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APW Help for Homes
Saturday, January 6th

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Hello welcome Dave PW plot meeting in going helper homes this is the show dedicated do you the homeowner freak you to experience the Dixie different. If we can help behavior plumbing heating or cooling needs give us a call 913. 256600. My name is Keith Ford in across from me is due to a per. In a lot back. So excited to be back in studio doing the show doing really loud to deal. We did kind of some reruns over the holiday season. Fell I'm Gregory and like we did them in December and in the turnaround I kept doing and so have we should do the best of the best to have yeah it's excellent timing after a prepared Deanna. No I mean an actual proper read out cars that he would net. But dad really the best at December's so it I'd be back he twice eighteen. And data sharing archer when he eighteen with you here at eight. PW cloning even calling right here the meg trapped. Where centrally located at least act. Service about an hour radius around her Citron located off I felt a needy folks and he and the order is very in and around the metropolitan area this coffee any planning heat and air conditioning means. I had you know I bet if I were a betting person which I am not. And I would bet you don't have any written much air conditioning problems right now they are all part author and if you think yeah. And then that a lot tonight we know he calls handled the anyone's call you a liar can do Honeywell flit back. And furnaces are skinny Al white heaters killing out of the cold is is that extreme cold water canning and that. Makes that water heater works so much harder area warmed up. And these old aging water heaters they just die they they just can't take it. And then of course these presses that they weren't installed correctly to begin when pets where it starts. And if you're maintained over the years worth their chest darn plain old. They're not keeping up either eight we have gone through the extreme winter solicit reverse the old for so long. And did in the month of November Iranian and most of December. And having some mild temperatures that way did he hit it had to hit fell. Appreciate them relief in their little bet and just personally that I don't prefer the cold at all you like tickle your collar audibly originally. Our I didn't mind the cold yeah I mean no matter what you do this Christmas and New Year's. We're talking about is the first time since I was fourteen years old that I was able to take that week off I've always wanted to take from Christmas to New Year's off his. He's just a hard worker. Included in the arms dedicated T year repression probably just not bright yeah. So you know I I always want it up and this is the first year as they wanted to. We actually still think he worked a little pat I work every day meeting going I don't even in the house and I'm majoring model our house seat up to remodeling questions in certainly happy out that. From my goodness oh my largely overall Larry you know if you listen to the show over the years. We always tell little but personal stuff going on May be ill too much information our our living in the basement right now for everybody if and L-3 two you know. Lose and wondering and then we got another greens they customer bedroom down apparently act. A twenty year old on the couch and so. Well shearing the area in and land being tethered more for actually I kind of enjoy that I have problems that are all then took another six man no I'm good I like being close you guys who police camp I wanna talk about that I like how much you care about our furry furnace Sam all different on glossed right and that there are free different assembling on lamented January we. Haven't we had to lately again. And that both he purchased at furnish any air conditioner together you're actually any earnings were three. Different times to hit it I mean my adult. My goodness we had furnaces of flying off the shells per saying ha ha and then later Elaine we deal so definitely when he get he and and we cheered and calling that free estimate. And before January that they know it just started cash we were really getting act upper really gained Izzy. It had not only because of the extreme temperatures but also because. That prefer to sell. Be there when he first fell in three years or this time a year to do it this is the tiny your did you end. When you get the biggest discount of them all which is the free burning phallic cobbled purchase of furnace and air conditioner for eighteen yuppie lady call 91382. Bad 6600. Are now only 318. That. 6600. Or you can get an email chatted eighteen gebbie money. At gmail.com green go to our web site. At eight he Debbie planning dot com or at bag Dixie different to dot com day again SF out there for you to get app furry testament. And if you're also worried about maintaining your firm if cough are radio special for skinny 59 dollar earned F safety inspection. Not only 318 fat 66 and it is good to you worse. You peace of mind can gain in the comfort of your home itself and even want to face something of everything to forgive me attendant yelled that. Are you wearing pretty darn thing so I realized something. Without the end of 2017. Telling had a revelation. Yeah I meant how it all to yes tonight so that. I don't Britain New Year's Eve. Hi this is what I know I've reached over the hump I think over the hill who are outside the slight doubt. I sell my several New Year's Eve. Several years. Everything