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APW Help for Homes
Sunday, May 7th

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Oh look at a PW plumbing heating cooling helper homes this is the show dedicating do you have homework for you do experience the Dixie different. If we can help if they need your plumbing heating your cooling needs give us a call at 913. 8256600. My name is keyboard across from his stick to a. In black and EP gebbie help her home that you I love telling you only get intro right because you point your finger at certain words. Other lands and you know you you don't always get it right settled. Yeah that. Edit it then it's a toy AT and certain words and how did you get that. Elaine I divert so you send you guys would know you'd think I'm very un talented doing it however takes a lot of ability and I had a and challenge yet how crazy day a lot of tough for me to be that bad three B and that that is to find out what's the best I got. Like a lot of great league tightening the talk about can really actually a really you know we're all excited about tad they show that hasn't. It's Maine so April showers bring may hours and listening is that or is it also brings key spurt and dads bringing your car just to remind you my birthday is coming. I know I know I Carradine and it's your birthday well Tuesday Wednesday may can't guess it's I do and what's the sending gifts I am all prepared you're up all of them all of us. Mail mollid not humble knowledge that I happened. To your god is my birthday in the shell and hit me down my goodness. Yes so a case so we can do it early happy very happy that they can you get nominated. And let dad I put him Mr. President and arrow next. Victim. Yeah gas fell and that was in too much in crime scene going on now. Like did you better look at her ELE obviously. I. Felt I guess is that they are they're happy birthday toll coming up I'm Dwayne de ER do next week started they had offered or to work here I even do it every like India the two proudly working out. The hell no don't care and that that's a K now I know everybody care action we're Gannett hate Ariane. Dirty got like you know plain and the won't really do works really have to show up because it is something that we do a PW planning heating cooling it is our. Tree dishing it you know when you have a birthday. You have to work on your birthday names you get some kind of cake. Everybody has already seen with. And you blow out candles so it's like it's a tradition any pioli and it does every Vernon new personal personal matter she didn't tell anybody else. Okay though because of the fact that you know we will get. The LT one steal. Yeah. It's just Kenny. Ninety anyway yes so you have to show up for our Nadal will be there all day with you yeah I get to spend my birthday if you had heard we're gonna have a Kansas City now Alison see a clinic you know it's because that's just what it is to Joseph Casey goes the Kansas City so we death for him and that that the flight to slap a way to keep from that there. At the indicating that there. Fell and I doubt that I'll be there that guests and then it's and then the other people in the office are definitely bring an end. Ought to step actually don't like he an idea film millions have to make you happy he's gonna make they have it and mayonnaise sour cream bars and all that Seve don't need to establish that kind of that I thought we chip again because they don't get it home. Felt he didn't know if you're listening right now even higher merry coupled with a married couple Levy and I ran about eight PW plumbing heating cooling it the first time ET again. They went in the text went on here we've not talked about. Am planning heat air conditioning everything for York county at Nino brings such great safety tear her only you theme leaner pants to great comfort. Makes especially at this thirsty he'd act during the summertime we want to eliminate as hot and cold spots Fauria and three great great great comfort to your health. On any in dealing naturally want to make sure that we're giving you the best efficiency out there so that's kind of thing that we're gonna talk about today's. How can we during such great country for your home. With great product except for maybe get Leo any actions take your whole money in the process that's why we're excited Tony get active. A top fake here at hand and how we can say deal a whole kind of money on your heating and cooling equipment specifically. And how he did that is true 'cause we've partnered up with Candice C power and I TTP now. And they are offering for the Missouri customers they're working on Kansas customers right now but on the Missouri side. They have had to 12100 dollars off on your heating and cooling equipment rebate. Sell and the war effort in me young you don't how long and they're gonna rent out of the nice that this started Jeff in April so it to bring a new program. And that they had out there and we really wanted to make sure we're getting out air T figure where credit if you don't know you get 12100 dollars off. Again at that tweeted that's just at throwing a wave my me. Dad hey if you're having to replace your heating and cooling equipment fell and that's at a great pain for 12100. Dollars to 12100 dollar rebate. From Kansas City Karen night we are partnered at least can't defeat parrot like to be able to bring this program and two year if you want a free Asta mat. We need to do is call eight PW and I want three to 56600. We have excellent financing options they don't have to come with the money Pollack we can really get it down to a great low payments. For