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APW Help for Homes
Saturday, May 26th

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Hello and welcome to eight PW plumbing heating and police help for homes this is the show Devi keys don't homeowner for you to experience the Dixie difference if we can help beat your plumbing heating or cooling needs give us a call at 913. 8256600. Or at the Dixie different stock com say I get that in there's a a I would keep board and across from me is due to hang. I gave a little bit as if you. You're smiling like extra bits today Adam and nationalize the drama from the U. Last I can't Randy White you know wet end and for good greens then for good reason because it's hot it's it's summer it's here. And we didn't really have eighths Bernie limit right from winter to summer and you know let this. Means an eighty PW plumbing heating and cooling and is my cash and we're super busy that's why you're so exhausted it's Saturday when they work and hard all week long. Fixing and repairing air conditioners are replacing air conditioners. And dad so we help and that your home. Is nice and cool and you're not having to go through that type of strife. Or the folks out there that aren't having to endure the heat. Broken down. Please give us a call eight PW plumbing heating cooling is what we deal we're gonna come out and and refer wreck very reasonable prices. Pepper hair and and a they can take care. Your air conditioner in each up and going in anti pop a right now and am in Tariq. Eighteen at 6600. And downing of Hewlett and actually what when you're listening to show right now. Keep in that really talking about this before we got started what you really want he and if they need to do. Is to clean your air conditioners that the only really line all of Kansas City kitty and daddy can get that's or begin a lot. And blowing hot here and knack it to the ears not cooling in the mouth with house feels that the people laying out key. You know that Guillen is day to keep. And or we have failures an air conditioners Albie has. Really it's not to not necessarily every once all but it's because you do know that. You know you clean your floors to claim your closure or bathroom and yes you have to actually clean your air conditioner and you furnaces well. So would these three cleans that tell mom we deal. That if something he would call line you can give us a call at now went 318 fast 6600. Like if I go to bed Dixie different dot com. You can take advantage of our 59 dollar air conditioner I kidnap. And now we get that whole process starting to get out there and crying and everything that collect beanie. You know however many years if you haven't made cleaning at. I eat there or you should be eating maintained every six months once the air conditioner once for the furnace. Snow and indeed and it went in our energy splitting their green it actually did come out twice a year will call leader reminded of the course there's no alarm going off in the air conditioner and furnace right you know to clean up. So we got 48 PMB a he'll call and reminder to come clean your furnace and clean air conditioner. Kevin King if you have all the air try to hold home moving through these. And mechanical. Equipment and yes of course it's gonna get dirty fell. And that makes for failures here in Kansas City and we want to make sure we're getting those. Taking care of and that. You have cool air all summer long right and there's no so great I will stop ranting for a moment of hope they did a little for you could that usually your department. You printed yet that would that wanted. 'cause I got back a polite oh this is what you yeah Evan guarantee our air conditioner claimed that there that better if that's the rampant and I don't know what mine is going to be well you yet you eat have a better ranked than nine and they don't sell it is more I like about it. What do you think CI AM ten big deal about it I'm blaming all of them you hid her rep I'm blaming the you don't out data sight out of mind nothing about it commissioner Bernie if they listen that is you know needing to be cleaned if they're listening to us the look up publicity that we have six million people we deal a yes face sell our apps like you should happen to you should know decoy I don't count on binding now I don't shed blood for this field new listeners you know the 6000000 and one. And then there's one match actually or failing since. Pretty roads caps and allowed me error and you know getting mad at me and I gala to air educated on taking care of the furnace and air conditioners that's. Can minimize or Ayers on how to make sure that by cleaning here at your air is actually help you utility bills. Good tremendously you listen I percent of patients each year not maintain meaning cleaning your furnace and air conditioner arsenal folks. You know after junior set at the 50% loss. This even dome. There's a lot of you that would prefer suffer. I'm pretty suffering is not something I wanted to I'm working team hard. He's played the way. The major Kansas said he until I replies how he is second signed up elm. They don't you gentlemen in blue springs eighty something years old. Didn't have air conditioners so I don't. Get out there and figured out how to get it all done in running brags he's thing parallel he had his life aren't gonna get a first you were looking bucked up bright and filly moved him up right Elaine. Now we can we we've been. Giving ways to get