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Sunday, October 1st

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Hello and welcome date PW plumbing heating and cooling helper homes this is the show dedicating do the homeowner for you to experience the Dixie difference if we can help you did your plumbing heating or cooling needs give us calling 913. 8256600. My name is Keith Ford him with me is Dixie Wilford. And well ten to eight. Her cabinet happy let's weekend I know we are and we love doing this every weekend bringing you home runners information. At out and planning heating and air conditioning. And honey you know living here in Kansas and Missouri the weather can change from date today. At least then having hello more milder weather in the area. And death of giving some relief to our air conditioners here more recently which is nice beautiful days out. And however we want to start thinking about how the team ready for all and that Chile your nights. And then of course went to will be here just before you know it. And feel we do you have the radio special Lance throw that out and give act opposite confident at 59 dollar furnace safety and cleaned chat. A break their 125 dollars for only 59 dollars getting your. Burnitz ready or winter season which is. Always super important to the more you maintain you and mechanical equipment. The blocked them more longevity you get out of the year mechanically just like you would for your own car so think about back. That Nike can carry your furnace taking care to air conditioner you get better at patient he'd better comfort or safety for your home. Still that take advantage they can get these for an safety Kleen checked for chest 59 dollars again regular. 135 dollar column now 91 for 318. That 6600. Now only 318 fat 6600. Gerri good to back Dixie different dot com. And we can not be out there as a out so I get well into the shallow would have a fabulously began into. We had a few topics that we wanna talk about just to give decent teaser we have a whole home plumbing inspection. You know winter can be really hard on cloning. And I in sending them folks probably don't know about what a fluctuation in the wind the way they're actually does have it on heights. And wore a white using appliances so we're talk about that intact about what you would wanna look for an upcoming inspection. PW coming heat and cooling we deal whole home planning inspection will act yes we are eighteen to water heater flash. We have our October special that is 99 dollars so a whole homecoming inspection win it contained water heater flash. Clear he had this at a great price had a 125. Dollars that October special coming up is for 1989. Dollars so when you call him I don't know they heard this on the radio we actually going to be watching this on our TV commercials as well Phil. Be sure you watch out for that. And now fill in and take care of that you know again maintaining your mechanical. Equipment. Elect attacked Balata burn as well with the tainted water heater you wanna how to flashed every year especially those who don't have water softener. Let's make sure that you fleshing out the dirt in sentiment. Out of your water heater so actually last longer. The more you lack accent and that fat. And collect in your tainted water heater. The longer it takes to actually heat up the wire 'cause I'd have to actually to heat up. All the second first Indian heat up your water. So well and year after year after year that it's build that it just takes more time more energy. And therefore more money out of your pocket and let don't let that happen for you we like educate you hear any PW. On how to save money with your home appliances. And one of the ways to do that take advantage of our 99 dollar radio special again that whole home planning inspection which detained water heater flash. We're gonna talk more about what we do in that plumbing inspection throughout the shell. On any you want your urgent that the calling 91318. Fat 66 Henry again now went 32 at a 6600 able to that Dixie different dot com so what that ditching them and not my and that nights just enjoying the weekend. And we had again her and Sackett number two of our kids. And the birthday three had the time yesterday at top cop he turned twenty. I had every right and regret to say that lab is that you know stars at age meal at a that. My home by cab and yelled got a lot of usefulness since our youngest of six. So that says elements come and hit a Greek fleeing drank ever great swing every day he had his swing nobody want the extra. And looked like a good swing to meet that album yeah there really isn't I'd love top golf is to that'll actually holds personal day I may have virtually anything. Is it like gate it's like pet pet dot I mean it's it's it's a fun game and felt you need to be serious or at Philly people don't know topped off and I think most people do but it's basically like this couple story. 