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APW Help for Homes
Saturday, November 11th

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Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating cooling help for homes this is the showed dedicating either a homeowner for you to experience the Dixie difference. We can help you figure plumbing heating or cooling needs this goal at 913. 8256600. Or V Dixie difference dot com. I MT Borger Crosby is Dixie will bird and while ten to eight. Given an intro to get like tired raise my Wilford it's great it's great I appreciate any trade is such idealist job and every single week you know I just want you to know that. My record on this is much better in the weathermen because IE record. I haven't it's continuity say intro all the time right went a week brought in so small that I get it wrong. Once a week. I'd still be. No other man right exterior to understand is that I don't know no disrespect to the weather yet I'm jeweler Claritin. Now I don't want to incriminate I don't I don't watch. I don't know who's on their weatherman women meteorologists. There aren't proper say am I an. And welcome to HP getting help for how little we appreciate you listening at every week end if you haven't tuned in for the first time America your Teddy for the first time. How we give me she'll everything plumbing heating and air conditioning for your home. And bad if you have some questions comments concerns they get a penny now shout out at eight. In any he'd elite plumbing edgy not uncommon actually get a lot of art and and and con Conte and friend for the shelling the brown even falls or feedback from you personally from colonists are being your home. We do many. And to have you know for local service company and should thank. And gal we are happy to serve is he on any of your planning heating and air conditioning needs felt we also are happy to do this every week can give you information about. Well our customers are experiencing. And that. Tips and solutions that we offered to damage and we won opera these same tips installations TU right here via radio found. We enjoy doing it all of our six million listeners we appreciate that phase thinks banks giving less than two weeks throughout the effect and that Turkey day. Uttered so and them bring to go visit family or any okay are so I have to tell you need to verify your coming right. Her blouse I'm gonna go see your Fam lane not a Smart thing in your loud yell all right family we're gonna defeat at my family's nice of the European yet prove my caddie you know re not getting in the community out. They are millionaires did you needed now are our Amylin business the other LA I don't special Lisa they're going to have going to keep telling yeah irate Internet that you played mean my point being is. I would really I would like to get a Turkey earlier. And we have the trigger girl and I wanna smoke at Turkey and I'm like sugar and an. And commercial for triggered real no no don't tell it's just we're radio have affiliation wind and that company right. But we're on the radio CU it's harder for you to do now I'm in front of the six million people coming I privately. So get out. I ask you in front of people. I have a good likelihood can't stop me. Q why wouldn't even care I won a big old Turk I don't have to tee used to do make something else sounds great even matter and that it provides the play any of left others to give me more happy article about lately I make me a bit old Turkey Tia Turkey learning what wanna come over to have some just let me know you make it before Thanksgiving because -- not until we normally are let you know what to do well before then he send embers that means we the people and we are we at a check on the leading Denver to defeat in rocky mountain high has a new meaning now neo Roger and I Colorado GM from Denver yeah that's a whole new meaning these days against crazy out and get it. Well because marijuana is legal there how old. I ending battle it flows slept. You know it's content I don't know where your brain is go great stated Texas Dingell Allentown. If you. Cannot really think that round from a right pal and her I think it's funny I I feel England Hamburg then here in the Kansas Missouri area for a long time now. I'd make it from your pets have you actually tell let let's listen I I'm a seven and let her face and topic here now you know the real reason for the shell. Help and consumers with their homes on. Are planning heating and air conditioning and we went and Kennedy to winter months we talk about how your ear gets his dry air. And as the air gets drier in less humidity around. And how that had it on your home that you're scanning is all kinds of things that are a little differently and not talk about how. How water can actually wreak Havoc on your skin in addition other things around your house and we eighty some good points and ten and and and point tips camps kind. Now why treatment in action today on national nice little like Sloan and a lot of things I'm reminded had a good lead and think and I'll be all they idea do you tell you that he'll tell you they. And sell. With the water treatment meaning water conditioners water softener and I'll instilled that water softener aren't plumbers anti Nike you know they. And I don't want to invest in water Seth stone when I know about them. Plumbers don't invest in hand I don't failed and they downs do any of this thing and that we eat as we think it quite I escape is that we know a week. Educate you on great quality products protect your home. Daniel trespass with all of your staff and what are shoppers actually not only