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Sunday, September 24th

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Hello and welcome to eight PW plumbing heating cooling helper homes this is the show dedicated either homeowner. Are you to experience the Dixie difference. If we can help you figure plumbing heating and cooling needs give us a call at 913. 8256600. My name is Keith or across from me is Dixie role for him next to her is the grizzly bear. And we have a special guest in here. That is that our copper specials manager at eight PW Jason Boehner pulled so I have you in here as well. Joined us on a few of our shows the ranking can only highlight the texture. Common teary even during. In June June can't wait that would racer just like yeah. Yeah I think it's kind of funny I look at my RAZR on my way think every day in and think and little lonely and new yeah. Keep growing in nice. Full beard. In Yucca since we're not we're on radio people can't feed activities and I want to give the description of what we're talking up his moral beer that I have hair my body you can't grow them my chair and they tell me that's ever gonna lacy has more hair than I have in my body. And what's funny is I see people with. Beards it making it look like of Avian. Drilling. Enter a currency for like a year and great and we that I asked a. It's so funny. Anyway good scheme that your red top and have a beard you know pink pregnant fed be on I saw he added later you describe it to everybody right and you know banking he has no beard for the extra commentary. Remind folks at. And you know eight PW plumbing heating and cooling where local. Company right here in town we can tell about an hour radius arrests and centrally located op fans. For all of your homeowners are plumbing heating and cooling needs. And that we just had the first tee ball here a few days again okay. And actually need to start thinking about our furnace even Dell it's still can't had a lot of warm day is national hasty call coming in. And that the EC is just didn't make it through the summer it finally failed. And now we are we want to help you take care fear air conditioner we want to make sure that you get it taken care of so that last. For years and years so if you're does suck that. Why it eighteen year. And they'll want to make it connects summer you'll get a and repairs just to make it through the winter in a dish that they did you are radio special for our 59 dollar earnings safety and clean chat. How we also wanna beat accompany it how she keep your furnace going three of the winter season. And not we have Aaron Nat advocates are glacier system. And until it's absolutely ready until your ready to replace your systems so we're gonna happy and keep it repair it. And maintaining it for as long as you can't get the most money out of it as you can longevity out of it in addition to that what's so important about maintaining York earn as. Is that once you clean it once a year you can help keep your utility bills gallon. Because you're maintaining your sister and her many did making it to your home is still important. And you can really take advantage of our radio special which is the 59 dollar furnace safety ankle each. PW plumbing heating cooling greedy call 913 eat. Eighteenth lap 6600. And we can schedule yours today again not only 318 that 6600. Or go to bag exe different dot com. And that will have be up there as well so now and that kind of getting. On that it'll like one more great information we got on the deal going for the month of September 200 dollar topped. Tank or less water heaters. So if you are considering tank less. You're at the end of the year Brent your paint water heater you want more hot water. You what ever it laughing how life you wanna reduce huge utility bills with your hot water you like your latter heater till last over twenty years. You should consider tank a lift latter heaters. And and we know a lot about Pincus we have shows on tape a flatter heaters. And if you want coffee or free estimate a cost no obligation. Give us a call and if he decide to purchase take us we'll take 200 dollars off the price. A sudden I heard on the radio and down will make sure that we honor that we get now when curry too fat 6600 freer free estimate on tape left. And gaffe free folks we need to paint or tank less we do have wonderful. Financing options fortieth lap you know every time he says you know and I think that little thing like fountain of life when you start going to would you like endless amounts of. I'm flattered if you like and medicine it always just think the fountain of youth this battle daddy that's and that's amounts and just eat everything. Stay yen for outer and that's what you'll sound like yeah railing guy like it out as a compliment I've just gotten. I was kind of gently lift ticket Inger that they don't know is not the fountain of youth has never been found you know and so therefore we feel that it's not a real fame. But if an app how lack from a peak of water heater had been out here is a real thing. Don't know it is well I don't know that just when I imagine and paint on I think it's really glad you shared that thanking him they no problem script that. So we have a whole bunch of talk about some of that chill out of it's a whole bunch but it is a cool concept what organ a look at. Is. When we bring people and I there's a lot of customers they actually listened and we greatly appreciate they like the Arthur which again million or six very listeners. We get a lot of comments about they like the fact that we educate them we teach them some stuff. And we do appreciate that because