23 story complex. That you and I hit your ball off a golf ball alpha T eat. And that the concept is to hit the ball he's Cuba Monday as the round the whole thing you point I hitting it into this humongous round holes. So Latin and it's like go 200 yards to go twenty yards and there's like. It. Where they keep it nice and warm it up. It's a great alumni and we don't they just a couple of handful attend and that really got for neither a year that they did a good time Alec is actually pretty good work or or yet that your better than I am but we're actually won yet through most of the or six year old that tells you something right there she's due. You heard the most about that until we have a co. All call things today so of course we have to the weather's kind of weird bit. This is the time that especially in the future we're gonna talk about. Take your system and cleaning it. Again and I guess one of your burning off your furnace clearly yet I guess I don't know what it is but that it I don't hear firsthand. And so if you guys do it now law and under typically on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I'm out in the fields all day with our service takes me do ongoing training. That's how we get all of our attorney and for the years so. The it's it's amazing how many systems we run across that are still horribly dirty and he battled take care of on I mean. Literally it was virtually every person we went to. They had its issues with their system and most of it wasn't cleaning. Anything that you furnaces out of sight out of mind so we understand why that comes of Kraft. That's why we like to talk about it so much I mean at least he did always dedicate a little bit at times every shell about how dirty your furniture is our dirty air conditioner and on the cutting in and out of sight without a mind so he don't know that it dirty don't think about it. I think that in interns at eight meandering in your living Graham or your bedroom that you have on 2447 you never turn it up pillow once you turn that off. It's a lot and gas accumulated on top of those delayed. So that's lecture and I knew he always is talking. About with our customers about how important it is to make cherries clean all bad. Dirt and got out your furnace because that's transcends any volunteer duct work. Now probably the number one thing that kills humidifier is according to the industry. I'm the life of your equipment 26% of it is based off of service 70% off of installs. Only 4% is often the brand. So for you who like to do research on brand stop because it has virtually no bearing on it you care about the company that you deal with much more than anything else. And so I'm going to go to the house's there are such in horrible shape it's a Yury Harris talked about the next few weeks today is not going to be one of the we talked a lot about it. We're just kind of warning you were gonna bring up a lot but humidifier is they're broken leak and mold the all the time. Because people don't do maintenance and so they're never taking care now complaining Rex Kern officials discussing do realize they're getting yourself second part with a number one. Even though it's the energy efficiency that is save a you know up to 5% a year bike clean your equipment and and lasts longer be reduced maintenance we are so many great benefits to it however. The big thing that I probably press the most and why so many people change her mind after I talked him in person you know is the fact of how really help Weis can affect your. And horrible man you sending T that we are really an attack about let humidifier source. Et this is going to be to take the time of the year went the closer to winter that all of those things are turned to act on the humidifier to add moisture back in the air. We think about summertime picking them moisture out of the air. While we went back in the air sister she really dry around here during wintertime. And when you don't maintain your furnace clean the furnace without getting all that junk out of your furnace. And just that and beat the Nittany dirt and mold and mildew and getting it clean by professional together effect via their credit around like York he met five. Dan and that's the tough thing is we come from the left summertime where we have a great deal of extra moisture in our heating and cooling systems until we get mold growth. Now we're gonna switch from a tornado. I reduce humidity and mold growth. And now we have to add humidity so that transition needs to be taking care of and typically buy company but. You know one thing that you wanna point out is this is not a furnish shell. You know and sell and or an air conditioning show we talk a lot about him because they're wearing your more expensive items and they're taking care of the least. Did you see a Dixie are working on some great shows for you know faucets and shower heads some of those and for garbage disposals to help you a little bit on your purchasing of them. I'm not necessarily even the brands that we sell but overall to educate you so you stop going to some of these stores that sell inferior products and you don't realize it. And it creates problems Friesen wanna help educate you those are couple shows they're going to be coming up a long way of doing our. Of course teaching Muhlbach cleaning the systems properly and taking care of your your equipment. So let alone they'll be pretty called the solution the faucets one's car disposals lot of little things that we can help you out with that'll save you some money service calls that'll be worth listening to the show alone has. Absolutely legit opportunity every weekend and TB Peta be help for home shallow little whenever vermonters about AT&T pundit I mean heating and cooling at the apple. Offering great product educate folks on great product says that you get a good that her great value for great product and and we feel like he spent. They eat at least the man money for at great product. It's like a win win win and so we'd love talking about that kind of saying that they can bring an ad at the mathematical things and it happ. Elect talked about how controlled homes. And air condition means and and Ernest. And water leak detection and a couple of that they do great things at a dad go to tech map and the next segment and also air treatment silly lots dead. Hair and coming out yet in the next segment I'm Dixie will effort across me keep boring. Will be back in just a moment you're listening to eight. