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Saturday, November 4th

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Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes this is the show dedicated you don't homework you do experience the Dixie difference if we can help you keep your plumbing heating your cooling needs give us a call at 913. 8256600. Or app EDT different dot com on M keep Florida next to me is big fuel. Are not ten to eight. And how appear having a wonderful. Weekend and and we are here in studio he gently happy today we don't like it Nantz they've been happy the last few day he isn't. That IL they just buy that app I was definitely Houston Astros the answer sorry dodger me ends. And originally have lots of greens down in Houston gosh I actually grew at air until my high school years so. And has some Astros go way back. First World Series a Wayne and burned says tech about that punished to reach. He then I'll these team that bill we have no one in this many years that many years but they never one line. So now they can't do any money in a restaurant and other good at hitting people yeah. I know art and I was telling you about that and remind my son they spent about what led that I get hit by a. Yet you get hit by four pitches or four players getting hit Mussa colors of dot I guess is at hand though running LA LA is. And you let. I've caught well Colorado didn't actually have a baseball team until 1994. Was there inaugural year and ray and I left in 97 OK well I never really gotten to the Iraqis not I think I've just kind of. Listen to the royals the whole time so may I became an adopted royals fan and I have any of every tear I definitely adopted worlds and and so I mean from high school line. Like Chang have me yelling Kelly your childhood favorite which is the ash and send a great job for that shares. It's great for the C he's team as a whole surrounding area. Canterbury infants celebration down there with other hurricane. Mass that was you know that happened a couple months down losing Texans now there really are added there is Texas John FL they are anxious John as I look back. November and again you know he's talking about he's an ashtray and so again sorry freed under strain and like to have a lenient in Texas join the union what like a 160 years ago he who know and they I think it's I like you know that. As a let thankful for that trip mighty green men out I just I just cares Atlantic and I I have to Google it later ethics. I don't murder from a fan and great Texas history class surprise. Everything everybody existed in those causes that are you feel a little loopy today. Adamantly Kenya and because I know you had a headache I can't headache this doing any seven IB pro to help my team to educate four. So finally make Sheridan didn't squash and now it's starting to subside is not unhappy. If you would like to how ready when know about penny and you can't write you look warm clean away Elena get into our topic this is they plumbing heating and air conditioning shall not just some rain in the worrying about nothing shell. And that. No I can't keep Renny PW plumbing heating and cooling hearing Kansas City we did challenge our rainy crashed into a located off actually let you rural folks around Casey knowing Keith he came case. Johnson Cali you know all around am happy beating your planning heat air conditioning needs. And of course like a set last week is getting chilly out tonight. Now we have our spurts of the young nights are warmer weather backed debt and this killing getting more and more chilling eight. And we had last week and people were really turning on the furnaces for the first time. Senate view yes I mean he we're finding out that the Ernest did not turn nine and so thank you for giving us the Colin money that help you it doesn't need. App you've got deferred assigning it to work and great you can also give us a cough are furnished. And safety each back and that's our radio special 59 dollar straight ahead underneath I dollar valiant. And it is important Edith every single year they should that is working safely and efficiently for your home. And 59 dollars. And that I get a piece of mind you furnace is gonna work properly through Al the winter. And daddy won't find any problems that have a new worse if stand and you don't have that many maintaining that every year you sure glad. Because newer systems need maintaining just like older systems deal and why but 'cause we want to keep them running efficiently eat. For as long as possible use a 5% efficiency on you for listening air conditioner every year not maintaining your mechanical equipment. Even never think I'm not doing for your car you give you oil change requiring teachers ran into tip top shape. Do you app for the mechanical equipment in your home as wow critique of the engine AP gebbie is burning safety inspection that he nine dollar short of the 125 dollar by calling. Nine went very old teen found. 