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Saturday, February 3rd

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Hello welcome to a PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes this is the show dedicating do you go home order for you to experience the Dixie difference. If we can't beat your plumbing heating or cooling needs give us a call 913. 8256600. Or deep Dixie deference dot com my name is key forward of the differences across from me. You've got it they don't know Democrats premiere but I eat and in studio with the oil fell. I appreciate in the show with me every single weekend talking about a plumbing heating and air conditioning for use the homeowner. I keep an eye do you rang eight PW plumbing heating and cooling and gas. And you're distracted me with your luckily there are volatile and. I'm thinking to myself like I have a choice I mean I'm married to you if I don't do come in trouble rate that lets you Michelle rademan trouble in trouble yet. Yes unlike like I have a choice for any of the. Dead last we can you maybe do the shell UN and Donny we're not feeling well you rip a tad. She had under the weather a tad I was horribly sick and you made me work every day and I think when I was in the share your complaining in I was doing the little by alien. You know it may be leaders to show might fit the deeper you are. Ha ha ha yeah. Others though violent as those of appreciating gang EU being here in helping me with the shell and tech about the Dixie different than what is the Dixie difference we haven't talked about that in a while. And I filling your cup of we are you weren't came right now I am yeah write cancel your normal ambient illustrates that is that my good look inside killing nine he had tested it people can actually feet. The outing you know that the actual action that goes on and studio here will we get our ship but decent car accident last week and now I know I don't alert today. There is that tractor trailer that I don't know what happened it was a right by our office. And it caught on fire they shut down all of our 35 you do know about that how well I did see yeah that an. And meet you know now I entered it and it feels like unless it looked like home thanks Ali. Loaded or something in the tractor trailer was. Did you see crook got off when you're going down to mission road you can physically see. Up orcas were sitting on a hill mission road. And you can physically see the tractor trailers sit up there and so when you drive down mission road you'd see it sitting there and all of the traffic was stopped which was good. Because I needed to get on I 35 and go for mission road to rainbow would you rate what I'll go over with there's nobody there. You don't crazier part was no way I have no idea Patrick. So the cooler tomorrow it's all about a four story walk up pork there's accidents all over because everybody can drive grizzly. But at 4 o'clock riveting they shut off I 35 again at Lamar now for Clark that tractor turner still shut off and I 35 frank Manning either device shut down and it. Well you go to Lamar and I 35 bishop Downey didn't you don't lie now there's like eight cars got an action they shut out again a little bit and if how lane yet not yet people learn. Not the keyboard that edge it's the walls are fresh legs spread out everywhere you know that was an accident going to fast probably worrying need each other so be careful on the road out there crazy until next Tuesday though pink shirt Dan buyer diverting to diverting the add to that conversation. And because that would actually gonna talk about what to 8 PMB from Haiti is what we do you know what in the Dixie different we traffic report that's pretty important to have achieved that. Weather report traffic report or rattled off and see much more important than my mirrored owed by so I give people. Content marital advice exactly. Which has nothing to do with the traffic apart but they like Phil anyway and I'm so glad that your B you're really are lined casket today yeah all over the place. It's you look at you out over the idea I keep I'm waving to myself on yes completely are recording today until I. They Dixie you definitely you and me have basically four point just gonna quickly he needed gist of what they Dixie differences of Alec a PW putting heat and pulling what it's really important for her adding. Battle yell what is the Dixie different and that will basically year. At great customer service when you call ENTU. Eight. PW. We tell me answer the phone that's our service corners are trained. Can't can't keep the smile on the face no matter what ails you let problems you have. We're gonna find the solution as quickly and efficiently as possible get the best technician out there for yet. And then seconds yes we have gored technicians. While we pride in infants and the education that we do. It's not just technical their technicians that also ensure they know how to. Communicate and educator customers effectively so when they go to the home they're gonna happen they know how I had practiced that they had tied me and her. Not just BM granting plumber if you well and pull up their pants and wouldn't you know leave the house. They're actually know how to educate tweaking what your issue is make sure that they you know what it is they're gonna do to fix it and then went to the problem had been repaired. Then at that point they're gonna go over that with he has a wealthy you're gonna know more than he ever thought before we need a half and then third is we believe in great quality products. Says you know that no matter what if eight PW is at a and repair replace any kind of a quick Maynor hound you know it's the best equipment out there and then fourth. But not last. Is the fact