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Saturday, February 10th

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Hello and welcome a PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes this is it's showed dedicating do you the homeowner for you do experience the Dixie different. If we can help you think your plumbing heating your cooling needs give us a call 9138256600. My name is keyboard across his digs in Woburn. And welcome and AT get the help for homes. Al we eat healthy you are staying a worn out there it is then I cold the wind at this point terror and it continues to not let. And you know daily deal if you stick around on an ask the weather will change that he is kind of a true case and we did get a couple the how warm that snack wrap up last week that for the most part it's just been darn cold and help you with that was planning heating and cooling we deal with HE WOK. And we I can help you at any of your crash he means that he may have in your home you know it cost per furry estimates. And if you are just having a service issue or you are winning did just get the information. On how to reap lakes. Your and when it's gonna cost to replace your furnace in your home. Philly at no cost no obligation on matched that what we really attacked about it because it's been cold. You at and we all stay indoors much more than we do in the summer time. So in the fall and winter for sure. You know I know my kids for sure had been ethernet door Ers I'd love to kick it out to get a mount Sinai knitting in getting that. That leaner G taking care on. Dikes and it is and it's not it's winner it's cold and they think indoors they like to play a lot of video games so we're gonna tech that indoor air quality today. In making sure that we're protecting our home in the quality of the air within our home which in essence take care of ash our family pets. In doing that a big emphasis on what is it what cadre of indoor air quality I can take care of and allow the problem. I don't let let that. We are expanding Michelle OK standing and well you you know grant you know in the past we've given our least me. We've given advice on outdoor kitchens right. Franken on cars and marital bisexuals are all things we should not talking about because it's a plumbing CNET conditioning gel but TP act. You do relented found nine different things right and so those things I like so I'm expanding it now. Who woodworking and what you were working at you've got me on Allen went so why would work. So killing our best spots on the show from time to time and it really early and he is whenever our major co workers there at eight. So what we have decided to do he wants to make its own table tops and I want to add stuff to the garage. So we have found some walnut. That people come into slabs and we are now killing wouldn't. To drive up and we're doing our own killed we created it still more film KIL and I'm still not yet tell. When it back at Walt you have to dry out we have to take the moisture to the wood a bank is so that you can seal it says that. I know that was then Philly it's HT freshly cut like off the real tree eat there hasn't Chile in the walnut you know I killed a walnut tree first of all there's tons of walnut Missouri to Missouri and tree gang so and we I was Terry and Terry tonight. That's like Missouri mule. We took it out of Missouri. Somebody cut it ended two inch labs. It's a huge. Piece huge piece so we. The word we're making are killed so we can drive you sharing a table altogether Lilja did you know I got into early I would OK and we ball I mean one while on the tree. Well with Yahoo! was all out of that this entry I believe so can we just coming up some. It is amazing at how beautiful the what is there's so much stuff about. Finishing that would so we're creating our own now we're getting into that. Still indeed ought to be an expert your drying the wood I yourself yeah I applied to develop my own it killed off of the good thing Internet there. And it is taught me how to build my own killed so I can dry out the lead and within like four months my would be ready instead of waiting two years. You don't have machine relates to two years. See guilty your machine that I can bet I T I let the picture you're drying per idea if I got no idea what a killing machine is that data. Fill your drive failure while met yet in that Cahill and actually I'm not yet two by fours and thick plastic. With the OK and so you're wrong vile gesture around you blow the air across the woods might and that killed are the. But you have to strap the wood down which just end the Laird tank hence we had no moisture in the air right now at all. Sell and buy it there yes the best time she'll not here one day it is a winner so it's such a beautiful piece of wood it's gorgeous. Here is riveting I can wait to hear more about this as the weeks come to sell. She at 8 PM the listeners listen into the can find out about still mean processed. A walnut where it gets dealt may not US similar bill Britton Bane of and that more of our listeners Saudi interest in this for you and why are you predicting your indoor air quality with your help and I appreciate you sharing. Running patent really really need. And the air quality is a major actually EPA it's what their actual one of their top up I environmental risk. To