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APW Help for Homes
Saturday, March 24th

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Hello and welcome bay PW my immediate Cooley help for homes this is the show dedicated use the homeowner for you to experience the Dixie different. If we can help if your plumbing heating or cooling needs give us call at 9138256600. My name is keyboard across from his Dixie you. A burden to let them look at AP get help for home use Al pep in my voice I you do have more pat I feed add that is true you don't like it. I've lost total allowance allowed yet what has congratulations good yeah actually I think it's more I happen to. On your efforts are to be a better. And then and then there was it early you act to 34 nom at 283 days I have lost or if you're in now at a C three inches he can't feet. And I should go to our face that paid gentler because their videos in fact some of the radiant charity can definitely got their chicken out eight PW planning. And still happy to get a bright orange shirt on today here AFL. You know that just kind of makes everything scanned that when it's bright norm and no one to feel like I was in the construction zone. Color range you guys go it's got to want it bad let's fight yeah it's for right or you can use me idiot I wish this was following. Every doubt can be a big pumpkin Fisher made down twelve pounds lighter not mine I say actually they its workload was at 234 non maturity now kangaroo doesn't like sixteen pound I now I know should be and I got. That only got eighteen more pounds to lose keeping net not a good start over then. They need is our analyst at dean early -- well known on I may go a little bit I want to get to 200 once I reach that then I'll see physically I'm a little guy 52 you're gonna got to pay and that failure ormat AM you know embattled at all don't look anti all the time fell. You add debonair and man you lack of well how are my third zero let me ask you you are listening to 8 PM the help for home section we like I your home and Alan F. Tenet is late to back at our Jim grabbed me and handsome you are. Fell we've allowed to give me tips and talk about things that have important ask who that you know leave ready gebbie plumbing heating and cool link. And data for over fifteen years in the night Charlie severance everyone here in the candidacy that trail and surround dean. And metropolitan area we have about an hour radius around a centrally located offense here. And so let you have any planning heating cooling needs and actually get a PW call we appreciate you listening to our shell Inky just to again. I think trip I asked them hopefully we can entertain you I think for me ill. Now which is what we love to deal and I guess in our own special way you know you're now the Nostradamus. It's easy. Or plumbing I guess it would be master Donna yeah I am making predictions. You get that. OK last weekend what was our show on Amazon sump pumps and what happened on Monday. And you tried actually looked at the wed there ant hill and our print a little bit about how we're scheduling our calls then talent out there and does not only help me unfortunately. By that yes so we are in fat unseat incumbent upon her really clicks the critics have come on again today for antenna transition game. You know on the thrown under forty exactly filled with fat cons again if you're if you ever wonder what if some punt is within your lap he. That means that today you probably haven't had the need for line. But for the I'm lucky homeowners at wet basement here's basically the skier. At some outfits in that eighth meant either that and ask you need they need to our and the key to the submersible pump or but the lower. And it comes that the water they collect NSA a skinny sucked they say and discharging it at the technical where to. Are basically just pumping it out and away eight from your home out doors. And sell wine can be Superman's face of course he would want to call company like aid EW planning he ankle laying. And to make sure that we can take care of all your wider problem if she is. They they don't content bigger issues in the basement with routine and valuable to bring any member about Billy yet for yourself. And mole the mill deal those types of cost and and we never ever know that they're gonna happen then and laugh you now of course we get the second rain. And down another great feature don't look into here and then and I keep it at that point I know you wanna talk about the battery back that which allows the unit to function eat and tearing their power outages. No lab testing here are some popping your pomp. Regulate we only suggest doing Nat ion and you may. Make sure that and now that's functioning in the wider doesn't flow back. In tear base was gonna say we keep talking about replacing some pumps however we do install brand new systems where. We actually we actually cut the concrete dig the hole put the basin and that we do everything for you so you don't have a sump pump. Play however you know as a moisture. And you'd like at some point we do that Renny are sort of point that out I don't think we ever bring that up LA and as better than Jack camera hungry right exactly and soundly. Did is now adding that. And Phil for anybody who needs to replace eight. That town with eight new found pump or. I'm they did need a whole new some eight Fenway and his compound where in eighty a hundred dollars off. Just mention a radio show and get on the otter that Torre anywhere you get savings is important to make sure you. Did you every coupon you can't sell 400 dollars not mess up proper place next. And oil that brand new Sam pumped forty ill at calling eight. 