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Sunday, April 30th

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Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating and cooling help for almost this is the show dedicating. If we can help if any of your plumbing heating or cooling need to give us a call 9138256600. My name's Keith or across any mystics who Wilford. Well planned to hack and we are having the fire and they can. Asked how Leo mouse mouse in the house smile a mouth I had mice that chilling death and I am more than wind and in the studio here he couldn't. And death awarding entirely intact but the nice here no later. Because of the national take your kids who worked game was this last week. Until I didn't do gap until making a port this weekend. Here self help you folks at at and what did you that is well. An and get some and then our friends. Definitely took advantage of that and a couple parents actually they just it gave it an excuse. To go have like Twitter can't. Then they're able to take its you know take their kid to work. I think he's taken to let this fellow Leno was a win win it says get to have lunch with Dick you know. And you get off work for a few minutes and then they can give that a school curfew meant so when when when. LA anyway as I can't think of her. And have our little can't keep iron married couple if you just tuned in to a PD AB help for home usually rent PW plumbing heating and cooling. They do that for fifteen years now in the metro area. So we had a dead and do mainly residential plumbing heating and pulling services fossil king candy here risking any help Wiki and calling PW planning heat and cool would be happy to. Held at 91382. Bad. 6600. Leads us radio show every week in to bring you the homeowner all kind of valuable information. Bad tab problems we have with our home problem that our customers have with their home and we bring hopefully solution for tips. That you can either use for yourself and and correct any issues that he may have currently Aurora in the feature. And color if you lack just I don't whine and math who with their tax call eight PW plumbing heating and cooling and we'd be happy to have the L. So why things that we are allowed to help be reactive speak has hit eight pearl right April showers and green he's nice keys to your Cape May flowers. It does bring your birthday in May however are at up to bring not to Maureen and with that. We've got to take care are basically meant with stock pond pump and that the water out and away from the Helmsley than a hundred dollars off. You stalled sometimes Fran eight PW off 400 island off a battery back pet. Some putts from eight Peta be on duty is to get that is called mammoth 318 fat 6600 for your free S and it just it's just a few minutes coming and when will lead yet estimate defense can be your own best judge of whether or not we can help you out in the future. And there's a few things that people make a mistake when it comes into the rainy season in a few items like twice a year we get horrible floods. And one of them is to not checked there's some talk to make sure that it's working. Before the rains come. The second one is that the discharge of the water is done incorrectly so it comes back into the house right William outside water and they did just like a perpetual circles so it's being pumped out away from the house I guess it's not far enough away if I just comes right back in announcing the circle of life but I don't think there'll be different. Now playing down to come back I'm about singer. And then the next thing it's not having a back up. Our battery back up some power but those are the three things are gonna kind of talk about. When it comes to some pumps besides dealing would have. Energy efficiency since that's what we're getting into this season that you're gonna spend lots of money on your electrical. So those are main focus is take the good news with all the rain you might not need. To check your you know I know I need to do a test and your some pumpkins mother nature may have got it go already dealing intent or yeah it's already doing the check. Or you yes absolutely and meant so yeah take advantage of AP Devi is at your hundred dollars off on that you know if you're not sure. You know I have had a light checking and let Hilton how many at what has been many have a company come out to check can't. That well you know eating do you take advantage eight Pete Geddes hold home. Cloning inspection. Byrd just a 125. Not only will week. Check your sump pump to make sure that it is a working properly also do it tainted the water heater flash. For that amount of money. As well which I mean that's our eighteen I mean that's more than paid for and it checking your sump pump. Which could they be thousands of dollars in water damage. And then taking care that tanks water heater flash but most people can do you take into water here. Flash I mean let's be honest here that you want stealing you should do that annually every single year. Issued flesh out your water heaters so anyone can do it once ticket trying to do so have our way you know great professionally trained. Eight PW. Corners ended at forty ill. And today you can save money and minimize costly. AT&T plumbing heating cooling is ready to inspect. Yea making sector called home for any potential problems for that 125 dollar value meal. You can get sell that by doing that you would need to call 913. 