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APW Help for Homes
Saturday, December 30th

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Below and we'll get a PW plumbing heating and cooling helped host this is the show dedicating do you the homeowner for you do experience the Dixie difference. If we can help you believe your plumbing heating or cooling needs give us a call at 9138256600. Or you can go to dot. Exe difference dot com. I am keep for an across from me is the Dixie different stock company had did indeed single parent they keel and and it's really funny you know. If that. Kelly Kelly did you get a Catalina Island it's actually funny cards yup we're driving in the trucks right in all of the service techs say that's what. Whatever amount was service techs was typically Tuesday's and Wednesday's right. I'm in the vehicle and you'll see a car pull up 'cause they'll see you on the side. And they're expecting. You to be in the vehicle team because they Paula and they look inside and they see these guys have got to blended cheese from Canada like. I'll. Look up their base stirred a way they speed up. Yes I Alley cabinet meet in life I'm sitting there's felt like whenever vehicles and then that they're looking in the net I get a smile that I get like. In that same person looking at me looking at there. They and the Kimi looking in command is regal it is it's funny I thought the idea just isn't a little weak. And then the back at the root of the things you don't today you know it's you know I love about December there's two things I love about December and then that is ricin besides being with deal. And yes Chris math Anderson this is one of them okay. Good you know they handle this and now my own identity when again as fast track Star Wars. Hollywood and the good irons is rule is I'll put rationed out of that. I'm so excited we get to go to tonight yes everybody happy in Allah by wide bought tickets in 2015. For the gig in and I hadn't allowed act against her account FEMA AM claim we have seen in town land get Colin wrapped up at Al the Star Wars saga. I appreciate you telling you it's like any kid here easily get wrapped in Edith I keep along with an hour. I like steel can visualize. The first armour star saw Star Wars continental leader which no longer exists bright colors are in Denver Colorado way it was this two story theater I was up on the balcony. And I was young. Staring at the theater watching Star Wars and who knows the most amazing thing you'd like he's still see him I don't remember that the line was incredible then I mean you don't remember that. I can package I can remember a lot of things in this. Sure I. And it did snorted. I didn't start threatened still I think. You do do you were shocked I can help trying to get back on top I don't know where plan Indian air conditioning shake my agent. A free for life of a special that I wanna talk about your great figures ebony got a off today is such a great day. I think it's what are your talking about the fact that I don't move when I sleep at. Coolest guy in the war shout yes that is talking about a married couple looks at the end I haven't turned into this horror she has a camera in my room. Hang Obama again anywhere for our homeland meg yeah I know and you know we have like a key insight bed and act and is real light which actually may reduce the remodeling and home now. And fairly new to our physical wedge into the bedroom down on the basis we sent that. We are. Actually you who. Are practicing your management skills. Yes and your direction skills like I am practicing my physical labor all you're killing me skills that's what you do best record around. That is true scare didn't. You're adorable any is yes you do not move in the bed which is great you stand your one little corner of the king size bed and didn't realize that until any different rim that you're literally up against the wall that. And damned if I mean I had a hillbilly irons and a room. Making president OK but any difference why was the Madison get after that great special the man to defender which is the preferred until now Star Wars tonight. Three different Fella the purchase of an air conditioned. And dad Phil this is a wonderful actually talked about it all last weekend. And on Michelle and I appreciate your great response I'm getting phone calls for your furry estimate no class no obligation. On the we basically have to educate TU. Everything about and safety of the new furnace and air conditioner that come from villainy that you can gain with having your furnace and air conditioner. Of course the issue exceeding even gain by. At getting a new furnace and air conditioner this time of the year you get a three furnace if there's any ten year any special that deal out this is this special. You wanna take advantage avenue I'll do specials all year long with it different creative ways and trying to get it affordable for you but of course we need to make money her. And rent a different died in that free press L. We try to ran an out if the team and and different attend the that we dear we think it's the best time of year with the Christian Hanson extra I ain't ya by yourself and gaffes. With the Kumble furnace. At air conditioner per chance and get the earnest or furry alien just called 913. ET for fixed. 00 call right now if somebody at the office who can take you called which is set for your free Aston. Eager to die Dixie different dot com and can get applicant that land. And dad and getting that scheduled four year even emerging 91382566. 