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Saturday, January 13th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up and even in their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to the grill nation show on nine BD AM came in DC appreciate you guys all joining us again today whether it's via the radio or via podcast at iTunes or stitcher radio also available on. Grill nation showed dot com where you connect with meat as always on the website or on Twitter at JC grill or grill nation shall post photos of all of our guests. All the links to our shows and everything else about the gorilla nation show at grill nation showed dot com. Really exciting show and we'll get to it in just 12 but I think our partners and supporters of the girl nation with Jason grow our title sponsors of the shell. Our mode bank BO OK financial. Trust's US advisors and Ryan rink also contributors and on their desk coasted to show or the Reagor NJ rearing co. Right maybe one might look tree apartments and reactor designs tedious and Clifton Alexander. Who comes on once a month as well very excited though because today we have one of our title sponsors in studio Milbank the Oca financial for their monthly show. And every must agree on it's an exceptional guest. And this month on. Monitored via a guest hosting today with their he's gonna be guess coasting to meet today with Jeff Phillips who's the senior vice president ammo bank the website is no bank dot com. Jeff welcome back to the show thanks happy new year happy new year to you. Every time you come in I'm fascinated buyer guess since it will be no exception. We will have on the show. I frankly a personnel had never met before rule had never met before today's taping. Mike stranger from Holland 1916. Tell me about Mike in that I mean how you guys and know each other and what's going on with all of. 1960. Mike is Mike is a great guy and we actually got introduced with his involvement at the bank not only is the company Ian in here in the Stanley customers that he serves. In a very important role on our board and so we have. Tapped Mike's expertise and knowledge in just his. Interesting way of thinking about approaching its processes. And and business in customer experiences. And he's applied that Holland but he also helps the supply them at the bank and he's going to be a very interesting guests. So he's he's an attorney who left the legal practice after a couple years gently tipping gates he's was in the US army was they have. Went to West Point and with the loss will be received Virginia. And learn more about how to get cut Kansas City a during the show today but he's. Since for the last eight years in the CEO pollen 1960 which is a very fast very manufacturing company. So we're gonna I'm excited talking about we don't talk a manufacturing yeah. It's not always the sexiest. Entrepreneurial journey but it barely. 1960s mirror or Holland 1916 been around her. Now over a hundred years and pretty exceptional. Yet it is I mean he knows his business and in particular is one man it. And he could have left it as it was in it would have been fine right so you can. Take a little sleepy business and you can continue to have a obviously be business or you can. Really apply. And and in new thinking in new approach is seen constantly thinking how could we do better and more and that's what he's done that business and I think the the growth of the company as wells the financial results. And their impact in the industry is that proof of that. Mean Gumbel talk about how they've grown. But there really focused they really focus. On the what they did best in the early death and now they have three companies under the umbrella of hall in 1916. And Morgan of those three companies here on the show with Mike let's also gonna talk about one of his passions which is education on the show they were gonna bring that up with them. The alliance for childhood education website is ace invests. Dot org. Really exciting to see what he's doing he's very passionate about business community working in education. Yeah it takes people like. My. View. And address issues that we have in the labor market I was just out it. And metro community college last week on their campus over in northeast industrial. Area and the programming that they have is unbelievable as far as applying. And it trades. And you know and being exposed to manufacturing world in developing skills. And a lot of times. Businesses stain or manufacturers in particularly think well if a as sponsors scholarship or arrive provide internships at my business and I am doing my part in that education process and I think Mike would tell you with his involvement. Not only Holland and also with the line. Then there are issues that ago way before. Someone seeking an education that have to be addressed whether that be. Cows seen war and mobility. Or even just. Hope and that there is something more for them out there in so he that's his many where his mouth is in his company he personally. Art intimately involved in helping to address some of those issues and we at the risk of as becoming paralyzed because it's such enormous issue he just have to start making little chinks in that wall writing and Mike is a prime example someone who's doing that. Yeah he does on the alliance for child education he mentioned his unit has an enamel line. It really is is a bunch of business leaders committed to improving Kansas Missouri's