6600. Now when 318 fat 66. I enjoy there and they'll be happy to giving you call now I'm actually more at the opera. And delegate to scheduled at your earliest convenient yet you know what our subject today is based on oh yeah I totally known that they keep them the idea that talk about. Well that's because there's two things that you have a customer that was really what did you spend that asked you about take us the Weber. We were out doing our furthering education are required education thank you Johnson County for requiring us. Get cold for 44 dollars and eight continuous education they're ready they'll keep our man master mechanical and master planners you've got documents revealing UMass hunters and a master. And plumbers license fill in the summer and the acting character former continues and he should know now there I can like let me see your hand laying out having out blocked an infant I say this three point me over tooth and Booth. That you know that we're advertising like and you know the ideal coals by you know for your competitor and as a he got islet like and then there was when he needed it coming on and on he Africa actors are well and me lengthened. I. Actually get here you know he has had no idea that he used to be the main. Inspector for Johnson County. Going over all the codes and now he that's his main things he runs all the educational stat away and that's why and that EU because do you follow. Hand. You know if faint beeping you mean at lake you know never end and I appreciate him double checking my eight wellbeing of where out of space to go. For these continuing education classes although he can began winning next. Sounds like you can then you mistake has yet to take three days going at a table and de facto anyway that's the key and EU. Yeah I hit it out of the normal. So any don't know let's talk about that however there's two reasons why why. Does end when we do for further education we depicts some classes 24 hours worth right it's all one class there's multiple classes. One of them was attained close clients and there are so many. People and all of them have master plumber or master mechanical licenses in these classes right or their contractors to these are just normal service tricks but there were so many people who were. So incorrect. About take us water heaters and you had a customer that asks you. To talk about tegra slaughtered radio listener actually last week as she was like an agent I think I just don't understand anywhere for Wheeler can't and we love pickles were passionate about English water heaters we get lots of questions that we'd love in certain folks this. Questions on hand and we install high injury and then a year and Gabelli and we were kind of both taken back about how much myth information. And out there about tank laugh and you of the Gemma get the crafting an excellent job. And I thought he he was airing of our better eat he would he grew rescue the guy was terrible he may not be an English however the great this year and a great. He was a really good at that a lot of the audience and then there in the press and in just asked and they just didn't know and sell. I was kind of spread that out that. And army of avert your lady Elena it's yeah it is a growing girl only and that concern and we get questions about it all the time we did a lot of pensions fears festivals are kinda that day every year. And we couldn't display out in the league we deal cash 5060 of these a year. What am on the weekend these players felt the tensions and the man take counsel pregnant hope and we do a lot more than that and and a leading shield on the weekends just advertise BP. And so ever Battie apps that are being picked up find out about paying back how do they work had a so we're getting a lot of our shell. Answering all the questions that we get at the channels. And dad and him and that's what kind of gave as the topic is because we had one of those classes. Only that ash even contractors even you people in the industry he have their faint type of questions as regular homeowners had. Silly guy yell at we love talking about it we have shared dedicated tank at that time to go back to our podcast. And look at shows that tanker that where I dedicate this Clinton gains well. So the first thing and say you guys are thinking about buying a paint water heater or normal territory here. And so you want to you you're thinking I don't think I'm gonna replace mine stopped. And wait as we have some more information we want you to understand like for example. I am one of the changes that are coming up in the future as byte codes right now today. Your water pressure can't exceed eighty PSI eighty pounds per square inch of water pressure. How one of Burr a lot of the cities especially like in Overland Park on the Kansas side. Pay in it you get into like a great town on the Missouri side you'll get pockets where they're just horribly. High pressure. 00 water. Right well in the future most houses themselves don't even need much more than 6065. PSI. It's because the way that appliances are designed these days to be. Very low water using appliances so they don't need as much pressure to get them to work and to work efficiently so you enjoy that. However what a high pressure doesn't Morgan explained light tanks are bad. Is one of the things it does is that when you're heating the water in it tanked water heater you have this long to go or item right. You see it when you're staring at what in the center of that. Is the flu height that all the exhaust and it's being burnt. And the bottom goes out these seat at the top right is I'll see the metal playing at the top the full got some really lit by the if you well with high pressure what happens is that true blood gets collapsed and guess what. Carbon monoxide it's spread out right your house you don't even know about just one of many reasons why you should not put. 1020 meter back and your dad is not the same application with eighteen Griffey cut a eighties and then did completely different late. An eighteen to water heater and that's why it's kind and then dimmer ask kind of thing between ten contain