public health is indoor air quality and that containing into your home that was number three. Well if you don't top five it says you know it's three we've heard for her and it always in the top fine. And the environmental risk Catan a legal right to zippy website and in research that. And is still with the amount time staying indoors it's no wonder what people suffer from. An allergy asthma and other illnesses if time this year because of all the time he's been due to risk your question on keeping people take indoor air quality cirrus. Some people do hope they think it's more ads and we feel like errors you know maybe a filter that in the furnace that we should be switching now once a man. And and eight they thing since we indoors then we just assume the air is better than it is outdoors goes we're told that pollution all the time. Just a loyal but we did surely just educate folks I'm. What the indoor air quality in NYC at Ann white is such a concern. It's more awareness and I don't think most people know. That the EPA has named indoor air quality top I am concern. As far as and Carmen arrest here on health. So awareness is important than perhaps she'll lately laughter save the wall meta Missouri yes you can impact your long night. Summer Iran now and sell it wedding to pack in Chile you know just quit a little and actual lead forty ilk. Is that Justin why cubic foot and a year can have more than thirty million tell Linkedin. At 100 times more than the air health night fell about. 40000. Guest tonight which increased the chance to actually develop maintain live in just one out and deft. So lag you can help fight back acts that particles. That are harming your home and your family with great ear quality prior to use it. There's how many dust mites in. And one already like and a 1040000. Deaths in one little spec and wind you expect them when it's out as deft that's like. I imagine what cockroaches in one little thing admittedly weren't discussing the under Mike or that they are pretty disgusting absolutely pence broke some right Phil you know indoor air quality whole home air air quality at your fires. Are at the the option to help take care of that and not gesture or single green and air your fires that you can buy at the big story ahead. You know your local Ian CBS soft you know all those types of things. I was about to Ifill now I think they went out of business to Montana go out had to stay unique and practice how feminine. Not bad by about eighty is. Being in a whole home air qualities of any filters the air throughout your whole home. Not just at one particular resume is the best way to manage indoor air quality issues like. What will the caddie yeah it's throughout the whole held only a single air quality products that do just a rim and the energy is doing just backed. Class they don't actually take care of all the contaminants that are in the air at made illegal for a job. Because they're not actually energy and radiated. There is the nerve to proper fashion and instant you wanna get that nerve Pratt and filter at hand or bad but you wanna get too high because then you could actually be. I'm going Phil hi they hear hurting the furnish the the air that needs to go through the burn off. So there aren't that's why Kiki Gabby how she with that information and make sure the right products for your verdict and for your home team to get to the best indoor air all. And August are pretty OK I and it's not about amending Jeb that they they sell. This listen Cooper likes your story rather. So we were just done a customers house I was doing training you know I got to the house's indeed training with the service techs they until we're at one of our test results that we install which is a beautiful install. But we'd hold out their filter in this system was installed. Must then. Three months ago a former GO. We pulled up the filter to reenact now why we were there we were there during their regular credit rated I think. And we've pulled the filter out and that thing was. Like black he was so disgusting we are now on the phone. Yeah so weak they have filters and an ounce okay to way to get filters to imploded and luckily we had an extra one about size and our truck. But he was horrible and I always think to myself everytime I pull that filter I think you know this filter doesn't even stopped. The majority of the stuff in the air. And look how dirty is imagine what. Our lungs look like. Greatness that is going to know smoker's lungs when people's buses to get married just when he a smoker within no no doubt about it. I just think how dirty they are they did. Yeah or military could be absolutely nearly have to and a YE PA registers this as the top five concern and environmental. How concerned too that public health he'll we've got a quick break we're tacky that indoor air quality would it go until what I eat here. And how do you have hitting your how many men of course religious and elation talent to take care that. You're less green to eight. 