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Saturday, January 6th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connected you have the X-Factor here. Real solution. I connect with Jason on Twitter. Jason grill tonight with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at grill nation show dot com. Welcome your host grill nation has always dressed up and women are radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello welcome sued the grill nation show here I came BZ 988 AM and appreciate also listened today if you are joining me via podcast at iTunes or stitcher radio. Also available that grill nation show dot com hope you had a great. In the year 2017. And are excited about a big 2018. I. Very thankful for. To show that we have been doing here for over four years now I think this is our fifth year. Over a 135 shows I believe Mungro nation alone. Very excited to continue that in 2018. And two you continue to have really cool guests who are really doing amazing things here in Kansas City. And throughout the region and the con Cherie. Well guess Artie planned out for 2018 so I appreciate you joining me. I appreciate you listening each and every week whether speed podcast or on. Came easy nine ED AM. As always you can connect with me on Twitter at JC grill a net grill nation chum also available as well. Another social media handles just check out and search for Jason grill. Our take our partners and supporters of the girl nation show who are along for the ride again in 2018. Our title sponsor the show is the trust's. Mo make them be okay financial and q.s advisors all three describe the guys in companies are great people. And great organizations here in Kansas City also don't think our guest cohost an honor contributors to grow nascent show. The rehearing. One might luxury apartments great group over there and reactor design studios. Clifton Alexander is against coast in honor intruder each and every month just a really great guy as well. So today I want to see you change things up a bit and our first guest who will be joining me here in just seconds. Is doing something really cool here recently Stephanie Carrey is the CEO of Kerry media. And the publisher of the pitch which we all heard of before here in Kansas City. She brings more than seventeen years of experience in local media marketing digital revenue and promotions. To be in occurs a radio and newspaper reporter most recently served as a sales manager at second street where she consulted media companies on diversity our season on diversifying. And increasing digital revenue streams. Exactly in the community answered on the American oil as the chair of cooking demonstrations and is a member of the marketing committee. She's a graduate of blue valley northwest high school here in the area and earned her bachelor's degree in communications from mill again. College Stephanie is joining me today. On the phone. We heard announce some big news. About Kerry media acquiring the pitcher in Kansas City welcome to the show Stephanie are you that. And it's great to have you on the show. So Tulsa by yourself I read your bio but I. I know this is the bit on the tip the iceberg with what she do you looks like he grew appear in the area. I ticker up in the area. And today I attend high school in the church here in Kansas City and then moved on to east Tennessee for college. And then later on eastern North Carolina for all of them jobs but eventually. Came back and I'm so glad that it. So million college I didn't nor that was that's in Tennessee now. Brackets in east Tennessee I I really had no idea how exactly pilings it let what I decided to go there. I did other beef on the B sixteen hours away from home link on that. I and I've been to Tennessee handful of times as well and curfew more commence some fun events and some weddings and what not done there and I know I I always enjoy a discount of the day it's those on different landscape there you know Iowa and you have mountains you have fear of hills you have. Different cities we have big city yet small cities similar in. In that population size to Missouri which is cool but bill that's really cool C decided to you kind of fall the journals and career in. The tells about that I mean that obviously is take you from job to job I'd imagined. Sure well it actually kind of funny story how I got into that study I was working in the Milligan College grill. End the professor of journalism and communications department Gary Mattingly. The debut on May know him from his script national column on religion with Terry Mattingly missed my professor. And he came and several times a week in order to grill keep him. And I thought you heard it with pickle but and next time I decided that I needed in gear that. Capacity to me because I needed and the like me. And I announce him that I enjoyed writing it I thought of myself with a fairly good back. And you look at me quite like any that you don't have right. And then he paused and said but if you take my dirt all of them 101 class I would teach him with. They I don't. That's very cool and so you learn from now and the kind of was the the tip of the iceberg for you said you lived in North Carolina as well. I did my first job outside of college. Let that be Rocky Mount telegram wanna give a shout out to the daily paper they're Rocky Mount, North Carolina they gave this Qaeda camp as he lifestyle reporter. And it was a great learning experience I have lifelong