91 Marie. Eighteenth have 660091382. At 6600. Out. You gotta die Dixie different dot com and that's a net. A former Maryland act teel at your earliest convenience you know it doesn't seem like spring but everywhere or I drive. They are putting out all the plants all the mulch everything's going at dawn get ready got access it seems like it did they are way ahead of us something gets. It just seems like everywhere I go now on out I don't like not feel like learning and play any pain I had a purple pants I should not be tacky that the current if you're not here may eighteenth or something if. That I like remembering I think solid summer America but yes the I don't try to become frost free that's the no frost date so yeah we. We never get frost after that however. Usually around he'd roll beginning of April that's when I start doing all my stuff and I think a lot of people do you also brought a falsely guess early and play. It is April bring about a length that covering April showers and breezy Allard may accuse Britain and you Dez bring me flowers tricky third day there. And the eight X check on that sat happily be happy do that Dorian I'm a funny inspection that daddy you would be at great value for. That's really taken the edge outlook check SM pump along with other issues. Are not issues that are in the home. We also while Graham parent that planning inspection a hole pump planning inspection will delay had to water heater flash for Gil Brandt. A low priced at 99 dollars to just get up to Colin that. And we go ahead and take out that a whole hum planning and action or yell. And four and and check that fat content nature did you deaf relay and make sure that it's ready to go. A Fuller rainy season hit fat and has its attorney conduct search and Terry here sound system for the ones using don't. Get a lot of rain so they don't check him. Those are the sump pumps up then yeah if that ten year flag and you hear people experience that last fat. And then there's handgun upright now like Al MacInnis I never any love it ever flag and then I'll that rain came and that son Eric. Like in do you look like later in the season now the Ollie can make sure they're prepared take care we are valuable. And then like he Nike tattoo that neither shows mold milk bill and it it they can terrorize. A home. Waved the ungodly cocky idiot if she knew every move that type items gathered so I think. That is the toughest thing as being a consumer which we are also and everyone listened. Is you don't want to spend money unnecessarily. And so we procrastinate because we're like you know what can hold off we got other money to spend. The problem as is when we don't maintain it. He repair cost that we have to spend is so astronomical sometimes it's just too much easier and better. She just pay somebody to come out it'd take care but look at it again or if you're gonna go up they're just put the work and do yourself. One of the two that's why you hire a contractor right yes you don't wanna do and you don't know how till. So one of those you need to go do because you will suffer and nothing's worse than waiting for insurance checks or stay in hotel rooms or the restaurant. While at the hotel rooms those are critical. I can't say literally half a number like three months. Yeah that's what you a lot of that go on. It's over a little bit a month I told you my dad he now for me until I don't have to you at a wanna act like me or sell. Yeah nuggets it gets expensive and some blogs they have a tendency you know the you don't use them except for every once in awhile and over time they have a tendency to you know not work when you Needham and that's why you pre check if you just joined shell AP gebbie laugh. Help for Holmes sits with the unity for that I Dixie will pretty Obama warning orange and that anywhere in a bright orange shirt today which some pounds and eight is necessary TU. And maintain your sent they came under some pounds so we recommend only to enact an annual every year basis. I'll get a hundred dollar dot bullying in any replacement. Oh are asking your yes you are in any replacement. And an. As a fat pound and Dan was taken into that he kind this is coming upon that even then. That felt ponds are used more often that they can these all yearlong their again what it is and what is doing fortieth pumping water from your basement out and wave from the home. And down for that moisture that collects data in the basement. And any of that flash playing they sleep and sometimes we have the power outages cell battery backup is almost as important. As the initial sump pump and they think itself. Definitely think that you wanna looking TV free ask demands on says I'd n.'s as well by calling eight. 