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Saturday, January 27th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up there. And their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome sue. Real nation with Jason grill I'm here today again show. Gosh 142 were 43 now ought to double check of the real nation show. Brought you by some really great sponsors who give tunis secular one a preview today's show we will have on. One of those partisans boards of grilled nation. Reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander joins me each and every month he does Donnie hiatus here for awhile because of scheduling. But we have him here today and also will have a here here and a few weeks with some really exciting shows which we will La will talk about but today I really wanted to focus on. Some updates but heaven and really kind of delve into some really high level questions within kinda get new we'd with branding and marketing and we can't define what makes a epic brand and what is epic stands for. And now let's talk about some examples from marketplace. With him about some of the brands that have done really well. And in our last segment today we will get in some fun stuff with some pads in the in the consumer space with products and it's got a lot of funny Clifton truly is a thought leader of the website for him is reactor Casey dot com that he great branding work here in the Kansas City. Metropolitan area we're gonna talk a lot about some really cool. Things today and obviously have some fun as well so I'm really excited to have Clifton Alexander back on the show today. One bigger partisan supporters of the grill nation show with Jay seem grill heard here on came easy 980 AM as well as on iTunes and tune in radio. Title sponsors to show our trust. Mo bay can be UK financial and it to west advisors are contributors of the gorilla nation show are again reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander. One might luxury apartments and the Reagor NJ Reagor and co Brian may be a bi monthly guest on the show. You can put me on Twitter at Jason grill that girl nation should also check out our in street Rampage Accra nation shows Wallace my answer Rampage in any other place on social media to search for Jason grill. On the social media platforms and you'll find me and very active recently on the other Twitter and on insert himself fall meat on those mediums. Welcome back into the show one of our partners and supporters now as we keep going here Clifton Alexander off founder created Chuck Norris of reactor design studio as you can check no matter reactor Casey dot com. He is our guest for the show today and we are gonna bring you a lot of cool and exciting news and thought leadership today on the show Clifton. Man I am super did. I guess and wish it was still the holidays perhaps and had to let him speak a lot of that he come out of the holidays are gone for a long time and it's cold here and you know you get you back to work. Things are crazy. Yeah I spent two weeks and India now laying with the family is easy and nice and yet you were I talked to you briefly in December than you were out on the road here. How was that house go far here originally all around out there that's where I'm from so whenever I go out there on the losing end Lian and we do a lot of other things we go to the beach and you know. See the sights and things like that let down due to some high a lot of times so. Highlights we found a really incredible beach. In Corrado that we never meant to before and it is just like a shell. Smorgasbord of so to speak NY times and go to the beach you might find a shell or two here and there. This entire beach was just millions and millions and millions in just shells and all kinds sand dollar and everything he can ever imagine. To enact a fantastic time collecting and did some things there. Penalized time am my brother's house and a lot of time. Now that's my sister's house to get to this movement family. I'm it was cool to go and see when as a member others to see that amber world headquarters we had him on the joke ten months of the cost you learn Greg. Yeah he does among others we get to see the where they were all happens essentially their offices in look at how they're essentially changing. The culture of how we drink and potentially how we eat on the road get some some new exciting products that are working on for. The next couple years and there's there's growing like real easy. We're only increase that was an LS yes in LA well emotional or you did the San Diego LA. Didn't look to northern California now now real estate so there. You can wind up going in applying in the San Diego going to LA coming back to San Diego. Spending some time in that day I doubt that that was a cheaper fare right. Much cheaper and how we don't hear about science if we saved probably 800 dollars or something our flights to spying on us Indians I'm. But we found this incredible. Campground Louisiana seems weird to me traveling on vacation and sing and campground when you're not. Camping but they came ground there and singing as he's incredible cabins they're beautiful and their there's like a mountain cabin with the bathroom and on beds and all deal and is this is this say it's still way to stay under a state it's a sit it's just a campground in the middle it's in the middle of the city of Xenia. And now how is that possible it's. It's been so little compared to something here Kansas City Enron where it feel like if you put a campground in. Around brook side. You know clearly if there's any other really just took a big piece of land in the mill brook side. And put a campground there for RVs. Pretend campaign and for. They have these cabins. But they have onsite they have rock climbing walls and makes the kids can ride and jumping pillows