132 fat 6600. Always have the 59 dollar burn SAT inspection. And guess still can take care that furnace and getting all nice and clean for you now went 318 fat. Six takes Revere there was an amber at call stage two where at a time for the moment will be her right. Hello and welcome back eight PW plumbing heating cooling health problems. I can keep border crossed me is. And welcome back Taylor's eLearning. That was your delay easily get like right on as a newspaper the Dixie will forget like boob talk and then there's a slight delay rose up nicely. And clay is that I am actually record mean here in steadying elegant gift last week trig yet. And the apple you don't they specs so if you miss the shower you kept telling you wanna get more in to turn eight and eight PW plumbing heating and cooling eighth the change. And I haven't uploaded on marriage and shortly so eaten go check it out as well just listen to the entertainment actually you know. Check out our our dorm or harm her teeth let you know a year raise royal royal shirt you're wearing today I know where my royal shirt. Yes and I pink sweater going. Yeah and I have here on that I am looking a year looking at you looking at me right now it seems like a little bit heavier. In addition to getting this screen LE a ten K and ten pound tell us how great piano you know you look really ban and the Brady yeah. And super then the sixth time the race and how absolutely. No if you wanna see that true Lula. Police have to eat and then to go to the face -- have been uploaded and wasn't going to be uploading need dying our YouTube channel as well eighty daily plumbing heating and cooling in my research I did find out when I go to San that would that I should be wearing a mask talk about indoor air quality Embree the rang eight rate if you miss the first segment -- little wow only natural that he is wouldn't. He is at hand wall next that he kill me now I don't know what is Mattingly is making table. For his personal use and you're sharing it with all of our audience what I get a decent and it's a great way to use of Missouri and tree that had fallen over in to say that it'll be there forever no she don't know that to bond them are actually a shocking yeah no it's a big red walnut street the guy to hoping that. Some guy came in he shaved it all down in the remaining amounts which I got some of the remaining he's like the guy says yet take the rest this it's all scrap or Mike's scrap this is. That's that's how I can flat and they help pay new money for this I don't go to Mike a lot of Mac title to Mike Teel me. So anyway he educated us Phillips filming laxity is drying the laid out before you actually CN didn't. In a state that we've done so and how are so I was very really can't ask men I knew where these last couple weeks read riveting and yes sarcasm there. And until a pack watching in case you play Oklahoma State. When you read that into an indoor air quality. In your home again we touch on I segment that you know the EPA actually says it's them eat you bet we have more. Polluted air indoors and actually do outdoors. And its name indoor air quality -- the air collision as one of the top five environment no risk to public health. And so add your we haven't talked about this topic or YL. And I am not sure why I mean we usually talk about it a lot during the wintertime only talk about proper he made eighty. And year and a with your air quality in the home keeping it anywhere from thirty to 50% indoor air quality. And with the proper humidity in the an in addition to that making sure that the proper air filtration. The cell phone the minute I know why you be going out there. And Lou so I think we love our kids we have what are they let the kids and DA today and he is having fun in the background they're like kind of like my hair and give you rabbit ears and as IA and recording this as low like eight the actor face at page on the question that I indoor equality when I'm mark out. Any attracts really felt and and take care of or you just have eighth and leaky paper. And what you tweet later foxy. And a college city eight PW cloning tedium calling 9132. Fat 6600. And without a couple specials going on me and Ollie is a 59 dollar radio special furnace safety inspection. I now went 382 Platte 6600 or else they nanny nine dollar hole comp plan mean inspection Fauria at all comes to dictate. Water heater flash. So must company's action that's what they charge you do the Tea Party pretty heater flash is a wealth and I don't hold on my. Now planning and inspection forty just in the care of any little problem that you may be half having in the home with your funny usually comes it's small little undetected leaked. That are adding so much more money tear water building you don't know and that it's happening it's important Britain and reduce your water bill. I ever performing the yen and dollar water heater air what are your flash with the whole home. Cloning and its action and I gonna just compound went 382 I 66 kinder. He'll wedding Canty or again and then and a property and maybe for your air in the wintertime. And I get a question at hand ally even they Qaeda is asking his passion. Does cold air to against the cold need to use say you know like getting going counting dump which occurred on this cold really make you sick now. And gas. It's common question that people can pass grain whenever winter wears it and we can't any answer is yes kinda I think it's a waste your time and hero when he got I actually did some research on this the for the shell. Well the cold weather itself may have something to do with your family's health bears acts a larger sneak your culprit. That