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Saturday, January 20th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always just okay. Even in their radio studio. Is Jason grill. Hello and welcome to grill nation here on came easy 988. AM I'm your host Jason growth thanks for joining me today on the radio as well as if you listened today. Via podcast on iTunes or stitcher or on grill nation should dot com where you can find. Photos of all my guests links to all of our shows updated each and every week as well as more information. And where you connect with us on social media what couple those pledges are you can act and always on Twitter are very active pat. JC girl and that girl nation shell. Great week hope you're surviving the cool weather that's cool weather cold weather here in Kansas. Your op Ed lavandera right. Grab a great show today we're gonna it's our guest here in the second. Who is Tim count in from the Kansas City area area development council that Casey ABC president and CEO going to be a lot of fun talking to him today. Ford bring him on I wanna I wanna think our partners and supporters of the show. Who were some really great people here in Kansas City by including our title sponsors of the show trust. Mo make MB UK financial and two us advisors also contributors to growth nation showed on Eric gets coast include the Reagor NJ rearing to go with Brian maybe. One might luxury apartments in reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander will be joining you again here shortly. Down the road each of those people come on. Every other month to impart their thought leadership and wisdom on us. And so I really appreciate all the folks at all these great companies for helping out the girl nation shell hope you enjoyed our shows the last few weeks. Excited about 2018. And now that. Most source sports teams are out of it also lets move forward and you excited for her for springtime here but I wanna start off today with. Attempt got to do is the mention the presidency of the Kansas City area. They've called me counsel their website is think Casey dot com Tim is on Twitter at. Him cowed and K our season CO WDN. Tim welcome to show. Thank you Jason good to Syria and I have been. The one to have you on for awhile we we we we crossed paths a lot in Kansas City we did bond mutual friends and I saw you a handful times during the year. The airport. Campaign up to the vote last year so a lot of beer. You were runner on time before you do so via the hot button issues here in Kansas City at some the things you all do what's gonna get into kind of your background I know you. You went to school in Oklahoma. I didn't that's edition I'm sooner born Boca so you grew up in where you grew up that I grew up in the local subsidiary Oklahoma sound Edmund. Ed that I can learn that no memorial. So. Let's say it's kind of grown since from your grown up their idea that's a much different place than when I was growing up and a it's kind of cool it to go back and see my dad and losing my mom and see other places change is an ethic every place you are where you're from you go back a moment you see all the changes the certainly some changes and is that now Oklahoma City is. Is closer to Norman or closer to the other school. You did your rivals it is closer to Norman. Akashi. I should have you on a few weeks ago or sponsors Jeff Philips remote bank is a huge Oklahoma safe. Okay located on the Oklahoma local state GO there's quite a few Oklahoma State fans around. Is there Kansas City absolutely have a lot of fun that's cool that's cool why colleges and media. We has made a pretty far this year I guess yeah that was that was a tough New Year's. Night I think we're allied with Theo you watch party yeah Ottoman Max and now. That was tough but hey you know my two kids they tried really hard there came very close that's true that's your right teacher assistants he went to college Oklahoma. Would you want your school we had do you have do you start here well. I always. As weird as this might. As a kid I always wanted to be involved with development I love cities. And states the whole process. But I didn't understand or didn't know at that time how I would really be able to create a career. Out of it. I asked myself that question every yeah I. Trying to figure out. Their texting it's fun all right it is it is actually. A blast. And I was an intern in Norman with the EDC Oca I was at W Oka and the CEO. I worked hard. In the CEOs today you might have a future in the months and he helped me get a job right out of college and I went to Wichita Falls. Texas. Which is about two and a half hours southwest. Of Norman moon and my wife and I were there for about four and a half years. And then we got out of the business completely Wichita Falls Wichita Falls. We put a songwriter as a majesty I just assumed it was in Kansas somewhere we could certainly put the false and Wichita fall okay. But then not. I think I got out of the business completely. I'm went back my dad is an aunt premiere is and I grew up in that environment. And I thought it let's give this in this shot start a family but I knew after about a year in my bad news well. And it was not the right fit that was not my passion. So I got back in this business and was very fortunate. To go to a Utah. In an organization out there called the economic development corporation the top. And then on the