friend can not newspaper. And bill folic today. Very cool and so after value. You do a little bit here and there McCain your Linkedin pages we speak. Yeah a lot of stuff going knowledge is really cool. You've been all around the place she also worked at some law firms throughout the years and some PR. Type organizations looks like yeah. So here you can't Betty I work for publication here. Called the daily record. And that also affiliated with the very lawyers weekly oh yeah let's let that and I was a reporter there and in doing so I got Connecticut law community and later ended up working in public relations and marketing for a couple of years. To get people on this kind of thing. Tell me about this. American royal luck cooking demo an eerie and is that interesting to me. I'm not sure if they do that anymore. Don't think that I started about god expect other. Some great years ago. And let it wasn't on the American oil feeling days like Saturday at the American royal barbecue. We want it how more activities for people to do you look at in the locker out of all of the people could get. So we thought it would be fun to bring in some. Up a different degrees and let them not teach people how to cook. And he'll be able to your demonstration so I hope they're doing but I honestly have no idea they. That is so cool and obviously the American Rowe has grown into your kind of there early on doing some of the school stuff and you mentioned that I'm looking your bio here India a lot of the proceeds went to U different scholarships educations. Yeah I had no not only help are you at an agrarian studies and that's something that a lot of people don't know about the American royalty. Is that it's really funny that future agriculture. And you know if you think about agriculture it it's such a huge part of all of our lives and that whether it be you know that area. Or all of the lead out of farmers and Mac and I think we really need to declare a deep carrier going forward. Stephanie Carrey is our guest today she is the publisher of the pitch in now and CEO and owner of carry media. Oh got a minute left in the segment also like your experience he went from all these different experiences to sales manager at second street. And that seems to be quite a transition therefore you. You know let it because what I was doing at second great client software company. That was more than a couple of company and that we did ill treating her field team of media company that I have my opportunity legally Q. Local media companies like a pet. An alternative publications like a pet and teach their teams that you didn't already. New that's something everyone's looking to do these days isn't it I mean it's so competitive and e-commerce I'll tell you that. I felt lucky got Alec with the jet. Definitely gonna have to check them out Stephanie Carrey is our guests are going to be back with her. After the break I appreciate joining us today here and grill nation very exciting news that. The carry media group has acquired the pitch they just announced that the deal closed on December 31 2017. Wanna get into kind of what the pitch was what you're doing there and what we can look forward to in the future after the break you're a senior group nations. Welcome back CU to grill nation with your host Jason rock creek she's joining me again today here on 980 AMP easy and as well pat. Grill nation show dot com pre she also listening if you're at the Jimmer. In your car or wherever you are on iTunes or. Stitcher radio today. I exciting interview that we've been having really inching background on Stephanie Kerry who is now. The publisher of the pitch. And she's the owner it of Terry RC's we carry media. Obviously you purchase the pitch. And also the CEO of Cary media as a really wide background and experience in journalism. And advertising and sales and so Kerry welcome better sees me Stephanie welcome back to the show. Tulsa about the trend the transgressions of how this all took place the progression of it because. The pitch obviously if if people on now has been in Kansas City since nineteen. Yeah I'm really is that couple years younger than me but and hit it long enough and so I hate to need to look at the I'm not excluding made here but you can delegate math yeah I've been aid not big fan of alternative media including the pitch. My whole career and in fact when I was at the daily record I mentioned I was actually cut club which was they club for journalists here against the city. And I would bet with all the picks. Reporters like dollar so cool and I was on the enemies so cool to be one of them and no thought lord can you look. It then 18 I am now the honor which is really exciting and I wanna give a shout out to my husband I carry it. Good off of my business partner. There has been with me everything looked ugly here. That is very cool so you have a the husband wife business here. That we don't we don't you know a lot of people do that they have their work together when they're married and some people down some. Amidst the C it is that that something you guys have been when he you for awhile with Kerry media area have you guys always kind of been. Kind of working together on different things. You know it took an. Career dream for me and academically than a 100% supportive and you delved into new a lot of business the marketing and technology. On the in his own career and it was just a perfect fit in the opportunity that. The place throughout the