the installs died and still do hitting quality that's not easy. To pick up the installments so there's been a few of us getting out there working hard that no normal. Get out and Mary network that aren't. Did not as. Please send. It's Chevy that I I know our I try to decrease. I'm old like 52 now I don't wanna sound like myself anymore amount. Yeah amanpour guy you like young men and I'm not delayed eagle and you end. Look to teach you at all of and then and you have a great radial face fell for a special job model walls and played the kid great idea you know there's no way people would think if you ever check our FaceBook page or ET channel APW plumbing heating and cooling you can net. Check how handsome man keep an altered I'll say is keys much cuter than Dixon right. Today Iran terror yet at the right. If he doesn't erupt Dixie but a girl and arrest that man all the time moments they tell me that I need to get off six million listeners a doctor and one. There's one or do you could count how hard enough for me to get to the six million Nate develop a lot of tap there was. So here's the thing is I can take this. As well we actually have altered insight into putting a lot of hours I would in my it's part of our responsibility right there's no room reasoned. To cry about it however I can tell you that as I go to customers house's. And we mean hours is that I'm getting home at 91011. O'clock each night and we're starting at 7 in the morning so miserable bit longer days however. I can save their there is no guarantee that cleaning will make your equipment last longer. Or work a 100% better however. I can tell you this that the majority of the time. When someone says their equipment has lasted a long time. Day hat they tell me the same thing afterwards that's because we've maintained in cleaning it every year I took care not just like Carney you're taking care that are it cannot last a long time. And so that's Miami but he interrupted me and you erupted me. X eight but actually and then if you look at when we go to houses that that are rusting out in their falling apart. Did the same thing well we kind of get it cleaned and you can tell that they have Maggette or according to so. The there's an institute it's for air conditioning heating refrigeration institute right eight HRI. It's what they say is the life of your equipment 26% is based on how you maintain it 70% and how it's installed. So if you install it correctly you may Jenny your equipment will last a long time and it'll be very efficient if you don't. You're gonna spend more money as you're gonna replace it sooner it's gonna fall apart quicker. So going into customers house's we've had so many appointments I've been going out to cause results is giving bids for replacing equipment also. So I thought. I would answer a few questions and they're good questions people ask when we're out into the house. I'm so some of the idea as Abdel lastly as you know their air conditioner went out but their their furnace or still worked last set a winner. It's a box ask who do I have to replace both the map the same time. In the answer is no you don't have to replace your furnace in your air conditioner at the same time. Now you do have to replace the outdoor unit. And it's the unit above the furnace at the same time they go to gather. I especially on refrigerate it's eight however if you don't replace your air condition your furnace at the same time. It's kind of like taking a really old to have the cart and putting a young horse on it. They're basically you know where downed the horse much quicker. I a because you're you're it's it's basically pulling a boat anchor. And that's what happens to heating and cooling equipment when you have one part of that much older than the other part. It has a tendency to lose the life of the equipment and where rare down faster. True. Bannister had absolutely yeah for it dozens more cents and here's another thought Hawaii. You're talking about the question. To her just to recap aegis to Daniel ethnic EP AB hub for homes. And the question with his EMI air conditioners now playing at yell at no cost way to pressure repairing it so let's go ahead and replacing it. And should I glad replacement furnace as well Candice I would just replacing my air conditioner. Still and you had a good analogy with the course in the cart and headed into its idiot actually going to cost you less money in general I know for me Pete Elliott. That to replace all of it one time because and rather than doing it separately because you you have a lot of extra work that you do. When you do it wine at a time we do just the furnace you do just the air conditioner. It actually cost you more money if you package it all together all the work being done the same time so we can make you death and a more efficient cost for you feel. Fell and so that's. Two points on that question that selling Q I was like a basketball shot exactly a pay or exactly improve. Intense and very don't. It's it's yeah like this is our two of them greatness you had a basket ice is tedious they'd OK so we've got a commercial and death for the and then that hardly know it's getting to me I'd be delighted at excel and I'm I'm I'm I'm just kidding but it was a joke commercially listening AT gebbie help for hounds. I'm Dixie looked Democrats need to keep border Renny PW plumbing heating and cooling of yeah have any. And and a nation needs right now get this club but at 59 dollar conditioning. And safety yet