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Saturday, March 17th

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Hello and welcome to eight PW plumbing heating cooling help for homes they. This is the show dedicated either homeowner for you to experience the Dixie different if we can now be getting your plumbing heating cooling needs gives a go at 913. 8256600. Or. The Dixie difference dot com IE and Keith awarded next to me is takes we will burden and not have. I'm here. Guard Quincy Ilia and a little spectator in the office fatter in the studio with us today as well. When he being all over the place to announce Quincy boards rank this a seven year old. As you look at their quietly yes right and the actual. Only if every week in brings new hope hopefully discrete information. I can't that money in heat air conditioning we Renny PW cloning he equaling out local company right here in camp. We service about an hour radius there Anderson trying to locate in opera Philly Levy folks in the rural area and Kansas and Missouri around me. Casey now. And our candidacy Mac trail I should say. And now we knew then that we will we left did you on the weekend. Is to bring you information and whether it eon and money only captain topics today. But getting well ahead of ourselves little into preparing EU first some top seed then what exactly that it really prepared you for rainy season. And dad you can remember we had some had a blast some are mind didn't have to ask last spring in December we had quite a bit a rainfall. Fell as some comes careening around actually as far as per and that phone calls that they're getting to the opposite and they need to. In an around the Kansas City area felt. Severe remember that or had any experience with it whatsoever rat tat element about that today less sump pump and battery back up switches. Seem very important and if you don't have a son palm dean need one -- address that in the Italian media is free to get one if you want. In the and now we also have our monthly special but AT&T plumbing heating and cooling. If I you're looking to get asked cements you wanna be aware of what it would be to replace your furnace and air conditioner you on borrowed time next ten plus years old eighty Danny and multiple repairs. Any idea if she can see. I Sabine thank you why until Wirth thinks he's deserve it and get from your monthly bills and then. And this is also an issue for Il. And talk about back. And inept at cutting segment our monthly special would take me and gathered in college your furry Ashton and no cost no obligation and AB gets tied purchased from any PW. We have our free air quality package. We're getting away with all combo purchase furnace and air conditioner Napa furry humidifier free norm eleven filter in free oxy for. Air filtration system. Infiltrate the air throughout the whole home. And down and I'm we're talking about not only a year. Air let your surfaces. As well. If you had the flu touch her home this is something you would want to you know Ryan eight PW to get installed. Because of the fact that he keels influenza viruses bacteria mold mildew. And that's testy odors he may have throughout the hand that the well. As great product all furry. We're a combo purchase earn an air conditioner coffee or free estimate right now we're at the opposite today I am 13 to add. 6600. Out but he goatee who died Dixie different it's dot com. And. And and and sent a plane in Elliott well there is if you have kids or husband you have smiles. That's just how working at it we don't kind of smell yet I Tisch is the kids get older now secondly how do you ever let that there you know and they get older. They yet they get more smiling. Well. You may take to smell them through a little monsters. In Utley. Yes I'm looking for I I fed Quincy before we came to the show our seven year old daughter I ask you some feeding Q. And so I'm all the sudden pitcher like him bankruptcy. She don't like go outside looking for a walker in the house I might panicky you lot were my daughter that. Writes I go to the neighbor's house both of them. I its frontier known plenty here to tell you lost your our child before the shelves yet you Breyer to hate actually Faneca she's tear went after the right where it is Kelly I was an attorney. I was gonna tell you before this is a Ferrari air you can yell they traits all. We but I'm looking forward I just Federer might work achieved on his site I was yelling downstairs furcal into grins grins here. Are left side all the sudden Alec text me goes a founder iron twenty year old friend if it's under I don't Porsche. She's in the room. Geno I deal was dealing and that turns hugging and not she wasn't Weaver Marco calling me ten. And other friends out condemning the great either and and though we are talking to each other that would that where. And sill of three and she was at home filled mark Apolo is like a a lucky touch app you can deal free app. Gala into it it's like damn that you can do 3-D. L I can doctor heard she can see Nina I can see her. I. Now I'm at the Keating for them that we're dealing Kara. I was searching for I was stressing common rather of the finale that I got hold us like a minute came back