91318. Bad. 6600. I'll. We go to die Dixie different dot com and put in it says form they aired each taking care at. We are hot today easily happened healthily now went three to pat 6600. And we do have a whole home on inspection I think it gave the wrong price earlier net at 125. Fill out a ten to water heater flash will maintain and check out that some hot. And data items in the home for you are great now he called commentary you've fat 6600. Dixie looked across to keep Ford you're looking eighteen Gabby how per home we'll be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back TPW pool plumbing heating and cooling go for homes not in key foreign currencies pixel and they about the scene there and I like them both on the radio like that but then it like hit it fat. I won only you know that watching that video. I guarantee you that what they say that the videos make you look like he gained forty pounds video you talk and that caused watching the video when your rubber recording already life. Phil we've heard gather at last thing is according night anything else it's that his feet and and he can't be funny and heating and cooling page which we encourage hated it could have got and the great Stefhon Hannah need to scroll down and to tell but don't don't they say it because you've gained forty pounds sort of looked like we only did it a bright orange shirt and I looked at least forty pounds heavier that clay I like much skinnier and let your contracts construction guy today or something I don't mind that I like Reynolds and I hammered -- -- gang at Roland Martin as a offenses and is coming out don't you would go to retire I may do that it didn't you rose and is actually you know what that's pretty tough work you know it's in the harder you literally could lose your life and as. Jobs because of curry the drivers. The loan in this patent may have had a bad idea there. How good internal. But some are not any. And is getting. To be getting it done or not. We are talking about and getting ready for rainy c.s then and you'll win that. When proper consent hot information and he air and damp course have you not even sure what F sump pump is that that's usually a good paint because he never had a lighted basement. And win the moisture coming in from either an underground or excessive rain a flash Blatter war you know any of that type of staff. Like adding I guarantee you you'll be touched by at some point in your life. And get your homeowner and then played they think is never anything that you have when I go through on TV think about anything it's down there and that would heat and restore. Or Anderson passion arcade I mean act mainly lives in our basement as well yes I do are literally all of living in their right now order in the major remodel of physically at her home silly ball moved. To the basement as her meet remodeling upstairs. I am gonna hit couple bedroom to downstairs and soul of course we wanted to take advantage. Products that will protect that area. That potentially could lead because green and that's lace up top we do for you pump the water out in a way eight from the house. And GAAP battery backups are just as important. And they specially if there's any at power outages which absolutely do happen to make sure about. Power outages and storm systems that are gathered in Indianapolis like so we will make sure that where you know informing you that we did free estimate all the time actions are reading writing a lot of some pop calls how what the reasons why I actually got down Michelle last two weekends because. Up folks are radian to interior and make sure the rest of Kansas City and they surrounding areas there in tune to it as well to major you know that you can take care that found that make sure it didn't maintained each should be looked at once a year. And it's just out of sight out of nine you'd never think about it quite all right. I'm a source here forged a reminder of alarm going off in your hand. You can call eight PW cloning he -- eat there again for Jeffrey S&P don't have one or you need to replace the one you haven't. And we do have a 100 dollar off coupon and and burning insulation for that. In addition that we do have a whole home on the inspection for 128 I will go to really make sure all planning appliances are working Nino like they shouldn't you're not losing any extra water and adding to that water bill. Welcome to deal out of water heater flash. Ordeal I mean that's just weight in gold and as far as you carry that should be Gagnon and a year late as well I don't make sure that we checked out your sump pump make sure it's working properly and ready for the rainy season. Coming up propped I'm Catholic again April showers bring may flowers for eighth birthday right hey you know Rainwater is naturally soft. For the President Clinton are hard to scintilla actually enters the ground and tell her I don't you know what I like to comment on harness. Rocks from all the. Well now I like our dealers I don't know what you like yeah I. What is it that's why is it's rocks and boulders in your Weiner let's say you see that about my school say there's lack than normal marriage isn't out yet you shake your hand and a bag Arianna. Tough fellow point is absolutely fit in addition hair because we want to talk about. And what are conditioners water sop nursed it and the questions on that people. How did your waiter there like oh I know my waters hardwood I do about it products Steve have we can't say the opposite might I would have smelling water at ISE takes care are literally Lal. Still address both of those questions and much you know about options. And can't see in general and they. Metropolitan area in and surround eerie is that considered harder skinny very hard at what carried your seven grains. A mineral hardness or more and uneasy as well is what they consider Bay Area hard water that you would get an aspirin. If you dissolved it in a gallon of water that's equal to five green cement her hardest. Or 7000 greens is equal to one physical pound of rock