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Saturday, March 10th

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Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes this is the showed dedicating view the homeowner for you to experience the Dixie difference if we can help me the savior plumbing heating your cooling needs give us a call at 913. 8256600. My name is Keith Ford and across from me is Dixie Wilbert. And welcome and welcome to AP get the help right now you know hopefully that you have to look at TUT it's heat. I think you're slugger group absolutely and out we want to stories for you. You have stories about planning heat and air conditioning you know what information you can get from this weekly radio shell that's all your residential plumbing heating up in a listen listen for life story rights that have nothing to do with Caminiti American nation against her I got a good story though for all night and then OK until I know edu and Elena get killed and not let people now at a march special that we had going on guaranteeing a little and a leukemia tees tees I am the king. Of the hill. Anything in the dirty he'll dirt hill yet though yeah I do know he Tagamet now on March special for me PW planning heating and equally now again we service. I hour radius around Kansas City nursing tree located off as in we want to take it meaning if you're looking at upgrading when I get a free estimate on year her and heating and cooling sets down. You can receive a 200 excuse me that is eight mistakenly think in. 2000. Dollars say he means with the combo purchase a furnace in an air conditioner. And Richard main gig is basically eight air purification packing a G. That's where 2000 dollars out there have been 200 beds and lay there and do under my goodness. Says that proxy for air here fire we talked about that for them and I'm the most part of the show last weekend. And Philippine if you did hear that and we've definitely recommend you go back to our podcast agent and Palestinian Beck. Let the air pure fire we also had a bypass humidifier and and nerve eleven air filter. Phil and he'll wrap that Alan one's going to be great for the and the furnace in the air conditioner but also. H cleaning and CNET typing all your ear and your service says. Not win the oxy for air purifier said no you know removal cleansing eliminating and treatment at airborne and surface particulates microbe wheeled. Engines after the voters those smelling odors it's all gonna pay a player Aaron Crow wheels made it and now. Exactly and then I. Lots of folks out there around do we tackle. Even so in and we check it out it's at brown in 1972. Sell it may not working very well felt. And bronzes at. That his back is very itchy and drive the flour producer and cars and then we only a weird thing is when he asked me scratch at the part writing again in the end there's something you have to Edith catcher back all the time I think he just says your facial backs correct term you kind of wore me down for a and get of course suntech at that Merv eleven air filter definitely does more than just your you know box store one each. He'll turn it's really gonna protect mode or a blower motor and really get as big and dirt basically out of the air so a lot of protection in helping your air quality throughout your home. And down with the flu season end and to win you know sickness and whether it's in winter or you've got that summer fluke this is what's gonna give you great protection and helping me out and we're gonna do 2000 dollars with a savings on a combo purchase of a furnace and air conditioner from eight PW plumbing Jeanne Cooley how do you find out more added to get a free estimate new cast no obligation. And Dow we always have financing and a question we get called 91382. At 66. 001 officer right now today even get this call we get to set up owing college eighth time during the week in go to eight PW plunging. Dot com or that Dixie difference dot com to look this up as well back to act into PW march special. 2000. Dollar savings of a combo purchase of furnace and air conditioner and that's savings gives you and a whole home air quality packed gauge. Now 38 to have faked fakes. 00 I'll there's another question that we get asked what's that Archie never it's a statement they're like we would love to do this however. You can't guess financed Al gosh you know we can do financing for you no credit check tiny and faint. So. Not with you leaned leaking every one finance type I I'd love it winds and they says I just I don't know gas leaking each tiny. You know that was so smooth it's almost like we practiced it but we don't we don't only mean you know you shelter. Only a completely down we go into it about Amy and I well this is important isn't important it's important that we do. Every day so we should be able to just talk at a FFL will hopefully some you have did you know rove played too much and actually the main things you say as long as I get to look into your eyes honey I don't care what we talk about grant aid yet he's hitting every shot in Iran for an hour to do this show without her. I have been. We'll hear is that is gives them Stuckey you're deep made no I don't need yet to let people load. Ligature deep bill and a teacher I. It yeah RS that's funny is that you'll hear my thoughts are Amin that your Klein's story in the RIL Larry king of the ill of gang so you know we're