in the house and the issuance that she's scared me to death gas and parity near the Los either the moral of the story as to what are your kids don't leader and she's just in half she is actually kidding only hit me about how bad you guys are good at looking for her because she was. In her room court calling for her. She's not answering. Hinged is that you couldn't. Bell any way finally don't have a ringer kids in very often fill there and IT can see out things again though here she's Ian. Eat dairy varied and different in your you know she is pretty good we went to the hardware store and I was looking for some plastic nineties and I can only find six and so Quincy. I am I needed nine. So quick is like god what are these over here in an incorrect to ban were other ones that I really she'd drowned like my plumbing parts for machine seven you know now there. Pretty procedure. She's the teacher and he PW right there and she's smarter than me and know that. So we're gonna talk about some bumps Philippines because I April showers bring bring nice. He's laid flowers at at fever when he you can make your Brit in the name. I felt I don't know it's not simple pilot the Atlantic are some upon being Allen basically sometime in the pump used to renewed water and accumulated in the water collecting some Mason basically a hold its physically dug in your basement usually off to the corner. Commonly found right there in Allen and all parts of the they send an easy in and finished portion. Why enter V ad that perimeter drains and the basement waterproofing systems funneling into your base in order. Because of Rainer natural ground water if the basement is below the water table and AT and you gotta make sure you pumping out an away 08 from the home. Sell and we we've actually gone in homeowners. And they had a FM pump. That it was still pumping the water out and back right into the home but I think the most important that ended saying look. Lesson to learn from this is the fact that. You know I'm last year and every year it seems like all the rental places run out of I would hope all bring it up throughout the season is because we just don't what you're suffering. Because it's kind of silly by not just making a quick phone call or doing some investigation yourself which we're gonna help you whip. They wanted to do you can do it yourself or you can call us. Either way to make sure that your sump pumps working right make sure that it's straight that has the proper drainage is set up correctly. I you can talk about battery back up some pumps which are a huge deal especially. With all the storms that come in you lose power. If you lose power your sump pump can't work. So having a battery back up makes a world the difference. For your downstairs but there's tons of things people with huge injection pumps who don't have back ups which is another thing is. A huge injection pump is basically. It's the same thing where you're drains are lower than the city drainage is so people have a pet without with a grinding pumped. Basically they grains of all the sewage and pumps it back. And high enough so we can drain in the the city lines own the power goes out against what happens. I think doesn't pump anymore. So now the sewage can actually leave the house. C have all these issues without having some securities back ups it's a terrible terrible problem we felt horrible for people but it's the mole in the damage and really it just messes up your house doesn't it I mean. It stars the walls it destroys your trim your carpet. And everything around them that's probably the grossing is almost boxes get liar and stuff and just as just disgusting and it smells bad. Yet I was like hey guy. Maintenance and they know it's not remorse that. Really you haven't ejecting about silly to backing out that we're tagging about. And hasn't embarrassed my caddie and he battery back up and either you're sappy pop or your sewage injection pump effort. Cindy that may have knows. You know sometimes again are used were basement flooding happens ring you're late. Or you can be in nineteen year flood zone you know wary can be once every ten years. The peace of mind to make sure that you protecting everything the peeing your basement when they're finished location. Or you know a year and you know this this charitable those is that your pictures those staying those safe keep say you have stored away. That's what a sump pump is giving you the peace of mind in order to make sure that that damp demand or actual water coming in didn't I take away eight. Around you know mold and meal do issues like he's that are really literally destroy late things that you having your basement itself. Pretty Kean and more and a little party and take another quick break on shot ponds what they are how they can be helpful forty and then in addition to that hasn't attacking matter on the radio allowed only get the special 10% off all sump pumps service says. Though do you even like I haven't come out just to make sure years is working properly that is a wonderful we be happy to do it. He and down would you that for lack of our customers the 10% off all thought pups services. And for the month of march and also ensuring that the called for