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APW Help for Homes
Sunday, July 2nd

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Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating you're going to help for homes this is the show dedicated use the homeowner for you to experience the Dixie difference. We can help you can you your plumbing heating or cooling needs give us a call 913. 8256600. Mining to ski board and across his ex offered. And welcome welcome to the Shelley PW help for home and Ashley didn't in the show for almost four years now totals so. And we can enjoy weed it end coming app on our fifteen. Year anniversary. Here at EPW. Started at fifteen years ago July 1. Fell. We shouted back. She you know right exactly they drum roll. And that's an embryo or a super excited about that accomplishment to any business jets and this for fifteen years should. You know beef celebrated film. You're in the middle of the month and have a great guy left our our employees. At eight PW the AP gebbie planning whole grueling. Is that absolutely and the youth and and excited to tee you celebrate our fifteen year anniversary. Cell. And if you wanna learn more about eight PW unlike what Powell didn't know that accompanied dinner right on that line I just heard you guys. Well with the best kept secret in town up and I Calais. I always present ourselves because we don't do a lot advertising on TV and radio like a lot of the other guys here in camera. And down added and the radio show that we've been doing for us in ten years now. To get more awareness that you we have a great customer loyalty we appreciate your customers so much. And they keep coming back test we do everything possible should our customers like they're kings and queens because we would not exactly unless we had Greek customers. And dad and then they tree that's right Phil left a wonderful playing. And and we we do lots of things in order tit to make that happen you would we do and a lot of investing and our service according natives and those are in office people. No we answered the phone at 7 AM in the morning if you've got your air conditioner out. And or a plumbing leak new college at 7 o'clock in the morning and they live person to answer your phone call. And I take your phone call scheduled that appointment gravity over the phone we won't call you back we'll take care right then in the air. And daddy and great customer service skills are really proud of what they've been able to accomplish. Hand down as far as you know the way they they present and that's only a great gain an eight PW that's our philosophy. When you calling in 98 PW Connie heating Colette how we insert a hit a great day eight. And to be a lot of we nothing with it take to the head any PW coming heat and cooling how men help the fell and that's one of the great things that we deal one of the many great things we deal with wonderful wonderful service technicians come out. Look really eerie Julius give you a great testament on it let you know what it's gonna cost explaining educate TU wet that takes. You know the value of the work that we're doing for you to you never feel like you're being taken of the inning gem. That's the main important point and then you know once we get your permission only you know we take care that we repairing. And repair replace whatever it is licking your he your air conditioning you're planning issues that you have within your home. You know and then now and then my third point I like to talk about it they PW wide we are so great why are celebrating their fifteen. Fifteenth year in this means is that Kelly a wonderful employees and co workers. And you know they they do their job that professional. Level however we also in. Are in. Need to turn down a couple of we eat and bask in great quality product. We think that town McDormand a high quality product in your home that. At the first it's not going to fail you know if there ever is a failure. And take it you look at when we had its manufacture warranty back to fill we'd just have to do with the manufacturer would take care and and Randy and think canyon Allen and will will take care in name any could be in the inner Fauria think after local. Less highly meth and the high quality product and they knew all of that great customer service great service technicians. They're polite no I talked T ill and they are great calling to practice and all I eat great valued right. So any knowledge of anachronistic and then in county beat that one main and a trucker in the nanny overhead. And that we're greatly in a great price for the value of the work that we you know we deal in Atlanta is if we don't do a lot of advertising on TV radio so we don't have that advertising expense. And and in the end here we just really watch our overhead and we pass those savings off to our customers. And that's why I think our customers really stay with that. You know that's what that is pretty telling fellow led connect and then but that's also what we would wind. You know keep and I wouldn't want from a car companies if they were server sing and act. So that's how we personalize. Know what how what kind of server X have we been unhappy wins. How do we do get better with our company with eight. I'm EL plumbing leak. Or your air conditioner is just not doing what I need to be doing you're getting no air in Egypt you just cannot give you free asked meant. I would it would be eatery here that don't afraid to college service company and and and and take care of that. Quartet deal with that a leaky Foxit or whatever will command at pre estimate let you know what's gonna caution at 91382. Fat. 66891382. Fat 66. High injury