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes in key Fordham across from me is due to over and welcome back they can't get the upper hand keep rent ETW plumbing heating and cooling just in case she. Tune in for the first time ever we Dennis chauffeur passion at an over four years now. And we do third best on you residential homeowners have an hour radius surrender centrally located opposite if you have any plumbing heating our. Air conditioning need to get that the call 9132. At 66 kinder it. Or go to that Deke he different dot com or let me in other recent call. Take advantage of our furnace fifteen clean check radio special for 59 dollars regular prices a 125. Now they're great reason to try eight PWR or media are already customer to give us a call. The home home landing inspection and yes includes. 810 to water heater flash for only 99 dollars this is our October radio special regular. RD great regular priced at a 125 was slashing that 1099. Dollars paint what are your plans. He's an eighteen to water heater fi mesh we act. Whole home planning inspection at a mouthful. So let you get the calling 9132. Bad at 66 kinder or bloated bag Dixie different dot com. And data we get happy out they air as well so actually got to get back in teal topic here that a couple things that we're talking about. Jeffrey making sure that your maintaining their earnest as we get into these colder evenings as a weak swish our way into. Fall and then winter will be here upon that with time at that last segment. They know and keep is really excited about this app that that we are lined Sheen and not eighty gebbie about it a app decked out there that. 8 PM youth content on on board wind and wants to share. We have our customers there a couple. Things is you know Dixie and I have been looking at is you know we of course you know we have a twenty year old year old at the house and as he's moving on we have a Cooper. Who is actually in your alternate on the and you don't the next few years Cooper's gonna start to be old enough that we don't actually have to rush home to get there. And we know that age is coming on where they're gonna want some of that freedom or they're gonna happen but. As parents or lottery you know they want freedom are we wanted to free maybe we deal just go to grocery store without you know prior art is often I have. How pivotal element that can watch TV but we know of there's a lot of your morale there are haft family members to do it. So we we burly low debt optimizing. Automated our house right. And so we want to get things you don't. Up to date so we can keep up with not so much all the technology but enough that our house stays up that it becomes safer right. And and Lotta things are certainly change if you guys haven't heard like Dyson vacuum cleaners. Is putting two point seven billion dollars into electric car technology. And all this stuff is certainly changing UC direction things are going and so what we want to look at is if we're looking at stuff for our house may be some of the stuff. We should research and start looking at doing is helping you out also so we want to kind of give some of that to you guys and so what we look at is what our kids are home loan. Or for run to the store we duty thing is they get old enough to do that with obviously responsibly like all of us is that how do we still gonna watch her kids keeping control of the can't yeah Ifill that actually controls and load control right. And and so of course that's the thing of giving your kids cell phones but the problem with cellphones even tracking him his. That is really my kid is with the cellphone and secondly of that does that mean that somebody else is that with my kid without cell phone so. We've kind of looked at is we don't wanna give cellphones too early. We're trying to be responsible so what we look to as a way to how much can we make our house you know more safe for our family. And so of course what we're using it is and lyrics out. And what it does that combines. Thermostat. We have a camera. Hey dad is a a reactive camera meaning that you can speak through it and you can hear from it. Right and then also leak in frost detection so we're kind of staying with the the heating cooling part of our business but were adding some stuff to it. Now what is the importance of that well. This leery one out that we can take care can warn us and we'll give you more The Beatles but the liberal views they can warn us about water leaks out freezing. Excess temperature. I'm also a humidity levels into our house eight of these thermostat can talk to our cellphones so we can see it all onto our cellphone and matter of fact let's say for example. That we had different units one by your for jury your one by the washing machine you know one downstairs by the heating cooling unit for example. And when it if there was a leak it would detect it in it would warn you that. Let's say a refrigerator is sensing water leakage so you know exactly where the leak is added what's happening to a so each one of them communicate where they're out in use in its