you. If you would consider purchased seeing a whole air conditioning furnace heat for your home. Indeed 12100 dollars off from KC PM now that their rebate program. So that's a that's great you know what we also have arm may annual. Nate annual our annual. And savings that we green we love donating and higher food pair shovels. TU the local charities here in Kansas City. So school and beginning counties are going to be going home. And they're not gonna have latched cell and I think that I had dinner or they might had to beef if you know skipping a mail to will get ahead of the game we did like innocent may. A week and donate to have our customers donate nonperishable food diet ends. And so that we can donating to and you know airy area charities around the in order to really get ready for the summer night. And helping and folks who need in the Kansas City area felt. Well we're gonna deal for real is at 101000. Dollars off your purchase Anaconda furnish any air conditioner. That used to when he. Non bearish nonperishable food items gifts to automatically fire ETFs not expired please please please and then be funny because some people do that. Actually we we've had that before they Tiffany picky about dollars came up idiotic and copy of her chest you that is a win win plaques. Well I cannot add to twelve and I initially say rebate from can't that he can't power and might. Chad you can get so we're looking at when he 200 dollars so that's amazing fading the great time. To look and investing backing your home. For greater comfort better safety and more efficiency to lower your utility bills each and every month so called now a PW plumbing heating cooling forty your free estimate. No cost no obligation you folks can be your best judge of whether or not any PW can help you out in the future. And at 91382. Fat 6600. Again 91318. Fat 6600. Actually in the last twelve calendar months at a that we are almost at 60000 dollars worth of I'll plumbing heating cooling stuff that we donated. So for the last twelve months to see dogs looking it up the other day yet but we do they eat the food drives we turn to give a lot of food clothes we buy food with our own money. They and so we we try to do as much as we can because obviously. No matter where you're at life you're probably better off than somebody else's at least that's the rule we've kind of looked at so the more you can give obviously it seems Derek come back to you. But we're trying to do this obviously fifty dollars a canned food item. This is more than what the canned food item is worth but it's a way to involve everybody that's kind of the whole point that we do it is that. If all of us can kind of give a helping hand you can get some big rebates off a bit. Come at that point we have a whole bunch of food that we can give white people leaving this kind of good for everybody makes world the different so after we all get to try we all get to have a hand into it and we all get to. Do it together which is kind of the whole point of a community and no whole point of our our company our family so great story come from you see guys know. Act and we like doing it and the month of may again this kind of get those pantries filled and ready before Randy can't get home from school. And because he'd he'd get breakfast from school he can get tattoos lunch from school election mean I can't. You know I went here at home we may not get those things anymore so. And we want to help out that in the just Coughlin make it easy. Iannetta local charities here in camp yeah it just to give us a quick story and I don't know this go into Farsi start reducing that hit. Late summer break from our yeah I feel kinda sent and as some. I don't summer breaks actually set up. I was because of the now because anything but the heat. The wealthier families wouldn't send their kids to school because it was too odd in the schools. So after awhile they stopped oh than the poor families would send their kids either that's how we got our summer breaks up because of farms or anything else. But the problem is is that the summer breaks hurt but the horror in our communities more than anybody else. Because of the fact that they start to lose a much. And so this is what's important first understand is that all of us are very fortunate. Eight and so at that point we can give lunches and feature. How we do that again if you're looking to. You get better energy savings. As they just half and the energy they EU's Helm go ST heating and cooling for the today's high fishy eating it can save you up to 20% are more on your team cooling costs. So I and getting and they and and you know donating basically twenty teens and nonperishable food guidance to eight PW that would Gaby B 350 backed McCain and elect thousand dollars off per chance. For the month of may your heat and cooling acquit meant. And Galley needed to call and get and then like Christie you know it is an and a 12100 dollars a T 12100 dollars. Or the KC PM now all rebate program that they had and just started last month. Elect a brand new program that's 2200 dollars together. And may you may be able to and get. And that if he took call now eight PW cloning Haiti a calling 91382. Fat 66 Hannity not I guess I mean I'll shout out. Eight PW plunging at gmail.com. That is what I love about what we do you feel much is being able to top about products. To customers and really let them know what is that they can get. We are making it is the energy savings which is what I talk about only come access to AT and I'm mark at the energy savings that we can bring TU TE your home in lower those monthly utility bills. You're