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APW Help for Homes
Saturday, November 25th

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Hello and welcome to APW plumbing heating and cooling helper homes this is the show. Dedicating do you the homeowner preach you do experience the Dixie difference. If we can help me Vinny your plumbing heating or cooling needs to give us a call 913. 8256600. Or at the Dixie difference dot com my name's Keith for an across his digs. Wahlberg and lot back 58. Actually have enjoyed Shelly and give us some feedback own things and topics to talk about. So loud and he'll want to quickly mention what is the Dixie different that you get that was chuckling to myself as you're saying that in the end trial. And I think they Dixie different you know what it would that mean. He now. And as we think of Dixie being a girl's name rank you know I went to school with a guy named exe. Like we're faced the trend of the Wheeling fifth sixth grade again. You know and that does he look like a blonde girl now he doesn't know many of the IE the gang is in his exe. Fellow by the Dixie different elect dad that I mean how well when I talk about her chance to Manhattan like into our. Tactics and attack cannot take it that winter's coming and we've got some great winner topic. Went on the day the weather warms up pretty well I mean my arms up or breeze. It doesn't mean it's chilly chilly you know frenzy you don't you're fiscal hole I'm always cold yeah give off if you blowing her off it's like it's a horrible you walk in there it's like the heat. I X 700 agrees that hairy guy yeah Mike. Oh my gosh Eddie her breathing or you're right it's war our lack of it being terrible lie after suffering for. We defend my count then if you don't like film what you normally down here I am out of here. Fifth well I didn't have anything to do with the -- different first seemed happy care where turn out the dictator and to me wandering around the building and I just set myself and different people sleep at night in and yet you do like I guidance at their office early doctor says you know an eight. And we're you know the Dixie different Abu Whitney had been and you know don't talk about it a lot though we deal at the last couple years have been really at talking about it more. And getting people to understand what eight. They let. PW Dolly a great day eight Pete Elliott. And you were gonna take care of your concern you need your wine in the most efficient way possible. Indeed she on our schedule and answer your questions that obediently and you know minimize hold times for healing and it's taking care at net. Service coordinators that we call our customer service is yet highly trained and and they really care about our customer second answer service technicians. You know of course they come out they should always repair and fix and and and take care of any thing that and that LG within your home and that's what they're supposed to give. But what we often do a lot and that means and training on. Educate their customers in communicating effectively today and says that. We can really show you the work that we're dealing expo lying TU the work that we dealing your home. Do you know what your painful war saloon no we're really being that age eighteen tweaking effectively you know what you're getting. And then thirdly there even high quality products any PL EEL. And we want to make sure that whatever pain in your home it's gonna laugh back test of time it is any failures hey you know what it's worn tee back from the manufacturer the beach taking care of the the real lesson we're getting dad Phil we believe that we see you know a year a year purchasing them each get the bath. And Mac gonna take any hair cut any corners and then last not least. He is we deal. All of those points and great value bright you know we're not the most expensive in town by any means and we're proud of that. We can't beat the one guy and a track who may not be around next year hah hah Hough. However where great price for all of our products and services that would euphoria in a very Pratt acting as one of the best kept secret that a PW if you've never used any and that's before. Back in their grieving nation and there you go that is the Dixie different. Sell out we appreciate and you know your bed nets and if you wanna get us a colony your plumbing heating cooling Meachem caught that 91 curry. Eighteen fab 6600. Or you go to die Dixie different than dot com. And AM or eight PW cloning dot com it's a couple literal ways to get it in tech to a if there are so. I get a lot of people say that you know he'd give great time to anti. He got had a great time on the show that sometimes I forget what am listening to see need to talk more about HPW so there's they're readout I've just talked a little bit about eight PW. Plumbing heating and cooling and readers to give a so called if you need any plumbing heating and cooling everything. Yet you know what the we take a survey once long somebody calls and I'm by the phone. And I'll say asked and they'd like more. You've played yet they like he had a family Palestinian Brady and you know NFL week asking you know what I'd like I lose almost every time you live every time I do I think all of the time islands. Here's the sad part it's completely in terms you guys milk. You pick sides in most do you pick the wrong time like covering this right now who you picked the wrong side will make mistakes in life you don't. And we