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Saturday, March 3rd

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Hello and welcome to eight PW plumbing heating cooling help for homes this is the showed dedicating you the homeowner for you to experience the Dixie difference if we can help you think your plumbing heating cooling need to give us a call 913. 8256600. My name is key for an across from me is these actual per. And welcome to HP getting help for home use and we're gonna attacking content how are here today. Now leading chipped at and through the winter months and we still have a little bit of a cold weather obviously stick around Newton young materially Missouri or Kansas. Can change from day to day. That also create some declining issues as well now there are other things we like to talk about it eighteen Evian help for homes. And the fact that tell your plumbing heating and air conditioning needs and how we can take care of those four U links and tips for his left to get tips for your year to date in your home. And down what these different temperature changes that we have that. And I know we also have some cloning that there are gonna go where you know willingly have these freezes and then it's decides it wants to be eighty degrees the next day. And a few of those. Coming up in March and April. And she asked sticker around it changes around here. And so they get into a year that's I ain't just let talking about. Treating your air with heat your home you know the EPA says that if you think number one environmental. Concern indoor air quality. And just the that in perspective for men and EPA Environmental Protection Agency says that it the way and then number one concern indoor air quality. And I mean I just don't think we talked about it and NASA when we do a radio show on indoor air quality. I really popular scenes and you know can do things or your own home. Opening up a win no ad is great it's burying me and fall. However it's not helpful 365 days a year and what that actually means that when I. And you know recycling our air over and over again and how we can recycle that ear to make it and bashed a year. And the best air quality that we can breathe affirm ourselves our family our pets all these great things and we have great products AP gebbie plumbing heating cooling and and we like to go over with each day as well to help the Al licked and making sure you're using the right project. Or you're not easing right packing your home giving you some ideas on what got XT years. They're thinking about K you read them and turn the brunt of Kansas brother error. I got a DS military team that I don't I don't normally talk about it and and Missouri. I yeah of course what do you think he's earned well I mean it means hey KU grad of course I a ten to talk more and about them a lot more than anyone else can. Still you cheerleader were you 1814. Straight. May blame. Site yet again the way and play and tackle and I cheered Becky K yield fell. Found that there are some fun fun days that travel with me look all that actually really get back when I ate and went ahead anyway William and he's an interest at all. And so long now expect yet they're asking out that not only to its super consisted of course that's what bats well with inventing it. And daddy at love or let me stay tuned and enlightened Allen fieldhouse 1000. In bed entering Canada first well is because that's where he does from now when Herman Nathan Anthony's first basketball coach KE LL. Felt so you know. Would you say their football program is really good back then no it was that it was decently eight and will be here when the year's over the. And that we re getting an idea preventing animal three years now and he he didn't get it. He had to play football and they'll eat away at a fill an. I really OK state makes it to the tournament. ENN about a case Stater but I like a little action big twelve and I'm always a big twelve no matter what the twelve. And you know and when I cheered we were back at Dade and the eight and the grainy and gas. And and then he briefly stay over maybe my last year to do. Big twelve but huge big twelve and I hope that you know any and all that teens can get in more teens ages snakes big twelve look gored. And more teams that are involved than I just thought it would open those critical Nigeria shout out to. Not trap. And they had him not back down and asked you to our next her neighbor her parrot sings the case you. Bites on her heard the call I don't know if Andre African gold often grant type year it seems they KU. A fights I'm pretty option it's coming from bird I need to record in the quiet. And he gets out there absolutely paid Yelp he also duties arguing how much your children. Suddenly there's some positives than negatives are now baca. Ever do part kind of ruins everything else but got it it's great it's a great bird absolutely yeah fell old yeah which went in the graph can cause the. I'd go for both arcane act like I think that it's an African gray. The ball out of there. They are the arid and the F I visited it however and back onto top they key area like to get me off topic quite a day to. I just not only fourteen year old is kind of in. They also it's around I thought this area of precious and. And a sports show how are kind of the out of absolutely