globe to team up on that and support each other and that and that hurt so I'll be ready in the day to day operations but. Out of another drunk late and Gary media and it really really excited he'd already happened to happen even broader dot into the off. There you go. That's that you need to be a best places to work you have to have the dog in the office a love it Stephanie Kerry is joining me today with Kerry media OK so. This is a lifelong dreary here obviously I believe you're gonna probably your back print journalism media software sales. And that's gonna help you in this new age of of of what not on mine are you planning on. I keeping beings Kosher with the online site in the hard copy I know it's. The pitch is guy's been a very independent and investigative reporting type. I've organization we also do things like food and new Kansas City openings and all all that's also kind of we can expect to see. Both on mine in the end of the paper version of of the pitch. Yeah yeah I am really excited about. The pitch of clay and we are going to keep our. Luckily monthly publication and that we started going monthly about. Marking of last year not to make any changes to that everyone can expect a great quality and continent that they used given night and if you haven't. Picked up a copy and we've got a monthly anchor Craig do so because it really does elevate our continent that the deleted it printed on the pretty lucky Kapler. Mean yeah and so he stepped it up in that area I've noticed. And I think that's a good news right I mean most people probably a lot of people from consumer content online. Yes and we wanna continue to allow people to do that one advocated we will be making it real. There. We. Has been a little bit locked in the and. And please linemen and the Ethier got. So gonna really calendar back it and everything. Yeah I am in that will highlight I mean you guys how it a lot of local events right and and really give people a lot of things to do with that calendar right. Correct or not people accuse the men. You know their events and our community to really get involved. In that process and not caring and you know we wanna help the player Kansas City. Arts and entertainment and cultural community and we know that getting the prevent other important. Then you also gonna provide local businesses with that channel for visibility is that is that through the calendar function. You know we have a lot of opportunities for local businesses. You know obviously our print product is a really quality played Lara local business to be missing out if you're not in it off I know a lot of local businesses are looking toward digital. Help and support and services and we're gonna bring you great Elop brings to them helped them. Generate measurable results from the better efforts but I'm really excited that there with local advertisers and local businesses and businesses. Those opportunities. Mean that's a huge in this this day and age is trying to find new ways to. TT give back to the business community Intel's offer really did reporting independent. Tradition of the pitch. You guys are located downtown. I believe. I tell us about Dodd and in your offices and where the located because if I remember correctly it's kind of an on the streetcar line. We aren't looking Kyle and I absolutely love hearing that day being angry. A couple of times and I'm not actually cannot admitted that. At night he can't make me excited about Kansas city's roads and O'Leary at sixteenth and Maine right in the crossroads expected. And unfortunately we don't have waited outside of our building because where that and the building with other businesses. But we are really right in the heart of Kansas City an hour. Are both our reporters and our. Built teams are out the ballot in just wanna be part the this city. Mean 78 Kerry is our guest the publisher of the pitch he's also CEO and owner of teary media. They just purchased the pitch. It's going to be a locally owned. Paper now again and you guys. Tell me about your writers and and your editor in and tell me how that is all transpired because they know that there's been some changes with the staff. Yeah I feel weird I'm naming David had not our. Our editor here at the pitch even let us that the staff writer for many years. And even that it jumped over accuse the alternative publication and Raleigh, North Carolina where I know the publisher. There and did really great work there and they came back we're so glad to keep. To Kansas City and it's not going to be our editors and he's gonna bring his a great experience and I promise but I'm not biased for people who elected north Carolina's important. Kind of proud of themselves. He's gonna bring all of that and then he has this great team contributor. Do you know. A lot honestly working fulltime and you know there. It love the publication serving the publication. And they loved being an independent Blake so. We'll continue to work with this great team and of course continue to grow that team as you know league writers become interested. Then Stephanie Kerry is our guest. Look at a year your Presley's here you're gonna continue to build upon. Some of the things that made you famous bartenders know put music forecast. Including your best of Kansas City that's always huge huge highlight for people is to be involved in the best Kansas City that is an. Yes I think in the city and let our flagship event. And we're really excited about continuing and even