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Saturday, February 10th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up and even then their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome Cindy grilled nation show with chasing grilled there on nine ED and came easy I am your host. Jason real thing to join me today also view podcast on iTunes big show today gonna be a lot of fun eager like our topic today it's going to be exciting inching we're gonna have a really cool. Call an interview today that I think you really you know enjoy. Coming on the show today I want to take our partners and supporters of the girl nation show title sponsor the show our trust. Mo make BO OK financial and two us advisors conservative liberal nation show are the Reagor. NJ Reagor and go where Brian maybe. One night look your apartments and reactor design studios guess coast a contributor Clifton Alexander joins us each and every month. He is in studio here today and now we're excited to have him back on the show and we're gonna talk soon about Rihanna. We're on the show iron second grade Clinton yes serve then I give us quick rundown of who's going to be calling in here in the second. Our guest today is a guy named Craig fight him he is a long time advertising industry veteran and he has been a part of numerous. Big game commercials and what is that word big game today how's that so we can we kind of football we can take those calls the law individuals all over the big football game that recently took place. Yeah. He you know their own watches every year and they're really excited about college here people Noah for the commercials yes trade happens to be a guy Hughes has spanned decades literally creating commercials especially ones. Specific to the big budget big market audiences like the the big football game we just don't know between me. Philadelphia team in the New England team that's correct us Sunday epic game that was a lot of fun to watch was. OK so so he's gonna become on the air and we're talking kind of about. And the work he's done and kind of really get behind the scenes of how this all. Takes place. Really fire off some really cool yeah questions for him to really kind of figure out. In what happens and it's such an interest in business to be in I think and it's got a lot of craziness and a lot of budgets and a lot of big things on eyeballs on your TV spots and in wars when using concert area nominated and dominated they won the units. Great partner have won seven Cannes lion award which is the top award and advertising and they've done it for a long long time. It's going to be a great guests coming on the heels. The game all the commercials on wall breakdown some of the some of our favorites. And hopefully get some insight from him as well. Mean both Alexander is our guest coast on the show today. And really excited to have Craig fight you know on the line from Chicago talking news about it. None of the process and what are the I'd be really engage the audience and at the ads have changed over time. Until suddenly your Samir favor commercials on that we know we new ones last weekend. You know I've I did a rundown and a follow up of all of them. I went to a party I'm on Sunday. A great time you know when there's there's there's. Lot of suit on grazing alcohol on console lets the camera a lot of kids yet. To get go back Henry tablet but I know we had some things we loved it some things we hated so well before get to Craig what's gonna it's gonna talk about some of the. Yeah I may I loved. What tide did during. All of their commercial spots they buy I don't know five or 67 spots throughout and I just loved it because they were essentially. Poking fun of and copying and making fun of all the other commercials that we've seen some of the bigger ones for the last ten years or so. And turned it around into an add for themselves and in. Basically saying no matter what situation the people in the in the ads are always clean so maybe there's aren't really ads for. You know whatever was old spice or mr. clean her from playing me those are actually tied at the although the whole time as I was really clever as early scene. And in the guy down there from stranger things he has a personality for a patent on earth and so I was right here and there is pulling all together and had a lot of movement that was. That was Barley nudity a controversy they've had recently or usher you know I mean there's a lot of stuff going on they're dealing with but they're trying to give more wholesome image backed its its its not their fault and let's be honest is that sort of the type odd thing is is. Is just a totally weird thing that's happened yes we never dealt with this yeah it's no we went outside we have all around and went hiking in traffic and hit baseballs in don't know. We have screens in front of a civil rights and so anyways. Selling morning and we agreed on that one. More problem that I thought was just it did it work was the into that that your protects. Don't hurt the worst in my opinion it is kind of fell flat I think they were trying to be clever and this is one of the issues in war I think we can talk to create about this a little bit as. Is you spend a lot of time and effort coming up the perfect script and you sit in the room and and try to theorize what people are gonna think about these things and then the whole thing here is your script is really clever any ideas kid. But then. It just kind of false and I don't know how that happens I'm sure Craig has had some like that before as well but. Yeah they just kind of fell flat they were interest in concepts. At the at the base of it. But just didn't have. Bill on that some of the other commercials that. So lot of celebrities. In and our sheer Todd Dana go get a marine leaves Chris Brad. Peyton Manning and that was the theme. Variety in the inner pride Australia aggressive on the and he didn't like Helen Thomas O'Donnell that was great CIA you know I'm one of the people they thought it was a movie. I do excited to you and I I want the people that didn't know ahead of time that those commercials that started to air in the people were already. Knowing that it was a fake movie title really Oka and there's some there's some chatter on the Internet from last week or so I didn't know that so I watched that. And I am looking at it and I'm laughing because I remember Crocodile Dundee growing up there was core areas I realize that in years ago yeah all right. Fantastic movie and so seeing that come up in really wishing. That was actually got him beat a comedy you know really changing