protect your holiday protects you a little out in many different light if and ending dedicate a lot of dishes today. On man in the Natalee had a lot of overflow questions from last week shill and take us water heater silliness and he'll let time go on back over this point. And good pros cons that kind of step on tape left ladder heaters not taint but tanker left water heaters and what they are it is revisit that got a lot of questions. Likely just he'd keep educating. Everyone know what those are and how land they convened an. I have a point about all that's at about all of this who guys so you think focused on the Shanley I don't know irony Leo. Yes I really don't know so when we go to houses and we look at service calls. That's one of the three things please we'd test for we test mineral hardest pressure and dirt now most companies don't test for any of those things however it has. Those are the cognitive. A lot of the problems you hadn't come you money mingling mystery about quality and they don't know you go marketing from bank daddy at the mile high or just your does support you primaries if they'd if they come like vendors. Hold it up and might. Anyone and I won't. And filled a few nanos at no harness dirt and senate are all things that act a pressure error and things that. And wreak Havoc on homes and caution on extra money in the long round. Abbott what they don't think about is there also when people talk about maintenance right that they should do maintenance of for people who agreed that maintenance should be done. Which is most people they just don't do it this regular may bright red Herring and you are playing now is in his. Pressure and dirt which are the three things you look at specially you know pressure obviously high pressured just causes things to split at the seams but mineral hardness is the one. That really just constantly builds up. And it's like really think cool about it is or reminds me of the caves. When you have a lag tight fist like ninety and they how to play you always know those names and. An article for the fans like they really yeah this kind of ran late retroactive when you sound like I said that is a way. And killing you over a million years of what men are hard if indeed you're ninety years yeah. Other than years I don't know it'll only takes a few years in our house yeah eight and that's because in a lot of watermelon through there with a lot of didn't mean for what are going through it and figure so he's there's not Durkin had exactly that a you know when I think beef eat now I don't know ten feet. Home. I'm glad I finally I myself how I've been into the water heaters. Oh my gosh they might as well in my eyes out which one stands up. I don't know and that cannot Italian carrier or somebody knows that Smart ready like outsmarted me. I don't know it felt Allen very act fast yet but a sushi on when you would we go in the house is but effect I think last week I was just out of water heater. And it was horrible because at they couldn't keep the pilot like going. And so they said the highlight kept going out so we went out there and return apart we see that it detained is actually leaking from the inside the waters dripping on the part like blown out all right had to. Do you know Garnett. But when we look on the inlet the outlet on the supply lines of the water. There's just. My loans of mineral hardness and other so that is growing on it since been eating away at that water heater fervor now luckily I don't sounds bad but luckily. The I don't like going out actually saved them from water heater probably bursting and running all over the place as the men bill that was so bad out there. I was shocked it was actually holding together they're forum would and that continued leaking get worse and worse. Possibly playing a basic right so read the whole point about China about money men are hard and is plug activate can grow mold mildew and drink Chirac and may be price for things and they think they felt. I however while attending a man I don't harnesses their ears away if they say there is no later he would care and ran eighty. If slow deterioration of your water using a fair and they you can keep them longer. Having no water softener in your home actually gives you up to 50%. Longer life and all your water using appliances are pretty passion about it. We have won an hour helmet had it for over twenty years our round. And very passionate about treating your water if CD and it would probably not and cannot afford to pretty NF citywide water softener we discussed too much. Thousands of dollars in taxes that we would actually have to pay in order to maintain a water softener but it would be such a great thing however. We have to do that specifically in our own home just you know we kind of for twenty years 97. And thank you senate passed the amendment on and we at almost at a time. I wanna make sure the come back Brit pack a little bit more benefit how it can that if he used personally not just your planning. Down with the water treatment what are softener Sunday through that. Folks who don't happen in the Nellie is that they need more education these wanna know what did it deal must tackle that more about taint left to only get act. So and AT and also like it here reason calling check out eight PW plumbing heating and cooling services right here in around the Kansas City area. 59 dollar furnace safety she act. Bring Allie need to do is call 91318. Fat 6600. Now went very eat too fat. 6600. To get your radio special you're listening to eight. Hello and welcome back take VW plumbing heating Toledo pearls. I'm in key border crossed me is the Dixie will for