00 call now your furry Aston the year earning. Referee for the purchase of an darkness of the drug inducement in Atlanta because I can keep being he about Star Wars sound like I think he'd done to underdog IR one I already do the light Saber. And I uniting and you let them fell flat panel wide and I think the way of getting your foot on an earlier today and I kept thinking the are not the end of it from he and someone. I'd like Darlene Dunn and I'm Don. And I think that's the fit for me and ask you to my to remain hot and Ian time let them that is not a sentiments Christopher Reeve and the bass to line the one hour now. He's pretty pretty looking but mysteries is definitely by far my hot. Top to demand at sea that I have a problem you know like like as he did that angry Superman one. Where he was like the anti Superman no and I just never. What he did that when I just kind of lost. I get done. Time out now he is not next time I don't like eating even have all that you know texture and am bump in the tired then they extract more holes with the uniform like they do have now he now they knew them. Claims well like that nap and I mean you know me and I only know he's not made then AFLAC all I'm black. Although it isn't John Townsend Eugene you lay off top they care that Marty let mrs. Don't know. You know again you Tug McGraw Jeter's though it okay we do need to categorize heaters as well you know like exotic and very upset about our grudge leader why am mile because the remodeling I described herself the gas and now it's not on. In the thinking is is literally your set about it because of and the one who actually uses the gradual more than you'd know evident about their effort to really put my stop them right it's cold when I do that. Is cool when you get out there after the EPA didn't think you switch topics coming here AT&T infrared garage heater what he talked him out we'll keep your graduate worm. All winter long you actually yeah. When I either so many great benefit by keeping your garage warmly all have that really by the garage. Escape a little more Chile during the wintertime in the 'cause of course the grad just chilly. Warn your graduates its own thermostat for a total of eight dollars a month yes you heard me eight dollars a month. Tell you need to basically keep your car ride two warm and that helped keep the rest of your home comfortable. And give a green over the car rides or again that we are teaching is off of the garage. You know it really helped to making that next to really so much more comfortable because we just set the garage Peter like 52 degree if income mainly when it's nineteen degrees out fine how warm it TT degrees fiend and how much warmer that heat. And then the rest of the home I didn't realize how bad it is or how bad it is for you guys up there. Intel I had to shut the gas soft ours so I can move it could still move in the Athens and I can't put him back on for like weeks. It is so horrible in the garage I don't know how you got an uphill it's terrible I don't know why you guys put up when that is the dumbest thing. Go get called for our regular guy if you let me get people in general Ali Al. Are you live now worries you guys because you are Roger. The people sitting. In all six million album there that most of them don't have brought Jeter's their silly for not doing it after a get a garage Peter Davidson makes. It is just all it is the difference of night and day we keep telling you. Wake a little and free estimate on that as well service technician and I just to see how much gas. I lie against him we need to in the heat. Re three and money leave preset prices are now as a just gonna check on the labor and they. Expense on any additional gas find that we can Ryan and gas heater at our intranet and for brand. And it runs on gas or propane that we can do have to lecture options for you as well if you have an all electric house and it doesn't matter how. Hold it you're outside leaking get your garage in your car nice and toasty throughout the lender it's Saturday dealing now into the middle of the winner seem to get benefits all winter long conine like 3185. Six fixed 00 TD game where in office right now and we give and take care Prius. Now we 318 fat 6600. Again Lara mind though that arrived here the infrared AT&T bride tear runs on its own thermostat to keep your garage. Warm any temperature of your actually. I'll supply that he not keeping your garage will stay won't freeze over the winter. On either snow or snow blocks that he began tracking and from the winner will evaporate in no time at all. With your ride heater so you won't be walking out in a pile water to get to your grow much have any again. Reminding you of that marine that might be over or next to that grads. You can keep it warm tit for as little as eight dollars a month with your eight. I did you can't call that went 382 at 6600. Allowed us to break and they tell our mind you all follow. Yeah December is the not forgive Maine and we are giving any PWA three furnace at the purchase of an air conditioner. Copy a free estimate net cost no obligation and we always have tiny and seeing. For every bag GA. Every payment for you that you need cell and color out today none one or eighteen fat fix fix veer is nearing go to die in Dixie difference dot com. And gala happy up there and or go to eight PW Bonnie at gmail.com. All the ways to get older you go to FaceBook. We attacked tee there as well currently lack of folks that jump onto our faith that paging little coupons and information. And there's actually got to go to a quick break and before