8256600. Again nine when 3018 fat 6600. Boy that whole home planning inspection for 120 I it. And if you're not gonna utilize that lets say you say you know what I'm gonna get this worked out myself. When you go to check your sump pump you us all the favor including yourself clean the debris out of the basin before you do the testing. The last house that we were at. They didn't test that they waited for the ratings are mother nature to tester for the main tests have found no wonder whether some pump wasn't working it was just like grinding. Bulls really cool because the M pillar was stuck with a sock. It was really cool sock anywhere in time complaining about how loud Atlanta right thigh was definitely more indicative that the Afflalo. It must be worked Jeanne. An old boy did they find out it wasn't working at all I don't know but the sock was really cold afterwards yes not now by any. You saw the show last night where they're talking about the dirty jeans. The genes that look like there's somebody built into the genes I did these are if you don't work for a living and you wanna look like he works for a landing for minor injury by dollar quarter to 45 dollars on marriage Ellen mud via I have about. 101000 dollars for the genes and our house and yet I got a lot of yes I am just waiting to be washed I think got Herat. Absolutely and that's a little yeah office said he absolutely ridiculous and that's I would you where I let me eat better way to spend 420 and Alec insane not a dirty jeans that are actually not dirty not dirty it's the craziest thing Northrop because once you look it up it's kind of. Interstate I guess you say Rick. But anyways you wanna clean up your basin is the first thing you always wanted to do when you're gonna check your sump pump or before the season starts so when we clean up the basin. You lead favor I'm not plugging the sump pump. They that's one of the first things always unplug an item or shut down the power to the item where the gas so it can not ignite while you're working on it however I think you can clean the debris out safely. Removed most people have a plastic basin so your move any rocks debris. You see can we find soda cans socks everything potato chip bags in them. Clean them all out and then he can do is add about ten gallons of water fight in Gaza water I just gonna say sump pump you know people eat it it snapped at people are clean it's usually their hat feathery you lying. It says Al items have found their way into ice and they are are less you have a male raccoon right aria I don't think you have one of those in the home I don't know you you do route the mail raccoons are the ones who hide all the stuff in your house the females are the ones who believed. Dad Miller fan thing that I don't wanna know eat that as Iraq Cain was actually in the house only getting your addicts and hides stuff all the time Allen get people find. Plates belt slice of plates the males white everything's those chemical Sophia from Mel reckon you know to do no harm. So but that's a you don't do was add the water and it should pump out through the discharge which is in the side of the house. Made the mistake that you make is that a lot of discharges are placed. I where the water actually can't run away from the house the next step height they are leaving the home. Brand that they continue basement Atlanta Alan away from how it's like you spit and out of the straw right conflict pitting you out of his job with us sorry that I know like soda yeah I manatees spin Debbie disgusting I. Are you an ethernet and make our water something I would feel senator I don't say. Auditor general on her anyways that's what it's like is your your sump pumps would be blowing out there too just like you spitting water out of a straw. However. I've seen many different unique designs I think it's pretty incredible. I've told you guys before about the the show these are neighbors are having a war with each other worthy discharge tubes that houses are so close together in the discharge tubes they met each other. And so when the water and you make scoring water eighty chat there are so they're sometimes never turn not because they're just pouring water into each other some pot which I think is one of the cool things ever yes I really like it. Sometimes I see it just draining a few inches away. And so when you wouldn't have this if you don't think it goes far enough away. Typically what we like to do its it's to bury the discharge aligned and during it far enough away from the house about twelve feet is what I prefer to allow the water to. Two separate properly interesting clash that's just riveting reading radial tacky about some pounds feigned interest charge and what sectors. Or I talked about spinning out of a straw and now he had no brainer and. Gritty and feel 100 dollars off and in style percent pan fry an AP gebbie climbing heating and cooling war of 100 hours after. And battery backup pat SunPower copy of free Aston now at 913018. Fat 6600. Now I went 382 have 6600. Lead do you service. All and the metropolitan area and death at add an hour radius around her centrally located opposite we Levy world putts as well. To get this homer happy Al with neither needed an all different email shout out. At eight PW money. At