and cafe enemies the whole thing. Still it SOK so I mean probably hunt what is what is there ruthless KOA. KOK okay aliens are all across the country but some of them are in more urban locations like that right the most incredible. Very cool. What was that like were the people like it. It was so I feel yeah. Army is what it was like we are there during Christmas break there were probably a hundred kids running around any given time is running around riding bikes. Playing games jumping and jumping poses to huge family friendly. Fun environment is really cool. Check it was revitalize these guys did you don't know of Avandia Nyack. Either have to have an RV path ahead. Or if their kids let it for a solid tough finding a place to stay that's not a hotel room and that's one of the things we always do is try to find none have tolerances and a lot more fun it's more interest thing. And kids have a good time to yourself. Cooked and Alexander is with me for the show today. You Mitch and get back to work him balancing a lot of new work after the first the year I think brawl in that same boat with with the holiday break it's been on a fast and furious yet Unser it's his time of year where everybody has put off all of their projects in October November December just to try to get through the holidays. And then everybody comes calling on January 1 at the thing and so. We're working on some really cool new projects trying to wrap up some old stuff. And Yahoo! you know I mean we were the other some more here on the big project which is going to be really need to an end. I always enjoy working with Clinton because CF he challenges me think different. But with the Brady now has Marchionne is marketing greatest creative brain he's. You've got a not only give a type B business which you've grown in the bottom of growth and entrepreneurship and business but you'd you have kind of a a type B. Creative thought process around it's all about that it's all about coming up with the most creative concept. That fits within the framework of what the brand needs new rumor can just create something in a bubble that that is an effective for somebody so that's what's. So today show Clifton what have you Brackett back after the break Q we're gonna break her sitting in reactor design studios reactor Casey dot com Clifton Alexander. Great guy you're in Kansas City we're going to be talking to you about. I defining what makes a good brand and this is where your passion is what you do for clients all over the city and all over the country. And really kind of deed and kind of go through Samie. Samples that you have. That you think have done amazing work and then also get to some fat suits in house that's out there felt good. Duke senior probation here on came easy 980 am. Now NN. Albums. Again. Welcome back seriously grow nation show I'm your host Jason grow airless in 1980 campaign and he's he also appreciate you if you're joining us via podcast at iTunes or CNN radio stitcher radio as well. Got to guess today's great great guy here in Kansas City contributor to the relationship O joins us each and every month here. We we talked Clifton Alexander about things going on in the brainy marketing world current trends. The leadership type things and Clifton is joining listed do more of that. Sometimes you sprinkled some guests I know we're going to be. Putting our schedule or diet each and every month we we look we look forward in the due to some really cool things happening here on the road with future shows. Which so please keep in in the loop on that Clinton and you're excited about them over featured guest. Great to have you back here in 2018. So to stir up the segment talking to you about branding right so yeah so you've you've sent me some questions here today we're doing our show craft. Very broad hints of the first one that I have on my list is you know what is a brand. Let's. I thought it would be interesting I think we unite a talk a lot on the air about. Branding in air quotes but I thought Obi and she seemed taken back. Not cheer and just try to discover or. Understand what are we talking about my only say. Branding her we talk about upper hand him. And one of the things that I deal with every one of our new clients as we're working with them and we get into our kickoff when we do your growth assessment we do all these things. One of the things we view is that the very first thing is we do this we answer that question what he is a brand. And I walk them through or do a presentation that I have that I've that I've built up over the years is to see answers a question. It's not. It's not any kind of rocket science it's not. Some kind of crazy. In depth insider information it's just basic information to say okay let's make sure we're on the same page we were talking about a brand. What exactly is a means and so I would be curious from use Jason if I were to Sadie is something like what is a brand. I'd be curious what your answer. To that to that type of question would be are what make separately and and with the question when you on the spot. Just some sort of light so it's identifiable. You know that you we recognize there. That that's kind of the first thing I think of the sickening is just kind of products. And you know. Those things also undermine Dominica branded logo or whatever that company here that services so what are their products would there's services that they offer. Don't need my two cents. If you yet another guy no matter how are you kidding you never you know I really didn't miss. That's actually really good night's I think your bureau right on in part of that answer and I think. And Ian maybe there is no official writing answer to what is a brand a brand really has whatever the brand. And that company wants to make it exposed that. The biggest notes. I think. I always