the tape why you people let take a so much we love ours. Who I love it. I really sad about slicing quite in pretty yet look at it hanging from the law definitely knows great it's only is because they carry on to key thing is not below. But at the good. If you put that. Paint on the edges yeah I mean I think about them not Angela Russell monitoring it and correct information. Catalyst to hang on the wall as they get to carry on suitcases at the biggest that they are. On they kind of the idea of space that you gained. Storage they aren't in that eighth man can't get let go over space record as I really didn't appreciate that you Dodd bill. Carbon monoxide is nine main thing of why I think he should get rid of your turn to water right that these are not like that everything like your house water everywhere mauled carbon monoxide. Just the normal things that you don't want to fat cats and they're unable felt. However you know and I don't put a lot of into the benefits and you bring a lot and I respect that until I think we were cleaning. The area around our furnace. And sell more and add the fact began air putting shelves. In the downstairs and your heaven we move stuff right at my age you probably shouldn't sound guy right there guys it's only gets you are old we've tablets just earlier again I got caught. On the same based on your rules man child got moved. So. The bond bonds and TV men so we but we're we're moving everything we're putting a new shelf up. It was a horrible shelled by north hit the helmet and that worked well does that help right. It's a word did it and we don't have a lot of extra storage in our home in the basement and just let you know your joke. No trunk right and who don't taunt or putting at the shop and where realize hey we can add another one. But I failed to remember until this point we used to have before we went to thankless years ago we'd step to take into water heater sitting there. And I realized I backed that idea I am putting up two sets of shelves another three point whites are six feet of shelving. That's a foot and a half deep and I still have room to walk brought extra room. And if I had my water heaters are wouldn't have done at arrogantly holy cow she was actually right. And maybe there is some benefit and always part of that. Didn't really end the end you're a Smart well because lenient eat what I hear overturning the wall the pink left over to another while. And at least you know sit better through high and sell and actually got me closer to our kitchen sink it and and with her sort of brought Rick armor circulation and getting closer. Me and you don't do or like every app that can double that I think it's hot wire you can and every circulation pump tear. I take with water heater to get instant hot water. Which and why you would went bad is if you're you know taint what are your warrior tank of water heater. No one fat in the house in my ear herb you know after into the on the N percent passing have to wait to get that hot water for the showered again I'll. You know luckily you know only the latter they knew could definitely add and we're circulating pumped to either taint or taint. A lot of heartache to customers go ahead and caddie respect Elaine because they there's a product with great night it already deals into the tank of water heater which is cool it's not an add on it's actually built into the wider. And here itself. So adding to. The eighth seeding is not your covering a wonderful I would be shocked how much room I mean that's a lot of room I got to move everything over and we had more storage space. For all your 500 paper towels in your 500 rolls toward Cuba that we all you never know how many paper towels or earnings in the moment that. Or paper dolls and drove it just don't go right and it's like we come right out im stacked into our bathrooms are like ten. All they're like a pyramid in my. I guess if I need to when he rolls you guys are good. You've got caught in one batter cookie don't think I don't have an obscure I had everything to the letter heaters assets twenty years plus twenty years and then. Statistics though they will potentially outlast do you take to water heaters an issue standards at eight to ten years if you hear college time. Pilar Peter last fifteen years that's pretty damn glad that he did it it definitely not working at a high efficiency that's for sure. And attain cliff Steele is pulling him out laugh back. Paint splatter here. A twenty plus years selling it the great investment on your money. T go attained collect read it in and going switching back and you don't hear that all time most the time you hear that it felt quickly however there are times that people do say. My wife and he laughed at me yeah yeah I I ideally it occasionally hear more money what are you don't let in seven years that I hear that more often. Cell and might lighting and like last longer so we can take about that later net from the actor water treatment with you don't ER a huge Abbott cater for. That the plumbers not that's granted take care delighted I'm easily just your percent of your water