to. The price to call is they praised the phone to call or go to die Dixie different dot com and Dixie different dot com. And I heard the Dixie difference dot com I think is being dramatically label saying that the EDT different stuck out and and if that you drive around I can't remember that the number we'd and the leg helped such. Am I know you are really passionate and affording us dirty hand thing and being activist and set national ninth rained Conley. Wait for he doesn't suit your three point Stanford barred from our point four gather sworn there was yes and rebar act. Great customer service great service technicians great products and we did that Allen agreed that eight priced older than usual four point I thought I have. Or my own point. I of course you Ali deal as I've been sitting here my first point is. Wearing that shirt is gonna cause me to have a seizure after all the lights. Or radiant it can't feed my share but there's a lot align them she has she's wearing the shirts were there all -- Lee movies you know you look at them it seems like that all 99 meeting and then down then I get I'm gonna have a seizure for he'd look hair you know not that's my first hit a nice. Secondly you her looks great no life I get it again earlier today yeah Fernandez and I'll appreciate that in a prompt our likes to Nelnet to prepare them and they tell you paid the big bucks. I gave my third toll is big goodness that we are done with the core of elementary. What were brought Andre his party's fund raiding parties that maybe get a deal with an offer for a whole war and the ad man on the wheat we I think you're adding to these letters and I think it's just an islander. Not a weekly. Well I kind ever wish I had approval and approval of I needed Nina their labor. And involved meaning ilk yes and helping get that you had to pull off they these parties we definitely have. We've put two parties example and I get in the Inky and if you just joined DN. In 1980 -- coming he and Cooley keeping night he PW plumbing heating cooling antley who are married couple several colleges don't you parties together all the time. I do notice that that go to the difference between a man and a female is that if any body part. Movies or its body part as I. And that just like in the wild men are better looking than females. Have the male animals are always gonna look in the but that's not the point is that. What it is is that is that. Once you guys decide something and you already committed to it then you tell us you want our help and we agree all listen it's week. But this guy is do that in Tulsa not exist and or Roswell at all. So yes after you committed I did agree to help you so I had no real short term memory Brett and they nap analogy to. Now the fourth day and is the Boy Scouts you know the Boy Scouts are great group. Yes yes whenever at a burger yeah arcades abetted them. I'm telling you right now the camps I'm protests in those camps have the most disgusting food this is my last year of eating the food there I can't do it anymore. And you complained his last week and that's where you were 22. Friday's ago and then last week. And you had a boy cat out and can't cash is what they call it an Bonner springs area rain yes you can see it one night into day one night stay with error and eight year old and then a 293 day stay with our ten year old DeVon and is active back it was so as a lot of campaign unfriendly I want. You guys to know this is that so you pay 150 dollar per person to go to these camps right and it's really cool lot armor set up until you have to eat. And then I'm telling you we went there and I think they recycle the same meet three different when I cash. Until you've burst they said it was a beef tenderloin Phil on the sandwich spread right we'll have actually already saved in the next two BL. It was that same beef tenderloin that they've put them growl a brown paste on and call the gravy and they said it was chicken there's no way chicken's neck collar. And then I'm telling you the next morning we had it for crave reason biscuits they just chalked it up a little slices with a white gravy. It was horrible and in a clear story in and the jury peanut better jelly sandwiches are gonna starve to death rate rate. And exactly found. I would marry LA enjoy your feud that has an Nielsen making euphoria that's I tell my can't and then there's Charlie starting kids in Africa or race in Tennessee the starting kids in Kentucky deal in Elkins can only that the United States. Until I. Like that Italy film let the bleeped out hate to feed. I hate them food they can't fittingly in the you really care mash funny it's a little bit Alex you know what we do you for letting which is funny heat in DC for residential homeowners. Am I doubt we really wanna cut about him maintaining your equipment and how they can stay ABC how much money in the future. I giving it a little ten TLC. Maintaining your pack air conditioner and getting it cleaned making sure that if you have a leaks and the home front your up cloning. And that your you you're maintaining that can create a larger problems down the road. And had to keep you talked about a couple examples of an inning inning if some of those examples how much many are we safer customer dependable water leak. Act and we were able to give them just a free estimate they got. Was scared to try to elect Mariel and they gave us a call like we asked them to put the free estimate. And we showed in how we can save them thousands of dollars. On just a little simple and leak that they had filth they tailored to talk more about you listen to eight. Hello and welcome back Dave PW plumbing heating cooling help for homes Indy