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Saturday, February 3rd

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up as. Even then their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello welcome sue the grill nation I'm your host the JC growth thanks for joining me today on team BZ 980 AM and also I appreciate you listening as well on. Grill nation should dot com and via podcast at. ITunes. Each and every week thanks for joining us again this week for sure number 143. In negro nation's history fears we've been on the air now. I do in the show each and every week of you've enjoyed it and really hope you enjoy today's show it's going to be a lot of fun. For you today's guest I also want to you Michener supporters of the relationship on 980 yen came BC. A great companies here in Kansas City that and there with me here for awhile and you really great work and excited to. Continue to work with them and wanted to share their names with you today. The title sponsors of the show are trusts. Mo bay can be okay financial. US advisors. Also contributors to the relationship and guest on Erica those are the Reagor NJ rigor and co Orion maybe. One might luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander who'll be joining me. Next week the talk what's really cool things are on that big football game that's happening on here this week in the country. Earned on today show. Really excited as we entered the doldrums of winner I guess it's we've had a few sixty degree days in forty degree days in there and a lot of thirteen days. We wanted to talk about something a little more exciting and they want to talk about golf and on C show we will have on Steve speechwriter who's the club present at the National Golf Club of Kansas City. Stephen is a great guy have been wanting to have them on the show here for awhile let's talk about not only what they're doing up there at the national and the d.s but also kind of talk about. Golf in Kansas City and in kind of what that golf communities like talk about some of the growth. Of the game and also talk about some of the cool things that. Golf courses like him his do you hearing Kansas City Iran charity work. And we'll also have some fun T and hopefully get some tips. From Steve today on the show. Again you're listening to grow nation here on 980 yen came easy LC connect with me on Twitter at and Jason grill and that grill nation shell. We're welcoming our first in only guess today he's got the hot seat for the entire day Steve Trotter from the National Golf Club of Kansas City walked into the shows Steve are you I'm wonderful thanks for having me and your busy man. And not just Zamir this time here sorry now so what's the Tomei got that syllable when guinier backer intersect about it. As we are in the wintertime. Indian arm potentially. We have some warm days and some not so warm days will sell like -- accuse this president of the you know very well known. Club here in Kansas City we stayed pretty busy with member member events through pretty much New Year's. Whether it's our corporate holiday parties golf was actually great in November we knew we were this was our busiest November we've ever had the weather was nice. We stay pretty active unsold New Year's. Than January's a time where we can all our planning is done budgets are done weakened. Relax a little bit but usually by about this time. Maybe another week or two. We get. Cabin fever so we're ready for some good weather now. So let's get to spend some time with family and and relax after the after the holiday there right. It's a Tulsa your background Steve I've always anxious to see. How sewing gets a star in in occur like this and obviously you. You played golf visit you as young surrounds him right I did I started late actually sir when I was thirteen thirteen and away we were football family that play in college uncle. Add uncle played and that in college and the pros for all bets are as a football mainly grown up and sort of YRS thirteen got decent at a farms confound my mom would. Drop me off or public golf course at 8 o'clock on the way to work give me five bucks. I'd play should pick up or what Helm for. Him and out of five bucks had to get me all day with weather was so than a murder whenever I play golf all day with. The old people young people of men and the women whoever was that's all Stephon and and got decent at it now and ended up going. Got to play a Marshall university in ways I think Huntington, West Virginia Huntington, West Virginia you know the mayor of Huntington, West Virginia there you go Steve Williams yes Steve Williams and ended up is now I've met him he's. He's been trying to give me to come up do that area for you have now tonight's Larry I'd there was I was there during the heyday when Randy Moss and a worker in Pennington yeah well counting 101 with Randy. His old disinterested but he was there that's cool story. So marshall's group or division one we played. A lot of Big Ten schools we are in the Mac conference about times we've played. A lot of from