our monthly special here march or the ad free air filtration package. It's an issue taken and they image and that Jeffrey every apple Tricia package combo purchase of birdies and an air conditioner call 913 Q that's 660. Deal for your free testament to gain. Al we can help the alligator okay EP deadly health for homes. And will lead actor in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes in key foreign across from these cute you little bird. And welcome back to AP India helped my hands. Crowd each you've never addition of the four. And Dan wondering you know what about why don't wanna listen you went with into the that great information for you. Maintain year home league for eighty some money you can't that we give me a on maintaining plumbing heating and air conditioning. If you think you can save you for your parents or for your friends or your fame money. And the most importantly for yourself if bag you drifting in the fourth he ala trying to make sure they chanted they keel. And you guys have heard in and tuned in stayed tuned in. To our shell an amnesty to contend that little bit of our craving for around here. I was thinking that they listened to the show biz I'm so nice out of pain and wonderful and wonderful yeah and no it and he's such eleven or more and I yet now it's all you mr. forward they do not. So we really are talking about me to think they'll land and get at Bryant we have 10% Othman and me have night of march. Off of some putts services Filipino has been sent on that you want ten. Take care of a look at make sure you're taken advantage of the hand person opera he he got the all felt free Aston want to find out information. I'm on a little on borrowed time the effort is an air conditioner. The and it will and don't be seeking a position where it elves and you have to make a quick decision to get it replaced before they. Cooling season comes up honest here so he'd get every F thing get knowledgeable I know about about the core rate products that. Are really at their technology is really change the industry and brought them great price seen when better efficiency safety and comfort for your home. The real HBC it's really exciting and it really is. Exciting day technology is kind of come across for an industry that really hit me in their last forty years so. And we are talking about and share nightly deal so we didn't happen eight. For free air filtration package with Condo purchasers of the furnace and air conditioner for the month of march though a great great package Petit and the battered as in the valued act 2000. Dollars with that. Adding the humidifier and Merv eleven filter and then we have to opt for air. Filtration package. Literally see and type in Natalie can't hide from the air but also seen a typing surface is killing. And viruses the ample when Jack and mold and mildew and bacteria. And then of course the additional. I didn't care those pesky voters you have in the air so. On the category being Fauria in addition to you need the nerve eleven filter high grade quality filter. And in the math needed humidifier. And if you haven't humidifier it's probably a regional two year Clinton actually as old as your equipment is in Phillips had a good negated Epoch times and definitely OK she's changed that out. And Selanne at the end of the free air filtration package to cobble purchase of heartburn can air condition need to do is call act now. Or any time now won three huge fab 6000. For your furry estimate. Again it cost no obligation and half felt happy smile always have tiny thing great low interest rates great low paid and we even have a new credit check financing. Or repaired and they need backfill all kind of options for a year we have those year round not just in the month of march the month of march special manager those steel. The jab right into our terror project and and topic Taylor attacked not canes pattern a little thing gonna get together. And there's a fat content so keep eve ever wondered what is this some pomp and just in first on the view audience who may not know what exactly that you think. You really probably pretty lacking because you probably never needed a line. Levity and Mikey owners with the way Mason here's the ski. Sometimes fix in the base in either they need aren't keeping the submersible pump are above the floor. Of the basement floor. I mean inning at pump out water that collects in the sun based and discharging it are moving it to the outdoors. And sell like candy messy but that's what we're Ford taking care ad so first we knew we want to try to add at feet there's any other wire remedies for you. And if you. Do you need accent on. We're getting get 81 has an alarm that alert you in the water reaches a certain level and now they're featured that we. Always add the cool Kate for that battery back at that we spoke out the last segment. Which allows you. To have the unit functioning even if we've got the power Allan aged. And sometimes those do you go hand in hand you got that huge thunderstorms hash flag. And then we have no power so it and then of course with Ollie or command and you test yourself pump our your pump. Already nearly only once a year if not more often if the waiter your grace