listening to eight heat maybe help for home I'm Dixie will occurred because Keith Ford. Will be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back PW plumbing heating legally held for months and keep putting it across to me is Dixie won't hurt in lock and Phil and you wanna know how he can get at 22200. Dollars off pure next. Purchase. Means your only purchase of a turn finance commissioner comma and yes I think that. Because that's led a lot of our show if there's so excited and really excited I wanna buy more equipment I bought a whole bunch. Is it any way yeah dean Phil we've got some great information today and how you can save a ton of money if you media ready for the summer season and which is coming upon exit now that we're out of the April showers hopefully I'll Maginnis has been so much rain nightly. Coming into that may fire and of course Keith's birthday next week on Wednesday how salary Andy you keep bringing that to happen. Nice email let me forget. Fell out anyway so I went to find out for a meal as far as the fading and that we can get to our customers each none. By upgrading their old interface in the issue and can year class earnest an air conditioner. Specifically on the air conditioner side. And pretty and pay high efficiency. Had an issue that will pay for itself with in just a few short years because of the month leaks the eating that you get on your energy dealt. Here's the coping about the program is that we can do it instantly why were there. Or we can instantly why were they or go to the computer these tiny and I can take it right off of our price and then we turn it in. To get to reading healthy eating at Kansas City power in my ATP NL. Rebate program and fortunately for the Missouri customer draining out are actually think fortunately for the misery cancerous Kansas they're working on the program and just started last month. To get to do well and a hundred dollars taken advantage of yeah I don't really ever get the program and as 12100 dollars for you very keen to see Darren might have to Maris. On for this program and get their rebate programs that we can take their rebate for you right off the top of the price. Or are we can't had a male right right to healing you read it like 68 weeks so here's the cool thing is that if you haven't you wanna wait fifteen weeks namely you can get you can go to the computer we can go to the computer why did their help you get it all set up Korea and then get everything sent him. And the cool thing is let's that you're getting a C equipment or furnace. And you turned in the cans you get are real they think you don't have to beat the city air so not only did the Missouri customers have Canty parent light. Did 12100 dollars off. Till we don't want to lead you he is customers at a this conversation. We will have our annual food drive going on in the month of may. We didn't wine and you sort hasn't much use for our communities coming into this summer monthly kid digging at a school like squirrels at 1050 dollars off for every hour. And her fifty dollars offer every teen to 2018 and yes that's a thousand dollars off. To that you can hop act out in their community by and turning in nonperishable food diet and and save at get. How do not I haven't had twenty end. That are not expired like you said thank you pat. It doesn't have as you know corny nonperishable. I didn't have I'm I would just ran it where she stored chirp I only get fifteen to get that extra 500 dollars and the yellow. 300 dollars eighty. They share with paying a thousand dollars on your neck. Purchase of a furnace and air conditioner actually everytime we've done this people have done that where they're like can I have it at the install we're like -- yet they great they don't buy it which is cool too can get charity and plastic bags there are installing it in the series and I am anxiety due to carry out for and then we just Pallet ties them and typically per year just he has no we easily get 46 full pallets of food. And then all of our service techs are stars we get to whoever's available we can use and we all just. Bring him carry them and drop mafia critical yet. And so if riots here killed several people size than meanie and that too is that we're able to get from the community only get one my camera just a little small groups so it's kind of cool be able to bring about much. That much food in their so we really like it plus we take money and we donate to to help increase head of our own image very customers at that to tie when he 200 dollar savings on your next furnish and and air conditioner combo per chance. And KCP. And Alan. Have a rebate program at did 12100 dollars they are eight. And by donating it to twenty can't do that so here's the cool thought about this is let's say that. Either side you're on you get the thousand dollars off for donating the twenty cans cracked down on the Missouri side let's say that you don't want the instant rebate with us you want mailed TO well if you maximize it at 12100 dollars. That's enough to go almost what Meyer washer and dryer set. I mean you can use the money for things you wanna do like Dixie and I are getting a deck and some concrete worked on right. Which we'll update you guys on how well they do by the way is leading give us a discount to mention. So we'll let you know they did good he can use my if I did my name however. But I mean that 12100 dollars can go to awards anything of the smell back in if you want the price lowering UH PC equipment we just two would instantly. So it's all up to you how you want to receive the money. And for all of us it's just easier to have the