Ohio schools were Ohio State Miami of Ohio. I'm Michigan Michigan State a lot of the kind of amid north schools replied. What satellite college golf is absurdly didn't demoralize as a surrogate is a sport it's you know here there on the Golf Channel will have. It is the NCAA championships and all of those names I mean is it. Is it is a different intent is to Wear like college golf still lies and in all of the pros. Biting college like Phil Mickelson Rickie Fowler and all those guys whereas in Tennessee notes it seems to meet those that the best the best like soccer they go pro out of like. When they're fourteen or fifteen years old the I would say the Americans. Go to college okay. And a lot of heat you'll see a lot of international players term. Turn pro right away whether the European of the Asian players those those usually are with a more of a tendency. To skip college and right to the pros but. And you look back at a lot of the players. You know Dustin Johnson and I don't know afterwards beef went to college and actually did he went to a Texas Texas yeah the IRA but you know you look at some like Tiger Woods went herb. And he couldn't. On right out but he he went to Stanford for I think three years is gonna. And so yet it's it's more. From organize as interest yeah that's really seeded Adam Marshall I do that Marshall and it won't happen after that you've come to our. Somewhere what I did Carlos to and West Virginia have that the green briar which is a resort they are also. A pub called the Pete Dye golf club. And basin in November 1 in the northeast you don't have a job and then you gotta go find winner works I would go caddie down Florida. In a place called the Floridian which was on my when I Zynga. Yeah I got to have that was actually might. Favorite job I've ever had because there was no responsibility to pay in cash and worked out pretty that are a lot about or dilute there was quite the fortune Barack Obama as a member now. And so is George W. Bush so there was sold to I believe the guy. He owns it pretty become veggies tenacity disaster yes terrorism yes there's no one as and his when hasn't had a it was there were no members he just invite you comply or you call in the second and complied. Inside the fortunate. Opportunity to meet a lot of really that's very cool Jack Welch a caddie for. For Jack Lou Gerstner of IBM and while there was it was neat to as a young person has probably pretty chorus yeah. In the other caddies don't really that were down there. The no who have these guys were announced that prequel on different. Grass area as broad seeded that in do that a couple years yet you go back up to the northeast you work in the time I was fortunate enough I moved to. Scottsdale when I was 25 my boss took a job there then. Yeah I got to work at a golf course called whisper rock which was. A private club. Phil Mickelson designed it was a member a lot of really. One pro golfers like pro athletes were members there and a school really cool yet 25 and you get to move out there with you put everything in your car in your home. The ISI and I cannot. I wanna wanna toss more back about that after the break guy and don't you into you how you did appear in Kansas City speechwriters are guest is the president of the National Golf Club. Of Kansas City is exciting show here today would write back on her relationship. Thanks to listen to get on 1980 AMP. Hello and welcome back Susie grill nation show our team BC nine CAD and both grabbing a great day appreciate listings well today on. ITunes via podcast speechwriter is our guest is the club president at the National Golf Club of Kansas City. The website is the National Golf Club dot com all kinds of cool things going on out there. And they'll preview that gets back here in just the second wanna continue on. With Steve on economist pass clear Kansas City you mentioned you took instead. As the assisting golf professional whisper rock golf club in Scott's died and was out there recently had a chance play true north and TPC Scottsdale. In December in the stands are getting built thirty million more more stands and of that turn isn't happening a week. By it. It was a resident it was a disaster dreaded I drive from where I was to go to work and drive right past up. What's that road can end of the road so I guess Scottsdale road there. Imitate an hour to get it reminded just amazing to me that growth that community. And there's what 200 so. Golf courses are on there and you were there first years and then it sounds like you've met someone there that kind of brought yes okay so one blow one of the founding members that was Brock still a member out there is that Kansas City. Resident named Dave Broderick end Dave and I stayed friends Dave's got a a corporate travel business the strips of masters in the Ryder Cup in the British Open things like that. And so as a 26 year old golf for me that's like the coolest job ever right now so the united. Stayed friends. And when I left Scottsdale. I went to Florida to play golf. Reliving it very quick I was