mentally I've had been maturity to understand that history ministry Intel I hear mentality is catching up with your fifth talent guys say they like did you elect well at 1030. And we're gonna do the 11 o'clock New Year's Eve for the kids write to the New York by all right Ali and I were over was a few friends. And items that they are thinking good at 11 o'clock I get to go home you're gonna and then now now we wait to lead 12 o'clock for the adults. And the whole time per like twenty minutes I'm thinking I just wanna go to Penn hot. I played many you're administrator because he didn't complain in caddie now now that's why did they think but you notice. A few minutes after mid autumn like I'm glad you guys but I'm gonna hold them well I'm a bad idea that they're actually they're analyst I don't that I bring in reached over that hump. Young days how many people do it just go to that connect platinum no matter wet and they're Smart and they hired her and her much brighter tonight only people legislate in daylight exactly change if I camper and I none of them make me more tired and don't eap I have no idea why stay up. Yes I don't think I'm married I don't you be a need to be in bed I I I'd like tenth celebrating in the new years sale. Motorola and it did a good chance to get the friends I gases and you know at the net there and then that happens. It throughout the Aron and a good excuse to get with friends did you Christmas our family you know Chris yeah to have what a fun idea well I was with my friends in writing that she did she. So kids actually had a great Christmas which is nice because. They didn't think they're getting my chickens though. I would again like him into Purdue and or major remodel inside the hop. Every kind of just packed in the they're not getting a lot though got a few lectures they also they are all happy that I won only Augusta being dead. And yeah I am no problem with them not getting a nine million but you know half life does our actually date there for like one item and it can ask them so who's gonna make they need to not be selfish I'd like I'm so eat but the one thing that I enjoyed the most though and that. Is that kids who wanted to Condo because they were out of school. And like let's watch. Are there. You think it read in India and try our Carol I mean each yet there was the worst day isn't it together there was all they wanted to cut the weekend at a little reason leather windshield factor at like nine it's if people on the is really cool if that's what it. Takes the lead at all free it was so cool. Cooper John Quincy DOS and just sit at different times with their dad is the greatest time in my life he needs is that I didn't just I just enjoy being chilly today don't look at a said that they give them another year these kids are going to be another year older gas. Then one day mean he'll be looking into that god was our kids yet they're 78 and you can't just eighty contacts. Yourself still gonna like he has a lot now. They tend and they they're getting 9/11 bell manager and yet at the legion. It. I am I I hope all I help you guys had a great Christmas and a great new years or whatever holiday. You happen to celebrate in you enjoyed yourself most importantly we hope you were able to be with family. And family that cared about you as much as you get a lot of it's I mean I don't regard it. Folks actually asked her I December after the holiday the new year this is when the most break up happened. End offensively and people become even more depressed they talk about being depressed during the holiday that actually tied about the depression really hits in January gross. I fell on the track to hold on I'm happy a couple of days the app and that yeah its outlook and guide you happy and that those trick. And imagine another story cash and Al on every thing anyway yeah so we have and we can help peel with some. The media winter blues. And as you say it was quite seen elect if I can help you with warming at your garage or bringing act that really comes off the graduates it's above the go right and that her face. And expensive option for you which is called the infrared eight. And the reason we're bringing this up. Is you have to understand is in our area. Off furnaces are set for zero degrees and there is set for 100 on the air conditioners at the extreme right. Sell any once it gets beyond those it doesn't matter about cy easing anything else they just not gonna keep up. And so you have to understand that. Would we getting these cold air is you have to add extra things well. To keep the air order cold beer and so we're right now space heaters aren't the most effective volumes. And it's it's only taking care of it during the wintertime when some of these options we can give you can take care of the winner and the summer break and then you can actually be more comfortable and spend less on the utilities. Right at the for instance the 8 PM the and parade go ride cheater only operate ten. That eight dollars a month it'll easily warm map a two to three car rides board that amount of money for eight bucks I mean who'd ever had back some money. And in the end it by credit you give the Baghdad action because the grotto is warmer and staying at a nice great temperature. The round these winter months and in that area is better conditioned our rammed the goal judge will actually keep their room tit jerk. The thermos status is trying to hold so you don't have these caught hot coal packet in the house. And look at people get beat patent. And and external. And you know things around the house like like a garage heater a few free after the nine we do need to just come make sure we can run those proper lines. As liking it varies the cost the even inexpensive option teams teacher garage on its own thermostat. And you know help the rest of the house college now 1382. Fat 6600. Off the top of the free after. Having a free furnace pellet cobble purchase up artist an air conditioner ID now I went three. 