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APW Help for Homes
Sunday, October 8th

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Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating and cooling helped prompt this this showed dedicating you'd homeowner for you to experience the Dixie different. If we can help it anywhere plumbing heating or cooling needs give us a call 913. 8256600. Or at the Dixie difference dot com. I'm Keith poured in across various ex who offered and welcome. Act and I welcome back to even do this show for several years now for. Philip daddy jest he Indian other for years now. Just to Indy and thanks for listening. If he'd heard it before if not well I'm glad that I year Teddy hopefully we can keep your attention. Ambling everything plumbing heat air conditioning and some math sprinkled other stuff usually and there's well. Abbott for your home we like it's not the tips you news you don't have to call a professional company like eight. At this you know that actually rang EP gebbie Connie he glee for over fifteen years here in the Mac trail. And down my talent that snell worked can't we are kind of the best kept secret we dealt do a lot of advertising on TV and radio. And cabinet he goes with our mission statement. You know our company which is really simple verbal and remember and that is get in key customers at that that is what our mission statement. Different fiery point how we use that however the decor is gas customer went to get cancer do that we can't he he'd be at the customer. And you click that that the and the best kept secret of eight PW. Injuries and while we've been around for so long it's because we do our best to make sure we keep our customers happy and keep them went in to come act doesn't keep calling at. And dad and therefore. Because of the things really great customer service. That we have on our phones when he called me you know they know how to handle either ninety Caribbean. And heading to each other Angeles Expedia at least possible great service technicians repaired and picture problems of first time. He then they know how to talk tea okay and that spending they do a lot of a lot Katrina and practiced with their technicians. And that educate and communicate TU. That cost of the work that we're performing for you see you know. When you have to write that check out to argue hang your credit card over you know exactly what we've done for. And you have the peace of mind. Of the expense that you pay eight. And then in addition we believe in high quality products and we don't want to pay any pain. I cheat if you illness and things and that cheat in your house. How we let me share with high quality product manufacturer act if there's any problems and taking care straighten manufacturer. Not that the high quality prank she know that you'll always have high quality products coming from eight U. I. End with all of that we had the best of bad you know one of the best for most folks is. All that and a great value per. So lab that we can keep up our prices down forty ilk. Guillen at app point you know you're definitely gonna hit the huge value of the work that we perform for you need your planning he eighty. Air conditioning in your home when you keep coming back that's been around for fifteen years in the match up. And around the nature while dude you're focused and I look on her just like I I wasn't gonna say award jump to that I was afraid the actual actually your look at I was actually pretty. And a two things on talk about. It when he went one as I really like your today all Ankiel is where little different yes too bad on the radio keep him pretty patent just has beautiful normal actually come get the opposite direction. And even extra little proof to the parent and then again that's cute now once I just kind of goes back I talent at. And then that he can't in the second thing is I I was eating at this some you're always eating snacks eat your right now actually this is soccer you know wholesome medley. As they took away my chocolate covered arms we don't steal annoyed of hearing panel -- EST I got to my snack I think it's ridiculous looking to fill what's the what's the point up I think I got a penis Akamai tooth and I can't get it Al now you know you have spiked. It's entirely the previous like that the first thing that goes around at the skin. And it's like stuck in my tooth and I would try to get at all time thank all of my good I'd I was talking about how we get and keep customers get your finger in your mouth went to great entertainers who have. Good thing it's just the Korean again I just got coupons get in the bucket you don't lay ups of the UT it's currently my Guinness now how can bring men now. I mean I think people should know I'm thinking now the idea or look at Twitter and queen are you should do twenty yourself whatever they do out there. So I can't undo it I would have felt a million followers alma got six million listeners an album when our six would follow me out Philly. He says I talked about as they nor on you at we did have a couple commercially ignore on Mimi and just ignoring Bastia. And for the actually couple commercials that I'm Lou recently started inland little TV ever tightening itself get cute little 152 spots one and and I want to let you know want to take here at take advantage and also on the radio 'cause it is their radio special. With Jeff Ernest AT and clean check for only eight. The optic node that you heard on the radio you can get app for 59 dollars rather than the rate the price violently I snapped the furnace safety inspection. It's time again now you can mild you know right now the weather's just perfect even with a little bit of rain that