all of us in the general our championship except for the and you people who really don't like it at all. I other than that the most of us are definitely respected didn't and respectable two. I had that many of the exemption rental think and you fans have anything. You know on a public that there's a dislike sure there's and settle this. She used to be that the end you don't sound from the Colorado area but the end you football coach at one time. When they would cross the state liner bass walkers across the street light that he wouldn't spend a single dime in Kansas I don't know can only tell on the Missouri side they'd fill up and then they would. Go two out of thousands that come back and he wouldn't spend a dime and actor and that's like I think it's got a great off sports article better so I loved I loved the fighting. Apparently its goal I just I just sit on a mountain EG cinematic palate an hour out of the catch at. You turn by strong rocky mountain high has a whole new me am I getting an absolutely. Well that eighty getting help for hands action late Keith and I are not sports casters are they paying me she ran a PW plumbing heating colliding with us about an hour radius around our centrally located off I easier interacting is an. Easily be great at it and always have an opinion about something and say you're actually right you know the right attitude usually not a go to him as good or bad at the dominion. They fell out of the Bechtel we'd love to service all of your plumbing heating and air conditioning needs. And again and only our closer creed is end to use green here and which gets us closer to different changes and are wet there any need to be aware of him making sure that your homes or comptroller to changes in the weather. You're not quiet way from all the cold streak she Albert definitely gonna have a son that's just mother nature will do that to wrestle one make sure your furnace is running. Steel top and you know peek at. And and ways and you can also still get pat earn if safety inspection and for 59 dollars that radio special the great special. On that we take care of your furnace for Jack's 59 dollars I had to do get to the calling 91 Terry eight to pad at 6600. Get out one Perry. Eighteen fat fakes 600. For any heavier. A plumbing heating and cooling needs a we'd be happy to help the out come out and give deal and a free after next and that he Caribbean near ears everything meet. That you don't talk about spring you know the clock in my truck has not moved back or forward PM it's still one hour behind. So are all the sun now like I said dad out or said why won't you change the time. And I said hence one isn't too lazy to hit but as sentencing routing out yes the single button. That I have to press. But I told them here's the strategy behind this. Is that you think about it right now my clock shows that I'm an hour ahead right so I'm not running behind for anything if anything I'm always early. C so when people switch to their clocks back when the springtime comes initials to move forward and they forget then they become an hour late. Not me I'm on time season no matter what I mean there on time arm early if I keep my clock the way that is and it's all obviously the sooner or later that because again she asked. You know riveting stuff I mean and we just learned so much for a meal I cook. And I'd just ask and I appreciate these that these philosophies are important for people who are to use them themselves. I'm trying to share. Yeah incredible philosophy and everybody is is that sell India let apple Osce let it actually checking my text messages and I missed maybe half and then I apologize that you now have. I don't think it's all bleed they meet you can't remember re great at night and looking Jerry narron you know I think you're bad about and then talk connect. I do a disservice a service issue that I was gonna bring to give some answer let to you have that now our next segment Nellie that too many. Philip of their good couple OK let's shouldn't get tech topped out oh my goodness at. So we begin some service calls on furnaces turning cold. And it's usually the high efficiency furnace and people calling SN eight it's blowing cold air. But then it'll blow hot air again. And keyword high efficiency and you have furnaces as worried at least call that. And down until they're like baffled because of the fact that they think you know they are great unit they're great at so why would be Glenn cold air than hot and cold there. Right and so what it is is there's there's been a couple of reasons why one of them is really simple. The thermostat set incorrectly. Meaning that your furnace if you have the heat on and you also have the fan on. Right so on your digital thermostats. You know how words as heat and then you'll see fade in and go beyond what ends up happening if you have it on on that instead of like Otto are low. It'll actually wants the furniture itself it'll just keep it'll blow the fan and that's what the cold air it feels like it's is actually the Fey and blowing the air across 'cause you left and on some thermostat shut down the furnace 'cause it doesn't need for temperature. It's allowing air flow but it's doing it on high because you have to just on on. If you put it on auto are low which is good for air circulation. Hey you won't really