as water and cares exactly you know we get it to another break we're gonna backing it with these great topics are tagging that. Liane you're looking to get the help for hounds I'm Dixie Willits heard in my. Has teeth board as out here lovely helping me today don't get all of that you're 200 dollars up your tank with water heater call for free. Estimate now and that 132. Fat. 6600. We'll be right back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to EPW plumbing heating cooling help for homes I am Keith Ford and across ms. Dixon Wilford and welcome back we attacking about that tank of water heaters. And about getting your furniture ready we'll work the yeah all in winter fever. And why it's important and got it. That's a great question that we address on here in many. Can't get task contaminant habits and grinds heaters also preacher we I don't care at a loss to the omni and he. Being ready for you know keep they took the cold starts that you may get in the wintertime Aiken is kids in school. Eliminate app for ever. Yeah that's the part I like them I'm not your mean cape part on the man at party is by far the best piano at the cold starts you know getting into a knife to mystique are when it. Freezing out I critical. How her out why don't let folks no reason to give eight PDF do you call. And that's for our radio special which is 59 dollar earnings safety and clean Shaq. Regular 125 dollar value and digital and nobody heard this on their radio lets us know to keep coming doing this every week. And and said that you get a great value with getting your furnace ready. Oh or at the fall and winter season and dish and we'll lab takeoff water heaters one day every home. And in the world it will have detained a left water heaters and forty EV 200 dollars off for the month of September. He called lamp free Aston no cost no obligation and and if you're ready for the purchase we always have financings so. And the great reason why T get it taken so I have four point three people athlete people ask me questions about take us all the time you want to nineteenth what eater. And I tech about a furnace or air conditioner and an anabolic uncle there. That they do wanted to not think it. Well I had a key and a war forty pitch for a report that I again you can you have like twenty give this guy talking anymore cent app. That I actually hear it gallon to four Ilie have won the truth and everything else goes underneath fell one in your subtitles that they eat I'll. Yes the subtitles is. My whole thing is there's a there's one reason they state they. And yet they just stay there I I can't use it it's not it's not only real world eight product I don't talk global pro over at eat not Carmen appetite for disclosure they eking we won't he resorts to equal to say there are horrible product it is. And that at least subtitles underneath and any of your four cool points that if we have time I'll ramp year Tunisia had they have had to cliff for years and years actually and my 5% of the news and dad till we just can't slow to get Iran to let that if you'll continue to catch online. Because of the energy prices on it also it continued to catch on as they build manufacturing plant over here in the United States. They can make our report it would be cynical in my book I know you aren't they are younger are as I was going illegal with a point that we talk about Asia and it's Europe. Has had them forever now we do want to clarify the United States is still the greatest country to ever exist right we all agree with this least of the six million people listening to great practice. The greatest country to ever exist. We've had some incredible luxuries in the past which is. Incredible amount of space right which most are helmet out our match being higher than the traditional homes writer and each and we've had an incredible amount of energy. Well the push these days is to reduce that the bloop that footprint and right. And so if that's what the push is and we have to start considering it not if we'd like it or not. It's more of the idea of OK if it's gonna go there Howland might need to be prepared fort. So I'm not it's not cost me more at the end to get caught up vs what we need to deal so that's why we keep saying. The European Asian matter for her only because it's been around for a long time so it's not like. Nobody knows what's going on right energy let's judge I'll declare prayer is that there's the world GS at Philly accustomed to their hit them. And into your water heaters are not energy efficient products. Neither online and off all day long whether you need watt hotline or not they're just. They're just they are to continue to heat the water right DL with your Joseph blow dryer for your theory lead to keep it online when you're not using that are. And you know hot water bully hot wiring year. I'm you're still say you know all day long just that you have hot water but we did it came to what Peter and most folks don't realize that there is an alternative. What is that or the rest the world could afford to do it and we had inexpensive energy so when we got wasted. We