we've had just been so beautiful. And tell you wanna make sure the furnace is ready to go once they start getting into some really cold temperatures. That can happen just any day now so we wanna shake your earnings if they pulling net it's super important it is cleaned it out and getting ready. Oh where the because people don't know that if they don't realize if you firth has been working all through the air conditioning the right so. The cutter and marketing Alter the air conditioning season. It has the blower motor in there and just like the blue America selling an in your house it's blowing and the air throughout your home. And just like instilling in you have to collect a lot of junk a lot of Derrick a lot of death in. Need to be claim periodically when you turn you cannot tell you cannot help but after that they're thinking your blur matter what's affecting your furnace which blows the year throughout your home. 365. Days a year or so elastic campaigning get back and look at who we can tell you what needs to began with a 59 dollar furnace in and and earn a safety check. Therefore you know I've done a really cool furnaces. Last week thanks. Don't know was and at and that I don't need it sounds weird we meaning he found a fern well I found a really coal furnace okay so we're doing we are out there for. A repair on top with customers have to you got to really kill cut earnest and that's how really cool but. I did find their furnace and sell we are talking this down like with a loft. Problem they must have because they haven't seen in here OK okay because we're talking a bottom like we you really need to clean this thing out there like no do we really. You really neat because black tedious to sell rice costing you need to clean this book I. I I end up picking up the added fact out of mind it because I'm about eighty cockroaches and in the bottom of the they get Dave Packard to get you exactly what happened is that the there was there must have been an artist out root them out and they mr. food or whatever and so they were eaten in or whatever in there. And it was so horribly disgusting. In this is why you do inspections is is all some of the times' own Mike got 0:8 PM the weakling right to care really good week. Backing to call it the current release is out they took us three hours to clean their efforts there commissioner discuss constantly very he got 2 hours oh yeah evening we ultimately put them better public plan like that act on earnings and mislead our. I I I cleaned up the cockroach is because the service to didn't want to help. I said you know and I'll all of our get really into Portland for the guys like disinfectant and he pulled everything out and stuff now he found some extras in the fan blow on start up again. And the young. And shares a great furnace at the incredible bass first I've seen all year yet and you are being sarcastic now I get a case I have more to it for you get sick of writing talent that gave them that they about the customer and that's the most important and probably saved their lives. All they have obviously am I now they say that and they know anything that we have going on right now. A great virtual coupon if you will radio special. The whole cloning inspection and win act that includes ten to water heater flash for only 99 dollars. Sell different they'll wonder from value that will actually coming into that funny inspection however they are we're gonna get that paint water heater flash. And we. They collected you walk and once a year. Recommended he do once he near an addition. And who liked to take the time to do that now eight PW take the time to do that only gonna cost you 99 dollars that virtual coupon. And and that's anywhere today are the radio special for only 99 dollars call now went 382. I. 6600. Again 91 victory eighteen fat. 6600. Anyone who came here as we can definitely help the Al. It is Amadou traveled an hour radius around our centrally located opposite here and interface with a hero for that well we'll help you. With any of the year plumbing heating and cooling need to not too bad Dixie difference dot com. Are they can't get the call 91318. That 6600. And that's the really take it about those two things today in addition to yes it has had about the great sexy subject other garbage disposals and the guys really arbitrage welcome. Actor TJ number and we actually had a virtual coupon mayor Isabel is long Jay Leno we heard on the radio no. Amber to 59 dollars off of your installed purchase of the garbage disposal from any heed Elliott and I went three cube that the 6632. Good. Now get ballot garbage disposals can do and to what he should be looking for and maybe you're not the plank of replacing yours. Really be some great tips on how to maintain the one yard catch. Plus if you do go to get one. I explained you how you decide the size what style and so forth based on guess what you're usage is that erotic. And most of it just gotta match whatever was there right and they don't know so we're gonna help you out. Emery gets up I'll settle water heater story. Okay yeah that's great make history you know doing that water heater special but the plumbing inspection for only 99 calendars and Ellis so rusted out that they shut down the gas to the entire house. But he was crying we ran over there get flue pipe was eaten away also yet it was horrible so I think she all but I don't know which one you're talking at completely detect. At that we need in jest in the first eighteen you're listening to eight. And I'm exe will offered in my co host heat board. We attacked more or Ab out spurred a safety inspections are only 59 dollars and eight. Only 99 dollars an hour reader virtual radio coupon for 59 dollars