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APW Help for Homes
Saturday, May 5th

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Hello wouldn't welcome to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes this the show dedicated do you the homeowner for you to experience the big difference. If we can help you figure plumbing heating cooling needs to settle at 913. 8256600. My name is Keith sport and the lady across from me is digs we will bird I'll write you are getting closer to ending man. My favorite. It isn't getting a land a bid that every single week except for the wind slide. That don't you eve who is in a few pounds here I don't know if I'm not getting egged it man's well yeah I felt he was a little chunk you're I think a lot of bang if I remember curt yeah. After he alone eight compared to Carson and precedent like. What do you even let us skinny little guy like Q the same thing. Well well I ADM the help for Holmes oh I forgot to say something with that. Are you gonna do the Dixie difference dot com UK and absolutely terrified and more about eight. Or obviously thin. Air conditioning means you can get a bag Dixie difference dot com. We get its kind and went 382 fat 6600. QIRLEPW. Planning heating clay rat here out and they can teenage pocketing area. We should serve as an hour radius Iran or centrally located often felt he pokes around in Iran can't city metro only led to help you out as well. And dad definitely trying tease let's say all that with a straight face as they downer is doing some dancing in the background the flocks in from fort tonight. You know like an offense that I mean we're milk shakes and government are not yet again there if little. I'll be its new and yet TI I don't have a son and they spoke live right now which I do sometimes solid and got to do that and next segment. There are some you can pay outlet that hack we're talking about. And in fact that it he is anyone wanna talk about today when I get a couple of our special at eight. Step it's important to use the listener. Back tab before we deal. We have a couple specials you know we had a little rain that this last weeks and and I am glad there are some weather issues they came through real tornado warnings yet heard the sirens right I DN and down until the agent said. We want to make sure that you are gay your whole home planning inspection done from eight PW planning heat and cooling. For only 125. Net pens with eighteen to water heater flash. So we're gonna check out Phat pat that's the main thing you really wanted to throw for that other planning problems and they generally. Who like to come out more prevalent to only do have a lot of green. So if he had some problems definitely give us a college or if you wanna make sure that you cared before we get more rain than they are ten and though. The and that's a springtime gets that fat brain can that we can get those nice beautiful flowers bloom mean. And gas college for the 125 dollar. Although I'm planning a union's actions speak with hate hate letter heater Flash Memory three AT and add a. 6600. Or go to die Dixie different dot com a duty to point out something like that pocket excel you have made fun of my tornado room might say for room. You at all at the on the hot military in the you can call the had a few beautiful house lead lead against him again not redecorating and remodel lean. And how Philly been intense 1990 now I need. Adding against Saddam the apocalypse 3 AM okay it's a safe room slash tornado room until apocalypse in whatever you wanna congress and filtration systems is. McDonald's and water and no it's a wide area and cots and that includes Miami yeah. So are you hungry got to I hate sell off and I thought it was funny because Alec and I were sandy I'll lift our elder sent. We were at downstairs garage the new merger we are sending my eighth. Murphy table that I am making for the garage who wish him. And came out that sounds we're sending a zombie apocalypse her image not the main case can the scenes like it now and I have another one that can tell or sanding the walnut beautiful piece of wood in my that I'm gonna make it table out of that so we can hang out downstairs. However the sirens are going off. And so on I'm looking Gallagher go to remember how much your mom makes fun of me. Illegals for what ago this is sirens what does that he doesn't throw well I think than any other time I don't know why did our part and I. So I just wanna point out that as it's going off unlike what just get a tornado a dent your mama's gonna have to admit. I was Rick yes yes see you then have no I ain't under way for catastrophe to prove I was right even when that happened etiquette Asher BM let's hope that there's not one you know that's all I'm saying that's why it's so sad actually even wondered yeah right let's hope that there's not my place I guess I'll be a tough thing into just cut is on the apocalypse are in the near nine I I Marian without having given no no it's it's much bigger than men. And look at it like it's it's a it's like five and a half six feet wide by thirteen people thirteen beat OK you got to sell and Nellie just play Yamaichi put into it with altogether remodeling renewing their home triggered her. No but may I didn't get hang damn glad that you brought that squarely moment at Kiefer adding to this sort of the trend though is how much