that's kind of still looks Smart now how does its own thing and oh yeah did I tell you that Steve Dresser Casey's listening to they hit me in the face. Yeah. Eight through eight. I have some Google he didn't let tear both he hit me in the face a healing they sure act even when our long time plumbers and AT mobile ad yet. I always smiling so lighten the problem picking out in the attic and I said hey can you toss that to me. And so I I get to the my foot and I looked down. And I kept walking and I looked up and boom the item hit me in the face el Al. Part Paul I bet you he would laugh at about that T no no no he's concern after he was like I'm so sorry that I don't see very isn't so I think your tank now and I still I'm steer clear debris is definitely gets straightened my nose may be there again. I Jane and get back from the last time you know independently. You're not about letters operates Malick Steve as light and you're never on time though and thanks for that squirrel monkey appreciating. I'm in the back in the water softener spell it out sometimes and every question that some pounds. A letter sap is something we get questions a lot then what are southerners eat at least als. How much is top of the lying equipment and a Great Valley price okay enact. On the gets just more than bring new rocks and boulders out of the water that damages all your water using appliance then if and they also feel traits your latter still you get that bottle water quality taste right hole Helms that you're not showering and chlorine. Figuring mid those filters from your your shower heads in you're getting about a lot of quality taste right front here. Half profit taken refill those bottled water all the time. And as a Brit pop and then more about latter suffers where to get take another break that went right past Seattle. Connolly do you have a hundred dollars occupied on how installed the water softener for eight. Great product PW has any questions on that call at 9132. Back. 6600. Free estimates on some pop. And replaced or and they knew why he and dad and free estimate on water softener sorry neat England media calling you need any help for hounds on Dixie leopard aircraft safety board. Team we'll be right. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating cooling hope for homes early and keep order groceries Dixie little burden hand to welcome back. No we attacking about a couple topics today so thanks for listening and and guess staying tuned in with its speed just two yen to eight. And Galley appreciated we have not you know what I wanna get a shot at tear Marilyn Woodward she is and we just did a major HH beefy install heating cooling equipment and she's a radio listener. Wanted to take thank you very much for your bed then if me and dad killed the cat she listened to the radio show no just an era at you and I appreciate your business and thanks for being such a valued EPW customer. Zell am not nice can't get a silly and dead heading back to you pat cash again. Tacky about water mainly today and let ever really always and I got a question about that squirrel moment. Can you say that to me it's like you've got to go grandma rat I can't as well not me aspect. And until I understand that because they say squirrels forget 50% of the nuts that they bury or that they store. And every time I'm driving down the road in a squirrel runs into the street pay freeze it scared me and act like and tried not to run them over Gil. Out now and then I would stay straight lines though yeah it's in the country dragon that year tap in nineteen right now I think you'd just keep driving forward Dell we eat. Can did you meet Republican hit the animal feed his forehead it's going into it then it'll what he willfully I'm guessing that's those girls do they stop they freeze they're looking pose at a square. I don't understand no public. The world that you dealing at this world I really didn't think right now see a squirrel stuff and again and I got Kevin Reynolds girls I didn't affect. He did make a big daddy why do you attracted dumb girl I see now why do I track counted down squirrel and exactly. And that passionately and I can't keep background and they did and and settle any laying in ten it could focus back on AP Indy Al brown the F. Her sound comes sump pumps and hardliners or attack and that they now have anything to did that together to our basic topics that. And the beating a lot of calls the opposite recently not currently drives the shell a lot of times are what we have going on eighty. The folks are gig getting ready for their sometimes they had a little damage are ready to send the rain that we had. And down or they know that their rain is coming be Headley now April showers bring may flowers and sell will make sure that the rest of the EU out in Kansas City and the surrounding area. At least service is eighteen about it T. And down and yelled some pumps again are something that to drive them the water away eight firm your basement. And that may collect each day in your basement just idea area. So that's something that you planning issue take care out and then look at feature battery back yet maybe year sump pump isn't work and she signed. Doing what it needs to. Land and lack says that they're problems and that beam. Out of electricity. So when we have the power outages that Barry back at death Kiki and and make sure that your basement stayed dry. We had a hundred dollars off eight installed sent pat. Brent APW take advantage of that