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APW Help for Homes
Saturday, June 2nd

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Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating it Carolina help for homes this is the show dedicate do you hold order for you to experience the Dixie difference. If we can help ease your plumbing heating or cooling needs give physical led 913. 8256600. Or at. And that's right. I'm Dick Guilford and yes keep Ford is next to me so Julie doing this old and wonderful channel. Every don't push your head now we've duly till ideally they ship every weekend to thank you listeners. I'll our six million listeners a authentically appreciate all of great listeners out there if that are. I'd be asleep right now he wacky MacKey taken an app it's how long week because it's still hot out guy. And gas so far eight air conditioning company as ourselves is it your busy. So who. You act also driving our topic today. No not only will I tried to keep focus Leo squirrel away on some random sap or wanna make sure tighten their six million listeners out there are again appreciate your listeners. And very nights about tying T consider replacing your air conditioner. I mean to Britney to appear today before out before breaks around right and you know when you do you don't wanna be with Juan didn't. Any I degree wedge there an 805. Inside the house. And you have to make a rash quick decision. To change air conditioning have to wait because everybody swamped in trying to get their air conditioners installed as well. So that's what we're not ready. We didn't have much of the spring and firm winter I know that because I was standing outside on the weekend at soccer games free easy and man we had like a week. Spurring it seems like straight into summer and I really hot summer so. Click fast transition this year you're totally soccer mom the hound and wait you know like am I soccer do you think that would gonna happen and then it is we count on your body again I think you should buy many didn't I'm good with my craft them you know I mean it doesn't say they and that I don't have to have that many and probably any actually eat. They're much more functional end that can't allow them because like mom and so much more room to get. But any it's a silvery I am I going to be great at coming back when he didn't pander replaced TR. Air conditioners to stem. And that we're getting it in a little bit of that top while a lot of that topic in Guinea some good tips on you actually should consider that work you know like your OK with where you're asked for a little bit longer anyway the other not killed but we're learning that. Also check out many. Life or death collects actually stemmed. Phil and they can be just an air conditioner just different so they can be bulk which is he I mean we live in Kansas and Missouri here so you need belt the need a furnace in an air conditioner but these are down the list system it's great for a fan ran great for. Part of the home they can't get gap work properly over teal. And maybe I renovation that you had and debt yet they're. They're great solution there Oliver Europe and Asia cut them they built those homes they didn't account for doc work Peary and still ad like that we have wind and we love it our son's room. And that we haven't really helps with all those wind is it still keeps it nice and warm in the winter any nice and cool. In this summer somebody killing a senate now what Patti is and and how that can be useful for years the home Larranaga when they sent an hour and their three ducks and hitting three lead down there like I lack. Yeah they get in our backyard every spring and summer that there. They do a whole bunch of their Aussie do with I think they just eat and duty you debt and that you know had to clean it up it's disgusting. And then there's a female to males the males fight each other every year. The female. I can't tell a different ducks I just know they look like the same ducks to me every year the two men fight one leafs won stays. And I got a now pair of ducks are a maybe it's the same TU and all secure or less dropping leaves drop and do yeah and then in the bond him nothing and are loud and fun and then suddenly you stop these Steve my fish that I stop putting fish in the pond and ray we had a upon back Q you decided you know no longer know Mel got rid of the year again blue the blue hearings -- bead to fall. The blue hanged without my caddie our neighbor go to just beautiful bird. You mean the one eating my feeling great great great yes and luckily it wasn't illegal to kill and I would have done it now even a hundred not a done it. You would not have killed them bird Dennis there are still pretty. And not do it might be might hit here. How dollar click finish what I don't know they ordered taller than something to me that sell anyway it is the path that I have a new passion this year and like that. I I we built that or hide and a watershed week. We built our farm in our backyard at farm OK it's a garden into garden yet yelled proud of your Garden City kids that kids wanted to. They have all their own so they even. I thought which is what's so funny about this and don't have legal to garden so if you never really heard issue before. Well and yell we ready PW