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Saturday, July 21st

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up and even in a radio studio. Is Jason grill. Hello and welcome to the grill nation show I'm your host Jason grill I appreciate you joining me today on 988. AM in the easy. Also appreciate losing today on. ITunes via podcasts and that girl nation should dot com world post photos of all of our guests we have in studio today. You also find our old shows on their clipped on there and you can listen any of them over the past but for years now the gorilla nation show about four years. What I think our partners supporters of the girl nation show before I bring in one of our new our partners and supporters to the show here in just 12 preview our guest today. Titles such as the show are trusts. Mode to be okay if financial in two us advisors in Braintree Tribune said the girl nation shell are the Reagor NJ Reagor and co. Ryan maybe is a guest hosted on a contributor. Casey ABC that's the Kansas City area development council. And a new addition to our contributor network is Brian Sar for a from a true wealth and management he is the he's going to be a guest hosted on a contributor each and every month bringing us great guests highlighting great Kansas City ins and local leaders and when a welcome Brian TV show again he's the president and chief investment officer. At indeed true wealth and company website is. If I can bring it appears retire with a true dot com Brian welcome to show. Thank you so much for having me here it's great to be back on the radio yeah you know for so many years. And and a the first. One of the first shows that that that was after a so. I mean gallery on 710 back in 2004 larger role for them and so we were on the radio first and then carry hall was on after whose hero came easy. And then mark comfort was the third show. These and that and so you know we love having those those people on your gonna meet mark's opinions that know him and visit with him but it's. It's so fund today that bed. Starting back in two radio. No and you give you back in with one of the first people I met and radio was marked the information tune to meet him and maybe today in their story is. Quite wonderful and and and a great study. For a wife life well lift Manuel will will mention that mark copper will be our guest do you enjoy answer after the break. He is the under him and his wife cone cruise holiday. Pre salt is cruise holidays and comfort tumors take comfort tour does website is cruise holidays Casey dot com. I wanted to have mark on the show really to talk more and talk about you know his company but all stuck at the journey and when he does for richer or elastic maybe you know all those things that looks. Quite a strong business and we'll have a lot of good advice as well I sharing a lot of this fun stories of player favorite places to go. What is like to I own a company edit those cruises into words indications tonight to travel how bad as I hated travel is gonna talk about his his his work in Kansas City in the charitable community as well as being a Foster parent for. Oh posted 35 kids throughout the years which is is just amazing. But really just till I think it storyteller so I'm excited to hear from him and and talked about business about growing escapee why the heck he got into cruises and how that happened. Just a lot of things to talk about. With mark who is it is undersea guy actually I German by his his his company many times he does on the board of Park University where he's been had jumped. I've known him in the north planned the rotary but I have not gratuity together till today itself. Be happy to have him on the show and I'm sure will be a lot of phone and a great great person always whose Booth. So Brian it's a Tulsa yourself. We're going to be joining us each and every month hearing and bringing some awesome I guess you and I met through mutual friend that also your background is in which you do each and every damn of the learn about. You know my background is is a look back. When I started working because I you know went to bed and I send you some money to spend new and he said I don't have any extra so if you wanna you have to go earn it. And I started working at age twelve I've always had a job. Of doing something and I'm always worked for you know as entrepreneur I was a kid. With papal route send you doing landscaping work and shoveling driveways. Raking leaves and that. I was in Cape Girardeau, Missouri right grew up as a kid and I learned. I learned about business I learned about the customer service from my dad he was a sales rep for for Procter & Gamble. And we would travel around and meet all of the store owners around. You look southeast Missouri. And and visit them and and go out and and learn from him on customer experience. And salesmanship and you know he taught me a lot of lessons today. That everybody is treated retrospect from the janitors to the CEO nobody is different were all the same everybody has. You know they're unique talents that they give back and sort of carried that today. With the company that I have with my partner council to. And you'll. I went on my own. You know what I started in manufacturing operations. For Lear Corp. and General Electric. I'm I had three entrepreneurial ventures after that. You know that that have their pluses and minuses and lessons learned that at some point we can talk through. And I went and went out on my own I've been in the business fifteen years as the as the financial visor. And a wealth manager. But began on my own head and right after my fortieth birthday. Early in 2010 I just I told my wife you know. I wanna have my clients I wanna realized to give back I want them to want to have a company that I can create