opt. Your purchased and they garbage disposal installed by eight. And more of when we get back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to a PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes in key board and across from me is to Dixon will purge and turn magically Diller is that I know I keep doing that I had died Dixie difference that it only Dixie will of god Dixie well for them and be that way and ads like we did going to be from time and then comes in what's. It's not battle to anecdotally I like to just point you know like points you learn cleaning endeared LE and I'm pretty easy to make fun of there's not earth than to think too much effort. If you can't make fun and you just don't and alone let Jiri yank him an easy target like I can't I don't mind at all yet that's the plan that theater film and getting back into subjects hair that we've got a couple other Al monthly specials. Yeah it's nothing special that I knew you let's talk about and it is if you weren't placed a warning to get a three abstinent on and earning an air conditioner combo. To replace the old system that you have within new were in the attack near. Kiss me efficient system. On the technology that's available today's your way better for heating and cooling than ever has been in the past. Not a lot of changes until recently. In the HBC industry though it leftists that topic you about that can lower your utility bills. You know have better safety better comfort. In your home throughout your whole island. And the with the with the free after at no cost no obligation. Is usually time of the year folks like to do it because. When he disruption of changing out your system at least it's so nice outside. Your home doesn't get overly high or how is he overly cold. Well wouldn't you know it it'll stay in the ninth outdoor temperature well we do the work so. I know a lot of folks like to get the investment of time of the year or so if you're on those folks are plenty of that actually a monthly special and keep them violated every year in Leon tuck. Just fought a civil. We're looking at is the humidifier and in the air treatment system so if you are much about it. That's a dormitory where per eat with a perch. As well is gonna say yeah decide that you wanna purchase a new system they're free or if you don't need a new system. And you wanna get a humidifier air treatment system were offering a 125 dollars off if you just get the systems themselves. If you buy an entire HP AC system then we give it to you in one packaged apps either lately either righty so if you'd. Don't need a system or you do it's a great reason car October special that it is it's incredible Adele. As you guys know we repeat very often in the summertime. We remove heat in we remove humidity right. In the wintertime. We add heat and we add humidity. Sell for those of you who don't get their systems cleaned properly or your humidifier hasn't been working are turned on. You really need to have an humidifier added to your HPC system or some basic reasons why one. Is by adding the the proper humidity what it does is that allows you to decrease. The setting on your thermostat by three to four degrees. And still feel the same comfort level in same ride that has a lot of money if you think about it. A lot of people adjust their thermostats and you and then they're uncomfortable or the spouse of the kids complained that why do you do that. So this way you can adjust the third step and everybody is still comfortable. Is that as you know heat transfers better when it's moist you always hear that phrase it's a dry heat so it's not so bad. So if you add moisture to a bank and at that point you have a better heat and you're more comfortable. There's a few more reasons one is does would shrinks in the wintertime is a Lackey ability to it happens is we have that big plane. I hitting the air it is that flaming your furnace now is drying out the moisture also. So it can get as low as Dixie has often that dead ten Ers are at humid eighty or is dry or drier than if they Harry Dent I was I couldn't say that. I guess you're gonna and I am absolutely period I just. And so what ends up happening is that your would want now shrinking in this is why Easter to see the gaps a longer trim. If you would windows wood floors it's horrible fourth but I know a lot of people who have you know people would piano's they end up having that a violet hill. I went to guitars. I hope our customers still. And sell and as you talk to anybody who has a violin guitar and he would instrument it is. Hugely important that you keep a good. Humidity level inside your house been Ike is you don't want it to shrink. I guess the guitar strings don't work too well featuring tight. So the front door if it's would also shrinks into it shrinks that means it opens up. The gap and now you have more cold air coming in and see that many guys are certainly see that. If it shrinks it causes great deal of problems for you now the problem is in the springtime. When the moisture comes back in. Then and it expands again and that shrinking and expanding. Collier would display and aircrack and it destroys it. So the would you imagine how much what is your house. Especially cabinets are the most people's cabinets or woods what you're predicting yes I would definitely great okay it's off most people cabinets or would defense. Obviously the major thing yet sell. That's we would that's one of the other things to help you now the health issue of humidity is. If you guys did now is that your nose gear under was the proper material called in your knows he's not gonna. Things got the easy get to only well. But it dries up on Hewitt it when there's no humidity and when he does