we really want to write in so no matter what you choose in life we want at least give you enough options you can make a great decision protector for him. It's one of our main goals and so a lot of people especially when we have new people come into the company and we give them the idea of the Dixie difference what is our goal. A lot of dumb question like. Now we hear of for business no here here to sell. Well. It's a byproduct of what we do is. Coming into your house and you buying new equipment are you buying service you buy everything that's not our major focus. It's kind of difficult in today's life to get that across to people but we truly mean this so. What we really want to do is give you a little bit of an idea. Of what we really are and what we think about. So this may not be the great greatest technical show but hopefully given better insight to us our family are the people who work in the company and what our total gaullist. So if you know people in your lives that are like that one is invited to come and work they PW as we can always use the type of people were looking for but it gives you kind of hand. And one of those is the understanding of what is the purpose. Before service tech a comfort specials and when the company NB major purchase our major. Major purpose ansari is to increase the quality of someone's life. Now that's not an easy thing to get service techs across because not a lot of companies teach that what they teach is go in there. Find what's wrong and then you just charge people at and that's a lot of people feel that way I feel that we would companies come to our house. And that's not all we wanna do is. We want to figure out what is the best way to take care of you if its service of its replacement whatever it is we don't know when to we actually get their take a look at it. But when your concern should be is what is that in the service tech's main focus at Beckham's in our house. And what many people view life is like a pyramid. In this is the part we try to change the it's like appear to matter of life where the people at the bottom of the pyramids job is to serve the people at the top of the pyramid. Right a lot of people look at display. In this is why you see individuals. Where they tried their whole life to become like that famous actor that actress or that athlete. And what they believe is that the people the bottom are supposed to serve the people up the top but that's perhaps a Little League no way hall life is supposed to be. Seat because if you're spinning your entire life as a service tech a cover specials a mom a dad and your whole goal in life. Is to try to move yourself up this imaginary pyramid so people Serb view. You have to kind of think about all the extra stress all the disappointment. All the things they're gonna come along with that is the one thing we found out in life. That no matter how much money you gave no matter how much power he gained fame if you don't have great people around you if you don't have people that you conserve yourself. He then at that point life never becomes really what it's a post do so this is the first thing that we teach service tax. And we teach sales. A sales consultants comfort specials anyone who comes in the company. Is that we don't want life to beat is that our job is to serve. Eight the idea is the fact that. Choosing individuals to help planet changes and turned your life upside down a little bit. They see. When you're focused on being served eight. That extra stress and that disappointment in life. Kind of angles unit direction where you're only focused on money or you're only focused on what you get out of there right. But if you can flip that and decide I wanna be a servant. No matter where my position is no matter what my position Dix he's positioned Jason's position if we can become servants think about how that changes everything. Worrell worked the people who were supposed to be running the company however wieger of the people who were doing the serving. And the things that you get out of that personally. Eight changes how you talked to people how you deal with people. And what you truly get out of it. At this is kind of oh a little bit of a long conversation I know we're gonna have a break coming up so wanna find a stopping point he'd be here but what I want you to imagine is during this break in the commercials. I want you think about eight PW for second the Dixie difference about. The idea that the top needs to serve the bottom instead of the bottom serving the top. Eight and and that. Match of that pyramid and think of if we switched life that way if your service techs focus. Was serving you instead of you serving disservice tech coming your house. What kind of difference experience are you gonna have with them and that's kind of what we're gonna talk about the next segment. Are so four major points that we try to teach our people to focus we go in your house and hopefully we achieve them so let's go. Well given it any harder and no end and and that is a lot of what could be the difference is we do a lot of training their technicians. All of our people come for Aaron at cover specialist and our service coordinators though through. The and health in the office any answer the phones. On how we serve the customer. And the customer feels like their first like they are the most important thing that happening right now. And hey that's me and feeling a lot of customers that don't have waived all kinds of industries out there are still weeks. Do our best to make sure that a customer feels that from eight PW plumbing heating cooling and don't talk about as some of those point our next