or across his Dixie Wilford. Yes and welcome back. Hit eight. How much money Kennelly say. Sell and hey Pete helium and a lot of that just went a little bit and knowledge and education and that we'd like to do today pretty shell on how. Maintaining your equipment whether it's funny old whether it's the Ernest withers the air conditioner. Tenure Helmand helping you with that make you feel more comfortable seat and prepare in you know LA Ono are a narrator not know lean. And what that's a land use dvd education and that he has couple examples. He wanted to share with peerless farce customers who are more Latin America I'm afraid that they when he gave us a call for the free Internet. Now Hamlin 318 after 66 and drink we gotta be Dixie different dot com. And and finding out about Willie didn't cost that much to you get great value. And to repair issues in their home. If so what well what happened to us that they had done an issue obvious the water heater and X it was there on main drain system. So there haven't this leak dripping and they have old cast iron pipes which a lot of people end up having. So they've got the bids about last year I think from a company and the price was way too expensive so they thought through suffer with that. However the drips are beginning worsen the reason that it did is because one of the pieces of cast iron. Actually collapsed off of the pipe. And so and message you have raw sewage into your house. They didn't know it extending down the basement. They never go down out of nine out of my IRA console but they did here it's on the radio so I thought they would give us a call and Hamas at least come out there. So we did him a great deal of money it made it affordable for them to replace it. But we also found up their water heater was actually leaking when we got there was rusted out and that water was running. They immediately know that either and all the money that's being laced it in leaks or your rider when they're off and let the twin land war in name Al water heater. Mean Europe ripped constantly I think that lottery it's leaking out you know you get we get asked all the time you know what's the number one thing in heating and cooling or what's the number one thing in plumbing. A leader that people get calls for the you can help with Julia of the seasons you know when it's extremely hot air conditioners are extremely cold and furnaces. You don't or brain some bumps and so. Yeah those types of things however I can tell you throw all the experience that we have in this is that. I I think every single week we can talk about lack of maintenance it's something that. For some reason that so many people don't wanna deal with that don't wanna mess with. And so the time that would just like an all blue bowl or anything else but time that we get there or the time another company may get there is that it's so destroyed. But the cost to start to skyrocket to fix and repair. And that's some of the problem especially into this house is that. There cast iron probably could have been repaired. Eight and parts of it could have been removed and we can indicted in sections especially for affordability at the times there's always options of that and do we needed sections now. I grant you it is a better value normally doing it all at once however if you don't have the money the ideas at least get let's fixed secure. You can have raw sewage running in your house your family gets sick I mean it's just disgusting right so. We were able to help them in many realize how bad of us I mean because they just ignored it because it wasn't their and that's what I think I see the most of my golf service techs all the tournament. You see people just ignore they don't pay attention do they don't look at it. Or if they see it they look at it they say oh it's all their bad but it's still running so I'm gonna keep it. Other people stop. Ball water just let the water heater was leaking and running. Water everywhere and which is gonna cost them a great deal of money either in boulder other issues and there are I think that's our biggest concern. Is that a lot of people are afraid to Koch's either they can't think they can afford it or they don't know what to do their you know their word that sums it take advantage of them we hear that. You know or they've had a price before and they thought it was so expensive in their and and so. You know the same thing we tell all of our customers especially the you know anyone that we've gone to over the years that continue to purchase from us. We always figure out a way to make something affordable or not set up like a business we're flat rate pricing is the only thing that the know that we deal. You know we take into great consideration our customers and how we can help them and if there's a way we can album we're gonna figure it out. And that's probably one of the greatest attributes that we have as a company. Is that since Dixie are so involved into the daily process to be going out in the field and so forth in Dixie be in the office here in the phone calls from customers and taking care stopped. Is that we probably have a little bit different perspective than some of the larger. A plumbing companies that the owners arguing that it's a week. You know we have to know we always figure it's the denotes a village you have to take care of the people that are there we do as much as we can in that aspect that you'd be surprised on how affordable we do try to make it for people just to take care. Of their issues so their their families taking care than they're in better shape than the of the house is gonna be taking care and I guess that's probably the biggest thing I noticed that out