APW Help for Homes 04.28.18

APW Help for Homes
Saturday, April 28th

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Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes this is the showed dedicating do you go homeowner for you to experience the Dixie difference if we can help that they need your plumbing heating cooling needs gives a call at 913. 8256600. My name is keyboard and across raids to fuel word. Meanwhile them back to eight PW me appreciate you listening every weekend. You are shell about planning heat and air conditioning and dad. If you look at things that are usually off topic. And keep it I'm ready PW plumbing heating and cooling and yes we're married couple as well Philly and boy too much time together. And we get ready to either steel which is an amazing amazing pack right I think. Like right across. So I am I have some off the topic stuff today well. Normally it's not me normally Q right no no it's never me and the went keeping us on topic can we do have some great staff so before you start going crazy here I do you want to remind folks in April special could April's almost gone folks and we've got a great Satan is still if we have got a great weekend I've just tack about that for a second. We have tennis together and they are involved didn't. Just about everything we we're a little over involved there in soccer and baseball this time in the air. Personal lack act like every app is because we've been standing in freezing rainy cold wet hair. And the last few weekends has spree and decided it didn't wanna show up so she has now decided shot and so we have a fabulous weekend. And Phil help everyone's enjoying and eating those outdoor things started to occur spring has to be as she about I don't own claims that because it's in Allen and Adam and tackling previously though it's not that we. It would be Dixie yeah well he has a lot of kids and a lot of stuff. He is just a guy who you support you definitely get. And you help me get under way they need to get Al fentanyl. And he would gladly have a good weekend on Matt and and I can't really media giving up attack I don't even know where I was going down the special for the Montel we're over we got a great special yes beautiful weekend because here he is back at. And spur you decided to show up and dad keeps you have to look if you really wanted to find out why you some great price is being on replacing your furnace and air conditioner. And isn't great candidate called the officer right now because we have eight free 2000 dollar package its air quality package. And that we would he be for absolutely for free EL with a cobble purchase of a Turk furnace and air conditioner call clear free after that right now learn more about it now 13 DT pat. 6600. Are being added that Dixie different dot com Eileen has let me answer Colin just find it yet time that works best for you and then you folks coming your own best judge of whether or not eight he'd be happy with your purchase in the furnace and air conditioner. But need to take a manager of all the great product that we provide and that. Air quality package that not only give you Greek smelling fresh air throughout your home but literally killed influenza and bacteria. And virus they've killed it even on the surfaces in your house molehill mold milled do you absolutely think all that up calling home my goodness I had that's the thing that tax meet. This time of the year. I felt allergens I don't know why you're out great and Kuwait air quality pound package X specially coming in it's green and it is a really band at the pollen you've been really how I the last week. Fill these out things that you might consider only in addition and these all add on that you have to purchased more ET all absolutely free eat. In the month of and April and I never April's almost and Eileen you must just call. Now when curry too fast 6600. If you're worried about will I made. Don't have a way to pay for them if I am you know I don't I don't even know how much many I wouldn't eat. Well first stop working and just keep view option for sale would definitely go find out what your home needs and the kind of things your looking for for better comfort in your home can be absolutely achieve the better compo. Comfort we air your heating and air in your home to get that better comfort all year long. Technology has really coming in and introduced itself in the ATC industry in heating and cooling so hey it's. Why do the right now because there's so much news staff. And we can offer to our customer. Not only in for HD net patient feedback comfort in well. As well Sadie got these hot and cold spots in your home are upstairs is always a warmer in the downstairs is always too cold. We can help alleviate those problems now. And how we can defer beer inexpensive cost that's the part that I land. Exactly it we don't have to add. Had a holding jet bells and whistles to correct those issues technology is really drop as cracking down and he equally and leaking and offer you great package is. To take care of that comfort in better comfort right off the right help. Cell and getting caught not Collins we always have financing great financing. Late nineteen packages. For the referee asked to men on a freebie and air quality package valued at 2000 dollars. And when you purchase a furnace and air conditioner comma for eight PW plumbing heating cooling and I had ash back in then Dixie different it's actually did actually Levys find out. Let it be he difference at all about not monetary eighteen bad. 6600. Go to die Dixie different dot