and build so. Right or my fortieth birthday I had no income I had no assets amends I had no clients. I'm having great friend of mine Margaret we're not allowed me to. Use his office and if I would services take care has climbed to Kansas City marks in the morning and saw my picture is quite a Kansas City. As an advisor he gave me free rent and your free room board if you will took them to start out there. I began doing workshops and seminars and Tom and slowly build my business over the years more talent and now we've been we just celebrated our five year anniversary. True wealth in company on July 11 and you just have to pinch yourself that starting from zero. With clients and Billy what we have today and spend just a really fun journey. And now I will say on your website yet quote from here in Lincoln. Yes and anyway what and I it's about creating your future right is that the one and he always so I'm trying to. Bring it up it's the best way to create your futures just to do it or something like that intro hi guys I've ever call from atop my head so you cut me off guard regarded by the but I will say it actually just popped up. The best way to Pique your future is to create. And that's a candidate toured yes you did an item one a look back with regrets. Yeah I don't wanna sit there at seven million say you know I really wish I would have started my own company years ago and that's something we talk about on the show which is exciting is most our guest will be. CEOs entrepreneurs thought leaders. Just hearing the story and ink is an inspiration to those. May be thinking about starting their own company or maybe they can amount taken a risk. We'd like to encourage them on the show and we usually do yeah. If you had a passion you have a dream that. You know you do you just have to go for you have to sit down and figure out and there's not a perfect plan. That's out there you know you don't write the business plan first to go through all right you find. One thing you think you can go well and got a lot of market and tested and if it works you keep doing and it doesn't work. You try something else you know and you go through that until you find something that that that you can build off of him credit company out of we've done that. We have a wonderful team pitcher wealth and company wonderful clients and then we're gonna look forward over the next. Twelve months working with the new and spending a sponsor of the group nation to put this you deceased used to great partner we bring in good people talked to introduce them two Kansas City that. Maybe folks they've heard of they haven't really gotten to know I'm outside of of their business. It's also also mentioned Brian isn't as you rent is who aren't the reason why I MIZ I guess cut. I Sunday you know what let's let's figure this out what he Kamal what's mother bring in Austin gets here can you got enough that would happen other organs are gonna get out of fear here you gotta be out of me tell you realize malveaux will we like the Missoula background for you again. Friends are please join me today it's guess coast on the grill nation show it a second we're gonna be joined by mark comfort. From the cruise holidays. Kansas City website is cruise holidays PC dot com. Appreciate joining us this week on grill nation's eighteenth for an awesome show you right back. Hello and welcome back to the grill nation show here in 1980 aliens came easy appreciate doing his wealth today on iTunes via podcast in that. The website grill nation should dot com we can find again all of our. Also supporters social media contact information and all of our past shows we appreciate joining us again today. Again joined by grill nation show partner and supporter. Bryant's are fees the president's chief investment officer at true wealth and company. Their website. Which ought communities here in a second is what Bryant retire was true dot com retire richer dot com. Brian has admits in her first serve is rejoining us each and every month here on the grill nations show I'm excited to have him on one because. He's a great wealth of knowledge into because he brings on. Really great follow leaders guests successful people in the community. Who do a lot both for mature perspective and have grown businesses here as well and it's like who what we'd like to focus on here on the show itself. Brian we mention our first guest there I guess today in our first say a bone have you introduced him here to our listeners today. Love to know it today we have the honor of visiting with. The amazing family of marks and Mimi comfort now marks here in the studio SS we when we get to know him introducing GO a lot of you heard his show vacation views that's on 710 KC MO and eleventh Saturdays right Martin's that's correct Manso this year is a big year for mark. Forty year anniversary. Wedding anniversary with his with his wonderful wife Mimi. That we have any thirty year. A career since they began to comfort cruises. And usually twenty years on the radio you've won what the top award for sales through cruise holidays for 2629. Years. They're giving back has been tremendous and the community awareness focus on that on. Big Brothers and big sisters and young life and their impact of orphanages and Foster kids around the world has just been tremendous and so was just wanted to do Smart and great to have your share. Brian thank you are improving led to beards quite an honor so mark take you through the journey with this are without your background let's focus on kind of you mentioned you're here forty years then a marriage her and their history that CU you met your wife pat big Brothers big sisters are literally that's right and it was the day that I got my little brother and it was news in the summertime and on of all things Jason