about that was that was a wonderful. Experience in that. My wife and I only had two kids at the time to young kids we didn't know anybody. Who in solely had no connection to the time. And we went out there and started with basically nothing. From a career standpoint. And had a tremendous amount fond. A lot of career success there which set me up. With the opportunity here in Kansas City. And again impressed stopping there I get you top. Frequent amount not a frequent how can times a year have a different isn't. He's a lobbyist thus govern relations out there I met when I was a legislator okay and so I've got very familiar with Salt Lake City with Saint George. Right here in three talk he lives in downtown Salt Lake to cool city there's a girl like crazy right you've got great golf there we we talked about that then all. Municipal courses are just stunning out there. Anything you're seeing I mean it's it's it really is a great. Growing state I think for me yeah west mountains. Out of and three people forget about it rate it it's. Pretty cool setup yet the capital there you got a growing downtown yacht. Brilliant university. Within a few blocks it's got all the recipes really come explode. Yeah it's in it has exploded and when I was there in the mid ninety's there was a lot of growth that was occurring in Utah but we messed the midwest. We really missed this part of the world in him and that was great because I have this opportunity. Don't like it is a city they come to Kansas City you never been here. I'd been here I have let it come okay cousins OK a couple of cousins. That lived up in liberty Alka I had some. May paired you with Kansas City but not all that much. But I always knew that this was a great city. And done they had three or four cities on my list. Time well that would really be cool to be able to go there and and the opportunity in Kansas City and have a look back that was twenty years ago. Now while it won't get into that after the break here. We're talking to Tim cowed in his Twitter handles at him accounting he's also the president CEO of the kiss Siri development council. New. Came here and city looks like in 1998. I was twenty years ago off of your career. Move from Salt Lake City or talk about kind of what that twenty years is encompassed and you that's pretty amazing bill one place for Tony years it has because that is not entrepreneurial see your dad was it's. And so probably right about your move their blood I I did not know that about you I'm looking forward to learning more. After the break that I wanna talk to you about some the awesome things you guys do it he CDC. So the really cool projects you've been working you're listening growing. Welcome back to that show you re our relationship dot relations show relationship dot com here and came easy 980 AM. All appreciate you joining me is well on iTunes and stitcher radio. Very excited to have back. The president CEO of Kansas City area development council the website is think. He C dot com Tim Couch in his join me for the entire hour today. We've we really excited to have you on the show Tim thinks you're doing music Jason thanks I've wanted to do this for Colorado okay finally invited no right it took me awhile mutual friend connect to us right that's a good. Level this. OK so let's continue on so you you came to Casey twenty years ago. You started at the keys here development council back then will you do when you started. Recruiting companies dirty cup so do you know Jeff burger don't know him know OK Jeff was working Casey's. And back about twenty years ago we worked on the project that became hardly gave aka so that was his project. So Jeff was discovered. By media International Speedway corporation when they were building in the speedway. So Jeff went to work. Out of Kansas Speedway which opened up this spot AK CDC. Bob markets and Maarten leniency Johnson. Had met me through some of our peer to peer exchanges I was in Utah and so they call me and they said hey would you be interested in. It considering this job and Kansas City with the deficit absolutely. And that's how I got to. After Casey twenty years ago so I am onboard. To recruit. Companies. Now as a recruiter on PP if recruit what does that look like how does that work as well as I make it I'm basically. In the organization and the census the sales and marketing group. Where the region so my job still today. Is to work with companies and people who are evaluating Kansas City and other markets across the country in position Kansas City in the best possible way. To. And entice and encourage them to bomb. It stands relocate to on anywhere in our region which is eighteen counties in both a cut and so I was wondering with bella. Was the geography we were big Kansas City OK so. Eighteen counties we go far west is to peak and then a distinct go. Even Livingston county Cilic in Missouri then on in Miami Connie Cass County. Com we extend even not to universe in his earlier tiger and so the vet school have been very involved in Missouri with our organization. Kansas State. Emporia State Northwest Missouri State so it's a really big on Oprah. I was actually that we give our customers. Choice which is great because we've got a tea company coming in later on this evening and tomorrow. And they'll just be looking at the urban and suburban areas. We'll have manufacturers that will only wanna look at. The mother of the