plumbing heating and cooling or keep Arab Miree couple been doing this for over fifteen years now in the match around. Providing everything into plumbing heating and air conditioning service says that somehow we had kids and then how gas and now that dizziness he had some kid has and out and let you win your techno building a garden and we really not good rate as extremely quick and you know fruit and vegetable eating honey we get a foreign nationals. We're not like the one of the bashed. Act out there I mean my kids glad to be the town tonight not on the eat broccoli and I talked often did you meet the crap that I know. None like at home do you should I tell me that because now we need to eat broccoli even though look like dead and now we're gonna have enough broccoli in the act banks we're having what kind of staff I. Those cute. Quincy came out or I yelled sickle sticks yet and she just can't help well I write the names down and I'll still get by the plentiful against a great idea for Avery and she's handing me watermelon I'm like. Who she doesn't smoke and rolled it pretty good and then she got record achieved Britain we all this stuff and I'm like. It's amazing and she does you know I'm I'm writing it off of the package yet I hang it touches like it Belli yeah. But like this she doesn't let this one around so we have watermelon we have tomatoes we have peas corn. What else do we have. We have some oh we have a Reagan know and we have strawberries and something else or not sound off on. Downs on them and honey crisp apple tree that everything keeps eating and killing the Alley amply that's my that's my farm in real yeah the arm in the middle of the city in the U pretty big east 10 X 20 it's actually marched on a big I act arrogant act yeah. I yep most of the city right there in my garden. I felt like it fetus lawyer renter I am so glad that and so happy for yield fell and but hey you know what Alan happy for people in Iran can't the area because I want to tell they have. A ballot. And some specials that AP gebbie plumbing heating and cooling have to tell you that care more about Mike are telling you that we have some rebate. Round expire which used to be candor and I'm sorry that candor in T what are we are named speier XP I RE it's so if you haven't been paying that deal because they changed dying yeah. From the very gas energy to inspire you that are open net paying. And coming at. Yeah there are now right now Allen if you and replace your furnace with a high efficiency gas product and they got rebates and then I. Fill them by any of those when Jiri looking at replacing your full faith and you can at TU 800 dollars back from both of them. And that's a big savings. 16100. Dollars. Back to you between KC PM now by air and PW ill. If you're looking to replace your furnace and air conditioner combo unit fell and that's a good times and you know I think everybody's many teen you know bring down the deal per unit time. When your system maybe aging old putting too much money it all these other you know horrible things inefficiency. Either place a high efficiency furnace any recognition or get to 16100 dollars Mac now what do you Kansas though explain okay Phil. Illness as spire is in the Missouri can't take our mind is on the Missouri side for their rebates. So we are offering their fame they beat Kansas that's where we live on the Kansas side to Kelly you how. And Phillips you are looking to replace call for free Asta mat rat now we're in the office now and went 3256600. For at hill left. 16100 dollars off a cobble purchased furnace and air condition coughing your three estimate. Again now 132. Bad 6600. We are only matching Nancy until the end of gene and cell that you will still get these as. 800. There aspire intensity parent I ate until they ran out of money until whenever that Brenda apple we eat right at Manny at the end of June her cell. I ran out of money into the every week Rangel. You will you go mobbed might like gay yeah ended June Garrett head is sixteen and a nice free estimate what the digital media quick idea though answered questions a course had we're gonna solve any comfort issues you are having an home presently we think they sat with replacing your furnace and air conditioner Brit tech about faith. We're also detect about what type of how high the issue if he tried do you want again note to considering how low you wanna get your monthly deals. Little over those numbers with the help. And Dan. They'll blow Robby for their rebates and mean and what's really cool they do and Leonard calculation in the home cut lip ANC computer programming and all of this information that they're gathering from your home. The direction of the wind knows the direction at howls the insulation and above and below in on the wild let me I just any half the year at the information that we accumulate. Yeah that's out basically the proper unit that you should have for your home to sighting of that unit you can be your best judge of kinda good their breasts prior next. Dad are out there for your HBC and decide you know how patient you want to Dallas took such great products technology is really infused into HTC announced a it's really fun to talk about so they cheat to get and our furry estimate even though through rebates that 