glass artist and a lot more about mess. And we got to do it we had to take a quick break that. And I do want to you know drama about tank if it is calling 91318. That 66 tendered. It's going to your furry as to milk costs no obligation. And doesn't take much of your time and now 1318 that 6600. Call now and we leave back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes are in key for the crossing is due to overdue and welcome back to EP get the help for home. We did issue every week into innkeeper listening. We appreciate that. And downwind you half EP AB plumbing heating and cooling and jubilant that X. And and we have service an hour reef Iran are centrally located opposite all of your plumbing heating and air conditioning needs. Think he had any doesn't need and help get us a colleague landed service year Anemia that. And now we eat valley ER ourselves on having great customer service. Answers your phones and has had an appropriately schedule you and have a great service technicians. You know obviously coming in and do the job right the first time. How ever they also know had a magic he can communicate TU you know that bedside meander. And if you will and then third it was believed in great. Quality products and you know you want and they installed they're fixing your home repair it should be. And great product alas the test of time and fourth and I lastly do all that and great value pro life. So and LI LE jokingly Deborah Knapp and this expense and a town that's why people stay lit asked. We cannot beat the one mean and attract the will they be around the test of time we've been doing this for over fifteen years in the match rattle. They. Another fifteen GO lean years cell can you last that long keep would you list. That long thought I ask you get I can guarantee that we hear diet doctor pepper and inner monster. Next to energy journey man down. I just say you're not street gone beauty drink and you open at the Dutch government is not. Healthy combination. So I and renowned UNL maybe there is something and they are tearing you will last longer that I at least fifteen dealing years it's that billion yep can't back. And and get the copper that burning for eight T. And Jack which is our ray especially at 159 dollars a pattern and it's giving regular price is one tweet five Collison 91382. Flat. 6600. And we'll also have announced the roll this out for the month and a whole home planning and inspection. Which they paint a wider heater flash for only 99 dollars nest is also our radio special. In the month of November. Still and you know when your dad's wreak Havoc to our money. And once it comes to winter and they you know guerrilla coal pipes and what that meant. So let's kind apple homecoming inspections and that we can make sure you're not and I had any future cost. Because he didn't get things checked out while they were also gonna do it taint water heater flash. We though she began annually if you're not dealing yet in you wanna make sure your tank water heater laughed the test of time. Until industry standard says teen water heaters she again they may last them practice eight to ten years so let's make sure and most out of that. And he retained water heater. After clashing data for make getting I'm 1325. And 6600. I mean the EP gebbie money at gmail.com. Or even you hearing go to bed Dixie different dot com. And camping and won't extend care. So land at an eighth a nice little deal. So tanker left ankle water heaters is the question we get all the time what if it hasn't worked any deviate I've heard that. The and that's alert at picking on HTT doubt felt that he got questions about tape if you have taint cliff now we're gonna need decent that information. You just heard of tinker if you don't know enough about it disintegration and its people listening to the Bergen DB lots. Good valued information. There and and it keeps got that biting at the bit about new stuff they let's talk about it wanna let people know about four basic point to why you switched. And taint detain question and and you know and and summer right stay in just quick a little four point first. Is the energy savings he will say that the 40% on your energy bills and pain water heaters for teen birth water heaters. And that is meek has had a line to Maine and in what I mean that is. A while you're listening to shill like you might be running around or why your sleep theme throughout the nanny. Your ten to water heater is constantly turning on and off continue in your genes that not attain press. Is only on when you request for hot wire and you blast it off Eric. Sakic they laugh at 220 years of them potentially outlast to paint water heaters. Third and their only big bacteria on its youth ski ski DC case he'd gain space for storage and they actually now on the wall. And then even take the floor space at all anymore. And then my actually my favorite of course is that you get and you might announce a hotline eight hot shower for three days to literally never rang out of hot water now you might only seventy at ocean theme Allen that time because he got a hot water running for salon. But you can rank your dishwasher your washing machine. Every she hour in the house and skilled yeah I had the kitchen sink Foss said with hot water on and not run out of hot one owner. So that's great UI is now about this appear the last one to get a shower after a big family. You know you've got a cold Sharon not retain cursing or some other four point oh why he would want. TU switch out paint our total gross injustice and