learn and let those guys like Star Wars he now at the Ariane did that in the back down like the rebellion and you're a parent and I made I think I garner valley and Allentown but don't all you nice start made air they say that you stay on track in new mood do everything personal I joke around rates. Yes sure island and next sure no doubt us. On the radio but I work you're very different apps so here I'm tasked in very scary when we get to work. I don't get to mess around because we have so much to teach people you guys would be shocked and Howell orally educated. The the the most of you know the service companies are per service tech understanding. What to take care of what CO2 does. Aired treatment all these things they're just not taught out there so we have so much training that we do. For our current sir stacks and any news or restricts or bring in. It actually takes a great deal of work to help them understand the effects on how they affects how the help of you would your family. And obviously had to take care of the seat upper levels confidence you know what I wanna talk about today. And how cute I let you had good first half. Other women from the users to that yes some tech about what is a different NC you know everybody is turned on the furnace at this point. And daddy you know even think about it what is the good furnace and do you couple questioned the lakers' then and I YE is a listener to really think about. For a moment and you have hot and cold spots in your house. One level more you know more cold than another level Haider you know linked it would twine is that. And ER one side of the house or one bedroom over that ride is colder than the arrest in the house. So that they need not hot and cold that spot do you have dry skin and comes to wintertime and like fixing the idea though I do get to drier skin pressure. I'm Indiana allergies pets Jerry are smokers in the house. And and and that another great one is what are your energy bills right now running your furnace. So here's my point to those questions and ammunition I have an issue those. Question. Why does a great question how they may be great questions aren't immune do you what are your knee didn't he needed a do you need a new furnace and what's the difference may thirty Havilland. I guarantee that 95%. Of the six million listeners out there right they don't even I percent after a huge range noticed after a great survey I have. It was an incredible serving right daylight tired millions of people who do oh wow so the this is a little Julia being on the field most people don't recognize. That they have those problems. Here's a US it is our hot and cold spots now now that I don't think so. And then you start looking at the system you realize may and the systems messed up they installed it poorly. And so then these are talking on the like well I just it is a little more uncomfortable. And XY and Z of the house now as it is immediately act to use the furnace like air conditioner there's Cassini lip how they used to it may it's like having ferret after while you stood anywhere else does they are actually smell my gosh I can't I can't have a conversation up and never had one. Well I've been a lot to how's that effort lamb and it just it just think the cute animal no way you're here for India and that the air and no air owners. They're dealt him in a normal that the nice enough. I didn't I don't know where you get your information from its study that I did you didn't that you did. Phil. Two questions that you should ask yourself any different way Haskins if they pick it had everything you do with your team cooling system. Which is deal had been hot and cold spots are uncomfortable spot can help everybody does it mean it's because you have that windows or not an installation Allah however it could beat him staying church. Absolutely could be that also could be back to your heating and cooling since them and that's why ESM areas of the home their colds are higher than others. Coming straight back. T your fern your duct work or the installation of your furnace in their condition like we talked about most time its the installation how they install it. Which is probable and obviously it did it makes eight lower quality for its better and it makes a high quality furnace worse. When they install it. Depending on how they install I mean it's terrible toll installs just horrible but I see people do they're too ridiculous. In the bipartisan customers don't know. I go to houses and they have no clue that it's one of the most. Horrid installs I've ever seen well I'm just like. And we may get paper. We uses tape on so many any important and that it just to bring around why you're stuck tacking not that is because at 8 PM be cutting heating and cooling we believe. And we get her fate install every single time we do now history why your system will laugh. The test of time and then to generally wind furnace and air conditioners failed a Fuller their life. And expectancy because connected installation. And now how long you been using fans sure we were gonna go over blower motors an official at sea levels. However it still comes down to I don't care how good it is and it's installed wrong and a right I don't read more about that any quick moment edited a quick break any lessening the AT gebbie help for her own if he had an answer everything your furnace there right now take a manager at eight. 