16100. Dollars. Between Canty parent might hire XPW. You copier for SP or Allen now when three. Tim fat 6600. To diminish our 59 dollar. Air conditioner and to snap an eight Pete Elliott now went 32 fat 6600. Being good to gut Dixie different dot com. And dad get information about that as well and we DJ on the scheduled take care it don't you think EPW plumbing equaling help for comes we'll be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome to aid PW plumbing heating and Carolina help for homes are in key forward in with a camera phones to two over. And yes I am recording a little bit for me to put that on eight dark. Ly I eight. You're looking in at eight. You don't why now caged you put on lipstick and I Wear my teacher. I did and it's not and you do have you Leckey shared I didn't literally here like he shared it says lucky shirt on it out for people who don't see your basic. And you look at they did debut it actually says Lou Iraqi these shirts so it is what the poorly clover right well let me help for homes keep an eye ran eighteen gebbie plumbing heating and cooling ready and can't metropolitan area so. Yeah any special air condition need drain out of the call illegal happy to be your company did take care of the ilk. I hit a kidnap a four get in our topic which is within a couple topics today nice to have knee. What they only let talk about is. Under pressure air conditioner would think that you should consider with income Aston meant send. And finding and yelled getting that budgeting that casesa get into those topics here briefly a real quickly. So the other thing though is that we've got some great money out as a cocky about. It's a parent might inspire energy. Are giddy at you with combination at 800 dollars on replacing your high efficiency products you're eight TC air conditioner in your furnace. An ETW will actually match and that. And yet to 618100. Dollars for he's got down even traveler has trouble you know or Rogers wrote me a note you don't ideas there. Go stop being done you're making too much noise and she's. Jim living around your mailing around my debonair something here that Toby heard and I apologized. On his corrected me always it dragged on always listened to the pretty I heard all eyes. Copy your free estimate for at 16100. Dollars on a combo purchased at the furnace and air conditioner. Now when Perry to add 6600. You called office right now we're in the op ex. And we beechy asset for free after that then you don't have to wait until you break down only. And are sitting in a 105 degree house because it's 95 plus degrees outside. And even technique it's an options and really consider about what you Gail and we will watch he did the whole process make it easiest possible. And in do some good better best option always had I need to tell you did not have to come up all the money. Your push different replace your earnings an air conditioner on certain you know monthly payment for you we actually take a great deal pride of any financing option that we deal for folks up there would. Leap palace financed almost. 990%. Ninety rivers that are happy to carollo has no money even on two. Kept yelling no money down right yes answer most of our financing options have been no money down. And you first England start until thirty days out. I one point already knew what like forty days out. If I was buying for me I'd require forty B well I wanted to meet our candidates thirty to thirty days that your not my business give me ten days any extra ten days to make up. Payne thank you pick a real low what are they paying as stated Sam what are we talking about where hacking it out am when he gets under pressure furnace and air conditioner I have your air posthumous focusing today you are you are stealing anything anti about is I don't feel good evening I'm so sorry I'm so glad you're here with us today though. And in any split that's a topic you like to talk about a lot of many splits which is those duck player fest and great forum in any application that we do we can tee you add geared towards my attic renovation and the and then ran a dish and Hillary you just can't get adequate duct work in teal or it be too costly. Don't like T tear out sheet rock and unless checked in to new sheet rock over til our skinny network to a place. And meanie splat a necklace options saint thank. I mean many spots are really cold there typically they're gonna be heat pump systems. So what they get extreme. Kate a heat pump system means that. Is that it draws the heat in the wintertime from the outdoors. Akins if you look at a normal air conditioner. They had normal air conditioner we don't actually. Cool house's you remove heat well to remember that is there's no such thing as cold too technical. He is attempting tactic all reality check is signed a one NL I think dual dual and that's by the thermostat if I sit at 718 degree only won it all right education are Hal gets his then eighteen degree. It's sort of know why I'm so Q yeah. All wanna tell you elect he checked upon where can I went as a teacher and I've lost yes sell you know I'm not trade community donor egg cell. What we we do is we remove heat from house's right at its basics are there is no such thing as cold there's only Mikey. Assisting is dark there's only like a light