com. You know what what. You're gonna have to have somebody Finland for me and among the many. No black yeah now for weeks now now you know I can no. As you signed me up for stuff and I won't be here and act and I knew that. Mania and I thank get for something wedding just you got me on AM. Clicking here Boy Scouts and cub scouts and go to Bartel. We have this great big event only argument is not gin that's in this June yes she made twenty fit their kids are still in school. Fill in that Arnold trip for boy scout is like. Like two weeks long sixteen day understanding so that's in gene that's two weekends I'll be gone you know then that Dawson has his camp that I go to. I can replace me and I no problem on its couldn't. Quality guest in here to take your life I'm just I don't worry about it Jacob you can bring Jerry can hear you government spot Jake from state farm now check our dog you can gang at Egan ref that out. There and pay as. And match her brother I was good joke that they I appreciate that. So I'm really relevant OK so what are we talking about here today we are talking about you know what the weather the weather really is dripping in AT CE heating cooling should thank. And Abbott got nicer weather so we want you did know. OR and the ease warmer temperatures make has the first two weeks this summer is a win the majority of air conditioners and there's any issues. That's when they shed themselves and they AL and still make sure that your head as the game and you're not one of those you know. Thousands of people heat in and around Kansas City they teach at service as quickly they need because she had and then taking care of the air conditioner cost are 59 dollar. Air conditioner safety and why chuck for eight PW plumbing heating and cooling now I'm 132. Fat 6600. Cat blood at the 59 dollar air conditioner seeking clean check but added actual and it talked about today is maintain your air conditioner actually just like you maintain your ho are you don't you only get a real change and make sure there's a tune up. So they can get you firm. Point eight point BED for your home as well all your mechanical equipment really should be maintained a specially difference in your air conditioner. And down a little staff I like it there outing that you do Liz Aptiva 5% efficiency each year. Not maintaining your mechanical equipment here come on top like a furnace senior conditioner here thanks. At over ten years that had hit a 50%. Efficiency laugh. You know it's still gradual you don't realize that your deals are increasing each year because it's it to tiny little. Increased happened that over ten years you're paying way too much money in your energy cost. Your furnace and air conditioner and you can really elite heat pat I guess maintaining each year within your direct help companies like eight Pete don't you plumbing heating and. This time of the year is the busiest for each PC industry and this is what happens right. So wintertime we get out we get pretty busy for most of the companies in there when it's really cold that states it is but summertime nobody goes without air commute out like ash yeah you'll go eat the pedal plank in line you can. Now go it may deal space heater bag and eat and there's no real. Four hi eight either they and an air conditioner so the concern we have a deal here is talk about it all the beginning of summer. The biggest concern we have is that week you need to do it now why the weather is warm. Laid before it gets hot hot and because once again it's too hot we get a lot of people requesting us to do. Either cleaning is due to safety checks do all these that are items or repairs or you're so busy in everybody is busy. Yeah that'll get you customers some hi Ray Rice is air conditioners are failing wing the here really does he get here in Kansas City and around the area so I'm we do service an hour radius around our centrally located off theft. Philly did a wide service area and I think as in it SAT folks if you haven't tried AP get the healing you want to deal. I can hear them on the radio Manhattan now I haven't and excuse tease them and am not gonna call somebody out to my helmet I don't need them. I'm telling you do need to maintain your furnace and air conditioner every single year that's how luxury baby she deal. And giving you great advice he should absolutely make sure that you do that every single year and it's an air conditioning season though so it's time to get your conditioning. Cleaned chat and maintained. It's ready there is any thing that is wrong with it perhaps find it right away and we're gonna the other care for all not. Much fat and less expensive costing you would if you're at and you know where a ninety degree day. And it's it's and are now at and I mean you're without air at all cell. I Saturn that of the we're almost at a time actually we need to ready to embrace it and you have a headache and in nineteen don't tell her that I'm currently pay. So wound give call if you need your 59 dollar air conditioner say AT and clean check now went 318 fat 66 and Drake. Now Terry eighteen fat 66 pack and go to. Agassi different dot com here lessening the AP gebbie hub for hands eye on the table for depressing me keep forward. Will lead actor in Najaf the moment. Hello welcome back pay PW plumbing heating cooling your problems are in key port lacrosse is due to Rupert welcome back and the Berlin for any AP AB hub for hand you. On the app got community how how long lead headband off. And we haven't been married her managing an Iranian Yardley not a and the radio