segment how we get those across to our. At people at eight Pete Elliott so we have you can enjoy that and hope that you can learn something from that as well we get to take a quick break you're looking eight PW help for home. Have a cough for the 59 dollar furnace AT and claimed she can take care of your furnace for all season right now never went three. Eighteen fat 6600. Will be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back EPW plumbing heating cooling upper rooms and Keith board next to me is Dick dual effort in the name semantics irked. Decent honorable and pagers they Jesus rights and not. Did not like you're mad they teases I know my eighth two. At that that are geared going on it and and it stand looking guest. And just can. It'll we're talking about today to help you get the good step at a either take for yourself. If something that we stealing all of our people in eight PW funny heat heating and cooling at. How to instill Julie and airlines and then how they can instilled Julie in our customers lie. It's not just about coming in fixing and repairing replacing your plumbing or heat entire nation ink. It really is about bringing Julian that's been central to what the Dixie differences and what we teach. Over day after day everyday with our technicians. You know so that it has not that they need ten know how to have Julie. But I eighty is a mind focus that we during central Q I. And tell everybody who works thereto or remember what we're really here for is we're here for the customer. Into Bream joined your life in time where your kind of imperil you know you've got it. Shower that won't turn out we had that call death earlier this week we help the customer. Who Latin beaten then converter that stock and wouldn't stop and it Jeff Katz spraying water should Mikey gallon water many tickets as yet an apple watered down whole house. And Hillary together taking care of immediately would enjoy teacher her. And by temple Weaver instilling Julie while the whole horrific process of going for her. In and that's what we're kind of talking that in cheering Wiki today we appealing joint action. Before we get into I wanna make sure remember. Reasons to colleague Pete Elliott. To take advantage of our special the 59 dollar furnace yes I said earnest so we're getting into fault. That you might get up and running taken care at. Before winter hits and then you have a potential problem that. This 59 dollar furnace safety Kleen chapel take care of that for you peace of mind it's a great value detection 125 dollars. And we get to the radio listener for 59 dollars caught on nine when Perry. 185. 6600. And then we also had 200. Dollars off till the month and for the whole month of September. Taint cliff. Water heaters president of legal questions. Of repression that a questions about paying less what Arnie how much they cost. They really Wear and yes yes there are all great products we have the products and energy and you've got a pink within your home we had a typical for an hour round. And ash we really believe in their their great products. And you can take the engine 200 dollars on the month of September. Copper and act three act immediately he didn't have to come out and just make sure we side everything to we'll work properly for ill. And doesn't take any time off to do coffee or free estimate milk cost no obligation. You folks can be your best judge of whether he PW can install that tanker for you are not. So again I went three to add 6600. Is Pete Elliott number you go to guy Dixie difference dot com don't forget the THE and baggy T different dot com and dad tell you act over TUMR forward. And with tacky and out you know that the points at four point of bringing joy to the life. It's an cutter. Reiterate we do a lot of training any PW Monday everyone of our service techs aren't. On on Wednesdays are HPC guys are now on Thursday or plumber geyser and and then it's the comfort specialists were worth virtually every single day so. Most of our day is spend up that teaching and some of the times it's not just about technical what we really focus on his. Geek don't understand how you treat people how people should be looked at. And what is your main focus going in the house. The great thing about is what we do teach does transition to do some of their lives and every once in while you'll get a service tech who come back and say you know what. My my personal life is better by the way that we're looking at this you know I understand better how high should treat other people. And that's probably one of the greater Joyce that we have in our lives when. People come to us and tells that it's kind of affected them and their their family life is better which is what we really want from our own people so. This segment isn't just about what we try to do for our customers but really what we try to do with our co workers so maybe they can look at life a little bit better. Dixie and I are extremely fortunate we have a wonderful marriage wonderful family. And so we've been working on these things for years with each other now that we're perfect but that's what we go for Jason has a great family. And and really we try to instill that into everybody that we are all part about a bigger unit world part of a family at the take care of each other so. When our guys come out your house you know for not doing all this right please let us know these are things that we want to fix we wanna take care of but overall I think our guys do a great job with. At least. Putting a great effort into it so one of the things you look at his two media they are teaches the meaning of life is to make a positive