education systems in my quarter ended some of the things anything to do and obviously. It's always the main focus needs to remain on the child and and and their interest and what they need to succeed and so work cited talk to Mike. About that is well I'm really just get some really good arch burial knowledge I mean this guy. You know we was trained as a lawyer but decided you know couple years into tend to run a business and it's grown. Both financially and with employees and in and he seems to be heard or seen you know I've just read about him so far but he seems to be very involved in the community and in very forward thinking. Yeah I he's Mike is priming simply is he's an inspiration to you folks like me where. And maybe he'd shouldn't aspire to a kind of career. He should aspire to why it. You or did that and what to commute passionate about and then apply that few different areas of your life and so. Maybe it's not and him learning about. How to be a lawyer it's learning a certain way to speak in his time at West Point in the army. Oh wait to inspire and rally people and how can you take those skills and and apply them to a career vs just picking a job and trying to do it. Very Tseng deftly side to talk to might strip Mike stranger who's the CEO of Holland 1916 the website is Holland 1916 dot com. Jeff from Mo bank is Jeff phils from a bank is with me today for the entire hour. Jeff. Exciting year for remote bank came off agreed a holiday party which I apologize for missing there at a but it's been negated good year for remote banking you guys are doing all agree thing and obviously. If people wanna connect with you guys you can help in many ways you know we we noticed you weren't there we had about a half a bottle left. That was what Lou what you would have taken girls selling weed that is agree that is a great party not only. Because it's free instant. 23400. Entrepreneurs in the room all at the same time day. Have an instant connection with each other because they're excited about what's going on in Kansas City and they level learning from each other it's it's a fun environment everything's. Kind of all signs are pointing up right now on the economy not only nationally but in Kansas City in such an exciting time for partners to share with each other what to work non. I love it and you doing it to death doing great kid man Jeff always brings the positive attitude your grill nation each and every month. So we have today we'll have Jeff Phillips from a bank on the show and also will be joined here after the break. By Mike stranger who is the CEO pollen 1960 excited to get to learn more about him. And what his business does here in Kansas City and thank you for joining us again today on the grill nation I greatly appreciated so we'll be right back after the break. I keep hearing today on he radio as well as on. The website grill nation showed dot com preachy listening as well today on podcast at. On iTunes and on stitcher radio. Again with me today is one of our great partners and supporters of the girl nation show I had Jeff Phillips he's the senior vice president at mode bank. Here in Kansas City great company comes in about. Once a month either or Michael easily to talk to us about everything going on here in Kansas City really invites on through really great guest and Jeff I wanna have you and you introduce our guest today idea. He's he's really good person of from what I've read he's in a lot of really neat things and I'm excited to have him on the show and yeah well I'm excited. Four the listeners do and meet Mike today if if they have Mike stranger with. On 1916. And as of my man known each other. Maybe for about seven years or so we got introduced through the bank and he serves. Served on our board in his it's still an advisory board member. And mostly because he's one of the smartest people I know we know it's so he always has these. Thoughtful licks in now whenever he peers over his glasses that you know something impact full is getting ready to be delivered he's. He's a a very Smart guy and he brings that to use the business as well and so. I think folks listening today were really and garner some wisdom from how they have approached business and other thing. So Mike your company's name is hall in 1916. What size Holland 1960 dot com. Tell us about that I am I'm trying to figure out everything that in bodies were does that mean the name of the company let's start there I think that's interest. Sure well first how should I tell your listeners when I'm carrying government class had that if you seem smarter. Face provided here that I I especially. Well we are not very creative be the bill Holland 1916 name comes because our founder was it was a gentleman named Lou Holland who as a running buddies with the with Harry Truman and and in 1916 we seven various names behind Holland that. They were the based on a product you're selling but we kept evolving and so our product kept changing and our name kept beating. I kept missing the mark. So we finally just said hey were found we were founded in 1916 let's call ourselves Holland 1960 and make sense you very simple when you really explain it. Mike Tulsa by your back on and you went to West Point is that right. I did a long time ago into West Point and then went to law school at University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Nice place been there many times he's flown in DC and nestled day trip out there