that it all and a great great value price for you get a lot for the value of the work that EP LEE gag where your home. That's what we want our help me keep heat and I actually more great value. In our helmet and so what that's what we're doing with our customers is this frame. Paying for we understand where homeowners are married couple. We know what folks who want out air until we just do every day our best to make sure that we give that everybody out there. And three peat at least that's what is the Dixie. I mean I think it's incredible interest or you know the camera does add ten pound steel. I I don't like that abnormally years and quite awake for anything you don't look you know Nvidia convened this is radio people I mean I actually be seeing the video. Well let us debt and you know I know one and that looked at I have I need is actually doing the video in hand yet how multitasking. Talented guy and I am. Of recording and they healing act the same time Jackie did you weighed ninety pounds adding ten pounds she does not hurt me. And we are doing now fell and really killing a couple great products into Battier will we've got Pincus water heaters that we wanna talk about. And look we can't we got that and then usual and that if you're looking at replacing your taint what are heater we've got from the coupons Harrison special number to go over. I also keep you really like to talk about you know we get him very. I'll admit they're becoming at least the eighteen still right now wanna warm up for a day and then beyond a blizzard dean CNN low. And then next day in the next it wants him you know warm sit back and forth back and forth. And so the first to does not know what the heck did you but will make sure that we are pressing nine meal if you need to make sure that you maintain your furnace. And not because of wind here is not over. Phil and we you can get forget they. And they're actually talking about some big snow this next week fell to call in sick let no of course not until you can we need to set up. I need is snow day out known as snow day we don't get snow days I get the sled with the kids he had left no. So therefore eaten make sure you take advantage ever radio station 59 dollar. And at thirty safety inclined shaft from eight T get be called 913. Eat too fat 6600 again now one very eat too bad. 6600. Or if you just get this email shot out at eight. IG now dot com. They can hit good art of the website the idea the difference dot com luckily to get a hold an S and worked in the office right now you can call off. And we each is scheduled up for that 59 dollar burn thinking clincher for me to get the communication is the key isn't it and it isn't that the transition communication is key and why he hopes he won a squarely in that direction. Because or talk about communicating systems like I love take a symbol talk about it. I however I did wanna speak about communicating systems as we don't talk enough with your furnace and air condition yeah I was switching to furnish an air conditioner ranking and I can throw a marital vice of documentation also just want to have enough condition. Well I lab about HE fierce heating and cooling as that in just the last few years. Technology has taken over and changed the industry industries Bender in the same for forty years in the technology and furnace and air conditioners are really isn't even new stuff I mean. I mean everybody wants to claim a little miss it really technology has been introduced and really chasing blessed by years end in the last five years. Net technology be introduced just like all technology. The north they mass produced they cheap error and his comments so now you can get that technology. For less expense said there and get some great comfort. I mean really great comfort in addition to you. The and Atlanta and lower utility bills and in your home so I am white as wade is the communicating custom. Are you talking about. Out of the can can systems are really going and herself in 1980 Keating system you know what it's no different that a relationship right you know communicate. Things get tougher to deal was not great. Now you do communicate things are easier sell or I know we're gonna go to our breaks into re jumping into too much will be. To how I got to EL net yeah but we wanna talk about so. There on the idea of the basic idea of communicating is getting your thermostat a furnace. And your air conditioner all to talk to each other. And the key about that is their own different buyer Mets right right one is outdoors one is. Indoors in the basement in it's eaten in the other one is where your living space is so being able to figure out. How was the living space in comparison to the air downstairs. That is flowing through the return and the supply. And the air outside. Those three do this perfect triangle. It's his great triangle and if you communicates well what it does is that adapts to the temperature changes. And the air quality changes that we rapidly have going on. And you're just so comfortable as that. So much better than our nine to me heating systems a rim to tell like Canada and the different. That the air and and what you probably have what ninety Keating to weights you would want to upgrade some of you for estimate for eight PW plumbing heating cooling on your furnace and air conditioner we have some great promotions going on right now in the month of February cost it 91382. Not 6600. Well for that freak accident it cost no obligation in and we always have great financing. I'm great monthly payments for you great interest rates as well so we definitely helping out and you just give us call now to get that taken care all cause and Richard Curtis is getting taking care of before. And you get hit wicked winter