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Saturday, April 7th

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Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes this is the show dedicating do you go homeowner for you to experience the Dixie difference if we can help if your plumbing heating your cooling needs give us a call 913. 8256600. Or all the set beat Dixie difference dot com as a Dixie. Now like I'm TVG's Dixie that's right and this is a pita the health round draft luck and let the Mac tell a different intro I know I get. I'd like he experiment here and there. Have we appreciate you lift clean and every weekend we didn't every Saturday so thanks so much for your listeners can't get this the first time we've tuned EN. He never any peony coming heating cooling and the local company residential. Planning immediately she right here in hand we actually service an hour radius to Rainer centrally located off I feel we're eating outside metropolitan. Areas the wealth so we're we laugh going to the world folk she you know we don't believe you Al Phillips you have some. I mean heating or air conditioning has at this time of the year it can be wall three eat. And give us the call and won 318. At six. 00 L. I mean we're like 6570. Degrees on Thursday any now on in predicting snow for the weekend. So all we're all over the place and began and we are your service company and we want to be your service company we are not already look lending every weekend brings you information that two weeks into town Eric throughout the week. Apple products that we eat things that are important and she made. Educate you lying then hopefully that interest DN. And then contending your side tracked on our shell. Tacking about oh where can you family matters is let out of the hour and a lot of those today can I feel I feel like rural folks. I like real thanks rule a world rural folks yeah. I ordinarily I don't even hear an answer Kirk you know. You know Louis Berg's motto is the list heard that maybe this or Kansas right and I heard what they're so I had I do not know that and that tournament tell me. Yes Louis Berger is the place were people choose to live. Yeah paint that profit there then I would do that agreement that is tonight's community down there you know as long as you don't know growing community as long as you don't overlook over Brooke the rate of income and that's that's a small community Taylor a swing pull their little breaks out the city Afghanistan they right now. Hadn't even there yet had their little from the number there'll demand I was twins really get you well. But I like it teacher. So any you let Alison wouldn't talk about Atlanta eighty and T you left a couple of specials broke like I always are really diving off and other topics photographer. You like he had definitely me and we did three to that tee we take we did go down to San Antonio last weekend. And dad's really felt great great great basketball however. Alan go again on our April specials we had if you are looking to replace your furnace and air conditioner. AP appeal in the company should go it can look at it is definitely an April specially shaken dean and Jan. In a 2500 dollar package are getting really absolutely furry little. And McConnell purchase an attorney for an air condition coffee a furry Ashton meal cost no obligation and he decided is something that's always have financing. Basically again 2500 dollars off bread taped. They air quality package at bringing guillotine for free that combo purchased again 9132. Fat 6600. You console right now we're in the offense and we need to set up against the that furry estimates. All we need is just a little bit of your time to go over make sure we look at proper and low calculation inside the home properly for their earnings and air commissioner that you need for your home. And it isn't necessarily. What you having your own thinking necessarily why you need now for your home. And downlink each of them asked at patience he backed safety and more important than Basque comfort. For your home. He cooling now days and in the last just five years has totally changed to in the industry. We can really giving you great efficiencies great safety and more importantly great comfort. In your homeland how many people actually work in their home now. And dabbling you know gain in really doesn't have to be comfortable in their homes would eliminate that hot and cold spots. Again just a free after the 91382. Fat 6600. Couple more my go over a hundred dollars off an installed. Sub comes from a PWA. Showers during May play worse so make sure hey your basement is protected wager some pop. And if you don't have warned will write nanny get a hundred dollars up from eight PWL. Also Andrew angle for they battery backup you can use 100 dollar coupon for the battery backup pump the well from a 91382566. 