twelve right dollars in LA and vice exactly July 8 KC PM now let phonetic he would again until his wife Katie he's down off furry and well at 12100 dollars online HTT Clinton and being installed. And a big big reason is renewable energy going green. They want to go green and the whole idea is especially was not just some of the laws that came out in the past. But the whole idea is that they're trying to reduce the number of coal plants even though we have brand new coal plants in this and our area they're trying to reduce them and they're trying to go to solar and I'm sure all of you know earlier I am an insult and right back. Here's the problem with the greener renewable technology there's not a great way to store so the idea is they need to be able to send it out in constant amounts right. To a history become its constant power to secure store. So what KCP and l.'s trying to do at least in my opinion. Is that they are trying to get it where. You found us as consumers don't have brown outs meaning we don't have peaks of energy use that are energy use gets consistent and we can lower it. If we can lower our energy use and we can get more consistent with high efficiency pride and right they can put in. More of green green renewable energies solar or wind. And that's gonna allowed them to do that now that are willing to pay Il in order to play in high efficiency trot at high efficiency air conditioner in your home. Candy will consume less energy. And therefore be able to you and upgrade their plane frank and this goes into much more than just HVC there's a lot of things that we're gonna go or this. Probably over the next few weeks we'll have more stuffed avatars that live at home is now the whole lap programmed to talk about less the annual food drive in the month of may so this is not by name field equipment there are some other stuff that they can do from light bulbs to energy efficient blower motors. There's a hope we're just operator talking about but that's the whole concept is they want to even though your energy use. Reduce the spike of energy that we use the brown outs which happened constantly in the summertime. Because a sees absolutely EU aware of a sad time Eleanor remind folks before I go into the break. Now I can't you want to give me an age that. These savings up to 2200 dollars and Azeri sat yes on the Missouri thigh in a thousand dollars on the Kansas side. For your heating cooling equipment and replacing that we call for your free estimating 91318. Fat 66 penny you're listening to eighteen get the help for Helms will be back. And just a moment. Hello and welcome back to a PW plumbing heating and pulling up trumps and keep forward in across from is Dixie offered and welcome back to eight you any help for home defense. Only that a lot of information that we're trying to share with you I think we'll look at almost all over the place the has so much that we're trying to share which is okay so view gender you can. Now when only your friend Tyler felt there is no need to focus on what are supposed to be talking about not to step okay Tammy and to. OK so you know my falcon right I had a problem with the water pump and tell your your dog. I mean your third Mike Ford falcon oh victory convertible for okay hourly wrestle with that at so. Of the thing is just is that it's completely restored however had a problem with the no water pump and it was overheating was drive me crazy so I replaced the water pump and I put a new radiator and a fan. And it's helped me I don't know because Sheri Matt and that is due Friday a group. So I get the pieces are in we drove the car in the garage right but I get the pieces are and I'm trying to start the cardinal won't start a gang and talking and sunny and I'm trying to start it. So then my son turns started and I realize there's no gas going to the fuel filter at cat some like oh my gosh the pump is out right the problem was known as at a gas. It ran out of panel as I drove really I. And you ran your idea they did not surprise me my guess age is now under but I think I thought it was fine. Obviously it is off CLA and that's a great thing about the growing at you know I. When I grab IG how it lags. In the major metropolitan Houston Texans right and they and a high school years rather than needle. And no way air he and then send telling you know unaware. We built on ground. And you didn't go anywhere and lash you have a full paint and gassed he never got down to a quarter of attain because you would be stepped out in the middle of nowhere. Fell after I had that everything I mean how do you think people late. Think that there is me and you know and gas station in her corner terrorists and occasionally over the years I had known you you have an added. Three times your daddy that sobriety and so I. Underrated it's a hell of that telling Harry if you pick out of our current and on track time last night I wonder we LA you know I kept hearing this thing trying to start is that cat. You card guy he's crazy that's that's an area Fiore a game back to catch he NL all this model can talk about. Fact gagging you ready for this summer seeds and you know it's not just half an EU's. And how Augusta CD and cooling your home today's high efficiency unit air conditioners. I furnaces can they be at 220%. On your heating and cooling costs so if your quick is more than ten years old and not keeping your home comfortable consider replacing it with. High efficiency models. You can save on energy cost and enjoy a more comfortable home all year long and who doesn't want that could don't. Wait until your old equipment failed. Eight and now with eight. They KC PM now heating and cooling rebate program. And shaved off season after season with a lower energy cost. And that a rebate program is active well skinny 12100 dollars. And replacing year olds in inefficient. Air conditioner cost. So which is and they think they're going to help you pay for your insisted this program to start last month were bringing ET from eighteen gab yell. And day you have to be a contractor deal left at partner with Katie. TM. Cell we wanted to bring this huge savings. Video you could copier three after the right now. At eight. 