wondering about her quickly unsuccessful he had to deploy now there's so many different tour's right then yeah out there and there were back chaplain on the golden bear tour aka. Visit you'll very quick and sure short sweet filly. Is it like Minor League Baseball is like you have. You make no money despite and to stay alive yes slider and yes. It's it's all but what you may dilute the big time it's. You and turn him and I look at these guys now all the money yes yeah I like you look. One of our members stop at the nationals and Michael let's say who play on his from Richmond he played on the tour for awhile and Michael still plays you know tries to Monday qualify for iWeb dot com and still a great player but you know he he was in the final. Round final pairing at the memorial. With tiger really pack in. 0807 and saw my time now means an end to it it's a grind. It yet it's it's not a very fun life I mean your -- get up you have an. No money your your work and and you're playing against kids that. Are really good about America where where I stood on the talent totem pole of but anyway so subtle some sort of give really sell and last year it was tough talented really and I was never real. Talented when it came to like I. I come a long hitter of the golf ball I would always rely on short game and putting and so. All those guys are good at. What I was gonna happen if they were all thirty yards longer and I was so this. Deflating for sure and so there I drive and moved to Florida. And and try to mini tour thing for awhile and actually worked for mr. Broderick at the masters I think an oath. Went out to. And gutsy when Phil won an axle wanted to before Biden Tom I had had a couple top couple odd jobs from there. These today. For undermine. Is one of the owners of the national one he moved to Kansas City and wanna move back to Pennsylvanian I was kind of in the golf mode at that point and so. I came here in January of 2003. And got to meet our owners and or am but the other though the plane crew were short sweet crude that is there is. Here's there was chided so you have to do the best thing I've ever done actually even though it was a terrible outcome I now look at golf differently I look at it as. Fund and I don't take myself that seriously when I'm on the golf course like that fun and I still play good. But. You know when you can do something nowhere your act you know I can unlock college golf with Luke Donald and and them arts. Couple kids from Ohio State Ryan armour that just won on tour. Yeah and I can now say that. I don't have any regrets that I mean wish I would have which is here. And it's cool you be nautical people till it's on the spending across a great way to. If you look at the right way and and take advantage of the opportunity to move to Scottsdale. Moved to Florida and that's not easy I know. It. It opens a lot of tourism so at the time he came here to Kansas City had obviously knew nothing about it. Didn't know where was out there right so I don't know how how was that sales job for you because to get to come here because. You know it's not a warm weather climate you're you come from Scottsdale Florida then. You know you come become the Kansas City you become a bully viewers Jerker golf attire I was why got hired at the national administering you're twentieth 03 and we did open it was no amendments there was open the golf course opened in 2000 cuts it was really pretty much ran to the clubhouse just opened fall of 2002. Yes or so so why you came on board and did everything from real state to membership development to. Off Helm now with different. Projects and then became director of golf in 06. Just and then two over oversaw both golf courses and 09. And then moved and Marc current role in 2006. And April aka so kind of dawn there stuck around them. Yeah it's fun what what one of the reasons why I always and I'm always that you because we able to CEOs on the show or. Are people that come to Kansas City and work for big corporation or or started the company. And the usually have a wife firm here Emma from here but they stay here yeah they come here right yeah Trammell a summer from Texas summer for. You obviously came here he stayed here. There might have been other opportunities on the way. Even while attempting to your city. Family bailing Brent two children. I love what I do then and I had I don't like sometimes getting up at 4 o'clock to go out for a member guest event and get that but. Want some up and get a cup of coffee in me. I love. What I do I love. Then I am you know we we we joke but I love. Watching other people. Enjoy the club right for me I mean that's the best part. But kiss and he's a great you know you've got if you and hideout park go where I live you can kind of hide the right from from. The city safe it's a great place to raise kids. If you're good on the sprint center good and hang out with mr. Willie wanna. You know economies so far away yeah that's how far away can get basically everywhere in the city in about 25 minutes except our other club which is