00. Indiana it is time to start thinking about your air conditioner clean and safety check yes I know it's cold it's hot it's cold should he decide what they want to do you. But you should definitely make sure that you're getting ahead and on the schedule 159 dollar radio special air conditioner safety and clean chat. And I he needed you tell her office she heard on the radio that 125. Dollar value per only 189 dollars column I'm wondering. To have 6600. Now only be happy to take care of that. Now a little later in the shell and attack about our whole home cloning inspection and that includes a tainted water. Leader flash while Phil I'd expect that some pump as well that's for only 125 dollars grant tech at that little bit later in the shelves statistic easier there what patty and lot of people calling 8 PM before that take you been into that whole home plumbing inspection wind. I take into what are heater flashed. Only 120 not dollars that each and package deal. And the tight especially if you give me out there and a young and you're always the deal here typical. Tyler William LU argued field the only given extra free either way that flannel is like in the you really got to deal keep goes out there yet but and he gave me hugs they like anything in your hunger to. The Philly LA yes says that Lenny detect about a few things and you keep they you am I really like to talk about some clinics that we ran because we think. Ill if one person's handling this type of problem. There's lots and be in and around Kansas City who are. And Il who have and are experiencing similar problems. And we had a lady actually in the left buried at night you laugh. Helped tear recently there was a little spurt eleven Melinda. None on all there was a great course will tour in Duisburg obviously he was amazing nanny I out I didn't get Demeter about we are in the house and shed quotes everywhere general quilting area numb. Moon she had blue ribbons up to this lady was. Good yes I mean like a really good like the old time nine mom unless I. I heard that my mom the quilt terror bank and yet she definitely little that this lady was amazing it was cool I was checking a doctoral but he did get to speak to her husband okay but he night I don't Iranian act now because she's really great she is a panacea but decided that was my quilt or lose our tank our rank. So Tom you're the call that we went on and it's kind of an interesting call. The reason we're bringing this up is to help you be able to diagnose issues that you have in your house. Say so I goad to say they called. And they have had a plumbing company out of their house. And now they're coming camp right now AT&T previously believed her sink out after them this thing just declare by. I didn't know that's when I was going on those as a result one of the service six we have to go other. So. That we get up to the house and she's like. I had my water heater replaced. Eight and which we spent 2600 dollars when and how they came back and said. I need to spend another 500 dollars till she may overpriced and I'll lean on potential and yet you know what I don't like to say that because everybody have different values a reference to a tank so. I abut time. So what she's talking means you like but I still have a problem in my shower. Link OK with getting hot lie well. Actually gets hot water she does however think there's something wrong with the water heater and I don't wanna call a company of again because they haven't taken care of me. And they were placed a couple parts on the spread new water heater right. Let's hope it's for a ten to water heater that style from Aerosmith was actually it's a good water heater. It's kind of weird that they have problems with that after a couple of years only. Like a year and almost a blessing Earl grant and so they've replaced available parts on their. So like OK and so calm pastor what happens you as well when I take a shower it's hard to. And then that as a very quickly is the shower goes. The water starts us or to lose hot water gets colder colder and have to turn the valve hotter and hotter it gets colder and colder and then I have to get out the shower than a few minute Wellemeyer. And I find Yancy gets hot Larry issue right additionally she says she's a testy tonight however and here is the key in this is the part of history of you would remember. I asked her very important next question which was. Do you have that problem in your other bathroom may NGOs now. And military said it's not your wanna hear that can't be right and that's what you guys always have to remember some people who owned water treatment systems people I have water heaters of any sort. If it's an individual's seat that you have any types of age issues with. Or or let's say it's a couple sinks in certain parts of the house. It cannot be the main item. By IC with pressure a lot also were people's sake. I'm covering a harsher issue into my bathrooms so I think there's something wrong with my pressure regulator like and now that pressure and I get I have water pressure yeah or could be that be I don't soft water and and two of my faucet to right. You don't think it's you can't have specific yours water does it recognize different a different. Sinks like I'm gonna be soft and not only here I'm going to be called their faith but isn't. Numbers we kind of forget about that rightly so when you're dealing with your house you need to remember. Is if you have a whole house problem and needs to be your whole house race and I know we're gonna go break don't get back to kind of finish a bill or what. Am actually got to figure out doing nothing how do we solve her problem in her shower action if you have prom thing your shower where you have to keep and moving the valve to get hot water and then this is going to be an answer for you right after the break. Plea deal your fingers PD AB help for Helms. And I'm Dixie Wilford in a press -- Ford a couple of April's as special before we dealt with the color if you're looking to get a sump pump for your home at a hundred dollars opulent you know you heard it on the radio. We also have a free estimate for you if eniac Kumble purchase of furniture and your nation are giving away 2500 dollar