doing construction right in through this heat island an on the show we been talking now I'll keep Aaron married couple if you just tuned in for the first time. Many PD AB Conning he had calling we eat. Are also going through real you know I am she'd been hit here or do in a major re not a letter home my adding onto the home almost doubling the eyes of the home that just gives you. An idea. How big this fat project. Right right now the whole Moly started at 500 square feet so doubles as a W right sorry. Now what is happening with the speed pilot dirt in the back well. Is been compact and compact and because of the all the freezing in the wet weather we've had this winner right. So all of a sudden our eleven year old which are gonna be the fifth graders ray can they go out and they start digging right in a working outside there's like 45 of them they're did anyone and I dig a tunnel and the more they're they're digging a hole a second there. So they Dicks so far and I get them shovels and then I give him a post told digger so they can get even further. So these kids now can almost sink into the hole like you can't to their hated me mark well. O'Shea aegis. Actually put in the work around the house you know the key to do constructive things that unless that is construct aren't sure well they got tired of digging so they decided to recruit diggers right right. In this is what are they allowed our daughter Quincy to get involved and I just seven or seven and then. I Dawson who is nine him and his friends are now involved. And so you have now like 1112. Kids. Digging the hole in the star route and there's like multiple holes. And they like came and did you may think punches and this land at. And and and a fled their fly aid and they haven't fled their just sliding on the dirt and they wanted to buy new snow sled can now broke one of bars to slide on the dirt. So they made out crucial mistake and all as planned ego. They hit Lee with the Dirk why yes so. I guess I'm one of the ninety days we had here recently Breyer so there's like six of back there and they attacked me with the Dirk clot so I through the dirt clawed back. And I'm a much better shot just so you know. So they all started bombarding me so I rushed here to detail how big your kid I think and lay against the not just a better shot you're just being your team. I was scrapie get across the top of the hill and it. One of the kids were easy dirt clouds are not rocks I didn't or anybody don't want their pay off color blogs and still win the order of the kids. Thomas Casey. He's sitting there. And he's died ducking his head but the problem is it's high note that the Dirk clawed his ex creeping across the topic. To his mouth not quite as these stranger I got into eagle eye doesn't like when they gain an animal you know we hit them home. You know actually I like them all it can't happen going again coming coming down that's for eagle the end result they had this big tray of dirt at the top of the hill. And they were like Brokaw to me well when I rushed to heal they all brand downhill but since he's not pay until glittery and do best that's all I get to the top of the hill. Thomas surrenders right away and I'm down to five. Until the fiber still attacking me from the bottom that'll Saddam. I'll just to remind you these are fifth grade blade runner tied it OK to Wear debris dirt cloth or just isn't just player fine bonded Curtis soft enough on a par through that then I get a shovel and I start throwing shovels of dirt up in the air and I need at least like pulling her life. Oh there is there's a whole bunch of herbal and I started yet until the big dirt just falling streak in the air like a bombardment right. It's a there's still attacking me hitting me. And then I take the big trade. And I rode up near boom it's like and think of why he mean by our rating Dirk so they all start giving up one at a time and at the end. I've ruled. He'll you're I'll tell you that Jane Hall then he'll all of them admit that I ruled the hill I am the King of the Hill I own that he'll I'm so glad I had you demolish and take over the fifth grader fifth graders well one and the third graders. And sending your outlook Quincy I give drama side hill again they've handled it could do that to her such posters like defending me. At mile high she's stronger than all the foot in their grade blame fifth combined. Yeah that is one of the leaders know that. I officially ruled. You're asking of the funeral looking at something and and then I hate to Hilton in our backyard yet from my own liking downgrade credit pledges that I Leahy has done and have a better shot those kids or this is a mile away at you should be so proud of yourself I was very proud of ice and don't allow it to tell a lot you'll -- you don't like eternity if Pete. I'm not me me me. Eleven year old boys gaffe and there they are limber those kids can move its uneasy there are nicer than yoga. That's hilarious I could still be demand for Christiana let you know way and he should be sued for Pratt and yourself. Now it was thought it was a lot of fun to come in and around Kim I just say no when I when I left to go work on the house all the that I got hit in the back in the head with a noted her clock oh yeah they really nice having that hack day and they're like EA ED you know you'd ice feed future. As competitions between you gotta gotta gotta get to shield so we've