did valiant tornado that's good. They might need to take out is sometimes Philly where attacking about apple homecoming inspection for making Delhi ill or when I'm 25 doesn't clean de tank a water heater flash. By Kelly hustle and make sure the you know we do an inspection and your son on make sure that it's working properly if he had any issues with your son pat. Get asap pat battery back at we have 10% off going on a month innate for all of those some ups service. When there's death stat from a pair are adding as that. Battery back at tear sub pop or and unfortunately you need to replace them when you average don't have won it all. And it is peace of mind to be sure the taken care of your valuable thing hip place in your basement. Or if that's I'm creating space and make sure that you are. Taking care of not having water is mold and mildew water damage can cost. Thousands and thousands of dollars Indiana Jones and some pumpkin full EEU all of that G asked by being prepared. When their rainy season counts a Evian for any sometimes service is in the month and they each 10% off on a Serra says. Now like three ET fast 6600. Are they Dixie different dot com. Now and and and then they got through that 'cause we wanted to talk about three feet and we got an attack about food specials that are going 93 UIPL Leo. AP gebbie is eighteen in authentic not seeing KCP and now look. And spyware. And energy rebates that are out there misfire again when he lets buyer it's the other energy and old MG feel bulls are they don't know they're asked those chances people don't know who spire or gesture you made any names can maybe they're people are still very after the hour. No one of our service tax saw aspire command. And so he said he threw it away. You know what was he goes and they'll use them or you know what it was so he's like it came to give them like one point oh sword he realized alike through Los forward. Right hip rank on the Missouri so I don't know Vera Mazar and and misery gas hit an. Energy was buy out by I Air France now speier and they have the rebates available. TU TT hey if you have to look into three clown and that green that. And replace theme. EO our furnace and air conditioners cell on the gas side and inspiring day. And then on the ATP announced cited that rebates for your air conditioner. NEK and eight he Gabby was going TU actually Max. Those rebates at 216100. Dollars. And feigning it's for you glamour group I think Kumble furnace and air conditioner. Now I have to do is call for your furry estimate from eight PDF BUT get to 16100 dollar savings. And waved back and in. Net I think Jason are whenever copper specialists that with us for such a long time was or ninety media also have. Rebates on I'm going from paint a tank less high efficiency a water heater. And you get additional cent at 2200. Dollars. And say eighteen actually. Brown and Kansas KC PM now inspire any policy get there now. What's the big deal about what if you're not in windows area late you don't have the and eat what are we doing keep for them for not yet in that area they can grief each and every day makes you look. Are definitely in our eight he gets you service area where do you lean well. Was your present a point out do you know who owns Kansas gas. It's a company out of Oklahoma again. Yeah and in Oklahoma they offer rebates OK but in Kansas they mail and explain that when doing that why do we get taken advantage of and I don't know I don't give you don't like I was putting up to somebody today we get taken advantage of in Kansas for all of our rebates. The only thing I do now is like cross state line road. Then IC YEC Lang now because their roads are horrible. And I crossovers like the don't remove snow. And they know what our he'll get back to the panel thank for that score early Nauman again opryland that at and I just. Pointing out of our. It was downhill leg in the act so far are creating it we are going to match. Whatever their rebates that. They offer on the Missouri side we are not hand them all the Kansas you know what they deserve to be different that's right now we're not leaving anybody out to end. I think 16100 dollars and frowned Kent State and apparent lie inspire and yet these matching misery dates. On a combo furnished and and air conditioner install for HE a L com your free after him where it's at Laura not to attempt or attack at this free estimate in the past no obligation and you folks in your own best judge of whether or not PW can be your company to replace your furnace and air conditioner to see now your isn't freon to be now they hear is seen. And efficient CEE net your system is not for me. Then this attack timed to get that free estimate before really heats up out there and things that we did he show me the types of Sabine think that is really great computer programmed. It really shows you how much money you're spending down vs how much money you can see film finished my talk more about that only now keep in Nyack. Yes and we don't the pay you don't have to have potholes and you don't have a care is that you can get all of the benefits no potholes and the snow gets removed from the street as gave the back. Hey I'm athletic stage item planning eniac machine is still my time I still buy gas in Missouri and 1989. And the ET get the help for homes I'm geeks who will operate across to me is he apple heard. And