and it times absolutely absolutely I I grew up all over the place. Following my my dad. Or for the marsh family and we moved around. I'm too many locations and that's what my first forgetting them a love for business but it going to West Point possessing much the biggest challenge out there I'm forming at the time. It that's for awhile and that's just slid Jeff and are thinking about. Here's a high school. The biggest challenge Orbitz right in the head and had had a great experience in the army and there's some very interesting things and then now. Decided to back to law school and Virginia he took a break then I two choice yes yes. Yes straight in dollars and interesting discussion it really is because you pass that you have fewer life experiences that need to bring to the discussion and there there's there's nothing like a 22 year old. Burst your lost it and expanding upon all of that like this taught him went into nothing has been learned that this threat it. The took some time in the new you do to law school and and Virginia will rethink in that when you're currently. To be a full time lawyer gonna work for big firms that you're. Oaks in jury in singles at that point you know I always admired those people that knew exactly what they wanted to dare I even in Moscow and it probably evens today I'm I'm not sure what. What life. I was in front of the air and and so I I'm pretty open minded about that I thought that the time pago let's go work at a law firm in and learn how to buy and sell things and see where that goes. CU were you went to law school Virginia how did you keep in appear. Following a woman. Yeah that's a recurring theme Mario here earlier in Korea is an agenda it is there's there's always a woman involved in Kansas City comes of course I think somebody undertone ED CO about that America I'll be our number one attraction you. This is all of our college age women out since you have come on assignment in mountain shifts so you may you be mad your wife obviously out there and yes OK we we we we met NBC and I I sort of the first time that I. I came to Kansas City I really did expect him to to be pulling the com I'm off the runway so that we could land and then I was pleasantly surprised and and now I'm just this huge proponent of Kansas City area it's just a fantastic place to live to work. I'm generous I mean it's awesome name and start a business eve he came back hearing you well worked as a lawyer than you when you hear all that. Time he spent for a while eastern the kind people and lathrop and gage it was it was lathrop and Norquist at the time. Allow me to Obama to come there and and and tried to teach me to practice law but it did not take. Ahead. About two years and I realized I was incompetent before they did and so I idea. Decided to go out. And into. The business world Mo was out like that transition for you and out of that hole you're down. Well. One of the things that that I learned at West Point was was how to. To deal with. Groups of people and in and how to get them all sort pointed in the same direction and when you talk so long that's really not what you're doing them and so I thought that if I can get into a business situation. I would be able to. Better suited for that at least two permanently and and potentially even. Just have more success why why is that the the law doesn't provide that. Feel that the law is a little bit more all one on one it's a little bit more technical is mostly reactive. I'm in deals it seemed to be that we were always anticipating the worst case scenarios is that as opposed to what. Could possibly happen and and I found that. If I was at work I felt like I was. Not doing rights I should be billing hours if I was going hours I felt like I should be home with my family. I didn't sort of like the pricing model either. Yeah I do a lot of that in my life and it's it is stuff. Engineer for the bills Nielsen only got a if the job right also wanna have some free time right sure sure like the whole idea of having assets they were generating. Revenues and hopefully profits for me while I wasn't there a thought that's literally the curtain. The question had you on the show many years to get a life. I build up my whole life yeah everything else is gravy after that error I did so easy to make somewhat Cynthia. Casey went into the business ruled in what was that like starting out. Though as an attorney you know turned it changed the whole our Lola kind of career I know people probably relate what the hell like you go to law school would. What's the deal here what are you doing now says so that did the major culture shock going from night you know way it. Top tier law firm and an inner city to a manufacturing especially of very small manufacturing company we have about 23 people it it. In Holland at the time was it. The law firm we were very concerned with a impressing. People with. How nice our office wise and and and I am all of the chancellery things that surround it are are legal services. Manufacturing romo's your customer don't even show up at your location it's all about your product and how my sure offices does not matter. How you address does not matter. And so that was that was sort of the biggest shock in would you do when he started out the company of the you've been there for so long. Well. IE sixteen people arrow was your or my job. My first job was to run it Mel was that it was it was. That's very unique and we've we've we've