feeling 'cause it's so low but it allows air to flow. More more Sam ran out of time and again not even done with that. Great call the we're gonna talk about that service call again we come back rocket attack about then when that air is going three U. How we can make sure that at full anti cleansing purifying the ear within your whole living space. You're listening to Pete Abbie help for home to get any planning your cooling needs to call it now I'm wondering eighteen at a 6600. An opera today and loved helping out now went very cute at 6600. We're back in a moment. Hello and welcome back TPW plumbing heating and cooling Oprah aren't Q4 growth was due to Rupert and welcome backhand down where tacking element and lots of little topics that are tacking about today's self help Rick keep your interest tear out your. I mean heating and air conditioning. As we get into the only month of march. Here are a lot to great things happening in March she you know get Patrick aim of that and mom's day and a high you love Alan keys. Remain on the curtain is like one of the most special days to me. I just adore that day death that NA I can I wish it was like multiple times a year that we often talk about to be glad to talk about. You know indoor air quality. And and making sure today you can clean your air throughout the whole entire home. And gas and not expand near wasteful dollars fine single room air pure fires. They are waste of your money absolutely jell O I eight and then bring you their single worrying he knows our snack he met while that TU. And bikes and you. That's what's going to give you the best results for the clean if the anti its freshest air you can get by doing it. Throughout the debt market year old entire home and Dell why air purification of clean air is an essential. Allen to a viper hell I mean we don't talk about health issues that much at all or not doctors know where plumbers and heating cooling technician I could have been a doctor you could have and I believe that yet. It is also went and most heavily polluted as far as our air quality. Phil is some think it is glad they get the last say admit it and the EPA. Says that indoor air quality is the number one concern and that they had and Arnold protection agency folks. You go right to their website and checked the step out. So how much I really want to make sure that we're getting in TU Hal we can help you with your indoor air quality today that. Nail and jumping ahead EU are starting until led a service call a high efficiency furnace and and our last segment and didn't quite get finished. There's a lot of folks that have upgraded to which is wonderful lower their utility bills by going high efficiency with their furnace in their air conditioner. And and see great result and more importantly had better comfort in their home. And that's a high efficiency has Dan not only just tapping a package that you are absolutely more comfortable the cut how they deliver. Air throughout your home. We've eliminated hot and cold spots in your home because a high efficiency Pratt at. And down antenna high efficiency products now are actually not as expensive than they used to beat B cache technology. Jesse Jackson and less expense and the longer it then count. So I Quaid back T you know be flat screen TV so I mean my technician at a Wal-Mart and get back sixty some might inch. Flat screen birdie next to me. Days we'll go to the lies they need the money named lucky they're down by needs of more than closing 250. Stereo stores or something personal and other I didn't and that they have mobile stores mobile stores sales analyst at debt have no idea of sad that a lot of closing. I can still got a good title go brick and mortar brain exactly are actually no there's only two things that stop me from being surgeon. Al my guy she bouncing all over the place OK why let's stop chief from being a sergeant well tell only one is ability to. A Cambodian and then they get ready for the second thing is I don't like to see the inside of human body regarding no kitty net and I am blood I don't like great if it wasn't for those two things I could really incredible vision and named Beth. Jack yet. I just a sudden I think about not yes if yes so not by John hand adding keep board they hear a case may have all right so. The service called the first of all we talked about his. How you set your thermostat. And I'm trying to give this information is so you're not paying for service calls of course and hopefully you can help your family out and save a little bit of money. They the that you can go out to eat and spend the money can have paid great for the economy. So what is is that of your thermostat if you're reading at a digital thermostat. May be you'll see it in everybody likes to push the buttons unfortunately it's that little kids and sometimes. We'll get to a service call and the first thing we do as we look at that there assemble COK you have the fan on so if that's the case. Once the first shuts down the Fain is gonna turn itself on and it's gonna run and it's gonna give you cold air into the furnace turns back on. So on your thermostat if you haven't on heat. Or you have been on cool. I'm you'll want to then put your fan on auto. Or if you want good circulation just put it on low so you don't really feel that air that'll help with one