I you know quick bow plane that there's so many other reasons. Yeah why in addition to that more also than to address concerns you may or may not hurt in the past why you don't want to go take a similar gonna. He bunker listed right so when we get back from the break. I normally just go negative about ten to one or hears right I destroy him I don't like however many change. My routine today if I had positive Lan you didn't get in one really comes to tainting taint what change. And carbon monoxide an indoor air quality. Has that the concerned retained water heater is carbon monoxide which that's washes out oh my gosh I skated all the time we don't even realize it felt. What am I gonna do is when we come back from the break I am gonna go over first how it works and go over did the water flow. The question I can't attend I don't anger set and how getaway how can you give you continuous. Hot water right. And that's that's a consumer and a draft and then we'll go over some of the technology stuff that were gonna let's see can explain that and then what we're gonna do. Is we're gonna kinda get rid of we have like I think we have Parnell Sunday questions. We get a lot of emails or lot of conversations. About change as far as that drink drink the water heater you somewhere in the mid and -- is delayed and the future Eminem really honestly the future is here now. You're gonna find it came to water heaters are gonna be of yesteryear. He not. 510 here actually build upon him well it has EPA is that restrictions on takes water heaters here in tweet fifteen when he had to. Actually be more and a new energy efficient and they had a ripple wider in their whole order their bulky gear just to be more efficient. But again didn't it didn't really solve the problem of the fishing feet. Phil and any ink tank it's just gotten so much better even in the last five years even though it's forty plus years of technology. And then around that long Phil woody killing at third and more point we do need to take another break. You're listening to ache he can be a help for homes. And that little prayer everything that the call Kyle for the furnace safety inspection of 59 dollars. Ten from eight Pete Elliott now won 318 fast 6600. Your I think he get help for home will be back in just a moment. Well welcome back they PW plumbing heating and cooling hope for host I'm in Keith Ford in next three is Dixie will hurt you and welcome back we are talking all about taint class I feel like now without so much information any. To get Alex. And get that question that we get about tangle actually the leading tacky that questions that we get their concerns. That we get from folks because they just don't know math in your that I can't take a look and hundreds of these things the year. So we love talking about man. And Schering our knowledge because we get home while actually think it is that happening. And you came to water heaters are going to be kind of of yesteryear. And we're gonna get more and more takeaway if they're just gonna be the option in the way to Dell. And and just mark my words and five years you're gonna see a lot more tank without air. And you are right now you know in the Indian teen years it just mark my words it absolutely. In that her right then and I'm Heidi so why can't you be of that ahead of the curve and start educating yourself and now he can do that I mean reform mean to the. Time date skiing keep on AP get the help around about pink apply heat while your head that's kind of why hasn't it is getting that are now until I get. So let's explain how how they work that. So you have to imagine it like Dixie said it's about the size of a carry on suitcase that we attached to the wall so it is not on the floor it amounts to law right. So now you've heard of high efficiency furnaces. And here's the same type of car concept that column. Condensing and the reason they com. Condensing is because they burned the fuel twice so let me kind of helped you with this. Out for you guys who don't bought cars it's like a catalytic converter on a tailpipe in burns the extra fuel again so it doesn't get put into the environment. I can render more efficient runs were bridges so this is elegance and is. The old days or actually you can still get low efficient take causes MD 82 days 84%. Range. What happens they have a single burner that they can beat acting 99% of patient try right now actually tank of water heater for every dollar east end. Now 89 and it's used in using your take a flight or he'll wind tube fans get the wasting that is now I had pinging you taped letter appeared. Fifteen things are more into getting laced it. Right in so this is where we're trying to city of a choice. Of condensing it given non condensing of the non convincing is a little but the oldest I'll tell you that paint collecting water heaters right. It's kind of like an 80% furnace right. And so what it would do is stay out. The water enters in to these take us there is a heat exchanger inside their like a little box. And what it has is a mansion small copper lines just running back and forth. I kind of like won't be good example like spaghetti and their iTunes but it's uniformed. I am so. As the water runs through the the copper lines it's heating the copper lines. So you imagine this is the easiest way to explain it why can he till instantly if I took a tub of water like let's get an eight quart container and I put it on the stove. And I filled full of water and you turn the stove on high it would take a great deal of time heat that water and to keep that water heated. They would take a lot of energy right well that's a tank water heater a list is kind of like this imagine turning on that same pot but no waters and and you get that hot hot engaged drizzle the water virtually heats it instantaneously right. That's kind of what it tanker this does the water goes in runs through the copper lines eight and it keeps them. Like so and continuously. Continuously that's why it keeps heating the water in their well. The next phase of that which are high efficiency tankers which are going to be figured 90%. Just like furnaces. I'm from like nine to eat the two and 99%. 