smaller rural communities and regions so that's one of the real been beauties. Of what we can provide to our customers is choice. And that's something in any marketplace it's very car. And Tim count and is our guest today so you you did is development if you will recruit them right. When you take over their home as via CEO and president well I did business recruitment. For about seventeen years. Guys VP and then I was promoted to senior VP so. I let our recruitment team. Where the better part of my at the time that I've been in Kansas City. Lot of things have changed or not a lot of new faces change we've got a lot of fun lot of success lot of people are involved a lot of organizations. So I'm going in in my third year. As CEO of the organization. And I'm having a ball. It's a great time being Kansas City doing what I do and I'm very fortunate the organization very fortunate to be in position. That it is new and done. So we're excited about it really about the future break that down first him what does that organizational like KC DC. But you never interact with you guys. What he'll do besides you know pretty businesses in and jobs in city. What does the what does it look. Well the organization's been around now for little over forty years forty years in as I mentioned before really the the big goal and the purpose of the organization. Is too. Position Kansas City is a region and in a very competitive marketplace. Against other regions across the country and around the world. And go after those companies that are looking to expand or relocate and often times today it's about talent. Recruiting talent to the region so if you look at our organization. We're were made up of about 250. Private companies that invest with few organization. We're also we talk about a public private partnership. Mourn our case it's a private public partnership. So you think about. All the counties and cities within this big eighteen county but Brandon there investors. He CDC. As is many in the private sector. So we go out we leverage those resources. And we go on and recruit companies in the region. Talked to me about how that is changed you're here twenty years of who work here Missouri in Kansas because you know as a former legislator obviously understand the whole economic development incentives world and you probably know that. But I anyone. Obviously that's a changing industry and that is it's. Feel like one of the things I was in Jeff city but that was the most important. Per company. Now it and now it's now it's it's it's more about the war play in all these are things that at the time filling that was one of the bigger elements in it because I was legislator and people like. We want him it probably was because you're legislator I mean incentives are important to chip to keep that. The incentives in the proper context and who's not one thing that hasn't change. But it's become much more. Important. Is is talent. Got your back twenty years ago. In the first question that a corporate sites lecture went out when evaluating Kansas City is where am I get my talent. My workforce again helped me train them. That was true twenty years ago probably true a hundred years ago and it's true day. So business sort of move where the talent you gotta be able provide them. Talent because they can go anywhere. And find a building. Or site and there may be some real. Distinguishing qualities with the within your your region with regard to real estate but it's about talent incentives. Yeah they're discussed but it's always later on in the process because. When you think about it. Most of the companies that we work well. They'll have two or three markets where they can make their project work. And we've got one coming in tonight and tomorrow and in their down to two or three markets in the country. And they could probably make it work in any one of those two or three. So how are we going to distinguish. Kansas City against those other markets that were competing. Talent certainly is is right there first and foremost the one thing that we really talked about in what we can control. It's a process. If we can make it easier in more efficient. Our customer to select Kansas City verses another market and we put our Kansas City product in a much better position. The win. Where is sort of like a true champion there and the tempo and what president CEO KC area development council. So for those of maybe not. Haven't interacted Diaz you you you form kind of like an economic development on group right corporation. Like you know in the Pike County C north. You know you mentioned your job in Utah which is. Economic development corporation you talk right similar you know site selection. Is important right absolutely companies figure out what the next move is recruiting companies helping companies RD here I mean you guys here that are straining anymore. Talent percent he gets kind killed and almost. We we do and you you mentioned the plaque on the eighties and even end in one thing that's that's really important for your listeners understand about Casey's. We talk about this that he CDC is truly a Coalition of the Willing. So our partners like the plaque on ABC. Where the lees summit EC over O or the over on park chamber and ABC I can go on and on. All those organizations. Are hand in glove with what we do that you consider. The case CDC is an umbrella organization in the sense. That we