185866. And near the ground. Hello and welcome back TPW plumbing heating cooling up for homes in keyboard across Wednesday through corporate and welcome back to you getting help her own ever ratty actually. We are having an NC LE coming off topic a little bet and title bouts. In between seventeen beginning at 318. Elena and lack of information when a share in the shell. About how to keep your own home or warmth there's this hard winter. That would have lanes and keep emea and your pipes protected as well I'll give you some of the tips there. We definitely had some catastrophe that coming in with some acted heights. Of course talk mattered January special and it is a special way to separate furnace salad combo purchase of a furnace and air conditioner coughing your free estimate right now. We are in office right now seen Colin from the get to set up for that three estimates. Our free furnace failed Kabul purchase of an air conditioner and I want 382. Fat 6600. Would be the number to college and I want to reach. Eighteenth at 6600. Or go to die Dixie difference dot com and that would correspond that way as well so. And at least for the preferred itself. I think don't you just gotta burn if or you're just not willing to just you know tell you don't wanna go there. I understand I completely understand we only have financing. Sell and expert financing options they don't scared of that but we also had the 59 dollar earnings safety inspection. He really really should consider and always taking care of your furnace and air conditioner every single year maintaining your making an Oakland led in your home. And it really should be on my test and it really is written here and manufacturer warranties that appeal maintain your equipment properly they could void warranties. It would be void the warranty I can't say for sure that it is actually reading. In addition it says it will change for carting you would never not DA written maintain your car you media to get cheaper and we need a point eat. So you would want to do that from the mechanical Clint your home effect as your furniture except Jack making sure that you're getting clean safety check. Dan on your furnace from a reputable company like eight PW plumbing heating cooling. Then at Eaton. Not only gives you better efficiency for home I do lose up to 5% efficiency each year not maintaining your proper or properly maintaining your. And they also helps that the longevity. Strictly taking your car properly if you're taking care of that kind of laugh protected time. Yes like a furnace and air conditioner cell and natural things cleaned the dust that is involved. In going eight into we have air going the risk something it's going to collect dust over time. So that is something they went take attention TU and get it you know taking care after. And so for 59 dollars cost our furnace safety inspection you take care of the year fern F. Through this harsh winter and 91318. That 66 kinder. You have the down to where talk about the first segment we're talking about the zero degree weather out and that your your furnace that. And it's not the company who install that are the calling the furnace and what you need to zero degrees it becomes very difficult for them to keep up so we do that. At how other major yet right is for the action on it designed and this area get to zero degrees or below very often except I think it's like streamers on 0%. -- stream on the Heidi would be 100 degrees from self exams and zero degrees kidney felt if it reaches 110 degree eat then at that point dikes in making it. Hard for the Curtis actually heat at. When the temperature it says on the thermostat by and that's why you wanna keep that all your furnace. Cleaning air conditioner clean so they can handle those extremes and that's as that's where a lot of the failures have come unfortunately for customers that didn't maintain. By and and like I said well you've heard us say this many times we feel bad about it it's always a terrible thing to go deal with with family suffering. Nobody likes to go and deal with that and you don't just say no different. You know different aged PC companies and plumbing companies are are are all set up a little bit different but with just being a family. You know we were pretty much involved every day with a most of what happens to our customers Dixie and I can virtually tell you almost every day what customers. What's going on and we try to do this as much as possible because it matters that you know as the mentality of of a PW is that everybody is a family and do your best to take care of them. So there's times where you just give. Rough stories that we do we can't help them out everything that we can't. It and that's where we re reiterate please just clean your equipment it you know if you don't wanna use just because you don't like the radio sort of thing you. Somebody give me just give Lee an 8 PM via their greatest attorney Lisa knowing actually what I. Think and Merck. Yeah and that I'd tell her thank voice and had an outlander imitating her and I like it's the gap girl had a thunder I don't really fun outside the