weather were about to have 59 electronic safety and clean check now one Tariq to add. 6600. We'll be back from eight PB help for home in just a moment. Hello and welcome back EPW plumbing heating your cooling help protect her in keep order groceries Dixon will bird and welcome pack to eight PD AB help friends. And women putting studio today helping to educate either homeowner. Off clean on black a great topic of the death aren't talking about H beef eat today. She near any Katie HTC snap actually a real fame. Arm again and when you're communicating a furnace and an air conditioner together and I hate it tell you guys what patty and and in addition that pretty into talking cliff topix covering the question I get asked the most. Is what you think that's what they do for you weren't they all these great they felt the buffet Gupta specials during go over I want our mind folks that. Now we've got some winter weather that gunning becoming. You know that's what the meteorologist is saying let's eating since now on Tuesday. And now Jesse deafening lack actually had a good amount of cell match your furniture is ready call he PW column right now. Color and my name give us a call it whatever works for you now went 318 that 6604. York 59 dollar furnish safety and clean check that are radiant special looks. Give me an edge and that it's a great inspection done by our certified technicians. To look over that furniture and make sure everything's in tip top shape. And can make it through your winter season and I write anything I furry. Connect. I know that most people don't enjoy doing apple we may get a lovely four EI promised a free after an iron furnace and air conditioner. How we elect a great promotions going on in the month of February so give us a called. Had now won three too bad 6600. And be happy helping out the fat. To keep what you were the last segment the country people back up to date on communicating says Dennis. And with the furnace in the air conditioner and how they communicate and how to better technology than what we've ever had and that. Passed without burning an air conditioners have so it's actually pretty simple. I so you have the triangle of life inside your house right there right Hank so the outdoor unit what it does that figures out what the humidity. And what the temperature is outside pretty simple right at Kerry. It registers and send that to thermostat can't pay the furnace is registering the humidity indoors. And then the temperature. I. And so it's basically sending that took thermostat to another thermostat has two pieces of information what it's like outside of what it's like inside. Now the thermostat is the key is that thermostat is paid attention to the last thirty days. India has paid attention to how much temperature rise vs how much fuel has had to put an end. What effort it takes to raise the temperature right how long it stays how quickly drops it's paid attention to everything. And what it does is it calculates. Based on history. Indoor temperature and humidity outdoor temperature humidity and it tells itself okay to be the most efficient. To allow for the most comfort inside the house this is what I have to deal and so basically it. It's it tells the furnace or the air conditioner but this time a year the furnace. This is how much. Air want you to blow this is how much fuel I want you to burn and this is for how long and then it tells it when it's gonna step down or when it's gonna raise up. So then at that point. You guys are so comfortable you have no clue. That life is changing outside it's really pretty amazing because that did not exist until communicating distance he now and they didn't hell lying to the information and make those it just meant well Qaeda there was a way. Based on the sticks of wood that you put in the year. Or are your fireplace how no 900 guy that is the advancement how my arm that could be there. Order your job and our how many Leo pellets of Goran yet could put in there and it would heat so well again right here and it's so it's always kind of done bat. Yes now I mean I know I like your all seriousness like argue it is really cool and I don't go asking this in the last segment about. Technology if I take no the only public technology and TV. You know going to the box TVs at the flat screen TVs and how expensive they were when he came out my gadget that Wal-Mart and get went for like 300 bucks a bill written technology dad get cheaper in less expense candidate and better as time goes by and now that is what's happening in. HB feet and eighty years actually bury a portable T that's the part I love about it is that you don't have to get Elvis technology. In you'll have to expand an arm and Elaine basically to get it actually driving down the cost and you're getting like you said better comfort. And higher patient fees. And in the home that to really think how could mean more comfortable in the home. There's a lot of complaints about this term is just always cold in the winter time will we actually pick that now with technology or would that impact can eagle when he. And now and in gag which is great you don't have to change Jeannie the duct worked in the home. Yeah until Rennie the additional supplies to returns can be fixed and repaired. Real proper ATC through technology and that's really great answers though it hotter the masters is too cold we can even on battle Alec he's communicating fist step down and you can call for referee asked him that great promotions going on in the month of February. From 8 PME plumbing median cooling our number's 91318. That. 66 kinder and again now when 318 fat 66 and including opera today and we'd be happy Ichiro hit that three accident no cost no obligation in Hollister mine that we have. Great