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APW Help for Homes
Saturday, July 7th

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Hello and welcome to HPW plumbing heating cooling helper homes this is the show dedicated you the whole mortar for you to experience the Dixie difference. If we can now be getting your plumbing heating or cooling needs give us a call at 913. 8256600. My name and ski board of Grossman is Dixie will burden. And half a lap and backing you gonna get the call any time we're in the app has a right now if you have them. And cloning that tells you or some air conditioning that l.'s deal knowledge re not that snow back now we are available. And T you ask you to contact again now when 318 that sixty. The rose zero I'll. I'm write EPW plumbing heating and cooling right here they can't they met trial and we actually sent as an hour radius or an hour centrally located off I sent. If that's in and around the match for Elena candy in the Missouri side we love Ethan Steele speaking in as a colony we can help service he'll. You have options I know when you get more enamored of their world area outside of the metro. And Asia as many companies up cannot see a sell one like you know we Levy folks teal and we will come in feeling how appealing. He being asked mannered just fix what ever else he'll come with you plumbing heating and air conditioning and a curse a majority of our business right here in the match well. And down we eat Levy you as a well till one or other breathing that you would want to give us a column is that. Summer's started early for act this year usually July is when it really ramps up back at its editing G-Unit him Nate actually in the back up there. So if you have not. Called in to get your air conditioner safety inspection done. You should do that right now stop Richard doing pick up the phone call now when 318 at 66 the era's air for our radio special 59 dollar. Air conditioner safety inspection and make sure you're taking care bear commissioner right now. You know and the beauty news at 5% efficiency every year when you don't maintain. And you mechanical equipment and the folks that is out we do it for our cars. So Julie for the mechanical clinic in your home furnishing your air conditioner right now I get it for 59 dollars. From the EP Gabby because you heard you you indoors keeping niner radio show in our silly mess that we do you. At your radically they shall and to get a special 159 dollar air conditioners safety inspection. I calling answer right now and he's in the top left. Each on the schedule you are at your earliest convenience now when Terry eighteen bad. 66. 00 out there against start helping you in educating yield. On how to properly take care of your air conditioner and a weakening that service company that does it. Or year ended up properly so they have more better efficiency in the home. Which that lower utility bills. Better safety in the home I mean this is electrical component that rang you furnace and air conditioners that's important and then a longer her. I quit life because. Obviously since Europe maintain your taking care of it. And dad and then different TLC Philip they had relationship that gray count the TPW. Canadian coal laying. And so that when you do you come to The Herald that's usually what happens is we have a reacted need. And yelled out our pipe bursts or are hot hot water heater stops you know getting hot water or Ashford in week. Arafat having cold air coming from the air conditioner in you haven't traffic company. She you years. Die a parity of using our services. And I am looking you go to sleep a near no I'm not allowing healing NASA. Talk tying and I I'm just sit here way and you are chili is. You know Italy might bomb you can hear myself and a beautiful voice you have only cashed. Oh boy. Problems seen in Iraqi youths say you can jump any that are now I have six million listeners to tell me a campaign yet here Dexia rescue law doesn't T yep. I have something she has written outward TC we get her home and rain out odds and nothing but training with him and I am off sickening enough there's over and you can make and keep that I Garrett at the peak at and I would do that yes I. I actually you wouldn't know I love making beats us pray till we would be one hired. Turkey accurate Barbara Fisher I got special wood just to make pizza again. And I think that that orange Osage RRO ya orange Osage. Sage would. G Billy is saying yeah okay. RA total that it is now like orange or does it like Ledell try to oranges and so it's it's orange tasty I guess east. Use it to heat and melt steel you know it's like stand hip are hot I you pick it up but it bills like a little bracket people in ninety human. Well I can be careful because of its ought to make her my heavens are. Yeah it was an OK okay Ara. At interest thing again into much of me. And as the makes you introduced to calm down that if that is still my temperatures all you hear that phone call they came and he now. Who I love this man and I hope he's listening I just wonder what you know sir I love you let. Yeah I I love this guy I would hug him right now for change actually adding alien gang went and yet I care about this. Must've said something that he misunderstood. It kinda the opposite number we appreciate your phone calls that bring us. You know information that Powell let more to talk about on the radio shows that they keep hearing apparently loved that he had no Obama be our guest area and we problems that the team that