bills are there out. Don't think cleaning it. However what we're looking at is what we get too extreme temperatures. What can we do to make you comfortable now be easy thing is all BC to add extra blankets but that's what they can get is fact other things people are doing are ready space heaters. However when you start to use space heaters the economic cost to run space heaters. And sometimes the safety factor of running space heaters is very concerning. This is where wade you have your garage attached to your home. I a lot of cold comes from your garage is it's basically an ice box and made it had a condition ace Roy is the home with the conditions and I selling out its attached together. And that of most who don't insulate their grudges and even if they attempt to with your garage doors. And the rest it's very difficult to keep that room. Are cool or warm in the wintertime because you cannot run your inside furnace. Two year garage however so we do have a great coalition that nobody makes a huge difference Hekerob cheater we talked what is that you get to use may get into you know a tool robe mark you can of the kids complain in the wintertime. However what it really does for your house besides give you another space that is heated is it protects your home soon your furnace doesn't have to work as hard. I your car is more comfortable. And these slowly running scared out cars with only external FY I mean there's nothing worse than your car I mean you try to go out of their car in the morning and doesn't start to and so cold. Right there and I hate those cold starts exactly it's only about it riding on that back tomorrow on either gas or propane rebel. And I mean and it's ugly and gas to graduate and I have to worry about that you don't where I can lunge you can do that you can't and we do have been like two options that the eight dollars a month when it sure is pretty clear about that and and reading on gas Philip high quality eighteen Indian parade garage teetering economical and natural gas like attack not he needed two to three car garage in back. Dollars a month and your will and ranked faithfully eat. Because even installed by 88 PW install X. The EDS have to own army stacked so you can pretty detailed temperature can beat Venus navy senate for forty not fifty degrees but that's. A lot better than two or any degrees and some of these days. So make sure that UConn for your furry Assam in on the act to take him in the NH. A warning your graduate to also help the rest of the house that surrounds the garage. A cop Prius 19891318. That 6600. We have Andy the opposite set that up for real take. They make about fifteen minutes of your time presser run and I and eighty Jeffrey Ashton not copy your free asset on the earnings special that we have got three Curtis what they cobbled verdict purchased a furnace and air conditioner Colin Allen now want 318 fat 66 and will be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back EPW. Mummy he didn't really know perhaps I'm key for next means to a offered in welcome back to attacking everything cool definitely not been dealing with the cold. And I numerous as to get a little bit doormat coming into next week that anything would be considered a format where we're gonna try to like 23 degrees and it's warm embrace of arable it says a warm up a little bit more coming at the following week. I hadn't you know what I mean we had been hit with an cold extreme weather. And that affects our land means and are steadying and when it comes to our residential homes. And he'll get a couple laughed at Ameritech and at the infrared grinds heater from eight I gather you the warm at your grass forever they backed the month. And Dan how economical is to take care of that to eliminate cold starts in the extra room to work out that in then of course talent helps to benefit the rest of the house around the garage. Keeping those areas from getting to colder drafty. Film get coffee or free after it takes about their fifteen minutes just to theft and then it's a very and expand that I cannot stress and very inexpensive option and yeah I had 8 PM the year in parade gripes Peter tear pounds a copy your free it's may now went 318 fat 6600. For your free after mail out and getting different planning issues that affect fed may. And out Tino and giving them great hit one of the things is at the holidays that were going out of town. Billy in January baby let people like to go. I take some warm trips during these times. You're a great act suggestion is to make she turned off the water to your whole home and open a couple of fox. Just one I risk having any kind of problem with your planning or while you're gone. Because when you come back and find something like that happened. It too can Rican wreak Havoc on the home she rocket mold and her damaged car they didn't I just keen angle on an online because of the water lake that was just laugh to because you're out of the home. Turning off the water to the whole home. You know and that's something that we. The bag you know as a homeowner it. That's something that you look at very opting you've got an EP Getty catnip action gonna tell you which one major remained shut up for your wider. And throughout your home. And get after the that we can always happy outlive if you need a whole home cloning it's actually do are for only 99 Myers you get hey why entertain asking you wanna take you get it takes to water heater flash. In that price for 99 dollars San. That is a great deal anyway I'll feel like if fed will prove label your shot off