like to say as a lot of people think of the brand under the core piece of the brand as being the logo of the company right that's the thing that's. It's very tangible it's something that's easy to see and understand and give companies like Coca-Cola that. And there are beautiful wonderful historical low though that you've seen a billion times all over the world no matter where you ago. Mother of the United States Times Square weather be some diligent in. Iceland right seriously that Coca-Cola logo perfectly rendered every single time. And so. That's what people think you know with a brand is the logo and where things that we talk about more than name I guess how are always nice isn't yet but in the so this is where I'm getting to right so. So there's all these tangible things that are brand has or that they producer that they work with so those things can be these very tangible things that can be the name itself below that we talked about. Mean there's a particular color scheme that but he kind of owned like think of UPS or Tiffany right they have a very specific color palettes. What are some other tangible things a brand might have maybe that maybe in business Carter maybe a sign or. Some kind of outward facing. Immigration of that company of that logo that Brandon making the web site there's all the sorts of things. My eighth in my opinion all of those things are also part of the Brando when you say the brain and those things are all included size a brand as a company you have to you. Continually remember. That. Your brand isn't just your love. That it's all these other things. That are part of the puzzle and then they could this be puzzle but the other thing a lot of people tend to you miss or tend to you forget about. Are all these intangible things. And these are things like your actual pricing of your your products. Your. Voice mail messages. The types of clients that you have. The company he keeps us speak that they're kind of concept. When you are. Is speaking of pricing there live back to Jefferson. Different types of companies. Rely on pricing as they're essentially their brand right you think about Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the screen company that you all these things they sell these products at the end of the day. Their marketing and their efforts around what they do their brand name always comes back to you being the low price leader and concentrate. Then we have other brands like. May be brands that you see at Nordstrom or permits were or Prada or coach or something like that those brands. Are using price and in a different way. Some of those products. May not be down much more to manufacture than something you might feel Wal-Mart. But the pricing is 304050. Times higher because they're building a brand based on our pricing scheme. The makes sense. Yeah I don't make sense is visitor I Patagonia sweater and I went yeah target only here and I'm pretty sure I saw the decks him one for a third is that rice now there are some advantages that they hear that the brands that the more expensive ones have a lot of times they. Have different technology and and higher materials and things like that so it's not always an apples apples. But. The point being is that there are all sorts of intangible things that the customer doesn't generally think about. There are also part of that brand for defining this con this question of what is a brand. Or what are the components of the brain and yes it's your logo and your website your products. But it's also the pricing model it's voicemail messages like I talked about earlier towel you answer the phone once many calls it's a customer service. A lot of companies have really terrible customer service. And they become known for that you can you can have the best product in the world if you have terrible customer service that can really affect your brain and lawn like in a bad way. And so my point and all that and in defining this concept of what is a brand is its really. As maybe cliches that sound it's it's all of that it's everything literally everything. And so anything you interact with that has anything to do the company. Or product or service that is part of those companies arrangements. And that's the biggest point that I think I wanted to get across and these are the things that I talk about. With my clients from day one as we said look we're looking at this thing we may million new logo and do some brand voice and things like that. We have to continually think about all these other pieces and parts of the puzzle because they're all equally important. We choose to you. Highlight. Certain areas that term all of that seem a little more important in advertising and marketing and things like that. But at the end of the day it's all comes back to all of those pieces together and how they all work together and form that puzzle of creating a brand. In some of the biggest companies in the world they get there because they know that. They know the answer that they understand that they do well in all those areas. Interest and lifted Alexander's our guests today contribute to growth nation show. What size reactor Casey dot com troops in learning more I energy if you ever growing business here in Kansas City or they are. Looking to. Rebrand the Clifton a hauler. Only as well on Twitter or in the Internet or phoned me so he's found his common method. RA this only so hook. I don't. It is just say like. All of those things that happen to form the brand. And that's what we're talking about but the piece that. Really matters and all of that is the promise of them brand is is. Is. Creating for its customers if you are promising. Then you are the greatest company in the world the year the friendly as sort of the of the best product we have all these things all those brain pieces come together