he misunderstood it. So I just wonder clarified but I love athlete yeah. Any halt and what he said was. He called one of our one of our so service coordinators. And he said I have a system that eighteen years old. And the guy goes voluntarily colonials. Yeah that the lady on the radio says that they're not supposed to last that long and my did so why does wonder collar and say she's brought great ray I'm. I'm out as has been having signed with saying that they couldn't think. Brown you're not alone. I don't know anything funny it's in a colossal surges when Jolie's personal thank you for calling yet I and thank you for let us clarify and third thank you for telling Dixie. And it. And I don't get ready and I can't I'm not only that really sell we'll let me clarify we just instantly replaced. That were still running front defended 85. Well I mean actually older than eighteen years old so we do have to clarify when we talk about replacing your system. We don't talk about that but you know it did last 1820 years. You're probably not very efficient are your efficiencies probably very pour you'd imagine it's kind of hard not to your high energy bills are higher than what they should be right. So in it still may be running harbor also we say as a once you get to about twelve years on the air conditioner. You she considered to not put any more money into it you should replace it because your return on investment now is that a 100% of course not campy. However most of the time that that and then a furnace is typically about fourteen years rain we say don't put money into that. At that age and less is a crack team to do that it doesn't matter how old it is. They'll again various statistics out they're not AP get the idea that there's an on time and money poured in to the statistics that back what we say here and radiation are right but you're still run well ahead. Grades at winning the British shearing the information and the knowledge yes and not just our personal opinions that they based on statistical knowledge that they have. And the industry has done a lot of money and T I just love and I we are glad to share range education with Eric that's why we eat take a lot of pride in his name. Then you can make your best decision. On wed there what the best decision Prius cars replacement is concerned. But now we can do we how I EU and letting you know what is your current. Monthly utility bills with your current sits down and then we cannot you know let approximately your new monthly deals are with your new system and we actually edu. Those who rates based online your home and your configuration and we have a real cool fancy. Computer program that helps us make sure that it's absolutely accurate that we're not giving an app Haney an. And it's based on actual numbers to cell that's and then we gave for every single customer and they got to do a furry after the nine when the art interstate. And outlet if you would it cost to replace or Clinton in making compared his numbers and militant group asked for their family are great but I still. Think that sir I just wanted to leave thank you wonder what reform and that yes theory you're joking if he just to Nan N honored and I as we get him the Atlantic Kyle last Saturday called indifferent and I was wrong. He's an eighteen year old. Air conditioner was just my fat in and that's fine where have been grabbing that needed that that they give her calling call again so this please yet realize it. And I do think tank. So how'd your weekend like after fourth of July I live oh yeah you know let a had a really great for the guy you know let active hey I love you Azeri people we let on the Kansas side although we're really close to state line retired so. We're very close and others like Harold we did cross the state line over to Missouri. Only bash the fireworks display just in the neighborhood. We were sitting in a white no easy and suggests people. Just shoot up their own fireworks all any neighbor had. It was like at fireworks going to actual fireworks show us. Breezy and never done a Fuller will go to a shell and just kind of watch that show and we birdie there and then a minimum I don't know man my. Asked so you missourians can party like that now already doing impressive as actual actually are down the rain more area with some friends and out only tallied as got them now. Peculiar re warriors in and a re pack it in their. And to school district ethylene. Was battery pack and then I didn't go to gonna talk about they don't get a break so we'll actually get around without a time until we aren't talking about. A couple of different topic actually know what are my people and our special to do is endorse topic. We had AT and you are looking to replace your air conditioner or why did find out what it costing and why he should replace it. Then at that point this is the time to do it because there isn't free money out there on send rebate ATP and now as actually getting rebates. And that's why you're here G your gas furnace is giving rebates till you combine this together. PW as Mac changed those rebates of up to 16100. Dollars off a report placement of furnace and air conditioner. They're letting go into some of those topics as far as that's concerned we also hasn't English topics that tab folks are asking without. Retirement center Leiter did tank less attacked rapist couple. Shows a village well also got a lot of calls wanted to touch back up on Matt and guess higher energy is she giving rebates on high efficiency take with water heater salon to know their is free many out there on the EP AB matches and as well. Phil you get a copper three estimates that 91382. Fat 66. 