98 point 9% efficient. Extremely efficient meaning for every dollar that you pay in either natural gas or propane. It will hurt our you'll burn 99 cents a that are 98 cents of it. Somewhere in their depending on the make in the model not a lot of life not always so what ends up happening is set is that you have a lot of heat. Eight for a single heat exchanger that is released through the debt pipes. Ike so what they decided to do was instead of letting that heat just go out through the flu was a toolkit and they actually. Basically flipped it and made it come back and preheat the water. So this is what's really cool so the water comes in and it's actually been heeded recreated preheated created by the tank was turning on. So he warms the water up so them when he gets into these pool of copper lines it's heating it even. Yeah they're went three to 500 to green right. And yeah it is being you know. Shot at this water heated to the desired temperature and I do mean bad ass because you're coming from ground cold water. It being preheated and the first heat exchanger and in the second heat exchanger getting into the design temperature right right so it's it's kind of cool so. That's kind of how an ankle that's you you look at it is. So you you. And that's basically is that it's using the the old fuel that instead of him being wasted in the environment. It's basically and putting into a secondary heat exchanger. And it's burning the arts heating up again due to warm the water in different not eating your flu that from your tanked what I hear a completely different if you do have a high efficiency per surf the net it's very similar type flu. We're using an aunt and pink or flight right. So that's good things if you have a whole regular water heater tanked. If you win it's heating up. You cannot touch the fluke it'll burn your skin I write that that the heat is being wasted a piglets take that same heat and preheat. Why he'll highlight here's the analogy we have moment fill the dagger distant for a moment that you would never have been opened fire. How often turn right well I have a gap means a fireplace and even I mean wouldn't it. And he'll burn and you know fire in answer when India warned. In a tainted the water heater you have heard a funny air and as you know while hull and turning nine in and gas heating the water. Indiana where order and the Al the fumes out to the flue pipe you know wet and you look at your Flynn there's a huge gap. The air at the top and butane lighter here and we got a gap that is definitely something that blow back you get carnac the pleading in the. You can have the flu pipes are plugged or if you're 80% furnace. Doesn't work walk is that gap is in there to allow air to flow into allow the air take skate. However with blockage or if you have a hole in your flue pipe or your furnace is an 80% person it's Aiken blow back. And put out carbon monoxide. The other area. I and how much seeing tons of people die a year from Carmen are try to maybe a few hundred. But the people get sick. Or indeed pins to tens and tens of thousands of people. Constantly get ill sick headaches aches and pains flu like Clinton's without them even in this and I'm saying is that. Obviously carbon monoxide which is our I complain all the time. Because it's in your house it's like mold it's in your house you just have to do the best you can to greatly reduce right. So this is why we're giving you the information is you need to take care of yourself and your family. How the tables let's finish off how they work so it has a primary heat exchanger it takes that the fumes considered to be wasted through the flu. And it turns it back around in preheat the water. With its own heat so you're gonna burn about ninety something percent. Although copper lines in. In side of the tank less what it does is essence it's smaller amounts of water to heat it heats it instantaneously. And it has a lot of BTUs meanings can put out a lot of people very quickly and very rapidly. A small amounts of water and that's why within a few seconds of you requesting water tankers can get it from. Whatever they ground temperature is 220. Degrees. And coming up through your house you know constant high wire right now here's what they want you guys to think about his. On a ten to water heater one of the things that. That like for commercial site and almost you don't have commercial water heaters and again Shiite your house. However and we attacking mainly read begins writing retired in hospitals of always had a problem with giving you've heard of people getting bacteria or viruses getting sick from hospitals. One of the reasons they found is because those big water heaters at the hospital holding tank holding tanks would hold onto all this water well. And a 120 degrees. You still have viruses are all legionnaires' disease growing. So what would happen is like for your house of your gone for a you know 34 days