champ. And how you want to NASA yet couldn't quite remember about that I think are going on almost five years. Net in July the Russian gas gas. The leading Demetric I must if you haven't T Indiana a valid if you think we're not thin new and couldn't even do you provide them dying now that I am glad you that. Here he is getting help for how we talk about everything plumbing heating and air conditioned for your residential home we are local company as a well right here in candor Fannie. Would you travel and guess or half an hour radius for Renner centrally located off and I tent where local company where are not headquartered somewhere else where a local company right here and have they in local and for over fifteen years. Keep and I ran eight PW plumbing heating cooling centers and intermediate three shepherd get to talk about eight. You know leave their furnaces or air conditioners are tangles water heaters attain to water heaters that gets talked about eight. We're here to service failure plumbing heating and air conditioning neat and you can give us a calling now among carried eighteen that 6600 is our office number. Where in the air today and if your outlets gray eagle and I give them to try to give us a colleague that's going to be your answers the phones. So we'd be happy to help heal and at at again they need your plumbing heating and Cooley needs a dash think general. Overbay ability get a couple good reasons to Pollack's death maples specials right keep. Aren't yours it would save me thing you got the day year as a special. Man can hang lung now I ran like I went and me is worth calling it. After day did Deborah made it and I can't tell duly attested that there were married couples I mean I. I can't say yes protest from all threats as acts and absolutely until we. Super special and yes Fred I know April's almost ever. And that black do we wanna make sure that you know Pete calling for your furry f.'s demand. Learn more about furnace and air conditioners free your helmet you decide to make app purchase that dad. And you'll get a free air quality package valued at 2000 dollars as. A lot to step that we add into that these are all add on is when you purchase a furnace and an air condition our company would be an add on and and attacks that we have literally kill. And an ad bacterium Paris's simple in that mold mildew. And any air and on the services in your home so it makes it for much leaner. And environments. And expression get allergens coming into this time of the year we definitely killed off those as well and so I just lovable we haven't our Helmut. You know and at. And we action in another benefit is that it really does keep you clean smelling air in the home. Who which isn't a joke I laugh only because. We're doing major remodeling our Helmsley have all six of us living in the basement and six people living in it like a two bedrooms small area often smells are right to sell. We and can day in addition the FT yield has been pretty solid though who I work clicked around like and you know. Hand in you. Eve fell into our seven year old trap and got her to gay APB's. So we not only have six people living in most small. Yeah T de germ basement Elliot Tim Guinea pigs three actual models which are basically salamanders and beauty drag in and then or six pound you work each teen away. You had a friend come over the other day and those kind of showing her around and shaking down the base. And she's like pet cat to the county that had a dog and I only casually up that's. Good nephew said that B 1009. And they are students they Downey precision and I didn't even now in addition to the pigs think I know distinct but I have to get. TL. You do very very good job they keel. Are claiming that darn cage couple times a week are being very very gracious to appeal because of the last really had to think that's why have a shot back. And first of all it wasn't a trap. The little girl scored twenty points in the act and when does a seven year old scored twenty points and after Bonnie it's really acute is the right. I joke and I first said hand with. And I was meeting ten points and she goes hand basket that's like yup. And baskets she dacha and she did you know what seven year old scores I mean she's like an NBA all star but she sub that reality now and and if so she definitely doesn't get that for me I don't know which it's he had a good. The storm lashed out there. Fell guy that was pretty incredible soul I got really big and those who shot 50 really are circling back to you and then they'll Alec airline quality candy air quality package that we have at eight Pete Elliott. With Jeffrey furnace asking me with that effort that is free quality air. Quality packing age I yeah 2000 dollars with a couple purchased the bird if any air conditioner and you need to do is call clear free estimate here in April hobby thing will probably get to see in May. I think you called in April to set you free yes to no honor that April's special for you now 1302. Emphatic 6600. Bad Dixie different for dot com and we get to scheduled for that. Yeah this is the time of the year that typical we chart open up doors opening up windows we start like getting the house to make sure that the house's brash all these types of things. Eight but the parliament that is all the Paul wouldn't the things that were allergic to this conceit pollutants and acting all or not the same time that team. They get into the house and so some individuals they're right now we don't know about anything like I don't want to I don't write to kill I can't well it can't