loch Lloyd. That takes that hunger but. Yeah I actually come. I enjoy that place I've won their admit there's your I was today Chris Custer fund raiser many years ago there and played and when he was attorney general and it. Charity earth campaign fundraisers met and then I had to back until this year it's beautiful yeah it is hard to find some time digging up and down their butt. What course yeah it's where we just we. Tom Watson. Added basically redesigned eighteen holes they still have the existing nine holes they twice and all the skated. An eighteen hole is beautiful the Gallup of the clubhouse of the water flowers flowers GAAP. Comments so we've invested. Arch at Lockwood I don't know. Overall amount. But you know redid the fairways transition from bent grass does Alicia redid all the bunkers now all three of our golf course the national deuce Lockwood. All had a bunker renovation and and really really thankful our owners. Really investing in the clubs and and and it's beautifully and it and it's paid off membership is up. Residents. Community is up home sales are great effort are probably great everywhere but. I can only speak one on 150 what what I see it at the national and it's it's it's great. So okay so you mentioned Tom Watson talks to see how he's involved in these. Golf courses so sort Tom design all three of our golf courses the national the national park build all of our filters at the national. And then loch Lloyd. Of the country club awkwardness and Austin Tom designed all those. Men and any time we go through any kind of major renovation like the bunker renovation. He's on site for two weeks straight and he's out. You know recon touring paint lines he's their first thing he's there you know we have a car ready form at 6 o'clock he's out. He's ahead of all of offers its kinda it's neat for the members. To see Tom Watson Tom Watson I mean you know you you. He's taken it out I'm sure some people may be taken for granted when it comes to in army's top. Arguably top five. Top seven for sure to ever play the game it's neat to watch him. In his hands dirty and gotten them only a remarkably learn you know be a part of the of the of the remodel and and so yet it there was there was needn't. Fortunate enough to watch watch employees sometimes and he can stole. Play I still say that would have been the greatest thing of all time and he won the British Open era I mean that was. People people people sometimes forget about Tom Watson being accused Indian. I think this idea a little bit yeah when they think about you know we don't want to deregulate right now George. Yeah you see imminent and Rosie Ceylon Dawson and those guys you associate them with because they have that but Tom. Right to obviously do more. So so he's he's designed these courses than he did okay. It is I've seen I've watched some of the media's there block lawyer one of the courses in every penny goes through is that this is why did this reminds me of this hole I played here this is why did contrary of this initially we still have the original. Drawings. Of of the national men and you know why we why he did this and what this reminds him of a couple holes. I remind them of of subtleties of Augusta national and different authors is it's it's it's pretty fascinating to that now with a lot of these pros or acts. Superstars building golf courses that I read about. This is making were different in every part of the country so unique beyond what when when I was it was Brock felt that was Phil's first. Designed he designed arc but the club I was at when Tom Fazio designed which is now the upper. Course that was brought Phil designed to lower and when we first opened my I think we got about eighty members not not many. And the entire first and it was impossible to finish from him plan around with Gary McCord. Peter Kostis and paltry paltry it was a director of instruction how to Grail but we were playing we got done and I mean. I don't think anyone broke 85 it was impossible it was basically designed for someone of Phil's talent. And beaten in there at that time there was one guy in the world that had that was Tiger Woods tells it but we spent all for summer redesigning Phil came around had to add. Grass basically everywhere it was just a little various paragraphs and that's a it was worth. Steve Trotter is our guest today president the National Golf Club Kansas City the website as the National Golf Club dot com more after the break it. I guess. Welcome back to drill nation showed gross chasing grill here at nine ADM came easy you can always connected me on Twitter at. JC grill and agro nation should also available on. So she needed to search for my name very active these days appreciate you connecting with me in and sharing potential guest ideas and thoughts on the show. We were look we're talking today TC charters the president of the National Golf Club to Kansas City the website is the National Golf Club dot com see more to talk to you about. The guard the national in the. So we you know unfairly types now we've Lance Ito