into the field you see day after day and it's really sad yet. After he and and you know and a cat who we know we did that in addition can you know we know that. We know that you'll remember that you know we we want eater remember that we went out of our way to help deal. What I'm hearing issue is to make it affordable in an entity taking care when they're at and nanny and affection like you're saying you know a piece by piece. Or if it's just something many completely re. All repaired when they're at at every you know three completely repaired. And when there's a planning issue are attending an air conditioning issue that kind of thing. So we know you remember area and you know wing and adding that time comes around when you haven't met their planes L. Ian you remembered that we took care of feeling you get this call and that's where we want and we have such great customer loyalty. And very proud of the customer loyalty eighty get the cunning heating cooling until nineteen Aaron born. All ten on horn has this week in celebrate our fifteen year anniversary. And then being in business here in Kansas City so we started the business fifteen years again all this weekend. And and I can't believe it's been fifteen years you played it and fifteen years now and ya send it feels like it's been like a million and then play them like a blink and I am I why how where did that. Well like you said wee bit on the radio for four years what came across my mind was forty I Hitler reform and feels like forty of forty a packed. Long time can tell you. The other outlets are gonna CBO and a I was thinking of something nice site or use I don't lose my focus on something. The only come back from the break I'm gonna remember what my thought was rumored to go over LA it's getting good telegraph real. I ordered a couple things three and continue to go over meat in your care at quit now and Sunday you can save that money went had a thermostat you're outta that. And get high you can actually keep some of the work together they email problems within your home. So and instead of having to replace a whole furnace and air conditioner. Dealer gonna talk about I had and I take it piece by piece thing and keep it affordable for you we only have financing I always forget to put that out there refinancing. Ugly no credit check financing with eight PW plumbing heating and Elaine I'm great interest rates as well. Sell land to calling it fat free and cement from eight PW there's a small just a little plumbing leak tila major repairing your home we'd be happy DD. The information. In the for with a pre estimate 91382. Fat 6600. Where that Dixie difference in dot com. To get the information nearly I think eight. Hello and welcome back to a PW plumbing heating cooling up from. The key for depressing is Dix Wilford and wanna match or the Dixie will be needed to look at the ID add them up Dixie different what's the did somebody smarter than us aides tell me what. The difference in the imbalance would you. We have this conversation a Fuller and naming a producer helped a valid it. He did well diplomatically correct Milan when you see the only thing that had to pick it up again that's great thing about Google. You know we go to and cycle. The act are still spoilt add a touch of a button. Can I get any information in the whole world there to look at all the cells we lost their job with I Null but look at me people jobs or may eat. That now Google support and I can sell a book I can't worker. And he ever right exactly I don't know. That raise an element acts tag game an encyclopedia. Actually went out of business. This kind of sad yeah I can allege that you know and everything. You know comes and goes like a bat and the value public I think is there still something to Italian you know acting having a physical book in your pain. I have to say it will never want to ever give allay and give up aren't Google hundred no. And as a valuable resource to find so much stuff it's great area. I cannot you know again I'm rob sharp how much Manny can we say eighty by Jack asked. Giving you great information about ham to maintain your clinic. Actually you know let me just tell you how much many you'd think he'd just traveling with personnel happy in T maintaining year Clinton. And it just going you know were like beamed at fireworks and this guy a because that clip coming happier with fourth of July. That and you should be maintained you could solidity of British air conditioner your planning. Mechanical equipment. Water running through it and he ate all need to. Being maintained properly and if you do you are the greatest reward is Manny junior hockey. Because we knew we know more problems like we're attacked and that the last segment. The eight really becomes a big or bigger problem and then that becomes a more expensive problem. And you gave a great example wind up on what you know now how much are the facts can say eighty he easy theory any easy inexpensive. You can make to fade. You money. Eight. And win that we started eight PD AB plumbing heating and cooling. And now Italy and the best thing that we love to do is educate and to meet teacher customers. And the value of the work that we deal and also give the guy it's free ticked all the time below all fell one reading for chancellor also come out and Katie free Ashton. Lying email click yell at that taking care of that for Maliki off for Gil. And Wear armor I connect twelve flap verse forty ill. All are and give you an estimate on a new air conditioner or. It's just calling your ear you know your home McClellan asked who their options that we can repair some equipment. And you don't have to replace the whole saint. He