air quality package. But I can humidifier Roxy for air filtration or eleven filter out kinda stuff there to help deal. Furry yes man called 91382. Fast seeks to zero the early getting things now shout out at eight PW plunge in the at gmail.com. Stay AT and it will be backing Jack. And moment. Hello and welcome back to TPW plumbing heating and cooling liberals are in key border crossed me is the due to look for you and welcome back of the keyboard. What you gain and welcome back you're aiming dot com it's the Dixie different stock commonly people that I know on that he had will lack of sure we appear now I have. Guide dot com and Dana I do I later it got it down at spiny. And India via friends that we attack it a lot topics that we're trying to talk about getting so you don't confuse you do much. Alert by switching up the lead got a lot of steps that and we got on the AG and gas. Laugh segment Lou gain just to recap poorly and I do I do have a way to solve them not being confused with that is that. Every time I speak just mute. You do that you just learn and exert Portuguese you will absolutely get all of the mound no no that's Niger ventured out in lots of great valuable information because you're just sharing the bite of information last regular typing not a customer we just saw the other day. That an issue that we see quite a bit actually they think there's something wrong just to recap with their hot water heater yet another company out eight. Sold our hot water or hot when I hear what are heater and I mean. And she thought there was still some issues with it says she kind of hung our hat on that company and thankfully she called eight PW only now. And you were explaining in Chile that she 'cause in her shower. She was losing hot water in her shower but that was the only place that she was losing hot water every other phosphate house. Was getting and that's how water in the domain and that it required. Or what was then put until it fell you're explaining that what doesn't know one difference at the other mean and and it didn't have it wasn't going to be the water heater still at that. Where we're laugh still Wear white gay. And just to clarify I really feel but the seat a lot of plumbers they don't get a lot of additional training right they know how to do plumbing. Let diagnosed seeing is it necessary suburb that with the ace up a lot of plumbing company spent a great diet deal of time with. And that's why am I on the field so much is these small things is that the key question was does it happen everywhere else. And she's like yeah all and here's how utterly out of gas in it doesn't happen anywhere else it's the small questions that help you figure out what's going on so. What we wit we went upstairs to her shower. And she said while he read the shower and the Todd. Any said they were hooked together so. When we ran out of all hot water and I didn't understand the whole explanation as I sound like a durable and Johnny Wright I delicate stop there let's files like Evian Jenny died not me DL when it or we're never had a man the company Taylor right. But he he did did the gallon test which is running hot water and to a container and are seen how many gallons you get. And that gives you an idea pure filling up your water heater however. The Europe your tubs are and I mean except for the hot water line they're not hooked to the same dolls I guess it could be that and most master bedrooms bathrooms or not. So I'm I turn on the shower or lead a hot. And I said this is already knew her turnaround hot and see how long last and it went for 1520. Minutes and just pure hot no cold. And I was like. It halfway through she goes my shower would have been Donna ready wise and earning a hot water and is it what it is is your bitching about. But you're mixing it up inside the wall what you're doing you're setting yet but it hit its failing. And so it's basically working on the non scolding it's sending cold water. In to your valve and every time you move that. If it's gonna mess it up and said watch this is who still appear on. So I said I'm just gonna move the mixing bow just a little bit article about actually said what she would adjusted to what easy take a shower on. So she had just today you know it happened at all water clay and went away went away now within seconds she knows it's broken again. Not the water heater it's natural leader at the mixing Balfour in the wall that needs to be replaced right and that's one of the key things when you're dealing with plumbing HPC. Any of these types of items. You have to remember is this the furnace the air conditioner and the water heater the water softener the pressure they cannot. See the difference between. Different areas Milan Marion Mardy had a right. And let's there's a problem with the pipes themselves or they are or or your dock work. So when you have a single problem it RO do you have a room that's a bathroom or something that's failing. It's typically that specific item and not the wider heater in my eighth which is an Anna when you're about to empty ill. Is that. That she thought she needed a new one here. And another company and fortunately shoulder lack hater and she didn't need yet not sell as. And she didn't. And I understand the mistake but they were being thorough enough with their questions and in their investigation. And then they kept doing service calls on that water heater. So now I did you see you know I called the AO Smith and I said hey this is when I got AO Smith is a manufacturer. Of water heaters like they