318. That 66 Saturday and we had excellent finance saying helping. 390 year. A great monthly costs in order to replace your fairness an air conditioner Allen when he. Damn there's something else to think about now this is just my opinion I have no evidence or proof of that tonight however I'm afraid I'm using right. Giving yourself. Now this is what I think is gonna happen is that they are offering a lot of money for a lot of people to go greens if any parent -- now this isn't just that this is like and it will go over all the stuff but it's light bulbs insulation. New blower motors I mean you're like hundred no water heater that ninety to 300 dollars on an electric hybrid water heaters all this stuff right. So here's my opinion is they are trying to get everybody and actually a free nest which we'll talk about an out and thermostats. And it's all to even out the energy usage right. So here's my opinion is what they're doing is they have money right now sponsored them so they're gonna spend the money how over when the money goes out. In order to pay for the green technology. I believe they're gonna have to raise prices and I'll have to do a pretty consistently. So it's the it to me it's kind of like this if you wait you're gonna help help hey Larry yeah they are gonna run our rates are gonna go out and utility costs are gonna go much higher. Or you can just did it in with the flow take the money when they have to use it as that rebate. And then when the rates do go up at least you're not as affected much of somebody and efficient and I don't know. Without it as we knew we had these programs that are available in lab first off educating the customer bound. There's 12100 dollars out there for Missouri Kansas City parent my customers. Wind they need to replace their aging old energy. Efficient. Air conditioner sift and then they can do that and get 12100 dollars and acted am. And sell that at eight figure 12 my hundred Dallas had 12100 dollar tires. Still I just inside me with passion to talk about such a great product to weenie can now not only do something to help you know. And the environment buying. Getting a more high efficiency unit will green their utility bills each and every month I mean we had such great testimonials. And folks that have called ethnic I had. You know 130 dollars a month and fading on mind. You know energy bills I had we have one he was like over 200 dollars a month and were overstating her when we've replaced your air conditioner. You know I mean we we see you fifty dollars and eighty dollars the money Dexter in a couple hundred dollars a month. Just at their back that pain doctor systemic you're using financing which we have excellent financing options so if you know you're at and if air conditioner is more than ten years old and eighty is definitely pay how lower in. And patient inefficient model. At that point because they're such great high pitched the units that have come out in the last few years I mean they're actually has been a shift. In the air conditioning industry. Where that shift has not happened for over thirty years has been basically the same vein there there is greater products and more higher efficiency tried to Cunningham the last few years. Alan new technology. And lips that's that's kind when he raises without generating shows bringing that information you do a broader. I can't. And and then being able this year IT weakened share that with you Brian your own home by free African pretty PW planning heating and cooling by calling 913. 82 fat 6600. Or email shout out eight PW cloning at gmail.com. And we'd be happy happy out here yeah eight PW planning heating and cooling pump that free estimate we are partnered up with can't say power night in order to bring this program TN. The far right I pass the ball back over Tiki I also and let folks know about our me. And I annual food drive and we do this may AT get pat in our food. He entries ready for the summer mantra there's been a schoolchildren are getting out of school and other personal one now when our personal or if we're clever and our personal want to slot print kidnapped and then you may not get our lunch whether getting the lunch at school. I think ninety Elaine she really when he should've easily in any community. And here in Iran Kansas City definitely have their pantries full and year can help out. I may I don't mean to add to twenty and then you here at 101000 dollars not fifty dollars a can't. Calling its purchase of a furnace and air conditioner Connally unit enjoyed donate more we want a little. Killed at a course you don't analogy Taloqan hacking into her and say as we went idea cellular and I knew you wanted it's contact us through some pounds because we have been the last month and April of attack cannot about some handsome got lots of calls. On people winning team leader check their sump pumps for a man. I'd take a main agenda 125 dollar hole home cloning inspection which includes checking your sump pump. And I tend to water heater flash. We do for that whole home planning inspection and a check