always lived up north of the river yeah we lived in sunny hills a town homes right there and I you know over the Broadway Bridge. This airbrushed is Rick and I just got my little brother. Op and came back home from that meeting. And my roommate was showing. My future wife Mimi and another lady. The down home and they happened to me in my bedroom shorten my written at that time in the tunnel and I. You mean he looks so good oh my gosh it looks a good. And I like I don't know it's safe so I I had a picture of a little brother source that hey look I just got. I did I just became a big brother and we just met tonight. And me so I'm. I'm a big sister there you go and cellular on the connections started Lumix her son well I'd say yes well you may read us so did you it. I've looked assured by a note what were you doing at that point it I was as a company it abnormally normal normally don't know no one was a factor representative for Sealy mattress company and I think that is just great because all my retailers. I called on as a factor represented. Thought I'd change my last name comfort to get the job because Sealy mattress sale and let. Them Mario love it. You took a notch Vera lead with your wife after you got married up and you asked Jason that's a neat story. My wife's. My dad was in business all his life and so I got that business. Instincts from my father but the best part of the story is my wife's father who is the epitome. What America's all about his story his life story he started John Gammon mean his dad started sweeping the floors and high school make a few bucks. Of the company he ended up only worked for the same company allied construction equipment company or fifth. These seven years worked his way up from a part time janitor. New high school. To every possession of that company and ended up owning the company. Well he had three daughters John has three daughters Ellie. Mimi my wife and the younger daughter she and so Mimi. Got the business cents. From her dad the other two daughters Ellington are great people. Didn't get the business sensitive the nurse is very very successful and that the meaning of the business and student so we got married part of our dream like every couple. I think I am dreams are what they want the future be like together our dream was to own a business together. Needed that and didn't yet week to week we did we did an. As you know god ten years of marriage we did our own thing we've saved money. To open our business. In the 1988. We decided. It was time. To give him to doesn't exactly take the jump into it you're ready to store the story gets fun. Guess what we signed up to do we wanted to be a specialist have you heard that story Brent you gentlemen you're gonna tell us we signed up to meet. If franchisee for. Have been bullied him is selling albums. So we could be here talking about your thirty years many embassies and I'm excited we've got more funds are markers you know I'm it's amazing how god works Annan. We are nowhere has South Carolina we signed the contract we gave that. Franchise or. Basically Bryant Jason every penny we save the previous ten years. And don't borrow from the start no no no no I'm and that the best that story gets even better so the next morning. Monday morning. Mean he wakes up were Hilton and I'm up. Avid golfer tennis player and that's Nirvana for Tennessee offers Hilton in them and down menu wakes up the next Morse has marked. Not only we made a mistake. If you're like oh my gosh this day and pace doesn't. What I did tell you so you and all your life soon. Yeah commit don't go well everything's been signed yeah yeah she wakes up and says man this is the wrong thing for and I said no I don't want Mugabe wanted to. President and I Syrian president Omar or remorse. Maybe everybody gets that we got three days let's let's give us some time and I said okay let's pray about it all day you know today we'll talk tomorrow. And I prayed Altria could department or to vet. It was OK this was a good decision to. Put all of our money down for heavily him so we wake up the next morning. And I look at Mimi and she goes she shakes her head no there's no mark we shouldn't be doing that's so we backed out of that now. I'm an optimistic happy go lucky guy by nature. But my dad taught me when you shake commands and didn't give me your word. That's your bonds. And it was my job to go break that bond. Break that contract and we did have the three days of right rescission. But we lost about three force more money. And then opt for ten years of savings and then I went into little. A depression all but a funk or something like you know your and my wife to get me out of this funk booked a crews and ocean cruise smarter person in our brilliance she's really in my mind all is well she's you know the nucleus of emergence aluminum. If she knew it and it wasn't all sports crew at the university again I love sports so. Now we want on this cruise and by the way I was furious. When my wife we just lost. Three fours all the money would save in ten years when she went out and booked a cruise. And paid. What I thought is exorbitant amount of money to go on occasion and by the way we have the best time. On that cruise winner two best friends with a us. And on the Thursday night on that cruise on the SS Norway June 6 and thirteenth I'll never forget it 1988. We said honey I said they. We do this. Self service as we know we wanted to specialize that was the one thing I'd studied Sudan. In the nineties and beyond specialists were going to be successful. Or her. Mass market yet and we did not have the money nor desire to be mass marketers who we wanted specialist so I mean he agreed. I'm not selling Christmas this club doesn't really. Thirty years working together. Send in my hand over you you