the evening and welcome back. And we can all about apple to get a couple topics today bellowed anti man the last segment is 23 year water actually. And dab on the company as we are here in and around the mantra I'll. Don't normally like to talk about water treatment that has a lot of treatment as leopard taxing your planning. When it went up at the Palmer at a business however we don't feel that way they PW plumbing heating cooling lead think that if you invest in the proper equipment for your home and take care of your home. You'll continue using AP Diddy if all of your services. Still and not wee we wanna educate you I feel personally passionate about what are soft press that we have one at home against so much great things for me. You know I can build personally passionate Lohan. You've cut me out yes please tell Miki bloody bill personally. Passionate about he'll prove my eyes. You you interrupted me this great clean and hiking amount. These radio listeners aren't just sit near deny care about our deals shell out some than we act. Give anything to contribute to early and jokingly the laugh I'm really mean LA down keep an actually do you feel pat him out water softener is really joke but we really deal. There's so many great things that he gets free again and gives at to 50% longer like Audi a wider easing up scientists detect an 1820 your washing machine. Your dishwasher phosphates your height. And year I sneak carrier coffeemaker here I can go 999. And the evening still lifting their ban on evenings I guess I do have a lot of that the why does thrill. And a lighter stuff carries Ollie degrade investment you have personal questions you want me talk you more about it in Quetta for calling our offense. Now 1382. Fat 6600. Al a highly recommend. The and that's how water treatment ten Gatling take care do white using a plane this way those AL in what are using planes and in your home. A major investment to replace no one likes to replace their hot water heater but your gut ideally when you rent out how water. And a lot of times how what are here's our fail because apple what you're seeing early and won a top retained. Which is cool and made a hard next fed nick or pressure high pressure in the hall. Till now harnessing Guinea is the one thing he can easily take care of by investing in a water softener for your count eighteen Gabby we invest our ATP Getty what are southerners will be caller conditioners because they not only shopping you wider that they baby bottle water quality taste. Around your whole pound. And I got. You reach here than adult can also at home go to college. Though between the fix unless we go through a lot of bottled water and we refill our bottles of water. All day long and so that's aids potentially hundreds of dollars a year if not out and the dollars a year I'm not buying bottled water and you know the big stores or brush restore that kind of thing you're discount stores and I just refilling you know up purchase bottled water. Still over and over and over again you've average a look at couple Google it if you're looking right now you can get a new film and research is right now. It is up on Google just the other day about a week again. And the average person one person not only to the average person spin it. An average of twenty dollars a month on bottled water cocked. Yeah that's what if that I really think that first its outlook that the until everything straight right. Led tag GOP a little sarcasm but they get to tech and health like a billions of dollar in history. Or meat or for the average person cost they Jaffe and then like half an email and we've got six and our family a little bit above average in their bank. That's just for one per cent average cost twenty dollars per month used in a bottle water cost. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars if not more year. I investing in any PW. What are software that has a built in carbon filter and it that will Gaby that bottle water quality throughout the whole ham fox you turn on the shower they had. Any use smelled a chlorine coming out of that well you know you don't need to smell the chlorine or take a shower and chlorine. Chlorine is only there to make sure that bacteria to grow from the plant. To your home I want to get they don't need that anymore and you'll need spelling I need ingested it makes our skiing super dry. It can't mining guest for a you know millions of people or on the world. Chlorine does that your skin so we can take that out of your water. Therefore that improves the quality of your ski and because you're not drying out. And therefore you also save all the money on bottled water can't let you get bottled water quality pace throughout a whole home. So not only all the benefits of soft water at 50% longer life on all your what he's in the minds is that you also. Yet the carbon filter included in our water softener. I'll give it about a lack calling taste Philip Halloween we know we in. It's like to learn more about what we had to offer we need to free estimate and won 318. And 6600. I'm surprised you've not talked about the skin really I actually got to beat one of the biggest reasons I love letter shop yes. Alligators I have you Doral again from the U. Foster finally leaked us state like a case a couple weekends ago we went to Vegas sun prayer for an of r.s 48 year anniversary our skinny and birthday. A lot of fun and aquaculture. However and they did not handle lighter carbon. Hi we really don't drink that much so we know we do that yen I think we spent forty dollars and three days and slot machines not well yeah we're bored waiting for people so. We did not gamble