59 dollar furnace safety inspection. Call 91382. Fab 6600. For your 59 dollar radius special furnace safety inspection are good and bad Dixie difference dot com. Is scheduled yours today I'm Dixie and across to me keep the lead back in just not met your listening to eighteen get me help perhaps. Hello and welcome back gate PW plumbing heating Cooley health problems I can keep pouring across these Dixie Wilbert. And welcome back. I can't lose and now you're like I dreamed of being here. Other had to get them anti care that's our eye ear and it continues things that thing we did you wearing out gay how they do with it oh you don't know hall often we have that congress is only talking. That it's dead I'm like honey. I heard deal yet another bad day at even near the only task ally than multitasking doesn't ideal well you know what I mean we still have to do sell I don't. And you can only do one movie admitted I amen and glad that I do well. And fellow investors who we are gonna get into like you know the quality of for us he is yes to India and yes we tagging about to lead is a good. Burn as what the differences inferno affairs. For your home eighteen get the help for home since then the shell any. We hope to help you with the need to Europe furnace and air conditioning that this time there. Our and I. And dad to get any of our service through third you know land give us a call we'd be happy healthy Allah after it any better opportunity give us call. More than 59 dollar earnings safety inspection from eight. They'll appear bay NFL. I take advantage of the 59 dollar earnings safety inspection from eight. Off of the 99. Dollar Lani and inspection that includes eight taint wider heater flash. So that they great value to help because of winter can wreak Havoc on your money. So prepare for any thing them by just making sure that everything is in tip top shape. Take care of it before it come as any big issue with playing. Or and you know disaster within your home and 99 dollar cloning inspection or wind at ten water heater flash. And you you should be doing your tank water heater flesh every single year anyhow you know you want to telegraph attacked a time limit patient and that folks if you are. One of the great view that have a paint a less lighter heater really should getting those. And fleshed out every year as well so give us a call we do those all the time we eat. And know a lot about tank of water heaters are put in hundreds of of them a year is a lousy gift questions or comments about pin with water heaters give us call the office. 913 eat too bad 6600 we we can be your company. Absolutely TD your tank to let letter heater flash as well you don't make sure this last after twenty years so. You Jaffray when and they should that you're taking care of them as I do in his annual flash expert. I tell. The Sony getting diesel from new homebuilders since I about a teton keeper like anti bomb on what's wrong with my install umi on year burning from the first night there's actual when they installed the Vernon says they key oil a papal we'll tape indifferent to get people ordinary dog attack and how I always like Larry I'm masking tape and just came in and Scott could take county out of foil tape right and they used in an. And with the install and what we eat or what you wanna make a queen about it is slow called me it's not agree not agree so now this is. What happens you know on the new installs I understand why they end up using I don't agree to understand is that home builders won't spend money are they don't wanna spend money on equality install. So these guys have to go way and they don't have a choice but they have to put in the equipment. And they have to reduces much cost as possible to lose a couple errors that they get that the. Happen till I mean that's something that we're trying to educate your line is in your furnace you can go down and look at it and feel what do I did I get a good install I don't know I didn't industry one of the ways that you could look at is what your point now right now. Which is if he always used its short cat and a poor and a lower quality and stop. I hit and what they end up doing is that there's large gaps. Or they just one that would seal up the scenes. And so they rapid intake but it's not how installs or shall should be done so what ends up and and that way you check the use go look for tape the other way is keep your furnace running and put your hand. Around your furnace or piece of paper and really take ledges and little piece of paper. On down and give you got to feel you know where they would have met a short and their joints are together right and you'll see it will blame it on that fracking NN. The fact and that paper then at that point you know it (%expletive) although. Air that they airing your basement team running back is now what you wanna be doing you any second air from their registers. In Howell. To re circulate your air throughout the whole hell yeah. So the returns obviously bring it out and that's what you want. Our bring him back under the furniture but then return register opens for Christina I didn't cartoons blinking lights go out Clinton. That's what you want to brown downstairs of course are. I have a brown and a bit. They don't leave you know. So and then the filter obviously you don't want to draw the air from the basement it's one of the problems with the installs and why we're explaining this to use is either. It's a way to fix small things on the current install when your comments Newark. Or it's a thing that when you get your furnace replaced you make