Alice for real city Miller twins which. And so great pains to show off the water the whole home. Says that Weiner does not have the ability to for EU. Even if it gets its turn you've opened some of the profits in the home so it's got somewhere to go there forty won't bust the height. And that is never again affiliation even if he find it click enact a leak happened in the middle of the night rarely happens in the middle of the day. In the middle of the night your sleeping and many even feels even like a worst issue could tell it's harder to get a hold up a planner. In the middle of the night and isn't just a really easy quick tips forty on the planning. They have the other side besides the dripping of them the faucets to allow water to flow. Is it to remembers the water I think it's the only item that expands into heat again and pull his anti. So expansive ball. So freezing or heating it creates problems for us that's why water heaters have problems. But in the wintertime it's our pipes are spec it's been what some of the mistakes that people make is they keep the hallways. Your your garden hose still hooked up to a stake it. That's a sitting outside outlets period that's a really bad idea not only just as does it destroy your hoses. I and also can cause your spirit get. To actually burst sooner. One of the things to do is if you're gonna re finisher basement and I think you should have that no matter what which is prospering spec it's. They what frost free spirit Qatar is the traditional outside spigots are hydrants. Eight is you we you'd turn the knob on an off for the water. The plunger is on the outside of the house. So that means that all the water from the inside of the house say is basically running through the pipe. To that the outdoors picket. And there's water on the exterior wall. So when the breezy this kid for Irene that that cannot insulate and I and so that's why some. But the faucet itself for the spigot. It is a freezing breaking and of course if your basement is finished or could not finish it just destroys everything. So one of the items to look at as a frost freed Al Hala frost free speak it works is easy come at 81012 ancient blanks I end the actual spec itself the knob would you turn the knob. The plunger is actually inside. Of the house cleaning that plunger that three device that basically drawl let the water comes in how the water carriers. They it's filled long mini EXP into the conditions stay in the house verses mean you know a year cheat. Any expense and and do. They get that chat are not considered prospering now we've had a lot of people with them you know so she copper copper has a tendency to burst a little bit more galvanized does the impacts well. However a lot of seems a lot of ninety's joints and their their bursting and people are getting horrible water damage. Which of course is even worse in the wintertime because of freezes at. So those outside speak it's of prospering spec it's if we can. Take care that's that's one less area and if you're gonna finish your basement you are silly. Not to replace those only because. Call so you may be thinking about it you thinking about inside and now they aren't they out and they don't they Maggie aren't any pending on the outside till I and you using an articulate may not even realize that that was defending that they would want T you change how that process we speak of for the finish of eighth. It's so you dispute that is another layer of protection I let you wind up having dealing make sure they. From our pipes bursting or to crede to writings in your house may. So all these things are are kind of important that you just pay attention the small stuff 'cause the damage but this indeed if you take a look at. The cost of putting our cross respect it in vs the damage that a normal speaking tomorrow morning there's no comparison no compares with the right. It's so that's some of the concerns that week we have with our our customers are what we're dealing with on the cold side is mostly pipes bursting prost priest crickets are probably the major cause of that. Thank you so just. Be aware take care of those things you don't wanna come back and have a horrible absolutely tell what are ninth that's thanked her for that we don't henin welcome he threw out compete and. The world that we do you have a great special going on the month January. And that's for the three earnest now with a comma perches on the furnace and air conditioners have attacked at a couple and that could be just to a couple of times throughout missions to be just T Indiana and her mind G ilk. As well to take advantage. This is the time tipped her chances. You get at three estimate for an AP deadly you know cost no obligation precedent and that much know what it would cost. To replace your furnace and air conditioner appear over ten years old. That's a good time and good afternoon as pars of looking at white it would cost. In the 'cause you know ten years Adele then air conditioners and furnaces that are out. They technology. Had to literally changed in the last just couple of years. It's kind of like as to being TD TV you know at brick eighteenth TV and then. You know the box TV mimicking their flat screen there really worry expense of the papers can count now got single Galen for hampering her back to Wal-Mart. Kill and they're everywhere into thinking it's happening do we end. Earning an air conditioning technology we have really upgraded technology and shaft the last couple years. Actually because of the upgrading to ninety birthday technician