keep go to sleep I mean aren't any right back in just a moment elected. Hello and welcome back to a VW plumbing heating and cooling helper homes in key Florida in next to me is takes you Wilbert. And I are kind of in front of me yet we can't send it and let them run staring at you know yet. He does we do the show you kind of look forward. And I'm turning to our I turned directly to the table in front of a second base towards the table right in the Mike founding aegis like I said the toddlers are just are finally old legal aid. And her husband and. Island and usually you don't know why is out there would say publish my husband would look at me that alliance and Appleby and that it. Lovely means so much it's so weird and I apologize and he's pretty pleased with some women just. Even old Dixie letter no Laker husband and countdown now. I don't know how now brown cow still till now we are plenty in conditioning can with that shows skinny you are laying off topic today than it really backe and can. I when I first got to learn show today if it wasn't for you. From the trick and clearly chaotic. I don't so I apologize everybody on your thinking about a star or just an exit Kolb being Hubert. So would either does like him in the car. She goes you know all out so they apparently to guide to get out is Dixie is making me do. Ever work in so cool so you commission is I had to loosen during late so we cut the concrete. I redid some drains. I am so I'm doing the concrete work right and Dick's he's just like I think you missed a spot on on a I didn't miss a spot it's too wet weather right. On all its not too wet just few missed a slot and she did this for like twenty minutes I looked like please I love you get a way from me. It's all hole it's like. Is 9 o'clock at night and I'm going hungry hi hey you know in my wife well and managing yes exactly she's in my romantic rain I trowel I do we need. Labor where the. Philly gets neck till you do. You know and then we're really excited about the beauty of these and they and then meant in December is the free turn itself from AP Dalia I I just got to keep talking about it. In keeping informing them that this is the great time. And hit it to purchase a furnace and its biggest rate until dis discount from our distributors in villages but passing them on two year. And as these great discounts so they UP NF three furnace with the purchase of an air conditioner. And Daniel and the great that we really had a mild winter up till now. And and that's a wonderful people and let it doesn't get really cold here in the area. Anyone and shore than taking a EG old earnest in efficient furnace. And don't wait to be an every active mood where the burn it fails. I mean year forced to get which is what ever is going on at that time that it failed. In this at the time to research. I got the information I know without their final eight. And and anti give the image of that special so that you are death forgetting that asked her (%expletive) and the best equipment. The price for health care. And dad I get free furniture the Kumble purchase of an air conditioner and an eagle all kind of options for is to the European B. Comfortable in your home much comfortable thing you currently are also make sure that your sit in the working saint the late. Don't laugh I am I don't have a telephone up economic and beating in the background. And anybody and Natalie have. And the efficiency and in really. I had said they show yet today I talked about it you lots of other shares. HTC heating and cooling it really has had some Heckman logical and he informed. In the last 58 years than it had in the last fifty years now and make an analogy about a TTV the only Al grappling. And now well I mean you deadly half. Have a flat screen TV when he first out really expensive technology that there is now everywhere you went even if I mean you'd laugh at some of the selling it. Of rec trail to DR Harrington. Rates fell a child feel about it now lead to unintended and it felt anyway. Pat is thinking itchy feet gripping and that has not technologies come along film nights it is actually driving down the cost of the equipment it's not driving that. They're getting better quality equipment. It actually making her home more comfortable back 'cause of the way it works. And it actually delivering a more efficient project out there and stunning offer great value. And that's a wonderful pain. And in we'd love to talk and communicate those and educate on what all that he and I'll I wish we had a three hour show because we can go over all of that. But with Iowa and went our show are different. Can't really do justice of all the information out there but there's such great technology that may be improvements on furnaces and your conditioners are literally make your home more comfortable than they are now at the old. Acting like we always talk about a patients see efficiencies of course high efficiency high efficiency we hear that on every commercial on TV will mr. high efficiency out here to stake. However we also can deliver better comfort for you in your home. Every room in the house should be gay. Temperature that you are warning to satisfy the thermostat that. We all have as hot and cold spots in the home well with newer technology newer heating and cooling and quickly you're actually we can deliver that. I love the compliments that we get. On the guest got one the other game from when our customers. We were just giving Paula called Serbia how the furnace why should we installed the air conditioner for the family so we just get a quick follow up call. How did you first working between working properly and want to make sure your happy customer as sheer like only goodness. Far remover at the other side of the house is never really then satisfied with the the heat to Dallas based Chile. She's like it's amazing I'm so much comfortable in this room. An ever lens the Ford lately keep the natural validity for you as well and this was late at Prairie Village customers who is telling that story to mean. Just the other day. So again. Why would you wanna look at a furnace and air conditioner right now has eight. How right now we're in the opera 91318. Found. 