sure it doesn't happen. Right if you use those don't use us whatever it is you need to understand because this is how companies try to save money now for you here like gathered by getting cheaper it's worth that. No because 70% of the life Peter equipment is based on how somebody install that. So it's gonna cost you a tremendous amount of money in utilities and in maintenance in the future sees saved nothing zero zip. So that's is why it needs to be done properly. I'm a house is Letterman last 810 years I'll date you see a lot of metal tape. On the furnaces the other part I'm getting Jews if you go open your attic space which a lot of these nicer Arab or newer houses to storage and say. Have I you'll see that these duck quirk is all flexible block flexible lied. And what ends up happening is that Duckworth is supposed to been stretched. There's like ribs on the inside and it restricts air flow. If you have like a long runs of it just sitting there you'll see them they'll just. They'll keep the action there won't cut it they'll just hook one in due to duct work and the other into a register. And all of a sudden you just have this of this worm. Like all over the place where you just shooting had been stretched into one I straight lines early she didn't think an air blowing through the more fishy and it is. Because it's one long straight. Two verses like there weren't that too you know weeding around your snake looking around your attic right because Eric can only go so far you can only push it's so far. And so when it's all the same size it hasn't difficulty dealing more force so few areas of the house that don't have enough force when we get back at all explaining what you can do when you don't have to call me. Actually it's an easy thing you can pay unit calling him in the right know that they can attack and upgrading your friends are what you did turn it. On and burning Galen and different other options between. He Munich Haiti in nineteen indicates he'll stay tuned to this businesses often information and and it's really bad game changer in the last five years when it comes to ATC through extensive. As just like the big box TV admitting to the flat screens so stay tuned for that you're less and Kiki get the help for homes I'm Dixie military and crescent keep Ford. And doubt your faith can come back also give us a call click and I about the 59 dollar. Ernest safety inspection 91318. That 6600. That's our radio special. Within 99 dollar plumbing inspection wind and tainted water heater flash. You're looking at eight. Yeah. Hello welcome back eight VW love eating and really go for in Keefe order across raised its fuel for and welcome back again to eight. We haven't sang I did everything by the way but you know when you end this so we knew in a segment you say. And. Across for me is Keith or yes that's not take it. Correct it's not tomorrow because he's not across from what Nokia as you sit forward on actually to the right a deal. Ice it pacing UC your cross for me. Like pat and catty corner totally accurate I ensure that you get wrong they're not cheers swivels flooding eased only beef here and there are you I'm Luoyang in Iraq at the producer Larry at the British actor don't want to steer you like and stare at Ronald here is there I. Is I'm at march Tina Allen I'm just like you know my body language says that I am open with who'll be the deal. Really eat. Hair is popular support. We get eight that's Laviolette does some radio or nobody can see you where we feel. I just wanted to cartoon is telling you shouldn't why don't why don't you put up some like FaceBook life I don't know what alma. Fell in you know little things that I can he do now. And that is Vernon says they because he can go on FaceBook and friendly and metal or ignore you and make a gag as you're never on whenever I'm still eight go already had not acted in an ascending you do now and that is a lot about I get burn after three I into burning C then the a lot of calls at the office and a lot about females are bound. Really did I grope them. And a whole bunch of bottom ray and paint and you win a gold where with that no work 200 trouble gathered lakes soul like I'm that dumb. And you did grab the sisters that I am so glad they shared there. Blame somebody else okay fell ill and if you're gonna put my feelings go somewhere that you now productive. And then fill light that talking right now I love you and I. And be quiet fell led him to give back a gas scare have T have to deal we certainly didn't have to work this and then act and live with him as well. Raise our children can't. Do the same. I've delivered reworked with the series and I and I feel so sorry for you Brad and me later to take a shower with me now you don't have high Dexter you. Net fell if the talk and communicate being earnest gave in nineteen iniki furnaces. And and take you another great example can you make the quick. I'm not exactly negative note I have a good example OK with that K so you were like. Communicating equipment and I am like nine next treated nicely at a better exam that'll help everybody understand all that makes it much better until a better example is sad. He still like the old box TV now and then then we've all these are old enough to remember the box TV rates it's sell now. And into the laughable if he'd even get an and now you know Beilin a Wal-Mart for like 300 bucks to seven Guillen she now crazy big TV from a snow many. And that is kinda what's happening in each beefy