now and till we all kind of options you can pick what twins and asked for healing and then now we'll be happy to perform this reenact how to gain customer loyalty it. You eggs then and we excess because of year. And we had never forgotten him. And dad Phil and that's that what kind of what we're talking about that is our topic of the game if you will. How we can save you money long maintaining your home. Separate faith he had your kids and your pact and you lane. And for the longevity heavier equipment so it saves you money that also blowing your chili built like. Stats you know that about 50% of the money you spend on utility bills goes on heating and cooling your home. The genome did you know I can find it very on the average household uses energy in all sorts of either way aid contained like lane. Ari what do you see again not to mention writing all the various electrical. And appliances that you have this is eight pretty shocking statistic you think that 50%. It and goes to who I utility bills a lot and that's shy away from upgrading to a programmable thermostat for a variety of reasons that back. Your techno shiny or you think the current 50 am wont support act are programmable thermostat. However in your ear pretty easy to find thermostat that can help you save money. And that they don't have to be technologically. I know I neared an install we ended up 48 PW cunning heating cooling we knew we might help you fame money. And sell you know and the question I get a lot of apples programmable thermostat a basic programmable thermostat will allow you to pro green and I heating and cooling schedule even. This can be defamed. Every day of the week or he couldn't change it. And within each day you can choose temperatures that suit it's certain times. Annika made you have a very work schedule or the kids are home at different times. He can change every single day and eat is simple as that. Once program the thermostat will do everything orient your system will come on an ethnic Tai you choose. And switch act. Gal are off. When you need. Right and that's one of the things that so the brought that up is. Even though I did remember I was gonna talk one is that you shouldn't drop your temperature we see that a lot or some do shut off their equipment either at night or when they leave to work. In your equipment doesn't wanna move more than three degrees may before I 'cause of the cost to bring you back up. To the desired temperature is more than just running your equipment all day right like your air conditioner jeering the eat any because today it's cooling naff. They turn it off or and what are tie and you know like it to be cold for the turn off the furnace and then they need a need it for the warmth during the day. Don't do that as well for saint right and then the quality of the third does that give you an exciting in a rented a major clinic actually work over tank. I Delaney at fading yourself any money you can actually play your act quickly your burning senior technician to work overtime there's got to be a way we can videotape your hand and. You like. Form and everything at me while you're talking I'd like to talk with my hand to help me expressed myself if I was in the concert you would hit me yet I'm scared of her head doing a lethal weapons flying over there. If you guys can see there's got to be and we don't at a video cam how did see I'll call on the glass I Yemen than your were. And they're everywhere and we can't that I got they're karate chop in the I tell the the other thing is the quality of the thermostat is also good in German one that complaints we get is awesome you'll say what I said it. Ford to go back up to the temperature at let's say 5 o'clock well. If you some thermostats are set when you if you sit at for example for 5 o'clock to be at 84 degrees. Our arms are seventy degrees it actually won't start Cooley until 5 o'clock. And then there's other ones that are more advanced that they will actually start your equipment slowly in the habit slowly moved up. And so that. Ab by 5 o'clock it's your desired temperature so there are a couple ways of doing it's got to be careful when you get a thermostat you get the advice is that. You know he's sickened at the start cooling at the time that I request. Or is it gonna be app the temperature on one at the time my request so two different types of thermostats there but. So happy with that near deciding on what what you want in the price and they can be so affordable. As they're saying is that he can be really affordable thermostat we could install for you an affordable price. But in the long run on jedi year appeared to save so much more money because you have a device fits now maintaining nav forty ill. Editing you you know going in pushing a button at Indiana turning it on an off. Do maintain that and right temperature for you in your home. Right I mean he could have just say hey I'd like keyed the come over right. And then we can start barbecuing if you ours had an IQ IQ test your barbecue out while there her picture and it's up to Casey standard and then I get up the thermostat. And we can sit there and talk about thermostats and your Barbeque all they locked. I think that's great either restrict and I how. Ardently at evening when he got no I would move that if your barbecues good enough there's a lot of good barbecue out there. Your barbecue in black. I couldn't they want to do is are they just got to bring me I felt that they or judging my sister's coming into next week. What I needed telling us we talked about and about to see national register on murdering. That Kimberly Jiri dealing frowned and her name is the bunny and then Gerald that is not