impact on individual's daily. If you can do that life is incredible so when your service tech if your focus is how much money you make. No what do you get out of this life is really rough for you those are typically very unhappy people. I mean we see that constantly in society today people who who we perceive is reaching the top of the these so called pyramid in there they're not any happier and they're not. Because you gain a great deal of stress trying to work trying to achieve those materialistic items in there and trust me I don't think there's anything wrong with the TV things I'm not saying that at all. I think huge bills are the fruits of like that you should be able to enjoy. However they shouldn't come ahead of other people and so that's you kind of have to look at is. That those fruits of life you know are they more important than the people that your rounding in your gonna see and what we do is by showing real joy. Real joy is not winning the lottery real joy is not becoming a millionaire real Jolie is to those individual steps that allow you to achieve small things in life. And you get to see things grow your children your marriage your work life. And with customers it's the same concept there if you can go enjoy house and help the customer walked through a process but they actually get it. That they understand that you're really trying to give them information. One of the greatest compliments we get is an I just a matter of fact I just got at the other day. Inspecting an insult I really love the fact that you guys taught me what I was supposed to understand. And that meant a lot to me. In so there's four main concepts we come back that we're gonna go over and there and we'll talk about the four things that would that we bring up. I guess it's easier when there's an the fourth name well like opening your ice onto the needs around you. I doing something to move them forward they joyfully paid the price. And you do not expect anything in return maples of the four items that we truly look at. PM and found the chemical different direction today with Teddy Schell. Wind and we had about a little a lot of technical staff actually data mentally he's got a story next segment that we're gonna talk about getting into the technical. How would a customer. I can open gleaned more of the concepts of way is important now he's an eight PDF the ailing how. We eat and you know how it's become a good thing for asked. Because of and how our customers respondent. To it in such a positive way so lab at Exel didn't come back we're gonna take a quick break you're listening to eighteen get be a help for homes. And I'm Dixie Wilford keep Ford as tac and lots today says that he get mad at me for interrupting him. And it will be that it wind Jason venerable in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating cooling help for homes I'm in key board across means exe Wilford had next to hers he's amenable to me how we get full house in here today. Hi Jason I did say hi I can get Isabella Anna discriminates. I. It started with and they all ordered Miller eighth letter you're better. I'm what Mac gained eight. EP gebbie plumbing heating and cooling is that your local. Let me calling company right here in the Mac chilly do you travel an hour radius around. The metropolitan area for you world that we let you as well forget this coffee you have. We do have are 59 dollar radio special earnest faith and clean check 125 dollar value for only 59 dollars. The engine that can ask folks. All if he year but he elected or not. I love all love the weather of fall but it also means that winter is around the corner so make sure your take care for rest. Getting ready we want to make sure. If you think folks think you know sometimes the questions I am when they cut them check my earnest look at they'll find stuff that's wrong with it. Well. What we we don't wanna find anything wrong with burdens we just want to maintain your friends you make sure it's clean due to dust mold grew release separate inside. Your furnace. Wiggling and clean it all out if there is any problems that. Will help you repair those at the most efficient cost possible TU and that is going to be a lot less money in your packet that. Breaded and letting it go and then your whole furnace ale that's the tiny have to go to replace we don't like each there we wanna help prepare any problems. There are city and keep your furnace for as long as you need teal. And you know that's the thing that we really try to bring Julie to people's homes. But at 59 dollar furnished and safety inkling to which that goes into the educational part of her right I mean very educating folks on so that they can make informed decisions right so it's not about it's all about selling somebody it's about educating them. So people make good comfortable decisions which relieves stress rates and so that's one of the first things that we teach on are for items we look at what you disturb my arm started he had even let the whole shelling you just jumped in. And would have really tacky oh well we are talking about is what we can steal and our coworkers at eight. And is our philosophy so yes we have great technical technicians that know what the deal. We also make sure that they are on par we end. And they to our customers right and so with our co workers being more joyful more happy because they're gonna treat our customers that way and that's what we wanna make sure that happened so. One of the things that we teachers open your eyes to the needs around your. Now let me can equate this to obviously Florida and Texas are having some issues but you heard the story about the