really cool clubhouse talked to smell of that when you remember really includes. So we've got a pretty young membership for what people would perceive a high end private club to. You have probably I would say the youngest in the city. So it's a pretty concentric place. We've got its our family activity senator which has we just remodeled it last year the fitness center. Dances so we've got that we've got our pool complex as for swimming pools a lap pulled dive pool heated water slide. Baby pool command or we do DJ's. Every about every two weeks big snack bar. It's up obviously an adult beverage station for the for the parents didn't pass the time. We just built to pickle ball courts we've got four tennis courts we've got to sailing lake. How votes things like that. Gosh clubhouse. Is July volleyball basketball we do we do a lot of rom. Our member parties we do a lot of movement matter fact night were doing a wine dinner for. God that's a thing you lose it's one thing I was shocked about when I track became a member of do you still. It was just how many things that you all do. As far as events there we we we try and do gatherings the and we try and do just as many just enough to keep. Activity but not too many to Wear a member can't come on just have dinner I there's there's a fine line same with the golf course. Knew you wanna do events because members wanna play in events couple's offer. Member member of that club came to you wanna have all these events yet you don't wanna take up. Remember just amount decompress and then go play now yeah write such a challenge. I think we've got it about right I don't think we have too many I don't think we have refused I think were. We're gonna figure and in line you find her that you guys have he guys have but you have something every night I can Obama and the most aria were close on Monday is it's as most private clubs are a bit you know last. Tuesday we did a boulevard beard and we do that. Always have and something. Happy hour on Friday free orders for members to come out and joy. Are we kicking off the golf season when you first Fridays where we do live entertainment on the back patio which you're very familiar with as you know kind of being around. The national for years. It's pretty cool you know you get done and sit on the back and it's imprudent what's yells at him and you mentioned the DC notes kind of turning to be younger club to run us oldies who joined there yes so when I started April of 2060 we get a 180 members' dues. And as we stand today it's worth 252. So. Yeah you you you play in the men's league over the do's and there's. Now have a lot of home but I'm also grow wild well is crazy idea I'd love to be a fly on the wall. 10 o'clock at night on Thursday. But it is a great core Soledad it is and and our our director of astronomy. Who oversees both golf courses has done. Fabulous job with a bunker renovation. Some tree work the golf course itself was the best it's ever been action both are. That produces a lot of fun going up jumpers might see in yourself and you know some of the other guys that that I've gotten to know over the past few years it's it's. It's fun and and then the neatest things you might you might get the group paired together with. A doctor. Trainer the CEO of you don't even know right installer and put this is pretty cool it's pretty cool Steve charters with me from the national. Kansas City overall like I mean I'm assuming you think you've been here now for over fifteen years. You put a lot of courses we what's the golf community like here in city. We got here it it did did it got a little bit over bill you know you see a couple of them kind of closed their doors. But as far as the golf community within clubs it it it's pretty close you know I I know. Basically although all the golf professionals in town. Hum get an a lot of the of the GMs and but it it's. It's it's very close knit you know it's. Unfortunately you know and and then being up north. We don't have a whole lot of competition which is nice you know B&B in south there is. I wanna say competition that there's a lot of options I guess for people. To take advantage of but Tom it's nice to take members other clubs sometimes and get away from. The national budget. I love still playing golf with with members and you know for. For me to get feedback on what we do good what we do bad for four and a half hours with three. Customers basically news a central what we. Yeah and it's in nets are probably pretty cool thing to be yeah some of the other people probably mean golf it's used for life read. Trying to bring more more people in the game right yes and it can be achieved alabaster. Attorney trying to true yes is trying to have more options to where he can play feel like there's. There's all kinds of new courses in new kind of models that are being bandied about I'm yeah you got me into the national weekend or the d.s because of the of the of the U trying to bring in younger guy younger candidate you know. Thirties and forties and fifties there are just trying to