five days a week your vacation. When you come back you should never use that hot water right away you should let it run through. Because you may have legionnaires' disease inside of your water heater. Well it Nicholas doesn't do that because it's not holding any water to that's one of the other benefits is that there is no tank to hold. Would it also does is it doesn't allow for leakage so without the pressurized of the tank you have no leaky journey failure a leaky trying to water heater rightwing in happens all the time because of pressure and other and because of mineral hardest. And it's just to steal tanked. So that's basically how it take this works gives you now it doesn't give you instant walk hot water and less. And you got a question outside until I I I deal with the question we get alive a white and many questions we get alana and taper off. Is down below is instant how lighter. And film and gift from her back to go to break Hillary answered Alex yeah it's hot liner are what I know our continuous how liner but it into how Lech. Amber give me map how wired for Mike we know from a large family her children against heat and keep up or keep the whole house. And to our deep into the back of their expenses and there's a few that more questions ready to. In her next next segment fist eighteen injured less and eighteen yet be a help for homes and couple other reasons to get they PW plumbing heating and cooling it Collie is for that furnace safety inspection Ari especially if dollars regular 125 dollar value column that 1382. Fab 66 and it also are called home. Four when he inspection and why Rapp again I will gonna do your tank lottery to flash for only 99 dollars that's already especially as well. Did you call 913 year old too fat 6600. Matt went Terry eighteen fat 6600. We'd have to get that taking care of for you will be back in just a moment. Welcome back DPW plumbing heating and cooling health problems. I can keep Ford across residual for and welcome back and they can you tell the difference in my voice now the other segments I was slouching in the miss when I sit. I'll shut up I had say yes of course I'm easy to lend thinks that right right I want you list a listener I want you guys to be able to say. Now I can't tell the difference that would prove Dixie. Wrong now now he and more air in the lungs by nearly man. So you know a whole lot of there he did and I got up at the time it hot everywhere hot hair now how water Elliott Ted how wire. How powerful water heaters as well we're tied in and out mainly today. Any Samad benefits and causes of concern. And just eat forming he'll hopefully that's and that's our main objective is just educate you one way take us water heaters aren't they do with the good in the bad. He knew that's chimera this judge of whether or not that there's and then you would Wendy interest in the future how and error I did say that. They feature is just going to go all paint it I guarantee each is going to go that way. And he can tainted water heaters heard she asked inefficient. And T collect our so much more efficient and make technology an I five years in and take died in an around forty plus years. Last five years since they can't eat just change the tape golf industry and then they they can sound like too bad better product. And dad is just and no brainer season no brainer just did go tank life in your town everywhere. And downing became the mayor. It's really nearly went into things that we wanted to talk about is because the questions that we get a lot. It concerns in the field until when he answer those were concerned Dooley PL. And senate those are will actually give me an app hot water for my large vainly wouldn't even I have 250 gallon water heaters. Well actually give me enough hot water. You yet you know contained in this same amount of water that in my 5050. Gallon water heaters did shorting interior. Yes yes the men and actually most people have their. Dual tank water heaters. Installed incorrectly anyways most of them it's install almost every house out there and the Wall Street that we won't even go into that and and different it's still hanging like mainly clear of ten Tory right exactly that really eighty eight's it's it's very efficient to have. That's when he came to water heaters it together any links the scenery is hitting chill you should gold paint glass. Ankles will give you continuous hot water throughout your home and give you plenty of water. A hot water for your home as well we do need to make sure that it's properly besides I don't just let any plumber doesn't know much about tinker or make sure if you're not easy PW bet they do know what they're dealing. Camilla you we'll have problems with anger flattered ears and he got to know something at a after they've actually been certified from the manufacturer. And and you will have probably take a flight heaters that actually knows something about them and that that will actually give me a napkin tenuous hot water. And we contained at Yucca hot shower for three day that never ran out lighter. Even for a large homer Marge the normally doesn't have to be alert home. The Elijah the handling for the demean and the hot water can be sustained your tank with water heaters all. I know is that every Jim I think this or reminds me of of that family that was sitting there going I don't want wanna Dole's automobile thing they'll just keep my horse and and now that's kind of what it's like Alpine ambassador lady not committed to abolish in the country we're in the country folk don't get