real lot of books that say you. But some say you seriously immoral nor produced files others say don't ever do it again. Obviously you already know I'm wonderful tremendous business you have different skill sets and I know what's it been like for thirty years working together. Not only your marriage in your face but your business as well. I IE eight and that's a great question by the way great question because a lot of couples are not. Design. And a to work together and I bet there's lot of people shake of her tennis right now are you as you know they are. Let me in Iowa were gifted. With such different skill sets. And my saving you get a kick out of this but it's true or say it almost is a joke but it's so true. My weaknesses. Which Germany. Are my wife strengths and my strengths which are few are my wife's weaknesses and so together. We form up pretty doggone good bond. And Brian adjacent one tea looking back now after thirty years in business forty years of marriage. I don't think there's anything that outside of our faith in our family that could make us proud are you make me prouder. Of what we've done together and what we build we've got one of the most vibrant. Well respected travel agencies in the entire United States of America all from north to. Absolutely yeah and my wife who would have thought that the death of Tom Cruise line guests. Everybody here once again out here and there and we'll see the world and go tour so what better place to be of them in the heartland. You know that is really true we've had a lot people ask us the secret of our success and we laugh a little bit and say. Well sicker of our successes were we are we got flat or pins we got out Summers you go to NASCAR people wanna get out here and internally you know mark mark comfort is with us. Cruise holiday. KC dot com cruise holidays Casey back I'm usually sent. And we come back I wanna kind of talked about. With you Brian about cure background in in in in the business and how you grew it because I think it's interesting to talk about kind of this market has changed in right we. I know is the first thing I had in my mind and it I have to be honest review. Mark and Brian I've never been on a cruise in my own one now. My mother I know somebody you love your book. I didn't have never read on the cruise that I I've always heard great things about the Mullen talked kind of about. How it's changed it was with all of the changes with booking travel with the how you kind of evolved as an entrepreneur to continue to sustain. I your growth and your success. And or talk as well about some of your charity work here. In the Kansas City area and dive deeper into that again the website is cruise holidays TC dot com with mark comfort. And Brian Sar today Brian is yes coasting. And contributing relationship now he's the president and chief investment officer true wealth and company. Thanks for joining us bureau effect after the crash I. I guess. June to grill nation John your host Jason real 1980 and came easy and Don I teams via podcast. Appreciate you joining us as well if you're listening on the website grow nation should dot com again today I'm with. Guess coast and injuries to grow nation show Bryant's our president chief investment officer at true wealth and company. Great company here in the Kansas City area excited to have him joining me each and every month here on grill nation. He's also abroad and one of his good friends in gas market comfort. With cruise holidays KC what's that is cruise holidays EC dot com. Great company here in Kansas City. Mark we're talking about your business and ups and downs whistles kind of talk about that talks about kind of when you knew that you were. You had to deal here yet so successful I mean how early on that happen in and when did you really kind of turn on the growth he said he started 91 correct. Eighty I think you are in 198888. Brian and our Jason we started. And it it it it. We knew that was when the lovable TV series was on I can you not and we give so much credit to this day. Of the growth of the cruise industry the ocean cruise industry to that TV show. And in the nineties. We grew at an average of 42%. Per year. Until we brought in a consultant 1997. And he talked us into slower growth because of the wave of the popularity of motion cruises. And so you your question to me it was probably nineteen. 93 or 94. That we realized that this was a great business to be NN that the growth would continue as long as we. Marketed aggressively. This entry shales penises pre Internet its pre Internet that Churchill supposed to talk Wall Street. Hello I'm them I remember when I got the Internet I was in high school yeah I think it was like 96. So yeah that's right in these pages drew big deal yeah I had an item that would saint Pius at a major. All right I'll. Listen our restore this man solution to Iran it was a big deal. SE UUUU his referral base back then even more so early shipbuilding. Relationship building adjacent that's the key and our goal because we did. Starter business probably in the wrong part of town. We opened up in. North of the river cause we're literally will Comas and in our kids were in school and we'd. We knew we should have been an either Johnson County heard Jackson County that's where the demographics work. But we thought if we did our job better. If we marketed more aggressively we had great sales people that cared about the customer and most importantly we knew who. Well we're talking about may weaken again. The people in back and then. People would come see you it wasn't just email. Or phone call they wanted to look you in the eyes and see who they were dealing with men and and that was a big deal to get a lot of people would come north of the river. Macro remember that was tough nosed