didn't pay attention because it wasn't that costly re right now we have a lot of other things to consider it's where you are conscious that he and the rest the world could never afford to do what we've been able to do. But that doesn't mean we don't need to adjust and change so you can as a as a tightly manage your call eight PW to get 200 dollars off the month of September. Your tank of water heater purchased. How will we do come out and do a quick free after next in a cost or obligation for that free ethnic and it is something you want to purchase we get financing to help you get that purchased. And pink collect water heaters are generally more expensive and I paint water heater. I'll begin again at last active over twenty years when your industry standards says taint water heaters only lasts eight to eighteen years. And did you see you do have the energy savings you can save up to 40% on utility bills switching out pink pertained cliff. The cousin of the line demean and systemic and it's only on win you turn on your tap water in your health and a laugh it off in demeaned for the hot water that he has. And say you say eight to ten years of certain there's a part of that is a lot of the water heaters especially when you're having a plumber somebody come out. The they are using six year warranty water heaters rate by. And so you need to understand if you go on line to consumer reports yet for consumer reports as your urge you should replace your water heater. I win the warranty runs out because that's how the manufacturers the warranty set up. So it's not like it should be extending castor taking huge risk might tell you Tuesday at batting order biting at 310 to water heaters for the price of Antoinette thankless and that the most your warranty would last donning pink to latter heater would be six years announced. The degree or graduate. Around the turn again I spoke about it earlier there are only as big as that Syria on the case seeking a space for storage. I keep an and we sharing our story we had 250 gallon water heaters. And the domain of our home and we were able to ramp opened van and but it went to accurate on to keep the actually hooked on irked if mounted to the wall all as a man did on. I'm laughing my favorite. It really does feel like the luxury in an if kind of luxury but the waiting operating is it that gives you might announce a hot water. There's no standby heat loss as you know stand by. Water and maintained there is new tank it is a good inter pipe into the tank with water heater is there heat exchanger when their electric gas or propane. And they comes out to win and elect announced a pot water so why I joke affectionately detect hot shower for three days not that's recommended. Like tag you could take a hot shower every three days and never ran that hot wire can run multiple shower heads and client is all at the same time. And not run out of hot water. And in what I do one at a week out as if I note that make sure that you really do have a plumbing company knows that they're doing and talking out. We considering purchasing a tank of water heater because we're make sure that we get their proper size for your home they could affect your flow rates. Of the water within the home if accompanied as you know what they're dealing and we didn't elegant and doing this for a long time installing and I think a flight yourself and we'll make sure that he will carry the kidney and. Well diminish the low rate of water in your home the other. A quick second to think about it and the reason why we're going overtake SP for the wintertime and it would actually I had this question nicely played wired days bringing so much about wrinkles. All the one of the problems with tanks water heaters is wintertime is coming. So what ends up happening is that the water temperature drops that is coming into your house. So the water temperatures gonna dropped 20/20 five degrees sometimes even thirty degrees and CF don't magic if it's twenty degrees colder or more. When it comes into your house that water heater now is getting hit with colder water cracked cracked and so when he gets hit with called the body of a bigger temperature differential in there. And it causes more expansion and contraction in the water heater it creates more problems however your energy bills increased by that same twenty or so percent. The problem in the wintertime as you don't realize it does to your heater your furnace bill is with there with your water heater rental. So Winn-Dixie now I went from two Jiang to water heaters to take us we shaped like almost seventy dollars a just over seventy dollars a month. And in the wintertime that was most likely like 9095. Dollars a month. That's an incredible amount of money when you think about. Each year how much money were truly saving so I just want to bring that that three guys to think about his. When the wintertime comes up that water gets really cold it's gonna horribly affect your water heater and we're gonna end up replacing a great deal of water. That happens it does happen as becoming to the winter man to feel more white or you're starting to fail fill that worries and talk about it only tiger we'd like to talk about preventative maintenance. Phil you know getting ahead of a problem instead of becoming a problem. In a reactive way of Mino and being proactive about your problems. So that's why we're offering 200 dollars off a tanker flatter heat for the month of September. Call for your free after 913. 