had become laugh expense net. Clearly he really had this like overly expensive to eat a lot like how did a little bit but not not as long as it did with like the flat screen TVs them. As it compares to the great time didn't not only. Something we love to do is to educate. What you're gaining the longevity of equipment equipment gonna last a long time because it doesn't work as hard. As your furnace it does right now sixteen years old. And because it doesn't work as hard actually deliver a better heat solution for your home because it doesn't work as hard. It actually lowers your utility bailed. And that's the thinking that the air conditioner as well so they laughs the longer. They don't work as hard which actually gives you a better utility bill every single month and we've got a free furniture out calling nine. From eight PW right after the month of January 08 guidance not gonna get your February guarantee that I can only do it's a lot. They is big deepest discount that you get all yearlong from any manufactured. If you're getting the free fern I felt so this is timed action look into he had three after they always have tiny and saying. And we have excellent financing options I had I now know over 90% of our customers public finance. There equipment. And I doubt pretty proud that we've got to find solutions for the naked super easy and that the process super fat so and and the cup for the pre ethnic on nine when Perry eighteen fat 6600. Now 1382 fat 6600. OK so I'm sitting on the couch. Could he comes up to me and says are sent out at. Feel movement until fully Tennessee on that are you depressed guy. Don't know mount an all want to eat and eat out are you look at us like no exodus. Okay when you sleep. Are you depressed or only does that again I know I don't think I know why she is dean and I don't like what this is girl talk about is that there's something wrong. If she does well you sleep with a lot of pill great. Yeah now we heard I read idol playing on face that it has of course I should not have been doing that read that if you see the black the pillows that you must be depressed and lonely. Mostly. It's. Now like Ali Al Al I echo honey giving. Arafat the Barrington a couple of that's like this could be heard the cardinals learned about that and it's silent and I just wondering about what I was depressed and well who fighting terror attack about how you're not depressed Italy actually get a ticket try to get within eight. Hello and welcome back TPW running. Can only help for homes I'm in Q4 groceries digs Hoover hands and I think you have there was and that in turn. And Lego man I got him they know one thing you control. And captains but it's mind you that lack of things and look at eight. Out the cold and extreme cold that we're having and how it affects youth homeowner and Howell and some great solutions. And tents at that had take care and called for your home. And and I'm just gonna kind of running backs and for our lesson that little camera termer quick burst of promoting the EP ABM parade garage Peter eliminate those cold starts for your car every morning. And yeah we had had a huge snow yet that we need it to snow blocks and your car. AP IBM parade gradual Malkin quickly evaporate that water quickly to don't have standing water you gifts and and eight. Ain't satisfied the thermostat at the temperature it's hosted V Latino we have both cold spots in the house. These hands. The and it just stays a little bit cold and rest and a half this eliminating. I getting inexpensive eight. And down and it doesn't take much to install and we do come out thinking F three Aston. What that takes about fifteen minutes. And I sure yeah it is eight and inexpensive option they get their own thermostat as well. Think graduate any temperature anyone you know maybe just wanted to 45 degrees and manages to get the chill out that's great when everyone got you consenting act. And that's okay does. Quickly warm at. A two to three car garage and we've if it up for carpet ride to a they'd installed to a sensitive keep that in mind. And clowning you know the taking of the car heading conditioned space. In your garage now Alec you want your Mae and paid for your children wanna work on their basketball skills or whenever. Dribbling skills. You know I mean you can use that space that has now you are and heating yet in your PD at Ford not much money at all so we talked it out. And throughout the shale is being. Yup on the issues that we than having him furnaces. And have then they they have their issues that hot water heaters have their issues slip that extra cold it's coming and and has to format even more and then these what are haters are starting to fail. So lab we would love to go over some water heater options and definitely tight course something that we know a lot of doubts he'd get called we'd be happy to go over tank with water heater options. Not selling TV a couple of can't say if he had elite sound UN and Iraqi land until I until a nice place it's nice and warm. Here in the month of January and February we suggest you actually turned the letter off to the whole home. And then open Napa speaking at our skis me off hitter TU. And gadgets to make sure that there's no besting the high it's happened while you're gone that's a huge catastrophe. So at. And that that's a quick little tip for you we also talked about frost Greece they get. And like a great option does dark mean I know that they gazette asked SL if you have a stake and you not sure it's frustrating now lead. The guy to come I immediately after an honest and he now if you're remodeling aid baseman made she'd consider. Replacing your outdoor speaking it's will outdoor frost beef because of forty finished the basement. And it's pretty hard to it's harder to deal now harder to get TU when he finished his basement at take that into consideration. And as well and last but not least we've been talking about. These three furnace failed going on that in January we won't be going on in the month of February we can only give yourself for so long for the three. Earnings fell at the Condo purchase of a furnace and air conditioner call all clear freak accident yeah cost no obligation only tally kept financing available. 