tough and we worked hard we really worked hard at a lot of similar lot of events to get people to know. It's not wanna talk about the team you have employees there and cruise holidays because. That's one of the most difficult pieces for a business owner is hiring the right people that have values that have of them the same mission in mind. And in the customer service and experience that. As a business or you want to pass on to talk about the people you hire that you brought together and how do you keep that culture. In your office you know knitted together so well. It can Bryant era very successful business spending your 100% correct will all those comments culture's most important thing for business owner to have. Would I his or her employees. And I give me the all the credit in the world. How we did not wanna grow. Ryan we wanted it this business to beat mark and me me comfort maybe one administrative person. And the growth just came so fast. We couldn't keep up with the at all where we are parents are young kids and we're working eighty hours sometimes an idea or the week literally. On and so we started hiring people the key. And by the way this is good her body no higher slow. Higher slope we made a lot of bad decisions hiring people good we needed some irregular and pitted they were well. You mean he'd take if you have could go to work they talk a mirror your end here and yeah and and so Brian what we've done over the years Mimi and I have. Our values. Our mission. Has not changed and will not change. So we have done a great job and I'm gonna give me me my wife most of the credit hiring people like us people with a hearts to serve the people that are willing. To lure you. And to care most about their customer. It's not when you come see me Jason when you come save me to do your first cruise and it's not the cruise I'd like denial lover of the group like. It's what's best for you and matching people up with a what's right for them would our product knowledge in the industry. But our ability to ask the right questions to find out Brian really what's your hot button we call our sales people counselors because that's really what we do. Counseling people. On the right vacation. At the right time at the right price for what they're looking for from the big orders because otherwise it's fifty minutes or gal slate. Do you don't put my employees to do an entry experience on a cruise we can use medium oil and unplug. And rewind a little bit and Mark Martin Owen originally joining your wife that have won numerous awards over the years doing the top producer work all the franchise of the year award for your franchise cruise holidays. 26 out of their 29 years in business going on thirty now. On April. In 2015 U are honored as the as the twelfth and the thirteenth travel agents to be included in the cruise industry's hall of fame for lifetime achievements. There's a cruise industry's hall of fame of the way to know that there's there's resolve things. There's monitors show somewhere else in the world it is actually in Fort Lauderdale for an hour slower you'd have to think Florida. You Mitch and the growth talk to me about talk to us about some of the ups and downs 9/11 must've been a a tough deal for the cruise industry I imagine with the travel writer on that time. It was them slowly though most horrendous thing Jason I pray this country. I'm never sees anything like that ever again in our kick yes in our case. For three months. Jason Ryan the only calls we got people canceling. Their vacations. And it was horrendous. And there was nothing we can do about it nothing. Now I eight was a psychology. Business psychology major copper shall psychology in college will have a few things that are removed from college was. It takes people about ninety days to get over crisis that did not happen to them personally. And sold millions and denounce it and go and I remembered that and so we did not want to be part of the problem or we let. Half to two thirds to three force of our staff go. Where would they get a job by the what that was the biggest thing so Mimi and I did not take a salary for a full year. And we kept every single employee we have to end. January 1. Raise the good lord. Everything turnaround and by the way that's just right at ninety days meant that time people had a chance to process everything in those early days. January 1 came about and it was like we are not going to let those terrorists defeat us we are going to continue doing. What we wanna do. You know and in in my world that's that's vacationing. And so. What happened this turned out to be a blessing in disguise because about 40% of travel agents. Across the United States went out of business because of this deal we lost four million dollars. Of projected revenue and revenue on the books. And and I think this is about the time that you were only at the time doing ocean cruises. That's and then you begin doing some land based jurors which is the comfort to a large portion of your business that's correct and in some of the other river cruises and those things that we haven't. The news speaking river cruises reminds me of my clients are always looking for we have a process called form. FO RM it's it's what's your friendly investment legacy. What's your occupational interest americorps optional when the what's your recreational bucket list. Those otherwise in the money is by how the powers that and the with the viking and had a few go on them and they asked about those sort of two questions. Or what wool ones just a comment to talk about the viking cruises. For my clients that are interested in learning more about those and second question is where you travel and any of the most bang for your box for all of our. Value investors are out there that don't wanna. Overpay