for any leaks that he may have in the house that can't wait to potentially hundreds of dollars a year. By not knowing that the only one they are so Latin and you had two more step you and anti about I don't. There's a couple of we did get a great deal calls luckily we're able to help each other up and up helping to help everybody who called and their there's quite a few people it was price well well we have a shot or green in April 9 NFL was really rough. We've got a lot of people there were clever about it instead of asking for service call for some pump we offered them the inspection just do all of that. And then they got everything taken care what some Twitter here flash. Which is us dollars of it alone early and so acne in and Allen and check that some pop and a battery back at. Are you make sure that torque improperly. And daddy you're intentionally spinning around Helmer and so we're gonna help a lot of people summit was simple repairs some it was more major it's always gonna be that way. But we got the Celtics and we protect the house is so. You don't and feel free to give us a call on those on the inspection it makes a big difference Wii speak if you save a lot of money on future repairs and service calls. And that's a lot of it remember it's not just the repair its every Demi after call a company out deter Jewish service call so if you can get everything done and not pay multiple service calls. That's for your yeah a lot of one on nine dollars and ease of a lot of money and that would hate U hi underage and thousands of dollars because you're protecting your home with peace of mind. What damage is one of the most costly expensive. And you can have an home Ferrer 7000 dollars for your not including mold that comes right friend me an insurance agency felt. And get a call for it you know the Latin got a great stuff like you said the now hold home planning inspection frankly I. Or call for your TCP now and on the Missouri side to add to 12100 dollars and the annual food drive at 101000 dollars and replace it twenty you. Hundred dollars. Snow and wind then that at com combo purchased 91318. Fat 6600. Almost at a time there. So you're listening to eight. The backstage PW plumbing heating and actually help for homes and keep for Democrats who is Dixie Wilford yelling get. And man I can't that you know a nation and it doesn't cost Jerry now they really really in north. My microphone slides down so I slide with that but I have my car and Michelle I am I out my act as he's starting this shall eat like almost laying down in his chair her son like. Trying to encourage young men knife clay a look at big smile on to push last year she's being nice hair green comes into your lungs. In paddling down I need to get there years' notice the difference I'm sitting straight up now it to be different spelled the difference in my voice is it's like so much more passion. And the sport ruled. Only two Moran and any yup something birth coming out and they me that's alone on Twitter on Wednesday he beats when he wine and like. Thirty years deny that didn't have to an optional 51 and we didn't know that they retreats mail people are like your fifty might know. What you have to dig I don't know that I have to think about and I guess I am that you don't look fifties and us senate bill fifty don't look fifty don't are part of that the sometimes a little rally has been a thing and went on like twelve pressure from immature. Aaron there are attend your plate full actually you're still a year label that's what makes you I'm a little puppy dog yeah who pump. Welcome and a big furry partners and I tell lab is now. About the like Atlanta yes yes that scary like Harangody had yet but sort of just not the body drag and I'm not going ball and I don't know an anti and I like our kids will be. That is unfortunate gen. And then they're gonna I gonna tell my side and the solid else I noticed in the old now at that age now now after the old boy shot for probably now Abraham. I think it's a little something for now Jeanette have aimed low cost. You know solve. Four ball if so did you I don't know I ever even there I'm I'm free for like his don't care no I am. And had not to do with the way you handing your hand I don't care rain at K and you make it. AP get me help for around her neck on the topic here we we don't tend planning heat here can you see now why don't you got when things aren't as beautiful bald guy. While it is on hold and I beautifully yes. I. The just see you know the gifts they do not TV wrap up I told you McCain and I don't know I don't do that effort that's how again. There are people wrap the gifts just given to me is guarantee I'll take them on I'm fine with the plane went to get to you'd like to have. With a special gift of giving the gift of giving okay filling gift cards the profanity elf. I went yeah you know we don't really want anything from my upper hand now I haven't gotten you anything. I don't know something for the summit that we can do together I you know I joined really want a lot of presence I mean I joke about it that. I don't take much into there I bought all the tools I want to Saturday and I can help clean Patti don't mind me playing it's really very clean he better run he kept clean number I mean they know that's different. I know devices. Favre and I know I'm I'm I think I get every morning for green lights on the report on vacant and gathering all I was gonna bring up the Casey before when it's really. Tell us out when you went pretty easy to get a great likely wanna laugh at their folks know how they have a great night for bi lo ain't there yet monthly