00 again perhaps to 16100 dollars off of cool. And ATC system for your home and now I gained ten cities and I can't think Aaron might inspire energy rebates. Aren't arc for that to give us at call and eighteen will be right in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes I'm keyboard across music through overdue and welcome. The attack eighty getting help for hounds that we are tacky about. When it's time to replace your air conditioner because it's been hot like I'll. And we didn't have a sprained hip. I was Jenna as C had a phrase that properly till I isn't really where it's nursery amp I tanks started ramping up at the end of the me. So we've had still many felt out there asking us questions about over here verses replace. And still lag kind continue that topic on the channel. Educate eat folks there's a lot lot for a lot folks that are and ask questions the last eight. And on the air condition just everything to keep that I thanked commissioners oversight I used. I think it works too hard there's all kind of these and similar types of questions are addressed those here in this segment and feature segment. They aren't my Ainge is that there isn't money out on the table rebates from can't face Kansas City power and might inspire energy. That you can get for high efficiency equipment when you replace difference in air conditioner in your tank less water he or skinny go to tank less water heaters. I replacing your hot water heaters up. And there's many out there we can help you get out we're very good at the paperwork part and they. Philly can help you make sure that you get the money front Nancy. Our night for higher energy for these products when you replace them so with fewer at a time when your utility bills are too high. Or you're not sure we can we keen compare those costs for you based on real facts and not our opinion. Only come out to do your furry estimate it will obviously have the information you're getting us we actually do a load calculation. Right T when he your favorite things rank as they pitch oregano Leon I love doing load calculate well let me. And hit it fat I'd joke because of the fact that. It is and I I joke because it's the fact that we be as we'd love to educate folks on the radio a what a proper load calculation here. And what is his eighth at antique computer program. That we can put all this data from year house in snow the windows which weighed their eighth seeing. And you know they. Insulation value through your home it's not looking your air conditioner and going well you have a three tents are gonna come back in and put another three tank. Commissioner fifteen years old they then definitely different things have happened around your house in the last fifteen years I help. Just feet literally just around your home and trees have probably grown adding marshy eighteen to the home. And you might have added more insulation you might have added another reunion night of you know re not in a basement or an ad makes him these things our I'll take in the considerations we get properly get them right air conditioner. And your hound whether at VT bigger to smock if indeed she yeah you're right just like be at. Really very day I got some time now it's not that thrilled made a no golden goldilocks and the three players by all the three little pigs like they're now pay per accounts through ray is that the you know the always seek as one of the phone calls that we got a labor and although he's out a lady called us and said OK I lay in my bed. I and the air conditioner comes on and embracing. And then all of a sudden I go to sleep. And it's too hot. It's too cold it's too hot to cold this do not that's says that happens all the time is it drives me crazy why is that. So we went out there and diagnose the issue laugh I end up. First thing that we look at his dark work. Say we always look at the dark work wherever we go out there throughout these problems. We're look at the design of your house how is set up where is the second level verse the first level how much of your house is above ground. How much is not above ground as it. Tell. Of the big what actually is over earnings when your second level over hangs on the first level there's always problems that are bedrooms above garage is and so forth. However what we found out is as we went through to try to figure out why she dealing with this we found out that she her system was oversized. Say so somebody over size of the system and what they did is they had a very low fission product they put a high efficient product in their. However they didn't adjust the size. So she was over by at least a ton. And that's a law that would be lies yeah I just think about it. It remember what a ton of AC is that our air conditioner that comes from one ton of ice per hour. To cool a theater right that's a leader had got their attorney got any news that AT and I honestly don't wasn't for that people probably wouldn't be watching movies many are so. AMC meal they can thank ice and I lose so that's where we kinda that's what ends up happening till the world over tonne over. And it should have been a ton smaller on the AC side so that's what happens and and so why is it hot and cold like that'll well. It's not really that it's getting hot is that the cold. Asia is blowing so in hand yes. That way and it shuts down she felt cold and Elvis and with the lack of