for vacation now well let Greg questions tumor questions I'll take one of the neatest things we've seen in our business. Jason back to your question and old are going to Brian your question is. You're right the Internet came out about people and all these options of how they booked their vacations. Then it and a lot of times people civil Marc Hauser and her two. Reserve as it goes I think it's helped us because people have a chance to reassert more. That takes me under the river cruises it has been such. A big part of our growth and our overall business. Brian literally in the last ten years with the growth of river cruising by the white. I force saw this coming not force all that's overworked I. Have my Pearce I don't cruise holidays stores on the east and West Coast. Like fashion most trends start on the east to West Coast and and we get them kind of laugh strike say more would vacation options. So river cruising and I knew river Cruz who's gonna become a big deal long before did. About fifteen years ago I started going on the river cruises you get my staff. On them so they knew the difference but differences between viking river and Avalon and I'm more waterways. In your world. And and that I've been on all the rivers then on all the river cruise ships so we know these river cruises and by the way it has been. Fastest growing segment am not. Highest satisfaction. Rated segment of the entire vacation one treatment on the river cruise lines that I. The biggest reason is that it's all inclusive. All the tumors are included midwesterner love not to be nickle and dime. And you get to see so many places that are so historic in many cases it's your heritage that your going back to see other. The net. This place like Prague and I'm gonna say that because that's my favorite city in all over the world right now outside the United States. Intensity of course and that's got to be best value in the world one of the. There are no problem laughter republic but what god I've I've I've been there the study abroad in college at the good prize extremely cheap back then it got I guess they dinner for Tony that since it was amazing. Mark comfort is our guest coast today and relationship partners Bryant's are. You can find out more about mark's company at cruise holidays TC dot com. You re back with one final segment with both mark and Brian here after the break to listen to grow nation show appreciate during his. 9 PM kaine he's. Welcome back into the gorilla nation show with Jay-Z grill nine ED MJ BZ into nineteenth via podcast. Again with Bryant's are today. He's discussing security gorilla nation show president and chief investment officer at true wealth and company. Also with mark comfort we've been talking all about cruises in his business today. The what's second and if you wanna get involved in order trip is cruise holidays AC dot com. Bright and they wanted to mention some of and talk about some of mark in his wife's amazing I charitable work here in Kansas City once you lead off with that out on this excitement. You know their their focus and commitment to give back. Com is one of the most amazing stories we have about eight and a half minutes that I wanted to shine a little bit of a spotlight on the island talk about. They're giving back thing you've done so let's start with a what was the first. The first partnership to two you have in and how to Beckham about on the nearly back to the community. Well while you know the big Brothers big sisters program recourse was the first part of that that we're involved in and and we've been really involved with our church powerful earlier from stolen. Boarded our church. And brand may be to set the stage and that I believe when. When you are. Whatever definition of successful. That you want to use it's your. Requirement your obligation to give back. And mean and I both have that belief. And help others. And we've always had that Foster kids my gosh almighty we've had 35 Foster kids that's and that was so good for our kids. To see kids. That didn't have a stable mom and dad. What made our kids more appreciative as it had taken them all over the world. Made more appreciative of the United States so you have a big Brothers Foster kids. And I'm I've been real involved with so much I got a rotary pan on an Elvis radio you can't see it I've been involved in rotary. Which is the biggest thing that's why meant she market might be Jason I hear them speak merit here is this they represented in effect and Hart Phil wrote yesterday how many years in the works over point five years logo is actually 26 also did some stuff with as a young life. Young life he is a power I was gonna end up on this that's been our big charity of choice the last twenty years. We have free will Wednesday night we had AB do uttered kids come to our house and be in our basement I don't know if you go by young life but it. It they do funny skits and gets pretty wild allow with a much high schoolers it's designed for freshmen through seniors are usually. Yeah I guarantee I'll I am well I have three teenagers. Seventy year old fifteen year old thirteen year old daughter's. It's all high end I played together in groups it's it's been awhile and allowed to and and that's and that's been our beat. Involvement the last twenty years back we do it. A young golf tournament every year to raise money for young wife to send kids to camp and everything of what kids need. A stabilizing force in this world today and I think young life is a great option for that. Talk about you're orphanages you'll have you have supported around the world as well and and as part of that. Did you all set up a percentage. Of of income revenue profits to give back or or who are you just led through prayer what you're gonna give back or how do you decide. For