to form that process promised. You have to be as a brand as a company have to be authentic. She's that promise. What you are saying you're gonna do your customers and you you can't go outside of that. The minute you start do you meaning from that planned the mini surge going back on your promise or moving away from it. That's when customers start to know. And the search to see it and they sort of pull back. Active and I did today you're creating a promised her customers hip to descend all the pieces of brain work toward that promise the all equal out towards that promise. The mar finicky ardea promised the better chance you have for success that's of the U guys strive for an answer it at the monitor yours if that's exactly right. OK we have about a minute and a half left in the second in the next segment I want to the talk about. What makes an epic branded. Again the products are made in the factor but brains or creed in the mind going to do that a little bit you also were talk about some examples of some companies. And how they v.s branding in different ways to be authentic Q their brand promise and our next segment. But this is fascinating in this is something a lot of people just. Just donated Nikola. We have a cup they really don't really focused on the death day. Their focus on our enemies our product better or her my products OK I got to focus only in my marketing or whatever and don't worry about the product and people don't often think of all of the pieces. And it's hard totally get it right because your. Your busy as an entrepreneur or as a business owner and you're focusing your busy and you got a lot of things on your plate. But my whole goal in my messages to not forget. About all of the things that matter. And to try to figure out a way to make it happen to make your plan promised. Stand with your customers and within the impairment that you're in and that's really what's all about until we can talk about. The next piece of this which you mentioned was the ethic brand and that is something that's proprietary to us up price Terry but it's something we say well Sutley. Plus salient that they ran there Romeo do well now I'm season for the Braves here is an acronym we're gonna learn a little and at the brand is and why it's so important here after the break. Appreciate joining us today on grilled nation show here in team UZ 980 AM. Say whether it's after breaking right path. I guess. Welcome back Susie grill nation shell here on 988 and came easy I'm your host thanks again for joining me JC grill here today in studio with. One of our contributors to grill nation show close to Alexander from reactor design studios. Great guy here and has agreed company down in the crossroads area of kids see that you work. Throughout the region and throughout the country cooked and has really truly become a brainy expert and thought leader in the city and throughout the region. Cooked Alexander is back with us closed and we were talking about branding and you did a really good job explained just what actually makes up a Brandon. And how it is engaging for people. You two really kind of hone in on the promise that they're making do their customers. And really have a brand coming isn't that a promise and an equals a better chance for success if they. Continue to be authentic and to their promise. We we left the show up before the break it we we talked about what makes an epic brand want to get us started with that and yeah explain to us but ethic means and and just kind of what you think with that. That word yeah definitely so one of the things that I love about. The company that I have and those things that we view as they were able to you creates. Processes and we're creating we're we're able to create things. That are valuable for the companies that we work where they end several years ago we started. Abusing this concept that we are calling epic brands and and in that we are essentially creating epic brands for companies and our client's end the concept. Has many different meanings. The actual meaning of the word epic is essentially like a big very. Important story and things like that right that fits perfectly into you. What a brand is just purely the word epic but the other way that we use that. Is as an afternoon and EP I CNN stands for engaging people in conversation. And Jason we have this belief it was sunny and a belief that some knowledge base that says that in 2018. If you are not as a brand as a company if you're not engaging with your customers. You do not exist we we can't. Just. Open up a storefront and put an ad in the yellow pages anymore. Because that's right we can't just throw a billboard up and certain in business or just are flowing into our front door we cannot be. We have to be engaging in our customers. We have to be. Utilizing tools that allow our customers to engage with the each other. That allow for review systems and all the sorts of things and I have and just thinking of restaurants in general. How many times have you gone to you eat at a restaurant that looks may be like a totally. Die he nasty place. But then you go up put up on Yelp and you see it has 500 reviews that are four and a half stars out of five. You say will shoot me in a 500 people reading and saying it's amazing and it's probably amazing. There's no chance summoning going here have a terrible experience and from. Those are the kinds of things that it's the world we live in. Where. Again we can't just push advertising out to people no response that we have to engage with a it's one of the reasons why and we'll see this with Super Bowl coming up here. All the Super Bowl commercials the big time person they all have interactive elements every one of them that happened before hand and I happen after. Via hash tags yet clear answer and snapped however it is all normally