gmail.com. Eight. Gmail.com. Am almost at a time for a break that we deal had the 59 dollar air conditioner clean and safety check it definitely and at times can manage and that as a coming into use summer seed and still I have to deal when you call outlets left many hurt us all radiant and they want parity especially 125 dollar value for 59 dollars. To call for your 59 dollar air conditioner clean and take to check nationally 91318. That 6600. We'll be back in just a moment so stay tuned. Hello and welcome back a PW plumbing heating it truly help for homes. I in key forward in across from me is Dixie Dawson Cooper and Quincy and attract hated that the kid ends in that house. On the flag eat thank you for listening in to 8 PMB how fast and keep and I ran eight. Lisa there's not an hour radius around there centrally located op ex. So if you need any plumbing heating or air conditioning which is hey coming up finance. I mean please give us calling 91 Terry eighteen fat 6600. And and Deb did he is national take your kid to work day different laugh past week. We decided clambering our kids in this week key and you. And to get him a little bit of a spotlight behind have their nights out fighting over each other here and they're standing at the mica found. I tell you highlight you know keep an iron married couple over and we are real family and you know have their real problems of you know isn't eating and soccer and baseball and then ran a company all of the same time theft. Here is our little kid knows enough this the youngest of the green is how are. Is our youngest her name is Quincy Quincy how old very ill. Six and let's hear what he want to be when you grow out. And that Marianne and what do you and why he wanted to come and then Marianne. It. And you let the animals and I you do you love animals and too late your land that I know plea deal with your when you're out in the backyard. Would be dealing fine if Ron worms. If you can say yes. We have asked several pictures of it says she certainly has a animal or if he could have a passion when his is your favorite brother. Allen now I mean you're gonna say that I would actually question if I need know the answers to Asia favorite sister. I happen Y me. You can run your only line you're only sister got a lab so lately I couldn't see anything else you wanna say to our listeners speak right into the microphone there. Add. I T met the junkie Thailand celebrity. Right exactly our next alerting there's only three of them honey maid says they hide all three. People high DOS and is our next in line and dad he is eight. Oh yeah eight. And dad got him so tell me how and what we wanna be when you brought. You tell me what a lasso up que ver I do you use either I was very surprised at this isn't the latest violence have definitely changed Phil and Phil rally. Wait till I mean I know you that like a white UTU too much media moves and what people do things on the videos so what Kenny UT there would you be what would you be video leaned her people to watch. My practice film I guess that's why all of a candidate like. You played you played the game show people how to play the game nine crafts. Like kids around. Did you actually talk about how a plane and I'm Jill ground and that's what I eat I eat my friend or like at Tampa and Boston of course is there anything else you wanna saying let patents by here. He lost a tooth. Yes he did his teeth and we don't know where attack meeting he swallowed a matter of fact I still have the letter you wrote to the Tooth Fairy explaining the issue. Leonard sent that said dear Tooth Fairy. Mining else does not have. And. I'd cross hairs I lost my tooth my sister told me but I did not believe there but I cannot find it left kept funny yeah afternoon as he lost the T the. Or I use it and I literally I he's. A couple people that acts and a year like that keep hasn't really gotten. She's pretty actress she really in tuned into your faith. And then your to your sister. And she really is always neat I don't aren't really hate them as well and since I really can't see like to same and the pouring in mind doesn't on the people attack are right I. Okay Harry sounds great though. Harry and Zack ten year old high and keep her McGrady UN. Don't like it hit an employer here in February oh OK and then elect do you want to be when you that. I got out night and then I yeah I now dramatic claim there when I wanna be like my dad top three choice since. Now yeah I had a consistent. With debt though. He keep his actually smiling really being like and I am I'm waiting to me like pick me big blue you ever seen. Larry you know. Silly me am I like about a lot a lawyer a doctor apply America. PC technician and don't I don't know don't know any. Okay well again had anything you like to see HR APW listeners how. Would you like to say is leading. Appeal and happily now. Okay that may make anything else and it is well friends. I. Well they're watching that yes there are lots. And their on TV yeah. OK so listening thank you for listening is that realist I think. Thank you for late in the L Aaron Ross sent dad an incredible job. OK so you guys have got your five seconds of fame appreciate that now goes to act in the corner of the gala and day. Keep keep pouring her client. And dads and we got you know snacks so that should make you happy is Lal felt really that