had a lot of entrepreneurs on the show who announced he is a big companies here in Kansas City right on you they've come from different plays they got head on and or. They were an intern know me or they stay or. The sales are up and now they're CEO who could you do to the other way around him the top dog at the beginning right now yeah bet I just saw that was easy. Yeah there. Those ally is if you go walking in Willie what it was it was great it but you know I had my own ideas and this was a company and in this this was in the mid ninety's. So technology was just. Computers attitude to a certain extent work we're not. Very prevalent outside the office. So this was it was you it was a real move from doing a lot of things manually kick to. The figure out how to do things in a more automated fashion. I am and anytime you bring in a new leader. They're some style changes I was a little bit more calm. And amid the company to be normal process oriented numb because in manufacturing it's about repeat ability and the best way to get repeat ability is to have. Relatively robust processes and then to have fantastic people trying girl. And and isn't staying in agree chronicle said yes. M manufacturing is inching and what was the initial product whenever and you got involved so DD get a thing that I did I realize when it when I started. The company was making lots of products. And I realize that I would mess mark and I wasn't how wealthy. And that we need to focus and so one of the the person is one of something I didn't the first couple years what step to narrow our products come into moved to. I am. Making just metal name plates at the time we are making the cows and labels and over relays for all these different companies. And that was required. Different skill sets essar are different equipment in different processes. And I figured if we could narrow things down we can get good it's. And or first challenge before even addressing the sales. Side of the business was taking it good. And to be make to make a product that we are proud to we we. Jettisoned some of our. Effort to get something into my brain drain on. The say I think you go both ways right. You know these have been really well to have problems now focusing you do best kick or do you. Enid you bought it which are good at something you just keep growing in. Offering more different things well and and I completely agree but what we had to do at the start was was was too. Focus but since then you know we've gone from having one business to now we have. A holding company Ponte sixteen really is is is just holding company. And it has three operating entity so we have spread back out I like it but we spread back out and away. That allows each of those three operating companies to focus in because we learn a lot from focus and interstate. My challenger is our guest today Holland in 1916 the let's say this Holland 1916 dot com wanna bring you back after the break and talk more about the business and everything don't you regret all the 1960 your listing her name. I guess. Welcome back soon be grilled nation show on TN BC 980 KM I appreciate you joining us again today. Relishing shows so far again joined by. Jeff Phillips from mode bank he's a senior vice president there and Mike's dreading jury who's the CEO of hall in 1916. A great manufacturing company here in Kansas City on if I explain that right Mike. But that's of the segments for we will learn more about your business. To take us through we know we kind of what your background talk about more than products here but. What exactly does Colin 1916 do I know you mentioned some of the things in the first segment today with you but I'll give us kind of an overview of your portfolio and you work with him. And what you do for your clients. You'll mention that our company as a hundred years old we started off doing printing plates for the old western auto catalog of calm everybody can't city still familiar with the western auto building. But they tell that life back onion is on in the high. There's so reiterates the money to get that thing back. Okay see certain of those look at it yeah and in so. Lou Holland founder was. Running buddies with Truman and so when Truman went to DC. And during World War II. The pollen went out there and was in charge of helped. The distribution of metal does not always a critical item during the war and lo and behold about that time we shifted from making. Plates for printing to making metal plates in. So our core business and what I shrunk the company down to talk to last segment was was 222 printing on now. And those types of plates or use buying. Most manufacturers who make industrial assets and especially those that go into relatively harsh environments. I'm so we're talking people who make files were talking. Transportation items were kept we're talking. Any type of that sort of metal ass. June and human Q3 companies right there on 1916 Holland nameplate is one of them Holloman played isn't at all an interface solutions in in coach. Correct correct I until like him and Jeff this is above my handled this is not nobody future no way. It's very interesting though is that he knows mine mentioned earlier when your grief first. And became involved with Holland it was really about kind of shrinking down in doing a few things really well in the in rebuilding. And back out so if you look at and those businesses that you just mentioned I'm sure he'll go into