a simple thing that we programmed into it. So it notifies you. Have only would I love his eye on the catch up yeah strategist and great a personal story and we had a host come loose on our washing machine. Of course I turn it on and ran Matt Stairs causes downstairs to laugh I mean I'm not down and around it and did the leak detector win half. And how we never having no I would never have now annually dangling off for the whole hour. But the leak detector went off let me know because that hole with a you know for Orson. God knows dead and Adam god knows why he came loose. For the Gannon. The question she and I I do you know why is there in the third the same as us were all people and you're supposed to replace those hoses every three or four years and we waited probably too long or I used an old host. And that's why our guys carry braided hose lines so we don't have that problem for our customers. I but that's kind of there's a lot of these scenarios you know a lot of us have parents that are on their own. And sell. And that's the cool thing is that it is hers a concept of this is that. You can imagine if you have a parent on their own you're still kind of concerned about it interactive camera that you can talk to them my. That can see them what they're doing you can click intuit. And at that point you can protect your parents but the same with your children the same with babysitters is I mean there are so many things with these interactive cameras. And hooking him to your thermostats and league hitters and making it all one system is really cool map so we're looking. After the lyric app as they say they felt minor use team. And you know controlling all your devices from your Smartphone or tablet comes with their leader key humor automatic home our way privacy note. The real clear X geo fencing and technology which is really cool. Do we talk ad and communication we needed ideal analytics to get a price smoked and feel alarms which is often ninety. Vision in low light control for visibility at all times of the day. Industry leading security. Indy in data encryption. And third this lyric app in of course it comes with the water leak detector and then all of that can be attached to your thermostat to control your home. There are away so what's really cool I'm more I get to the call eight PW plumbing heating cooling 91382. Fat. 6600. Beaten dvd information and share with it over the phone or come out and talked T about it and it's really an expensive to. On the staff with just this app so AP gebbie is proud to have it. Alison Hamlin 318 that 6600. We'll be back in just a moment to attack more. About great things plumbing heating and air conditioning. Hello and welcome back to TPW plumbing heating collegial for moments on key board and across ms. Dixon Wilford. And welcome back and you know we weren't good attacking me during the commercial barrack. And what do you know which is really loving this product that we've been talking about building near panic brought it to Honeywell product. And really getting and just get right back to end and really getting a consumer. The self control their own control. Over so many and aspects of their home mean and the control over their thermostats. Bright brown their phone or tablet. You know they eat thermostat will no tacking about even like he'll continue it really talk about that is still there lyric map has geo fencing. In him what that EA is that it will know you're tablet will take out your phone will take that. And let thermostat know that you're almost home beer with and one mile or within I admire what you said that Indian it'll say you know let. It's at the owner is almost all I'm going to adjust the thermostat. At the temperature here she desires. And dad and you don't do that automatically fill it actually saves you money so that you don't have to pretty inept freed quorum programmable line. Don't actually do based on when your home runs so therefore app if you don't like to be colder hotter temperature. As certain times a day because you're not mayor then you know paying for it. Terror and that's one of them. Concerns that people have their like my life's scheduled does not set at a certain time it changes so much so programming doesn't always work as well as I wanted to. And that's what geo fencing came from. Is that let's see that your kids are home before yield. Well as they're walking home with their cell phones or they have tablets they can actually activate your your house to basically turn everything on. They do turn on dubbed thermostat to make sure it's working to try to weed you can enter in the house in the camera could turn on and you actually know when your kids walked through the door. Pace so there's a lot of those things you can do as fishy ones with older kids that you falsely than they sneak in or out. Barry Gallup asked skilling and who have a camera and see that I'm I'm only. Add them error automatically connected in all forms in you can move them around you can have control of you don't have sent becoming an installed F. I didn't thermostat we becoming celebrate all of it can be managed through you regardless if you're an apartment. And condominium. There and a mobile home your house. And you don't any any cavity you can use this product. Right that's what the Wi-Fi is coming in due to be so important is that the fact that it is it's. It isn't stuck in one place and you're not having a service person or installer out there for seven hours to do all this you can't