almost at a time he took a lot there and I want to remind folks before we go right into a quick break. And we lack actually real good step topped out at. I ultimately it's your friends year eat your getting into air conditioning with that the government regulation that wanna bring out. Allegedly aware of if you think about replacing your furnace and or your whole system. And pain in tiny men out and then just give me some suggestions on what she should be looking for air package air quality for your home. If I wanna make sure that you understand what you're looking for if you're looking for that for your home you know each piece is we spend over 90% of our time indoors now so. We want to make sure aware that such. Vienna in joined the free estimates on your furnace and air conditioner deftly get this Condit that 2000 dollars or the savings for the air quality package won't be back in just a moment. Hello welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling help promote them keep born across from me is the Dixie difference men and welcome back. I can't think he will offered in yeah half elect is the Dixie differently and we'll bring it up because you know we don't talk about a match but eighty eons apart late PD ABA is. And dad I think it's all about a VW is holiday so it's really just an awesome for your right a lot to be very young. And they think you know and really treating your customers right what that means hopefully the EU in what it means acts. Is effective and edgy teen properly educating and communicating effectively to our customers really use that bedside manner giving them the information and an outlet ever Els and then in their home rein them in there were only called out generally because something is. Not working grinder rather upset you know all of Saturday sending that were improperly here let there be a leak horror and put something broke. And not only would use one account their picks in the opening give you options. And letting you know you know some good better best options Ian informing you on what those options are so that then you can make an informed decision. Necking ever worse parent that's the only way and you million need to repair something that you don't know just don't have an information. So create and die eighty. And we called in that position and where you got that kind of lecturing Knight just did you just don't know wind. You don't know what they're you're making a good decision or not so we take a lot of great ride. In the fact that we spent action a lot of training with their own technicians. And making sure that we provide options to our customers. When name in view with every little thing that they have going not and frowned. Different types of Tulane at that they can choose front ran phosphates TU is you know furnace and air conditioning. So they and by providing deductions you folks can meet your own best judge of what they're what you why you need. Or your home and deli take not a great deal now and that's again what the Dixie difference is all about. Also what DDT differences about his arm march special. We like to give us a call for free estimate on your furnace and air conditioner retired in March your gonna get 2000 dollars for eighteenth with that combo purchase. And a first in the nation on air quality packing agent attack and a batter oxy full war. Air pure fire it actually cleaned in Phoenix I can not only your ear Pletcher surfaces. As well and that's amazing product we haven't actually in our home helps not only you know get rid and that it viruses and bacteria in airborne. Pathogens but also takes care of the surface particulates that are in your home the microbe wields. At pathogens it takes care of their gas using voters that you may have in your home. And that's another thing that could and agree get that musty smell in the basement. Or maybe perhaps it will help with those voters also. In the home and debt that's a part of that air quality package that we have Soria in addition to that air quality package we have the -- eleven and air filters. And a bypass humidifier. Absolutely free with that purchase four year and the combo. And furnace and air conditioner and called me happier free SA now 13256600. Wheaton opera's two days silicon taken Condit peppery estimate again no cost no obligation TL. Justifying app the information. And in addition to that teens go to our website at eight PW one main dot com or die DP different. Dot com Dele except if you lack just driving around I can get this call right not. Helped. You know what we didn't just recruit before we get is that I just wanted to say. We will watch black panther and I really liked that movie McCain really did it was I surely get the I was surprised and I. But I just wanted to point that out just forget about that yeah you know like a squirrel yes let's think about you are a little bit late today I appreciate that even Dirk clogged in the Gil and Dan movie. Angry he's got five star serve I of popcorn are to get Ivan given that yet there. Our expectations were not incredibly high so maybe that's some of the problem now but I did I thought it was really glad they're really good navy and I heard a lot of hype on so I eat I did they Calif like. You know incredible that that was a great Indian mean I would you know would've done it again fell as far as that's concerned of. TU I'm gonna talk a little bit about ten furnace is. You