growing economic debt and and up quite I welcome any feedback from the community will get going on that in the late some are and how our party in October but our next party coming up is brought up. At the mid to bid. And that is a if you are interested in all they brunch and that'll be something that you'll just love that attending. Mean. And again Mike we're talking about the pitch here one which is is been around since 1980. Started off as a looks like insert off called the penny pitch which the monthly hit another record store you know I heard some records over the holidays and brought me back me and I. You did you know people that play records it's kind of fun but anyways lets other pitch started and you know you guys are really touched on about everything and here in Kansas City it's really exciting. I wanna know more about kind of the background. About how this guy took place you mention it's got a lifelong. Aspiration of you do this. Went how does this process work I mean obviously was owned by a big company. You guys are smaller local company and how does that all happen for our listeners who are entrepreneurs who we have a lot of entrepreneurs listen to the show. Who might be thinking about doing something bold and seems to me you've done some new bull here. How does that all happen. Yeah so what I would say isn't that I lived I'm a member. Through my am former player of the association of alternative. You've weekly lately is where the pit and other publications of that caliber. Are all numbered and they share ideas and and it's a great networking at an apple didn't speak there on several times and spoken at conferences. And over the years it's just really serve that you get to know I've got to know. Look at the publishers and owners of the the different publications across the country. I've kept those relationships going strong and win the outcome the parent company that until that left. Live looking for a higher I was the first person McCain to Mike about. And low on the thrill and a paper under very you know a little company that networking and who you know and even those relationships going out. I completely agree it's all about working hard and really civilian. Never knowing there might be mutually beneficial strategic relations and that's what looks like you found here with purchasing the pitch. Teary media and them talking to certainly carries a publisher. Again the pitch emphasizing in that in emphasize investigative reporting long form journalism. The pitch covers every aspect you can see life from government and politics performing initial arts music fashion books. Movies good injuring and it's in print every month an online. Every day at. Pitch PI TCH. Dot com Stephanie we have about a minute left in this segment. It's a year old nestled in there now sort of the emir your you're rocking and rolling way what are some of the things you're really excited about here in the first quarter Q does an eighteen in. What are some of the things stint say that the people can afford to. I thought I mentioned I'm excited about our very first event of the year which will be broadcast on February 10 in the red. And so that's just coming up we're really. Getting geared up. But other things that we have coming up of course we'll deal all of the event that hey you guys know and love that from the patent. And then walk cop lots of great contact about Kansas City. Local music food and then culture. And we may be delving into new areas of coverage that week. Debbie great to see it hopefully guys keep up your. Here investigative reporting team that seems to be having a lot more throughout the region. All the different types of people so. But is leading the charge would that we're really excited for the direction and it take. Congratulations do you we've been talking to Stephanie Kerry from the Kerry. Terry media and CEO and owner of that organization and now the new publisher of the pitch congratulations on your success in guys. And gals go check out the pitch at pitch dot com Stephanie thanks for coming on the show today it. Being great regret back on grill nation they can join. I guess. Hello welcome back to grill nation with JC grow hair on 980 KM came easy as well as on podcasts today on iTunes or stitcher radio as well as. You're joining me today on the website appreciate it at girl nation showed dot com keep all of your. Yes suggestions coming Yankee connect with me on social media pat and JC grow on Twitter that drill nation should also available on. All the forms a social media search then name Jason grow up you enjoyed our first few segments of the show today really exciting things happening over at the pitch. Porter our next guest. Dave abort cheered at who is the director romance at the Kansas he sports commission and the foundation. The website is sport TC dot org they can't see sports commission and foundation. Has been around Kansas City for quite awhile they do a lot of cool things to enhance the quality of life and economic success of Kansas City through sport and very excited to have Dave Borchardt on the show today day welcome to the show via phone. The Democrat. So Dave and I go way back with such talk some background here Davey used to work at sporting TCU and it was a Kansas City Wizards. Back in the old days and he nine posted eight. Very successful. Radio show. The Tennessee football shows that they wouldn't. We agree get big corporate announcement due legend and I heard then yeah I'd