our money where they are entering get a way you can actually watch some show isn't really market aligning down Fremont street Allen's for eagle that we did. That's all I thought I miles an hour I'll tell everybody about that. So Dixie is all the brave one right she's talking about how it's gonna be great there's like seven so how beforehand play stories how might erupt my stone. I mean seven store I get there and get their seventy feet up in the air 77 feet of the air. So we go and they start to strap you into this big pad that lifts you up into your horizontal the pet is a problem down. And Dixie all the sudden surge on I'm okay. I'm okay I'm okay she went for many tough girl left greens are yelling at. Any coffee yet that the door opens up and it shoots us out. Then Allen OK then alibi on mrs. Napa and it's it's got to get IDC need tumble past few yellowing eyes and all the week didn't you weighed just lights went meiji. So worrying like Superman all my right or leg weighs as much as you read out only if they a lot of I now laugh I mean he gets wanna clarify that we were getting drunk on lingering harmful things fill in that but we were just talking about. What are these ten things yeah you're getting your alligator and you're eliminating dry skin. It greatly re d.s is not in the and eliminate greatly reduces dry skin and not having water softener when a conditioner in your home. And that's and one of the great benefits of personal benefit that I like about them. Very very match. So I really are almost at times and it got to go to another quick break that to come. Attacked a little bit about tad paint plant some water heaters a lot people wanna flicks to those and get out of there came to what he's. Also no meat eating chili so much how can I iriki a leader in parade grads heater. And how do you keep yourself warm when your head no worker had to school where real hang out teal. And guess of eighteen and only went back years and how that can help you personally listening to eight. Opera is called the 59 dollar. Earnest faith teen claimed chat from eight 318 fast 16600. Hello welcome back TPW let me he didn't really know for homes in Kieft or Democrats ms. Dixon will not come folks and listening to you eight he'd be help for hunts. We've rent APW plumbing heating cooling here and NHL and with him about an hour reef to Renner Cintron are located off theft. I sometimes forget nick liked it cal folks are radio share and that we actually renting a comedian at UC company you're down in San. And what we want generic digital stay focused I know at let's keep focused on the top aches and our can't didn't guide that we wanna get TU. Our live always give us off track I talk about weird stuff that has nothing you know there is how you that EU no no no I am the one who keeps us on track has ever Johnny Carson yes this has giver in him at. So lag yes and already he gets less and we do appreciate here and questions comments. And your concerns that again helps us that the topic of what may interest you most. And yes I do you hear you guys out there that keep keep on track I hear that as well. I just been telling we only there's at least three people who greater degree and head buried six million that's about now. And though and I'll leave a member rented into wider treatment and treating the water in your home. And you know you're really to be honest plumbing companies don't talk about a lot and they don't know a lot about it really it's not that they. I might daily frowning because it's been kind of that high high and tight lending product. That that alpha they just don't know a lot about it I swear TO later beat twenty years adding doing that every time I've interviewed a plumber to come work for rest. 99.9. Percent of plumbers do not know how lit. About water treatment water softener. If something that we train every single person who comes to work wrath. And down that's just the industry an in general fell. I'll let passion and sadly no they don't do such great improvements to your home I don't have near Al what are using the plaintiff lasts up to 50% longer rely. That's a huge improved never wash machine dishwasher at cotton meeker an ice maker. I taint what heater paint collect flatter here and you know profit. Tights on and just can't go on anon yes you're gonna. And they that you guys to think I don't do data when I like you now in need such a great improvement that it dads on. Three d.s claiming times in your home what rock rocks and boulders like to you what I call mineral harness rocks and boulders. Expressed. Everything and that's criminal pardon instead to stick to everything that's where you see you know cresting up on. Rossiter shower head that's what we also get so scam that is men are hard Neff. And sticking to the soap antennae dirt in keeping an eye on the side did you showers and talent. So when you don't happen that are hardest in your home or in your water at the end eat dirt and still go down the dry seen. Instead of sticking to decide to showers and talent so re disk clean time because of water treatment. In addition you don't have them Brack and older are I mean their hardest sticking pierced my. So when you take a shower think about this took us a quick point pitcher contingent produced a nominee. If you're taking a shower and you began showering you stay out of steel smell like a field day you were using to clean your by eight. Are you truly clean. Up government you truly think he can still smell silk. Telling your skin. If you're truly clean you shouldn't tell me think gee shouldn't have anything on your skiing patient on down and drain. So it's the at break