know in July of two when he ninety limit is something out just one how have you on your radar I know that over a year from now. Black aren't your furnaces they're going to change our furnaces will have to have an ECM node error. Death and efficiency rating left her greedy hands had to be increased by government regulation until as of July between nineteen. No more peace SC and motors are the be eliminated so that your cheaper motor and you know it's not as an efficient motor draws much more you courage. Each year furnace. And guess who we always recommend that you haven't EC and motoring your first you can upgrade your furnace. And T and right now and take it PSE blower motors out save yourself some money on your monthly utility bills and get better efficiency. By a and add green three EC in motor. But big government now I have actually is gonna and they can't do that so as of July between nineteen all furnaces will have to have that ASEAN not blower motor in the air. And dad because they had dead crow are reduced that watt a jet tan. It's like 45%. So that's what he did he did yet but three might you wanna know that's what why isn't important CU is because as we get closer to July between nineteen look. Earnings Costa will rye is because it's a better motor they're going to pass that that. That have been you know that that increase and then that notre onto the gesture Ritter's and then onto the customer. So it feral look at. Doing any kind of estimating and then they are you getting from bids out fer a cobble purchase furnace air conditioner. Like we have you wanna get plane start taking your main engine that before we get closer to next Eli not Christian like and next July. And because of the fact that furnace prices will start to increase. And they're all gonna have across the board no matter who you are no matter what the brain and you're looking at all. I have an increase in prices. And did she use that commemorate elation win changing out getting read of and BP SC motors and going EC EM cell NN I F have you believe then you're always preaching about you know having ET motors and furnaces air beeper or don't like some of the changes because it is gonna cause Balaguer furnaces to go up and cost in their. However you know it these motors they save you so much money. And with that the United States from the save as much on utility costs now people trying to go to renewable energies and so for a this is going to be a huge deal there's time. I I think one of the largest aspects. Of our. So those blower motors working your long to save what. 3400 dollars 500 dollars worth of cost to each consumer could you imagine if every person had one yet ended pretty often. We got a good ten another break and I do my tech and a little bit about talent you're looking at getting furnace NEC Condo. I get to nineteen fear that the great savings oriented so. We're almost ten times Collins that's free to set aperture while I'm mark air treatment for your home call 91382. Fat. 6600. Or go to. Cloning got come away happy Allah that continually backing testimony. Hello and welcome back APW plumbing heating legally help for homes. In key for the groceries do to look for and welcome back to eight. And how to get their air quality for your home also attacking an Alley. We just went Emerson and come permit regulations. Why at first phase and an are going to be going up in rife. Over the next year I'm Alison magnet and mourned in next year account instead are a little bit narrow because. And not just yet but they will be going up and over the next year. Because of the fact they got him regulations has. He FE motors are going a Wayne busier basically cheaper motors. And they're making all the manufacturers. Across the board no matter what but already end it years out there. All of them are required to put ENEC. In. Blower motors and that will help. Wind and I'm better efficiencies who has not drawing so much electricity for the bigger changes I think what would you do DC inverted which almost. You see the trend virtually everything is gonna be inverted DC energy meaning taking your normal outlet plugin that NBC energy yes and we'd take that the current and turn it into a direct. Our current and so yet imagine AC is kind of like the heartbeat that you seek I was up and down. Well uses a lot of energy to go up and down and so direct current it's like out. Piece of you'll just stretch it out and you get much more out of that line and you don't get a lot avenue don't well yeah OK imagine if you curled the union that the middle and then you stretched it out. Thanks so that's what though veto the departed then he's gonna press for that everybody is is gonna end up happening. The only issue is it will save consumers a great deal of money it'll save a great deal of energy. It is gonna increase the end of the cost of all of the first discuss. Everything is gonna have to be DC converted one of the keys though is if you're gonna go when they changeover. You really need to move to a variable speed. Com bolster individuals are doing I'm looking at to stage more or variable speed choices and tons of people pick to stage. However it's probably not the most benefit. Ray option let's talk about to stage I'm really glad you'd transition during the next the final minute to go into it is effective and we talked about to stage because it is a better product and what's been out there previously. But