cutting waste younger. In our our growth at both clubs are younger members yes not a cycle of life you view you'd join as a we we do a graduated. I'll deuce. Schedule. That kind of RAMP up under the age of forty so we kind of progress due in two full paying dues then. You know and then you're you're you're a member of are you. It all retirement far I guess I don't know but so sore growth has been younger members and not only at the deuce but the nationals well then yeah. And Lou with the let's talk to you about some of the year. Your favorite courses you've ever played experiencing to me because I have been. Well although I'm still looked up fourteen handicap sort of but I am taken lessons well. As I've I've now one of the things about me remember the decent you're able to actually have me. Guy he's actually played yeah. There in the real deal and teacher excited out yuppies and nobody here on Sharia in in next to Jordan speed it it on this area to see the first time and I went up and had a ball eluded his his indoor hitting facility right beside my office I went up and I. It was like Christmas I got my new clubs right for Galloway thank you may write. And started Molly's piece of all a second look let me put you on video I saw as just like. My dad and ST you know. And so it's CC's gets negative B does he does mom favorite golf courses gosh in Kansas City on the little biased by. Ours is this past summer. Condition wise as many greens were never below ten and a half on the stint meter. Which is. Pretty fast eleventh ash. There was a great shape but it's very hard and challenging now which which I enjoy. And it's also kind of meet his you can. Play number seventeen Bryant come down hill on seventy cedar creek you know you might see fifteen Turkey run across the fairway. Or 3-D yours dear speak. Peter did here with veteran beat her across the fairway and you don't see that really anywhere else in Kansas at least I haven't you know you know another nice clubs Kansas City Melbourne Indian. From. Just don't see it but. Golf courses everywhere from China creeks a favorite mine that's in Vegas right isn't Las Vegas citizen and I've heard great things about it's it's pretty unique yeah owned by MGM and its its its need to go there because. You might be 120 of that day and you don't who's going to be out there there's no members it's just invited guests of of MGM properties. That's that's a fun golf course. Probably the not gonna say the golf course but where I was that in in Scottsdale called whisper rock it was a neat. Our owner came up with the tagline it's all about the hangar and it was you know the golf courses come and go when it's about the guys that hang out when new people you hang out with oceans act. That was a neat experience say they redid the clubhouse they have nap rooms rank these little. You can go in half and it was a well yeah but you know he's just and nom. The miles love those efforts there and their offices. The Steve charters with mean from the national I I I eat I eat I like the courses that you know more so you probably more geek out about. You know the actual golf I like the individuals I seem to play better when I've been out and you Tom played. And say George. It's in all lower in the northern part. It's Salt Lake around that area and then just don't know and the mystique of playing wolf creek which is just. Yes so I don't know I don't even up there but I've heard it I've heard it's pretty common dramatic way Qaeda and former members that they do big golf trip in the spring and go out there and he's got fear of heights and he couldn't go on a couple of tee boxes because it's like little one cedars that you. Now you look at every which direction you're. Eighty feet off so he didn't play in Europe there in the mountains you are here in the desert like it's. It's funny though because like mystique where that golf courses there's a bunch of really nice Gloria that have been built and you know I had no idea until I served me. Have a friend need time he's like yes and sixty mile at first saint George's is. You know mystique which is casinos in in golf you don't like. It's some of the pros and are they on the one and you told replant. Sandal. To have a look so there's a beautiful course. But those kinds of courses than if you go out to. You know to California or to. You know wherever you're beautiful courses in those are your differential makes golf in the two year noted that the that the different areas have different characteristics to get in North Carolina and you've got the pine trees and you go to Florida and you've got. What a lot of water and you've got ocean Yugo to. But plunges it or on signs event this weekend. That's of course that it when I've been on the golf traveling troupes that people saying like it's still their favorite. Our guys played junior event there the nineteen. Dating myself 1992. I think. Optimist junior world which was not on my tireless of that era but. Yeah it was it's the beautiful. You overlook. And then Pebble Beach obviously have been there