accompanies an old man when Terry each year and that he is. Dry here as Linda temperatures drop the humidity dwindles it goes away as well also wow rights to that. Much moisture can lead to health complications in the summertime. Too little moisture in the wintertime can easily troubling to you in your handling your. Though and an example of that would be the way I knew if that's normally should be do you eat and they. You know trapping in your nose faith and also tract infections back however when he gets drier. You're more likely to get a cult to because the mucus is not able to catch things that we buried in because you're not Bayer. So to maintain winter. Well then you needy in your home should ideally be said anywhere between thirty to 50%. As cheating this degree of humidity in the winter won't go along the way eight towards her being mean. Only use bronchitis I knew NYNEX aggravated at the same then as HI agents Guillen and even those problems and that ms. Kelly. So you're saying always sort of make sure got this right we should. Be not only enjoying. We should be celebrating and the idea of soft do we you can yeah. Is that's literally that is a great thing that and saying tell humidifier from may PW cloning heating and cooling if you do not have Warner deal hot and you know when you have to give us accomplished and we absolutely can get them installed for you quickly and Karina expense ever got some great products. And that will DV app proper. Humanity be notification in your home to keep it nice to do me and our. And you can't protect you in your nose. Take action those infections like they're spend steel so the key is to keep it in your nose in your I was out of your note re under an hour certainly need to get a I don't tase or got another quick break you're lessening the EP get the help for hands. I'm Dixie looked pretty crass media to keep for every grand old PW -- median calling writing here at a they can't say metropolitan area act if you have questions on all these topics. And gorgeous when I get a free pass to Matt give us calling 9132. Fab 66 kind during the and you know what we're going to be back in just a moment. Oh would walk and eight PW plumbing heating and truly help for homes are in key border crossed me his Dixie will Vern welcome back Lee and enjoy the and the fact that you guys have great questions and masculine helps formulate our shows every. As Saturday here and kill a lot of questions leading getting is. On how I licked my humidifier which type of humidifier and he made a vacation should I have on the Helm what level should be out what should it east sat act. And definitely needs to be on. And it doesn't need to be said on low ordinance says there's couple quick tips orient. In addition an act and you know get lots of questions from what he did say that our family keeps getting sake are all got the Lil. Really need to put emphasis on indoor air quality Dixie how literally double you know what are some suggestions that you hat. Naslund and talking about today still and there was other suggestions like the one that came across that had. Dixie how were you able to get such an incredible husband. That was a good good question yes that I was an incredible question not sure how I did that send C now they will get like am tense day is coming up so I'm quite sure there ever give me and I vowed to win here he says tech about being that was actually a great husband would say you're here rang. Amber last I ensure only glass cell at. And anyway so we help you dollar have been going to have a great Valentine's Day party guy he's an early this year land to land is not the walnut table that hasn't been made that's not for me. Seoul and he's tied and I want my table knight's dad. Really looking at a good Valentine's and and we immediately to went to lag and your loved to land. On though I'll tell Laura that you get great indoor air quality at like I talked about a couple of times are re Michelle she. Is that he has knee indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental concerns and risk to public health. Meaning that a lot of our polluted indoor air is actually worse than our outdoor air. So anything that is and analog real pain right now because of the fact that we spend so much time in two quarters of course is still. Cold outside. No because until as darn frigid. In it and you know we can't keep just trapped inside our homes are much more sealed off than they ever were before which is a great thing for efficiency. To keep the higher in the cold air how this time if he can't. Either we don't beat you Wheeler re cycling to saint year over and over therefore if you're not do not have proper solutions. And Reese saccharine that air properly to keep it clean and healthy. Being yes your home is definitely what EPA it's talking about environment protection agency about indoor air pollution being one of the top five environmental ref -- public health. So at two things that we want to focus and then again at the property humidity in the homes doesn't want to get too dry. And then the proper products to had to pull our indoor air quality to heat it nice and clean for you and your family and. That's so we have to go a different levels right of bursting at the look at the filter that senior furnace that your base. Secure item that you have to