represented. The entire region but we were very closely with each one of those local or community your county. Economic development organizations. That put the best. Face forward. For the Kansas City region that we can't do anything. Without. The local communities in the states being highly engaged. And involved. With. Process. That's awesome that is awesome so we got about a minute left in the segment. Next segment don't wanna talk about kind of some of the projects even work on what kind of excited about. But again. Just talk a little bit more about talent and workforce development those are two things that you. Click on one of the great articles and intensity business journal your featured in his. You talk about this evening here when the two things you looking most forward to it it's on your Jay and his. Is starting and ending around talent workforce well it it is it's absolutely critical and and one thing I should say is that I am really privileged. To work with a tremendous. Group of talented professional men and we have it an initiative called team Casey. Which in effect hopes companies are a year in Kansas City. In those that we're trying to bring the Kansas City identify and grow their their talent people than. We also have initiatives that are built up around animal health. And talent is a critical part of what the end a one off court work initiative is involved with the workforce development. Also Kansas City tour for men which is episode. It it's a vertical organization go to on the strengths in Kansas City around logistics transportation. In manufacturing. And so. They're all in the worst president on the sexy things ever on redevelopment of the want to provide the most popular obviously it's there really manufacture from last week and just. Blew my mind how successful a company's. But who do one tie that brings those three initiatives together that part of his CDC. His talent in work force for both men and they've been out. Working very hard. Too long to bring new programs to not only those companies that are from the outside market they're valuing Kansas City. But most importantly those companies that are here. If workforce development found traction engine or some form. Article. Mullen. Jim cannon is our guest today on grill nation we right back after the break in children. I guess. This evening grill nation show are in 1988 AM came DC appreciate you joining us today and death. Hope you're enjoying the show and staying warm here in Kansas City. And enjoying your day preachy with his long podcast and you'll see an iTunes or on suture you and your car or at the GM. Or running here into every you do I appreciate you listening that however your listening Tim count in his back president CEO of the can't see area development council. Corporation a screw that up council counseling cataract I ABC. Think Casey dot com great information on the web site and really cool things going on here and earlier photos as well Kansas City can check it out at peak AC dot com. Tim we've got to go out of the two most important things which are workforce development talent and always gonna come into play. I know you guys been very busy the last year on a couple big initiatives we can briefly touch on. Oh you spoke around Kansas City. I talked to your rear immunity to me get a 105 speeches that you and I became really good press. Perez on the stump truth that you were out talking to corporations the two employees Steve businesses about. The importance of the building a single term on the case CI. Which was very successful obviously I I think that which you all did what cerner did with a lot of our companies did. To get their employees up to vote and also to educate them with Scott the difference in the campaign and he wrote there on the stump talking about why negative aura. Well workforce development talent the things Jason there are a lot of people out doing that. We didn't turn down anyone. So any group that wanted us to come out in talk about the the value of any single terminal we did. And I don't appreciate you recognizing. The fact that we do believe that really have an impact men help. Moved that needle to ward needed to get it dead and we're excited to to continue on and hopefully. This is my my my AS speech here not Kansas City Council and get their act together will will move forward and I'm sure there will I know it's it's Jimmy Carter serious process there right negotiations and and I'm sure their constituents are excited about the new airports so that's the most important thing never gonna get an eternal. Bill and you know how you know how important that is obviously in your business you you've been able to. The travel lodge into. To sell Kansas City. I mean to its first impression EC when you come in the Kansas City as a business person as a person looking to relocate here absolutely. We're really excited about the new terminal. Four years but until then I think you'll see. Airlines start to add to build up. They're service here. The solid today and we we have an Iceland play now yeah are you have you not protect you need to buy those tickets I I don't so I know him know it idea how many people. We're excited about Iceland now have their come out of Labarca Elena go their own to do this I know I. If it and that can activity that you get into it to Europe. But most importantly I'll travel all that much internationally but. Coming back into