variable speed is. Is that kind nots next debt at the front too staged and I guarantee you mark my words today shell and over the next five years. Variable speed is going to be more of the nor more than fifty injured even though it seems to be the finger and saying it's kind of upgrade now eight it is is going to be more of the standard within the next I years because that's how. Ask technology is living on May be analogy a lot about how. We went from back Steve easy and then that flat screens or expensive and then within a few years should get while Wal-Mart for sixty entry next to nothing. It's the same attacked technology change we're having any to be seen now. And Phillip you're looked at purchasing a furnace in the air conditioner. Wanna make sure they bet ahead of the curve. End out what we're proud of the AT gebbie is it we are very affordable DN and a better technology. And have a cut the prices that are already coming down and dead until we wanna make sure that you're getting that. This savings on that. Technology Wiki for and I think in the air conditioner like he's going to be different that to stage air conditioners that you know he that was kind of like the big thing here. And issuing a lot of that great as savings with that but the invert her technology gets an air conditioning now and debt and variable speed. Will you can. Let me back up for a second just to gain an analogy if you don't even know what a variable speed is on the back up produced a moment. Basically it's like having let's say I tiny air conditioner doesn't like them is air conditioner residential. Warrior home page and this car a large home and you know you don't need to run that maybe all the time all you need to deal is with the variable speed. It's going to run at low consistency. Extreme right like to tank. Or a certain amount of time because that's all you need it. Lure this eerie act as for most of the year you don't need to have all five tons Renny yeah. And last year and zero degrees courier at tin 100 degrees is basically I mean. So lamb at four X sixty degree heat you know you don't need to be. You know and we get furniture in your air conditioner ranking it at that capacity. And that on off switch then they're able meaning it's going to vary eat. At whacks at. And it's going to rend. And therefore because motors alike tell Ryan they don't like to be turned on an off all the time they'd like to Renton. And because they like to rent it's gonna run at a low worse ED. Indeed you can feel stand. And temperatures that make you comfortable in the home and then I can because it's our knowledge and it actually in saving you money. Because it's running at these lower speed. It's actually not draw lean as much energy as it would if it's online at the last thing full speed vs you know on off on an off. I may or may ideas to keep air flow constantly running there and you're exactly right exceeding when you look at. Indo when you have your variable speed blower motor. At the nice thing is when it first turn on its starts at a lower speed instead of a 100%. And that's can pass on the variable speed again so the variable speed will ramp up. And so it's much quieter for most individuals the nice thing is when it's done heating or cooling your house and it's gonna ramp. Back down however the depending on how we set the thermostat or. How to use at this or thermostat in and allow for a low fan speed or low air flow. Which is one of the reasons we're we're we're not only talking about very policies were talking about air treatment. Because if I can extend the amount of air flowing through your house but at that point I'm gonna be able to treat more area to build to filter more air in your air is going to be healthier. So what does that the key things though with your your variable speed a blower motor itself. Is that even though it runs like most of the day eighty steel in that span saving I'm sorry. Saving about 400 dollars a year. On the actual lecture cost because of the way that the converter technology is set up that's that's the benefit basically and they always trying to. And it runs constantly seek a better air flow better air movement. And it also helps better humidity controls Phillip your air conditioners on for longer periods of time it's really drawing out the more Easter. You want your AC on the monitor air conditioner is on in the summertime it's gonna draw out the eight. Al that humidity and India to be more comfortable in your home. Along you're you're and any differences on line during the winner time what's gonna put this humidity back in the year. Because 1980 control and and the 'cause of the humidifier that we. And I attached your systems so inning Yost said sending out there actually super quiet because they're generally brining them for the most part. At lower speeds and air for UP barely hear that it's even on it which is a wonderful thing. It's collect act cuckoo clock you don't you know when it goes off with your visitor you here. Then time the clock tick possibly going off if you live there you don't notice that that it does affect for example individual sleep. Eight you hear a lot of that where they've furnaces are actually waking people up because they are. A 100% on what does help with multiple things at the comfort of your life that the air treatment the ball the ways either in the summer the winner but still to ration. Is probably one