you know I will play well I'll always used to cut kicker by the typical. And it's dead we had a great show Dave has a history of of me is so it's it's it's gonna cool to be interviewing him today. Today I talked to us about your background there you bugged in Kansas City for many years and I worked a lot of really cool organization tells about yourself. Yeah definitely I feel like is that. Like on kit city and in the dye her sports fan feel like I've been really lucky to have the current pet so far and started it exports three Hewitt and equitable is Sports Radio fifteenth and is an intern in 1999 and what they're full time after I graduated from the due in May 2000. Kind of stirred up ground on the board and produced in the different shows. Started producing Jason whitlock neighborhood and right now technology which I'm getting up at 345 every day which was in grad thing they want to the prime time show with Belmont and great bowl and the Gramm. I would be able to host the evening's show as well as the. How did you do that I didn't know that seed in the evening in the Sunday morning show. Yeah but did that in that also posted it's you spoke game which Jack Gary dramatically scaled so that was pretty fun you know Jack you're one of the more. Originated comic theater security sports history. Great guy he actually when I was a legislator he was lived in my district so. Always I always like seeing him at the polling places and he's always been a these guys and get dude so I did and so we kind of met after that when you're at sporting as the public relations manager be a lot of great experience he kind of kept. Kind of been connected on the radio senior Kansas City even after you. Post reported in were producer. Yes I'm like you that I went from eight and two at. At that time the wizard and was there through their whole. Landing in the new stadium construction in the stadium opening so that was really wanna pilots in my career for sure getting to see what it was like when the team with the wizards and the other might be two or 3000 people with the game and now they've sold out. A hundred plus games in a row and have the best stadium in the league and it's just really cool to see where the team has gone up like you set it up. That we keep my foot in the door with the sporting and what they pan out they'll post the outpost in radio show up for sporting Casey. And evaluate them after every game. Yes so if you ever wanna look in the final whistle you cannot give me your take on the. I I also run rumor fondly we used to be the the bill play by play announcer on the TV broadcasts. Yeah I overplayed here the early in the near the little 03. Now I want him and decided to upgrade with the this. They've opened David running tell William did a great job and I think we're really with a good fit for the team with the new. Stadium in the new Brandon. You can go with the English accent anytime you can have English accent the soccer they can get so. Pat pat pat. You're there you're doing the show needed to show you steal the show from sporting car. Yeah so for the home games we will do the post game show from an by the members club. It's no one's been to the the game about it. Leave the cauldron is that creepy imperfection in the playing and bang the drums all the game and when the team win they bring in the songs in the drawn into the members club so you really heard it here during the show but it makes for really good atmosphere. Yet does it Boortz is our guest she's with the tc sports commission now also azalea. This stuff was sporting TC on the on the broadcast. Dave. OK so what would votes a cycle that's so you've been around them on us now for Colorado what are your what's your take on it. As far as native American sports sleek. You know it's funny I would say other than the TV ratings which I think they're still. Not worthy of delete want them to be I think undergone TV ratings the league it's just really hitting on all cylinders I think you look at these new teams that come in and they have great stadiums they sell out every single game. And I think almost everything the league is doing is working really well there won't be one of the leaders in terms of world soccer when it comes to technological innovations. I think we know that he could can be a little bit. Too much old school in my opinion then. You know not necessarily willing to take chances are tweak things that you look at adolescent male rolled out a replay last year which you know it it's I think one thing that maybe frustrates American sports banned. But the soccer fans love it's it's it's tough to score sometimes in soccer game so. If there's a play that directly lead to a goal at that at the crucial play they can directly impact who wins who loses and who make the play out so. Now than MLS has replay. They can find out if a player should have been a penalty kick worked with the diet or should have been hit a ball or that the red card like these huge plays that really impact the game more than any other sport it makes you wonder to play some soccer can determine the outcome of the game so the fact that I'm allowed to want to take chances. And do the replay I think it's really cool and I'll get that every team come an end with great attendance I don't know if you saw the Atlanta stadium this year but they were selling out that beautiful new dome they have an Atlanta. You know they would end ME that the economy giving don't they have done they're they were