utility bills what I had a greater comfort in their home better safety for their home. And gain their air conditioner. Hate to explore. And at least 12100 dollars off for the candidacy and Missouri customers Katie. And and then a thousand dollars offer annual food drive second to 2200 dollars off. I can't decide does not have the program yet for the TTP now they are working ID say they are right on the web site. Banks down until we get ready annual food drive for you do you feel a thousand dollars op you purchase on the com low. And air conditioner and furnace telling on right now at eight PW ilk so but the main thing is we might bring you the information X specially for the key PP now customers connect 12100 dollars off on your next purchase and we met their I can't and the consumer as well we do not like to buy a furnace and an air conditioner not something that we want to tackle. And if you are absolutely forced to dig deal. But I don't weigh into your air conditioner sales. Ending your left out the complete heat to make it hurried. I'm an educated guess seizure and on how the next 101520. Years. So make educated decision had a PW plumbing heating come around. Let's go over the program the TTP now program rebate program that they have plus hang up they Jack as to 2200 dollars off. A near an expert Jess says that leaking unique we can eliminate those hot and cold spot. They Ime having your home. Or we get really high outside and we can steal keep your home and very very comfortable being do you hate. At a very high efficiency and product and lower. Utility bills each month 913018. That 6600. Is an amber to copy you're free ethnic. You folks can the year and best judge of whether or not a PW can help you out in the future that you would at least have the information he can make an educated decision and. On replacing you furnace and air conditioner so here's the scenario. Here on the Missouri side you're like I don't need my equipment replaced thank you very much Dixie will. So I'm ranked picked. So this is what you can do is obvious he has no you need clean beings right pre ABC we know 26% the life of your equipment. Is based on the fact that you actually get clean dislike maintaining your car you did not Martin doing a real change noble fell you don't need to do any nation Tina proof. Don't even when an album that its pre Dixie okay go ahead tell sell echinacea tea. Are so young and so let's say you call what you do to help we come out there we get some we check yourself make sure it's all done you can even do the deep cleaning one which is really impressive right. However the main reason for your call is because you wanna get a nest thermostat you don't have to pay for it. See you call so there we come on do cling to say you know what I'd like to find out about the Casey pinot program on the Missouri side for the free nest. So we get it set up for you and you get a free nest thermostat. Now there's got to be catch their right nothing is for free there's always something there. Well there is kind of a catch and what the catcher has is that they are going to basically be able to monitor how you use your heating and cooling. I and so that it today he. The day and age the major point of anything is gathering information about consumers. So what KCP and L watts is they're they're gonna say is will give me the free nest we just wanted to monitor they can't see what's Blair house they don't really that's our biggest of the temperature like. And where and you use your air conditioner or not so what their goalie has is when they know they're gonna have brown outs or they know there's a spike. In people's usage that they can call you up in every couple months say. Hate you are using your air conditioner Tom 9 o'clock. Is there any way you could lower it to you don't just stop at 8 o'clock is that a possibility so that will help us out. They're gonna sing you're reminders or maybe you're using it and you don't need to use it so they're gonna help you out what that which saves them energy. And so hence they're willing to give either free nest. That's the hook behind it all I Dixie had her microphone and may. Coughlin now and then I am I. Didn't hear that very nobody urgent that we look at it as any effect on out it's like outlet. Thought I guess he had felt illegally spent a lot of time talking about they can't city parent night rebate program it didn't greening program to story last night though wanted to build a majority of the show grant keep talking about as long as they had a and that's when the money does that then the program as a guy fell on your on the Missouri side you wanna take advantage of 12100 dollars off your. Air conditioner and get a eat you have to hear it noted did yanked. Immediately the contractor that has partnered with king and city parent my which are of course we'd be talking about it and not to take advantage of our thousand dollars off. A furnace and air conditioner combo her chance. Has ever annual name is dry we want to help our communities around to get the food pantries field before summer camp. And kids are home. And they they can absolutely have lunches and dinners and not go by without them. Copier free ethnic right now that the 2200 dollars opera and Azeri side as did thousand dollars off. On you furnace and air conditioner purchase do it now before the summer yet. And you're in deep trouble again call 91318. Fat 6600. Begin 91382. Fat. 6600. It's been a pleasure to keep happy early birthday old are your Nate can't contest and after relativity to get checked its national holiday may tenth ten man where ash can get help for home.