guy in Texas who lived in Arkansas. God and his flat boat drove down to Texas because. Do what he saw the needs around him work wears people helping somebody get out of their house that may be flooded where they needed a boat to be moving. Right you imagine how much joy it brought back guy now obviously the people that. He helped brought incredible joy for right. But for the for him he was able to see the needs around him and he went out and did something with it and we if you watch that interview the guy was so happy about it well. That's what we teller service techs. It's not about selling anything. You shouldn't be looking gets selling so he should be looking is what do I see around me how can I educate this customer. What did you don't teach them everything they won't make a good decision based on being properly educated and one of the stories that Jason is is kind of a funny story is that. We went took us three. At that I thought I did it take motorist Jerry well. What goes in my mind and for whatever word and I that I is back at. Is a went to a customer's house the other day and well their house was very very uncomfortable. And it's been uncomfortable for the they've lived their for about four years they said. And as one of the questions with my question or ask how long they lived through you know what. I ask them what can I do to help relate in a questionnaire format and what other things was. When the temperature gets above. 82 degrees. Their house is hot and uncomfortable and humid and that's it hasn't always been that way and they said no the first year was you know it was great. So that I struggled do and so you know I sit down and explain to them how and install supposed to be. What's supposed to what products are supposed to be with the install. And then the next thing we do is we go down there inspect the system and see you know what's going on and why the system isn't working and and I was surprised when I walked down there and I seen this. Six year old furnace. And the six year old furnace was an amazing. Quality style of a fur should be yes I mean if hill is a good furnished it was the best furnace on the market at the time. Which goes back to our AC CA where and I look around 70%. Of failures that happened to HBC or. Really anything AME equate it to heating cooling. Go to. The install properly installing the equipment. 46%. Has to do with maintenance and only 4% have to do a brand. Lot of people don't understand a lot of people think. The better brand the longer the systems and alas the bettors system's gonna last so we get down there and we look in this install was done I guess in about six years ago. An amazing furnace installed poorly. Made their whole house uncomfortable in the summertime because it was so hard to cool. And the first thing I said today and as I'm taking the furnace apart not a bit of rust not. There's no dust they've had service they've had service on it year in and year out twice a year. It wasn't good the essentially rip these people often didn't do anything for their system. I go out there systems dirty their systems improperly installed there haven't air come in from the filtration and bursting passes that guys. You don't have to replace this equipment and these are things my bet is that right great thank you how I look at. And so what I did was I set up or technician come out and do one of our energy savings agreement. Rain wedge to the pool clean people's mind they thought they are gonna at this shell out all this money replace all their equipment. When all they had to do is have a properly maintain. I see the cool thing about that is that that that's so we focus on eight but it also leads endorse second part which is. Do something to move them forward. In one of the examples that I give recently was that same guy in the vote. Now could you imagine the people on the rooftops all the water is coming just to the edge of the rough top and they're sitting on the rough. No matter how many times he drives his bow. Up to that house if he can't give them to get into the boat. You still served no purpose they so we can't figure out a way to move you forward to make the change so you can prosper properly. It doesn't do anybody indeed good so going to a house just telling them what's wrong. Without helping them understand hey this is gonna be the consequences or here's the benefit. Being able to take care of XY and Z if you never move them forward and there's still stuck in the same spot. Don't mean you never made it changing people's like if you don't make it change you don't make an impact the what did we really do. I mean what was our purpose inside the house than if we never will help them if we never if we've ever did anyway. And that's silly type of Alec narco orders we just to Indian night credit what are we talking about a declining median air conditioning shell. Well where can't decide step for the technical stuff today and really talking about contacts. How we serve our customers. And and the concepts that too we have with their co workers. And that they share with that that we might hit its deal with their customers. And that's really coming down our Kara four point how we shared Jolie. And that's panel we're talking out. And this will we get into the third point. Which is joint fully paid the price I. Joyfully paid the price we have a lot of interest in stores about this could just see now is that doing stuff for somebody always cost I either costs you. It either have to pay with your patients. You have to pay with your effort you have to do something has to be paid sometimes it's even your reputation. That drew the help other