use let's you'll see that again this year there. Going beyond. The promotion. And going into an engagement period until athlete brand as one and engages people and conversation numb that's why especially my long answer to that. A lot of ways to do that to define your brand I want to talk Q about some really good examples and some things that have been done an epic waiting gauge customers and companies we've heard of and almost just gonna break each of those down here as we keep going on the grill nation sugar today again. With Clifton Alexander for reactor design studios today in studio. Southwest. Day. Have thought differently about why haven't they have thought differently since day one they literally started their airline in Texas because they wanted to do things differently than everybody else. And it worked. And they're now all. In just a few short years they've eclipsed every other airline in America and they now are the largest passenger. Carrier passengers in the United States it's crazy mutant I personally need. Dislike flying on southwest health library and but I absolutely. Love their brand and I love their messaging and I love why they do it yes and no why they do it I understand. The from day one they have thought differently in the sort of category of engaging people they're us they're not trying to sell. View a way to get from destination to destination and they get that they're trying to sell you want. Being different about thinking through things in the industry that are. It was a unique perspective. Which draws more customers and their most recent branding. The whole thing is about. I think the actual slow in his without a heart it's just a machine. In all the airplanes have these heart logos on now then what they're saying what that is they're putting human. Or an emotional spin her emotional touch on flying. We all hate flying in terms of actually kennel like it you know I let in unless like in terms that I need to but I mean we hate in terms and did some work done up there otherwise if I feel like colored waiting in the and Daria you know security actual process of playing as well tuchman via. And much more glamorous it did her in so they're basically just trying to say there are saying we're gonna be glamorous but they're just saying we're gonna make it a little more fun for you we're gonna put some hard and everything we. And that's what it's all about. Mean I do agree you I do like having assigned seats though you McCarthy pushed tricky quick turtle bay person. You guys are familiar repairs renovations and terrorism were partners but but yeah I really have always loved to UT now I know the East Coast you're gonna see more of different types of her. You know that they're out of Oklahoma. But you know the biggest is such a good job here with delivering. Great stuff for the customers. There randomly. Readiness it and they have a great brand that they use but it it's really about the experience. It's about going to fill up your car with gas and going to convenience store and feeling safe. Feeling like it's clean feeling like that people are friendly that work there all sorts of things that's what makes quicker so great is that you go to any. Literally any other convenience store. And it's usually dirty in the employees are very unfriendly they hate their job. Right they're not well trained they're just there to take your money. There is. Safety concerns usually sometimes are poorly lit even a terribly you know all those sorts of things. Literally every single other means routers have they just send such a great job. The differentiate themselves in their hearts Tennessee. Mean and you know you know it and I know it will pass by three other convenience stores and gas stations in order to get to a quick trip that we know this couple more blocks tomato or. Really amazing how they've done a driving customer traffic through being unique within the industry paying their people well training them cleaning. All those sorts of things. Harley. Yeah I got a motorcycle guy good I'm not either but. I think about. A brain and that or an a logo and a culture here where people are willing to attack to do that brand on their bus contract thereafter. There are very few of those I don't rest on my clients so at the end of this processor we needed somebody attached to your logo on ahead here Harley. They just have such a great reputation they have a great history they have great reading incredible fans and bring champions. The people are literally willing to attach to their load on their bodies and it's. For Harley it's not about selling a motorcycle. Carly is selling. Freon. Individuality. Open road. They haven't had rain now that I saw the basically making fun of the airlines and has a picture of a single person. On a Harley in the middle of a wide open stretch of the country and sing why would you want a real. Have your legs cramped essentially. When you can have all of this on your way you're listening to you and that sort of thing itself that's what they're selling they're not selling the motorcycle they're selling all those other there's. You tattoo are really going to run the nomination modem writer Harry or maybe the GM right here look at stoker coal emits them earlier you talked about consistent. They are there one of the biggest brands in the world obviously and Mike we talked about anywhere you go on the world you're gonna see their brain consistently and so a lot of what they're selling besides that emotional connection of just. What it tastes like in the polar bears in the Christmas memories I'll accept that they always sell. I have no alien and bush and hit The Hague or OK yes you know that year. You're gonna get a consistent product anywhere you go anywhere in the world and they do really good job of that and just making sure. That