keep kind copier free estimate can be happy to command the canal. Actually in other reason you can get AP get the call Whittier current customary when I get asked to try it is for our whole hump on the inspection for 125. Well we did that will check out except pop oriented. Agent it's working properly check out Haney and yet they're what are features in your home kids should there ready. As efficiently you're not losing any water. That would drive those water bills and why our dealing held out we're gonna perform a paint water heater flash. We as well also the great and value of money and time. Great times fever free. Annually as well so we can do that I'll Torre Gil. But if you need a pre guess that we can take care that as well put at some pop out at SNL that's. I have from a yellow hat they're glad I elect to get mad when Perry too fast 6600. What's the number to eat. 9138256600. Is the pop claim sparring has just surrendering to and I got that wrong or troubled. And I had not known guy for like fifteen years and years and it's been it's been over fifteen years and apparently the unit in the mattress just to. July will be your sixteenth anniversary. So we're camping out something coming out for. Can keep that party L 11 I mean you discuss rumors had just unite is for Paula to accompany them that I think has held their sixteenth anniversary for Gabby and not a marriage. Sell and and that's that's too funny too funny expression are ready when you're just working early game plan of salt content. They get a valued at it's funny. Philly really in an entire athletic transition and Atlantic surely tighten up both of these topics in the back segment which is water softener. And gab Hart he needed prank it is not a luxury product is most folks that. And do you damned if they needed product in their homes you absolutely. In and around Kansas City area. Have the Erie hard a water wet very hard water mean if you have made our hardest thing you latter what that means that banning the rocks and boulders. Annual lottery and rocks and boulders murder latter using appliance is. And how do you see it and the profits in shower heads expression when you atoms brain off an all kinds of different directions. Thank you collecting junior came to water heater to think about it retained water heaters and stayed for ten years. Mean the amount and the men are hardest and it's collected over that time the working overtime to keep the real lab narrow hard Neff. Need to get to the watered actually he your latter set your way thing I conduct energy. By having mineral hardy and in your lighter because this is collecting your tank water heater. Yeah moon water expands from heat it has a tendency to release more minerals. So or more sediment it so your water heater fills up sediment quicker and we can any other item sounded really Smart he would pitch out. You know you keep this up I maybe they have three or four good points but I have never done that eleven and they're Smart guy and I've gotten to so far plus the squirrel comment that's maybe three. You ought to write these I ran. Aid badly and I sat at stacked high major thousands I should reap millions thousands of people. We are out million listeners exactly that's not that I had three ELU bringing thousands of people columnists installed thousands of brand and letter softener spur folks in and around canned the same age balcony area you have that kind of I'm. I'm kind of like. I don't know it's like oh what was the country western Charl was were blocked. What's his name Clint Black no no no no older guy passed away. You know brings a fire Johnny Cash a lot of luck or Johnny back right okay got news I'm I'm kinda like Johnny cash's wife to know who she is. Now now you don't but you know Johnny Cash right so you're like Johnny Costello. I'm I'm delighted I'm kind of like the white nobody really knows recycling these houses know who nobody knows what I do or who have. And I like that Dixie camera before a really great people like I gather really night you tacky about 2000 the people's homes right now are being recognized for the radio shell that Joseph Louis cardinals for a moment and I when are you going with that is not even say I'll do I'll go and all were were there is a radio customer. And then Paul introduced myself let's keep Ford that they don't even look at it and even though this lease a what's a Dixie girl like. I don't know you actually think Carol at the ladies Carol that Dixie lady she's it's really nice up as she's incredibly nice and it's funny squirrel and I. And you have then and it thousands of homes here in Kansas City and that is the truth. And you have a cat playing stuff tacked about it and residential water treatment and protecting their homes. And of await firm mineral harness and then hardest dad's. And damage what are using the plane fatigue at 50% longer lie out of your body is in decline since adjust installing a water softener can. And in your home that figure Mecca can't think about everything that Wright is so watered the real. You know you've got to water as we've got here and you taint what Peter Lu techne washing machine your dishwasher I think. That height that ran Alter your home. Manning and Cust went out I sneaker coffeemaker and mean angle on an on know there's a way he destroyed by not remaining mineral hardy inside your home there's. A lot of plumbing tough virtually everything water runs through mineral heart is gonna destroy it we've seen all of that we