tiny tape at inexpensive and and interest rates and that great low pain neck. And and we don't really happens though that I had from credit issues as well we we we have things only down to no credit check I think that. How we need help everywhere you go literally we can help everyone out there on the trip they get the bath comfort for instance for the house. I think it's a great jump. Now the other thing we are. I communicate systems up our our political as far as the other part of it is their power really cool and just were more really taught her cool but they're like really cool right right ours ours is communicating to unite. But there's tons of but it did she get searching would you get into like the white by. Are communicating thermostats which is another option you can add to it. What are the other benefits on if you have. Either somebody who stays at home like an elderly parent. Or you guys are work all day and nobody's at home in your concern. These thermostats can communicate with your phones I via apps they'll let you know that temperature drops. Inside your house or temperature increases that you didn't know about any can warn you. So there's an any kind of ratio and that becomes a big deal when were far away now from home that. You know nothing's worse in coming home and having a disaster being notified of it right away is also a nice thing to do the posts communicating their message you can get a you could make them do anything you know probably wash windows if you I have. You know let you get is delayed the world is going for sure I'm Ellis telling the kids the other gets keyed into that new technology. You know I mean their fifth grader Mike. More out yet technology that's where the world is going and there are like what are you talking about mom. None anywhere just says I just got to make dad used job better Grady Little tongue and he's gonna take over the world into over the visiting whom we drew and when we don't believe me out is what. Writing that that we get another break or a must at a time. Bechtel Rick talked more and more about HT seen tweaking system is prosecuting it in detained Kalus water heaters. Question we just all the time from folks out there's an edge Kiki Moore on the IUS and PME help for how does that exceed Wilford across me keep Ford. I'm will be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling Oprah hopes are and keep Ford and across we use it to avert. No weapon back and do we are talking about. How much great topics today in that are relevant it's alma drew we try to do every every weekend that those. Is that you just finished up the topic onto ET HTT fifteenths. Arm which is really in infusing technology which is in coming on the morning laugh I years and even in that black most recent and the five years. As prices are really come Dion on that packet technology which is what I love about technology. Is it really should have come and needs to canning an AT senior heating and cooling systems in your home. And it's not just in the thermostat if you are asking those commercials about that cool thermostats and you know you land jump on it. The cool action that regulate the thermostat when there's actually more more than just the thermostat that's going on it. Really and value waiting to are saying that temperatures in the him and he admitted he inside and the temperatures in the unity inside and I you waiting now have a thirty days and really regulating. You know how they temperature needs to be inside how. Can I commercial thing about to get so here's the one thing you guys have to think about or understand all the school thermostats at your buying. I understand it there's a reason why these companies who develop these thermostats are selling them to bigger companies. What these there was dad's dues they collect information. And that's one of the things that you considered not really helping your. Heating and cooling systems even though they can understand what you're doing and they can learn. But the problem is is they can't control the outdoor indoor units they're not making getting all the information they're getting partial information. And so all this information geared for thermostat is being fed and that's why like nested other companies people pay big box forum because they collect information. They collect information on what you're doing while you measure up a year furnace and air conditioner but it doesn't necessarily make your life. That much better. So don't get caught up into that all I have of this third and third sets what's gonna fix everything well. If it can't judge what the outdoor temperature and urge all that extra stuff is it can't readjust to and it can't make your furnace or air control work. Matter what you're saying is that. When we're talking communicating fist and actually ends eight HT PC is dead and thermostat combination. Your purchasing Greg altogether. When you die like hey like you said like in the masters they back that's actually in only the thermostat. It doesn't make the earnest in the air condition communicate and first in the air conditioner is not communicating that to. It's collecting data it doesn't work at the same way actually need to buy a true communicating fits them which is with your furnace air conditioner. And and the person like you said it triangle blah. A definite positive train the glove at that actually exist does that exist anywhere I don't know so now you said I cherish. Tell that right triangle let that is that a negative not positive and test case in different market I think that the positive and it's. So I guess like go to the movies with two other friends or Serena be going to pay a Elvis sightings before you go to the movies two of them leave. And then just you by