selling it out that seven new ammo to penetrate the per game I think it was sixty some thousand so every team to come then just out all the momentum and that they get the number one league. It in my left in the NBA from everything I've read seem like they're the top two teams. In American sports in terms of millennial fans I think when you look at who's going to be the next generation of fans certainly can't city younger people don't like baseball collect achieved. The man people are really flock to the NBA and MLS. India likes ancient Seawright. More teams are permanent. Yep for sure so there as a team just awarded the national recently. Though you have yet been and that the other big news and MLS is the Columbus team looks like it's likely to move to Austin which would be the first. You know big time professional sports team and Austin which is a really fun market fell. And that they didn't wanna be MLS original thing Columbus but they've been struggling for awhile in terms of attendance and sponsorship money at merchandise sales. And I think even though that it's bad news for her court band I think and what an odd thing could be a really good thank well. It could be it's a fun city that's for sure and there's a lot of there's lot of lawyer kneels down there that's that they and it's a growing city so. What's really cool what I feel bad for the people Columbus of that happens you know it's a pretty big city as well which people don't think about I mean it's. Got a similar kind of a demographic is Austin I mean state Capitol College the college sound. Couple million people. Very cool retarded Dave Borchardt you now is the with the act Casey sports commission sees the Kansas City sports commission he's a director events Dave. Four get to what's BS sports commission does. You also got to stay over at Time Warner Cable you you kind of worked in the corporal for over six years time flies men. Yeah it's funny I was if that was what they -- and Alex was sporting and they cut to the point where even know my job at sporting KC it was you know 62 weeks for nine months out of the year with two little kid that was just it was an attempted to me to go for the I didn't week Monday or Friday and that we had a lot of fun at Time Warner Cable kind of good PR. Crisis management and also a lot of community events trying to build up goodwill in the community itself I loved my time there for sure it would definitely. More of a Monday to Friday job which was nice for the family life that you know they went through merger recently what you know your world with Charter Communications and the arrest commuter relocate to Milwaukee and as a -- -- idiot that was kind of a no go with me so it started looking for. Other jobs your round that I know even reached out to you first hospital and the minute I promised the sports commission in the combined might do well I guess my three laps really which could be sports and and events and then the city Kansas City so I had just really lucky that it all worked out and I know my blog this morning its owners but they recovered or have ever had not really me that it you know attempt to work your hometown and try to improve your city through sports which is not an impassioned about it didn't go out and plan and execute these on community event that it's just a dream job. I'm Dave orchard is with us Dave. Give us an overview of of the TSE's sports machine we actually had on Cathy Nelson here. Gosh few years ago so it's been awhile since we really talked about I know. It's growing and no got a couple minutes left in the first sector this segment with you. But also bit about it its web site has worked PC dot org if you wanna check it out. Yet I think for people that tonight about it certainly check out the web site like cases that bit. Weren't nonprofit organization and our mission is making kits it is better to sports so if there's something big in Kansas City. That sports related there's a pretty good chance the sport conditional at some sort of role and you know we they wanted to things were really well known for his we've bid to bring event can't city to help with economic impact and help with visibility for Kansas City on regional national and international level so things like the big twelve basketball tournament we've bid to bring to can't city the NCAA volleyball final four it was just your last month and then we brought to town also they US Figure Skating Championships that was here last January that was a big successful event of Brent Sutter got some that we bring to count. Took things like working not a World Cup bid right now should be obviously the biggest event we could ever bring to town. And I think that's probably the thing the public would know. But at the sports commission that's for doing things like apple will have a group internally called went for Casey and Merrill back getting females and young ladies in the sports at a young age to better their life. Show the benefits of sports in terms of self confident teamwork health and wellness things like that they do an all girl Summers summer camp each year they have the big women's sports awards celebration lunch and each year the Mike and focuses primarily on local events though trying to do a lot of things to better the community we have annual sports awards banquet that's going to be in the 44 year coming up in June celebrated their best sports stories to the year each you're Kansas City and we have several endurance events