right national. No they have communicating says tens. That more work more like a computer. On guy action at addresses where they can communicate to each other. Vs the ninety meek heating systems that we're like it's glitches galore like a light switch. And a whole bunch of I mean there's up to twelve wires and half surrender your fern last year air conditioner in in order for at T even know what it's doing for each other. Now they can mean eighteen pistons meet only four Y Ayers are only. In order to Kimi came and they came to meet all kinds of things whether it's a furnace and air handler at tea cup and air conditioner is owning fifty and and they don't need all these bunch of wires to do it it's all down to four wires. And in addition to act when he's just started coming out of the way expense end but it's not anymore. Our Mary. The price and it's becoming so affordable. Almost a no brainer to go communicating. In wanna talk about why he would land they communique eighty and our furnace and air conditioner come combination in your home and wet the great benefits are in a lot and it comes right guarantee your app of the if patients feet at patients see a patient see good in it. And it's also comfort there's a lot of I'll never that you get you get out of the system itself and when you see those high electric bills. Oh there's a lot of money that goes into heating could your social billions of dollars right somebody's came up with the numbers for trillions of dollars of money going to cooling your house. But the cool thing about communicating systems I this is the icing is that. They they really understand your environment and the way that you actually. Live in Europe domain there so what it'll do is it has outdoor sensors and what it sensing his. You know what's the temperature outdoor how much humidity is outside. Right now. Then it starts to figure out OK what is the temperature and humidity inside the house. So we combined those two pieces of information along wept. The way you have been heating and cooling your house for the last thirty days or sixty days to birdie on the system. But it'll attract so let's say that the system knows that at 5 o'clock every day. Because of of people coming home let's say the temperatures slowly surge or increase. It'll understand. How much blower speed and how much of the furnace and air conditioner needs to most efficiently. Reduce the temperature down when your adding a loan and I mean load by human beings is we put a body heat right you add the load to a room the larger the load is. The more the air conditioner or furnace has to work. And so it's senses that and you'll readjust to it Brad and me all your car on. On the opposite side with 89 Q meet heating system which most of you have out there it's just. Turning it on by the clock blasting house with heat and just training get to that next temperature that you told it taped you know to get ill. On verses again communicating fist and it's all lake Ella Smart computer in there. That just blew Lee feels the house to get their desired temperature by the tiny bit at 5 o'clock any Didier. Without really cost and cost Gil a significant less money to do. Yeah I mean I'll give you an over exaggeration to understand let's say that it knows. At 5 o'clock you want to have the temperature at your house to beat 6565. Seven about seven ET location or mr. most awesome again is so Smart. Tell what this system will do is it'll recognize so let's say for the last thirty days. What the temperature outdoors the humidity and then what you have been doing. And if restart your system up that lets say 3 o'clock and it's starts it off so low and he gets the air flowing that the time that gets 5 o'clock. Now the temperature is that where you wanted to be and you spent so little money you'd even realize that. Now what's vs well you may have a thermostat that says at 5 o'clock you want to be. 72 degrees some thermostats at five turn themselves on it just blows heat or cooling. Which cost you a lot of money it's like in a vehicle. You know you're sitting at a stoplight I and you can either slow leave. Hit the gas pedal like me to be safe driver L might get or you can be like Dixie and everything has a hundred pound weight on next iron that Patrick analysts are there like to get where need to Dell in the most Brett. With Italy about the however you use a lot more fuel yes fight having to accelerate very quickly use very little fuel. When you can do it and a slower pace. So and then you do have some of the nine comedian gave thermostats. That recognized by 5 o'clock it wants to be at 72 so it may start at like 330 to get it up to that point. But it's giving it a the majority of its power and a very short period of time. Which it cost a lot of fuel cell in what it. Remind me of our kids love cars right now rent yes I'm like are still talking about it like Elliott Bernadine written. That means they know all the main enemies they argued in March just Lambeau is he had just to Lambeau right so. Let the dog about attaining any right now but get dodge fill cat. Today is a really fast car right what are coming out of the dodge demon. And they said if you accelerated in the quarter mile you'd virtually burned the entire tank of gas laugh. Wow so. But that's how that's going to be left that's kind of some of these furnaces are. What your goal is to keep your furniture conditioner running very low speeds for longer periods of time did you imagine. It's just like water if water