it now she's thinking it's hot. When it's not it's probably the temperature it needs to be like that and lasting line and it turns out and and blasting nine intern dot I says she had a brand new system so it's not like we're gonna take this system out. So all we did was we added two more dock worker we re directed some air into different parts of the house. Becky music and I'm fortunate are not on for tournaments and fortunately. We she was eight she had the space and the ability Forrester re direct air. And so what I did was cool but house more evenly sometimes putting in zoning system will help with that. Where you're directing it mechanically when you can't add dark work which is another item but. See that's like one of the problems that you run into now. Where are issue comes into almost all the time I see customers. Is where most people think their problem is normal. And they say well I don't really have any issues do you start breaking them down. And then they realize well but a man the comic comes to me is you can't do anything about that Greg I can Afghan demos the time I can't. It just to catch people up that he just to India and how much we eat. You know we're going anti death folks about three accidents AT&T honey heating and cooling Harry placing their air conditioner. And our furnace steel week pink TU. And and homeowners vanity Guinness homeowners think that. Problems that we have with their heating and cooling are just the app that applicants just is the lady you know we we've lived here for several years Nash is the way it's been so that's the way it's going to be. And especially the last five years ala talking about technology is really that infused into an air conditioning and Curtis says. And till it's exciting to talk about the changes that we can and help solve a lot of comfort issues in the home. Let everybody nineteen genie out duct work he now I would guess just a furnace in the air measure backed itself. He actually saw a lot comfort issues are hot and cold spots throughout the house. Which is wonderful so amber what are you know it go to another break that day in Kansas City power and might inspire energy bills have rebates Al. Air for you to rule and grading get. Phil if you want to replace any of your hot water tank. You are and campers and air conditioner you can do it now and get 98 Pete have you actually matched those three dates at T do. And fifteen. Skinny yet to 16100. Dollars a call I happier free SN 9132. Fast 6600. Are you ready died Dixie different dot com. I mean happy out there so state stimulus now EP Gabby how her homes will be back against economic. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling helper homes are in Keith Gordon across ms. Dixon Wilbert and welcome and back to 8 PM we have friends you know let we love doing this treaty shell. An islander Brad out delighted industry is Shelby Kaz you know links best effort to prepare. And to thank you know let and the funny thing is is I don't know I can't figure it really clear plan Elaine we know and all I enjoy the show I don't like this show I love you. There are in the air CA Seattle used the show I don't really hard to prepare when its staff and a EL planning he equally as what we do we live breathe guy it. They do and for so long. So and leave it isn't gas sixteen years officially. So and I'm fifteenth anniversary July 3 with our and sixteen year and it adversity with eight PW ill off and incorporating. Yes and and fill that Edwards yes you and I have been married for tonight and which alone and let the F fourteen years fourteen years and didn't girl yes thank you. Though and it didn't you begin to keep the night do you are married couple and we do rank 8 PM the plumbing heating cooling and. And we've lad educating folks on everything planning he in calling me that is what brings some much of value to eighty mile back. We down just tell you hate this is what you gotta fakes and hasn't led it's gonna cost. We want to build value in every single customer that we haven't they Pete Elliott. I wouldn't give him free advice give attacking again you know take bedside manner and expressing any and there are concerns that angle had and then walking them three or not they have to step doing in south with the we know you can't. You want provide the best customer service the best education. That's communication. That we can't every single called illegality we like hi I'm training. And he'd get a great deal a train and just to Munich keenly their technicians and had a communique will end. Homeowners and believe me folks sleep lots of folks to see every single day till we're not can't can't can't be a tank attic your round which we have weather service calls to concede that. We know if you have questions were can he answer that number again be. But eating eating enough girl answered educational weighing. You truly understand what's going on with your money in your air conditioning like your furnace at the U wider treat mentally anything tweedy for EL. And city you feel comfortable with a nice neat that you spin to weep. Eight PW. When you have to repair or replace your Clinton in terror or you know whatever Althea. So and if you want to learn more about this experience he'll have something that you needed a toilet replace store where you'll land in I'll get rid a hard watering your home. And order you know your taint why are haters out to fail lower cash for being here air conditioner is just not keeping up and you when I see about options and and seeing if there's some ways that we can get some more efficiency and longevity out of your air conditioner without replacing it. These are all things that we dealey PW give us a call on the coming out for our free estimate. 