more detail that was really. Looking at him either doing business with and how can they do. More along the same lines and so is a very natural progression but I think it's interesting to some people stop. After they shrink it down or others try to build back up without shrinking it down first citing the or that he win was pretty strategic then. And Mike you've been doing this now for over twenty years. I hang on back to the law we YouTube. I thought I thought I hit. You bug on the company tells about that are you guys were you located and how many employees do you guys know employment okay so we're located in North Kansas City which is fantastic place growing quickly to yes it is it's it's supposedly going to be the next hot area. Maxis properties is there they on the chicken and pickle place and I know in that place is run like crazy and kind of started a trend here in the midwest there's more of those things happening. Good restaurants one not gone because morality can Negroponte in north plan tiger in the Pike County side over near a park bill. That we would go down there is they had they're doing here there. And Richard Reeves restore their right but east to be you know in the eighties. You know kind of happening place that had a downturn and now I think it's coming back pressure it was a place that people drove through the last test I asked a decade and now people are stopping which is night it did so close to downtown though which is nice down taking a C Missouri. Some very far. See you down there. Yes and that's where to overlook companies and how nameplate which is the one as the middle name plates and outputs and panels and then. I'm Holland interface solutions in that business grew to. Because we were printing graphics on on on medal for customers and said Haiti we'd like to put graphics. On some non metal substrate may talk about various types of plastic. And membrane switch is just a plastic piece of substrate. With graphics and then you put electronics behind it and that then becomes like the funny Michael then I am so that's that's what remembrance which are key patents. Content and user in north in sitting right I. And from from there we yeah. We were we've been working with assets we sort of got into the RFID business we put RFID and tennis into our metal Maine plates which is a little bit of a trick is. Antennas don't. React all very well around metal but that we were able to master that and in trying to sell RFID tags to customers. They were zero value if they didn't have RFID software and so. We started looking around and there were. Two players who won was a little bit too big for us to mess with the other was a small little company that made RFID software and they were located in Canada. So in 2014. We merged with a company called info chip. That segment of our business end in the last. Several years we have been revamping their software I am making it. More mobile friendly since most of our most of these assets that we're tracking located. Out in the middle of nowhere. The end. So this is an assistant to sexy business ever heard of our time. That's a bit this is a very middle of nowhere why all these people are successful I tell you what do they make asset chip since that sucks yeah. Nobody here. You might you might hear picture in the paper for Sox but this is where the money is made it different though to drive in North Kansas City in drive by a red brick building though in know that something like this is happening inside straight it's awesome that is really cool. And you guys have grown right. We have a lot more employees and you had twenty years ago yeah sixteen actually we have 89 people around and what's really remarkable is how much more each person does this then those original. You people that we. Into the advent of technology we were we're. We are getting ready to embark upon. In the next eighteen months more change than we've ever experienced in life and and Arabic. Like to the company and and Jeff can attest that we changed quite a bit just. On a regular place. And tell me about growing this company might not that the employees with the business. I had you how do you party ticket sales how do you. Reach out people on the need it was or trade shows involved this is such unique. Industry or manufacture in my opinion I mean maybe I'm nuts but you know how do you get people to buy. So we've we've we tried a bunch of different ways and an end and and we've just had jettison the ones that don't work and we have an internal sales team. I am that targets the industries where were we play real well and the other thing that we've we've done is we've tried to avoid. Mass market products. And mass market opportunities we've looked for niches where the competition. Is scarce. And then we've sort of benchmark ourselves against that competition. And tried to. Create a product that was distinguishable. He's not always possible I am and then he can't distinguish the product you have to distinguished service and so we have the fastest lead time in the industry. On the Melamine plate site. That's a big deal for people who are trying to keep their inventory down you end if you have an asset that may cost a 100000 dollars but it can't chip or lack of a dollar. Nameplate. That sort of angers your senior management that happens we get more frequently than you think in so our ability to react. Really. Helps our customers get out chains and that's very pro expected by