of the more important things you can do inside your house anymore so that variable speed blower motor even though. The federal government's gonna force it to change it is actually a good change its pars reducing your cost. End to the quality of your life little right to differ. I get that better air quality like you just mentioned longer run times. Or more air filtration yelling your standard says stand they could care less blower motor render times for lower particulate removal. And because this is on an off verses being hat on all the time running at those low worse Eads. And so you get that better air quality and better can fifteenth tenth pitcher. They're out your home you know those longer and write times at that low worse. Eater than variable speed that's another thing. One cycle our systems are are at for instance and our systems will do it all in one cycle you've got the way you that everything nice and consistent temperature in the home opened the door. Because your Newman and some kind of furniture sub feathery and he got and door open for longer than they need to be it starts are really cool lots in the home. Because of the cold temperature cumin and and then when you shatter it. You know it's it's been a real app then they Airbus is rampant out to get their thermostat back tour needs to be in the and it's gonna slowly move back down to a lower. And eat it and still makes. You have a consistent temperature in the home you know most systems out there in the market do not do that. And eight PW. And definitely dad so if you're really looking at shopping around we want to make sure we give you the information on how that happened and how we can make you comfortable. In your home give you better air quality. A quiet and the when you know a nice quiet system throughout your home and dad is Fay EU money on energy savings. Because of the great systems that we have sailed. And if got out also to go to another break here real quick but our march special for a PW plumbing heating and cooling is 2000 dollars opt me. Ernest NEC combo. With our air treatment pack gauge and that is going to give you a hot our proxy for work. Air cleaner and bypass humidifier in Merv eleven air filter. Is basically what your getting that nice little package all fur free. 2000 dollar value which is a wonderful 913256600. Out. Is never to come get your free Ashton at no cost no obligation and it looks the best judge of we can happy out in the future we also have financing I get that question not excellent financing for let interest rates low payments. And even no credit check financing until we can help you all. State tin I Dixie will referred in across Miki Ford here let's end AP get the help Helms slowly backing Gascon moment. Welcome back if you get you. Let me he didn't really helped rooms and keep forward across from is Dixie Wilford. And welcome back take heed any help for her and we are have who are always having fun every weekend and we hope you are teal. And bring you information. Balance in your home and how to take care believed tacked on about slamming today it's all being an. About your ear and air quality according to the EPA. Right from the EP website leaf and now over 98%. Of our tying in doors. So that's why I like to talk about indoor air quality it also says an EP let's night. Environmental Protection Agency is bats and your indoor air quality can be hundred Tynes who worse than outdoors militant. Top fork and and concern that they have. And that indoor air quality feel he should be your concern and because the mat time that we stand with our family your friends are pet. And just ourselves being indoors. And a lot of us who work from home now and then came big rainy day. Matt can't you could actually do something living in a clean environment. After your ear quality with great products from eight keyed up the hill that we'd love its products we have in our own home that's how much we believe in Nam. And no one of them is the oxy or this is what we call Perry. And it is it's a great product not only is it killing. App particulates and mark Karr mobiles pathogens that it's taking care of those and voters in the eliminating those owners as well. Diane dad you eat deli take she'd get fake wants her to have a bad combed through the house wants. Where is your family members to know what can nineteen to help eliminate that and this is the type of product and as it because it says the air for them. Whole home. It's a whole home product not just an air filtration system and and that's just treating Amorim the 'cause they go throughout the death team of your poll since then and your whole home. You're gonna get the benefit if can't ties is the airman and also sanitize is this surface since. In your home so I know leap that should we've got fix that live in our home now. And dad when they come home from school they bring you know all those Germans eat anything to help me keep everybody. Well is much appreciated. And down until. Just a little more information about the oxy or for making a mile and they appear for our it really doesn't mimic mother nature's air cleaning processes by. Reducing or potent air ox a guy is errors that search out those contaminants and help detox your indoor air and surfaces. So me and that is something that I love about it. And dad helped that you lose tees and give us a call if you wanna learn more about that product and it was time