checked into that and tweaking the happy out there are now 1382 fat 66 and we'll be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back eight PW plumbing heating and cooling helper homes on and keep porn Grossman is due to a pill only cash I totally forgot to go with specials last segment fell at only the 59 dollar line. The bidding go over there really big line fell. They just came to this revelation here that I'm I'm completely forgot about among special yes no way known announced only I like a year now to me down and that is not. To be shared however my I only do you know Eric. And that have ITF 16100. Dollars off a furnace and air conditioner com Maloney tea how. Phil if you specially cases the economy is and the explanation is from can't see haren might inspire. Energy which is either obviously can see Tara Knight is your electrical bill and ire is to buy out in GE gas though. And so in case she did know that that start paying your gas pellets buyer sells for compared you have the new trucks out. Hello I'm a good guy white or in some only LA and orange so anyway they are getting rebates. Basically into the money runs out and dying and replacing a furnace and air conditioner with the higher efficiency. And air conditioning which that's what to do anyway if you were at the time to replace it and get that money fading in the end they're actually gonna pay year look. To put in high efficiency equipment and then he PW is matching. So basically that's where we get back to 16100 dollars between anti parent I aspire energy. And then matching an eight he gab we'll money you get to 16100 dollars off. And dad as for the month of remain fell. You know let's bars as matching yet otherwise you're only getting 800 dollars that's no chump change 800 dollars is a lot copper furnace and a recognition I bet you PW. One heating cooling of that a match that each of defeat 15100. Dollars I you know with the matter how that what is back on the Kansas side. Electing don't get those rebates no reason why that a good saying we get ripped off if it's women on the Kansas I could sell at 8 PM we've got to match. At eight Pete Elliott is gonna make sure that we take care of the Kansas side as well as if you aren't that dire need you have to replace share. Your air conditioner tis the season because a tie and that's. Generally what people find them selves is that there is an awful repair or its staff not fixable in all. Then you're placing your air conditioner folks still don't do that don't wait for that time. Because then your imperiling year with out air for who knows how long this has. We get busier and busier as the heat that. Ski yet says he can't sub. He can't sell you know and that's fight that's what we do for a living in AT&T however. We want you to be ahead of the games he'll get a and they and it and manage and the 16100 dollars. Even get from eight PW plumbing heating cooling can't think power might inspire energy. And and Dan because there are only good idea until the money rained out the word Dillon we're matching yet. Again for the month of may so there's. You know where we're a little over halfway through the month the mesa cot for your free estimate on that now 1382. Fat 6600. We go to that Dixie different dot com. And down and give us a call there we have Sunday opposite right now they can take your call did you set out for whatever comfort anxious to come out. Properly psych out your lead currently do you fancy load calculations we never get back. Actual quit then it should mean your home for right now now what was the air young twenty years ago. Ninety and not be the same thing you and dad a lot of variations within remodeling the home adding better insulation kind of things. Wood and and determine what type of their can assure you might mean now. And then of course took over different options will go very good better and that's in you folks can youngest judge a wet option works best for a year it's at three estimates with when you calling in. And it doesn't take much time at all. Get that information for Yale and the course we always have financings of your. You know worried about I don't wanna spend the big chat and you know take attend government meetings there might be patient and whenever. Half financing get too low monthly pay next. And no prepayment penalties and you could pay that off early anytime you like. They don't and they can't keep Aaron might inspire energy rebates. I get to 800 dollars off kids and excuse me AP Gabby on equally is going to match those did you just 16100 dollars off only for the month that the name. Called my Guillen now won 318 fat 6600. A good to die Dixie different dot com. And dad Pannemon Fords for thank you forgive me time to do is act had a hat we've had blocked the question that cares if he's an with the air heating up around after. And Gagne went down. Brought another one even though Kansas doesn't get the rebates there is some good news attack we get to pay more in taxes yet. Okay Matt do we pay my taxes on my gosh the numbers are thought yeah what are like they did a series I don't why what do you think quick trip puts all the restores right on the state line hello I lift Pacific gas pressure packed app for gas cigarettes and all of liquor stores. Right there on the Missouri line well that's a minimum there. We could saves in fact I. Sell the first. Question you asked thought is can I separate my furnace in my air commission on my bottom and the answer is yes. However. I