be that because my allergies would be to back. Really in what we want to do it this time of the year for most homes is to be able to run the fan. Right when you have these nice weather is like this week in reading the fans helped circulate so getting an air treatment system. That will clean the air for you get rid of Paula the allergy and smoltz all these pollutants that are inside of our house. By doing this it allows you to use the fan or if you're the ones who want the air conditioner allows to carry you he get this is the appropriate timing here. Yeah and then when wintertime comes around extreme close up the house see you wanna make sure you're treating the air then too. Returning the air is something that's extremely important because let's face it if you're not treating the air outside your house between filtration. Or September air treatment than your lungs are doing it. And our lungs aren't the ones that we want to do I think look at forget about rank and EU airlines that are going to be doing while according to the EPA it's about ten to a hundred times. More polluting your home that it is an hour we're sitting right go right and it that is a true fact right and so we have all of these style chemicals that are being released in time of our home. Treating the heirs become a huge concern the united is gonna get bigger and bigger as we seal up our house's. And for people or suffering with allergy it's India asthma. This makes a world the difference or eight takes carry you it makes it easy by and that's why. When we come back tomorrow break we're going to be getting into some of the some of cleaning because we don't want people suffering in the it would the summertime. There's nothing worse than having to go to our house and trying to help somebody that you can't quite because they're so backed up everybody is at their suffering sweating and hurting themselves. You that well we've we do need taken at a quick break and got more on this topic you're listening to get the help for home. I'm Dixie will fit across meet key board so stay tuned for more. We'll be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back TPW plumbing he didn't really help promote I would keep ordered across raised it to Wilford and welcome back on the way to hating and I think that every weekend because if we did have signed. Tacking TU and and and we appreciate you being lifted you know listening to the shell and hearing more about the EWE and the great things that we can help you lift for your home. When he comes to air conditioning our plan means. And on the left feel you know the attacking us and there are monthly specials from when I hadn't talked about yet. In the month of April what do we talk about April showers bring may flowers write them a lot of rain or saint bank town happily means coming. We had a lot of their last summer. So make sure that yours found Tom is working and working properly. Or if he had problems last summer never got a fan come installed make you call I PW. We know we're doing a we potentially putting up punt then enjoy a little academic testing now and kinda great Seth. Still lagging give us a call to meet George. And dad for the month April you get 10%. Off. On either services as services skinny we also have a going on an hour radio special which is the 125 dollar. Hold home on an inspection and that goes on the right now I'm not just the month of April. It's our radio special plea deal for 125 dollars hole Compagnie inspection we had water heater ash. And you guys that once a year not too many of you are raising your hand right now I know. So we understand that yuppie one inmate then you'll get along get me out of here hot water heater. And then make sure that you maintain once a year. You know have a flash eight PW draining for you you is servers that you can do yourself. However have PW delay and Beckett again for 125 dollars we not only going to you and an. And inspect all the planning in your home that will make sure that we take care of that and your sump pump is well. And dad take your beanie issues and very left. Very like he left expense and and and eighth then wean it comes to disaster note where you're teach water heaters total belief they'll hold. Or her around Italy has now become a drop out of the bottom letting your base and or the sump pump wasn't working that you did milk it's a sight and out of my hole in your basement. You know is working properly because EP gebbie was there we checked it Allen nature was on and working correctly. That'll take you. Thousands and thousands of dollars down the red note to sell. Now like 318 fab 6600. Is an amber to cough for that 125 dollar health home planning inspection retained too worried a flash. Or go to die Dixie get frank dot com. So this time of year let me explain easily what happens on most of the service calls. It's going to be a lot of times would regard to a house of the problems that you have is sometimes it's lose connectors. I'm sometime raises some pump you talk and no log on they're ACC air isolate study art and just a you keep. He got here okay now where Sunday's ETC Monday night going so I am this is how simple some of these fixes are but they cost you a lot of money. Because your paying for the service call right outside that we'll explain the safety check what you get out of it now it takes care of a lot of these things for you that. I'm sometimes just a nothing more than connectors are dirty I'm centers it sure capacitor the it's not been able to hold. They did charge and so it can't release it properly he sold