yet you don't care because if I had tonight I don't know art and I don't I don't I am conditioning but efficiency wise I what we're going to be able to deal out of this is that. A mini splits can get up to enough thirty sear. Headings often and high near the fear and yes I mean her mind or in. I hear the fear and outrage shocks anybody got dead air here in patients see is just like gas mileage and down there's there's more to it. I purpose. Ali you're technically I once you're calling simplified. Than what Donna why oh why don't they just want key technical some people want Republican. Alcohol phone calls are here but Milwaukee they sell in your like teacher Altria and sells. For six million a 26 or so. They get extremely efficient in the recent they get efficient as Kazaa a size but larger you get an air conditioner. The harder it is to reach the efficiency rating that people promise you and emerging talent yes it they do run DC birdied technology. And so wait and you incur. Taking in consideration that the compressor is multi stage that the DC inverted technology meaning turning AC DC energy. And the extremely high Sierra rating. They'd cost of very little to run larger is in the cult like about them is that. You know you can get a may be split three tons act just like a normal elect like every media eyesight. Yes yes yes Souter are for home three Hattiesburg. Which is one outdoor unit it has. Multiple indoor units economy off a hill Lily just got about a minute left how and when you take during the last minute and then I can't remember were out. Yes the O'Meara OK tell went just ATV character every album did get her and Phil we are and to Wear Qatar also still in place that there still an. And we are going to could be Eleanor remind folks and that the active 16100 dollars off it combo furnace and an. And air conditioner her test and between higher energy and and can't see how our night EP AB matching. And you can really gains and the fading on a Kabul purchased call now for your free estimating 91318. Fat 66. 00. We have great monthly payments and financing no money down to helping out that purchase let's get me help for how the will be back in testimony. Hello and welcome back to eight PW. While meeting in Toledo for homes on empty or across the sea world over and welcome back DAB hub for homes that we appearing jewel lean at the beginning of your summer and getting into this summer's Celine as saying look. And how it very it is gotten hot cup win this summer for short and didn't give up from the activists bringing it UN Allen is kind of a waiting game out. And cold at now earn full suite of summer and nice high. And because of that we eat or any type to which not many but for the last section fragments gave me and those are like uncle assistants great options finally finish that top heat. If I know how much you really love those things. And Rockwell and AT&T that one I really easily information a Weiner is it time to replace your air conditioner. Fill in back a year you kind of are wavering only not ES eighteen we're gonna finish talking about and here in this hour as well. Phil thinking again per olive view Griffin can give us feedback I love it when I take a phone call at the offense. And even if you tell me about the topics that you enjoy listening to you link he's a pre and then conversations. Sounds so please don't encourage him un has I'd appreciate every match on Halloween link. And now. And like Chad appreciate your feedback on the topics to heal each and easy to bring topics win we've got Celine that he at pod asked for it I. I didn't realize and that's what I cannot or commissioners wind Malik porn becomes then you're not game. Emea and how you can have all your uncle learning year and newly made garden Ed your bat at you you jest plain idiot so hopefully he. It we'll round. And is that if you have water Eleanor the kids and hiring all Doug we bred the instructions. Which. For me is amazing its direction and elect feedback H yeah there are specific to stir up. Many I I actually read instructions I've read instructions since 1940 that is up pitchers do better yet call your glasses out for that that maps let. And know ideally are dark about where I tell you know you need to do mapping lion with Google doesn't map yeah it tells you wired again hey if you turn around now I earned I disagree I don't Lowell ears stop turn around there's a lot U turns and mine and you're actually a very direction only eat and not challenge Steele you know that every night yes you're you your whole app family. He got so much yeah really at least did you guys get lost in your own town yes hot hot monitoring. If I guess then tell would you like in Miami she may play like they're really playing in a topic about when he Tyner I share on air conditioners. Let's cut down on some costs many splits. They say. And they say which is the the industry itself that you lose up to 34%. Of your air. As lost in your duct work. So if you go duck close systems and obviously the map to have to be age you would gain up to 34% more air. So that is something that think about their extremely efficient. I'm the only difference isn't set going to be up to thirty fear in the industry images of I mean they're saying it was another even higher than that now mentally