91318. Fat 6600. Worried that a bag Dixie different dot com. And Danny a year when the face and then I'm an old. We're just get I was waiting for you to get done right Ozzie talked about automating your house a little bit. As we talked about making sure like I go down and that's I'm trying to go over some questions that I get. One cool thing we do at the office others many cool things like in our office or service corners they have a board and it's the parking lot. And any person who has a question. That is just a general question that they don't need you know like immediately they righted up on the board in our meetings every Monday. That we have been there we go to the parking lot we answer questions attributable to chemical. So I what I try to do is get some questions that customers who call in about. And there's so many of mad times EU can't really get always say apologize if you listen to show you vast questions we'll talk about it. But I try to get ones that are relevant to what we're doing is the best that I can still another one here as automating your house. We I have a gentleman who is trying to automate his house. And I don't think it matters if you're doing and how many of these names aren't so thank for people who know the names I apologize but. So for like Amazon and like satellites are you know and that you Google has with schools and about a brutal home or go home back. So people call on tear gas have these I'm trying to automate my house more my lights which is my garage door openers might thermostats all that of can you help us. Like shark so we do you have a thermostat that we there's multiple different thermostats you can have. Everything from just basic. Two programmable seven day programmable. You can have five plus two which means you program it Monday through Friday and then you can do Saturday and Sunday right. So so gives different programs now has a wife I can. And make capability right there they commit minor it through your phone or change it from your found well that's the automation but we we deal Wi-Fi but we also have found the I'm of course communicating systems have their thermostat however if you want to use like. Any of the automation systems on for your thermostat. That not only hope to your phone but you can communicate and say you know pleased he's changed the temperature. An XYZ well we actually have thermostats that do that for you now. Why is that important one is part of TC PL's discounts is a new thermostat when you updated thermostat they GB I think it's 75 dollars. Yes they'll know is to remind folks about that we talked about that in our specials that it got banality Pete Elliott that there's money out on the table. Brown can't see power and light they're getting rebates when you upgrade. Just a thermos batter your whole air conditioning system to high efficiency like untie the high and so once you download the apps here's the cool thing for some of us like me who are really hip on the on all love the automation type of things. You're not act like you're lucky I didn't actually using years yeah you getting more and more are hurt and and durst and yes yes and I don't sending your really into it right it's. Got a cooler Marty Moore has people Moscow since I got to kind of keep up with the but I'm not great at the computer stuff so the great thing is the apps themselves. What you can do as you can program now so what I like about the automation. Is that you can just communicate with. What whatever. Do more LA out. And just say hey I want my eight temperature to be this at this time. 72 degrees at 3 o'clock in at 9 o'clock tonight I want to be 74. And the actual accepted it. They'll program stuff for you GAAP and you can basically so you're not trying to figure out how to program things than other a lot of people call. I don't or senator program we help them with that a lot. But a lot of these automation things you don't have to know how to so that's what's really cool yeah isn't able to do that and I. And you get some money back. Catherine actually installed and pan and dialects that shower right eight the Ellis really really cool yeah pilot and he meant it at that no no like I can't yeah so. That's another thing that four or for you who want really cool showers that is something else for automation with tons of automation Stephanie morbid. You can wake up and go Alexa com. Please tell Mullen. To return on the shower and a 104 degrees that's just sent and she comes back and says okay and a hundred importing or else. Yell if you really really need to I mean that's maybe for the lazy person may be no I know. I don't know that but it's pretty cool that they eat it and silly lady that. Phil if you don't I'm not that that and DNA you began after a call at eight. And until I piano wanted to go woods went before we ran out of time on this segment. The difference between paint water heaters and tank less flatter Peterson just gonna hit on this a little bit it'll go back in air conditioning in the next segment. That around or main point that I usually stressed and keep always has a death. Phil Alex attack Matt Allen in a second that conduct warning point of why they switched over contained to a wider heaters to paint let the water heaters. Is because and energy efficiency they're 40% more at they should eliminate