and I and other products for you as well at 91 Perry eat too bad. 6600. We also have our march special and around getting fined. It didn't Ashton and says to replacing you being proactive about replacing your furnace and air conditioner. Don't discount. Eight PW Nat to we'd love to come out talking about it we got to march special you're gonna get. Aid and cold air treatment package for your home for absolutely free it's 2000 dollar value. Or adding on the death how much we believe in treat your air for your home. And that is that oxy Ford and they appear Fryer was just talking not EM Merv eleven then neck. Airfields ration and bypass humidifier so we got a lot of great things that we're an added absolutely free. T every single install a furnace and air conditioner and always have financing a big question that we get. As we do have that financing because people are afraid you know I just don't want and I. And and I don't like you rated cash flow however I don't wanna go gay dipping tonight. Maybe these are my emergency plan for this kind of thing that's what holds me off so we've got a great interest rates great low payments. And even no credit check financing so I don't. Push that very often a really talk about that nap and I keep getting told I need to talk more about the financing options. That we provided eight. 1318. Have a 6600. As a number to call at 8 PM right opposite today easily given up any industry estimates or provide you with information and if you need any want to -- in your conditioning services we wanna be your company DDT is only like to do experience the Dixie different. And begin any of the services that you're looking for is or what ever kill deal if a few Al. And taking care of that Phil and that therefore we and go in the flat and who wanted to kind of make sure that we're talking about two and the great products that we have. Is far has had our furnace and air conditioning combo and make sure they understand what what. Great things that as humidifier can help for your column that before that I spoke about. As well and glamour of eleven air filter can do euphoria trying to keep you went dead and that gives Samir opinion on the the do you let your first probably. I think it's the do at least I've maintained item on a furnace. And I probably one of the more important things that people have. But it's probably a week a little house on a service call. I would. Venture to guess 60%. Of the furnaces that they humidifier or are working so there's a few things that happened Ed why humidifier is important of course. If you have wood inside your house at all which most homes do have what is that in this. Yeah adolescent devilish people have what I. I just assuming that he's sitting in a way I was like maybe the houses don't have led to an hour now. So steel house's wouldn't have bullets and bullet they're still lead like furniture or doctors who ran eggs needed help lower Ers then maybe. So. When you have would inside your house it shrinks the reason is 'cause us heating the air. Removes a lot of the humidity and so what happens as we're drawing the humidity out of the year. The same thing is happening inside your house and this is why it seems like your nose. You get more stuff be missing your nose or dries up your nose does but it also hurts your eye sockets to do know that the act as a pure eye socket terms of your sit there at home. It's like my eyes feel dry what's problem because your parents like forty I is with contacts elation because I've it dry out by. And so. That's wonderful tool but has. I'd just like the idea had during the end of the year escorting the bottle right I. So and to win ends up happening is of course if you're knows dries out. And then you that allows you to catch a lot of the viruses or lose inside that getting your body be sick. So it protects your house a lot but you would ever hire shrinking. And then expanding in the summertime and when it shrinks and expand so would constantly doesn't it cracks and then you're gonna ruin your furniture would. I'm so light it's great to have and they're nibbles. Eads says stem Natalie because it's gonna continue to give that air purify that purification and as constant runs because and variable speed stays on longer. And got lower speeds who filled conceding the last inner G. Which is a great paying black channel also made sure that it's. Continually giving out that he may unification in the air into summertime as a great act. And I. So something you definitely want a look at your looking replacing year at air conditioning system. And I mean so if you can miss and that give us a call we hear in the office they now went there too fast 6600. Our pressure a little bit now that there are at a time. He went by fast there were eighteen to go by fast. So remember get a cop M march special furnace an eighth com au prince are getting emea furry air quality package valued at 2000 dollars. At the accede for the Merv eleven in the year and and the iPad humidifier for your home all unsolved for free they installation and that's for free is well. College again and now 13 team that's 6600. Get any on heating and cooling needs we wanna be your company AT gebbie plumbing heating and cooling. You can find. So thanks again for listening here this weekend and now we have he'll listen in every weekend. And dad get more information about your home have a wonderful day. RA we're out they.