dad's a cough or are 125. Dollar home on your inspection will attend what Peter flash ensure you're getting that. At some pop looked act as well before the race even if it's asked. Now when Perry's ET that 6600. The number to call will lead accurate EP AB up for homes in task at home. A cool welcome back eight PW plumbing heating and cooling Hooper Holmes I'm in key board and across from me is these Dix he Wilford. And welcome back to eighty get the help for homes. And Ollie trying to make sure that we appreciate it or tell you folks that we appreciate you listening to our show every Saturday. And down until we eat we get people give us a call up as they give us. You know in play Allan an. What they hear no action complements an inter connect nice to hear. Every once and a great wound might get a letter in the amount tracking how I need debate Matilda matter bank. And neck with a I shake things directed that toward an. And he's just one letter bank that she was so mad written and they knew apple one and over think that we share a little too much about are only like keep and I. Do you rent a if they're meant irked ash over twenty years partly then. Anything eight PW. Owning eight PW for over fifteen years here in the match recklessly distance yup yesterday. How we built and great kind town and customer base your intensity we appreciate you customers still dairy nights. We do not exist and laugh and we do everything to support you in an intern you support at so we always appreciate that. They hear on the radio attentive to end a little too much and and heat. And a little team lax time tacking about. Our personal life that day it was and chairs and I spent. Any light fell I think that's lay down but I think it's fine tipped to be a little personal people and a little bit more about Africa and all the great services that we provide from eight. Your residential home there's only meet you in six million people who hang ten and it. At that you are quiet we don't share with anybody else you might as well I don't personal record isn't that that we don't. I would not I can't tell what we're gonna talk about is up some of the important things would you buy new equipment. And were also earlier he you to match at burnt out tired nation where our Zurich in nineteen air conditioning for your home you always picks me just neat inch or we're clear you had been hello I can tell. Hit the funds are. So we're gonna we're gonna talk about replacing HBC equipment heating and cooling equipment a couple things don't look for the we're gonna look some options. That where you should put your money out and not telling you how to do that but giving you here as were the costs are and this is the benefit of its you can figure out if it's worth that are not so. We're gonna start off with the important thing is when you are getting equipment. I'm what you do not want you do not want an individual or accompanied to comment. And basically look at the current equipment you have and say. What you have is good enough for your house or honestly it's actually consumers a lot of times that are making the mistake where they go. What I have is good enough for my house I wanna match. The problem here the furniture is working great the air conditioners working great it's good in math. What has over the years so the year years it's still working still turn Don still below there right. Well there it's efficient faith only if it's working safety at unsafe manner. Or Yemeni republic that report and now Lance. And or EE is getting the proper comfort we talked a lot about that with their efforts specialist and in home. Anti how can we green. Great comfort. Senior home and eliminate hot and cold spot till they take a how great pride in that my daughter just. Told my wallet out of my pocket and took money. Let's all that I have about one dollars a your mom gives me per week particularly. As she's a little girl they sell. I know our daughter is here only because of the fact that they haven't they they have nothing to do except for hang out with girls the boys are all busy so. Anyways what we what you wanna look at his idol and house is of people say well I have a three times system for example. And they say I wanna stick with the 310 because it's worked well for me. That is not the way to put in equipment in your house so unload calculation should always be done a load calculation what it does is it. It takes your square footage of your house like but it also takes Hamachi insulation the type of windows you have. The placement of those windows. And just adding at a little calculation is just a really cool. And our program and you can do that long he and which we started our our act technicians know how to deal than they did at longhand calculations you know exactly what kind of its IA's air conditioner unique for your town and what size furnishing need for how would that it is replace. What you have there input in exactly what you had. And now that we do have a technician at what we do have a real love Dick show op as is great computer program. They get the same pain they'd also has the bar graphs and I grabbed Finn. I did anything really shows a picture of your homeland and it really just looks fuel that has those extra app and bells and whistles. I guarantee it ill in 1985%. The at a company here ain't Kansas City jest don't take the tiny neck. TD backs and