flows at a consistent rate for long periods time everything's kind of settled those are calm waters. You don't how big Russia's however if you have a way evil water coming at you at 5 o'clock. It takes so much more energy to get that wave to hit he'll get analogy that's kind of what you need to look at. So communicating systems that what they're doing is they're just picking. Rightly thinking you know what enter your calculation they are calculating pinkie Neal and you are talking about that is that when he demo and they run their super quiet. So if you have mile furnace Turkish next to a and then jury Umar bathroom are keenly rim and yeah hearing in all the time well then ninety are these communicating pistons are super duper quiet he don't hear the operate young people don't realize how loud they are. I mean any additional bad again at Philly and then and add the country noise level it gives the best human unification in the home and during. The wintertime and the best DT may unification during the summertime. And that which is really import around here because we do have those extremes with unification. On the film that has their running at either really low speeds for a longer period this time using less energy. They also give us some batter he notification during the winter and that are deep communication your in the summer sell. Come great great aspect of garlic in every glacier furnace and air conditioner. This is the way to get it definitely with communicating. In our opinion arsenic content or talk about this kinds when we get back. In just a minute to get take another small break. I tell. Continued its guess a lot of the pros are definitely for arsenal kinds of more make sure that we give those TN as well. You're lessening the EP Gabby yeah help for home that we want to go ahead and try AP gebbie at some point if you haven't before. I kind yes for your 59 dollar safety. Curtis safety inspection back AP deadlier than 99 dollar money inspection we attain to water heater flask. You can call me Al 91 carry too bad 6600. Your go to guy Dixie different dot com we'll be back in a moment. Hello and welcome back to a PW plumbing heating cooling health problems. And Keith Ford in next to me is Dixie Wilford and welcome back and we are. Tack and talked about furnaces and help that would trainee keep until. Matthew complicated that we're talking about. The differences in nine to me Keating burn incense and communicating furnaces or a Clinton for your residential home. And what that means T appear in the market for that even on the market for a until late at night of I eighty years. It's something you really can learn because there is the major difference it's happening in eight to be feed heating and cooling. Altogether that hasn't really happened in the last forty years. In the last five years there's been a major shift. In equipment and cell which is the deeper I mean it's really exciting win. You can actually offering something new you do a customer. It has more technology DDB quieter operation higher efficiency and better comfort for your home. It actually does the saints because there's a technological different. Just like attacked an inner layer the yellow box TV I mean we had that are reading greens her you know. I don't forty years yourself but now that has changed in Ashley in a flat screen now almost in every day during the and living green room and kitchen and everywhere now look at the silk portable. And it's easier more compact. And gas at the end of being you know the big T day ahead. And that look like a piece of furniture in your living her. To this thinking heating and cooling it could and I am when he comes to communicating systems vs nine communicating assistance. 1918 is can be a very well and inefficient. Kind of weigh in the past communicating. Is more of and something that's coming around and eventually will all replace all the assistants. It'll take a long time that it'll eventually you're. If all the nine communicating systems as we get further into the future I do have one down fault to be techno card to get all advances of HD speak with that. Well the kind tell the content but some of the causes the in this is happening especially in housing as well as the press earlier in on the final night kinda new president and prosecute transparent. Tell especially douse is less than ten years old. How well some of the things I told you about the dock work. Is one of the things you can do is go open the attic and just take a peek up buried if you see a whole bunch of extra piping just rolling around everywhere. You wanna cut and get that shortened either you can do it are you can call. Us or some other company to do it but it needs to be stretched out eight getting polygraph didn't so I'm just don't want him that they get rid of my favorite the Dutch court easily stretched out. And so that'll give you better flow running into your bedrooms especially rooms that or lenders are history rooms. But you don't feel as comfortable with. Less than ten years old that's very rampant the other thing they have done. Is that they put a lot of zoning systems in these new house's. And the reason they've done that is an M enables them to put a smaller system in your house and what you need. So your system let's say normally would need to bide time because the house is so big right. And they put a three time in and what they do is they put zoning system in and they use that technology to force. The air to work according to