6600. Are now when 318 fat 6600. Jeffrey estimate no cost no obligation. You effects can be your best judge of whether or not eight PW can help you in feature and lastly you always have. Tiny handful so we can have BL without purchase as well. They're out at you don't you're pulling out what are the Al portable heaters. That is a sign you need to give us a call. If you're pulling out the humidifier. That as a sign Davis and brand humidifier I have rim and heaters should go to carry that with all one year for your how well you know I know we're gonna go to break so we come back though I do want to talk about. We are doing the free furnace. I and they're old furnace there are some upgrades that they could include intuitive they want to or they can just take. There free furnace the other part that we don't talk about his you talk about making it more comfortable. Well we he gives some information like on how our system works at home. And we can talk to them on how even our thermostat runs are humidifier. It's an all kind of explain how that works she has can understand your house can be extremely comfortable. If you're willing. Give us a golf 83. 825 6600. Did you like that he had a really act immediately listening to get the help for Helms I'm Deke he will of turning keep Ford my cameras will be back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back to eight PW plumbing heating cooling help for home. Hi in key port. And across from his Dixie overt. And welcome back and such a great need today and Nellie that star wore his new lead pretty a fear that an. Remodel on the head mr. rarity in a major in math. You're already agreed to you're levels are under here shall we agreed that that was going to be our Christmas is there any that's why we keep trying to commit liberty and out got wink wink we graveyard and get preferred a special for your right or husband hey he'd be coming he clay you can do the same thing for each other into each other get with the free furnace for the purchase of an air conditioner for EP AB will hit for the month of December. Copier free Ashton meant no cost no obligation here at all. And really EU folks in the you'll get the information you need the edgy keys she need how to take care of your home with efficiency accountability safety. And we love to educate and speaking to our. And customers and dad then you we'd best judge of whether or not he can help you out in the future. We are opposite day to day so he can school we act in. Your holiday party you see your you know all your activity each and eighty actually not. Yeah and I EPA and he'd come over for three estimates. Hockey folks about a free Chernoff fail with the purchase of an air conditioner. On the Alan and I went Irene eighteenth at 6600. Again now went 382 fat fake fake the red zero you know some key parts of. Christ that you are higher to vote using their recognize me they ignore me bring you into the folder aren't surprised that you do so it just celebrity now but why we keeps they were talking to people is because. At our company it is not an automated system now we have always felt. That an automated system is so cold 'cause we don't like. Calling them he acted you oppress wind to go here prestige though there if I guess we answered the phone and not affect everybody answers the phone into the office. And so that's why would you hear from green you call their birdie says it hello is a great day they BW Tommy he going to will travel across all business that its always the same thing and so. Because you know it just I don't know there's something about those automated systems. I'm not saying that they are it's wrong it's just I don't know I don't like am I it's not very personable. I'm calling you get again human this but nothing's more aggravating dead. You hit or it says I did not understand that request and freeze that one night earphones are saying wanted that some light hitting it saying it's like. Absurd you tonight to set a high speed and it can't. Can't I know all I have I need nearly you know naturally at recognize as well it means that the money into Baddeley went to the money into our product or services. And green asked cost two year. Sell and I mean Paris you know that we have a phone they there we know you're gonna have to touch eventually a person anyway so home we just answer the phone. And everybody hates your call and you're in need immediately and assault her newer. Astra lately even in the warehouse taken a caucuses sometimes Dixon makes me sweat warehouse gently death found green more than three cash and I mean it's it's leads picked up Brad LA fell. And asked her I really am I appreciate bringing that I just I just he's a lot of companies have that or it's automated they're like that's why they would probably never speak to the owner of the president. Is they would it would never go to that great for us we answered the phone all the time all of us still so if you called don't be