change. So it is very diverse in how it works and so simple but I'm going back to that whole identity very inexpensive tea and a bit how cool would this be. Is how our kids are old and up one and tries to speak out. And we got the care Ron I'm in the right where you go on this we don't get back year old the content yet tonight in turning around. Mom got athlete you can talk through this and that's you're getting with this if your kids are alone or. You know what you just have one family member sitting at home they can be a husband he can be a wife with the kids you have that backed up that if something goes wrong or if they wanna talk to you. And just an easy call from home that. The camera turns on and you guys talk to each other and it's over specially like the dad stressing is the baby won't stop crying. Well OK yeah now we got mom mom and then no lullaby a lullaby and then you get to personally make fun of your husband right which I like you do all the time I write I thought I'm thinking about. But there's a lot of diversity these interactive cameras a lot of it is protection there you're not at home we have to worry about it or you go on vacation. Any of these types of things that to me it means much more about my family being able to see my kids are checked on my kids you don't dog or a dog yeah yeah dogs are. You get to watch your dog under the plan around. And catch what you want is actually eating yourself aggression that then you get to find out who raped you had a boss that he's really good. But it's everything from babysitters. Are watching your kids' nannies people coming over. I mean there's a lot of stuff that he can tell if you're not a gram of B their but you know it's really cool as. Our kids good answers and watch TV having a camera down that that if we wanna check on what they're doing downstairs I don't have to actually get up. I tell us lazy it's. Chemical gas attack on ranges yell at him come upstairs now. All that's another one right from your throne William to yell through the house it's very inexpensive that's a lot about this is a great products you've got a diverse products that you can. And a controlled the root your phone or tablet. And he controls that indeed the thermostat if cameras one early detection not too different I avenue is all over the home. I am the air your home or away as you are lucky and don't give because circle kind of an example. One of the calls that I I would non last week. Now we are going there because they had eight mr. used toilet. Leak right in the toilet kept flushing indeed she's talked about the ghost and what it was is actually a where hairline crack. Allowed water to go into the ball right and we figured out however as we are shutting off the water because there. They're shut up at the toilet didn't work. Is we went to downstairs and we turn to show off the water. Well they're water heater. And the people had no clue their water here was pouring water out the bottom. Just water was just and it wasn't like it though less and literally money is going down the drain right. It wasn't a burst though wasn't like the whole water he was gone it was just like that rim in the water just overflowing it. And just constantly spreading. Well I mean it's been there for probably a few days and the carpet down there every or is brewing and but they never noticed exits part of that and don't go to IA AR out of my Angel pulled them down there to show it shut off the water heater we got the water heater in for him. He had the he had multiple daughters so he's like please don't make me go without hot water so we got the water heater over weeks changed you real quick. But it was something if he had a leak detectors they would have known this. And it went to become an emergency as much as they could have managed it. And that's a lot of what these systems are is. Just purely at a linked sitting in front humid air for another issue and I happen to catch it right telling you save them just a coincidence that a few we weren't they heir to deal with the toilet if she'll. That couldn't come an aid in much bigger issue and we didn't have to do it at home on what early detect right. And I guess is I kind of look at life in general you know you can sit there and react to everything allow emergencies happen and then have to deal with emergencies and stress. Or you can just prepare your life a little bit more thought that we control all of them but at least a little bit more so your families a little bit safer the more comfortable. And you know as Dixie and I've talked you can tell. You know family friends people in general we truly do care about and it's important that we take care of each other that we serve each other it is anyways that we can. And this is one of them to look at as far as you know an easy way to ease your mind we work really hard air anymore everybody does there's a lot of us out there who do. And been able to watch our house or be able to check on our kids are. Our our parents or any of those hats are god for dogs it's just kind of a relief that you can just turn on your phone look at the camera see what is the geo fencing school does it. Such in the wintertime coming up and adjust the house to warm up more for the kids so the kids are touching the thermostat is less analyst at. I play and it's basically like an electronic band is terrible thing and once you cross that threshold that you know your film crashes that pressure of that deal with an invisible and it knows to take on the