of the the other part. Is probably the man number one reason why we rented these problems is dirty filters thank. Horrible horrible filters pomp. Individuals people try to by the wrong filters they go in and it's really great that you wanna spend money on expensive filters. However you have to be careful of how the filters raided and how it's set up because some of these specially one inch filters they are spun so high eight. That it causes a negative their pressured as a while the air to flow through now I believe in good filled version so don't give me wrong I'm not saying you should never really good. One it's filter or forge filter Jewish filters there have been counted correctly why it is the correct one and just because somebody writes on the package that this is a help alike felt turn great filter. But does that mean it's a good filter they just mean Delta's old buddy advertising is like you're saying I just means somebody could spell yet that's all it seems on their cell. That's you have to be careful of and and not putting in proper filter is we'll go there and so these filters responsible tightening their dirty like really fast. And people like I just replaced it is the last you have your place your filter they're like yeah I just did it. We get there it's horribly dirt. And that is their reason why and then it's how are correctly you get cold air links that sat at warming air gang hits the limit switch and all of a sudden now you're getting cold there instead of warm air away so who re easy thing he couldn't Egypt can do is we just saved just service called air channel your filter and one thing you can do is. Temporarily. I say temporarily pull the filter out and CF by pulling it out it gives the air a warm again. And then you'll shut it down turn it back on and if so what airs warm again that's probably what it was yeah so then just replaced with the proper filter or. What you can do is just call a PW nine with a 38256600. And look just such help with the proper filters filtration system all that sucked ever talk about the delay that criteria Doerr actually has your lungs are kind of important the cell. You really don't want I'm I've got a fact for you just have money to what you just said. And you know according to the 90% of our lions indoors there. And the research and they'd say consider that fact that we NAFTA now like indoors leave the Betty and green means rallying and basically an artificial environments animation the taken care of that and we can help you with and they indoor air quality and we only man who just barely scratched. The and and yet the surface of Taloqan happy with indoor air quality. And you just whenever service call as far as how to eliminate errors that you know high efficiency furnace not blowing hot air like a panacea could all just be quite right to New York earnest. I feel terror. Cell and the we'll be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back gave PW plumbing heating and cooling the firm's early in key foreign cross weight the tool for now. Already and Al luck had to AP Danielle you know the stress it takes to come up with a new way of doing that interest you know half of them anyway. Our consistency is NAFTA is now mine mine L just be in strong he can finish dead. Every single time I think that would just messed the entire show up Obama just written in my image sensor and an end. My consistency makes the show assistant us consistent there'd be no inconsistency which would be cool completely inconsistent. Right now to our fans are sure there my heart so a welcome back debuted at the Al overwhelmed. I keep an eye ready PW plumbing heating and cooling right hearing canopy haven't had our share of the fourth of block and then and thanks for letting your name and I Allen leaders get paint several years now I don't Wear it for five years now in the life Iranians out. So we appreciate you folks ever Fannie and and and try to find answer at least fifteen out tolerate if I daddy haven't heard this before now on we we love doing it's giving you information about your residential homes and a olive plumbing heating and air conditioning needs. Unlike the last two segments he would add just going ever since service called Lilly had recently you the homeowner can take care of yourself and be semi and we don't have to Collie. While we have you did give us a call auntie do you have any plumbing heating and air conditioning needs at around the yearly to have been happy with all of the net slowly kill. And you know keep an iron Harry couple we have problems and issues with our own account and dad that you know we want a great company get to be able to call and come out and take care of our home and actually read our business. On the because we do value as a customer we want you keep coming act test every single time we know we have to earn your trashed. And it well we eat and do so much time investment trainee and holding accountable to our technicians and that they know how to. And really communicate to our customers. Having that bedside meaner if you will. That and to kind of walking through dvd information you need you want. And being able to he communicated. In a way that makes sense steel could if you take care Nippon he's calling EDD attacking when he called the me out your fingers up on many. And however and timing