make a lot of the tank water heaters under different names. And so I I asked dumb. You know you and actually came with a name like I keep Ford. How happy I'm meal or snack actually I think this a manufacturer. Of paint. Peter all across the world how happy I think they said handsome and high hand pump I think. And so of these are the story that you are mounting a guy who's working itself but English so I asked him and they said you know. I double checked there's no lockout there's no codes on the digital board and they say there's no way it's our water heater or is that Iger that. But I see or did they shot nature with the customer to make sure she saw here here's what the company saying it's not your water heater it is your mixing it up. Because water heater again with installed less than a year ago she thought of with a lot of here because she was losing hot water in her shower. Back to drill all investigation and we found Guillen wasn't a water heater and what he was trying. Got it within eighteen valve in your shower so if you have to kind of constantly moved in making now over our our schedule out of there in a short period of time a short period of time very up. And it EA could be your child most likely. He picked well then that's what we got into while what did you see you know I involved her great deal is this issue is very obviously emotional. An album and this lady is talented. Did she did some plumbing work warehouse which was better than some plumbers are tonight so she's a child and very intelligent lady that's just oh you did really good work. And I must say that because your sex being a female and saying it because anybody doing you did really good. But what we went in they cannot beat her in a Russian train Friday the price. Always actually has been in some plumber who bring but that's all we got into I started to bring up an ice and you know what as I was dealing with your stuff. You have dry skin don't you. And she does like Indiana app that should be having a hard time cleaning your stuff she is yes how do you now is CDs shower glass doors like. And Shelby I said because I'm watching your shower head and some water runs going in some turtles I. So old. You have men ardent problem we're gonna talk about this year and we get Mac. And to those and then their problem that we Lenin draft that we have really adhering to end the city is men are Harden as a very hard wire I just rocks and boulders annual water through anti about more of that had a taking care then eliminate that. And with more educate you let's. Get the help for home that he will appear across to meet key for. Questions or how many of the year planning equally means college and I'm wondering eighteen fat 6600. Lead back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes armed keep sport across from me is Dixie Wilford and welcome back Haiti getting help for hound where have and planet in stadium today and we are glad you're enjoying acts. And when ever your endeavor is as your driving around journalists need your computer we give every weekend bringing you information and ballots. App on just heating and air conditioning products and we think a teal one and help we try to keep these things fi channel as well so their current up to date. And if you have any need to within planning key an air conditioning help that you reach out and get a PW plumbing heating cooling com. At 91318. Fat 6600. Or go to die Dixie difference dot com. And gala be happy have you experienced the Dixie different. Like get paid before we get into Waterford and yeah this and that was her big price and actually it was Lee's summit. Which is weird because Lisa middle water gotten harder for what I remembered those like 1112 greens Harden if he runs like really really glad you weren't I think the last segment Alienware with then. And tagging Matt Kutcher anyway he diagnosing issues that should have seen the pair of mixing and Alvin shower. And and some a lot of these problems and Richie and eight. Brown mineral heart NAFTA I eat rocks and boulders in your whiter. And we even live in an area where we do have extremely hard water around here so be if he weren't didn't know that this month telling EL. I'm Lian testing water all over Kansas City water softener is. And and to do or men are hard Nef if you well. And down is also anti cloning project tech can joke about that it really is the anti kind product how ad search PW weekend always believed in giving you the best quality product educating on how I just take care of your home should it weaken earned your trash on how to take care of your home you gonna trust us with all and be your plan heating and air conditioning needs. A water softener will absolutely 100 1000000% protecting your appliances in your home I can't meaning more direct and act. And statistics show they get to 50% longer life out your water using appliances neat thing that water runs through what in the hot water heater. I keep saying how I hear you wire heater or how I make fun of an outright boy aren't that. And then hey you know you're happy meager sneak your your obviously your height your prostate here shower heads. And dishwasher washer machine thing about it is you would never play the rocks and boulders in your dishwasher. Or in your washing machine or take showered rocks and boulders Haiti here. It's not something that you would deal however if you don't have a water softener. Every single one appeal is doing that right now and you can take advantage. Of very moving knack throughout the whole home. I'm best team in something that would take care of you your family and your investment of your home and why isn't. Plaintiffs by investing in the water softener they. So real quick get out what that cleared up on that note note that are on a pedestal for a moment and I tell you you're you were really clear and I. So what so there's two things or talk about. Is like forget that you're Tagamet I exceeding that run right or I can't can't get to. But I. A picture of a certain area. It got OK now I didn't know that yet. I don't blacking out or Jack Black I went and I feel like you see my home I and the lack it then well it's more of you to have a lot of money or a lot of power okay. 