back to service called the other ones are actually. The crazy enough is is your built her. Is probably that number one service call that we get in the springtime. Because it ices up either. The oil ices up because of your your doctor being dirty land and air flow right out or the incorrect or. The corneal is actually dirty itself. It's a since air camp flow the entire thing freezes up yet. Now the last part of that has referred jury at. Until all of a name it T you point out and the queen of the point that you're bringing up are all they need that you need to be maintained by a homeowner than Falmouth. Or it can be an. And that repaired and replaced checked cleaned up. I just do leaned back and you'll clean and we were talking about right you know to get manage they 59 dollar per hour air conditioner. Eighteen clean Jack what would make sure that these don't become bigger problems or service calls. Down the road wreck and so this is what you're looking and if it's the filter the air flow or the referred your level all of those are checked. Oh on a safety check right so a safety check or live we can even ideas of what we're gonna reduce we'll set a service check out there. Of course he's gonna go over your quit being with you we're gonna look for things that. Oh work. That could've been fixed on the install like things that may make it run better run more efficient for yield. Most of the items that we find are not expensive items that. You need to be taking care of her readjusted for you but what they're gonna do is they're gonna go to all of the electronic components are gonna make sure that your connectors are secure but they're also got to make sure that the air operation be drawn from your blower motor. Off from your fan motors at for your capacitor are all up to standards. And then from there what they're gonna do is the basic cleaning items to make sure that the system runs while we're gonna check refer your levels the pressure and only sings it checked within your system itself. And now no we're not talking about something that takes days to get done right it takes them about 45 minutes to go through all of this. The system gets gets in pretty good shape. And it's enough that you should be comfortable about making it through the summertime so if you're sitting there saying I don't wanna get a system I walked. Mine's older it's consider for a while or I have maintained a very well I don't want to make remarks I don't wanna buy new system but we got to explain this to use and. You know safety Jack added the really good question that we get a lot I don't want my Africans are older. I don't wanna start cleaning and now because I'm afraid that they're gonna tell you had to buy Neal and right. And Phil ain't getting such a great passion and upon America that such a great poorly. Am familiar going defected no don't think that that play right. And just eat the big deal is are on a safety check or if you get into the deep cleaning this. Either one of these types of things that you you you take care going to system it doesn't matter how much you've abused in the past. What matters now is that we get some of the stuff correct it's and you don't replace and that's sort of the idea. Is that. We don't we come out there are some of these items will be able to get in advance. I that will be able to tell you there's a slight issue here are there's a problem. So we can take care of the small items now. And then I don't let your lie your system to work for another season or two seasons what every year hoping to get out of it that's what our jobs are to used to take care what you want. Absolutely right and that's why you have the four that's why you do the 59 dollar. Clean and Jack. Is to make sure that you can hopefully get another year two years out of the system itself. Now if you wait because or you don't do it because you're hoping to stay away from the pain. That's why a lot of us don't want a caucus we don't want either hear the bad then they'll let me see the bad news right I we we all do it I I do it all the time that's why I can Dixie sometimes. And I saw her heel and he hear the pain see the pain or feel the pain right they hide from. I do gain yeah it's nice aren't so that's garlic I go home a golden rods and I just wondered about. If you serves to latch about our relationship care too much information unless you point out anything right. Yeah hi even fit the homeless guys I really areas to eat all of these guys are out the door and how do. So we all I'd say it's just night just who's better rat race it's really the only guy I really get it and I'm not if he's still. But this is kind of the idea is we did that you want to do some things you're not gonna run into is that if you wait. And you hesitate or you do any of those things up procrastinate. I think ironic and yet right what's scary is that pat Ausprey commodity del like so much of a putt which sales are really paying attention now thanks who. She's not actually she's like you have no idea what she's doing that's why I'm I'm like standards are looking hurdle what does she do you know exactly does a guy gets the stuff movement. So but the idea is if you you are gonna probably run into an issue where it is gonna break down. And then you're gonna this gets stuck with a larger bill. Like NYC a larger bill is because in this time of year no matter who you call everybody charging you a service called now. You're coming out there. They're busy so you're gonna suffer until the time that they can actually get their correct a deal which he asked frank I