business owners saying you know I I have to make a profit and take care my family ticker my business but I don't I decide what to get back on how much to give back and talent is there a way to plan. That's a great question and I would expect that from a great financial guy like yourself and I I think yes they're most definitely has. We most certainly believe in hiding guide says that's what is. Require of assault and that he will bless us. If we do and my wife talked me into that on our honeymoon. They are used put a dollar in the plate thought I was there could give them and then 10%. My god I don't think you're doing it's it's the first. The best that I last month manually and you'll most pertinent headgear conversation I brought up. I'm in my wife was so wise on the honeymoon are gonna agree to anything right so we do we've we've always done that but then give being. Is what is over and above that we believe and end. Our. What leads us is prayer not a percentage. And as we have done better we give more and more and more and more and more and and I think everybody should I believe in me and I've had. A big impact on a lot of people probably won't know how many because our lifestyle is to be generous. The orphanages we got involved with the globe or from project many many years ago we've got the orphanage in the Philippines the one in South Africa. Our own and we contribute to that organization there's so many kids that don't have. Hurt and don't have opportunities. If you'd notice a theme here a lot of the theme that we you know I love we love kids. And dogs there. You know it's in the dollar well in order. I don't know sometimes not necessarily well I mean I personally tonight and I've. Definitely you'd never know which ordered it had a Golden Retriever on you know what you they're great dogs are they know divorces are wars of everybody have personalities like Golden Retriever you know. So that's been a big deal and we what one of the biggest things I'm proud of and I Jason you know Park University will Mimi and I. Donated and and helped build a baseball field man at park universe to throw a baseball team. And they honored us you named it comfort field there you go pretty proud of that that pretty hostile yep mark comfort is our guest today. Your website again is. Cruise holidays Casey dot com. Let's have some fun questions you ECB into a 101 countries and I'll share this unbelievable which what is your favorite minus the US. Well I do that's so hard to answer. Favorite favorite team this. Laser. Ever tell you what I'd like Nixon would part of love the Czech Republic right now it's a beautiful. Believe it or not and we're going to Norway here in particular group of 118 people to Scotland and Iceland and Norway. I love the Norwegian fjords that is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. While life and I give talks about this all the time I break it down historic. Nile River. There's more history in Egypt and anywhere in the world followed seconded by a Greece. I'll wildlife my four African safaris have gone out of my 150 great trips are might favor most memorable trips I've ever done. I tell you what men and then mortgage Brian you're the second back how many how many days you actually in Kansas City begins because your job. The reality you actually trapping a ring on these yes of the time in my feeling I traveled government W troubled well but places drive and go to. The Cleveland or pure two DeMulling you're going to I ever. And sparks yeah yeah. I don't think I've never figured out brand Broncos they would maybe maybe maybe I don't know I love traveling. I believe that it did inherit in my nature to me walked to see and experience the world in the culture first. And the history history my big deal. Pomp and taking I'd love taking people tied to prime five or six groups a year. Of tend to seventeen days. It and then were always on the we do not business with a grizzly as they always get a sunburn new ships they call those inaugural season so we can better sell those ships. I'm I'm gone probably I would bet. 3840%. Of the year. Let's. I thought want to fight is a story on travel 40% of the year I know like he's worked he's working but he sees he's got to vote yes so I would I love my work. I love lower did you leave do you take you mission trips and we mission trips are a tour you know to be honest we that's one thing I don't do weekly tribute to a lot. But because I do travel so much all over the world. It has not been my calling to do the mission trips internationally what's next for you and me we know while that's your question. How we wanna see parts of the world we haven't seen we're not I'm not an Iceland I'm shortsighted on our own Iceland. There's a lot of different parts of the world that. Are very very special south America's gonna be the next content that'll Coker I've seen a lot of South America but there's a lot more to see. The market's been such a pleasure. To visit with you today to learn about you and Mimi in your business and your employees and what you've given back and from all of Kansas City we give you a hardy round of applause of a job well done sir thank you so much for everything you've done. For yourself for your family and for those that you care the most about him and I don't think your brother appreciate it Jason thanks for Evan yes. A lot of fun having mark comfort and Bryant's are on the radio show today you guys from a lot of energy a lot of fun I look forward to talk India. To both you again and obviously got a schedule makers Dylan mark I think you better half I'd try a little cruise up and Ellis start looks like slowed will move a folder area there are a great show today guys I appreciate you all listening today and joining us on grill nation we'll see you next week.