their brand and their messaging is consistent everywhere in the world you know one of the best companies that does that. One company that. You know with all this new crafted in our decision in. It local. Coffee is Folgers now it's a big corporation few corporation. Maybe they don't have the best coffee at percent. But many definitely don't have the best guy you know I night I didn't know that I'm a coughing you're canal but I do you sometimes get below cured with pool folders on it putting machine and they drink it. What are they doing how are they great bring it. Yeah and it's it's acceptable coffee a lot of people love it and a lot of people drinking and all that but. As they marine and Folgers cannot and they know it they cannot come out and say we have the best coffee may be fifty years ago they can do that. Because the coffee Americans totally different back and re now they know they can't market and advertise themselves as we have the best coffee in the world they know they can't do. And so what they do is if you look at all their messaging if you look at their web site if you look at their TV commercials it's all about the memories. Especially the younger generation waking up in the morning are coming home from college your parents had Folgers. In their coffee pot. You and the smell of little matters I think in owner scandals well this and self that's what. That's what they are working on as they're working on the memories are working on the emotional connection there working on. All of the things it has driven them to be a brain and one of the biggest coffee brands in the world for so long. And how they've been able to transition. They can't say that the best coffee anymore and it's but they can't say that they have provided some of the best memories peoples of our people are patent waking up. On chris' morning there's 400 brewing. That can't happen Tyler for college myself and right calf back and so that's what they're selling right now and that type of some there. Mary is seeing epic brands. Engaging people in conversations Sumpter remember thinking to cook and Alexander for a imparting his wisdom honest me back with Clifton after the break could talk about some recent stats. And more about training the the marking an exclusive group. The grill nations show here and came easy 1980 AM and also on podcasts today or act real nation should dot com which has vision of the show we can find all of our guests. Photos of our guest connections your sponsors. As long all the information. How are shown that we. For me on Twitter at JC grill for a real nation show. Joined today by Clinton Alexander brainy X. Are there times what's it is reactor Casey got called contribute grow nations having a fascinating conversation with the amount. What makes an epic brand promised your customers. And the consumers. And everything about brainy here on the show today wanted to finish the show today with Clinton talking about fads. Amber any fads that we've seen in products because the thing that's an undersea kind of thing to talk about and of you know one of them is. Raw water you want to talk about him though that is jumped right into. A bullet kind of define for us what we're doing here. Yeah I know you wanted to talk about that I think it's. Interest seeing to talk in a branding discussion. About brands are doing things really well companies that have incredible products that have long jedi that have been around forever that. We're getting people so he amp up and bring champion of a tattoo on the body right. End but I think there's there's a segment of the sort of the brainy marketing world. There these. Incredible successes. That just die out incredibly fast. And that's a whole part of reining in marketing and advertising. Economy that we will then and we have these crazy things here everything from a trending one of the oldest ones I can think of was maybe the pet rock. Or the rabbits foot mural lucky rabbit slow when your liking grade school like stuff like that right yeah I have to all the way up to you. Today one of the most recent. Ads in the sort of the health food craze there's nothing wrong with health food but sometimes it goes too far. Is raw water and so you if you have you heard of raw water before now yeah so apparently people are. Deciding that it's more healthy for them or something. To drink water directly out of the ground potential outsider I think this. There are companies they're bottling water that is completely unfiltered. Completely rock completely natural ran on the ground. Now. What are we always say for camping we say okay this stream water looks nice and pure we're not going on just drink it because there can be all kinds of weird bacteria in there I mean literally. Like. A hundred yards up the creek there could have been a moose that just peed in the creek who sprained hand and how walker filters down. And makes the way he is so there's been all this really like interesting trend and pattern of people wanting to be super natural healthy. And going all the way as far as saying we're gonna drink raw water these companies are turning like nine dollars a gallon or some crazy now for this water that comes straight out of the earth. But it's not been tested the top and filtered to sign this thing and some people I guess are getting sick guys are getting really sick some people have. Until now there's all these news articles saying any everybody be careful there are all water it's not quite what you think it is. You think it's healthy it's it could potentially kill you literally. There was some weird bacteria seem very hard to figure out red doesn't buy it but again people get caught up in. India emotion of something they wanna be the most healthy wanna be the most pure they can be the problem is that doesn't always work. You can't always do that