grants. The Derek to everything latter included a down the drain that not harness like sticks to everything. Fragrance and perfume should be sprayed on TUA shouldn't be stuck on you still with mineral harness gone out of the water but at the water treatment water softener. At that point you have healthy year. And and more moisture right ski and when you come out of the shower hating men a hard thing you wider you greatly increase the dry skin had been. My problems that are out there. Especially eggs and you notice it makes up big improvement. On xmas and with removing chlorine it does help gusts arises is more of a medical and out Corey irritates it and cause it to break out. So it does help with of removing the calling it Carville and Laura yet chlorine is again not bring new ad of the general water softener what are southerners get around Yost. Do not do anything for your taste in and smell water only renew is now harnessed the water softener that we installed. Not only remit the men are harness that they do take out. And your chlorine to pour my age ammonia and bad they chemical that they see it adds to lighters or bacteria and Gerber replaced your home however. When you get your come we don't need both chemicals anymore don't need a shower only drink and then we keep hammering neat yeah and therefore you get on the blotter quality taste. They're out your whole home. And Philly just think there's such a great product if your interest in learning more about it Collins for furry estimate. 91382. Fat 6600. Again not only 318 fat 66 headed for your free estimate. What we do we act hatfill many of these out there in the Kansas City area I know without listeners correct in my number yet I got any PDF deal water softener. Because we have so many of them out there and we move with Phil so passionately about and we love them my apple would never go back. Amma let had a water softener in my home. Facility when I'm not at a cocktail fanatics get it free after next Allen 318 fab 6600. Out of when he can get back before we then if segment closed out and half of our time last year. We had a lot questions from last week and painful leg so water heaters when he is militant Bork. Had a day where you know we really dedicated a lot of the show last week in Chile a lot of compliments on them the without of people calling you catch on the show work. Did you tap tap a little bit more about it well theory attic and we. But till when he give me a little bit as you know I think that we love about tank left announced that more people were asking about more photos of me on our website recently held high and it like clicking handsome voicestream when you know when he locks that I think that's what those will be the biggest question was last week now I don't know that was not now Dylan. So the I'm a couple things I guess when I'm out in the field the biggest question I hear there's a lot of people want them. And they say to me. He bet they're I know they're expensive I have somebody get one in their expensive. So. It's all relative to how you're looking at of course spent any amount of money isn't the greatest thing we wanna do we have families rip other bills to pay. Heck kids in sports alone will break you right. So what only split our 27 deadly and then how to step dad and I can't I just eyewitness. Nasal the one thing is as Dixie always brings up is the lifespan of a tank thus. Is at least twenty years or somewhere around twenty years I N exceeding past twenty years is not uncommon for these systems have been over the last. Especially if you take care of him. Well attempt water heater eight to ten years and it's virtually dining and our industry standard sent out not just your opinion that's being greedy research and see ATK in years is its industry standards on attained a letter to do a little Google sort of thinking that yes so. Just dual search sell. That would you'd take a look at the cost per investment wise even long term. It would RBC makes sense to have something the last twenty years you don't have to deal with. And somebody says the evidence breaking up over time while a kind of except for every single month of course you're paying excess amount within utility bills. I guess my biggest concern to you it's what I eat a lot of the customers that I talked to you or bring up is. If the water heater leaks which you will every one of them were leaked sooner or later. If it leaks to use the damage that it causes how much does that connect coffee in your talking about I paint or what are your detained what heater will leak and at ten and came back. Because that's less of your point eat is that pain collects will eliminate. The. And damage and it came what are heater can do when it starts totally that I I go all the time to water heaters their leaking into. Sometimes it's very of their near the doorways in a basement of their leaking on somebody's carpet. Sometimes it's running up the wood in the walls because any water at all tonight on it out of my range you don't see detained what are heater starting until leaks they don't realize it happened ain't. And that's where is damaging and then can people really don't know if and that's when the bottom of the literally falls out. And you have forty gallons fifty gallons of water plus the latter coming in just letting you basically they are you get the phone call is I just got a notice that I have weighed too much water usage and they're asking me to check it and you goad their water heaters just been. It just riding out the side down the drain. But there's always would drywall something that gets damaged and I guess you could let it dry out however it's gonna