now we deal we'd love to show year. We are actually taking their time to put the proper cleaning your column there writes nice because especially hearing these older hounds. Act and you know you've knee again to re not lean you may have added aid an addict Ryu or remodeled the base name. Added additional space you have X Jewish and I've Sheen over the home now because of the church read that wasn't there before. All of this into account. And to the low calculation that is banking DT the proper furnaces air conditioner for your home. So that's and indeed kind of take your fender Whelan that it's such a cool per green and partly different customers and if not just something we're telling them because they're scratching members on a piece of paper you can you actually see it in the computer program that we need for well. You're lightening and I'm under the belt kind of words I won't say is personal again like lightning and the and no I don't think that can't say that so. And what we have to look at is the direction that Europe windows face how many inches face towards north south east and west. The shade of your tree he's all playing into the sprint all pay into the flow calculation so this isn't something that just happens instantly there's a lot of work that goes in a lot of measuring that goes into play with this. In so what it'll do is and what you tour member is a lot of times when people are guessing for example three time air conditioner. And were the word Hun comes from is how much I east that he used to hate. You cool a theater right that's actually how movie theaters progressed so well in the early days is not because of the movies is because there were one of the places that were cold. They sell huge post somewhere and draw Eagles a birth school and there was a movie theater needs a one ton. Meant that one ton of ice was necessary to keep the building per hour cool. So we kind of abuse that phrase that now even though we don't use iced obviously clear homes anymore so. We have to look at is let's say that a company comes in they say you need three tons of air conditioning. Because that's what you already have or what we're gonna do is Morgan they're gonna matched the furnace to this. I am I gonna explain when we come back for a break where the problems coming in your heating season in an affection in a negative man we Alice at a time that. The main thing is that you have money coming to you France higher energy and KC PM now that you should be taking MA NA Jan. They would tell more about how to get free and I have furnished Condo purchase from getting help for homes in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes I am keyboard across from you is Dixie Wilbert and a welcome back AP get the help for homes. They do again for less pain and to get the help friends every Saturday eight. Here and down we are tacking about Alan. Or they rainy season that's coming upon us yet and whether this last two week. And you know did he hit batter and here but a couple places then north and south of that nature are definitely felt some weather change to sleep then there rain. And really get you ready for your son pound and how you do that is call Lara 125 dollar hopeful Connie inspection. We paint whiter here flash and included in that is some pump inspections will make sure we take care of your basement. Pumping that water out in a wait for your home and not into the basement that's what the sump pump is for. Just he she can now though yes yes or the battery back at so we'll check that out as well. Now for the month the name with that 10%. Off. All you're sump pump service says that he and get a call and we come out nature were checking those things out for real. And dad it's sending you and fortunately do have to repair or replace or new. Senior sump pumps service fear. Then there for a will take 10% not not like 318 at 6600. The number to call pork party in the bag Dixie different dot com. You take care of that. I'm all for me if I had not talked about is not sure that saves you are well we all are coming into spring and summer season. You need to take an endeavor 59 dollar air conditioner safety Jack. Our 8 PM Lee felt we went we went make sure the year air conditioner is ready for. The cooling season that the plan has nothing worse than turning on your recognition and finding out it's not it's not working right and it doesn't blowing hot air. That is not what the air conditioners have been made for so Lal will they should lead to terror that horror in happen and has your doing and being proactive about it is you're gonna make sure that year and keeping your repair cost gallant. Instead of doing it at a time where and Europe pretty I do you pressure and stresses air conditioner causing more things to L on. So they an edge of the 59 dollar faith that air conditioner safety inspection from eight PW planning heat and cooling and went 318 bad. 6800. Come out caught up as great campus right now and we can happy Alec that each on the schedule for your earliest convenience. Now the great candidate that our little PM infomercials there Al hunt our program I wanna get into some great information for use the homeowner. About some local rebates from Kansas City Aaron might inspire. That says keep the psyche now hope all in the last segment how you're able to get those. Or that free money basically and. Loria. And you