out. And then finding out as an ad firm Australia and in mind you know sometimes he gets some like and you feel veins which are really in mind because those funny I love the the concept of thinking about that. Dynamic duo of Chris similar Hemsworth and Brennan Danny O'Brien those same yeah Hambrecht. Creating that that concept of crack on the diva or recreating and signing a minor errors like that thought it was funny and there's a good concept to try to. All you oh yeah creating a great spot for Australia you also of a data vetoes it always ask Rachel I read something in online. After the fact that said if there ran over one particular actor in Hollywood that looked like an Eminem and can act like an Eminem Danny DeVito basically good people. And I think they do like the perfect type cast. Of character. For playing in Eminem and it was just so hilarious spot I thought they good concept and here's the perfect person for that. Some fees we noticed actually let's talk about another and the like the avocados for Mexico Tom Hughes Joba kind of guy. We're sure her talent so I just the whole concept that are ready means bio dome locked in in the they have all the outcome of the they forgot the chips like that to me is there's a whole areas concept. Now living at the JC you know because of a got a test totally fulfilled in Athens the whole thing was really funny. I loved it. An and I mean I happen to really like al-Qaeda so. And is the funny thing about the outpost from its shows were one of the place they grew up in Southern California. Is actually one of the other places in the world rob cutters are grown produce. So I don't actually supports buying al-Qaeda this from Mexico laugh as support buying them from the hometown right hander imports but. I still thought as the players commercial on a solo palace. Clifton Alexander is our guest hosted day reactor design studios check out reactor Casey dot com great company Kansas City to do work with some really cool brands and do some amazing design and branding work here in Kansas City we're going to be right back after the break with. Craig's fight and we're gonna talk about commercials ads and for the big game in what nine Craig is a master of award winning master of creating commercials. For legal purposes during the show tonight we cannot mention that two words dear commonly used to hearing about the big game silliness and craft getting we have some pollen that's in joy thanks for listening to her. Minute I loved. And that. Hello and welcome back to the grill nation show here on 988 AM came BC with your hosted Jaycee and grow its great feedback we view again today it's Greek debt close to Alexander. Guess coast future leader and partner of the grill nation showy show here join me again today his website is. Reactor Casey dot com to some great design and brand work here in Kansas City F had a privileged. To work with them on some new projects year of relates and highly recommend what you guys do were there at your company down there in the crossroads in Tennessee Missouri. Thanks for helping grow that neighbor it to about man I lowdown has like that is like the place to be in town and wherein I love it Alan. There's always guys you can listen to us on iTunes or. On. Grow nation showed dot com also. Appreciate you guys connecting with me on Twitter at Jason grilling that. Grill nation shows wells on all their forms of social media just search for my name and I will interact with few and go from their Clifton. We talked about our first seven allude about putting together big game commercials beset huge game last. Now Sunday. She although without was it was a lot of fun but there's all these. These commercials that start you know really with a pregame. And then after the game when the awards are handed out into the trophy. It's a lot of cool things went over some of the the commercials and now we're really excited to have on Craig's fight in want to do dinner reduction or ordering him online your from Chicago Clifton. Yes so Craig is an award winning creative director and writer in the advertising space and has just worked and just about every big name account you can think of if you can think and remember a lot of the Clyde still commercials from. The past number of years in those big commercials that we've talked about Craig may have the likely had a part in the us and so Craig welcome to use the show. How are you today. Have you on today closer what you by Leonard is. I you guys know each other and yeah and a Samir background Greg be grateful that I your history here so courageous happens to be in the advertising industry in all these great things we also happens to be my uncle so. I have a family connection and so obviously have known Craig a very long time and and we have a lot of good talks about the advertising industry in general onside to stop the being somebody in that space coming right off of the biggest. One of the biggest advertising times of the year in terms of eyeballs. Everybody's focus on the concept of advertising. Cragey just be a really good voice to that we can break down a little bit of what it's like to to be involved. In that so Craig if you wouldn't mind just giving us a quick little bio maybe some of the companies you work with and some of their experience you've had over the years. Well they're primarily you know for the simple and I've really worked. In years ago here. In a very exit. And you know those who mostly for the Clyde built you know rent. Problem you know the first one that you know. It looked like bills are now they've been in the war. And he'll go yeah that started a trend was murdered. The first bottom you'll remember them because they'll look all. Yeah the very well though they are getting together to play well all from. You know did I hear you become more and more regularly will no longer simply. You know alms. Under carriage. You're going through and no we're going at Long Beach. The type of role that. Second gear there was a symbol Budweiser what they never lose all the stories we're a symbol of what I'd like you were. All you. Enduring. So we kind of took them or it will or direction and I applaud the over the years that developed you know whether you know you were with a separated or two puppies know. On. You wouldn't domination what the right on the Clyde it. Was he. These you know later he knows what recently. The Iraqi it is like you know meet its one year. That it you. It make it the following year then so that was a lot of what. You know I was involved was the ball below iBook or also worked real light went on I did the you know late