surprised if Dixie answered yes. And then we have a lot of people they're answering the phone so we do we can eightieth academy immortality might use anything they can these gentlemen AM Friday and this company I dispatcher dispensing technician out. Their calls and tell it to the courtesy call collect and our whole year just you know your technician is just a little bit away from or how much is Gideon picked up or on our weighing. And outing in the here and you know gentlemen like. Under shell banks now Lenny you actually calling the process and the Allen. And the only yeah unlike this lady never he you know all there are none yet none of my own them. And then anyway but it's still it was still nice to do here that I know I can't believe you actually. Are telling me in mind Alan I have read this as well we. Plumbing heating and air conditioning. And Dell will we eat we are passionate a daily deal eight PW plumbing heating cooling we'd do our best we been doing for over fifteen years here in the metro will. And we ate he'd get Leo and we Natalie Gail and gas. It's and you know they're trying to orient a daily grind the bank in the eighties the worst thing is always worth it to make sure that we needed to pass service. And the best price the best. Customer service. And Dan doing that and we did a best of our abilities that I would try to keep it as much like a family as possible so when you go home it's kind of know differ we have. More kids at the opposite than we do at home but it's all the same privileges but we can't get out into the out in the dog. Oh my gosh when he can really do they really need a Al Gore cannot stop for five counts and a dog love him to death you have them okay so NASA about the dog ran. And and let's talk about some great things there's two things that we really wanted to hear it without our customers and our listeners. Yes you're giving. Wasn't ignored or talked about the thermostat he medication others for a piece of the street Ernest L going on right now for the front month in December right and with the purchase of an air conditioner again I need do is copper freak accident for that separate furnace failed economic 318 fat 6600. To really wants to talk Alison are things that you get without. And found an infant things that would be benefit by taking advantage of the free for NFL but the purchase an air conditioner. Also organized before we tech get out of the show we're gonna continue to talk about. Add in for an 8 PM he installed rides heater. And he end and easily it is. People look at kind of a luxury and a really if it's something you can actually add your home adds value tier home and it actually helps. Keep your home more efficient for less than eight dollars a month. And making the rest of her home more comfortable that surrounds the grad sort of in an arrogant and a little bit as well. And to stick you know continue to stick with the appear as we talk about these topics. Like and you you want to check about some boy and there's that her. Something kind of important the elf on the shelf personally told me that an upper furs that you have good heating and cooling and not using your fireplace. What Santa told elf on the shelf and yank open Michelle told me Jennifer. Our elf on the shelf it's name is teeth and Zhang cute he's all right. Baton and luckily he figures out a way to move every night when you're an amazing they didn't and it's incredible it is and so cute he sunshine our alpha Michelle said senators like when your star fires because it's difficult for him to get down the chimney threat so he'd prefer you have good heating cooling. And beds for your family it's also safe plus. Sometimes you guys get crazy where some of these heaters you use and some of them are not safe. They they're not greater great heaters to use and how is your space heater you know her dream years other people use some crazy stuff buy and sell yet to be really careful and it's much better. Instead of using high electric items. I like space heaters to use something that's much more efficient. Now although one of the things I want to bring up to you is on the comfort idea now. Like for our house we have a communicating system and what that means and I thin air conditioner you amiga. Yeah. And despite the military our our car is heating and cooling system. It's communicating system. I don't go to the Dixie obviously they'll give you get it may soak up Drake. But what it does a what rather than not does he iniki right out of a solid communicating. You're obviously talking more of the higher Indus systems and their. However it does some amazing. Thanks for your house like for example the furnace in the air conditioner both communicate with you to that they talk so does the thermostat. So they're all speaking to each other and what's really need is their what they're trying to do is figure out. And how much humidity in what the temperatures outdoors and how much community what the temperatures indoor. It also tracks the way that your family has lived the last 3060 days and so the system can actually figure out the most efficient way. To raise and lower the temperature inside of your house which is just amazing when you think about that it is predicting the way the you're gonna live. Based off a past history based on the indoor temperature outdoor temperature and both humidity is so we can figure out how to spend the least amount of your money. And keep your found in most comfortable and the cool thing is you don't hear it. Blaring and that's the weird part is people don't realize I go to I don't