are Burrell but but I tell you it's still the same thing you know meet. You know when it comes to like having molding your house for air quality are certain things that just bother me Carmen auctions up. Ed what really gets to me is when people have skin issues. A lot of times treated water will help. Repair replace fix whatever it is. Specially like. And I try to Afghan not so writes this is out medical issue even though chlorine does irritate it. Hey you but X amount. Now we're treated water from all my experiences makes a huge difference virtue I keep I can wash somebody's hand once and it and you can see the difference tree water. And actually then he gets to me is when. So issue when I see it Childs. I eat a young they don't who doesn't have a choice. And they are suffering with the skin that really gets to me all the time not think the parents are battered the adjust that's the part Vegas well I know I love that I don't like. That's why we like to talk about what are southerners because first stop most plumbers I can guarantee you 99% of plumbers and every inner viewed at first and I think fifteen years and and doing eat out of my almost twenty years of doing this don't know anything about the water softener OK when you talk about what or something to eat clamored they don't know the information that we see PW. Absolutely and invested I kind of tie and the water softener because what are softener aren't anti plumbing product. Now they remove mineral hardy Nancy and again let you get to 50% longer like -- why are using my appetite a lot every paint. By installing a water softener so I get a slight joke it's the anti cloning project. We know a lot of that we shared more invested in heat and Keener at your home to feel free estimate from AT down below a wider shot we have to get TX. We also comes with eight filtration consistency about a latter quality taste throughout your whole count Colin I'm wondering eighteen fat. 6600. In opt FT day you give us a call any time our. Out on the set at times I surrender the regulatory ATF the F helper hounds of state Tim will be. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating Julio for homes and keep Borden across from me is Dixie will referred to in Alaska and back. How would jump right into our last segment. Don't know because we're so quick hello Kitty Kelley haven't sang it and we truly love you. About at folks home in around Kansas City and gal who just let share any information. I'm got a great topics today with April showers during May filers. We've got some comp. And gags and he didn't know what a sump pump lags so hopefully you learned a few things and that really just a Terry can't you just tuned day and and the hits like TV don't notice some combat bag tag he probably if needed not need one that that doesn't mean they don't need when he near near future. On Fran unlikely homeowners like you said earlier of wet basement tears escaped the some pop is sending it fits in your basement. Usually and I found base. They thin skinny and I thought pumped pumped the water out and a wait for your home accepting that some basement in a discharging again it outdoors. So if you don't have Laing ever had when installed in the home you should really get a free afternoon for making gebbie on the median cool links will be happy to do that for you have a hundred dollar job and right now going on for knack for taking air and they can't get that program. If you haven't sat I'm not sure it's working know that it's not working named GAAP telling get us a call as well and the free hot. In a rainstorm and really wished you would have made that called 8 PM the end to take a hundred dollars off the Korean news some pop. Or you will definitely allowed to helping out and get let's say you're not churn let's say that it's not something you really wanna take that I hear of if you do you take care of yourself. In what you deal is and you know where that some pump in the basin are located. And then go grab some buckets and you literally may dish start porn wider net basic and then you'll know for sure if it's taking time. The strain that water out away from the home and everything seems to be working properly and I can't professional Mountain View that. We're gonna make sure that other connections and fittings are are nice and tight and I gearing TE after long at period of time. The rehab thing he found pot is work and properly backed connection have migrated the loose. So that's something that we will chat as well. I just to make sure that Al the fifteenth and billing T use your sump pump. Are nice and tight and haven't I paraded list just in just usage. You sell debt that can't happen and I gag happened. Sell you can take some precautionary measures we have a 125 dollar a whole home planning inspection we can't water heater flash. Take advantage of that hour radio special look. And Dell will make sure that we deal whole home on inspection with that included some top left at Delhi just speaking out conine monetary eighteen fat 660. Revere Alec and I only 318 that. 6600. Iran into that I would go back to what a true million. And so will you unhappy at the topic intact in water on the other flip side when patty get rid of those rocks in the holders out under wire iron and now hard for. Felt so I mean. The big deal as you read your one easy appliances last picture for up to 50% longer right. You reduce your energy cost your water heater by about 27%. It. To meet what makes the world the difference is when it does for your skin. Yeah your hair out thanks so if you have greatly reduces dry skin an ax none of them are personal testament to that failure and you're like alligator skin without. An accident they get me giant very Jerry skin yeah I definitely a Levy that I don't have to always put lotion on Eaton immediately after. Neither we convey Hayley thank you Natalie. And Natalie do like to taste chlorine don't like the smell of chlorine but after earlier take fifty an and that is also eliminated. With our what are southerners. That is not something that eliminated when what are soccer in general it's that extra feature that our water softener all have included. 