yourself that's so is not so bad and Nash shot. That's only because so bad but it's not complete right hang your friends being there it's kind of knocked. I did he go all three to get there and it's a Kenya eighteen Houston and then afterward didn't mean to keep together and what how the movie who was. Who had bad taste to didn't have bad taste of which what are your friends are Smart dumb I I didn't show and all those things after the movie. OK I can I get so when another analogy to communicate heating and cooling systems Philip furnish the air conditioner and the thermostat. Has to be true to heed to what your purchasing all together should be one of free Ashton and got great promotions going on the month of February. Off our free 23. To add 6600. Ollie have great financing low monthly training and and even know which credit check financing silicon we can help everyone out there high in scores will be in court we how beyond. Get you some great comfort and lower utility bills through some great. I mean you know technology that's in and that that I just love talking about. Because it's and you are staffed by Cape Town running its technology has probably been around for a long time now. They're just infusing it into the HTC systems referring to technologies Europe lost of my championship belt. I don't even know what you're dealing with any means when you search on Melrose or my wrestling belt for the Ford family I was the wrestling champ. Unlike I had and I can beat any of the kids you know they did really great. Okayed you know this sounds really bad and you know yeah I could eat any of the kids that you're wrestling validly I don't think that actually coming off. The way you mean for I didn't I'm gonna whip the belt I'll get that I can run airline down I think in win any of them in a match at K and I helped the only about twelve feet like I can't can't get it right right right Claire fine yeah. That is so it's the world's. Ford federation right WFFOK. And I can win and I was just champion forever so then this last week I'm putting Johnson in Quincy to bed because. We're doing the remodeling all we have three kids in one room. So I'm sitting there and Dawson starts to grow I mean they like he wants to fight. So like only like EU number nine got right so he growls at me so I wrestled him down. Quincy your daughter who's runs for her bad jobs over and lands on my back. It starts pounding she may be the strongest of Rollins and then Cooper comes in the room jumps on her bed and jumps and all of us. I have three of your monsters beating up on me until I had to surrender her. I was waiting for a while. And then three vs one I started to lose I gave into the don't mound but I plan on regaining it into. Individually one on one what I want I still gotta yeah but with three and they can't know that is getting Darman. Just a easily you know but I lost the belt temper I think you'd just started turning to know Romanian you know I still can beat him. Individually individually as she summit I got her. You bet you that til I promise to everyone and we attack. Thank you for sharing that great story. I promise never to kind of take cliff lighter heater two what are they how are they helpful. Am look at averaging ten cantankerous and go to YouTube video mind and actually it's just a quick little. Bullard that really talked about the difference seemed pained and take clinching put in Dixie Wilford. Debbie I LL I authority or you go to and eight PW plumbing heating cooling right here in YouTube invite them davidians. It can't. It brought so shows where they tell you little secrets about the videos in the movie unit realize like little things that they hit into the video that right now branded background and the media right so Dixie is video you wanna go check it out. You wanna go check it out because we have sold so. Something hidden in there. And what it here this is what we are picking the water heaters out. We picked a water heater that was the shortest water here hello sunny Dixie didn't implode shorts. Of the other ones looked so what's taller than her so we got the shortest what are you do they may as the next star Dixie. Looks like a six foot tall she's not only did this video a few years ago now so you know do you forget my hair is actually not done in the Danielle just studied Arabic as. He formed is actually Denny do it and decided that he she doing Dixie. I'm like I'll I was going to be out and we had a camera Garrity there and everything you're like ally I didn't shame that other stuff Eddie. I still didn't do it did the video funny that's right he did not enter the queen of our video get a gallon could tell you take us so thanks for sharing again Barbara problem can keep secrets for basic point to why he would get at taint vs take less okay. On there and at that they're great four point his first off the energy savings. And you basically save up to 40% energy over your Billy take cliff first fifteen to water heaters. You go one Google everything's right don't do the right like she can find research 1915. To 60%. More savings. Going tank less like at T will you we'd see more of the forty to 45% fading because we can take a little bit hall longer showers now. It in the house because as our take a sweater here by Chad they definitely save money because there aren't that many. Meaning their off when you're not using hot water when you have it came to water heater think about it right now you're pink water heater probably aren't. Morning if you water even you may not in the house. So it's that it's making sure that they have hot water when you domain and Horry. I tell us what he's only turn on when you turn on the hot offset the lack there are fat and they laughed at it twenty years folks this actually helps at basically potentially outlast clue. Tanked water heaters into she standards says that attempt to water heater only lasts eight to ten years on average. And so these last after twenty years of your some of those folks they you're in water heater even last longer than the average of eight to eighteen years long maintained close water heater. Wade laughed in your hands are there only are they good Kyrie went suitcase and they expect now on the wall. And the space for storage and sending that we relate to wean you from 250 gallon water heaters. 