nanny and make sure that chat Alice functioning. The latter doesn't below. Back in did they think there's a few problems that some people tell me they have this one is when they have a sealed. Lump sump pump. So he'll CAE a plastic lid of and I cap apparently it on top. Hi diddle lay out clear plastic lid and it's silica under on the edges. And so what it is a lot of times is that your they're using that as part of your radon. So most of the time we see that young radon in your house. And so cutting that its real old then. If you don't recently backed properly obviously is gonna allow raid on to come back in the house we need to be careful. And of when you're dealing with that I would get the lead Alicia for really comfortable with reselling it to have somebody come and look at it. The only thing ever really seen a problem with there is when. HPC companies have used that sealed sump pump to run like the a drain into bronze a furnace and air conditioner. And bill thing we have to be concerned about in you'd call also on this if you see it is that. If there's no. You're this seal Pitt is probably the one that you're gonna have the most difficulty with the rest of who we can teach you as far as how to check on how to make sure that they're working right and then. Then you're gonna be safe for the season. I absolutely love and we want to make sure they airwaves you can check your own. Thought they send and down and they snap my shower and Helms a water and heady kids they're nice and Aaron and I can usually it's the dog right this hiding you know they're to leave in there. Staff and debris has fallen in there wanna make sure that that they can employ that he is free and I do agree there's debris that collected over there. Get fit because if not field. At that point each year going tee you hurt pierced the pump itself and it's on the Bailey did the job that it needs to deal. Feel that there's another tip for Regis make sure that you just look in there on especially if it's not fill it freed up of debris clean it out. There's a lot of cool stuff that gets down that hole potato chip back and now I am and things that we see right back and so that's the BB Ellis you don't take a flashlight. If you can't see down there because there is water. Then either clean it out or have somebody come you wanna get it cleaned where not to another race I'm Dixie will a third and depress me keep alert. You're listening to EP gebbie help for hounds gonna keep track at this birthday you know we'll be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back eight PW plumbing heating cooling upper arms I can keep order groceries Dixie will perk along wit. Into port yes I seven year old daughter who city rail line is that affiliates your presence today. You know we eat and not only many. And began in between keep an eye with a pat I children. Like I young guests and you know at the past two days earlier and down. Yes she is top in the nation afternoon radio time with extra gallon Hillary can't authority L. They never pay the riveting radio here. I can't let him make sure that you know and Arab march a special and from 8 PM the upon meeting calling it you need a free estimate on your furnace and air conditioner don't wait until. If he even gets too high ear air conditioner starts at AL annual dinner forced to put in. You know repair costs than they're too costly. And being now you you making a quick decision let's get prepared on that it's an estimate and we wanna be one of those four year. Calling PW because we have a free air filtration package I 82000 dollars pretty actually free to cobble purchase in the earnings and air conditioners to get. You're looking into eight Pete Elliott for York replacement cost. What it would be fair and you know that debt debt. After they you have likely. That fell as she's whispering behind me here Selanne. Where you call would be our opera if you can do that right now at 913. Eighteen fat 6600. Or even go to die Dixie different dot com. And we need to taking care you're you know that for estimate milk costs no obligation. To feed though so we definitely have buying land feigned Philly media really easy on the tiny thing. Option to take care of milk to back absolutely for you which is great and had a talk about that now. Low payment leveling two straight out sending even a credit check I need a little bit at everything for every wine. Sell on the real quick and it Kiki when it he'll intervene Quincy or seven year old daughter hero creek official Gary time until let's get some back. Ground on this how we came up with the name Quincy so Quincy is our fifth which obviously Quinn it would be five. So Quincy are quince would be five arms are. Eight and then at the Dixie is ten and French so. When it would be five to half of Dixie I. Our queen's I guess would be half of Dixie. They so that's kind of how we came up lending and she's at it I tell she's adorable you. She's really cute and as she sits next year I realize she looks more likely than you catching as not likely just yet there's great. Until they tell daddy could have a few questions for an. Like cell. You're on spring break. After a lot has been your favorite thing to do in spring break staying