two. To register for the company has to be set up with spire or Casey cancer Raila. Very good luck everybody can do it sells certain companies are allowed to do it in some companies are. So what ends up happening is that they have. I KCP NL. They has these certain amount of money that they give away up to four to cover your air conditioner. They insult because there electric I told you are a KCP now customer. You can get a new air conditioner or condenser coil is proper name. And they will give you money often ended to a rebate aid to cover that. I'll first beer for the season obviously typically you're palatial furnace with your air conditioner. And so. What you end up doing is that Missouri gas energy MG or now spy gear. They will give you also rebates for replacing your gas furnace. So that total comes up to about 800 dollars aid that you can get up to add to an all candles companies and right great but doesn't help a lot of us. Kansas people who either. Obviously we use Kansas gas pay sold nothing on the furnace and if you don't have KCP and all you really get not good right however we're gonna change that. So what a PW is gonna do is we are going to match. All of the KCP and now inspire or and GE. Everyday rebates that they give a so if you have none working imagine giving GO if you have. MGE. Spire or KCP now we're gonna double that for you along with tentacles water heaters. Right out how they get to her car and the deal is a great pain to get your home ready eat. Or air conditioning feeds and then I had great means sending that you know is if I mean I mean they can eat. 10121530. Years older furnaces and air conditioner home she EU are rolling my knee out the window I had very. And month partly due utility belt silly like that energy savings. Right now all of a taking main agenda frees many get out there and then he PW snatching that free nanny. That's coming from Kansas City power and I inspire energy for different I think you're Erica nation yourself. Great opportunity DD act in taking advantage of those three date and also what a PW stirring out there it is well to help you the customer. And that's what we want an eighteen Wheeler is is to ear do you sense if you're not. And we want to bring you line to our eight PW family and that's how we treat you as family because we aren't small Family Guy in here and we've been doing it for over fifteen years and I think that we have at thousands of customers all around cantina Taloqan area. That do you take and if you know as as their family and brass ass in there have only taking care and their family through different as their air conditioner. And other planning means. So we love it being on the radio the top TU about things that are available out there they you. How else would you really now about beef and to eat at power in my inspire rebates. And so we appreciate you lessening and we hope that we're giving you some great valuable information you could actually help your own. Annaly and pocketbook. In the intake of teenage advocating additional energy savings under IC your furnace and air conditioner because we're no lower those. Not for utility bills by putting EN great quality high tank. And debt energy efficient equipment. And so. What we want the big deal though is. No matter how much rebate you have if you invested in correctly does that help you she need to make sure you're getting the correct information no matter who you use. I tell and then on the take aside by the way I didn't fit right is that in Iraq did you know brutally honest I just constantly interacting. That's my answer is he on the radio she inroads made less. Than normal atmosphere but MG ER speier. Eight is 300 dollars and we will match that 300 so you'll either get three hitter or up to 600 depending on the system line. I just can't see paying collect water heaters are exceptions we eat totally anti English what are here's we actions already ninety actually install hundreds and hundreds on each and every year. I'm only that over ten years experience in doing that. And and so little we frequently will have a customer Afghans. Our tell us that a nether contractor said they could not. Install a paint Clifton. Your install eight tank of water heater Ian and to ignore only Matt. And it's that has the contractor the plumber just they don't have an F experience and in doing Pincus and installing take a field and Julie we believe a lot in their spring money dishing T you taking him and get back. And replace your old paint water heat year. The energy guzzler that nadir and replace it with a nice energy efficient Hank less water heater. I'm a couple quick look like on that distance we Brian Nat king clips of what it would go well. Couple good play book plenty you get up to 40% energy seeing each month. Switching out tank for tank land. So it's gonna save on your packet that second it's only has begun to carry ons to Casey eat a lot of space for storage. Filth it's taking a lot of floor space you are what they've had 250 gallon water heaters and your helmet and all that they east. And because again it's only as they get to carry on C case and it actually and sauls right on the wall with signing it on the floor and then in addition to last at 220. Years attained the latter petered as. Potentially outlasting two tanked wire heaters into issue standards say that it taint water heater last only