it does save money it's better for the systems. If you change your mop the same time because putting old and new equipment mixing them is harder on the equipment right right that this of that comes the day what. The next morning as is it worth it for me to get a high sea air raiding. So I am I gonna do the best that I can to explain this well so hopefully I do okay seasonal energy efficiency ratio clear rating may sell. Think given as miles per gallon on a car crash right so the higher this year rating it's like the more miles per down on the car. Keep but that doesn't mean and it's always the best value for every person because what else to go into this remember is for every sear rating so. The minimum standards thirteen this year. If you bought a fourteen share commissioner it is improved in the seer rating and why each singer rating to save deal. On the average approximately because these are all just number all I can just. Everything berries. It's about seven dollars for every hundred you spend on cooling your house okay it's starting at thirteen years in the into fourteen fear of every hundred dollar sustain he should say that about seven. So would you jump up to these really high of fishy 6919. You have to about you wait the money and when it does for you. And so and I were gonna end up going to break and I'm gonna come back and explain a little bit more of where builds values because unless you there's houses like go to that. It's just not the best thing for them to do is to get. Really high zero area yes and so you need to be careful of your money and spend why easily. Right till I'm just happy the air because we Ametek I mean write to click breach that we detect a lot about members ever what I am breaking down. In each of the you know what kind of air conditioner if you're thinking about buying wine even if it's a season or next season. But you need some great information on what to consider. Saline yeah not out spending yourself for me Moehler really get the best of what you want to fill lab continues or less can. Eight at eight he'd get the help for home I'm Dixie Wilford Democrats meet keyboard takes him it'll be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight feet up and plumbing heating cooling help for homes. Empty Portman across mystics Rupert and welcome back hey Pete any help for homes. IE out real quick I need you when you reckon the topic before he went into commercial break. About what's air conditioner to buy what they fear rating mess he's only energy efficiency ratio that I should consider is at thirteen C year in which is sister they say car. So goalie at 1019 steered on the Ford GM and none that too just to draw the audience back into what we're talking about is. Without couple great specials glance first you know if you haven't been maintaining your air conditioner Rihanna to full lean mean. And give us a call to get that started for the 59 dollar safety Jack your air conditioner 913 ET fab 6600. Or the Dixie different dot com or an app that's right now seeking give us a column and each is scheduled up for that. Panic heating up to sell. That could be a lot of the reason juror and air conditioner may not be working at full capacity it's because it is extremely dirty or your filters are being changed. Things and that's or we can't gala that. Phil and then the other great special to take advantage and they appeared to connect to repairing skis means replacing. And you furnace and air conditioner right now we have the world whom we went and GTE at Kansas City power and might inspire energy aren't getting energy efficiency rebates. And right now until the money runs out to basically could be chilly in the Erie could be a couple of months to swing them anywhere and out. And we are matching misery so we're doing hat on the Missouri side. And then they can't decide we're not neglecting him Atlantic ties when now neglect healer and an action on your side as the well. We just aren't getting as much help from can't see parent might inspire energy but we're really dealing app for the month of may eight from eight PL EL the could potentially get at 800 dollars. From the Kansas City Karen I inspire worm matching that to Egypt to 16100 dollars and then what happened that on the Kansas side as well. Or if you rip I sure furnace and air conditioner at he'd do it other packaged together we're gonna help the album matching yet. Are you need to do is call the your free estimate right now it doesn't take much of your time now Hamlin 318 at 6600. Will do a fancy low calculation for your column picture that we know exactly the unit. You need launch options I know what shall about it which units would be bashed for you look like he's out of variables eat our. And a high efficiency here not not so high efficiency with the theory lenient. All kind of different options will give the adoption to educate you properly and that's options and you fields Camille and best judge of whether or not EPW can help peel. In the feature with this purchase. Unless we always have tiny things that folksy if you're not war you really worried about it in that big purchase don't worry that we have wonderful financing options. There's no prepayment penalty on the eve. Financing so if you wanna pay an office sometime I mean you know there's no penalty on that we low monthly payment. In addition that's usually the biggest concern. Every single home that we finances can you just make sure you also give me a low monthly payment in we can definitely do want. So now the 318 fat 6604. And can't see Tara I inspire energy and eight. 