purchasing people. So my feet didn't do is that something that was like. Articulated. By your customers pretty clearly or is that. Something that over experience are you asking her questions. Really drilled down that that delivery. Leave kind that experience. And that being the last piece to very big order for the end. Did that come about by EU investigating or how did you learn that. Will I do we clearly learned. From experience and it how appreciative customers were when we were able to bail them before our lead time before we actually shrunk early can we were just doing a one off type of exercise for that that Castro I am but. When you. Well we love people that we call semi lays. We want to do it an easier way tomorrow. Then we get it today. And so one of the things you find when you start reading about manufacturing. Nude in it if you sort of think about this intuitively. It's easier. To manage less than it is to manage more. If you have a longer lead time and your shipping that's just say ten products today and your lead times to leave Dei is you know you can't. 200 thing she got to manage 200 jobs even if you can shrink your lead time down to. Just find danger only managing fifty thinks I'm. I would much rather mean it's fifty things in 200 things especially the moment the same amount of money and you find it with your competitors that up pricing is a huge issue. A key is you guys. Compete with pricing or he does compete with. The be in the best in the league time like that so our name by business has thousands of customers are interface solutions business as. 150 to 500 customers and for chip business has. 10200 men so we you have got bigger pool of customers you got a little bit of everything with regards to customers and so that's one of the reasons or CRM system are. Asteroids to management system that manages our customer interactions and helps us. Remember oh yeah Pete likes this. Sally likes baseball oh. We you sort of keep track of what their preferences are Maingear are offering that way it also allows our sales people just like a good radio host. To have some background and and to build a rapport. With who are with that particular customer. Take me back my political days there might have been written notes you know this person has can you fly in front of their house. Thought about Kansas basketball but I back. And I think that's an important point because I think sometimes people think about manufacturing. And as various there'll relationship between. As the end user in the meaning fracture and so you can even think about. Large organizations where you're selling to a new publicly traded international company we know we have. Brands that sell the Boeing there is still a relationship they hear of that the purchasing manager. Would like to see it this way it needs this because it makes them look really good in front of their boss. There is still very personal thing even in the world manufacturing it's not a sterile environment where if you just. And zero. Quality. Issues then everybody relationships matter. Like for even the manufacture even been manufactured. My trend here is our guest sees the CEO hall in 1916 the website is Holland in 1916 dot com also joined today by Jeff Phillips did a great job from Missouri bank senior vice president they're great companies here in Kansas City folk think dot com website. We re back on grilling. Welcome back CD grill nation shows McCain leading ninth GDP in and on iTunes that your anger relationship dot com great show today. They keep Jeff Phillips then Milbank for being a partner and supporter and coming on today. He co host with our great guest today Mike's right injure from Holland in 1916. Ruddy good time to argue they might now. Real quickly before you to want your passions on talk about their relationship with no bank. Pretty cool right to have that longstanding relationship and even involved in for many years and they've probably help you grow on the left. You know I would say that. Many of our country and our company's best. Programs attributes policies. Have come for me blatantly copying. What grant in Jeff and they know Michael have done at the bank. As Smart. A threat to do here that I am I lazy right stylized just copied it why why reinvent the wheel I would not always beef know everything before they it was his duo works right. If it's a mutually beneficial relationship because my age like I mentioned earlier has set on the board for awhile and and as always brought a great on the outside looking. So so why or why are we doing that. You know one of the great things that I I learned from the bank and its it's a shame at what I didn't mark tell them that it was this they they have this. Marriage. Customer focus with the passion. And when you came. When you can constantly keep your customer's interest. And as front and in front your mind and then marry that. With your employees getting passionate about what they're doing and the job that the performing. You end up what how wing people him and that's what the bank the 44. Many years and then with this merger now what's what's one of the things that appealed to the bank of Oklahoma about misery bike is. There's issued your bank buying this small bank and saying how they're consumed thanks I bet we can learn from. And that you have to give bank of Oklahoma a lot of credit or four. Looking at NA NT a miniature bank in comparison and saying. Hey we should copy him. Artists