that that's what protection from getting some of your up and I'm a doctor. But it does according to the Internet which is always right how I did it protects you from. I gaining some of the flu isn't viruses. I'm now it does make like I felt a little crack is the Internet and that's when you actually are exposed to. Viruses or bacteria because effect and impact they point out injury right edge until it's really to open your skin dries it out. Static electricity I and then you also a story about your I guess your eye sockets it's really tough on your eyes with that dry humidity. Inside of your. How Sally app that I think our contacts Allison left with your eyesight. I most of you analyze it die definitely gagging ethnic and the winner time that the eye ear is dry out night vs during the summertime. Right right. So if you go by the way if you got to wrap it is as good as it does is it you guys ever look at the commercial the Dix is on you'll actually see that I may have not for sure. But I may have out putted my coverage with as they would say out honey you're covering yeah I can't explain that would mean that you're cuter than me Al. And make sure I was. I don't understand so you've you've you guys see the commercial you might say that it's not true. But you might have to feed you tear love you know pretty happy Fella I'm gonna say they are very handsome Fella yeah I'm still out and that my own don't know why he will air first take I really nice you know that he made it you know which I don't look real when I look he always think a beautifully home might -- a. Here each and asleep till today. Oh we're all not fit to commercial here and they'll attack so why we are talking about Jimenez buyers in you have gotten into your treatment art. Actually got a good and a great coupon virtual radio coupon for that figure went to get these products in your home but also were actually adding that for absolutely furry. Would the month of October if you want a free estimate on you furnace and air conditioner and installed by heat PW planning heat and cool and always have great buying anything you allow us forget to talk about Abbott. We always have great I need to get that monthly payment that you need to terms that you need the interest street that you need. Anita let us know and we will working the best that we can't. Even no credit check bright tiny things felt we we've got you asked for we've got a and down we do our best to get forty so didn't always get as caught it PW now I'm 1318. Fat 6600. Or baggy T different dot com stay tuned we'll be right. Hello and welcome back TPW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes. I'm Keith Ford across is Dixon will Brittany and I am not and that it. And and they giggled and another great care. Though who went back out actually litigate Brady and cute Natalie our special the indictment. The whole first part of the show but if you just to Indian remind you guy is or let you know that and for the month of October we do you have. If you're looking for free after an art burn if any air conditioner. Andy you get it installed eight PW actually early in a package guilt free humidifier and free air treatment. And along with your perch as the duke politic in the edge of that from the Greek time of the year to get an install or furnace and air conditioner because it doesn't instructor home. Because so nice outside now and then once you start firing up that Ernest oh my cash. It will be make your home so much more comfortable than it ever had before because it'll be an eight PW. Installed bird we have a humidifier and furry and air treatment along with those still. Yes what the radio now only 318 at 6600. Is the number to call for that Hamlin 318 at 66 every nickel find effect that. And Dixie different dot com. And how much it cost for the inspection winter can wreak Havoc on your plumbing. So let's think short taking care of that we had in 99 Eller planning inspection and hoped it actually include and the water heater flash. Just let him know you hurt when you call our office. And they heard on the radio that your virtual coupon right here from the radio special. And down that we'd be happy gap there to do that orient. And then of course went to Ernest your existing furnace and don't think your first before its rate just hear of it with a 59 dollar Chernoff safety inspection. Around eight. 913 and call me Al actually. If somebody in the office 9138. TU fat 6600. Is the number to call. So and I'm and tree conditioning and trying to birthing activity you mr. Ford. I now we have the virtual Ed coupon also with the radio special of talking about it today in the garbage disposal installed by eat eat at the if you needed garbage disposal installed they went to rid of the guild when it's. Rican Hanik. L network and right. Staff. That thing is just older rusty will replace planes hit and get 59 dollars off your installed. Garbage disposal from a PW nine went 318 that 6600. Though and keep cool what do you would you not not put down. Endeavors is an. Okay so we're not gonna go over anymore the spurs were grown gone double you know go against you don't take it if you wanna talk about more special already don't know I can leave you open your heart we know garbage when there's something he'd play well leading to their treatment. Number I'll tell. That's of now so we have to get humidity right dry skin dry eye sockets and voters. All those things get all the humidity eighty Gilbert missing the last segment had no idea tied he values and I shouldn't that just cannot sign burgers and I split from Garber says both the it's not go there don't put them down arms and let our little bit better Jerry addition elect angry tiger about it