create multi. So you have a lot of issues with that I actually comparing at the water heater. Ten to what a heater that I should say. Vs a tanker left released the cause you're not gonna have right you're not gonna hand holding taint any more with retained growth there is no holding taint. Would they take constitute Gaby your visual attain it is only as they did that carry on suitcase an ounce on the wall. Phil you get other extra space for storage that you don't have the came to water heater taking the space or holding now liner. Since two more feet you don't have the potential playing on these aging water heaters and the fifteenth of this and we're telling you tape actually heated exchange during inside airing heating up the water in about four point that affect and it. And giving you continuous. Hot water for past 38 if you wanted to take a hot shower for thirty days I would recommend not met. Won't touch average three even member ran out of pot whiners you mean act didn't get the benefited the efficiency if you did. I can bring your skin would be soft after three days and he may not have heard Rainey scanned my knowledge and appeal honors on the high bit better. That was my point as far as Carrasco is is that. You can't just look at the initial cost of buying it is the car I operation reflects that the risk. Factor they are more than paint a water heater however they deal accepted twenty years and you'll save up to 40% on your water bills. Switching out he skinny on your. And and gas bills are propane bills switching to hang out for tank left. And the Pentagon to me and only uses energy when you request hot water otherwise it's a tanker wrecked eighteen to water heaters always requesting hotline. And dad narrowing because they carry on to Casey get all that space for storage and then lastly you have any less and that's a hot wire deacon a rent all year what do you think the planes is all of the same time he never ran out hot water and still get hot shower after all that. Which is so great here let's think AP gebbie help for hound if if you have any questions adding you topics are talking about Canadians calling 91382. Fat 6600. Alpha feature. 59 dollar radio special safety furnish safety and clean check. By calling eight. Back TPW plumbing heating relief help for home so I'm Keith fortnight crust and is due to a friend welcome back again EPA health plans. We are tight in do a lot different thing detect a wider Cheney today if you know really protecting your water that comes in your home and get in those. Rocks and boulders out of villages I and they are hard nest. And dad have that wreaked Havoc on your what are using a cancer isn't your scanning your hair or not I could step in and hang on it. Tee you that your cleaning wind you don't take it meant a harness Allah and your home. Snow and eight he gebbie jazz feel passionate about water softener and we love treating your water. And dad that is not something you normally get. Rom eight plumbing company. Still because silly you know when you've got running problems will you know. They don't necessarily ethics the cause of the problem they just won a picture problems so we'll fix all your problems that we also want to find causing DB solutions to them and mineral harness is the cons to a lot of plumbing problems and homes. And Dan cellular I'm not app and I get a free estimate from eight PW plumbing heating and call link. We DN service about an hour radius around our center located office here in Kansas City. Well give a free Aston Ali need to do is called 91382. Fab 6600. In Hamlin 318 that. 6600. Ari neglected that Dixie difference dot com and delegates taken care of there own make in 1984. In addition that we protect Matt Cain collects water heater so cutting given a recap now warn our last. Then of the show here and down and we did a whole show last week and take less immediate questions about English water heaters all the time. We put in hundreds of these a year panic or some else we feel passionate about to my reasoning is going to be just like. She airy and the information that we have there's a lot and if information about tank of water heaters. There's a lot of interest fill we'd love talking to folks about staff that they wanna learn more how to we love educating communicating things that week. No until passionate about and taint of his one of them. And down because they're such great you know points as far as getting to your home. We can and money to beat for war critic that played and then when I jam band TU and that he didn't garage Dayton with cell first is. You can fade the in the energy savings attain a flatter heaters you can get to 40% longer skis meek 40% of you immediately bills. And he can save switching out taint pertain Griffin again that the company on any consistent meaning that your taint. Water heater is only heating and re heat all gain all night. Keep up with the knee and paint class actually is off stave off into your request hot latter in about four point on the second. Unless you have a wreath circulation pump on the line. It will give you. And enact an ounce of pot Weiner because it's going dead heat exchanger in me and so you get the energy saving it's often to you request hot water. Second to last up to twenty years folks is actually will potentially out well laughed to retain water heaters industry standards say. Into water heaters last only eight to ten years so yes I'm great investment when you've got a product prices at 220 years there only is being as a carry on suitcase. We've been all this space for storage I don't how many customers with have had 250. Gallon water heater side by side