ever never ever have learned never played I've been there and the eighteenth green and have bartered out her hits you have heard it's pretty just pretty special this beautiful and that that's kind of what I enjoy you talked about. His get out there for your members in and taken a break even if it's just you and a friend or you lake. In balls just taken in the scenery. Yeah I know that's one thing that I like these if you're gonna go play golf somewhere. You know it's kind of cool on the mountains there by the mountains and ocean and then yeah I would agree with him often Colorado is pretty cool mean plus the ball flies further and I feel better about it whenever you have let's say he didn't let go back China to. He struck out in the national is with us today we have one segment left in your life when you think solution to improve. Welcome back soothing gorilla nation show its chasing drug your hosts back on TVZ 980 and thank you for sticking with us today against Steve Trotter it has been our guest great stories a lot of stuff happening off here TO which. I would continue this conversation with the National Golf Club here in Kansas City. It's located up in park fill the d.s as well a great facility at their checking out the National Golf Club dot com. Steve we were talking about some of the best courses. This year in Cannes in Saint Louis I think there's a PGA it. Celery in the PGA championship hundreds here I'm a megawatts of that about tickets will be cool never been new professional golf. Events you know I've played out play the course BP's Scottsdale I don't. Played a few of those that actually hosted in but never actually watched the pros. In person what what's that like and you think you obviously were at play to some of these guys throughout the years in growing up what was that like they suggest. They don't mess bush is just it's it's shocking. To deceive them. Manages. Their misses just mean pick tiger with this past week and a sign because he's mr. pretty big. For the most part I mean they don't miss shots and there are around the greens I mean they just don't. They get up and down Everett. I mean he's just it's it's scary and it's all in every you look at the physical. Condition. Physical conditioning of these guys now compared we just talk about Kenny Perry now it. On the older guys that that that play that's why mister Watson's what was very successfully in his career was as. Conditioning. I mean these guys are monsters they're needed they're different our local like look Gary Woodland who. Huge Daryn in their bowl like defensive back. We'll be exciting now there's always this talk about PGA events in cities in one day. Obviously at some point hopefully you know it's Saint Louis get them. How does that work their process yet have a long enough golf course it seems like these days yeah I am bigger structured to look I don't know I did on the TVC Scottsdale on their club buses no bigger than one of the Nacchio club but given they build a bird's nest that's this I'll tell you will they don't build they build. Everything on their courses being built there are pretty much like the last poll out now you don't necessarily need like when we host of the senior on the Bayer advantage celebrity event back in 03 no four. We built a lot of the pets we had George Brett fiftieth birthday par if there are drying our mantra are our press is so in a lot of Big Ten am and you eat you need to it's about the story ends and all that it's about the art art golf course pretty tight like one of the things we had to do before they came. Was we had to widen we a lot of what they'll call bottlenecks around the course for spectators. You need to have a little more wide open and more viewer friendly which Odyssey TPC is mean they've got parking there. Ryan parking and when we had the senior event. The Champions Tour I guess it is now. Are we parked him at the woodlands out of Boston and well and convenient yes so I'll let and you gotta have this sponsor yeah that's the big. Partner so yeah I'm just curious about that is this is golf grows a mean if I've never ended this course and Saint Louis that's hosting the event so I never have either it's one of the old old goodies that it's not like your mountain course of Ventura. More of a tree line to what we would. Think of as a traditional US open slash PGA venue whether it's Oakmont or. Okay older. Places like that and not from what I've heard I've never been there I know there's a Web.Com tour in your Kansas City every us. He's got to be similar with Sparky you know that the lions gate yes. He was the it isn't just renamed it. It's I think the greater Kansas City. But yep parking and and it's a you know you can see from hole hole there at lines is a more spectator friendly. You know I never think about that now I think about the TPC event. That I of that is they're really they're building late night clubs only civilian arena mean yeah I mean it's just. It's com it's just incredible it's like gay it's like a movie set but build up I took some members out years