investment I'll like it stepped back to we're gonna make sure that we and it still went to value explained T what we're dealing. Flowered dealing Nancy lender stay and let's and is being repaired fixed or replaced for healing and silly week and a lot of times insurer Jenna my. And our service technicians know how to do that effectively and and incorrect important lesson we are doing and here over the radio as well. And Dan like Philly been doing it for quite some time in England sharing our own trials and tribulations and hoping that you learn from our trousers and jubilation that we have a higher at any. So and we've had a few of those lightly around and that ordinary son stepping in through our growth rate rally in infamy or remodeling that a little or not a major re not a letter hand on the now we've lived in the same home since 1990 now rain. And everybody it's great ad we don't want a minute that's why we're doing majoring not only were almost I mean. Close to doubling the fight for the house. Feel like a major re not held play piano was only 300 feet before so Gagnon 60000 in that got. I would end up pretty good idea that we get a mixture of you know remember that the red. The rate in next year and years is so funny so a lot of talk about as we get teal closer to spring about the quality of our air we should think about all year long gone through Twitter yeah well I held it leaked when you get closer to Lleyton earlier hour Robinson. Right now through you know I consider the fact he can't. According to CP aimed from there and Arabs exchanges he went sadly NASA and over 90% of our. Ly EEU doors and reading in the reading and grow change and again a lot of these artificial environments for this in the weeks. And affected in an indoor air and surface treatment. At an essential act. And investment. To dealing your home. By making sure you know the right prime likes to play in your homes again a year great clean up. Healthier sanitized indoor air quality. And a lot of words there but it's still important and yet because the PLC said that the number one concern indoor air quality because we're just a recycling the great thing is we've made our indoor. Here and our was in the air indoor environments and much tighter we feel that the doors in the wind those in everything we insulated and we can't pitch great pain keep our homes more efficient keeping the the key in win that's when our time and keep it cold mandolin it's when and when summer time however will actually recycled out here. And I mean the next is a horrible flu season this year and so how we took care and making sure that we had the best air quality will we got some great products and eight. And I would estimate that things that we wanna talk about it the indoor air quality products that we have to. I think a good rule of thumb is you have to balance everything out. And is if you have. Tightened up your house if you've insulated it and you will sealed it. You have taken it to an extremist far as air 408. And so you have to balance it out by eight. And making sure that your air itself is being read purified. As of mother nature's not gonna do it for you that you must do it in your own house and so this is where the big concern. Is that as people are getting more sick of the indoor air quality is there's there's a deal it is hurting it belongs. A lot more asthma. College it's everything is creeping up on us so one of the things that you can deal. Is there's there's a couple phases to this using UV light is something that is offered by a lot of companies. They end what would you be light would be it's just like the sun. It's using a spectrum of beauty that or sterilize bacteria. So like legionnaires' disease I'm sure you've heard about it it started from the bacteria. Are that happened at the legionnaires building where people got. Ill horribly an aura of anybody died from that but I know they got really sick they could about a not quite sure that's for legionnaires' disease comes from a comes from. Your dot quirk. Being a dark moist place a that is allowing for boulder bacteria to grow. So what we need to do is and that's what UV light we'll do is it'll sterilize bacteria. So it will not reproduce and they can't reproduce then of course you no longer have it that's one of the stage is is your view be like. And so we would like you to give up calling if you are looking at. Not replace teen may be your products they have now or for most to be out there. You just never had a indoor air quality adds something to take care act and that we're telling me you absolutely. Should look at some thing to take care of your indoor air quality. Your eight. Hey indoor air quality product we've tacky that today is an I an equal air cleaning ambassador for decades heating and cooling ventilation system and men makes mother's nature's air cleansing processes by providing for potent air oxidized there's. That search out to their searching out contaminant. How detox your indoor air learned a surface it. Still our indoor air quality product keys is what they call it yeah FA and extend its surface area titanium dioxide. A year combination and it will. Broad spectrum. Ultraviolet light like you're just talking about heat. This clever combination creates an ion catalytic reaction producing highly effective natural Oxley data