'cause we always felt the best equipment and and great people are high yeah it's holding your hand is like holding a really dry and leave on for around in my my personal Daisuke and have a. I kept a magic get in my mind how to snatch that air with our latter suffered no not all you guys don't understand like Hearst game you can literally see. The crevasses that are actually gets so dry we forget to put salt in the water stop now that is something they you have to maintain a month based on a Stanley board did you Arab world with our wires I guess I may have forgotten that a few times however it still works that works great but. That is huge so anything if you beat up the dry skin eczema. You really should consider calling to at least see what it'll do for yet we nothing's guaranteed but it makes a world incredible big. Huge different assets and I say Tia yeah I. Higher maybe and. Finally did get an Afghan. But the thing that most folks think about is and there are what are using appliances. And really protecting them as you do get 50% at 250% on their life. Out your ladder using appliance as your washing machine your dishwasher copy may care ice machine maker taint water heater tank less water heater. On actually take us water heater save right in most of their warranties in the owners man yelled at if you don't have a wider sop married under inhumane and they won't mean. Won't honor the warranty right fell into that and I think app. I did have a guy tell me once that if he would've known. When he found that he would he got a lot sooner he goes you tell everybody about it I said what's that because my ice cubes stops taking. Like literally in a letter socket. That's what he claimed I had no idea he said. Before and at the big ice pick and break up my ice cubes could invade Allen but now that I got a because if you told me that from the beginning I would've got along well you know lead is like. I didn't really think about LA is Jan get that it was a great latter I don't know that any holy latter that you now and again just it does a lot of amazing paying your your calls are really soft yet and he makes a world the difference for your closeup specially if as you know some of us per speier a little bit yeah. You can pay after puberty. Perspiration and kind of hits all about it. Right and so are your clothes because you have our water. You're detergents don't actually get out of your close completely see that's why you smell right if your clothes were clean their could be no smell I think about that. Clothes clean no smell. Your clothes to smell the Camby got clearly played a fragrant you come out of the dryer it is usually a Ferrari grain split. Lee your clothes you chills when you're in the grocery IL. And you know what you when he your close to smash for now likely never cleaned that it will your point being if they were truly clean when he came out of the dry air after being lodged. Libby had a salad honors arena and glad that finale is there an amortizing it kind of cooled at do you think he hits now polls are good letterhead fragrant hitting clean. I think perfume or her at Colin thank you click on act you know it's not something that teen out its fill it means that there stilts. Staff and Derek in your clothes and coming out of the dryer right. My big point though as you how in the summertime when you get all perspiration gaffe and the like sweaty half pay your clothes kind of stick teal and yet can we have soft water rank in your call don't have the detergent. The detergent it's all moist and it's fixed your body it's gonna gross. So PF soft water it's all lucky airy it feels like silky absolutely he hadn't even if he doesn't like to ski in Erie tenth. And an addict in Atlanta ensure our what are Soccer City. I give you bottled water quality taste it renews the chlorine at a chemical safety as she what are some bacteria doesn't growth in the plane at your home. However want to restrict your honey don't need chlorine in your wider anymore that's why we like the taste of bottled water we have I want to dry hole hound. Replenish your own bottled water and faith hundreds and hundreds of dollars every year. By having our water softener eliminating bottled water a cost. That's a great feature with our wider senators having to do that and agreed that eat right for you as well you call perk free after a pattern Alley shop water softener is getting what or shoppers any of com just let me Curtis on the radio 91382. Fat 6600. Now called now or in the op listening to every estimate that up for EL. And milk and no timing also. I'm Marty had a timeout we've got a hundred dollars some pop and special going on as well 125 dollar apple home planning inspection PM. Is the place to beat in the call that went 318 fat 68 and here is the round and were accountants.