allow us to remove the Max or mount a particle large particles out of the air. And then the second thing is getting the humidity in the air properly. So one is it's healthier for your body and allowing your body to build to take care of itself. Plus we know humidity transfers heat in the wintertime so that's always beneficial to us how to save money the last part and then get to look at his do I have the stretch. Activity in my house I just kind of put aside their zap mama you detect about hating proper humidity carries that he you can actually. Drop your and does that add to forty greens. Has yet proper humidity in the air able hold that he and Il actually warmer. And and I. If so what we look at your humidity in this is a mistake that happens a lot is having to correct humidifier with the equipment you have. If you have a heat pump system. You should have a steam humidifier and this is why I see a lot of bypass humidifier is IR and there were key parts while heat pumps are obviously drawing the heat from the outdoors and they don't get as hot as a normal furnished us. So since it's pulling in by a lower heat in your house that. The basically the hot moist air that's mixing with your furnace the ears not hot enough to get the water to absorb while. And you see a lot of furnaces rust out a lot of returns get rusted. So we replaced and fix heat pumps and had should have Steve humidifier is. So what you wanna do is just CUP of a bypass humidifier that's wrong for. A he bumped but if you're the Steve won that it's correct it don't work well. So for most people though just working with a bypass humidifier given normal furnace or air conditioner will suffice to give you enough moisture. But that also depends on how much would you have in your house sometimes. We need to put power humidifier and other items and they're just because you don't have so much wood in your house is so big. That even though it may be heating cooling it OK it's still not giving enough humidity. And one of the key is that isn't did you do you feel really dry in the wintertime like you wake up in your eyes will fill kind of dry your nose and vote dry your skin pills dry. You don't have enough humidity in the wintertime what are the easy ways to look at is how does your body you're body will tell you what's wrong you just listen do it only that saturated right absolutely. That's up a summit like a doctor there huh. At doctor or heard. It's really set out cover humidity humidity humiliated PC and they got a Ely show you all over the place I now announce I'm just I'm its public and think about that Valentine's Day give you security got hired help if you put it that what it. And fill in everything and generating high love didn't and card a card. Going to be a cart. My cell is that. And they get for Merv Brady and that. Are important. In the end in and actually the proper indoor air quality really can't actually remit of things like. Blues and and inflame that I mean and even at cold and irises legion that. And yeah I can't actually if you actually have the right products in your home. And daddy think their little one inch filter. Is going to do that for you your absolutely wrong and that's really just there to protect the furnace that's what I have built terror and originally you knew it was made for was just too. Take out the big particles of dashed. To protect the blower motor in the fern asked. If you have a proper a Greek and an air quality says ten in your and AT ceased to extend your action Natalie will. Here's the air quality which is what your major concern as. Judge get longevity out and your furnace and Coolio and air conditioner because you're actually taking care unit as well. So around an excellent talk about it and going into Il is the because like I said you know earlier about one TB would they air can actually have more than thirty million. Pollutants. That's a hundred times more than any air outside and that's all going on inside the house. About 40000. Guests tonight which increased the tee and an asthma development admitting yes the wind out it's a gas. So proper indoor air quality. We'll help you fight back. So and took great and I talked to them about and the nerve options. And an indoor air quality that we had from AP gebbie putting Haiti including. So you about a couple of choices out if you don't want to spend the money on electronic filter. Which is using gonna be like up five inch or five inch electronic filter. Which a lot of people have the problem is they don't get maintained and they break down some people stop repairing a right that's our downfall. I power is like those things you have to really get our heat on the main and sent them so what for a lot of people going with a like a four inch armor of eleven or twelve -- they say Merv twelve will remove everything out of the air that you can see with the naked eye including mold sports. So. That's why a lot of people go to Merv eleven or twelve if you go beyond Merv twelfth the filter is so tight. That it has a tendency to cause a negative air pressure and can cause problems with your furnace and this is why I've seen people take one age filters. And though shop like two album next reach other. That's really hard on your equipment and can damage yet so if you double one inch filtering your right I don't wanna spend money. Reconstructing everything I don't wanna cut stuff out what are my options. Well you can call us and we actually have a one inch electronic filter. That you don't actually clean the filter it's just a cloth membrane that goes inside that you actually remove them they last about three or four months it's simple to maintain stability care. But what it'll do is it'll remove that 95%. Of everything out of the air. And that's one of the benefits to it is that it's a small filter but it's using me positive and negative charge. Now the reason it's 95%. Is because since it uses a positive and negative charge to add a two attached to the cloth material. 