and air claims are these creature molecules as you can and can't call them migrate 30. All of your indoor living space. Basically giving you highly effective and issue an air cleansing process. Still I can't it. Yeah L express T ill. How this can fetch a great product throughout the whole 360 days a year you know we'd just gone through real that Foley's seat and and you know he's got a product that is the Intel is going through your home in relations blitz couldn't. It's at treating the air dry your whole home candy your surface fans. You know it is amazing product and yeah we get TF thrower and it is they airy affordable very very affordable yet as a college it yes very estimate on. And if you call on the ninth of march we'll actually take a hundred dollars off. So that's a thing really really want to take it may and I jab of something we had an iron home. I would ever speak about indoor air quality are in a price are we headed in our mountain 700 dollars up from EP gebbie cloning Inky you calling from our. And eight. Clean air CNN titans get female gore rainy so maybe if he'd gotten pet sir. Odors from cooking equipment until it's gonna take care that is well. And it's doing it's working 24/7. 365. Days a year for yield to Gaby that. Here are a air throughout your home the idea of when you do a whole room or one room system. Of the issue with that was it you had a good idea that's not what we're attacking an out right you have so many cubic feet of air that you have to treat. There's no way for a single room system to. I'll treat the air is just impossible for the aired all flow through so it does a very small area that's typically very close to the one room unit. The idea of putting something into your furnace or your ductwork is the fact that most of the air thread your house sooner or later is gonna come through the duct work. And that allows us the ability describe to sanitize clean and refresh the air hey in a much smaller space. They which becomes much more efficient. I then if you're trying to do one room can your really not gonna fix the. You know and this product here that we get an assembly have an in our own home. And they eat you know we want to make sure that you get the benefit at its Collins. To gain for your hundred dollars off their indoor air quality. From ET gebbie upon and he inkling I need you to get caught in the final 132. Fat 6600. And gala be at a healthy out or any op as today you policy any time. Now I'm like three to 56600. For 800 dollars up indoor air quality products and AT Debbie plumbing heating cooling don't go anywhere we're gonna be right back. Hello and welcome back gave PW. Well I mean he knew who we know from homes hurry and Keith Gordon groceries Dixie mover and welcome back and again and went in my defense eight. We are cunning eating sneezing can be ready in Kansas City however we service an hour radius around our let centrally located not been felt any. On planning you pulling means at. Our issue is a problem Jeffrey gets called act that number's 91382. Flat 6600. And Dan we can happy Alabama or Minneapolis today also want to take advantage of a couple of things yet he study take care to furnish have time to do that. We aren't they if the weather permits beacon also start on your ace CIT analyst wanna make sure that the furnace is still getting taking care ad. So college for the burn if AT inspection only 59 dollars. Which is how they deal now when three team that's 6600. That are radiant special. Also attacked an indoor air quality today something you should think about 24/7. 365 days a year and care at the air throughout your whole home this is not just a indoor air quality product just for one grin that fits in the corner are on a Dresser this is for the heat and Kerry Saudi royal palm within your decade Airset stem. Still out with a hundred dollars off. And taking care that did a month of march so comic take advantage of hundred dollar occupying a radio special toll got a ton. Dixie you keep on their Radio One hundred dollars not me nor are calling. And no faith in you that. Pamela get that taken care for EF 9132. Bad 6600. Calorie that eight PW pull on me. Dot com or at bat Dixie different dot com anti taken an engine that or give us a calm day it's today or next week. And the sooner than that Harrison it leaking it to serviced and and you know any panic reaction. I don't think that's on the composition can play patty can you Miguel what commerce HLO Carly calls and says the Dixie and keep I heard that give my hundred dollars that there wouldn't let that well why push it let let go I just just Dixie you keep that are not not a lot of engine that they would say that wonderful man keep it that girl that's with them again radio yes I don't whenever they get me out that's how would go that they get my handy heat heat yes absolutely but he's pointing you know if you look at the cute today by the way that's the glacier thinks it's from target and it shouldn't probably faint at but yes things are going to this -- not Lara how McCain get axed when my closets while other ultra catchy little load isn't. So between soccer practice last night. Rain overnight target. And yes grabbing nature and I looked Bianchi like your mom worded teacher. Yeah I think happened at the only element trees again then managed him Vanilla looks