know how many houses I've been to where somebody else say no my system's not loud. Illegal downstairs in the we turned on the furnace. And it's so loud you can't hear each other nicotine meanie Katie Wright is it should still quiet very quiet. But it's like that clock that you're having your house ticks and when you lived there everybody the you don't pay attention to a bit everybody who gets there goes while your clocks loud your life what clock. And that's kind of what I like you don't realize how much noise and sometimes how it's waking up. But the cool thing about a communicating system like first we have it wired so it controls are are are humidifier. Now most of their fires come with a committed stat right which is reading how much media these in the air. Oh what ours does a little bit different when you upgrade your systems like that I like it communicating system. Is the humidity occasion this system actually will run the system longer. And lower temperature. Increase the amount of humidity. So let me go to explain invasive ways as a normal furnace is gonna run and it's gonna use the humidifier. Only when it's running once the temperatures been satisfied it shuts off however the humidity never gets adjusted. In communicating system even though you've reached the comfort temperature it may run a little bit longer or at a cooler temperature. They increased the amount of humidity so you can also reached the humidity K shin. That you want inside your house utterly amazing and good evening and it is. It is really cool and with the free furnace you can take that and put it towards even a greater furnace thank you would. You wanted to you know that's a great thing about Panama now yes listening earlier in the segment is that if technology is just come around so great. And and then and maintained any it's still very affordable for that the great thing when I chino. Free furnace fell for a PW at the purchase of an air conditioner coffee or free estimate today at 91318. Fab. Still seeks the ridiculous I mean to AP get the help for home slowly back in just a moment. Hello and welcome back eight PW plumbing heating and cooling help for homes are empty or. And next to me mystics who Wilford Ian thank you so much for bringing that here. Mr. Ford appreciate that too we rural percent of our jobs to yes. My object like intro the torture is not pre record that. Cooking and you get no no I guess is all year every time every time and it's always different element may enough I am doing my kid he's only human voters. And the other debt expense during the early but did you guys know that that's all Pallet right bears in those phrases absolutely that's amazing really tell if talented. Into the curry and Vernon far maybe get those are you willing that. Think we're out a lick the purchase of any air conditioner copier free after that we're pretty excited passionate about this failed that we have going on right now that's a great discounts. Our distributors are passing those on and getting me the three furnish fail. And for the month of December December's culminated after we know you've got a lot of stuff going on how we mean we have a family in. We do lack a Christmas seven holiday parties. And they don't really preach T taken some time for S cannot give you three estimate at no cost no obligation TU. A youth colleague called today here any time during the week. And we be happy if schedule the time that works best for you in your fan line. To the Kentucky all the great things about. What a new furnace and air conditioner can keep her home addicted to safety and accountability at your home. And the efficiency. An inmate in any and all that you get three burn after with the purchase of an air conditioner not monetary eighteen fat fake fake. 00 the number to call we do civic an hour radius around our centrally located off of here in Kansas City felt. Even that's an Allen three area currently we do Kansas Missouri he Enola. I am olive and our re really add big service area. Not for a company so we would appreciate you for a folks as well taken and they may just the pre furnace failed it may not come out T very often. These kind of deals silk calling get your free estimate today again we only cut financing. To help those purchases as well now there is a slight problem up there like that is there are some people who were say they're going you know what. I can make it through this winter I am gonna wait until springtime I'm gonna procrastinate until it breaks. Yes there's a couple of you out there so we just want to talk to you personally. The rest of you just kind of go along with the right here eight cell. Here's going to be the problem with that I guarantee you it is gonna break on either of the hottest or the coldest day. And guess what yes like all procrastinators at that point. Are all suffering and everybody wants a per listener commissioner of that strike you immediately taken into specials that are going on right now suffering is the suffering that goes along with it. We don't wait till our brakes fail before we get it takes two week high channel model that would be silly nobody didn't have done that before so why are you doing that with your furnace I don't get it. If it's old if if it is not comfortable and if it's not running and you have my utility bills. Stop doing that changed now if there's an. I mean you're wasting money holding on duty anyways and actually you're putting bad money until worsening. Take note wasting utility bills trust me the utility companies do not need any more of your known they are wealthy