T do the real world and plumbing heating in the air conditioning. We we checked in last segment about some hunting camp coordinate RD your home because they literally can cost you thousands of dollars in damage if you don't take that water out no leaf in the house. Damaging carpets drywall. Personal possessions. And you know in in them I can then cutting mold and meal deal. Now we definitely don't lie to sell and BS sometimes even take care and take advantage of our eight PW offer a hundred dollars off just for the month of April April's almost seventy at the college now. To take advantage of a hundred dollars off an installed sometime from eight he'd LE EL. Now I went 32 fab 6600 is the number to call. IE also get a hundred dollars off a battery back up installed some hot frowned eight Pete Abbie again 91382. Fat 6600. Draper break. College another reason for the 59 dollar air conditioner clean and safety checked he is ready the floor at summer hit just let off the snow that you kind of got that radio special 125 dollar value like 91382. Fab 6600. Finally Terry eighteen that 6600. Or an email shout out at eight PW plumbing. At gmail.com it's all kind of PSAs therefore yet. You take advantage of taking care of your home. And we're gonna come back and talk about energy efficiency still looking at your air conditioner and I and that's energy efficiencies. Andy you're existing air conditioner on what to look for cash if you are and having to replace it's a do you stay AT&T in and that Bernadie daddy lessening the AP get the help for homes. And will be back in just a mom says stating that. Hello and welcome back pay PW plumbing heating and cooling helper homes lie in keyboard and across from me is Dixie. And welcome back and guys I'm duty military and we are having some fun with talking about sat Toms and transition. Energy efficiency. And down that's only when he gets sent to warn that after we get through the rain and cold. Back to now we want our energy deals to be at the lowest possible. And while we love most AP get the ill and be testimonials. That we get from our customers will leave replace their air conditioner. And they have. And fifty dollars hundred dollars a month wait Sabine. Through the summer scene then 888 in really really. Does make me feel great app now what we Gil actually we left 3400 dollars even only credible. They believe arms yes we have a customer who actually ammunition is almost crying telling her that she was fading high injury ten dollars. There is ever seen senator since her old Tristan and then we replaced it with a high efficiency. Air conditioner for herself around she'd just Clinton and she knew they shouldn't get savings and they she could not realize. That it was she was gonna knack of being on the monthly savings. And why she was almost crying about it was because of that fact how much help her family. That mainland backing TU Nino her home in backing her piano playing each month. And down until I mean Agha that just makes you dizzy warm inside the dollar K no way you can help a customer. Fell much more going higher efficiency on your air conditioner. If something Matt does cost of more higher you go is gonna cost more on the upfront but you will get paid back in just a few years and young your commissioner can last year 1520. Years if it's properly installed improperly maintained. Fell it's a wonderful ambassador to go the highest energy efficiency got AT&T and in the last five years we've really seen technology. In the air conditioning industry. Really each change in how did it why not change in the 1970s. And tear the last like five years we've actually seen some significant improvements. In design and comp Burton for AT and most importantly synergies and savings. They are you a lot of people who ask you know how is possible to save that much money on my energy bill and most the time we really don't pay attention to what our electricity bill. Happens to come in net when you're looking your electricity bill in the summertime met. 23400. Dollars and I've seen six and 800 dollar bills in and sir gal says yes they what they say is that if you if you had a 812 seer air conditioner pushed putting your house. We just once here below minimum standards. It would save you. 15% of your costs vs a six year and that's where it's double so give a six year I mean you're gonna pay our tortured because she twice as much or run a six year air conditioner. Right that's right and you know messages to you are saying comes right from the Department of Energy web site. So and then I think he'll very minute very L energy website actually just copied and headed on mayor Sam. You know if they would eat what he said is is is you can go find it on Google and I think there. And I'm actually and you know finance Department of Energy went sag off on that website and my neck he gave best to air conditioners used thirty get 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling. Air conditioners Maine back in the 1970s like a speedy utterly air. And even appear missionaries tank he only can your result think about if your air conditioners only eighteen years old. You me they took when he temp 40% on year cooling energy costs by replacing it with a new learn more patient. Model air conditioner. We're like offset the last five years they have actually changed. And and updated the air