right. Need humidity in the air he'll that a fire has to be an avid he had a winner type of referee and then if they. Ernest and conditioner installed eight he did you get three humidifier. And you attack and want to upgrade benefits of that right and so you need the humidity in the air to transfer heat better. Yeah you sure thermostat I dry out it's not that there's just not voters as opposed to many times that there. That's not good for your eye sockets that sacirbey your skin static electricity shrinks the wooded site of your house so hence. If you would dorm would windows allows more cold air to enter into your home I and then of course. We want to be able to protect the would. Your floors guitars whatever you are happy and l.'s us on thanks so humidity is extremely bored now one of the things I do see on the field to see guys now. As nobody ever takes care of their humidifier very well at least I have not seen somebody in I don't know decades. How they're you may be the one person out there that does. But what ends up happening is that how we humidifier works a typical bypass humidifier which is the majority of the U bit of fires out on the market. Able what ends up happening is that there's a tray at the very top. The trade has little holes in so it trips down the holes on to your panel wider after wider threat. And so that water panel has a special coding to allow the wanted to spread evenly. Warm air passes through that panel collecting moisture. And then bringing it back into your furnace that's why they called a bypass it comes from one sided bypass is to the other. So one of the import that chuck likes most the moisture. Then it has a drain so any of the moisture that was not picked up by the air. It is a drain and runs. In what happens is when you don't clean it. Is one is the drain gets clogged with all would you go look just like your your inside coil does and then the upper part and also gets document. Oh what happens like goat is out bacteria. Rank and so. If you don't clean it I have wider just standing in the dark areas and jacare yesterday how bacteria that. And so that's what happens and it's really gross hundreds and what you don't realize you're turning it on. And you're basically shoving a bacteria are run through your. Our act like you wanna call 8 PM EST don't get to educate cleaned up. And that as if things that we look for in and we do all the time. And that's and I appreciate you bring in an epic has you know again out of sight out of mind and even if it was right here pretty all the time he passed quietly into the Nigerian. And your you know your furnace in your Nick Price you're most folks don't know what to look for that's why. We've lad during the radio Schilling talking about the tennis step that you should look for. Now expects brown eight and great heat and cooling company. There and so that's all week lets you wanna look at his disinfecting it and getting it cleaned so hence exactly what Dixie said. Yet again this out they get APW up there'd be your fur has claimed we will clean. I that humidifier for you. Now given old one. Eight which is basically just seen of it's made out of metal it's old and old right to fire so those typically don't work very well this Illinois go batted down water doesn't flow very well. The cross station so you really want us to have operated inspect because if there's something wrong with the U wanna replaced. You absolutely need humidifier if you're sitting out the guy I don't think they do you're wrong Ephron absolute talent maybe why actually the lady what is they need to get one and if you don't have one are not sure daddy get extremely dry in the wintertime when you're running your house and your immune using your better health and write personal stuff right. So then along with that because you guys know that I have this big issue with bacteria mold all the rest this up in our house the impurities that we breathe and our home. The guys all know that I have issues with that so. I do air treatment in if you ever have become your house eight because I'm out on the field a few days a week two to three. You'll see I will absolutely pointed out to you. There are times that I opened up on doors or vents and there's just mold growing in their. And if you don't realize that that's what my job is to dues to verified to make sure your house is safe for you. So air tribute is a huge deal we press that we have in our house most of our friends have it that we talked to if so what we have is we have an air system. The one that's on special is the nicest of our air systems we have right now I and what he uses his UV light is one of them which. A UV light is going to sterilize bacteria and viruses from growing. As the UV light or stop them for reproducing when they can't reproduce they died within seconds so they can't reproduce so they're gone right. So that's the idea that now then we use found a hydrogen. Yet basically into the air and what it does is it it's like the best example I give he's like Hydro brock's site. It's paralyzes. Everything so if you have a pet dandruff bad smells the people who smoked for you smokers I'd. You can you would or do you want to bring you better have an air true businessmen in your house seriously because of your repeating the smoke process. In your lungs and what really gets bad and smoker's house is the residue that's left inside the furnace and we see it all the time and we have to clean it. And that stuff gets in your along so we wanna be able to. Benny here there's much you are live off of that Mel Ferrer that doesn't mean you don't have our ongoing Allen can really make the fierce male great right in Dixie ire lurching to cap so we don't only Kat however. For