might he manages including the incident marathon which is there. Or just Daniel Rodriguez says the city Illinois just as you know it celebrates diversity of the web look at Kansas city marathon. Dave orchard is our guest need director of the events at TC sports commission in the wet finish fourteenth seed out or more days after the break you syndrome. Welcome back to sue grill nation with Jason girl I'm lovely. To be back with you for this year as your host of the show here in nine AD AM came easy it's. Other web site is grill nation showed dot com and our whereupon I teams in saturated to search for the group nations show with Jason grill. Duck and our guest is Dave orchard is a director events for the TSE sports commission. Longtime friend were kind of every connecting game are we we've we've gotten talked few times the last few months very cute very cooled things you don't have that you can see sports commission again. Your role assertion stay elevator pitch on what you guys do is we come back from break here and who had discussed more. And curious at this port commission were a nonprofit organization her mission that they intend to get better or sports though try to improve the colonial I think it city opened wallets event and also trying to help with economic impact and unpredictability. Of the city for in a fun event like big twelve tournament NCAA volleyball championships conducted here we have the women's division one NCAA passed or regional which would be a big part in the city to show him support if we can do that maybe we can get something like though women's final four Sunday. Nobody really cool there's lot of ways to get involved in the sports commission just go to sport TCI and organ. They have internship programs as well lies volunteer opportunities as well up on the web site. Davie mentioned going after things that's very competitive these days in any mention the World Cup. If the US is the US does and have yet but it's looking generator to get awarded that. So what is the capital or it yet and it is the joint bid between the US Mexico and Canada Toby pre country code staying with the US posting you know 80% or so of the game but I could become like. When he died in the US six in Mexico those sixty can't or something like that pretty cool. QB Colin you know I don't know about you that's kind of the biggest sporting event I've never been to new I would actually had a student exchange in Germany when the US goes to the World Cup back in the mid ninety's and instead but I mean it's just imagine the Super Bowl. Times and is is the only way to describe that it would be you know more than a billion dollars of economic impact for each city the cut to host the games and give the city being so fed up with the great facility sporting Casey had in the navy US training and development center that opening Kansas City, Kansas I mean we can post game at arrowhead we can potentially also host teams in terms of training camp at sporting Parker the US training center or wherever that might be so. It would be so excited. I'm anywhere you are by then hopefully it right with the young gun and then what they have wasted extended streetcar ride then maybe some other forms of transportation with autonomous cars and flying flying you hers and he'll be amazing. Elect us and you mentioned shouldn't that. If you influx of international travelers in the newspaper that event you'd have people from every corner of the globe come again. And like it they can city's great now and how much greater would be at eight years when we have hopefully those that we 26 World Cup than a like that brand new airport. More big great hotels the street car will be longer and better at that point though again the news keeps getting better and better every year to be great if we could showcase at the world didn't end of the world. Yeah no word one of the things you're involved with David to showcase in the cities we can't seem marathon though you have. Become an avid runner in your spare time with between family life and work life. Also Thabeet is that's a very competitive industry. A lot of cities are really marketing themselves. With their marathons and I've I've been since I've been running I've run a couple marathons it's. It's a really cool tourism destination true opinion Doocy new cities and usually it's it's it's tough because people wanna go to like. The under the deal the really big cities were kind of more the scenic routes tire Harvey guys being able stay competitive with that in Kansas City. On if they're not the only one that with a bottle can the American I know you finished the half marathon last year I saw you yes sprint downhill. You know. Looking great dealing you well I didn't wanna they that it. But yeah no I mean we we look at this as if the bigotry to get city in terms of participation numbers and though. Like him on board about a year and a half ago one of my primary goals. I get punishment that you want my other job be it race director for the for America on and someone at the Potomac boxes we need to take this race the third biggest recent and we need to really. Grow this and to be and one of the biggest test nation races in the midwest we know we have this great city Kansas City when he used this race. Really celebrate all things can't cities so you know for example last year we took a pretty great health and fitness expo which is free and open the public and we knew that the Union Station that just this psychotic