conditioning model if you will. That's crazy thing here that be your house being built in 2007. And 2000 and he iMac how old are now. You can say Tony to 40% of your energy costs by just. Getting rid of your old 10 yeah and get a lot of high efficiency air conditioner that's a lot of money that's more than actually I thought of and a few years it's going to pay it off and that's the big saying sell. I just in the air there's tremendous faith means in that. That I couldn't but most folks don't realize their that their air conditioner. Is inefficient. On and they it blows cold air still must be doing its job and we take it for grain and LA well I guess that's just what I have to hold in order to get an you know comfort in my home. That's mean monthly be ill I have to settle for. You know and so when we have a passer call that because we replaced their system with a more energy efficient he ain't then again they talent. You know I'm Sany fifty dollars a month I'm feeling a 115. Dollars and not because the difference between the old energy. And guzzle Lehrer I should say. Nursing is being more energy F fishing and knew where model that is being replaced in their home for their recognition they're getting much better comfort deet she made it vacationing in the home by the way. He has an even newer higher and higher energy and skinny. More energy efficient air conditioners now Ryan at lower speeds for longer periods of time. To they're not blasting on the lonely and cold air and then they blast off and then not all of the house. Was able to cool down efficiently. And so these more and I each of these and the last five years they ran neck you know much longer. Let it lowers eat so they just kind only feel the hair and continue to keep need Cindy Sheehan to. Air conditioning throughout the house and the longer they air conditioner is on at these lower speech Eads. Which actually let greatly reduces your energy deals because they're at low speed. Also dean Q minute I it's your hair. Eight they don't have to buy a. The other thing to think about it since you bring that up of a and having all day vacation and our largest did you need any help and they go to work and they're gone for eight hours there's one thing that if you like it at seventy twos so while you're out of your home you move it up to 74. A couple degrees is fine but when you shut it off and you think you're saving money you actually aren't. The amount of energy that it takes to cool your house backed down. To a comfortable level and the time that it takes. Is that there's a horrible waste a waste of your money and your comfort into itself over four degrees chilly few that I over four degree variant. You putting your air conditioner and load on. The NEU are actually not. ICE ain't easy because the house she then just doing that and that just trying to catch up onto the home club plus the time he would hone in it even turns on at that point it's hot now and comfortable playing so then what do you do you go watch eat. They spend more money an email you get. Fatter Lara said he didn't go after programmable thermostats are definitely in that asks if you don't have a programmable thermostat absolutely invested a programmable thermostat. Because they will save you money but just we should the and I do mean huge bank eighty degrees during the day when you're home and trying to. He's back down to 780. Three degrees and if Ford agreed after you get home late you're gonna make your initial run an overtime now to try to catch up. And it doesn't actually say B money filming you know at 43 variant is really what you gonna keeping at it to get the most savings on your high efficiency air condition. Our and then the other thing is at night when you guys go to sleep one of the things you can do is if you're house is cooler your turn to save money. Just write your fan all night long that's that is a way to save some energy. If it's pushing this time of year words not quite so hot. You can run your fan all night long keep the air circulating within your house. In in of course with air circulation you have to worry about the old equality the air which is probably different show. But run your fan that'll keep your house cooler for you save some money see you're not having the run air conditioner I at least during this time of year and towards the end of the summer season. Yes an athlete into the next few shows are gonna talk about just an easy ways to yourself. Or you can hear very inexpensively Hanna and the contractor might as they PD alien. Pence eighty many untapped feel lean an energy efficient ways to take care of your home already eat. Without having to replace your air conditioner Benes is not in the budget says they act and then people. You can do at the moment like too there are great things that you PG to save Manny. My feeling happier home properly. That keeps the cold air ENN hot air Al we will be Tagamet an amateur next to you shown his. As he continues to warm up in Kansas City area here. The high efficiency is a way to get out there's any way to you're able. Q looked at doing your system this ten years or older actually you know the you can definitely get that twenty to 40% Sabine. I replacing an old it's 50 am with a new energy efficient system and on and that's right Fran I mean I I didn't make except that came right off the Department of Energy