the cab people out there it really takes care of pat and dog or parents especially oh my gosh you their people you don't have air treatises of I'm telling you I million affair when I walk in house. However I think given nurture of his system I don't know we have a fair and that's exactly what you are you don't people in your business now so it and urging the system. Or for those people who can't cook very well who burn a lot of food. You don't want somebody know that either right break this heir to the system there's a lot of health issues. It hides a lot of your business that you don't want people to know great smelling right right and that is you want and altered desire really makes a huge difference as far as keeping your family healthy. And the cardiovascular like I should go on the EPA the environmental protection C website. It'll tell you you're indoor air is ten to a hundred times more polluted than our worst cities. Also directly into the fact that inside of our house is like the number three health concern the number one or two environmental concern in the United States. Is inside of your own home. So if you don't have a whole house treatment system and don't tell me use the brew was puzzles are bad then a working US. A whole house olds like humidifier you can't do their room they have to do at all well you know if I and everything like CVS Walgreens those kind of stores say they have eight. In multi million dollar profit from selling those. One room. And not humidifier but the one room air to air treatment systems and they just don't really work at the waste of your money. I see your point here that do it for the whole home for the you're treating the whole home. And the most efficient way of taking care of your whole home part its less Farmar running a special because we care about your health. We really do we don't want you getting sick and it's terrible so we do a lot of this for customer. All right I've promised that habitat about garbage disposals shall we are to attend about that and next segment rarity at that I commercial. And data really anything that tips on how to take here at your garbage disposal. And then what you need to find out buying if you have to replace orders we'll get to that just a moment due to the conference at 59 dollar for a safety and clean check. And then in addition TUV and especially the app free. And heating and cooling system called 91382. Fat 6600. Or go to IDC difference dot com. We'll be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling up for homes and Keith Gordon across from is due to a very welcome act AP get the help for hounds you keep and I ran eight PW plumbing heating and cooling for if you have any. Air conditioning. Hoping it too many of those. Ernest issues or planning issues within your home give NASA calling 91318. Fat sixteenth 600. We could've bagged Dixie different than dot com a look at sap if you're driving around just have a chance to get there yet. Phil and you get is calling out that's right now. And dad happy that the leader needs also get a profit at 59 dollar earnings safety and clean check a radio special so. Take advantage it's usually 125 dollar value. And Dag teacher for mr. Brady keep lasting as long as you're keen and Tiki the into the 59 dollars national. And in addition to that the other specials and that we have going into the got to feel. Are the 99 dollar hole home cloning inspection and that yes does include eighteen water heater flash. So I know most folks don't like to do those and they should be Danny annually from let S do it and four nominal fee of 99 dollars. Sell and take advantage now when three team that eats it. Hundred is an amber at call. And that is eight. GMT the topic I wanted to talk about the Keefe cow brain and with all this other staff. Which is garbage disposals. And downing you know I mean we love them we love our garbage disposals when we actually don't think about I'm much as far as the inconvenience of them until we stop working. And had a cloud are saying and things of that sort so when I wanted to talk about and what about the mysterious. Some things and now when you went not to put gab what to put out what are they for all that and good staff in garbage disposal unit. Really dads out waste disposal uniter and they taught garbage disposed her. And is really device using electrical. Howard installed. It's instilled in the kitchen sink between the scene train and Mitch Rapp. Though that if you have viewed it goes down the drain it'll grind it up and and get it through the planning system. And so that's why they're so great is that they do eliminate a lot of problems and in addition and they are environmentally. Conscious prod act. Because some of that did it get go down bill and instead of being thrown away eight. And in being emptied into your garbage disposal well. That food will likely turn into methane gas in new York and our in our landfills into thinking. So we are definitely delete a great third and I use the garbage disposal. Are things that he cannot put down a garbage disposal. And then instantly be one of them compare that an audience went flurry and I artichokes is tough sitting in the primaries and I girth. Are really bad temper it down the fiber strings into angle around the disposal blade. And therefore. You know give really. Break them down actually yeah you have to kind of. Understand what a car disposal looks like on the inside. Obviously you see business around seemed. Cylinder I'd are accurate is that right OK and I said the word for correct and what it has is it has like a shredding rating. I'm you guys know when you were shredding cheese and you have the that I don't know it's always a triangle thing I