256600. Or if you're at your computer at eight. Gmail.com. And Dan we did happen help with that and when we have financing. As well they are more than paint what heater not much more back to they are little more than take twice here's who land taken in consideration. They do last up to twenty years media's favorite if 40% on your utility bill switching out tank for tank. He can definitely justify your cost. All family on the senate time firm nether break. I can't get us a call our radio special 59 dollar earnings safety and clean check called out for that it'd readied. Different answer ready for a fall and winter's fees and get ahead of any problems that you have to take care of your system properly my EP gebbie beat the company did you get Loria. Now I went three T 566. Spaniard is enamored a copier 59 dollar. Ernest eighteen clean check. Eight 120 I dollar value or Satan. So again mammoth 318 fat 6600. I'm Dixie will restrict and my parents Keith for. We'll be back with spaghetti help for home and Yucca Mountain. Welcome back to eight feet of the plumbing heating do we know for homes are in Keith Ford and across from me is to fuel birds in Latham back. We argued they just have a little time left. Ukraine amend the rest of our information leading get tea heaters are related to you only hear feel and a little bit of time left felt right that actually Elena going to Nextel. Eighteen gebbie plumbing heating and cooling living in business here for over fifteen years in the metro with service. And our radiant surrenders centrally located office for only love doing his radio show every week into tucked EU the homeowner. About all kinda things that either eight India for yourself for our professional like eight PW planning heating cooling to do for you to take care of maintaining your home properly fill power outlet twelve when we started the business yeah hi yeah as the cornerstone hotel chronic African cats and kittens ears up and he goes by fast. And do we how do you know we did take a lot of price keeping night. Lying and getting folks liked and at great information and to help edgy T that's how we eat love T tucked our customers are found. After customers and a home had a great bedside manner because we know that you're trusting has to repair. What issues you may have ending you're also testing gasoline. Came after repaired the problems that you hassle you wanna make sure the EU are thoroughly educated. On what the work is that we're delaying in order to repair when you're probably half a lot that can be and information. That you can use in the future so that it doesn't happen to you again. And today you can canning defying as far as that preventative maintenance. And and any problems before they become bigger problems. And that's kind of wily than talking per enough to show taint collect letter heaters we all comes to problems they can water heater. And Delhi there AD. The town problems and issues that you get with backtracking and carbon monoxide poisoning. Or they become the leaky rusty and eight you know blow alta and you know fled basement thing don't prom after problems or did you just. Terribly inefficient because they are full of seven men are hard. And yeah I just don't keep up the domain and the hot water that you may require for their home. Can't we have six at our Helm and sell it at pink water heater definitely. Well that too much demand and so we went paint Colette. Where the energy savings 40%. You'd utility bills switching out entertained left. Accepted twenty years so it will potentially the last two to three take into water heaters. And dad only has begun to carry on suitcase they announce in the wealthy college extra space for storage and lastly my favorite you get a luxury at less amount of hot water. Selanne need to take and hot shower for three days and never ran out of hot water. They'll rent a multiple appliances. And not rent at a hot wires that keeps the domain and therefore yell. How we're offering any 200 dollars not Europe painful at the water heater per chance. And in the month of September just calling say they heard keep an eye on the radio and we will make sure that you get that 300 dollars off. Coffer free after that we do needle on mountain actually looking act. And how the upper site thing that you need for your home you and how much being team is required. Has not ease the thing distinctly do you have for your change what I hear much more like high efficiency for and that's why you get the eve. More than 98% of the agency's wind I take a water heater. Though this thing that we have to considerate content yep furry estimate at no cost no obligation. And always there out we have great financing. In case that the option you