95% of everything in the air has a positive or negative charge to it. So basically it's like a magnet it's bringing everything in. Using the opposite polarity to draw out into the material now the cool thing is as it. Draws them the items in the military the pollutants it actually starts to filter even more items so getting 9596%. Of everything and be air. Can be a big difference in breathing obviously. So this is a simple way without redoing a look a without having to do a lot of retrofitting. Or changing of your HVC system is it just goes into a standard. One inch filter and he did she taking care of and that's one of the problems for the one inch filters that's really the best thing that you should be if you haven't. Stop buying the one it filters at the store it's a horrible waste. I don't care what the package says it doesn't do you. Absolutely love the senate cannot attack about you know not only controlling your health controlling the das protecting your home. And controlling the air purity throughout your home. And only get back live coming in your last segment if you have more questions when I learn more about it Colin I think eight. 66 Tenet also cough Arab radio special 59 dollar. And turn it safety inspection I went 318 that 66 generally in just a moment. Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating cooling though for homes early and keep Borden across from me is the Dixie will per hang around and back again their idea. They DT different stack up all they got a TH EL. And in there if you're looking at fat idiot questions what did you get a random night to energy. Catty get to arraf phone now marry you didn't get a chance or write it down. We had to thank you rent eight. And that trailing and humbly and heard Nancy in man were thin now on the other side green valley didn't pass the spring. And so at the new liberty in the past there and trying to think of all the points around record to eleven were soon so. Are you going to leavenworth or just MA study even to jail not to not to gel and it's not for planning eniac conditioning no no no no it's our. Wanna know what's got highly guess Ike and I guess but of leavenworth property of Fort Leavenworth has this. All these really old like walnut trees around so long that hearing I and there are more all that other some countries. Even though I guess losing Clark had mentioned them when they write a whole list had forced into political fracas that can't write down that protected the lions. Special permission to let go back to Wear an orange Jack. Yes yes getting had to checking and then not like it's a set. Well under pushups few weeks they add because that's I think it the end of march I'd end up tell anyway and on filtration back on the top Giricek next proper indoor air colony. Am in my infancy just to India and the EPA actually says on their website at its name indoor air coalition and as one of the top five environmental arrests are public health and actually seeing metal ladder indoor air quality is worst than outdoor coalition. Philly is some huge we want to talk about it and as we haven't talked about it in a while that we have had at their shows. Tie and I indoor air quality how what he is aware cons France and how you can earn mediating and take care that. Come a lot of things that people don't realize is what comes EN at brown out front in the indoor air quality is not an. And you know I can't just the ear that were breathing in breeding down recycling recycling. Dikes and you know eat Barney shoes that carpets. Curtains. And those are all so and indoor air quality pollutants. Am of course I spoke about earlier they doused him writes that little stat that I had read earlier about 40000. Dash to my needs. Which increase the chance an ad in the development can live in just one counts and gas. Right and so the goalies we have a lot of options as consumers carpets rugs. Hardwood floors furniture. The problem is and were more mass producing these items is where there's a lot of chemicals that are added to everything from your clothing to carpet to curtains to furniture. It's called a slow release chemical to their chemicals that are in to treat or to manufacture and then they get slowly released into the air the other thing is remember. Say is that. Every one of your cleanser is that you use throughout the week the month the year. That does not leave your house unless you can exchange the air. If the air does not get exchanged those will stay inside your home in if you read most labels they do tell you the poisonous right they say but I don't bad for your health while your breathing though is so. Or some of the ideas is that. We talked about or render a