eight to ten years. And then last the nightly of course my Avery and that would that Hank us what are here you go and you might announce a hotline you can rent. And three ish hours in the dishwasher in the washing machine and not around their kitchen sink all at the same time and still never ran out of how what a hot shower for three years and never ran out of hot water. Still around that's a great benefit X especially creepy and laid out there. Who try to get everything then all the same time they need at a space it all out he can't turn additional pressure on until midnight and you gotta get when shower in. You know an hour at a time you have to do anymore he can do it all when you ET you when you get home after worker. Or actor you know school you can you don't then editing time did you not going to run out of hotline with a tank or flatter here are so they had. Of the energy rebates that are free my even you can help her chance may tank Alyssa water here in get re air. The candy yeah they pay. And they say with 39 advertising. And get it taken and jet for many of the copper freak accident from EP gebbie planning Haiti a calling for. Eight paint cliffs water heater or console purchase a furnace and air conditioner and yeah at 16100 dollars. Honor rebates ran Kansas City speier and eight PL EEL. For replacing the top of the Clinton. And gas and at now when Terry eighteen fat six seeks the Arizona for at the number to call Alan Terry eighteen fat 6600. Always free estimates. You fill chimera mr. edgy whether or not we can happy yet they PW for your future needs with a funny heating and air conditioning. And we only have a wonderful financing. And we have a and we refinanced most of our customers. They'll leaking happy hour in making it an eight and monthly easy cost for you again now went carry it too fast 6600. Dominated the time. I keep seeing in Quincy over the air seven year old had been playing with her hair you can go check that out on her face that. Paid your YouTube channels ago since drags it out without any videos we'll be back in just a moment. Election date yet the health grounds. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating cooling upper arms I am keep Ford and across from me is Dixie Wilford whip. Guest star and he Quincy Ford 24 hour seven year old daughter who happens to just be drug along today that now she loves her duty analysts and tell them like to come along party just Aberdeen which you have your daddy GAAP. Yet the UN tell everybody I'm agility daddy. I let my campaign and that give up my line at all think he's really had gotten Denny loves you a lot I think she is like embarrassed if later on yeah Marty starting keep the thirty starting she's only seven no war she won't do that now Quincy inning. And as you have read she's a beautiful little girl she lost her front teeth at least one of them so we got it went in and as soon and hopefully it'll be replaced yeah. Not now can't we do opener of the revelation that's how it happened so she's taken out of you hear her speak we apologize but you know what would be lovely girl a fact I. But what you have to look at is with a fresh and let. Jumping back into Kiki get help for home here and while we do in what we're talking about today is Kansas City power and might inspire green eight that are giving you basically furry money. To get your equipping your furnace and air conditioner in your hound. And the yet energy guzzlers out and more high efficiency systems in in their thinking he freed many. EP gets you happy TB the dorm match she. There rebates. Laurie. 913. Eat too fat 6600. Are gonna die Dixie different dot com to can't remember the number hop that's right now today and we can help you get says. Rebates teal and at your earliest convenience. And really educate the nine yes. About and to keep adding to catch up and lend every cat so folks know what you were going into attacking your incredibly you may coming out now I'm here. Guess we'll so. Think so. You know she makes funny me dolphins doing that just so you know that's why it's so funny I think you're Asha appears so grainy and hate all my gosh darn it still wonder our vulnerability to the Philadelphia. What cleaned up doing is we're gonna do that load calculation and the size of the equipment is so important not to be oversized of HBC. Equipment an undersized. Of heating and cooling equipment. Because both of them can affect the lifespan of the equipment and a comfort ability level of your family. So we wanted to be precise. Make. Ended any thing you want to be just slightly smaller not larger and the reason is we want more air flow error more air flow is the most important thing we can get chi cat. How huge he he made a five home at the dose and dignity and for its type that ten times and that if we can ground and air conditioner for. I vary analysts eat and keep it online for longer in the day. Actually saves you won many on the monitor it from the writing lowers eat till it's gonna be more at issue and so meaning laugh utility bill cost. That actually more how are because they were actually do each committee buying the air the long here recognition around in the home eight DE unifies the air and we love. They act when it comes to simmer. He hearing Keyon if necessary are so we gonna get the perfect size for you and we put it into the computer you get to see everything