people. You have to pay the cost into going into some of house why we equate this to our service Texas actually really simple. You go into a customer's home you helped them. They sometimes it absorbs more of your time that you want it to. Sometimes it's too hot sometimes it's too cold sometimes the dog won't leave you'll wanted to keeps nipping at Il. But you know what you can either allow that environment to affect you right and you don't want to sacrifice in order to help the customer because things just not right. Eight or you can decide I'm gonna pay the cost. I don't mind sacrificing a little bit so I can help these customers out I don't mind a being able to go and pay that price. There's always a price to something. And we have to decide in life just with our kids with the work in our marriage MI willing to sacrifice MI willing. To pay a small price to bring joy to my kids my wife my husband. And especially to our co workers to our customers. And that's really a huge concept that you have to decide especially people who work with us. Are you willing to pay the price I loved each paid apply price all the time an am married to. I don't know what all the time I think look what you paid a price now and Gasquet. I'm sorry that my wife is a great deal price and average and that he'd really he do when you have a point in you really want to express say eight dad's taking awhile to get there down the but not because you so much information and that's what we've Lovett that he Pete Elliott. And our concept is that we really and educate the customer the do you understand what school with a problem isn't and have it take care its that we can move the board. Fill out we got to take another quick break your less and KP get the help for homes and out. Definitely a reason to get the call so we can. You know and help you we at the York cost of your ATF. To lower that efficiency is that 59 dollar furnace safety and clean check called now. Hello and welcome back to TPW plumbing heating cooling. I'm key for Ross for me Dixie Wilford and expert is Jason venerable out of them three amigos is three and they get as airing here to day exactly giving all of our incorrect. For Al you're planning heating and air conditioning needs. Alien we weren't busy kind of all of them right now so Abbie you're getting his furnace for eighteen clean checks done for our radio special 59 dollars Colin and Hamlin 318 that 6600. Now address September special 200 dollars off take less letter heaters. Want more information on called it Jeffrey estimating it cost no obligation if you need it taint water heater in each announcement on that as well. And we have excellent tiny screen and to help Alec all of your needs on burning air conditioning. Eighteen has been a big deal right now because they can't define clearly what it lends to deal with the let there. And it still seemed pretty hot and that humid out there. So let the AP they're very important to drop the humidity out of the air to keep them online and keep your houses nice and cool blacked out furnace. He's different season is in the air as well so we went picture repeating it. And taking care before we hear the winter season it's around the corner contest for the 59 dollar furnace safety and clean check 125 dollar value for only 59 dollars and nine month Perry teen fat. 66091318. Fat 6600. Or go to died exe difference dot com they'll forget PT eight she did that exceed difference in dot com. And and you'll be happy that so we are having just a joyful time in here today talking about. How to bring Jolie to people's homes and their lives. And the services that we provide from AP Dahlia. And that so be discussing it and I hope you guys I know it's not as much technical operations we normally get so now I hope you appreciate what we are trying to do those hope you understand. When the person may PW comes in her house what should I really expect a person to be like. And I can tell you is that every day we strive to do the right thing now because were better than anyone else. Not because were perfect I am so (%expletive) gaelic every company should it that we we really it means a lot to us. That people. Love their families they love our our customers that we really try to do things in life that are more positive. And we do a negative were always not gonna do that the main if we could just. All go that same direction we'd have incredible place to live. And so we brought up a couple points I'll give you the three were quick which are you know open your eyes to the needs around you don't be afraid to see the need to do something about it. When you see the need. They find it's also a way to move them forward. Showed them a way to get out of it. It's not just enough to help the person but you need to help the person get out of worth around and then the other part is joyfully pay the price. Don't complain about the time that you spent with them a seat the last part of it. Is do not expect something in return. And I think this is the key to all of them it's one of the more important things that I think in light that is important to us we shouldn't expect anything in return. If we have to drive a long distance to go see a customer and something goes bad. We should expect anything out of them. You know we spent an hour in the house educating them. We shouldn't expect anything from those customers except for the fact that they got our knowledge right and so that's really important because what happens a lot of times. When you see this in the industry and honestly I think most businesses and most services is that. Individuals put effort into the job and don't mind putting