enough they're guaranteed profits we make. They have guaranteed profits they are gonna be fine. Instead of giving it to them instead give it back to your family. Get something's gonna work more heightened patient eat furnace and air condition right I mean it's the perfect time to do it if you wanna wait. There's this look that especially with everybody's horribly busy in the summertime. Nobody gives you great deals it's just because they're so busy they can't right so this is the perfect time. Before Christmas give it is a gift to your wife or husband or significant other to wherever you want to year carry it if you want to go. Gay just to make or your dog like our Doug Dickey I think we'll tell you make sure that you had done. There are insisting on and are you really says no I'm I'm joking a little Argentina or however. You guys don't know how I do you get a little upset when I'm out on the field and people have waited. And they let it go in their family now is freezing. I don't like when I have to go into a situation in a couple of says there is that we are waging war chest procrastinators. In. In any will legal you know we have the opportunity to meet customers'. It's to really educate him on their home on the equipment that that we had that isn't like. Dixie different is really about is that we really want you don't learn. More about how to take every home except I mean obviously that's why you're calling. I will and should at least know the value of work that's being performed for you when you know the value of adequate then you might have to upgrade teal and an Indian pro active in the when you already know it's going to relishes a Wien is it going to fans so if you're app happily eat where he had an easy old burn this year over ten years old. And are made even more significantly over the eighteen years old. This is a great and just to get the information on what a person you conditioner would cost year. Ex special when you can get up earnest. Or furry security now at a cost of lets the air conditioner cost at all you really got to find out right now the calling you begin your free estimate for eight PW plumbing heating and cool. You heating cooling quote it's like a dog. Well what if I get 101112 years old when he's on the carpet the old one did. Okay yeah so it takes 101112 years old. You know it's coming to admit and drive home all day long so. Like Jake you all don't see that OJ he's twelve going on thirteen million except for he'll still live Giuliani's an Olympic record time. So me cut that out I die I die in a day so. About I guess my point you as well I think this if you had a dog that or eleven years protecting your house. You don't once a big dog it's about eleven to a result. Not really protect my house anymore he's barely moving right. When you look at her go I'd. While this chair I like where this is Gil I don't look at them go a little too emotional early this dog was young and vibrant. Now it's not who employ your first is the same way you know eleven the death. I think EUK. And if I Justine now and let me can dad that I'm just gonna have to again Monday you know and this this my affection for year Wendy and like you work really hard and affluent and just an effort. Yeah I get a guy you probably won't put me noble are only rough you know. Michael around they were absent the. Until it really juicy as though it really breaks my heart when I go to house and we can't get it done right away because. Get the furnace replaced because regional busy right because the demand and everybody's we get the phone calls. Hey I am on a three day wait forty week you guys getting dirty quicker now now and so that's why we're saying it breaks my heart to to deal with that because I know you're suffering that everybody can only do so much. So instead of putting yourself in a bad position right. I put yourself in good position yourself ahead of the curve it's like drinking and. The holidays Paul Wilbur Wright drive your car right now just it'll herself and a jump like Georgia it's right back hallway Newburgh taxi to a rock that I think they you don't wait for the first to go dead if you get it fixed what do you just open ready to go and do funny drama at a time did you study says it. We get the free and I could now I love you not because Romania. But it free credit fell. The purchase of an air conditioner for eighteen gebbie plumbing heating and cooling call clear free have to make a day. Now when Terry eighteen fat 66200. We do have a lot to jokingly added good time eighteen and sharing information that joking Phil. We are they even Juli today shale is well. Off fell if you want to get free estimate that the quick little NN now we can you need information I grew an error 8 PM the parade go rides heater. I'm from eight PW keep your garage in nineteen toasty throughout the winter doing now seeking to enjoy it all winner on Melanie cold starts for the car. And Daniel had no extra main TV QL. So called again for your free estimate and I went 318 fat fixate the Riviera hey we have to give a shout out to our producers like that we're the best. Ginger cookies will ever had in my life and I don't really they were like or really good like. All my goodness I can beat these ultra low or need to address being shared our guest she was incredible we do what they are you thank you very much marijuana play. And I really really love all you got her picture you Christmas shopping happy had a camera and Safin are crazy out there and say be careful and to that end aids are closing in on it had a great weekend but your kids.