a nickname her god given name right. It was BUN and YNT changed it to be UN NIE. Because people thought it was written that there's no way that dogs actually he spent like a bunny right right right right right exactly how we made for your mom or your comments smoke and on the Mac and I you know like it was on the her mom had a lot of Kurt. Lovely ladies yet lover and a beautiful like them but what I was gonna dug deep prior to this that we can give back to decide on what forget is that. You know one of the things that we also have our service texts do is that. You know some companies look repair only some companies look at replace only what we try to do is we try to give both options in virtually in every category that we work on meeting. That will explain to you what it'll take to repair it. What the consequences and the benefits are in the cost. And then Bergen also explain you to replace it. What are the benefits what are the consequences of the cost distrust for their as a consequence. There's a benefit to virtually any direction you go. There is no set way for every person. So having as many options as possible with out making it confusing. Eight so you can make a good decision is really the I think the main point we press yeah. Had the service attacks taking our customers and you came to the you may the best judge of what you wanna do you don't we don't wanna assume that for you. I just giving you one option and that's what you know just in really inner. See that a lot out there was an edge just that replace it or just the repair right and don't always like maybe you didn't tell me what what's my other options and get the digging out of them yes I and then you feel like they're taking advantage do you. Not that they are just that you feel like it because they limiting you on the education and information and then. And then we feel strongly that at eight PW plumbing heating cooling his begin our customers as many options. At their comparable in a educate them on those options and then you know the customer can be your and that's judge of whether or not AP gebbie can help you only option. Yeah you can see how urge you to make your own decision on what you entity for your home or what you can what you can't get. Fell am legally we feel strongly about that kind of Barbeque and that until it got I had to admit their brain here you're listening to eight. More that we can save you money with Jimmy Campbell clinic and you planning Craig got a great step. Get it you can get as a calling 91382. Bad at 66 tenderly back in just a moment. Welcome back they PW plumbing heating and filling up problems and I can keep poured across to me is to tool offered in hand to welcome back but only one night in and day tying today and Angela and I feel passed in the minority in the last segment. And I haven't maturity has like knocked I had. Still Amish don't Wear it out again it's like hurting my eye. Warned ensure no I mean it's nothing you don't look good in it you do thank you I don't think narrated that churn actually however the sure an online and underlines hurting me crazy wacky mind in that. Haven't you haven't actually gotten to see your don't know Larry I don't know the couple times can't. Thought about out as the mean physically can just think about doing it happened lightning like. Anyway I tell you a wet how much you Manny conceived. And you we talked a little bit about thermostat programmable thermostat prize is a no brainer. It has not cost as much uneasy they. And they don't classic that made you think and as you think to get him installed it and call a PW come and to be free abstinent. On gay men older rain could be damaged after Rollins ten ninths new programmable. Thermostat beacon program each and every game. Get the your schedule. Here you know and for eighty or ninety when you're not using. And and in instead of turning it off we're told you an established do not turn off your air conditioner in your furnace because then you're actually make it work overtime to catch at. So programmable thermostat will help Alec that you really only trying to keep at another point within board agreed to any errors in three degrees that's kind of middle of the way that three or four degrees. And doing GS they act endearing and that port report agrees will for you so much money over the year but the utility bills. And ethylene at a news can make streak indeed. And because and program most of bait programmable thermostat can fade you in an excess of 15%. On your energy Gail. I mean cashed it mean Feeney it's a hundred dollars on your energy bill give me act fifteen dollars I'll take fell. On bets that that isn't worth and gold in need and multiply that. My year after year a year and what you can say I going programmable. They don't have to be eat. So and and you know act technologically. Over your hand there hasn't achingly Lackey there after we install forty ill. And say you know had a program like yourself and they can change it if even if you like. If you're schedules change. He'll know how to do it in a pretty simple actually felt if you. Eddie having a Smartphone which so many people have now you can do programmable thermostat actually didn't do the programmable thermostat on some of these your phone. Philippine even better than that that he call freer free asked an eight PW plumbing heating and cooling at 91 Terry eighteen that 6600. Column name out. And value free estimates and all kinds of services for your residential home. And and in and really we just want like to know that a lot of these and maintain your home. Does not have to be astronomical and the cost you don't have to beef geared to call accompanied find out