artists through merger now biomass. And but also. Michael wanna talk about. What is now been re branded and renamed it the alliance for childhood education ace invest dot org is website. It's a nonprofit nonpartisan coalition of business leaders committed to improving Kansas Missouri's education systems you've been on media. Mitt involving this for many years tells about rights so. Any entrepreneur or am. The it's going to face the challenge of trying to hire fantastic people Smart entrepreneurs are people that are smarter than me and so. As you grow. You gotta find more and more people and that can be a difficult challenge. Them. So in thinking about this we thought it's a short term challenge and it's also a long term challenge. Who said the long term challenge part of that we need to get involved in education. Because. Shame on business but what we have done is we've let educators. We said hey. You go over and operating the stove pipe you go over him and create educated people. And we'll leave you alone. We won't tell you since even though were the customers are worth where they were going to use sure. That the product that you're generating those talented young men and women that come out of your education process. We're not gonna tell you what we want them that's what business did we totally let down the education community and so. East it is a single focused entity it's not like the chamber that has a lot of different. Interest trying to do this for business mistress. This is a business saying. People are important. The end. The way to get good people is to start early. And work on education initiatives mean face as you mentioned is changing its name to aligned AL IG in EP. And we are continuing to figure out ways dizziness can help education. Create. Better citizens. Better place. It's a great idea and great great goal. What are some of things do you think we need to work on the most in that area because. As you mentioned there's a lot of policies around education that have been around for a long time and there's a lot of roadblocks. How can business to any change. And make everything better life I think pursue formats didn't go the way to do it is to always look at it from the kids' perspective. On education and investors is that. I'll remember left Moscow my name is now the families don't like the worst Gordon and I met you yet. One of them. Most. Much of the reasons why. Education gets it wrong is because we we we take our eye off the child and it it becomes an adult problem. Men and and so it becomes a woman this is about. How to keep parents of parents or teachers or am. It. Administrators. In the house that the right for did they all I I like to attribute everybody. It's best. Angels. Anything in their thinking but. Unfortunately when you take your left the child we start worrying about. What's best for the teacher or what's what's best for the parent and that's that's not you don't get that you'll get the optimal outcome so business first and foremost needs to keep the focus on the child. I'm we also need to look at science and realized it. So much. We need to ponder how were were actually teaching her teachers. Because. I think a lot of kids don't do well in school. Not due to lack of ability but more due to I don't see what this is gonna do for. So that he do not see any relevance. To their future alive as to what they are learning at that moment in time and that's where business can come and we can say hey. This is how you're going to use of that man. When you get older and so gosh we could have been told out about all those classes met in college sometimes. Finance and stats and all kinds of crazy stuff that I had. You know at the time arson in the classroom and what does it mean. Was so I am I here. Well let's talk business is teaching it SI as Ahmed tasteful than vets wolf it's it's a one of the things that we did wool. O line focuses on a trying to to get more funding at the early end of the spectrum that's good yes one of the big ones and and I am also. I'm allowing. More creativity in the way education is delivered. But. When Holland turned hundred. We already been involved at the upper end of the spectrum we have high school in terms of the of the north and caps program and command. And when we talk with colleges all of the time as well. But we should you consider the teachers were saying we need to get to him earlier because a lot of them have already checked out by the eighth grade. Over a hundred Dick hundredth birthday we decided to give ourselves a tour fourth or fifth graders every week. So we have forty to fifty. Kids come through our facility every Tuesday for two hours and they walked through. And to learn about how we manufacture meddling points. And every single person some. Or bald some have long hair and some have Tatis some have colored shirts. Some mail summer female summer of every ethnicity. But every single person tells them how they use them. Interest on a daily basis that 222 to generate the paycheck they take helmet. A lot of great idea great program a Mike's strategy has been our guest on the girl nation shows CO pollen 1916 the website is Holland 1916 our comp. Appreciate Jeff filled promote bank also joining us today Milbank dot com is the website for them appreciate guys come on the show today. It was great to grandson contrary it's loved it loved it thank you for listening to grill nation we'll see you next we take care guys.