'cause they're glad I was such a thing there is like ten places and won a Canada has one where there's this whole stretch. But the Canadian government has blocked out it's all blocked up you can't see it okay. Any Jamie bright idea and I know there's two in the Netherlands a cane at what is the royal palace at Canada's biggest their security is so bad there. And they have so much valuable items they don't want seems to be able to look at just in Google map right right there's just one thing that looks like a UFO sitting on the ground in Argentina or whatever they blocked it out. Well it was just cause like tip I didn't know that you could try Google's do you know I think that's amazing I don't know what I have to do wind and made. Our hardness rocks and boulders all are on the median year initial already it's fascinating that. It has to do with locations in blocking out which was her San Antonio Texas no. Blocking out the entire of last weekend right right away so you bring something that. And they. Jack is why would we ever went. We don't know how do I got a brother away crowd I tell you become a I mean come one way they're handling we have gamely down there and CNN Tony L mine and older brother. Has me and vacation home by the way it's amazing you can actually go to BR BR and ranking yourself yet there in the well. So it's BR BR like vacation he I don't know what that they wouldn't I Harvard PR yen at vacation rentals. By an owner or something yet. So I. Got a New Braunfels Texas a rat out the Guadalupe they're very wary stayed he was pretty cool after he got to stay for free sounding minded at mainly discount. And dad then it was just a short drive to San Antonio which was awesome the river watch each Perry and out of college the college T shirts everywhere I mean just like every colleges represented. All along the river Watkins says such nice lead there of Lisa last weekend here led darn cold we got scared and didn't know. Yet we wanna tell that story daily they'll only tell the whole failing that they're going to the final 455. Dollar ticket at least I that was told. And cats and one of the he had every and I married only land like an effort plays to stay yeah. The hole on all six of lesser gunning panel into the final four nose bleed section it's that's fine you're 55 dollars each is so we're like he had where they are. Though the phonetic a feel as at other girl I went to college to win we'd cheered together and not like it's that the KE. Phil and that as she is out playing with her plainly at night. And she has the connection and not because her family lived in vina to O'Neill op says look. And filled that. Uncle had he sticky I dollar ticket fell as we've gotten down there weekend at uncle had not actually secured and they feel like he did I eat. And he and we're gonna need gap a human is that he had never actually met actual game time like three hours to gain time in two hours to gain tech. What I Argentine and milk ticket. Went zero. Vero Gamertag I mean it's game time right now and we have zero to the well all waiting across the Alamo dome walking gift and now old kid or start to crank it up okay well let's. Finish a story because I have to. Brag a little bit about how great of a husband you are very hasn't heard yet so we're all gonna walk to a restaurant you watch the game and I looked at Dixie and I said you know what they EU we didn't come all this right hobbling in the daddy not for some of us to see it great and so I think you'd take you. Cooper which is our twelve year old and Alec which is our twenty year old right right sell because Allah you're like fires there. A fun night you you can't you link says you you should Gallo and then Allen between old and maybe got fired from his Price Chopper job. Because he didn't have a shift covered and then chipper brag ever went in his class that he was gonna go into the final full hour right sell well I I guess they. Here's the money that we have to the other tickets. You go get in and you guys way. You've got into three and you Landis scalper hanging around thank goodness for a gave them my front runner box and I went to the restaurant we did get a lower level great tickets. Now only defeat Villanova and him the whip up on the. However however I can at least say that I did see the Winnie and he met you know what they did god where Taylor driving back around the San Antonio Monday night. And Dow we're listening to the game Villanova that playing in May she gan and we were joking and maybe Matta did joke but at least they you know we're having PT SD. You know the only joke. Nights and because they were herb you know whip up on Michigan just like they with death by K Ian said he didn't eighty games it was aids stag. Airing lots or are staggering when you for Villanova and both games. And they deserve the land the cell good for them now they