coming out freed himself. Cooler stuff than what I can understand yeah sell out. When they column. They'll basically have air handlers and the small air handlers are going individual rooms are spaces. The cool thing about the air handlers not only can you put in areas that you want. But a lot of these have. In for reds. And they actually direct the air to where the warmth in the room is that so it's just not blindly throwing out heating or cooling. Pay it actually directs and looks for heat in our heat sponsor called sponsor helical and then it kind of that it causes the fans to turn and it just it. And it goes towards that area. So there's a lot to it so if you're just you know the biggest thing I think for people to really understand is that. If you spot if you're not completely comfortable in your house but did you notice there's a temperature problem that mean you're not comfortable weather like. If you don't sleep well because of the temperature if things in the house are just too hot things don't keep up all those absolve you really need to get it changed. Your house is extremely important IBC's spend probably the most amount of money on it. So being comfortable in your house is kind of important yes so those are one of the things you know you need to mini split or another thing is. And I'd seen under conditions space like an attic so where they have nothing. And it truly affects the rest of the house where either air conditioners or furnaces or can't keep up with the or they have extra humidity. That the air conditioner can't get rid of and so that's another reason to run a mini split is let's say you don't even occupied the space. But it's a finished it yet finished eighth floor it's not sealed off from the rest your house you really want to take care of that it's not insulated well enough. Just a whole bunch of reasons they worked extremely well very efficient. Air cooled the deal with it easy for user consume. We're at we have one house well so we love encore you got in the garage and a man came into Google had what it is an isn't it they go to. Though and when the tender replace your air conditioner you know this entire nation fist and is an expensive and that's next. And the assistants aren't meant to last for much more than actually ten years ideally it should be inner G efficient. And your air conditioner while maintaining optimal comfort like you're talking about in every part of your home. It would not kicking him out to destiny tag that actually central air conditioning. Your system should be able to reduce the humidity levels. Contribute to discomfort of summer heat while lowering the temperature enough to let people sleep well and enjoy eight activity eased. While a year away in your home being comfortable in your home's important. Even with regular maintenance which we talk a lie about maintaining your burning senior air nature just like you maintain your car. You may reach a point. Where here at air conditioner just isn't functioning well enough to keep your home comfortable during the hottest part of this summer so. Here is a few signs that you may indicate. It's just time to replace your air conditioning system itself first and foremost in each of your system. Most folks know how old. And look at the average like I can't have any air conditioning system like it's an early years ten to fifteen years if you're unions clueless to teen years or older you may want to considering placing it instead every hearing. At the heat and cooling costs account for roughly forty or percent of your utility costs about 44. Irsay and utility cost really more than me averaging your area or leasing system may not be working very effectively. Time to replace that I have. A way to determine when you're supposed to replace that went out. As soon as one of you say to the other. I think we can get another year out of this I know you can't replace it out a series you think that anymore I hope we can get another year im just replaced because they're your you're done. Yeah well I think it's gonna feel energy efficient now darkness and you made strained. He'll point to where he'll break gallon on you on the highest day and the year or so here's another thing to consider because our EH old little echinacea is seeing is probably uses art when he teed it. Which is a refrigerator which is being phased out over the next several years are feeling years at parity then. Out to meet the Environmental Protection Agency to regulations. Are twenty lived out fourteen and is in. Or twice this refrigerate an older. Air conditioning systems is one that complies with these regulations is really expend trip. Infants are tweak here is being discontinued here. It's becoming more and more typical U gat and again more and more. Expense then again. So new teaching assistants are and are all manufactured to comply with these regular EPA regulations. And are designed to be much more energy efficient it is that you can lower you to your monthly utility the health. Use the correct and refrigerate. They are also far more eco friendly because they released you were carbon emissions. I instilling in new air conditioning system you'll also notice a significant improvement in your hounds indoor air quality which we love to talk about. Having great indoor air