they were entering and how would it just it's pretty cool but here's the other part of it is that you're generous and some of do you have full basement some people have passed a foods. Basement some people have. The lower levels partly underground para about eight right labs all of those affect the way your house heating cools. So it's extremely important and what ends up probably a lot terms as those talking about the last segment was. You'll get a three time air conditioner and what they'll do is I'll just match yet with the appropriate size of furnace. Here's the problem would that so for example at three times sit up air conditioner. A lot of people will put like 880000. BTU furnace or what's equivalent to that. So. 77080. Whatever they may have that their products are selling. The problem is when you do these low calculations you'll find out of the way your baby your basement is designed. Is that you error or your. That you're putting so much heat into the basement. It's heating your house too fast shutting off the Ernest I'm not allowing for the humidity vacation that we need in the wintertime to happen. And so it's sized incorrectly on the he sighed. Your air conditioner and your first earned both bolster beside eased according to a load calculation not combined together as a commonality of if you got this in the and when should you. There actually is a fine and trying to make sure that you had the right. Quit now for your hound and that certainly take a great deal of riding an eight. Into ceiling and we take the time and a lot of time and effort which gas do you lake and apply the science to make sure you have. Absolute comfort in how Milan Haney who's hot and cold spots. And you're coming heavy an entire comfort in your home making sure you have the best safety with the equipment that we installing. And and then in addition either reduce those energy bills. And get band to lead great. And monthly cost per year because you've got great efficient clip now that are written is more efficient than it's ever been the foreign a lot of that is. 'cause of technology integrating technologies around not Nath. Act that you know person here commissioners are. And they're not exhort Bentley says because technologist I like it. When the flat screen TV came out and super expensive but now my gash in the warmer and get neck snap and it's kind of thinking capping NH beef. It is an for a lot of people there like I can't afford to do it right now may be next summer may be. I'm gonna try to hold on a long as I can what we do have financing of course some are you concerned about that as far as your credit goes what train up low mentally pain and we have. No provoke a Cornell I don't know yet mustered Jack right so we help out and all those aspects but more importantly what we do and why you want us to come out. Is we will show you based on your utility bills that you give us. We can show you that by changing the equipment. How to text your energy bill. So the nice party is. That the more efficient equipment we can show you what that's gonna save you per month. And then you also get to see what it's gonna cost you per month to operate that equipment and to own it. So you can compare your budget. And there are times where your utility bills are so horrible but you can in essence get new equipment. And if you plan right virtually spend no extra money per month. However you're you're gonna be safer in your house you're gonna be more comfortable in your house and it's getting out pave the way for your family to enjoy the living there more often. If you'd be shocked in how many things that we can solve fix our help whip. Now this week we did not get a chance to break down types of equipment. They will hopefully go to get to that next week and their denial and so all summer on right I got a technical and fight to the weird talk about it we get to it into their site apologized. It's a good that's what we're gonna get to and just so you know yeah I brought up the ice for the do well. While the other tonnage on the west was developed because of air conditioning is one of the ways the other channeling in the earlier segment to go back and I've got yet to earlier segment tonnage. The other two was water. Sending dams in creating water and here at the last almost let women. You know you tacky that you got me bill going to the west. When we started population and the western parts of the united okay yes I can limit water. And air conditioning and three reasons why people were able to make it. I'll let you know what you need when and how Leno no judo Wyoming would not join the union until they change some laws because. They're they're governor at the time was a female elk hills had more power than people know it when the wild west it's kind of cool with a target business and our other Smart. That's right until I'm mama isn't where I am or on the at a time. I did you are dealing he didn't think 8 PM the hub for hounds with key board and my targetable for of course plenty Ford has been and and dealing in a great delicacy as well. I can do copper 59 dollar air conditioner safety checks from 8 PM ED technician are ready for summer seed and the 125 dollar help comply inspection we in eighteen what are your flash a moment to check up sump pump. Laureate for this rainy season is coming up call that went 318 that 6600 have a great weekend he says.