16100 dollars at that. Comic purchase of the furnace and air conditioner again now 132 fat 6600. That is mad that commercial here may PW comedian calling them back to. And they tantalizing topic. What's hair conditioner you should consider. When it comes to the fear reading. The nano means fear like steering your stake a one side or the other I mean this seasonally energy efficiency ratio the L. Capital S capital. Based on your needs in your home no way to eat. You're so sweet pet him so. Remember Islam they're celebrating its kind of like the miles per gallon your car and most things in life. Typically are running about the same concepts for example if you don't maintain your car. Your miles per gallon decreases right you don't get tuned out yes if you don't or keep your all your tire pressure was handy when you lose your miles per gallon. On an air conditioning unit same thing happens if you don't maintain it and clean it. It's a it's seal rating decreases. Sell on. The older systems. When you bought it a lot of these systems a worm can see year to start off. Where right. It's in the early two thousands latent. 1999813. Seer was pressed into place I and so when you're at the beginning of those stages pay some of these systems originally were only intense air raiding. But since you didn't maintain it that's your rating has dropped and it could be as low as six by their rating. C imagine if they gans Larry of energy in it basically you're saying plus here's the cool thing is just replacing it. Is gonna think about the jump there if it is that five or six even if he would that in passer rating. And you go to a thirteen seer. You just jumped what 67 points. So if you eat d'isere right nick so now. I have to like the tech you know financial show or something in the air conditioning I don't believe this financial may have another paper right so that's your biggest money comes from. Necessarily buying the most expensive equipment now I prefer that the minimum you do is fourteen. Now I do that not because that's the minimum stare at but soon it will be and I'd prefer that people have an. And this year ahead of the curve a little bit right and it's not that much more to go that that once a year rating they have been. If yours is right now ten originally and now it's up five or six. If you think about it I'd jump from a five to 814. That's nine C a rating point. And for every hundred dollars your spending mean basically your your utility bills your electric bill has doubled on your air conditioner to run. So it's almost costing you to keep the old air conditioner more than it would be too. Biased system just make monthly payments on actor remodeling payments would be lower than keeping that thing you have now on a Starbucks coffee Easley is saying. I don't and star blown I had I had Starbucks today I get like and how what I think it's now starting to kind of catch up LaDainian then drink and messed our back finds it between now I mean it's like to him and start to feel the caffeine or growing a little chickened out when you need to start drink and star Brad let's cut. I didn't have their breakfast sandwich it was actually get hammered out like that so US. You can't tangent so. But if you think about it I mean back at least sixty dollars extra month you're spending. Because in the end the cooling season because of your old equipment and this is where you have to think about it take financially alone eight. It makes sense to get rid of older equipment just because of the monthly cost strike. The other part of it is the risk factor which I deal with all the time and I always feel bad for people when they don't have air conditioning. I just can only do so much to help them and I do everything that we can't. I read we will go out of our way to help peel however you do have to help ourselves also and don't allow it to get to this point. So either. Gay you're equipment cleaned and have a cleaned every year. Or don't let this all the equipment that's about right to fall apart try to make it because it won't. Those are two things that that we need you do to watch out for yourself. Date so that's what I'm not talk about incinerating now. The question I get his key to how efficient should I get my air conditioners so. You know I don't know if anybody has a great answer for this it's really I always just looking utility bills. They sell the higher your utility bills are. The higher the CA rating you should go because is gonna save you the most amount of money I. So it's a hundred doll army I'm sorry seven dollars for every single senior rating that you increase your air conditioner on the average. For every hundred you spending utility bills well if you have eight. I'm gonna exaggerate this for a second but it give a 400 all the utility bill you can see that be. For every senior rating would save you four times seven. I or both can be 28 dollars pretty good math rock yes amazing as amazing I I was a math major yeah not now now. How hike now like an event. So it's some and so that's how you have to kind of look at it so now it. What usually equates to it is the bigger the house usually the high your utility bill list. The smaller the house usually the smaller of the utility bills that does not always true and it's not always the case but that has a tendency to happen. So typically a smaller house says I I tell. Because if you're getting