the United States from Europe or anywhere in and having to go through customs. In a place like Atlanta and or Chicago where. Or New York is such a hassle yes he'll be so nice to be able fly nonstop. From Reykjavik. In the Kansas City in clear customs here in jumping your car. And go home near yeah oh definitely get a check your bags and do everything else I tell you something that happened that was. I kind of cool overnight. My youngest son. Plays soccer and so we're on indoor soccer term amid junior doing all this before kits bridge area to our house. Basically up payroll. And then we've got to stay hooked still at home but my youngest son. Place indoor soccer so we're sitting there watching this game the other night. In independents. At 103. And the people behind us who we did not know they do not know me they just started talking about planning their trip this summer. Iceland. How cool it was they we're gonna have a nonstop flight from Kansas City. And they were talking about going on and Europe in my daughter who is there with me my hands on with the bases battery assistance until then said no it's great. Just smiled and just listen to them they were so excited about Kansas City he you're so much of that excitement in the community about all the great things that are going on. In our region and it's a great time to be doing. What we're doing and I don't fortunate I am in our organization is to be leveraging all these great things. But we are pushing hard and we'll continue to push our. In Iceland areas is one example there will be other opportunities that will pursue with is much bigger and gusto as we did that. Single terminal with Amazon and all sorts of it. Yeah I go for right you have your little afford that so let's talk about that now on. I know that that decision has been made yet but I Amazon it's also not that the process of how you can put the other team is and you guys worked really hard on. On the application. And kind of took a lot of people to bring together again asking gunned down Jason such a competitive process and by the way before you and this some friends with the mayor of Little Rock. And the my work with often we met a lot of mayors and boy he he he milked that they'll tell you this email that Amazon thing got a ton of press release it did you lose in the New York Times here Amir was your life by saying now they are right I knew I had a similar look right it was an interest for those of you guys worry trichet and you know if we didn't pursue it will does that life. Well. You know it's it's it's been a tremendous. Process. And I and I and I mean that with. All sincerity. Because we took a very inclusive approach them with the Amazon each key to opportunity. I was in Saint Louis when that RP. Dropped early in the morning I don't know I think probably would you do every morning teacher so active on Twitter and social media. I get up I look at my phone I look I Twitter feed in it was blowing up Jason that morning because now Amazon had just drop this big RFQ and and are cute he. End. I said okay. Our life. Is going to change. Between now when windows Lou was though September September 7 and him is do you like a month later in we had about 62. Or three mile. So we are listeners who are all mostly business folks are entrepreneurs or people that are in the know about Kansas City. And RF PQ are argue gives I mention this to someone in the ban on what he's talking about request for proposal request for qualifications. Early this was they were quite a regular basis improving yourself your fill out a document with all your ideas in your. Here's your your experience near your doubt your values your assets one. And in one thing's getting Amazon was very clear in stating and there are the wasn't that they wanted one response. For each market over a million. OK so we had you know Kansas City, Missouri and the Tina white county was variants immense. In the state Kansas governor's office in Missouri governor's office and so we were able to brain. All these different. Entities together along with the private sector. Jason we had over 200 people involved. Two under organizations involved in responding. Earth. Who might edit and I had that much that much I can't imagine tremor S cooperation that we've never seen that and you know the Kauffman Foundation and I know that you've been very active with a great organization a tremendous windy Gilles called me from early on she said. We really need to take a look at how were preparing the workforce of the future if things that are going on in Kansas City with the various. Caps programs in all these really innovative. New ways in which kids are being prepared for the workforce. Let's put that sooner. We did some things that were very unique and different. We'll see. What happens. With Amazon's. Down slack. They have not said exactly. When they're gonna do our own they're gonna make a decision in eighteen. We sent an email. Archer. We're formalized very foot but at least they responded and I sent an email within about thirty minutes we had a response. So. We'll see what happens but regardless. Of whether or not we advance. With Amazon this process of bringing so many. Different entities. Together people from across our region to get behind one thing war. The greater Kansas City area nothing's been very powerful. I've been yes Tim count and Casey ABC is with us today. Yes it really is and mean