use that are shredded cheese or block cheese. Well that's the kind of a blades that are on the inside of a garbage disposal. So what happens imagine achieve Schroeder all the way around the garbage holes on arraigned and then it has hammers. That basically take the food impressive against. They Schroeder and it shreds the food. When you have stringing food items that you put down the garbage disposal. And you're using a single stage garbage disposal. It kind of once we take it apart it kind of looks like the bottom side of an iceberg is that everything's just coming hanging from a and since it is a cause that to clog it causes it to rust out. Besides messing up the actual blade hammers themselves yes and so that's why you're not supposed to do. Exactly. And I've been known to Scharping garbage disposal some people plane that that's a good thing to collect but he did not treat to actually eight shells are have a stringing them very layers that can wrap around the shredder dream like you're talking match. And it shall itself can be ground to a fan my consistency capable of clogging the pop to keep me. Fill it chills are not dipping those need to go in the trash instead of your garbage disposals though. Up three hits Greece is not good to pat down have to actually turns into too much of a paste. And that kinda go at Tate appeals are actually not good to go down a garbage disposals and airlifted out by about a separate emails everything else is and it gains in front that is a good thing to put GAAP okay. Copy dried up kinetic term not a good thing to put down. Your garbage disposal. So just just a few things. And I knew folks have talked about letting you know they like Atlanta and smell. Say they think putting an orange. He'll are lending heal damage garbage disposal will help given and I press that it true that the problem is is that it keep the whole thing down there. Or ten of them down there it's actually bad because of the fact that they don't ride up and now he'll actually get. It logged in to the rest of the money reverence to shuttle home lemon now they're young people did I mean jeez sisters feel that our our museum and the youth would be a better and just for the disposal of produce and dealer rising. The better solution. For your garbage as I've a match better solution with that allow any OK so you know the proper way to clean it is with ice cubes right yeah. That's about every six months sharpen TSE run ice cubes in your garb is a little lockup of ice cubes I don't add water. Just turn on your garb disposal letting chew up the ice. And what it. Things like a snow cone you know it's done. However one of the better things to do is for those of you would like us who use baking soda in your refrigerator to keep your refrigerator fresh the end if you don't you should consider doing that now that I owned stock in it rate but it is a good thing to deal. And once a box of baking soda has ran its course and I think it's every every thirty days or sixty days. You take the baking soda and to dampen down the garb so easel with the water running and that'll help neutralize your smells that you don't have to worry about it. But but the coffee grinds actually are better for the Garza's mother actually bad for your pipes they get stuck in the when you look at a garbage disposal. There's somebody out there that don't use your is that all right it's are you saying I don't use it don't care well if you don't use a garbage disposal very much. You should get at our disposal that I stainless steel parts on the inside. And I think will probably though it doesn't arrest and out burger run out of time with our missiles hobbies are sweet people we can bring him into next week with some other stuff. But there's some really cool things determine. What size of garbage rules it would get to yourself a favor don't get a third horse power like ever. I'm because it too small is small it's a Demi RPMs that the that it's gonna turn the blades and it's gonna grind up food. But I have to three quarters pretty normal. In if you are that person that loves to shove tons of stuff down the garbage Mosul that you should consider getting it to stage garbage disposal as a a primary. Blades and the secondary so just a few pointers rounds next week. When we learn how he dealt that when mark went and when he Heidi into your garbage disposal. You eat you've got to eat any stick your hand them out indefinitely not the only governor is below the lip ice cube like he talked about the also pork. Assault over the ice keeps the rain cooled the wider. And turn on the garbage as those of her acne tied in second combination of I east. In the rocks out what help and not fledging debris off the gore. Grinding elements of that they can make there weighed down we. They dreamed so there isn't always easy that tipped to gay like you and to clean it out I've never done we'll hear at a cannot time at Intel doesn't eat eat Debbie help round that you have any planning he pulling need to it's called. Fat and 91318. That 6600. In at eight. Or your 59 dollar per safety clean check your whole home plant for 59 dollars your whole hall plumbing inspection for her and taint water heater flash. That's 99 dollar radio special a virtual coupon for garbage disposals will take 59 dollars off. An insult our disposal fortieth and if you look at that furry pests and it is going to be a free air treatment inhumane to fight humidifier with the purchase. Of any effort to thin air conditioner in the month of October so I guess it all kind of October specials going on call all now. And now only 318 that 6600. I'm Dixie Wilford across Miki board we're all done this we can't have a wonderful weekend. And increments if there.