effort into it. However when they don't get what they thought that they should out of that and then all of a sudden it's like why did I waste my time. You hear this a lot why did I do this. Don't worry that the customer and you know in in any of these industries. You know I mean to cut probably bent you know car salesman trying to get the started at the worst short in the steak and had an act this guy if until you know they if it cuts or does decide to buy the car and then they don't an app and I got anymore in Al. And that's what we and still is making sure that we're bringing joy no matter wet no matter what the cost. We know that if we do everything right in bringing joy and bringing you the information edge to EU. On what their issues or problems are with you plumbing heating and cooling. That and made major energy business today but we open later earn your business next year five years ten years from now. And death because lead we did and being and that's what we don't expect heated yet turn a rank and give us back any thing in the right now and return right. And that's why we tell you don't be afraid to call us to have us come out. You know we instill greatly enjoy the people that we work with that when you go up there do not expect anything in return. Do not expect that people should have to buy from you do not expect the people show up to spend their money would deal it is something that we earn the right to be able to ask you for. But if somebody's final decision. You should be just thankful that you have the opportunity to achieve a little bit of goals a little bit of things in life but that person now is a better opportunity. That cannot make a bad decision not to waste money. And this is the cool thing is that the comforts specialist. There we senior us we spent a lot of time till and Jason and I do a great deal of training each day with that enemy Jason runs into that. A world we really have to impress with our conference Russia's. He what the customer group. Yeah we have to share our information and you know what. It's not a it's not okay. To expect somebody to buy something from you unless they're a 100% trust you me and the less you gave the devotion to teaching. And educating. The system and what the person should really needs done. There's no reason for him to think that. They need to spend any money with you. My in the company tens. It would detect a lot of technical definition generally in download a little like educate folks on. Yelled blower motors further email air conditioner furnaces and at and you bring that out yeah. Well not tell why they did any teacher because it was just that the other day the other day I went to a lady's house how. And you know I didn't know she was a radio listener. And yeah she was talking and who's talking and everything we would say issue ask a question about answered asked a question about this and ask a question about a now in word like hey. I got a technical and there's lower and as I'm certain we'll look into our thinking. To myself wire where these questions coming from that I tasker. Run if no caveats in world these questions coming from normally we don't get questions such as this is those. I listened to the radio show Mozilla radio show helped her mom's the Dixie different I don't you guys are. Thanks for coming out as they can can make sins were the questions come from that occur till they. Has that's what we try to deal and you know everyday but Al Philip fine with the radio shell. Is just educate folks on information so if it's something they can take care figure out themselves. You know we've done in the service. On alert and had to have a company come out hopefully EP deadly ill. The and they know the proper question to ask they know what's going to be taking care of and they know what options are available to them. I think that's the thing is that there's usually not just one thing they have to deal there are options that you can whether it's you'll get my mean your heating or air conditioning. You know ask about options asked about different format that can be available tees that they need to make an informed decision what's best for you for your safety PP am. Your country ability and for your. There are and hopefully guys got a better insight. To all of us is just not Dixie night's case and there are tons of people Tonya there's talk to people at the office. The maker what the difference but we wanna due to see a little bit of who we are the sometimes they joke around a lot actually a lot. And I mess around him angeles' shocked how much you didn't joke around today well today this is not this is this isn't a big deal to us it's been a great deal of time so. Hopefully you saw a little bit of who we are and what we truly believe and hopefully we achieved that each day. And I we appreciate you listening to us and take in the information. And hopefully that does something for you in the few and bringing Julie Julie Julie Jordan people in my and in their own lives of joy do you enjoy do you mainly into lady just EU as well and you're on talk on your call the office all all threat. Our stock on all about Jill let nut that out they got the that he actually. You didn't think he'd get me how prayer hounds. We have a wonderful weekend to take advantage of the 59 dollar furnace AT and clean check out a generally 125 dollars for only 59 dollars or radio special. Colin now that a 200 dollar off on tape so what are heaters as well for the month of September. Your free estimate 9132. Fat 6600 again now 132 back. 6600. Or go to the IDC difference dot com don't forget the TT. Those baggy T difference dot com had a great end.