what something cost to repair it. Prepare a small problem now folks before it becomes an astronomical problem. And in the coming ash from a price for Ian. So eight PW pride our fifteen year anniversary which is this weekend. Take a lot of pride in the fifteen years. Of money that we saved a customers. Weekends now we know we're we're not taking of teenage idea where about getting a customer for life. That's what we're about that's why we're celebrating their fifteen year anniversary because we're always looking for customers and like for an educate EU. Wrangle over all your options let you decide with the best option for you instead of the filming that on Neil. In the end you know one any good legal after the option that you won and take care before. So that's what you can't just kept yelling and I film. Packaged their with their melanoma cell and he Dixie differently and the Dixie different did you need Dixie difference dot com to give us a call. On the free testament. On any of your services cots for the 59 dollar check a Tug at that 59 dollar air conditioners safety inspection and from EPW -- really check out our around you know Halloween really take care of our customers if you haven't done that a rate. They also maintain your air conditioner every year you do not maintain your mechanical putting your first thing you're acne she can live at I percent efficiency. After ten years that's upwards of 50% efficiency loss on your air punishing your furnace. Which I mean your utility bills. And that's why they're out and outrageous if so and maintain your equipment for longevity maintain it for the lower utility belt. And guessing mean many your packet of 59 dollar. Air conditioner safety clean check from AP gebbie nine point 318 that 6600. Or die Dixie different dot com. And if he can't remember them and our. Now we're we're talking in my air conditioners and furnaces and you know in the past if he doesn't listen to show you we've talked about DC inverted air conditioners and how heightened. C network from a technologically. Advanced rake which I cannot ban flag not that they how advanced they are. And so we did get into an silly brought this question up for me. It's an ice and they need converter technology in her and allegedly he had the murder technology in our echinacea waiting waiting until last year. He's in murder technologies like they knew Grady staying in air conditioning. And I just get eager excited back hasn't there's not a and then a lot of new things come out you know in air conditioning and if it is. Any time she talked about half. I feel old technology coming in teach it round content to just campaigning email an eight an air conditioner for the whole home. Nice fill without getting into it'll take not being I had that. It's great technology we lose and they match are comforted her home and even an old home. He now sell and an attack team within Al completely right each email so we have hot cold spot. Jest by putting this man in his greatly mideast hot cold I can't hounds filling in on diet and when happening tangent there. None I was just watching you I didn't see your shirt how horrible hearted rhetoric and not my busy lying right. So what we're extremely busy nights so what to one of the things Attica stressed is that so I have to replace everything and the answer is the answers like yes and now. And why I say that is that you can get. Really nice. Hi advanced our air conditioning equipment it's still not replace your furnace. What the downfall or the consequence is going to be is that you won't be able to get all of the benefits but you can still get most of them so for example the DC. And Bernard technology the DC is still gonna work so you're gonna have that all that extra electric savings in there which what. Big point there great electrical feigning a new utility belt right and that's three to save a lot of your money off of however. Additional savings like for example having a variable speed blower motor. If you don't replace the first you probably don't have that. So it's not gonna work too it's all an incredible capacity but it's still going to be incredible until you're ready. To replace the furnace so what that allows you to do is to to basically your place it in pieces is that the you know the best way to do it all the time but you know what you're looking at just how you wanna spend your money sometimes it's necessary to do that way and so that's really what we just. But that's really the the show when we talked about what are we wanna talk about is that. I've been going on the field a lot since I was gone for Boy Scouts which I love just don't like Kampman and they did what I can't hear you can and so I've been a lot of calls and really the make it has been horrible guys you really need to call gets uptake are not maintain line it's our home parable and that's been a huge. Cost a lot of bad not like the you know that there are paired the its tier going on your faith and like all it peaked just to maintain because of leniency given much more money mean much more heartache. I can you we're gonna get as affordable as possible. But we had eight Pete Elliott July 4 every July 4 it can't be like fourth connect an elite birthday America happy birthday America exactly America. And I think I can't know teenage years he gasoline celebrating their tweaking and and then July 4 had to get hasn't. Help each and then let fate I'm out there SA please wake your anal Lane Kiffin Barbie TU RL. Chicken dinner what ever and sell and just had a great time now. April 2 and holds Debbie plumbing heating and cooling to the Dixie different dot com. 9132. Fat 66 hydrate. Have a great weekend and take care.