21 total class and now we kind of an an old house didn't. Leeway. And that was very nice and then laughing and of course my favorite my favorite is a luxury. And not announce a hot water. And you can basically take a high chopper three days and never Ryan out of hot water. So that he is adding and let me get to from a different perspective eighty need to write a dishwasher the washing machine get three kids any data showers. And still run and they're at the kitchen sink. Then you can do that not right out of hot water and that type at all feel pretty amazing staff. That a tank of water he can do that part right there changed my life being able to maximize my schedule my tiny and get everything gotten. That requires hot water and and efficient at time says that and that that's peace of mind right there. Philip B what a pre S men on take of gladiators. He gives us a call and I went very 818 fat 6600. And we actually have a special on February only taking 250 dollars off your next purchase of the tank with water heaters are definitely give us a call and take advantage of that. And don't be happy to let free estimating it cost no obligation it is not like installing a regular chain to water heater folks. It is like high efficiency furnace threats more app at a party at a time passed I am most talked the whole segment so. Al will be back and if you get help. For homes. I will be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back PW loving heating and cooling help for homes Kirk and Keith Ford across means the DC will urban welcome back tape to get the uptrend. Dixie was misconceived accused tell leafs. Stop now to think outfit stuck it out they show goes you can get lower now wearing your chair. Found. Yeah Alex could chair he'll be able to projector belief I can protect my voice and sleep in my chair at the same Henson ready mentally geared LA go go guys love it. It fell out. Laughing AT&T hot for hound metric if they can get a couch in here I would laid undo the whole show on my no telling you need to the phones sometimes in the morning work calls and he'll. And Puerto 5 in the morning rain or call DNA until and that or in Ephron calls or sending my to be laying down on a you know funny or Saturday or on the and yet you found different when you're laying down into the like this and other right number you know he we found different laying down they need is fitting out where I think that's on the same Halloween are hurt myself or place them in join her no I just got lower by a foot. You don't think that that and they get just me I just think that I found ever owns this your first waking up that's why you do it yet. You sound like Cuban asleep at the care recognize you probably doesn't he dreamed of playing down no righty Donahoe and you're crazy so gallantly checked out that standing up and leaned had a ball. Straight up moving on this is legally no act sell it and keep this conversation and I deal. Back AP get the help for hounds I keep and I do read eight PW plumbing heating and cooling them you love answering media questions about. Your home with your time leaning in heating and now they fully when it comes to warmer weather attend an air conditioning more. I can forget how we came out that he can't pure water around with a tanker left water heater gain read out of your tainted water heater. And integrate saying I can't teach you talk about the slot I don't putt about an add my two bag carbon monoxide. Brand New York take into water heater and that is eliminated Wayne you go tank that's another point that he didn't bring back didn't bring in the last segment. And so but I wouldn't make sure that that that is still the hazard that is taken care of going tank. The drinking is completely different the prop. Laments it's that whole perception thing you know your perception you sound different laying down gets lucky and oh yeah okay like get up from well from customers all the time is that. You know we I talk a carbon monoxide and I let him know you don't understand every time your water heater turns on which means. Whatever hand to what he taught trying to you know 101215 has what ever it is six I don't know coverage charger water heater actually ignites. It puts carbon monoxide in the air. And everybody said the same thing but I got to carbon monoxide detector great Equity One visual that works for one euros pushing the button you know the blow like that. The battery works I know the alarm works right do you know works to put your about to many don't even the point it's still at their way is that karma and auctions about the same weight is an air. Servers carbon monoxide detectors are up on the ceiling right well they. No has to be pushed from where the water heaters that and make you go up to the carbon monoxide to your doctor right so we have a problem there. The other thing is this is that. We are not allowed for testing purposes detest the water heater for the first two minutes it's running because of their carbon monoxide that's put out. So if you go look at every major part department the United States and actually it's buildings at 25 parts per million I. OSHA requirements thirty parts per million. Carbon monoxide detectors. 