filters there's some options to change him to get better filtration. And that's what they just really think about is either you're gonna filtering your air through your furnace or you're gonna filter your air through your lungs. It's probably a better idea to filter through your first I would have dreams your blog I still like so the other part of this is I'll there's a lot of UV lights that are sold give yup nothing. Upgrading to UV light makes a big different actually feeling so what UV light does. And we have those any PW condoning killing got an all man yeah etc. so. I felt I had to guess at all heroic just like you like and it works like this and and it's a certain frequency of the UV light and what it does is it stops. The bacteria from reproducing. It doesn't kill anything what and sterilize is that. And since it can't reproduce within about five seconds it passes away right this is why viruses can change so quickly. And why they say they mutate so fast is because they reproduce each generation about every five seconds. So at that point if you can neutralize and so they can't reproduce well when they're gone. The only issue but I mean they dressed me having that as much better than breathing Mowlds getting into your lungs. Obviously for health hasn't actually however my only concern is it that's all that it's gonna do is take care of viruses. We still have problems with pet dander of human dandruff. All these other items in the air the chemicals at high light at. After eighteen asthma and allergy triggers actually UV light won't take care of most of those who smells and owners in your house UV light does nothing to those. So what we have to use and we have a couple products that makes you be along with hydrogen or ozone whichever one that you prefer. And what they that hydrogen does is it goes out into the air. And basically it works like oxy clean we see the commercials and family and I let actually getting commercial I love the British guy right they sell the oxy clean and apparently and yet and lack of British guy he's he's gonna wait and older may not many out those infomercials. Very much more than I ever. So the oxy clean does the same thing it oxidized is instead of bleaching or staining right well that's what it does to the area oxidized his. The material that's in the air so you imagine if notre smell or out. Some of BOC this coming off of a chemical that was sprayed or off a slow release chemicals at. It goes in and basically uses hydrogen or. Ozone and it destroys it. Imam I did so it neutralizes it so it can affect you pray and this is how we get rid of a lot of the smells odors. And other stuff that you be so there's multiple levels and the cool thing about. Like for example if you have any kind of concern which you should. And if you feel like actually resolving it which you also should want to do that if you give us a call we can you be steps and you don't need to do every one of them. Actually it would get content that you think it way coalition ground and Wylie Lindsay I'm extra yeah here and now he's not. It's all set prices it's like to help you really high as ninety BP and can Mexican and again you be lying AT and you know hydrogen Ozuna accuracy he had hand and they Merv Brady bill terror. And because if you only had just that one each filter I guarantee there's nothing that aid is dealing to anger the quality of your air. You know it's a lot about how to more health side and they you know they he do controlling a deft. I'm you'll notice last does to deal that making your home look and Il cleaner while protecting appliances and electronics. But that's important to you know we're going there are re not our home. And that's important keeping their computers are laptops and Andy had their electronics at a silicon partner kids like the Xbox. At keeping that protection down to keeping their deaths in the home. And wind you know I don't from the host without even after twenty years I'd make a statement and you look at me like why. You're just so nice about it and then I gave me some ridiculous answer. Are you dislike it didn't say one of the last twenty years after I don't even I don't really dealt coming here I at delays right over the comment on the plane had not even Ellen I think I'm extra you like. Yeah I start I just Islam while you do that army. Allow me to roll along in years like they go ahead I'm do you want to score early Helena played. But a filly like Kim Gandy went to deliver and grieve comfort for your pound and your family three property in the unification for your county yet that thirty to 50%. Let happy with these options in addition to protecting eerie indoor air quality of your home as well so call us for information to help you looked great solutions. At 8 PM be planning median cooling that's at 91318. Fat 6600. 9318. Fat 6600 than he'd ever be planning dot com all that Dixie different dot com. We'll also be testing if I think exe better face that painted merchant was all over again and checked out to other things that he had to say it also gives us a cop act 59 dollar burning safety inspection winter's not over yet let's make sure maintain the burn as well we can't. Now my 318 fat 6600. Even asking to get help for how we interact here. And eighteen next Saturday as we do it Oliver again not your Macs can have a great weekend.