a really really high Sierra rating air conditioner. You're doing it because you want equality you want top of the line you what you want those sort of things would you ever really small utility bill. That give a big utility bill. In vast into a very high fear rating is it's gonna get its money back to you and I just look on return on investment. How do I get my money back putting into what's the best value so I just don't waste my money. I don't like people wasted money I don't like doing it so I give you the advice of what I would do. I don't know if it's the best advice is on the bright but I think it's great advice for me to give to deal secessionists say to six million listeners as. I economic and asked to prosper actually got a lot of wanna sound arrogant you know I am confident no but I am correct I just don't want any arrogant about it and the arrogance or opt I was trying to humility I didn't do too good now and now now now I kind of and I sat ten downing. What can I better stop being humble gadget minded guy you know should just listen to what ideally you'll come our right. Can he you bet. That's actually more honest answer another I would I just do it he's only dealing every day around as far as educating folks on their furnaces and their air conditioners and you know what heaters imply I mean you. Mean you Nene so Lloyd Benson because they'll we have the passion to do differently just love to talk about it. And dad because they feel like. And that there's a need for it we filled that there you know folks are look for people to kind of help answer that question and we can really break it down until you know terms and everybody can understand. Fell and cancel we enjoy doing so without Rangel could break and then I hit your shot you can and they'll hold your quick guy and and because we got to take a quick break allegedly telling you know I can't parent might inspire energy rebates. At 800 dollars came to save the ARRIS can see now he is an action is at 216100. Dollars for cobble purchase furnace and air conditioner all not only 318 that 6600. We'll meet that they. Hello and welcome back a PW plumbing heating Cooley help firms I am Keith Gordon across to me is Dixie Wilbur and welcome back again to 8 PM the ill health for hounds we eat do you and drank eight. I keep and I wrote a married couple if you have DL if you are just app first listener who. She asked started Tinny for the first time a month are either six million listeners right. Fell ass I counted at the end they and it felt I have a question for you that how was the zoo. Wow I really to do with our class act first grade class right but don't they have a new exhibit they do you have a new in the exhibit is a really great we went and by Thursday. And our class and download the Nike tour living an open to the public yet so we were very lucky. The award you and it's the and and and they're like little shark that are inherent in touch them early and then fifteen range and said oh cool this team raise they like. They can swarm together and it's all indoors you know so you sure he ends in your arms to make sure ending didn't and the holds a little cut at issue. Dead of course and then now on you hold it and then they steam Regis casts warm up and they just gobble all the little fish upright hire me. Let's kick you out is they did they Ares cool ending could just touch the top of them in how they feel very you know it's not that tell Parikh. Collect details just like he said how they describe like clipping their fingernails they condit's and that it's not. Can't stay continued yet that is amazing gaffe and it hungry and really just opened GAAP Friday in we get to be Nike tour on third today. Without a field trip that has an off OK everybody go to the zoo yes. Well they need your money and do more cool stuff really really improved in the zoo. Yes good jacket absolutely felt at Ellis Ellis I'm so I'm glad they got that at that side ahead in the rep Judy do help but. I just wanna look great topics that we be talking about today folks are really interest did have lots of questions about. When it's time to replace their air conditioner tight outside it's not keeping an Roberts twenty years old. Or I had do have put the money into repairing and when is it time to repair vs replace that with dangling over all the topics today still collect our podcast page on our. That Deke he difference dot com a web site and analyst opinion on that blanket for more information or more importantly just a colony PW plumbing heating cooling now 1382. Flat. 6600. We go over all that information Korea and in addition to patch we've been talking about Kansas City power and might expire energy are giving rebates. Or out of replacing your earnings in the air conditioner with high efficiency products at 800 dollars depending on how high it BellSouth. And eight PW plumbing heating cooling and get a Mac should act for the month of remain. The need caller and for your furry estimates on a combo purchase of a furnace and air conditioner to get back. But for tying his hat tilt and can't cease by asking me can't parent might inspire. They go until the money ran out. How many Wren that a lot sinner then there's dad's. So we have this special going to the end of made that will match their rebates and we're gonna do get on the Kansas side as well. When you replaced your furnace and air conditioner together call now 318 fat 6600. To take they did that at just 16100. Calorie day. And dad take