it from a copter foundation perspective just to like you know you're in 50000 people I mean that is. Whole another ball park to with with logistics and with what I can mean an entrepreneurial community with the education I mean just. You know the mine going by the but that's cool that you guys really put it your best for four I think that's what most Kansas city's want I mean just for us to compete in and always be at the table. Compete hard. Go for it and of the the folks who live there have seen our proposal which is. M I'll say they they've been blown away and I'm so proud. A what we've been able put together on behalf of the Amazon project but will be able to use this information. That we collected in this platform that we created now that I found out that the BM now the very team there. Stepped up and you've been so many different folks at the amount team stepped up and they put twenty people. On this project and we built something it typically takes three months to build Jason this digital platform. We did it in two and half weeks. That's pretty sweet when you have companies like downtown NA AR the other CA John Cook is a jogger I guess it is is great he emailed me. Couple days after that RFP was was made public many semi amounts on Saturday. He said he cannot let me know what we can do now. Our respondents I don't know exactly what that is going to be yet but I guarantee we're gonna need your help. And about two and a half weeks later. Calling that I need your help bring in all this together and they are guys that trip and I MA did. And that his team win was great but there's so many organization I can go on and on but they they were. I just grown right that John isn't as you got this idea because there's a guy yeah yeah I felt like you gotta love the CEOs around town that are. That are really. Ron stepped forward and help out and we got to go to break here but just to step up you know put their put thirteen on the line in and help out beacon city issues I think it's fusion. We need more of that I mean I continue to grow that in that this is a Kansas anyway and they stepped up and a lot of other companies and their CEOs from your team's. I agree it's finished in great journey and we're gonna continue along with Tim touted. He CD CF the graphics. Welcome back to see the whole nation show here on CB 980. In other even know that you were there for twenty years I just think even higher. And you worked there for twenty years. You know you don't see that anymore in this and is staying any kid in our in our world it's it is pretty rare that that's I think the real strength of our team. Is that we've got. A group of professionals in many cases that have been there for awhile I think that is really. Part of the recipe where organizations in new website. Has all kinds information become a member of the GCC and and and information on real estate and we really count share that I I think. What a way Kansas City is developing is pretty cool I really enjoy now the job urban cores are developing and you guys are located in downtown correct where Terry unions their Union Station right you in the chamber both there right just just just a good growth I would downtown now and it's just. It's pretty cool to see. A lot of people down there you know it's cool what's going on downtown. But it's equally cool what's going on throughout the region how about now is in mine accident recently sat down with the mayor there might ban. And Blake Shrek then what they're doing with their city's South Korea is amazed at this and then downtown Lee's summit. I mean what a cool area and Ali some do's and you can go. Throughout the region and Europe and north limb very grew up PI they're make that I was you know it park so you know our university just last week. And that's the great thing about Kansas City it's you can live. Analyst at different places and there are just so cool they're all different their own detriment they're they're cool people down tangled up herbs. If I wanna have a low land I can be out in leavenworth county. If. This is my argument for many years because legislator for the film taxpayer. And I bureau producer and you and make a movie can go to any. Placing Kansas City and you can find any set design you need immediately. Tim Callahan is with us Kansas City is a whole what what are some of the things that you think that we content continue to improve. I know it doesn't some of the tough questions here is. You noticed remain competitive with these other regions that are similar to us well I know it's gonna go back to were forced talent. It you know and and and it and it does mean you can't minimize you know. Solid education and ammonia in it it's all there and that's a great priority of our organization moving into eighteen. And beyond. But. You know Kansas City when you look at our market and we know all of us who are here we know what a great places and but if you're on either those three. And you look at Kansas City on a list to say a spreadsheet like a lot of sites electors will evaluate the markets on a spreadsheet. Before they even. Oh church in Kansas City and the metric they're looking at the metrics. And our metrics. Are. Aware of a midwestern. Town there's a lot it just jumps up catch you off the spreadsheet but when you kit. People here know I did the group that's going to be here later on today got to tomorrow got a Raymond we are bringing