dedicated really got the funny part and that will give back to actually arming and he had just upon their leasing back the funniest part of it is. You guys know we're doing remodeling. And so we've been looking for doors for seven months you can write seven I combine several months he has seven a yes we've been looking for door a friend. A lot of my new horse cost a lot of my L. Your like or I telling her that I can we still have my ideal. I'm gonna get injured or making because that's where all the money that can't right. So we're driving through Houston and there's Houston discount doors and right so we go there and we buyer door in Houston and how to chip just. It was still much cheaper. I don't know they're I don't know where their make those doors to their head guy cheaper than anywhere else there's Claudia Florian. We're allowed when he showed that the action actually what they Cilic got your let's get the help for homes and keep ranked eight PW plumbing heating and laying and we got more tactically what attack the malady guilin off topic their permanent but before I deal. And we had to rendered at the break your soon I wanna remind folks at a couple specials that we have going on for the month of April we have a hundred dollar coupon opera and installed some pop a hundred dollars off the battery pack gets up pump. From eight PW Alina is the opposite one million herta on the radio no honor and a hundred dollars off. Call 91318. Fat 6600. Link yes and I it's time to start out at 59 dollar air conditioner safety and clean check. The weather's been all over the place the call now to go ahead and teacher appointments secured for the 59 dollar air conditioner safety and clean check just like him and no the Curtis on the radio. I went there is a team that's 6600. And last but not least. We had a great April special attorney 500 dollar air quality package that you absolutely free with the EC earnest combo purchased. The comp for your free estimate with Ollie cap finance paint just a quick point and will be able to get all that information 913. DNT. I have a 66. 00 I'm Dixie Wilford impressed me keep boarding your rest until 8 PM be help for home we'll be back. Hello and welcome back eight VW plumbing heating goalie hope for homes I can keep poured across from me is dancing Dixie will per colleges in the drinking over there unless you allow you hurt you we're fanning club felt like infant to that in the intent and it no longer restricted Indiana I narrowly now you're really holding up really well PG make an Indian for a new yearly in Miami and her. That's adversely to fill the red for listening to eight. A hundred dollars up April showers bring may flowers a hundred another name spelled some Contra aid Pete Elliott just when you heard it on the radio. And our folks there in the opposite will honor that hundred dollars off. And if you need to get that some pomp and replaced complementary. To that 6600. And amber rates especially it's super excited about it our air quality gauge. We have billing nine you get absolutely. Free with a combo purchase of up furnace and air conditioner cough for your free cash connect. There's never cost at any thing there's so much information and the contract provides for EU. On the great efficiencies. Great safety and great comfort for your home. And with the wonderful laid a treaty is changed over especially again the last by the years of technology is there really incompetence in on heating and cooling and and clinics. Still get ticket into the 2500 dollar air quality package absolutely free with the Kabul purchased furnace and air conditioner. All our profits are right now before you forget 91318. Fat feet 6008. Go to die Dixie different and dot com. And delegate happy that out there as well. And then one last change. And is that people start to really think about their whole home planning and that whole hum planning inspection and what we're after eighteen to water heater flash. Per 125 dollars so what would you like to save money and minimize on costly damages light gebbie plumbing he's calling you ready to inspect your whole home. For potential plumbing problems and say EU money back fixing them before they become a disaster for your home and a wallet. And look at data to think paint water heater flesh that's a tying. Sucker right airline SAD gap Maury yet. And gag you now have to worry about it at all I says Heineman sucker hit the tying sectarian I am emergence and they want. It's a bit carried eighteen fab sixty nearly they are the number account to get that tiny sec earth ain't taking care of us how to buy dollars total planning inspection. Like today you know I joked about B I say handsome all the time they hear Hanson like I can't tell me I'm and it's very simple your act. He and some not well thank you don't let. I probably should actually saved yet now I felt I latest company to be quick. Yes tiger hired the islanders and laughed nervously at your agenda brother let that he you know she had the death Cooper's friend went and. There's a lot but we were at the I'll work kids do the sound baseball classes in the batting cages and all that work outs up what are we any red fire hello and Canty spark I'd like right now I think that the mission we like it they're actually. One of the guys ST there we just gave up blood they are delta one of these like oh right OK we even had a 995 mission don't know anything about anti. So but there actually is an old a royals. Pitcher in the eighties are the late eighties early ninety's that actually help