thermostat. And start warming the house for Il the that you don't have to NFL have been on a pro green and it'll be based on when you're home or when your kids are home and suggest a program and when you leave by the way they can shut itself down the same thing that. And that's the cool again and again just knew that to a temperature or you except for right exactly says that you against it I think any money. Didi you better comfort for your home and dad and their four. Phil and tight lyric Honeywell product. Any game is very inexpensive. And that I mean really very inexpensive for the different types of you know how at debating on camera you wind and you lead detectors or what a thermostat. Back again very inexpensive for this Friday. And now we love during Tia. You give us a call learn more about it and we'll give you all the information over the phone and won three eat too fat 6600. Begin now went 318 fat 6600. And we go to die geek he different dot com to look at that will also give any information. And now and came and won a jump in gasoline jet one attack a little bit about your treatment I love talking about this. When he comes into fall and winter because we can TU went to get into a winner we like to fill up our homes. A little bit more keeping that warm air here in the how we like open the windows and when it's a beautiful day in my account fresh air Ian. Well if you are eating you're like me I had a horrible allergy. Do you then wait I got. I would become terribly sick X specially over the night time opening though the windows. So but it didn't feel weeks. Like T you are her own. Just turn on the air to air and is the eight and living I mean just no furnace no air conditioner the thing and moving the year. And with fat you know what having your ear condition to which ear treatment. Then takes care and those allergies. That most folks have out there you know did you know that the EP says that the air inside your home could be paying 200 times more harmful than the worst outdoor air that's great get it right up the EPA's web site. So we have a tip Pratt except when I go over an hour next segment if you're interested in making sure the your ear. Quality in your home is. And just at the tip top shape for minimal cost can stay tuned for the next segment and we're gonna go more into that you're listening to eight he'd get be helped for homes. Couple at one amateur golf a couple of special before you jump how we had a 59 dollar furnace fifteen clean Shaq. I AT deadly yell at 125. Dollar value only for 59 dollars or else I have that. No nine dollar hole home plumbing inspection are October specially usually 125 dollars we slashed that to just 99 dollars. And that comes with eighteen to water heater flash they're really getting a lot of value and a nanny nine dollars. Call now 9138. TU fat 6600. Horry got a bad Dixie different. Dot com I'm Dixie Wilford and mica has keep Ford here listening to eight get the F up for homes will be backing he after the hour. Hello and welcome back to a VW plumbing heating cooling off for homes and Keith Orr didn't cross has to tool for. Phil welcome back to 8 PM the help them keep it a question boy got to the burning and ask this question. If you can skate first birthday is this weekend. Okay so personal lap I already got you burn my embarrassment. And down. I took you two. Out birthday I mean and that not like eight UT a hand it is quite. It's an op free tickets here likes her. A great experience I mean panel. You are so ungrateful the web imaging for members cannot that was it if mean. I already told you that was your birth parents that cash a piece every woman out there in is that the husband still rusty descending on your birthday you'll get a card that noon moon night. I have added the card ice it's something I. Should you you hear about the prisoner guy get released after many years. He's so after he has finally released he was running around yelling I'm free I'm free. So little kid walks up to him and says so what I'm or. Am I wow that's a bad joke. It. Even your delivery was even that. Not only was it just a bad joke the delivery. Just was off a game so what are you calling cal on a trampoline panel guides and broke trampoline now a milk shake loan name funny funny. I thought I thought it was kind of funny that the Eagles are funny and Amy. You know back he had a the heat and you know a year that I was born which I did I island they collect yeah if they want me now wasn't that part well. But Chad for some kind of an hot to leave the war evil and evil. Even legal to actor. Star Trek figurines. I didn't eat late at figurines. At the Riddick achieved he now. Economic team fan and a lack really yup not. You know that that you know now out you know some of the top shows the nineteenth and you for the Bob Newhart emergency eat. MM camera show emergency Italian name that that is aware of my name came frown. Fill my eight as my parents were contemplating that is a nurse on this show called emergency which was about firefighters. I attended nurse that with the hospital turning the Dixie and so they loved it and that type I and until the last minute Michel attack men they're at that's my Romanian mower what did you name out there are heirs and it is my real name on diversity in the first two here that we gather round Saturday. He's me which. And the while temple house in the prairie he Colette Mello and Mary Tyler Moore show lacked a great thing too much a price at the recent raid was back in 1910 