them in when you get. People here and I know your listeners. I had this experience do they bring their customers in her family members or friends or what have you know not any Kansas City or maybe haven't been here a while. They gave him ago. Wow this is there's. Five that is his it's palpable and in our region right now. This is our time. In every city goes through. Martin meaning users CMO talks about. A golden moment then and we truly believe that this period of time it's Kansas city's golden moment in we've got to. Because our leverage we've got to capitalize on it. Do you look back it up more like Austin you know 1015 years ago. Mimic how they've elevated them themselves as the market. I'd look at Charlotte, North Carolina before that you go on or not this is Kansas city's time in the end down. It's it's exciting and we just got to figure out ways to do it right continue to figure out ways to do that it has pitched to turn. The turn the page and in differentiators of threats and in a lot of the decisions that people make. Where they wanna be where they wanna live where they wanna grow their career. They've got a lot of choice in this country because there's a great cities in regions in the United States from which to choose them. Kansas city's lifestyle choices. I mean you're able to come in and IQ you lived downtown. The owner trying to get IK didn't beat up while those friends of mine who are like. Grew you've been in the north Leonard been in politics ought to move downtown for years checking out a unity like you know where that line Brady did that. Are you live that wherever you want that. So often now and in my oldest daughter who. Is building her career in her life here in Kansas City and I told you my oldest son we're gonna get him back far from me from. Always makes Obama a big guy that's well that's the. But. You know she had a choice then and she she studied in London for six months and Allen in New York on a dirty Chicago. Said he'd take a look at Kansas City through different plans lens where you are you grew up in high school all that. She's building her life. In her career she loves it she can jet off to new York and here friends there but the mobility that you have the affordability. There's just a cool factor. Yeah I think that's huge because. That is that's one of the factors and you have to go you have to continue to embrace that they continue to embrace. Those things maybe are older population with change you know Michael we sit in city can also during July and we we've worked I've worked with developers and people in our industry that are building amazing live work play. And sometimes it's obviously cause a lot of issues. With with a local residents who have been there for 304050 years. But we got to think about that there the next generation here right now we cannot we can we have to opt you have to continually. Update we should be thinking now about. OK we we did the airport we did it we're due in DC these studies now come out about downtown and about you know how to read at all some of the area's highways meet. We this I think has that we need to think in 234 years from now right. There and I think that we are and I think that what's happened with the new term loan and Casey and I. Bringing all that together moving forward having had a big win then. You don't affordability is important mobility all of those things are are really important. Which you've got to have a place that's attractive. People in need. It's especially now it's negative if you outsider didn't put you have to embrace that yeah we are who we are right in Kansas City is. You know what Kansas City is right it's a great place that's not trying to make ourselves something. That we're not let's embrace who we are we have this group it's gonna be here and it's going to be. Seven degrees tomorrow and we talked about it with our current with our team. Couple of days ago embrace it. This is who we are these things it's gonna get warmer I guarantee is gonna get warmer in Kansas City. Right this and that's just what probably probably later this afternoon brought us a but that's just a brace to ER yeah and I think that's a great thing about Kansas City is that we're authentic and places in this country. Not how people are authentic and they're not true to themselves and Kansas City is true to itself and I think that. Seamlessly into this mix to people who have grown up here if you litter the afternoon. Right yourself he grew up here didn't grow up a police state here and we have a lot of people on the show we come on that are running businesses there. Are running organizations like you that if that are from coast from south that is that a state here and have been very successful. Tim count in pre she come on grill nation showed today. Casey eighty C president and CEO the website is think Casey dot com check out there do all kinds of neat things. There and appreciate you coming on the show today. Regrets our success and if we can ever help ya and all her. Move the ball forward and in and help you would love to Jason thanks for the the opportunities. This morning in grade they'll do a wonderful job thank you. And look forward to listen you've done their appreciate it Tim counting appreciate coming to show again Tim is on Twitter at. 101000. Thanks for joining us again today fixed dollar sponsors and supporters and thinks the listeners will see incident.