run the place right. So the next aspect so I had four I knew I had some extra classes from last should that I had paid for that they're saving for me. So I went up there isn't that like to get some some heating classes for Dawson witches are nine year old cousin has a listen to me ready to hit me Manila exactly yet. So an actually what I can go Devern as I watched these classes and then would they have practiced actually make the other dads think I don't talking about by Gordon role you're about all of this I'm just learning to ask Donald told. A tip Ernie Allen I was a minor league scout back to be any and a so I don't think. But it's funny sidewalk at the caddie goes what's the name and I said. Well it's probably under heat. He's really handsome. Board of my cash and the other guy across from goes now I think it's under eye candy. How well you know what I think you're the one who filled out well actually made Eagles are probably dead heat. I can be employed to let. And so you aren't that defendants to like the the tip your Jill and then to get another stat. Try to unite and got your own humor you know I'm so glad he shared that story so that now there's two people in the world again that your team around like NFL yes so hopefully legion you hide just that is like on par tomorrow bra right now. That's Zell. I'm only two places we plug the donut place on a 101 in state line road I made errors and a third yes Daryn and her first checkers it's a family owned paying their good donuts and we don't know than me there I don't know I mean there and made him. Casey sporting club whenever up from 95 commissioning on endemic we don't know them meet their budget like we like himself Ari that's our show so. Doorway raw. A eighteen I went back typical homecoming inspection right are Phil black things happening at the capitol with that fail our white using appliance Timberlake has its own chef do you think well I wish carried the specific right there's three in an income that is why you wanna do a whole homecoming inspection to make sure you're taking care of these. Major three items that were wreak Havoc on all your water use in the plains as your pipe so that its staff and one of them quickly because we're gonna run anti and that. Wedeman is pressure right ear pressure spikes that happened in the home. And still make sure that you have the dual gauge at pressure regulating valve can be important in a working wind and as important anything eighty her and PSI is at two I heard it's basically sea land that deafening blow that eighty PS I. And Dell wanna make sure that we check York. Pressure wrangling now major working properly T stop those at pressure spike that happened in the home of when they happen you don't know you just start having failing. Appliances that wreck. And remember there's a difference between having good pressure in good water flow and I hear this all the time it's one of the complaints I get cheaper like. Lot of while my pressured changed because I don't have good enough pressure now know you don't have good enough water flow. Because that together all the plumbing in your house can run it sixty PSI NB more than strong enough right so if you feel you have bad water pressure and make sure on well water out the rule areas yeah Greg. They got Porsche he's running around they then it's most likely your water flow until you have to get separate between those two diesels are two different things in their pressure formerly and then. And rocks and boulders of mineral harshness of lent out about earlier in the shell. Bad tagging you would never take a Sharon to ten boulders take you there when you have a hard water men harnessing what happened you would never put racked singled urging new dishwasher your washing machine. You're happy may care that dad's three had to make and do you why do you think I deserve that and constant exposure of heating rocks and boulders into those appliances they will fail. How cutting a water softener will DB to 50% longer light on that hot water heater I think to get the water heater actually fell let me make sure that tad that's something you explore PW we left talking about wider shot nursed. And we GOP it's anti plumbing product most companies don't like to talk about what or shop our eight PW definitely does we want to help protect your home and get the most out now you want using the plaintiff. Number three in fat and I felt he had that action dirt in your water can actually recap they only got sample solutions to help take care that is well. You can college PW for a whole home planning inspection that includes a ten to water heater Fleischer 125 dollars and folks that is a wonderful deal we're gonna check all of your. Cloning appliances in your home and check that sump pump is well 'cause April showers bring may flowers make sure that you are getting those taken care and get them ready for Andy's April showers that come up actually last summer the summer shower Hearst. So glad they can recap it for awhile you're not making sure your taking care they even though I think eighty gebbie copper pounds I'm Dixie will look for across meet people were. A couple of reasons to take advantage of the 400 dollars not installed some sound from eight. Now call 91382. Fast 6600. Our cost for the I've Leonard air. Quality pack age more free with NEC earnest combo her chance. Free estimates 91318. Fast he fits in here they're like I think how can take advantage and that's. They definitely he'd act and we're out yet the great race for the weekend take care.