don't find yourself in that position now yelling don't find yourself in that position because it clean in check not only does it make your system is safe. But it's much much much much cheaper than paying aids service be any company that's out there right at it you called us or anybody that you want to your cousin Joseph he's gonna charge you money to come up there right. I don't know if I make it after the hour now on apple announced may be Joseph Whitney. The rest of them would bobbled an on your own anti so that's what ends up happening and so. The world of people get frustrated. Some people suffer for it and really you could just done a few things on the road than a few weeks before it got really hot. I make sure it's taking care of and make it lasted the summer get proper filters. I hate to make sure that and that's what they don't they'll tell you this. If we're going to your house we'll tell you hate your putting in the wrong filters or here's the better filters for your system to allowed to run better than my. At the filters are went at least expensive things that you can do for yourself stand. In the help they maintained a longevity at that if you're now replacing those filters don't have the right ones and you're restricting air flow. Your air conditioner in the airport now working properly and you're going to actually shorten the light at your air conditioner at the great tip for you right there are some NG the proper filters and changed them when it's recommend it whether it's once a month or every three months whatever type of filter. Alteration system you have. For your system until we got to take a quick break we'll talk more about all the steps to Tyson getting ready for summer it's important that the the you'll find yourself in the first two weeks or majority of air conditioners fail here around the -- theory yes or turning it you're ready for it they get about that -- -- -- AP do you help friends have questioned Tony this we get happy out Collison now won 318. Fat 6600. Are you gonna die Dixie different. Dot com mining is Dixie will turtle. And who's been helping me here my beloved. Helper fat evil. Get me how friendly back in just a moment. Welcome back and he didn't plumbing heating truly know promotes early in key board peaks he's great helper. Constantly is. It'll forgot I did data show any it was a stolen waiting weighty as they do win. I checked tighter and it's called your health and yes like my elf or an airline travel. Other years six or tell el finance and weird ballot now the movie elf yeah he's written well Tyrell stall and you ultimate. Pick a little bit and you develop a top a top forty year old girl gonna hold then got an. Now let down but they act and do the movie Geddes like or he can and can't get I was old then and now that unannounced when we don't well you know what folks we welcome back AP I got around. You have the el Al and that's too much to our nation where I don't think it is open. Boeing and Yahoo! what I'm sorry I didn't he just didn't even imagine how it. Didn't know that's the problem. President still laughing. Fell. Eighty gebbie help for home if we keep an average eight PW plumbing heating and cooling here they can see natural area we disservice an hour radius or our centrally located up as so if you are looking for companies and that and you don't need any plumbing services. Air conditioning service says. At what softening services so where the company did you know to call. And down movies he's in Jauron buying. Which is really getting you ready for this summer season I know simmers not yet here we just starting to touch online spurring thank goodness that finally decided she Eilat. I in the first two weeks and coming into warm weather's when we eat. Really see the most problems with air conditioner so that's why we're talking about it right now this deal. If they do a lot of money and frustration down the road. And what I mean that Matt. Is down by taking care of sobering meeting and just many of the to remind you of our April specials and yes April's almost and to begin this call right now where any offense. And when Terry eighteen fast 660 is really taken main page as summer April specialty of 10% off all of our sub pop services. Still. I know them a view that's pretty important steps to take advantage of the extra 10% not. And on other sometimes services we also had a 125 dollar radio special and the whole home cloning an inspection away at detained two what are heater flash. On select acts take care that work and I didn't he you know sit on the porch if you want. Indiana and you're looking at replacing your furnace and air conditioner just know what it's gonna cost or one I get some option and we're not just any campaigning to be one option Morgan and really gave me a lot of options. That as an inspiration in what you were looking for specifically with your home whether it's comfort efficiency safety all of these great patent. And down for the month of April we actually have eight furry air quality package valued at 2000 dollars so we're playing in four year old. With Connell purchase of the furnace and air conditioner again I'm 13 teen fat 6600. That the analysts deal folks and get get us a call always have financing. Options available led pay monthly payments that we can get orient low interest as well. Now when three team that 6600. And you folks can be your own best judge of whether or not AP Gabby can help reality service forward. But every college give us to try it. Still and getting back in tune plotting your home ready first three warmer