we eliminated both of them with the one that hasn't. Scheming with one taint collects water heater. And again now we've begun to carry on suitcase in the mountain right on the wall. And see all action or space for storage and lastly of course my favorite part I think it and mass amounts of hot water you get to hot shower for three days in an arm went out how what are not just an illustration it really is endless amounts hot water you can bring your dishwasher your washing machine and a couple hours. All at the same kind. It them all gang I mean you can still giddy and take your hot shower. And guys just such a great benefit for that reason as well so those are just more quick quick point on why he would wanna. Actually how paint water heaters to taint left. Water heaters and I know any public at a couple points. And you're around no I dislike him up monoxide or nobody likes us and I complain all the time you really like our products are carbon dioxide and water heaters indefinitely courteous carbon monoxide in the home and standpoint more than others. And dad sits in the concern that can be eliminated to attain perfect another reason at the tank left. And reaching out to the act paint what I heaters don't you know I you know me I'm a civil guy I think drink water heaters are stupid yes. Today I think they say they valiant and it just it just what it is it's the dumbest thing to bring us if you could afford not to. You don't put it and that's the bottom like and I would have that argument in any. Master plumber who wants to have a conversation with me. I can prove statistically how bad water heaters are it's just it's a horrible thing to put people's houses and here's a whole thing is as. If somebody wants to drink water here that's their choice you know we all have the freedom of choice the greatest thing about our country right we get to choose. The brunt of the problem that I have is that a lot of times that choice to go to thankless when they've been offered a tank water heaters not give end. Where they'll only price had a tank water heater. And they won't offer a thankless one because they don't like Amare they don't whatever them I don't know what it is. So and then people don't have the option and I've gone to a lot of spouses were done other work. And they put in brand new tanked water heaters and I'll be like why do you take a start date in Tulsa anything about it. Everything in what a horrible thing to do to peoples that. You don't have to buy what they have but they do have to give you options and that's probably the most important thing that we that I cover out in the field this. Give people the option to choose let them decide what they wanna do we shouldn't do that formed yet so my only and I might complain. You desire and that's kind of our mind Tra I guess you'd say about. And 8 PM the and I said to educate the homeowner on just what they need to now Lang and let him beat your own best judge of what is best for them care and we end and that's what we deal and if little Pratt pride in that we took pride in what we get. So land next subjects and they don't really wanna get and clean and burn unit at Cooper did this when to me with that Cooper goes cougars are eleven year old. He wound can count and I look I understand yeah while he's eleven beyond your years at any length. So he goes dad was like what he does control McGraw Jeter. Mike why during the Carter tropical yet is dead it's cold cream of the garage here I'm I'm. All days I didn't know I I really had I heard on eight PW infrared derives Peter Allen Allen and we haven't in our own helmet letting calamity chair I don't know that it could try to out there that. Can they defeat you as well. And that's the thing to do like to talk about Manson things that help us in that we actually use in our town. Eat pray that he can be bride teetered doesn't matter how cold it is outside you'll get into a nice toasty car every morning our every evening. And eliminate those cold starts on your car sleep and then remain maintenance there as far as that's concerned it is high quality heat for eight. Making Heatley two to three car garage for pay eight dollars a month at the very minimal. A creek on your bills can heat that big of an eerie after surely isn't for five months it's forty dollars a year basically exactly and it's installed and think to rent faith safely by an EAT and T and dollar price tiers. And eight. 55 degrees. Just to get that she'll off on believed that the Israel freezing days. Malawi yeah we have a refrigerator in our garage I I joke because. That's and they keep it was not have apparently we got married a long time and yelling and that and the necessity of having a girl rides and and refrigerators filled you know when you don't keep your even when you got a friend arrives. And yeah add to lecture freezing to the refrigerator. I PM ERS in parade right he will definitely take care of you know the plaintiff you may have out in the nice gesture car. So I. And -- week it's easy quick installation for you to get it take gebbie won a free estimate on an infrared AP AB grind cheater give us a call again now when three eat too bad. 6600. I guarantee you will not regret it. If you got that rain above the garage he can't just keep warm and this will help keep this house to warm. And because you're keeping that bring you that the girl the brightest south warm so definitely looking investing and that he'd get 8 PM do you call again now 138 teen found 6600000. It is called to take care refer to furnace even. It furnace safety inspection for 59 dollars again and went 318 fat 6600. He then I think AT get the help for home.