the season meaning this. Is that obviously heat rises so in the wintertime. They take the zoning system sort shuts down the upstairs in the air it goes down. And then rises to warm the whole house a and then the exact opposite in the summertime. The problem is that type of air force takes so long to penetrate. Your typically uncomfortable. And it's really said we go to people houses and we're looking in my letter no hates undersized or like there's no way. And that really got another time. Nice to netcam it kind of they communicating turn essar says no I. A notch technology and general well tonight is it still comes back to the installation. Any any any company put it in what it is a new home builder or. Yeah accompanied eight tried he can't take a short pat without the customer actually knowing that there was a shortcut to their Ford doesn't really. Take care of the home army too comfortable. The way EUU. Would help in that led that though they're getting that we love you talk rallied your whole load calculation for your home which is a fainter little. Computer program we put in I'll make data for your how many there did its outlook out of it out what exactly. Furnace and air conditioner sides intend AJ you need for your. Home and it's just some of the things so if you have a newer house it like I said less than ten years old. And you're like why I don't I'm not even nowhere near a furnace or an air conditioner that I need however my house is uncomfortable what I do which is a lot of the questions I get. Well the making sure the zoning system working correctly because they used dampers Amber's could be stock devers could be blocking air. A lot of times the sisters just undersized and you need to wait until you put a new system in need to get the cracks Eisner even with the zoning system. And then the probably the last two are they don't seal the darker worked out well so you lose up to about 34% in your air flow. I'm in the dark work our thing that's like Manny going out the window well it's like 13 the power of your car or that you lost 13 of the power you really like that Italian actually written no you don't there's a problem. But and then the other part is the dot org not being stretched properly. And this nothing is all these things I mentioned there's nothing you can do about it you can't call the company who install that. That's what they build their wanted. It's still working there's no worn teeth for it I mean. Not not any job orgy that fix bad you know mechanics are marrying bad labor. Bad installs so you're kind of stuck with a so either you decide to repair or you get a company to repair it. And it will solve some of your issues and help you out so if you notice these things but you just give us a call will come out we'll explain to all showed TO. Al Sherri and I play how you are that options on Ian had to kind of forget get that system working more efficiently and better for your home for more portable to educate you all of this teacher. Yeah absolutely and hopefully getting a little bit information just some talking points signed. You know that for next purchase that you mean need to make or how to upgrade. And existing system for you to make sure you keep their winter and asked that you tee and the most comfort in lower utility bills. And dad companion app proper unification for your home. Now we have just the time left so wanted to make sure that I land talking about her AP get the infrared girl rides heat errors. And then for the great time to start thinking about it T eight in the four in the whole winter he head. Made sure they control the temperature and a year and go rides and you can do for eight dollars a month. Phil who can't afford that. And they had that high quality here for 8 PM do you rent an economical natural gas. And he continued a three car garage and like I said and only the dollars a month and it doesn't matter how cold ears. Outside you've UP DE near car and be nice and toasty every single morning. Fell and the aggression does rant on a government to act. He can control the temperature many only wanna have it just that 55 degrees is to be sure if they Sheila off maybe you wanna warmer than. You can set the temperature you decide you know if you you're fitting then for if supplies you keeping your dry aged. And that you Kathleen make sure that dealt freeze or you that are at refrigerator like I deer in our garage you and make sure that you now pretty an extra she'll on. And boring you know your nice cars email of course they going to begrudge. You eliminate those cold star on your car which is better for your car. And make sure you're taking care a lick an eight PDF BM parade garage year am I if you want a free aftermath on hand it if simple and easy to dealing Guillen. Call 9132566091318. Fat 6600 hurried to go to that Dixie different. Dot com and will be he'll able to help you out and getting your new eight. Use the rest the wind Eric and Lisa happy ever and holds cleanly he'll be happy about it. So you even think AP get me help for hands we're almost out of time. It's been thigh and real and dad kept the heat on topic for most of the shell. Eight YouTube app plumbing heating and cooling have been in business for over fifteen years car it's very mean your plumbing heating cooling needs. Like a 59 dollar furnace safety inspection what do nanny nine dollar planning inspection with tainted water heater Flash Memory 38 too fast 6600. And I think I am ready yours have. I'm happy Thanksgiving.