ago. Are sixers go out to play golf with another club we do little in our club become a cancer in the spring wheat up and in the winner and we would we number wanted to go watch golf but they all wanted to go to the bird's nest after his legacy away are we saw and the contact. Yet it's it's Saturday. At the birds it's a pretty crazy. Yeah and I know you guys displayed on and they're tell me about new ones are putting in and just yeah midget anyway that's politics it's about spectators. If they are my number and I say that China trying to Wear people down number nine. Now write an epic when I mean it's hard it's hard a Qaeda and think about that angle there that's it stinks the charter is our guest today on the grill nation shell. Steve any golf to join a share under the EU in plain now for a long time minutes the president of a golf club I think yet so obviously he chair of the goodness besides a little drawing and a three year old Erica I don't get an that you know for me it's a little things yeah little things it's it's it's that it's Zach over at the national tell me. You know keeping your rubble and like pusher rubble towards your belly but I hear falling through we never think about that's for me I think is this would probably this would connect hopefully with the golf up to but I. And 99%. Of offers their swing is too long. You know you look at it. Guys on tour. Anything past basically your right shoulder went on your hands get your right shoulder or shoulder height swings done. You know needs me for that and getting me through a back correct they no longer. Is wasted motion you get all your power you look at someone like. McIlroy goes a little bit past look at JB Holmes this past we Newton right I mean it is suing as far back when things are factors that. That's how I match I am that's my old Jason was like I said associate you don't need to go past most people get too long loopy. On May lose lot of power by doing that they company is always who think they give more power. I've gone back from the book why I canceled death eater your body gets disconnected your upper body your lower body get disconnected. You look at probably the best example is Rory McIlroy. Mean because doctors right side pauses for a split second. And then unloads upper and lower body at the same time. Right when you get your upper body or by the same time that's three gets them. Is that is that a good person to to follow if you're looking at swings a pro. Where macro Harold. I'm from his his his his good it's pretty fundamental. I watched tiger's very closely looks very fund known media business. It is his follow through a little different than it used to I patents. Studied tape I'm not not that she and our man. You know but yet. It. In a dream speech is good their other they've all got great swings tell you one thing you if if you walk up and down the line on a tour event right. Every one sets up the same now might swing different Sergio Jim Furyk Dustin Johnson Bubba Watson all might that they'll slowing all the different. All of them set up its it is yes. Also up their feet are just wider than shoulder width apart. They're their hands are just inside the left side that are there are shorter till tackle that's all of and set up to all the same but from there they. Crawled from the senate to sync setup okay set up and not trying to go as far back yes. Q did tips negative about a minute and a half left in the show. Bid enjoyable hour here with Steve Schroeder from the national. Charity Vinci as you ought to charity work up at the national zoo host a lot of and now they're got while we do firsthand foundation which is cerner is. Larger than. Which is great raise. Around a million dollars every year for that incredible incredible big Brothers big sisters we've done ever since I've been there we do two events we'd we'd do one Lockwood who won the national. Goodness and then Constantin knows photography store is the ball Finley. You know price shoppers and house's. They do events panache turner construction. How gosh you look back through on Mondays on a Monday that turn yes it is it's good to see all that money go towards. To it to to benefit Kansas City I think since we've started spent over 120 million dollars. That has that that we've all our golf courses have helped Kansas City raised which is. Which is Nate Nate seat. A love it speechwriter president of the National Golf Club of Kansas City check it out at the National Golf Club dot com. Also the d.s at the national great course on the member of there. Highly recommend if you miss your chance to play yes a love speed and didn't it you want to get that the new swing figured out. Got to work with cycle without won't get all got what will do little group with Erica and Ricky and B font Franco and those guys via a lot of time and appreciate go to show it is a must find. I can't thank you touch and a course in death. Guys check out all the different golf with a series Kansas City in the near future and enjoy the rest of your week we'll talk dean soon victory was.