quality because we steeled our home so much better. Now these days then then you wait years past and knew recognition system also and will increase their resale value of your hound so that's and the you have to consider down their error. If you've got 88 dean cyst and over ten year yourself. Here's number one the refrigerate. Hearings on your pain are pretty up to 44% in your remote utility costs and go to that he'll. As much as he and I was only one point Armond play everybody does their albums like. I was does best the air when a player overall quit talking about the need to protect attic to my topic. Let life end itself is not us along Panasonic anybody got a second nor easy or dashed. The constant presidents and dashed in your home after cleaning is a good indication that the air in the leaks in your duck where. For those leaks will compromise the efficiency of your air conditioning system and that will increase your hot and hot your monthly utility else. On the air conditioner is excessively nor easy. There's a good possibility they you're duct system is that margin nap for the square footage of your home. And it's. Also possible that you'll have a problem with your indoor and Khalil. And and that's you know I'm with swears in hunt that right now chemical or oil loyal caning Rae were it pops like an old oil can and who who he has just constantly no easy in Macon and you know and that's Korean act. Which made it to their deaths as well actually did a low calculation only county do here at free asked to pick on your furnace and air conditioner that would tell us the proper Sy is that you should hacker home in case you didn't get the proper size to began UN. So and the two. Did you add that three actually get there quick for our ready eat. I went out like you now that between higher energy can't see power and might. I mean not change those three dates and that they are giving at 16100 dollars. When you go high efficiency on you furnace and air conditioner. A ticket and get them anywhere doing until you and GM and with the match and they can't hit east power and I inspires you and when they ran out of money call right healthier for after we here at the opposite hammering Kerry. You fat 66. 00 know you're listening to get the help for hunts right Erica the will be your right. Hello and welcome back to a VW let me heating cooling help for homes on the empty board across from his Dixie will welcome back and yeah Kiki get the help for her own suite or did being towards the end of our our silly that acted information still to get out T ill. Looking for students and tune in that sense into the guys that's almost over a center but I tasked with these people there and all I know. Little bit and I felt out of nothing didn't handed over to like some investment chill after NASA Eileen you now on now I don't know actually look after themselves. Out using reading out of the station sat down and got him noticed that the whole time and Goldman out what are the keys garden is doing rush something when you can ask pizzas elements going OK okay. Hi I wonder how the pool clean was going to know more about air conditioning. That's not a good. You do that. Well I'm a town Amare got air conditioning in LA if you have not not near an air conditioning tuned out yet for ready for summer only goodness it is upon our race and early this year. Calling. 59 dollar. And air conditioner safety Chad ran eight PW 9132. Paddock. 6600. As the number to call when he outlets right now to take advantage of that not only 318 at 66 and dirty and go to die Dixie difference dot com. And so any in addition and that's you know we've talked a lot of staff today not about your garden. Eleanor only Dido many experts and reckless system image that we've also talked Alison to our guys minister and then I think it wasn't and I likes the Indiana and that only the dad in addition to enact. And when they remind folks about the I year energy rebates or gas high efficiency projects verses like for your and your and earn back tat in more important I can't see Karen has and rebates and for Missouri customers. As well for high efficiency. And air conditioners AT Gabby is matching military gate and you get at 800 dollars from Kansas City power and I transpire. My guess at 8 PM is it matches so did you at T 16100. Dollars. On the purchase of a furnace and air conditioner combo unit Kansas when not leaving you out. Sell and we are actually in a match that for the teen and her sides you can get at tear 16100 dollars. As a well. Until iron many rained out at which will be June for our our June 30. And the end of June 30 31 needs thirty. For well for June oh I was listening to handle the city with near the Kansas City power and my spy air. They went on a night when he ran out of money we're going to the ended June matching again at 216100 dollars. Call for your free after the nap furnace air conditioner combat a lot of time. Going to be very terrible over comfort and issues you have and how we can solve those. What end fear rating you really when he gets you to lower those utility bills. And talk about safety for your home with your furnace and air conditioner reading to do a low calculation. Ill at folks most companies in town don't go to the extent that we dealing did that calculation properly size out the earnings an air conditioner crop early for your home. And and we did admiral gave you those results are right in the house. And they need folks beyond this judge of whether we can happy out now our in the future and only kept financing elm and many gallon. Low monthly payments yeah I think I got all that out of the question yeah I went 318. I elect. 