people or 48 cents 28. Cents for left. Was the average price milk with a dollar thirty now I mean. Gas and how much gas life. In nineteen penny for the average gas price for instance. It beat three cents and no. It DP sent to them so long time ago average in town with 141711. Dollars. Crazy minimum wage don't I don't like doing that in nineteen Kenny Thorne yeah you dollars. Because I never got mine when I when I turned out fifteen and I was working I got 335 an hour to host or however that EU 335 an hour by. Eighteen miles to your erode fifteen miles to work. And it was uphill both ways was and no wonder again here's a valleys soft hit to kill hope. On the way there would downhill that it up they don't like you know I back now I would down the hill right up they know when he biking at like eleven biking that he did so much of the when you're young. No I I like by hedge don't have time began today yeah. OK our time and I don't wanna Wear those stretch he things the bikers way of like I guess you don't have to where I was horrible and that you really vaccine others like six or seven of you out there that you like I look like in the stock now right now nobody would not those this would be if you've. Keep thinking that team the punt eighty American he's seeing this is our last things on and sure we jump and dollar information. But Chad do I remind folks EP AB plumbing heating and cooling. Where local company. Right here in the cancer C met to reduce service an hour radius around our centrally located off as in doing it for owner fifteen years in the metro. Even our master plumber Ers keep your also a master mechanical. And and we do logical hitting each senator radio specials which have furnace safety and clean check for 59 dollars rate by a 125. Whole home plumbing inspection October special wind ate tainted water heater flash. Only 989 dollars a radio special pretty headed a great they showed a 125 dollar slash Stafford 1990. As a winter pounds against wreak Havoc on your planning. So we weren't sure were taken care everything before you come maybe any plumbing problems that we can do that purchased a minimal costs and 99 dollars. Do it and get that call eight PW now 91318. Fat 6600. Org though Ted that exceed different dot com or someone has an average. And count guy I'm a mastery category master plumber and my high school diploma did for he says you have your MBA don't know. So I tease your outsmarted the man who. Phil talks about whole home he duct air purification solutions. We have attended intelligence several. And that it might go over some simple inexpensive wine staking do you feel much for your home especially if he had allergies. Has the Mac. These are some great additions that we can differ minimal cost four year. From eight. EP said JP. Air inside your home can be ten to 500 times more harmful than the worst outdoor air. So and that Jim actually. And Andrews the air day you green. By adding in air quality product. Especially air quality products that are installed to go throughout your ductwork every home. Not just one room air pure fires is there really are not great solutions whatsoever don't waste your money on at all. What you should be the year many in. On your treatment it is indirect air treatment they'll actually traveled the year get creek they're all threats to meet throughout your whole pound. So a couple of these options you'd I think scientifically proven ozone and ultraviolet technologies. Are you need is a self contained air system that remedies. Mold bacteria volatile organic compounds and died as a backhand I harmful contaminants and voters. That are found in those homes are small businesses. You know owners can meet their pet canals just cooking smells. Smells as a pain or add those coming from carpet furniture. You know a remedy those smells throughout your home and lavatory safe and the index air appear fright units were found to reduced to survival. A several types of bacteria in the year debt at 200%. So this study also conducted. Skis and he concluded. That there were no detectable levels of ozone in the living they feel when Ozuna in the year but the ozone is it zaps all that. At step that the. Yeah there's a lot of air treatment systems and and that's where trust me filters were a big deal which we've talked about enough I won't get into those but you know that in life get to kind of decide is he there. Your body is gonna become a filter or your systems are going to be filters and that's what ends up happening. So when it comes to indoor we have we have to air systems in our house because of our age BC system the way that it's set up. We truly believe in it makes a world the difference and trust me between that and garage heaters will be talking a lot more about that this. Next month or so. Yes and now cabinet there are clearly is ready at a time that we do that now are there an a nor are true and very inexpensive cost. Actually debt that they use of titanium dioxide. And Julianne. Has the UV and titanium through the net Peggy that is down. So you wish teaching you know do one Sealy Freeney isn't it not a great products from PW plumbing heating and cooling. We're out of time cost for the 59 dollar furnace safety and clay chat from eight PW 132. Fat 6600. Are your radio special 99 dollar planning inspection we take water heater flash. Care all your plumbing heating and cooling needs thanks for listening to 8 PM the upper hand and it it will look for a passenger keyboard. Have a wonderful weekend.