great it finally went to Columbia. As it relates itself formed great that this is no what I forgot to record this today earning and then -- and then dealing Nat and ask you go to our FaceBook page or UT channeling you can see our relief he and recorded them our radio shows and just started doing that I don't land again before like Andy and I have an offer academic today's I will make sure that we do that next two week. And because you could see what we re very second at the plaza on the rain DL they can't see you let the let it debonair and good the kidney and you liar. Sent home feeling you talk him Iran and yes yes I Kerry. Proud to Burry piano wire and it indoor air quality pre treatment pride accept yen to appear air solution for your whole home. When it works like natured a clean and fresh in your hands air and basically reducing voters and harmful contaminants with a dual action and designed. That utilizes though and again now and held your rally energy and that at catalytic. And Kent and as Kathy conversion I. And process that happens with CNN tied in the air claimed being the air in giving you a healthier indoor air quality the route again your whole home. 47365. Days a year call 200 dollars off right now to take care of your indoor quality again and party FedEx several times EPA says that. Our indoor air levels of police needs can be two to five times and add to a hundred times higher than. How do war levels at air quality I net difference between outdoor and indoor only and I air quality we usually think about outdoor air quality. Yeah indoor air quality according to EPA. And again. Indoor air levels of pollution at Clinton's can be two to five times or a hundred times higher than our outdoor air outside. 90% of our lives. And doors between you know our worker home are working now to our act activities that we deal. So make sure that you're taking care of you your family wind. And you know and taking care of these living spaces. And eliminating. Indoor particles like mold. Viruses bacteria and microbes. Asking if in the BC's filed to volatile organic compounds. These all including some that are really highly toxic. Phil would they can be all taking care of what they're indoor air quality products and down throughout your home home again 24/7. 365. Days a year called 91318. At 6600. I'll eat your hundred dollars off a PW indoor air quality product. They're the important thing is remember give an ultraviolet light it is doing. I'll killing the bacteria however. What it's not gonna do is it's not gonna take care of orders and smells. It is not going to take care of pet dander human dander of a dust. All those other things or the chemicals you clean with as a member every time you cleaned something. That sprayed that you're using to clean with Ari you're doing your air or whatever you are and who it is staying in your house doesn't go anywhere this is only at Arnold and right tackle and recycled. Especially the how now if you have a house that has tons of holes in an air slowed them who probably. Yet another. Hour about how my gosh eight ER heirs prefer our entire house. I so are holes are big thank. So but the idea is that if your houses as well insulated or you put new windows in and in new siding and all these extra things well. What you probably have done is you've tied to your house however you decrease the quality of your air. So what we wanna do is you have to go after it two ways one is too distant a disinfect which is the UB light. And then the other one is to clean the air and we wanna get rid of all all of the chemicals all the dandruff everything that you have your closures in the air. So do make it easier for your lungs to breathe than to make it healthier. It will make a huge difference for those who get seasonal allergens. Or who have allergies. Individuals who have asthma as myself I have asthma and it makes all want to punch the difference and I tell you what anybody does asthma because I have had it my whole life it is for us who suffer with the is a terrible event. And just getting it not to happen like even once in a year is well worth any amount of money being spent. I'm just on if you don't believe me ask the person who has asthma they'll tell you the exact same thing. But what we wanna do is just won't be healthier we we have the same old air you would just like water. The city treats the water because we're keep using the re same water and then people add extra water treatment or bottled water to make sure that it's to the standards they want. Here is no different you must've put the effort into. Your air and if you say they're going to. Oh I think I have so that's good enough they're probably is not they are the very least you wanna check do your research make sure you are taking care of yourself and your family. At silly thing you cannot plan means. And and can make sure they drink a then gifted and I fiddle refer Sheen sharpening if you well let me Daniels didn't let not man in the pals as well you have put Giggs in there. Gels or not ended they no no no but I don't Brando or that I knew that AD and you can't put is not stepped energy think that you can backed. When extreme get taken care. Like him more from. I DN forty folks who gets called a hundred dollars off air treatment now went 318 that's 6600. I'll. Have a great weekend.