traditional ten to water heater. Fill that because they're only on when you request for hot water otherwise there op their mind in Maine. Phil decision to turn on hot water and demeanor water how lighter throughout your home. This system will turn on either way as they they're completely off added an attempt wider heaters contrary on. All they an all night. Heating and Ricci in the water so that wind EU un request for how lighter it's available how whether and Bernie energy all day and again on and on you would never have a ano lab boy really hot water on year spilled just in case you need how water. You. Don't think they can put your hockey your take a flyer here. That is back there only is data to carry on suitcase a great they say savings here I'd like you folks at 250 gallon water heaters. You know like you like those Dewayne and eat it basically app on a while they can be flexible as ours where they go they don't have to go where your taint water heater went. And and again you know only is because I carry on the case and now on the wall so. If they think something that you and I don't have his match you'd get a big fan metallic paint with water heaters. They have to to twenty years they can potentially outlast to attain a water heaters. Because of that and I. And so that not mean that alone is gonna potentially outlast to taint wider heaters and that a mat time and then my idol my most favorite line. Is the packet they get a in this announce a hot water you can ranked three shower Zhu dishwasher your question machine. And yet kitchen sink requesting hot wire all ping time and never ran at a hot white hot topic three even never rang out of hot water. So these things are fabulous ciller's you know wicket traditional takeaway here EU will rent at a hot water I have to wait for over an hour for two Ricci. Those are great benefit to them I'm more back get a free estimate and get a rebate for inspire energy get out their 8 PM these matching is. And call again for your freest and I'm wondering eighteen fat 6600. L are gonna die Dixie different dot com. You are listening to Haiti get the help for home this. And we are gonna talk more about in the wire hitters and it's an air conditioning and expire rebates and KC PM now rebates. There are available on the tape before you were right now. Began to feel different press meet heat forward will be back into gas tomorrow. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating do we know problems I am keyboard across from his Dick who Oprah and and we have DL we have. Cooper. Dawson. And Quincy better known as CDQ. Then he asked that they at their extension of the family hair a curse at Q haven't listened to eight PL EE ill for the and by years we've been doing nest however long it and now. And he directs the plumbing heating and cooling right here in the county metro service that hour radius to Renner centrally located up I felt. And we appreciate. PM the fact that the radio station here. That to me at the radio show that we. And air conditioning only say the ten year. And I went 318 fat 6600. Torre angle to die in Dixie different dot com and now they're extensions on long explanation. They Dixie difference dot com in. Cupid ascending Clancy our three kids. Better known as CD and Hannity keep that it's easier for media TEL dancers CDQ OK club Ireland adding I did I mean now says they are in studio dated and pretty darn quiet background that. Humbly your talent and talk a little bit so they can brag about it at their friend that is the I don't know but Cooper is getting heavy he's been sitting on my lap per segment and a half he is eleven felonies immediately is I don't. That if you didn't hear last segment you heard a little hole. Blood that was me I hit Cooper in the head twice with the microphone and can he do close this team without a pair of kind of money everything you wanna sacred secrets he's actually. R.s seven year old girl all got new glasses. And she's hitting her tee back. Yeah hard to twenty fell out and that they are connecting well there's so little or no ill she's smiling in Chile and they use this radio people can't see your smile empty wanna say hike has got to move forward to tiny area often linked they had to realize that hard. Five feet long. I eight people and then you're dot thank you get to think Kyra click as well that an hour and nine year old yeah during the same hire you and Riley couldn't Dawson is our shot as. Not really I people of the world and the live view of the world and the. You don't know Cooper one of his first things that he did we a lot of due he did like oh a little thing for us like. You know of talking about eight PW and that's how he started it was. Hello people of the world yes no malice the kids of all kind of held up her like last five years yesterday Kelly don't CS dreamer kids because we're gonna go hang out and he can't hang out if they're not would you rate the were just saving some time. The burning desire and breeding or for baseball bank they fall ball is coming Cooper is gonna tryout for some teams aren't you convert. Re exactly absolutely it to the world knowledge I mean our trying to beat Cuba is gonna drop for some DNL like Ashley is. Stock here and that is giving back there again in baseball diamond thousand and police gal for way too much away all my gosh you'd have to wait to my staff so you guys know that I spent two weekends are barred all. And then I went to the cub scouts at dollars and ten to me and can't tired and a boy scout trip right