me wrong. I love horses however now. And you may have been saying saying it's indefinitely and eat a tanker after just. What any inept replacing tanked water heaters and as we get more and more into the feature. I got hurt you or nothing here on the plane and dean received instant hot water is instant hot play. Okay now I can't MacWorld well actually I. And used to hot are actually right at that point and used the end you would get instant hot latter if it's right there act of boxing you can't instant hot latter. There are Reese circulation. I fifth and actually incorporated. Constantly re circulated. In your pack eight and filling you wanted to be proud when you could get instant hot wire that technically it's not an end to high. So let me summarize a little bit when if you're looking at thankless a couple of questions one is is this condensing tank close. I that's one of the keys meaning it burns the field twice instead of a normal tangles. I and then the other party have to look at is does it have a re circulating. Ability. Inside the tank this itself cause the manufactures are putting them in so. A larger distances you can get the water much quicker and you can just with your normal tank water heater or a thankless. Which is great he had installed on one side of the house or your master bath as on the other side of the house are way taxpayers. Every circulation even great value for Iraq and allows you to put it in different places in the house or you're not restricted because the distance. If it has ever circulating now a tanker can be installed much more and flexibly then taking collider heater right and if you look at remodeling houses that are trying to clean way to park siblings on a final question I don't panic. So I'll have heard me speak to in my got a question. They sell off but it does allow you put it up with your water heater in places that you normally wouldn't that your thinking about redecorating. That's another reason to go take us a remodeling the Vermont earlier I mean you could put it in a closet. That does it need air because that brings its own outside air and that's the other thing about a time because it's it's much safer. Because it utilizes the outdoor air now that is indoor air like your taint what are uttered anti appliances stealing something that you need is not a good idea what is your area you are having a house right. So now as far as continuously in instant are going to be different however you can get it did they're really really fast if you have a re circulating. Now one of the things about condenser is why they're so important. It's the the other part of it is which gets into can it handle my large family is these condensing water heaters will do. 1011. Gallons per minute which is more than an update any house that has three quarter inch piping. More than enough to run did to actually take care of your needs. And your hot wired right if it's in John can dancing it's probably half of that amount and who and that's where people got confused. Because they would be sold a non condensing ten close when I left the station less efficient and it can handle the water flow. So then individuals would have not enough hot water so then all of a sudden they didn't work at all right. But it was the improper equipment that's why you don't use and you go to polling yacht which he would you go I don't know why you brought that. Read the other thing I see even remember this and are they expensive to three and run out of time now here's the whole thing is they're not. Sheep OK or not trying to say that the chief is. There are more expensive than a tank twice here how lover they laughed at 220 years of value there and it potentially outlast to taint water here Ers. And then the young the energy efficiency that you get are with it in any eliminate these other problems with the Valentino carbon monoxide. And you know I had the problems that they can what are your potentially flooding the basement bright and bold so it's really the quality of life also there has to be some type of price and there. If there wasn't that you guys wouldn't be buying all these kids and Carl and I greatness is is that and more and more than these they continue to can chime. He exhibition he had paid the price is gonna continue to drop. Andy more more value however Hank six hours to install the avalanche hours you know if you Nelnet also an edit they need to take into account. We need you when you're looking at the value adding it's not two hours tick in solid paint water heater. FAA this is a tank less you're much more involved right in just so you know if you're building a house. And you're getting house bill you really need to find out if they can do for you if not Collison will help you they there's now can wine house we have not able to being able to install brink but. But we're talking like he price wise felt your building it it is cheaper to put a take us and while your building it that once we have to go in afterwards with two re run gasoline three run water line got all this up. I mean we are at a time at all Manning and jobs. And if you question to what a free pass to pound tank of water heaters give us a colony PW plumbing heating cooling and 9132. Fat 6600. And the free no cost no obligation. We always have spiny and seeing as well Achilles I guess what that cannot forget as a cop and take care of your furnace every when Derek especially this one is allow furnace safety inspection. Our radio special 59 dollars. Drill pipe 125 again now went 318 fast 6600 have a great weekend.