in city venue are your word design that have been so come back from an open back and then it and you know pointed Kansas City in the state of Missouri so the shirt a work in the country kinda you gotta. Merit on the call that at least the spelled out in the design so that was complete Patrick in the course really try to hit all the cool way to mark that spot in Kansas City, Missouri to run it past. Sprint banner and city hall and eighteenth and vine and the Nelson Atkins in the plaza at Westport and then really fast doubt he'll finish with this great view of the Kansas City skyline. A reading pads with the world or won them. Memorial on your lap so I just really trying to stress alternate in the city with this race I think it kind of serve two purposes one hopefully you're really inspires all the local runners to feel like hey that's my hometown race the one I can't miss them like you said for these people that are looking early in case an idea you know you this is a great chance to see a great city a candidate that's running tours in the city Missouri and the commanding. Crowd gives to the doctor bucket list and you know most people I think climate in the city a lot more than they expected and we hear the stereo typed from people that flight but I would sometimes. You know where's the cows were the we'd all that stuff and did that he's got a great video I think everybody here bid their lives here knows it and I think they can't spread to get people from out of town to run the race and then you know learn more about what a great city you have. Indy guys get a lot of feedback from for people who do come into on this positive. Yeah I think people love to race it's funny though I think knowing here he realized that it. It's the hilly city I think people in some ways they predict how many kids they could be public flap but it's a really hilly course so it's not an easy course but we'd make it really scenic generally pretty coerced but he. People in general like the rays the weather's normally pretty good. I think they can definitely get the sense broke camp that he pride that we have to operate the one thing that I've still pushing at the debt outlook to get more people in the general public ball this year is Mike you mentioned he can that we come out of volunteer but I -- to get more spectators out a longer course and look at these two great sports without a degree tailgating city. You know you can either being can be viewed by the can see America like it does look out some street where you can make a big party have it so I think hurt people you know live and number I live in on the plaza in Westport you know come out and have a guilty party with your neighbors make the most is make what he buried an early upfront what that that's that's something I saw at Twin Cities last year is that like 300000 spectators and and everyone comes out and compete against each other to have the biggest neighborhood York party they have. How passive and it's like it took a carnival atmosphere it's crazy so that's how long term goals were in the city with such a great city at leopard at the literally come out and at times spectators were the marathon. To be really cool I've done a couple of to Saint George which is well a scenic one in the mountains and you thought I've done on. Good Ole noises is there's a lot of spectators as well obviously in a row scenic course and his city have done that half and it continued to look for more opportunities to go to new cities in the senior thing so congrats all you do with the FTSE marathon day we have a minute left on the the show today. What have you on again at some point maybe down the road to talk about some news may be fast and exciting are coming up. We had a minute left but zoo what do you think about losing basketball football right now and you've been diehard fan and I'm hoping that your talking Holmes. Absolutely the most pushing ms. do here is much I can and I can speed though a lot of Medusa supporters irritable the most athletic Josh I believe in obviously it was a huge factor. But still overall very successful season and a great comeback season from his seat that started out so poorly in a basketball it looks like the team will be pretty well pretty good if they can get Michael quarterback it could even get special teams in the Dean Baker ran guy I think whenever the print to the tournament without Michael order I think it becomes back. Then maybe they can make a run to the sweet sixteen or something like that but I think that the Nicklaus and certainly much better to where they've been which is pleasant surprise because the last couple years were not pretty. No was not it was not as tough being in the Z fans I know that we both have. So the best sporting maintain the city history was the Missouri Kansas football game the border war. At arrowhead the first ever won at arrowhead which means you want to become number one in the country go down in history as the best sporting event in Kansas City until we get a World Cup right if. Without all of that on the navy base you know my organizational that we got a plan that a key security basketball gave a few weeks ago and oh look that up until. Felt was really cool day thanks for coming on the show today like in the west and a sporty si dot org if you would get involved. We'll talk to get seen Dave have you embody. That's your man happy new year do you even listen to grow nation thanks for joining us again on nine Canadian TVs.