and then in the leaking after that they had they bearers. Is that a we've heard their nose you know an error an over the weekend to ninety now yeah a lot of reliance that was those three nights for a few days. As skinny three days two nights Thursday through Saturday is lead it would die off saying. It was three minute in and around like gosh apology was a week. I'm still there'll ever Austin yeah I realize how old I'm getting the recovery process of doing the your domain and now. It is my this terrible exactly kill each gassed Hindi and accidents have been a show about our family is actually shelled a PW planning needing Kool Aid and leaving giving great information and helpfully you I think it's great information. Now when you're pressure air conditioner and and that they Kansas City power and might inspire energy dads have a rebates. That you can get right now until they ran out of money EP Delhi Il is matching misery get until we ran out of my knee at. And and fell on these three they fill the good time to get a marine as demand fine. Your air conditioner if earnings entertained to wider here he moved high efficiency on any of these panic. You actually can get some not great rebate on your thermostat as well right thing coughing every ethnic now won 318 fat 6600. Or go to die Dixie difference dot conflict that member senate that he now thinks so be happy to help young. Say good bye to everybody have to go back in yet to go back and sit at your body. I guys thank you thank you children yet arisen that so one of the things of automate your thermostat here's kind of a benefit if is. The fact of customizing your air flow inside your house to what your family's needs are. Not every person are every family has the same air flow needs pay as other families do. To the great thing about the automation or beanie was due to gun control is. When you leave on vacation or you're at home or your kids go back to score not in school. That you can actually automated or night and day I mean obviously going to bed or in the daytime temperatures very little bit depending on the household. I like mind colder when I go to sleep than I do in the daytime. But that's what allows you to do is just to make it more comfortable and that's it to remember as heating and cooling is about air flow. And if you air photo work right it's gonna make you much more comfortable inside your house. And that's I guess what your point should be is homeowners'. Can I save some money I can I be more comfortable and have a better. Quality of what have fairly bright athlete with a yes so that's why they went completely accomplished at summit that we knew worst extend if you are ready having installed. And the week after 88. We hit some features is that thermostat up Lerner we should do that with your system if it's you know less than ten years old and you wanna keep big downlink. We can definitely help you out with that just a major Ers is decent minor tears in her placement with in your existing system and so. Don't think that well I just replaced it three years ago I now know actually we can still help peel and making it. And their efficiency instantly give to still be better comfort in the home the technology's really come a long way. In Haiti cooling especially in the last five years and I just love talking about that and like folks know that we can help you with different comfort issues hot and cold spots in the house. You know I'm just giving us more about content stand temperature in the home and stat in the heat and and air fluctuations. It happened and that the tech center in Atlanta earlier segments. So that it is very important and we can happy now that you have questions a what every afternoon began college at 91382. Fat 6600. Out. We go to die in Dixie different dot com. And still keep did you like tech anymore about an air conditioning eat you got to get like grabbing your cheek right now gas peace Mikey. My cheek as we talk. They'll know we got. I think the that covers about a lot of the questions that we ended up getting were probably those with the two ones that stuck out in my head. We get tons of questions like I said and I don't always writer out of my horrible person about that however. There's a lot of things you can do to update your life without having to change stopover. Simple stuff like yours here's a really cool small update type Biden has that the new date PC. But it goes with plumbing. People laugh at shower tub combos old job as one single shower head. Right I'm depending on the access one of the things you can do is we can add divert errors on T your current. Type of shower had faucet and a while for bodies raise to be added hand wants to be added. There's a lot of stuff and it's can better on those like Arnie yeah I net and make it to customers like super happy about and different. But it's now or face that and only they they had a better showering in the area and so next week William bring up some more showers of this. There's a lot of things if you have you don't assertive like you won and proved you don't need to replace all of that. So that is adding a little bit to it changes everything you that is the difference of night and day and that they did ten Dixie different. At a time in the south when our ninety get a copper for estimated you have great to attain collects water heater from high efficiency by air energy has three day. If you think power and I also has rebates for HPC since senate. He'll get a call our Nat Hamlin 318 at 66. 00 even listening to eight.