website so I'll shut up I'll leave back at what I'm gonna say to folks by doing the proper research. In making sure that it's just not taking Dixie will refer the Dixie different. Now you know word foray. And 8 PME is a word for it then there's all kinds of sources out there that accident that. And damning in and did the fact they even put that money back in teal paint your system off. And then just a few short years after Manny can give back yourself culprit in vacationer other treatment in your house call it's going to be KE I'm. That's a great idea absolutely pledged support save the money they are now in I. But just have has come up because of course of all the rain how does come out and do that plumbing checked for you guys live got a yes I'm or some plumbing and it's actually is that it am about to go to break and get that whole I'm planning Thatcher won in 2.5. We can check your sump pump out for sure it's working properly not to do detained two ladder here flash. Alma let's check out either plaintiff in the home for you all for 125. Called 91 Terry eighteen that 6600. Offer for the 59 dollar air conditioner clean and she safety check it ready for summer. I calling us 125 dollar valley and just let me press on their re eighty LA 913. Eighteen that 6600. Your listening to Dixie will affirmed and I 'cause keep for this at eight. Help for home state because we have more. Hello wolf. Fact if you didn't want eating truly hope for homes if he's formed across means Dixon Wilford and welcome back up and your men and I'll leave up everyone's enjoying their day their week to end. We did tacky about sump pumps with the rain that we've had a better April's special hundred dollars off installed sump pump from eight Pete Elliott. That tag he got caught within the next couple here because act goes away. And to take it and call 9138256600. What happens is that we'll schedule a quick plane and we. And that immediate free estimate therefore you can make your own gadget best judge of whether or not to. To use our services or at least a Nelly you know the price to get down and also a hundred dollars off a battery backup sump pump. To learn a couple ways to take advantage of friends some deals or specials only two ways to save money. In addition Alan are my thoughts on the 59 dollar air conditioner clean and safety check. And we have forty we want you to maintain your mechanical man in your car just like you went maintain your car with it or we'll change it's the same pain. Super important and sometimes to ask and we forget that we needed to get to their commissioner and furnished a ticket and are rare. Hi getting 25 dollar only for 59 dollars. By Jack planning opportunity her dishonor radiance record snow that. Where around him that for people are out there listening and taking and the information and every inning and T bank by calling nine when Terry eighteen found 66 and it also we appreciate your input on. Topics for the show so thank you we get an email sent out and then calls as well for you listeners for that I just went. He need guys and shout out for that as well. Tells what to think about is that you know giving the Al plumbing checkup and get your some public that. The cost that you know it's cheaper than buying eighty off are renting a Fran. To blood to drop all the water. And rain if you think about it the cost of the fans probably going to be more or another and mold and then you all do might be good then Fannie nobody white fat and that's. Is something that insurance does not usually cover. When you have that type of watered and some fell in gap filling the valid reasons you know make sure they year basement stays dry with the proper. Some umpire working with some pop or a sump pump had all there's not comes out there and actually do not have them fill surprising to see military government servant. The as many as as much as our HPC guys you've been eager to be shocked. And how often are HPC guys going to do cleaning and check things. They we walked downstairs with the customer and they'll give us a call and say discussed was a leaky water heater. And then we have to walk them through it or get somebody out there to look at it. It's amazing how often nobody pays attention to the appliances in the house where they just don't have time or don't know to go look at a brain like that is it I have tomorrow on pray pray you know it sassy Hackl and duplicate your tainted water heater every day. So I. It's really crazy yes how much it just happens actually sat I would not notice it pile because I'm not down there now part of the basement I'm telling you know Rudolph get a lot. This we give you guys for information you know obviously were business trip to stay misses but it it's more to help you than anything else. Is that it's really we deal with a lot of customers and we don't really feel bad for them because. We don't know how to help on but you know they say the average cost to water damage is 7000 dollars not including mold. And we do people in positions that can afford that and error as simple checkup or a simple. Having a service call come out could've solved all those problems more on it's really disheartening so. We give me this information you know not for anything else but for you to contemplate a going down looking at your equipment. If it's something that you don't know how to do or take care