91382566. And drink. I guarantee you that Dixie different dot com and what happens today deacon Condit to free ethnic. And you know what the last one this. Like that many split actually didn't talk about kept by one to talk about it because as you guys know we are doing to remodeling a adding in some car space in the garage when it Z now my drugs and remodeling our home run of the evidence that it just going through death to gather itself. Dixie is garage is heated now Molly because I work in it in the summer and the winner I'm putting in a mini split. But a mini split. We'll help you with the heating in the cooling which is another option if you just want if you wanna go beyond just a grudge year great Duvol centurion or like. Had a really they added dime and just condition eight are states explicitly conditioned that is right or back. Ventilation and you are how hard to get proper death quirk at chair that area that he had not been section apparently used to death cleric. And this is a great option as then mini split option. Aaron experts Camby got cliff they also called Jacqueline for a fifth and many splits can be hidden very well. I they actually to a degree can be added to summit doc works based A so there is some awaited transferred over. So if you have a room that has some Duckworth you want an added to you could. Eight but typically people use the dock let's. There and what does it just allows a broom. Like for example three season room and logic used it much longer or sun room and allows a more comfortable. Because of the extensive amount of heat or cold that comes into a son wrote. For me it's gonna be the garage because I mean they're a lot and I wanna be comfortable. Remember just like the grunt cheater though the purpose is of course to take care of the area or the room that were referring to however. It's just like everything else it's you know it's like Winn-Dixie has really cold feet. And she puts her feet by minded to warm them up right that cold that transfer of of horrible. Or terrible. Freezing them out of a hole that I was on to my body from such a little person essay. It's it's amazing I don't know how she holds magenta air it's like ice cube. They sell but it transfers argue well both rooms your garage is your your assigned rooms any pre season or did you think it's. I'm warming up at that Wright just hit everything else around there it helps me so it helps the furnace in the air conditioner in this camera the what does unhealthy by taking care now. My whole body help journal space right at Tel. It affects as does my point is that the freezing affects the whole body naked eye you're Littleton high enough so a little pro has a lot of heat and cold affects the whole house. And it really puts excessive amounts they can cause your furnace and air conditioner wired down much sooner because it's are working harder. So thirst taunts of these benefits and if we planted out right we're more than happy to help you planet. And we've played this outright you're gonna get some huge and really just financial benefits by spending less money. Just comfortable benefits and you know it. I love being home with family pay but who along with that I like being comfortable with them even though they're called they have to come with leagues and warm. It does it is kind of nice day to be able to have everybody there and comfortable and not suffering your own house trained noses some of the things you want a lot of talk about as energy bills quite a bit as of these solutions help drive down your ill in energy bills. And that led shallow Leo that's something we detector our customers a lot in the home is how we actually make you comfortable. Year round in your home and eat can really eliminate that hot and cold spots he'd get throughout that. Got a year just not having its proper solutions. Which your heating and cooling. I and that's that's really what you're what we're here for is to give you advice. Or to talk to about it so up solving the problem that's right exactly solve. Apparently nothing rat from a senate hindsight do you wanna go over Cutler had a couple of our special rules of former out of here January schedule with a free. First sale going on the Kumble furnace as give me cobble purchase on the furnace and air conditioner column Hamlin 318 that 6600. Where your three estimate and it cost no obligation Ali can't financing. Not little get of the coffin at 59 dollar earnings safety inspections are radio special to share your Bernie S every winter. From eight PE deadly year in make sure it's nice and clean. And in working properly again now 132. Fat 66. Kinder. And then had to get don't forget about eighty Gideon parade garage heater to warm scratch for I think back to my and and take care of the rest your home. Now we had a great time today and give us coming out the canal now went 318 fat 6600. Have a great.