Pamela nice family nice very nice okay so you're gonna go back to school next week right. And who is your favorite teacher assistants this is ten management system which is pretty nice lady. They still really no way you go back to school. Who are you gonna want to see the most. Lack Allah tell friend from side view of life of friends my favorite. Favorite and OK and then what are your favorite subjects. And. Act intriguing map period are both good subjects than there. Most important questions of volleys in the last two. They're by far the most important questions like rescue one is who's your favorite sibling. Did you favor the sibling. Aunt that you Obama have an answer okay now here is the important question. Who is your favorite dad. Thus mr. Paulson and he gets it. Earlier I have. Who would be. Thank you all tell that there are you god and I'm so proud your view oh good job and I hear on the radio. And it's on the Internet so he'll be around forever and you are asked to call mostly high people. You and me who are listened to the enemy so that's our that's our daughter. Yes absolutely look good down there is Quincy and he's daily journal radio then it's featured radiant and the horrible interviewer about whose name is riveting look riveting stuff there. So old child's. Who are telling him that you're not just a few got a raw all hadn't yet been a lot of trouble though the out back to the sump pump for. Don't get I can Disney if I hear about eight. Their rainy season rainy season going to be on eighteen LA. April fat and and there April showers bring may flowers so we are RE happily due march to prepare for that and that's what some top seeds in danced orient the well. Fill out no not that I'd say if you look at AC DC. Aso told CA CDC beckon like that can act as a music than I rolled. I'm for pound us now Willamette valley you're about an hour and a target and I. If when he Avery island and yes yes yes of antagonists are I still listen now so. Would the idea of any CDC. Some punk is this is that. You have a sump pump that is hooked to a battery life however it's also plugged into the wall so the idea as your sump pump will. Use the energy from your house I. And it won't protect your home however if the power goes out then it reverts back to the battery. So that's saying some pomp can be used. So when you look at AI AA CDC some pomp. Or you look at a battery back up some pump the idea is going to be there are two different things I the first one is a single some pomp. I that you're plugging in your home that has a battery backup so you don't have to worry about draining the battery until it's needed. Now you can also. I have a normal some Paul that's plugged into the walls however if you if you have that then you would get a secondary. Some pomp. That has a battery hooked to it I now I can be plugged in the wall all soul or battery back up. So what's the purpose of having a backup. Well the idea is here's the thing is that I you know we do set alarms on some palm pit selection of their rising right. But it would be alarm goes off that's exactly what it's gonna do is gonna it's gonna go off so what are you gonna do. While you're gonna panic yet you're gonna pay mechanics are calling your RA IRA it's it's just a warning device to allow you to understand that that there's an issue in their. Even with a I need a sump pump a single sump pump that has a battery with that A in its running off leave your house in the battery is that. What if that pulpit gets plugged before it stops working and yes thank you so the other and that's going to be your problem is without a back up some pomp. Then at that point what you're relying on his won that one Paul never to fail great tie and so the odds of that happening are probably going to be slim that it never actually land there's a person agent and it's at an email I fail sauteed chicken. And it. Thanks fan input at all a lot and so that's the idea it is. You say your house up if you get watered you've had water inside your house for the last couple years. It is still leave for you not to have that back up the cost alone. To dealing with your insurance company who are dealing with mold insurance companies most the time never cover my end I think I was reading a study that in our area that. If they basement. Just from a sump pump failure. End up happening is an average of 6000 dollars worth probable cost. And the average of mold in a basement. I goes up into like that 9101000. Dollar range right and if you have to pay part of your higher Costello is horrible right. So the idea is instead of dealing with try to remove the mold. Please have your house already set up say in every time you think it won't happen to me guess what. You always got easier that's why we knock on wood right the bank every time I say. I never get in a car crash by a knock on wood my right I Shannon can't don't know because I said that you remember that rally and a and I said I don't get Colorado how Kitna. I don't have problems driving in the snow and then I had to fly them out prior to that I underplayed how great yeah he should on the on the east Urbana I still like our guy he's following meal. And felt pain after Blake. And I have to look at your