of them the very least call us we'll come up to what they carry you that's why we called the Dixie difference is we try to make a difference in your life. We try to make you know different than just a normal company coming out it's kind of like part of the family we just make sure that your all taking care of so. To take advantage of it make sure your house is safe for your family. And you knock it Iran and into those insurance bills that. Here insurance company charged you link your deductible 15100 dollar and you know it just say it's sad pretty deep. Different psyche that I eighteen get a whole hum planning inspection for 125. Will do that pain to water heater flash. For you. That most people don't like to do you going to land mass around when. Hashemi Danny annually in a while also check out your son pass and actually do lots of different things and checking accounts and he'll wider pressures and making sure your tank water heater. Is has a thermal expansion relieved now that to a attempt to code. Edu and any information they might have any leaks in the home they need definitely mature and don't realize it. And that is what's making your water BL higher than you thought it should be cell. Most folks just think a few it's the building and that's what I have to accept and pay for. Like Teddy and I have some issues it's making higher than human life. So that as a our whole home planning inspection for only went when he I think 91318. Fat 66 penitent but what we antenna kind of and flip flopping on two subjects here. Between some constant keeping you basically drive that also ear deep fish efficiency. With your air conditioner. And making sure that eight year coming into that time and he's and we are not sure peaking near air conditioning were taken and they can't. Or begin make it one more summer a lot of a lot of folks think out there. You're even making it there when worst summer may cost you way more money then each Chevrolet to. And and that means because you're spending so much money in in a fishing. Air conditioning since hitting hundreds and hundreds of extra dollars each month as fifteen feet or seen any vacation season here. Therefore could just go ahead and bite the bullet and get your high efficiency air conditioner. Pay itself off and just a few years because worst Sabine folks hundred. And dollars tomorrow than their energy bills hit and we get testimonials that I just it's a lot when people here and people went Colin tell us about. And it's so like actually we flipped through the same thing our sun room remember people we tried to cool with our whole house until we put our many split in. I think we saved by 200 dollars a month. In the summertime just putting and our many split into our sun room yet and then I got open now for the house is like it is like all the heat coming into that. In the house until we reach at least solid and that problem with like he's an adept at first of harmony that and we know procrastination because we do this for a living yet and we progressing at our house for like out. An amber would get around today when we wouldn't root we're whip we are putting in a album. A new style of air conditioner for our house so we're waiting pretty came out. We ordered a man. And we started we're sort of getting busy people were buying them. And that we pushed off farmhouse for I don't know how many months are right we just kept pushing it up because we are so busy we couldn't get to it. And then we kind of ignored it we're like obligated to begin but. We saved hundreds of dollars offer add even our great held a meet our energy bill guaranteeing greater technology again I'm speaking matter early air. And then in the last five years and really great technology is coming Al. He has changed the air conditioning. Industry in there really is huge savings you get to 50% savings in just ten years a Dell. Now on the and changing out eight high efficiency air conditioner that's just 15% I veer that I have department the energy I'm not just making this step back. So glad I didn't go up and coming out in two so you don't think you're going to be able to pay off. That air conditioner faster DeWitt that type of savings that we had excellent fine looking at eight. When there we can help out in the future with your air conditioning needs a we'd love to do that. You can call 91382. Fat 6600. For your free after the. And I was gonna say with the incredible financing that we have if you're waiting actually it'll cost you more that the financing will save you the money or the financial we have is incredibly good. A beyond what you can imagine and with good equipment. You're actually gonna come out ahead by not waiting so that's a pain we understand because we have a home with a Stanley let our kids signed just earlier in a couple of segments and L. Inning thing quietly in the corner playing their give. Ices in health now I hate each other for a while here which is great so we understand procrastinate chin. Definitely something that happened if you YT get free estimate from AP appeal at the very air conditioner to high efficiency deal now college now and nine when 318 fab 6600. Or you can get a fact I shout out 59 dollar air conditioner fifteen clean chat. 125 dollar value per 59 dollars at 91318. I had 6600. Where all that effort today you still. These folks and we'll see you next weekend.