75. Parts brilliant for two consecutive says it right on the label at 7 PM to four hour consecutive hours running. Right on the labels won't read it when you're buying your carbon monoxide detector and on the on the label it also tells you is that this does not protect you against dangerous. Low levels it's on the box right. So it's it's a Allegheny police is saying that it doesn't affect Q and so what I have as I have a lot of people look at me and go okay. You're just trying to get us to changeover. It can't be that bad the federal government protects a pickle they deal. It's Alaska make a simple question very simple question I give you a clean glass of water sit in front right. Her daughter. You take it your Murray didn't drink lazy ways that it ever bottled arsenic. How many drops of arsenic you let me put into like glass before you not drink it. I knew that be for you in the Graham okay. But did you know that there's fourteen no poisons in water in one of rooms including arsenic that were allowed to drink because the levels are lower depth it's safe rate is so. That's not the point if we think its dangers up at zero is correct right. You should be breathing no carbon monoxide in your house people get problems at an all the time when they get headaches dizziness all this up. We have huge problems with that and people don't take it's serious enough I don't like to into our readers never have clever well. And on the complain about it I think Brett I just tell people I think it's crazy do you think tank water heater in your house right at the silly. Well ladies because effect they have the information and Philip scary I watch a bleak all day long so it's great going in house is and also are flooded if you are here SAH yeah he has the take us water heaters all over the place for their guest avenue and it didn't you know they governor take water heaters Ayers La Honda yeah I mean literally have been around 4050 years now. And day shuttling in the last ten years that they really didn't taking in any having a way even. And happening here the United States are actually gonna bring nice resurrection and build up here in the United States. We achieved overnight take us what are heaters is what we plan to install and took his home and that just shows you the investment act. They know America will be taking in moving into the tanker industry. And because in effect they're going to be building plan here for and that's another thing to let folks know tingles water heaters are in not just Nextel they wave of the future just where Americans who usually I you know I. Technology. Behind on this car and we just love to educate folks how much a great product it is an and the last up to twenty years which is way more than your tank to ladder here. And it's so many benefits saving money energy savings. Am I and then of course and add the endless amounts of how what are now and you want to clarify it's not instate hot water it still takes a thing man time to get from point eight point he likened measure into wider heater. However you can't take care that with the grief circulation fish stomach and you can't instant hot water along the way. And left announced a hot water sellers you can and can't take your hip and a lot of snow there is that little. It's humid air they still takes the same amount time to get to point a to point B for your hot water. Actually plots or second to be even technical and narrow it. That aren't. The other part is that it's not asserted you know it's it's ever been behind on the technology live we live in the greatest country in the world right ever probably exist. The problem was we have tons of energy in we have lots of space for a long time so was it necessary to worry about it. Now homes are getting to see a tight sealer carbon exit indoor air quality is becoming a bigger deal and energy consumption pollution the environment is becoming a bigger deal you know it's it's so now we're deciding to change or technology that we do you need to get ahead of the curve and had to be. Air home construction fills up those homes a lot better. And therefore keeps carbon monoxide that more in the home silk if you are having flu like symptoms but now the B der. Then it could meet Carmen oxide men and you know messing my healing and this is talking about flu season right now silly and I totally off topic but what I didn't. Is at a question three do you know why me and coal Antonin covers actually circular. Men covers are circular manhole covers adrenal covers. Are circular yes circular he can handle you run out Burnley to car in the past that's so Dwyer they circle rang parent eighth square rectangle or. Star whenever he announced well I want to guy you know and also your TV and now we do know now I know Phil if they turn sideways we can't actually all EU to the opening himself. All of the I guess that's her. Either second I need that it was like another reason or other gruesome fact I first got into you want him around he's like me thinks they primed for me to get our. That is great that is great I just wanted to give a little you know only kept thinking is behind these kind of round so maybe that's why I'm Mike I don't ask do you insulate your home too tight can reduce the amount of heat loss as a water travels primed heater to your posse. Till you will rank last water waiting for it to warm up in saint Normandy on your utility bills that there's another little play and -- double or it is wonderful to write well you need an entity tell exactly are we at a time even lifting a PW help for homes somewhere RD Dan I'm Dixie will look for Democrats who keep forge you free after Sony need your services that we provide call 91382. As a 66 Andrea have a great rest of the weekend we love you.