a manager that that free money that'd help there. And Dow would be happier happier with get that -- S that we always have financings of folks who need low monthly payment we can help you out as well. So I know keep you were really happened folks out. You know last couple segments here at wind it was tying to really consider replacing. Your air conditioner. We went briefly over should replace built at the same tying. Yeah act and no it's really get to the package that you have the opportunity replaced though they will be cheaper in the long rant. And it's going to be better eat you the whole system will work better instead of putting too much load on an old. Furnace and you know pretty within brand and that air conditioner not not a good combination. And you just say putting too much in the new air conditioner in and eat firms that fail sinner any. Right and and any product then another good point as well leave it you're smiling a lot that's. Two good points you gave him dry dock all I'm generally get today that'll get to an arrow actually the funny that you're spamming and think about what the other point. There's an edit in plaintiff I wouldn't well I think ideas stop for a moment. I'm thrilled that she can't I just oh my gosh how long we've been together and a OT Lionel actually looked like until you will be error an of their anniversary fell. Indiana a lot longer than. Ron and his wife has been together long. Its handler just checking that give him money bush and of course ID and and 39 years that he nine years along tiny Beattie get in the cutest couple the whole way around it. He now he's the gentleman behind the board he makes all that happened he makes yes and I love my job I really loud at that your techie about and marriage at all. Mean here are active friendship and yet they know her run as his producer Maria and he laughs at my jokes which I greatly for me. Physically the body again that there's two people that deal with the my mom Enron how was it thank you really dry and it elevenths that are hypocritical. My mom thinks somebody right. Or lady yes it's huge debt so we are that's what we're talking about the seal rating. So that's how you kind of judge it is the higher you do leave your air conditioning your leaves our series for your air conditioned high Iranians and more fishing it rang I assume it's the same people listen now have plenty daddy of people come in and out but I'll keep up. For you people who came in and out thanks so that's only look at is how do you invest your money to high efficiency air conditioning. Is that for every I'm sere rating that you increase your air conditioner use saved approximately seven dollars per countries spend. So if you have a larger utility bill you're gonna save much more money than if you have a small utility belt. So that's free have to judge it and see how might he might return on my investment I. So here's the other thing. This is actually what gets to me and I don't really say anything even though one of these days I think I'm going to look at assembly and say right now I am going to add ice and sell what. Is that when people say I've had my air conditioner for you know fifteen years twenty years and I've gotten my money out of that. And I'm thinking to myself no you didn't you just paid reed did keyless energy bills are an extra ten years for no reason. And you still have equipment that didn't work very well. And so that's one of the things. Has there it started out or a coming if it hit a banners and Dell Louisiana's pretty low efficiency back then there's been horrible technology in the last five years has really he integrated in each BC you know when heating and cooling. Just in the last five years and really bringing up that high. And fear rainy and begin really great utility bills orient you know really bringing down the Arab bring back the efficiency. On and great equipment. I am this is like a classic car. Once these things and not myself as a number or your conditioner hit about twelve years you really should look at getting rid of it being proactive. Fifteen years is really a maximum effort is and that's the heat if I turn her down a break right aircrack. So you should be careful you don't get your money out of bump your money still stays in them because you pay. Whatever would it cost you for new equipment you're paying in high utility bill delay we're almost anti Nellie like super duper fast and I. Have a global warming expect. I just want to get on right and wonder my parents if you take an hour nearly another hour belly candy that can't think parent might inspire energy rebate at 800 back PW is good in match as PDF to sixteen hunter backs. On replacing you furnace and air conditioner combo unit call eight PW. And actually declined to Elliott at. At nine and thirty at eighteen flat at 6600. Gonna back Dixie different dot com or or you can call or email the radio stations say we want Keaton Dixie longer predict you know I don't know I don't know how many more resource you know a lot of volatility for ten questions at to 300 dollars retained cliff. What are heaters of you what a switch out tank for tank after an editing begin at eight. 32 fat 66. Hendry is an amber to call I'm Dixie will pay across means cheap board or you could just say I wanna listen to keep more predict Dixie she did wanna be involved. He's the only one I wanna listen to more pay you like it to be more humble play again and took. Category we can't let a guy he can't Wear out.