and so it did you know people get wrapped up in these are all marketing things right we are things that. Yeah we've been determined drilled into our heads is that everything whole foods is healthy for you. You will meet in traitor to let me tell ya I wanna know whole foods the other day I saw retained gummy bears and all kind. In the south does not really high end Val calorie yourself hey here's the thing has talked about the saw affair is a win to buy some non gold bars. Masters RX bars and write in the box in the patent fair rating I can sell you and three things on the front. Yeah obviously it's got a grille blades and a ride home and a slight help pay seven dollars for for these end. And I never look at the calories are in the background in hell yeah because it's spells out right there it's called the RX I have to tell you healthy for me so I. Saturday Israel it is that eight C that's the thing like this is all but the burden right it's all about the brand and it's all about what is it cliff are healthy I don't. I don't know I eat us yeah right there in the CB Terrell sure. My attitude and end. As meal replacements and if you're on certain types of diets in and eating the right way of those things are all fine for you. But on the same token I mean and Hillary does not carry you either if you're eating the right way. And in general. And so that's kind of thing I think is funny about all of that is just that. That mentality that these that some brands have done such a good job of drilling into our heads it. Everything we Seles healthy everything we sell just because it's all natural doesn't mean it's healthy rate but a lot of people don't really know better than don't think through that. So I guess I tell wonderful in my whole foods with a bunch of America resentment you know. Gummy bears and that's a good 100 feet about a healthy because I made a lot of that all natural that's clearly a virus through Philip and that is all I can now I will say that. If you are gonna eat peanut butter yeah and if you are any chocolate. It's and it's probably better for you that it doesn't have a much chemicals and crap in it that it's just perfectly purely natural site get out. But it still has just as match perhaps just as much calories and all the other things that are trying to lose weight that's raising interest. A guy got a couple fan yeah 30 for only just aren't there and I've Rodham opened you'll images the shoes that have. Totals like did the shot heard. But don't let it sit pessimistic but they're flip the barrier wishes he had a hell my -- places for touchdowns and everyone thought the best my gosh what you wrote with the east I change your life the bare their refusal to generals many huge fat. Even the really light weight she's all that. I personally am not one of those people have I've. I can't walk around barefoot and makes my feet hurt my back hurt and all that so the idea that she knew the making the barefoot doesn't. Doesn't drive me back. There's a lot of people who love that kind of another one Crocs Crocs my whatsoever and that is most comfortable she is a joke like yeah crap they looked Gerald. I did a couple more I have for you deliver strong bracelet and friendship bracelets. You know those that yeah a few years ago had just those little my daughter was all robbers may think there are many romances of the rainbow Burris an area alone where those in the know live strong. You know we knew we'd go. Weigh into that whole thing like. The fact still it was a brand everyone. Was wearing those respect Hillary arraignment later everybody wanted to be part of a movement price we go back to creating a promise we go back to emotional connections people want brands. That are part of the movement. That's what they want it sites what's wired into our brains we can meet hold anything. And will believe it if that brand is authentic to who they are and if they are. Promising us the right types of things now whether that's always good is not always the case but. That's part of the plan being in the break I can't believe in this copper bracelets I was asking earlier as a golfer nearly come now already slipped slightly in tuxedos thing you know we can't imagine actually help your golf swing and I know I need a lot of help there because copper we flowing through your veins roommates are now having forcing a lot of the copper like Sox the copper near as everything Brett Favre as their spokesperson so there's obviously something that maybe there's some kind of health benefits of the copper. I don't know you know it seems very down suspiciously like contagious one of I have to say you started out with a pet rock in the seventies or. I'm reading this on the Internet as we speak my pet rock sold for 395 apiece in 1975. And creator Gary go on there in more than five M Su and six months in six months he walked to it was fifteen million dollars in the seventies. For selling Iraq for fear now. Market Iraq exit really what he's doing he figured out a way to market something that was dirt cheap they did that you know like that it figured it out. Wimbledon he became rich from it. I. Good Alexander. Reactor designs is the website is reactor Casey dot com. Great guy here in Kansas City I appreciate you game coming on the show and talking about branding you know. We start these shows we always think about how much we can we meet talk about and how guessing it'll be bit. I can tell you one name and you really count of them brought it today I'll tell you that luck finally get knowledge. And now a lot of fun as well I appreciate come on the show each and every month and looking forward to having you back six months or. Thank you for just great to have you on the show even listen to grow nation I appreciate joining us again this week guys and gals take care and have a little talks.