faces are as early around is laying the Euro OK then like I told you this hole and that's all you never make those claims. So that's. That is the one of the things is that it lets you have a sump pump and it and a back up some pomp you really have to take a look. Now how do you get your sump pump prepared well guess what. Next segment. Where yank it ended that and now one of air five where you even if you haven't found on the pace of maybe you're looking at your hearing shelling like Canada and I guess I should pay attention to sump pumps and what they aren't what they deal. I I also want to make sure that you know sump pumps and they thought based and should be maintained typical recommendation and suggestion examining those. A clip every single year pumps regularly. Ryan frequently I should say DNT. They renal plot. Did high water table water drain into whether conditioners that tag examined that you examine you need it and more frequently. And so again that's battering there I can't sometimes. Our mechanical devices. Like I agree maintenance program let there be your eat beef bowl anything mechanical also at some on the mechanical device here. As you were saying early we'll all feel which could believe again until flooded based. He'll want to make sure that year also maintaining those we let it the company eighteen gebbie helping in that. And gas and then in addition. Matt talked to you about Indy with the redundancies senior systems like battery back at to make sure that you believe he problems. We're playing in your basement. Fill out let it be the company did that you can re feet 10% off in the month of march steadier rate for those April showers. And of course bring may flowers. So we do have to take another break college and I and one Perry AT and fat 66. 00 and received 10% op you're sometimes services. That include Dini Maine and and or add repair. Off at the copper free estimate to get the free air quality package valued at 2000 dollars or cobble purchase of the furnace and air conditioner. Again free estimate no cost no obligation now won 318 fat 6600. Of them according where we. Hello and welcome back EPW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes are in key board and across from me is Dixie Wilford and again welcome back AP get the help our homes of from her. Absolutely in my own Jeanne you and the special that we have going on in the month of march and that he is. The and and free air filtration package ever ask how I feel what are you now thinking about that he. You keep throughout the whole show your likes spacing out on top the FB and I don't look really good today. I mean that's just I friendly deal and I'm so should we find TV I mean you would just getting all kind and you could not turn if they should. Fossilized lost fourteen pounds yeah Lofton he amount we went to the doctor what I weigh 220 owners through the terror alert happy more that. Two to twenty. It's like my gosh about the so I don't know me bond often want don't they just Hanson misses destroying your concentration and tackling our Magli. I do you have league has gotten great to talk about is the nightly special. And for the ninth the march and that is our air filtration package that I 2000 dollars at the Merv allow and then filter quality filter. Natalie for different the freer air that we have the hockey. Or what we call eight. Irises mold mildew and bacteria ending gets rid of those pesky voters as well and then of course we had in and humidifier. 00 I'll anti gay leading edgy T hopefully Nikki and and really informing you on the data it they have haven't found hot tip the you did they couldn't care at end carried for rainy season she'd be coming in March April may June guy. You know we had a we had a lot of rainy season last summer. Still and the center we did talk about quite a debt that wanna make sure you more prepared. Then they don't go ash now wish Elin and now own and gamma it an Indian also make sure to remind you (%expletive) and healing maintain your mechanical equipment which is some pump. And gently taking care and that call AP get deeper 10% off a month in March and all. Your son pots service says they'll take a manager and if he gained by calling 913. Tee fat 6600. Eileen we can. And get those savings orient maintain you mechanical equipment on all your sump pump service says. Right so there's a few tips are gonna give you two make sure you get ready for the hour rainy season that we coming up the first thing we talked about was cleaning out the sump pump pit. I if you have a clear plastic lid that is silicone Don. I then looked up what you shouldn't have to clean up there shouldn't be anything in there but you do wanna make sure there's no. Rocks are at it until they built the sump pit if they built it in a plastic container he should be fine. If it's rocks that are there they could cause problems for your son pat right. Now if it's an open some of that which most of them are. Or ones that just have a removable lid brain you need to remove any debris that could be in there get rid of via a rocks a Sox the lead today chip bags. I've seen about editing and their analog scrolling now that it claim right out dirt and gravel fame and other debris