6600. Have been heard a column and yet such a passion. OK so if you up I was pretty good stopping me thank you would you didn't say how better than your fist right hell yeah highlighted much better the third as much. So if you about a hard at southern accent. How do you think they would it's odd they would say. Inspired to inspire people and act. But see that's a big and yet I was trying to think of why would they ever come up with the name that's why here I am so they're probably a big room people are all talking and in somebody says you know we really have to inspire our customers. And they're going to Miguel. Small iron I bar. They go to grow the game how. Mike and I try ethnic humor over that those gasoline he is got out I aspire inner DC and what are inspire our employee iron. You know and I think that's that indeed they did just left in the heart options. I don't I had somebody from the south that yeah. Don't think that's true but I'm sure there might be some mean pound. Maybe finally you've. Figure that out they'll get into a win is kinder replace your air conditioner that is why I was in the ninety as closely guilt Arnie talked about he Jeb your unit Tina really typically the life in average ice in an vacationers anywhere from ten to fifteen years so. If you're dampened Manny into it over its older than ten years old. That's definitely something they consider older air conditioner systems also used our 22 refrigerator which is absolutely. Being paid out by the Tzipi Amy and board and fourteen. And getting excessive knowing even excessive dashed that's when you when you consider replacing. Your and your air conditioner your commissioner related expenses are increasing that's what's happening to appear utility bills are going up an app. And there isn't any change in the way you're using yet then a good indication that your system is no longer that they chanting should be an obvious sign is. And the amount of money that you're paying for your air conditioning repairs. And their frequency. In which you have TU. Repair your air conditioner. Then you know let stopping bad many interpret it good money into a high efficiency new air conditioner. Yeah I'm bad at the point don't falsely Amaechi. And Colleen Hume made eighty in your home are in consistent. Appointment or for cooling and humidity there just in consisting your home's air conditioner vents. It's a poster re mean you humidity. Ronnie aired just at because excessive humidity makes the space more and comfortable that's great if you heavier air conditioner rallying. Actually do Rawls the humidity out of the hearing you may not realize that they don't actually have to. Purchasing DF fire if you have a high efficiency air conditioner that render at low speeds. Constantly yelled at times uses less energy than old inner energy efficient. And guzzlers I should thank. And and daddy rent all the attention they really drop the humidity in the air which we do not like around here. When it adds that winning air conditioner functions and system will maintain consistent temperatures throughout the house. When cool portion of your HB system isn't able to do stains. Your equipment is now functioning. Ballmer in the air is issues with your dock where the about the Kosovor hearing these problems. And dad if they again with the older than ten years old. You ask yourself is it really worked there while I spending money on these repair it is just the same list you have about me you know. I'm very similar to the I need to get rid of key. List win the in our Guinea ear just like an old Neil you just don't get re in the old meal you know very old and faithfully now on the news just just get. Highly adding content will really battle and just probe so hurdles that would be permitted guru Goldberg. Some croak oh yeah well that's I'm not unlike my hair around like that prince charming to legal a bike yes. Everything about is charming I we are just the looks. Didn't tell don't let again neither the if you just wanna find out what those options are again age every system over ten years of age and that's a death excessive no liens. And the commissioner is just costing too much to operate at Pitt aren't 22 assistant that's another went. All kinda things and then entreaties to consisting humidity levels and cooling in your home solve all of those. You call 8 PM be cloning he pulling for your re asked and right now and now when three team that 6600. And get to 16100 dollars a pack EP AB Mac chief Kansas City power might inspire energy rebates. Sell and take Amanda that now all the copier furnace. And sorry for air conditioners AT she acts are PD heavier a special 59 dollars now went 32 Ab a six weeks. 00 bash were all at a time inside knowledge India without accidentally hurt that you'll come back next week in and listening to get help for home with. I'm Dixie will effort across meets before they can help me out to eat that I second.