wedge there and yes stick around its and I dropped back to cool and then it's gonna shoot back at two warm weather so. Or even hot weather around here so what do you make sure your air conditioner is ready Dell. You know you furnaces probably gagging and that you step around it made it through winter which are not really getting is it too many more days now. Air conditioners what we need to be worried about and we need to get in feeding my opinion cheat you know it's like swimsuits seizing an inch cheaper right. We get a gift for air conditioner to hit lord knows I need to check. No he sold actor reality yet by the air conditioner back in swims like he's in shape yeah I was pretty good actor and I just in the. The next few weeks we're going to be talking about. The actual type of equipment that if you're gonna upgrade seed this week we're not talking about that you don't want risk as we get and ready for. Right and put his feet and we're trying to keep you from having to buy American don't 1980 get to most people aren't ready until teal. Now and when it happens everybody's going to be so far behind that we'd prefer you to hold on a little bit longer right. So we are trying to get you to be prepared that to spend a little bit now. It's gonna save fuel a whole bunch including pain in the future had he not naming rights for your air conditioner and again just like for your car you always do Maine you know maintain your power. But the real change in two naps and they get 220 to point B we did that. We just forget about daily nap for air conditioner and furnace is a great job a little I want to greet customers. And make sure that they get dad every single year and you know we can't we have some great customers added that. Backed down now we know our men and maturity they'll deal G data Napoli that that the audience are really talking TT get. If you do it every year it's been great this chilly as free as well it's kind of reaffirm why you do what you did for your air conditioner. And make sure that you got longevity out of you mean it's a major purchase for your home it is still the issue in your home you wanna make sure that ever all the proper connections are working properly. And that there is no safety problem that he might have that your air conditioner and then of course first fishing see you this I percent of patients each you're not maintaining your air conditioner Philip and said you know that slow increase every single year you may not narrative that under appeal. Brown Montana not from year to year ban. Over ten years. And that pin is up to 50% more efficiency life that you get can't maintain your commissioner will ward and back off. Right so. When we go for the next few weeks order bring up likes your ratings we're gonna bring up compressors or give you some educational items in case you are looking at upgrading. So what we want to make sure that you're doing it. Now is instead of upgrading if that's not what you want to do you have let's come out here's another benefit besides us getting to make sure your system that the small things that normally break under our seatbelts yes on the main my main right is that here's the other part of it is if you don't normally use that's what gives you advantages let's say you're gonna have to replace something. And the next year two years three years are years and what let likening your issuer cannot take your friend is sire commissioner can be thinking well. See if you spend a little bit now and spend time with us they give you a good perspective of what we're life. Right in city its air service to actually get to see how our office handles things and so when and if you have to do something a future. If you already have a good idea of how comfortable you are with us and that's an extremely important to have some sort of relationship. Eight with the company that you're doing business with because allows you understand where everybody's out and then allows us to understand you better. Which are then we can give you better advice each time we come at CU. And allows us to this basically just do a better. Operating real plane airplane now we do you have all the calling energy savings agreement that is we cannot twice yearly colony which each senate unscheduled and that's the deep cleaning them deep clean claim that's at priorities there says that gives him there's really not finding you know and we later you know all of that great staff cell. Sound like Chad you're not sure you wanna go that direction to manage ever 59 dollar. And air conditioner safety Kleen Jack again to start that relationship that's a great point you make TE LIE having a relationship with your plumber are here. And eighteen calling guy is pretty important did you went in an atrocity gonna help you take care resistant get so I then eat you know we expect out of our furnace and air conditioner. In the when it comes down replacing each company would trust Phil actually helped you a gain early stressed repeatedly putting heating cooling for your business. And until we're almost at a time again and need a copy your free asked to take command of the 2000 dollar air quality package absolutely free comma purchase of furnace and air conditioner Alley cat I Nancy. He called not my Teri to fat 66 high injury. Or he get a copper and a 125 dollar radio special hope home planning inspection with a tie into what Peter flash. So I think I got an Ollie and and died eighteen different Daktronics dolphin and a place to get out. We are all at a time I think for let JP Getty copper homes have a great weekend.