like you said mice hated gym bag the mice for the gross calling out yeah it definitely comes about I wound so then from there the other thing we want it I don't know when Richard to free me bond mama reason for doing now and not just. You know overly obvious that I doing pandering move mean he debris eat. Run year hit from near a dean of the sum pay and then way to pump fixed. It really increasing its agency add your pop extend the life of your power for ten years in jail hanging out making it work as hard so these abstractions. Definitely. You can do yourself or again you know eight. You know mechanical piece of equipment they're immature check the check valve also. Make sure that it's not GM being in any debris that the left from last summer. Am rains and even up partially obstructed discharges locker lying can force has some palm to work harder. And increase. The chance and the overheating and failure or site. So be now the next step that you're gonna do is once you've cleaned out pit we're gonna add water to your your sump pump net. When did you double things or make sure that the sump pump is actually plugged in. Hey sometimes they get disconnected that it's not on this wedge. And it's actually on an outlet that is hot all the time and so we're gonna add water typically you're gonna add about a five gallon container of water. Now if you're they have water in your pitted may not take that much or you're gonna add enough to activate your home and get it to start pumping out hey. Now once it pumps out we wanna check a few things as once it stops pumping you wanna make sure that the check valve is working properly. By the fact that if the checked I was working properly water will not. Received back in to be hip again did you tell me to smile I so I'm talking about hits it's hard for me smile she hit it a mile. They sell. Then be. So yeah against the current mess on your face but I economic if you get caught up in this year like that you know me also it's only story here I think you're seeing is a tiny mouse. Is get destroyed them so we wanna make sure that check valve is working properly so that's how we're gonna do to make sure no water flows back in a project files purposes for. So the other thing is once it pumps the water out of the house we want to go outside and make sure that there's nothing that is book now blocking the discharge to. They now do Serbs to some people haven't sticking right out of their house and pumps out of the house I don't like that. The reason being obviously if you're pumping water. To the edge of your house it's gonna flow back and right so we'd like to discharge or further away from the house one of the things that we wanna add to that if all possible. Is when the disturbed cubes come out of the house and let's say you're gonna Barea. What are the concerns buried underground is what if it bit it collapses or gets crushed. Well you shouldn't have an overflow. It's basically everybody this is really just kind of like an open topped that if that of the pipe backs up it'll just kind of bubble out of the top of the two. And that way you know that there isn't sure action there. That'll keep that they your sump pump is trying to pump against nothing and burned your pump out. Keep your not following everything that we've been saying this last night and at least some. Actually at 8 PM lead and actually know Helen bound faith in Kyle after leaking. Walked you through it you can say I don't wanna know I just went to make sure they you guys are taking care of that being you can call 8 PM we'll come out. Major read him maintaining years some pat are your end or your battery back GAAP. And you have associated that fans are that skinny that pound in the end in addition match are you feel free testament. On what it would be four to install sump pump Fauria and I think you'll have one. Will Guinea Eritrea tanner how he did that and in the month of march we got 10% not all services on yourself pops and take advantage at the same thing that worries gonna give to deal in the month of march at now one Perry too fast 66 near there. She's taken call today and I should be happy to each other schedule. And get that taking care Randy can also give a comp app free testament for the month of march free estimate on current and air conditioner com now look alike to how many dollars. Air filtration package for real neat purchased it and what a QB in the month of march the next in fit into it for years she Dana DeVon and think and instead of being that I actually stand. It has you worst AL and have to be eerie place. Any thing for free Jenner I could take advantage when we got in senate to get your business granted to show you what a great installed that we do anathema to a lot of riding an eighty Pete Elliott that bag and it's her fake install. And again that air filtration package for you come approach of birth and Turkish all went 32 batters 6600. Look to bad Dixie different dot com. And Galley take care of you call today or any time and next week that would be easier for your turn. Hey you were on look at a time yet we are not easy hands and out healthy fill factor bracket help everybody went and got the money have a great week. Let's begin that.