like to go into on nine went 318. That 6600. Called out for your free ActiveX. And went 318 that 6600 goodie bag Dixie different dot com. And Dan the fanatic and as well. Still in addition this what you're just hi can any give enemy that we weren't getting get Q. Annual earnings inspections are they really necessary for the questioning really get it are they really NASA fairy. I got a question here a week ago an original question that I haven't but you not Ernestine. They say eight to get went every year is that really necessary what is that each piece he died actually DU to the furnace. You tune it out. There's no spark plugs to replace like a cartoon at my understanding is that they're basically backing me out dust in inspecting. Homeowner did that himself. Do or do I really need to pay the box. Every year for professional to do so that was the question was presented on Chernoff safety inspections Valium. I don't let me kind of answer that little bit is. Don't you really have two ways to go you have a furnace tune up and then you have a full service agreement. And they are a little bit different however what Libby kind of explain what that tune up does spur you is that. I what we do is. The first thing we want to make sure I whenever we differences at the service which which is that light switch its new your first actually works it's a safety to opt for us. When we're working on your equipment life right. The other thing is that your blower motor door which is the door that covers the blower motor. Especially on the older systems that door itself if he gets opened the blower wheel is just spinning in somebody can get hurt. So what we wanna make sure is when that door opens at the safety device that they're actually shut it down. And you're like well no kid would get in there. Do we do some cleaning and vacuuming yes. The it isn't like an all in depth were scrubbing everything cleaning because that's really your service agreement what is necessary what we are cleaning though. Is that component so we can properly test them we wanna just the blower motor to see how many air bridges that the blower motors drawing. They now are we gonna pull the blower motor out scrub the blower motor that we all that no that's a service agreement. Oh argun a vacuum around in their get the extra dirt out of their we're gonna clean the connectors and never gonna champ. Check the average. Is she guys don't. Every service call you've ever had on your equipment. If it was dirty there's no way this service tech can get proper readings. Let me repeat that there is no possibility. That the service tech dot correct readings if your equipment is dirty. It's just impossible. So. What we wanna make sure is that we can clean enough to make sure that we're getting good ratings so let me explain what if there's an excessive amount of dirt on the blower will. The blower motors gonna pull more air bridge and it's gonna look like there's something wrong when really it's cleaning. If you play it draws more energy and you're paying 400 more years Ers every monthly utility. And let's say that the corneal it is dirty it's gonna cause the air to try to push against it. Except for can't make it through see you're gonna have a negative air pressure. Which is gonna create some problems there's a lot of these little things that end up happening now the other thing we do is we scope. No matter what we do we scope your heat exchanger which is where the gas is being blown in for the heat itself right. We're gonna make sure there's no cracks. Why because in proper oxygen entering into heat exchanger creates carbon monoxide is a cause I'm your burning. So we are gonna do safety supper gonna make sure that you're saving her children make sure the capacitor is our. So we're gonna go through each one of your ideas make sure that. Your board is reading the messages properly and it's going to be a tune up I there may not be spark plugs but there are a lot of connectors are ambassadors. Lower and older can start went to check on and the biggest thing is the safety is your heat exchanger crack. I mean a furnace manufactures all recommend annual inspections in Maine and I qualified technicians. And they also have a language in their warranties saying that damage aid two union caused by improper maintenance. If not covered under warranty thing and it's getting to consider the consideration is rowdy people that actually no they do their own. And you know to announce our people their action in the industry though when you don't wanna do something they can damage your mechanical equipment. The hope of me an edge eighteen Gabby is burning for AT and clean check for 59 dollars. 125. Dollar value free L. And we also talked about our our yearly maintenance agreement with you folks as well we can twice a year into the furnace air condition general comic at percent of oriental out. The great convenience for you call 9132. Fat 6600. Can't count 91382. Fat 6600. Don't get to the coffer free ethnic 200 dollars off ten of water heaters the month of September. At UST AP get help for home have a great weekend.