ninety's. I knew what on lately Jason Alexander and I felt we try to create the impression that he was Kerschner do you know why the super. All the big game is always like you know the it will premiere you know opportunity. People ever so they do all the great old. I work part client that wanted you Alton. You've the big game wanted ever tries because. It was a huge audience where everybody could easily done. So luck Greg Tulsa but Jason Alexander when I'm gonna cut it there because god speaks I'm Phil fan know what was it like working with him. Look like good case the oh. He don't they were all very seriously. He very funny but you know. Between Greeks and like you talk Cuba he's the legal expert. Noted that nobody couldn't pick out accurately. You really gave are you just Turkey. Yeah I read the reality. Fiction but. A lot of work with the air. You know it's always great to elect a great actor and a little bit I don't know if I go back away it was because course we create and look Arab. Was. He lost his dog airplane world and he ended up getting military transport. The end of the year getting pushed on that trip or then what we do that we couldn't make it look like in the parachuted. To. And we will in the way we did that it that we filmed on a Monday night all. Joseph Robbie regularly beg your. We went to a night game. It won't we would assume. The bad guys are shooting with. You know one guy would all. Big dog you know are shooting into the into the Joe Robbie Stadium. Then you grew editing everything you need it would be that he actually did on the game Kirsch who didn't. How do a lot of on the very operative it. We liked about that campaign is you know I told you lately old Burt. And create this character called pretzel boy who he did. Imagine themselves doing the wrong thing because he ate pretzels. So we had the opportunity to let you know that went like Kirsch look like her shouldn't. We do another one music astronaut space we always like you Kelly you know these these looking assured and other the there would be on the record could be an action star the. You have a crowd if I. I think it's interesting because. Even just in that example but eating pretzels and then turn you into the super hero or client feels they can. Become more human variant prioritize. It's such an interesting thing because you see a lot of these big. High dollar commercials. For these big brands and their. Trying to take something so small and maybe trivial or something that we see on a daily basis and just blow it up and this massively huge totally unrealistic. Concept or or thing. And you see that as a common theme it seems like throughout all these these different products he notes it's. Everyday common products turn ended yet to turn kind of superhero whatever it is right. Very is that a common thing in a lot of the stuff that you guys worked on as you say is that the brain and trying to. Explode itself as much bigger than it really is or you know what's the theory behind some of that. Well I think that you know it's obviously it is no different product terribly. You know different marketing problems there you know try to address you know. An image problem or even you'll utility that regard that as a benefit. So. For example like you take you know pretzels they actually you know global pretzels and the that was there that. So the whole idea was you know. He's got through pretzel didn't feel like you better shape than that would try to catalyst who. Q all these sort. Only look at the flag bill that gets you know what's interesting about it ever yeah. Don't know any other. Ever heard in quite like it in the sense that nobody drinking beer required deals. You're right no 100 in. Point oh. You know it's really elite but they on the part of the brand that they are saying we have the Ike and I'd yeah you can rep route that would Budweiser is all of well we don't count 20. We know that the compromise that image are trying to be only accelerate and so is sort of entry here in the spot. You know that. Although it was sophisticated and noted that you're doing it though. You had people drinking beer it actually trap the light in the bones. There are Moody's those savvy these days and they would recognize that you're trying to be a blow so so that in. What they've done their you know you can see some disturbing little but some years. Tokyo they get it done a lot of different spot. You know the order in order for the the cargo Gupta will be remembered the very new rules situation where you could be so why. You don't need to actually show the product in the spotlight because that makes. Blog larger chrome you're unique. Value contrasts that lets just let what global pretzel. You know you look at the idea. That we're on the big game recently but that was so over. You know the best they advertise it now I agree obviously whiter whites who were blue eyed the mayor is urgent. Responded really really clever interesting way to dramatize. Every news guy into a virtual just assuming. That the closure clinging. It must be used. They really have the ability to make physically because. They. You know there are American that was produced in the I thought like that was very clever currently from the united yoga what do you steer sprinkled throughout the game. That I don't really clobber media by any got a lot of social your social media traction well. That's an example of what we're doing something you know impact on our profile than usual. It is actually as a benefit. With the Clyde built a little bit were late in did you ever. What did chat a little bit more about the tide ads in a second hearing may break and come back the we're going to be going to break you were talking decree confide in his website is Craig and Adam dot com award winning. Add creator and throughout the country but also he's based in Chicago that just a really cool. Story and good news website to turn all the work that he has worked on UST grill nation we are back. I guess. Welcome back to the grill nation chair in 980 AMT BZ also on iTunes and girl nation showed dot com appreciate you joining us again today for our show. Joined by guess ghosting distributor of the grill nation show Clinton Alexander for reactor designs he has. And Craig fighting he's an award winning ad man basically and done some really cool stuff on. On the big games and a lot of the high level high profile budgets and accounts in the country. We were talking about all kinds of different things during the break with the now what you get gonna continue this conversation because it's been pretty exciting so far. While wanted to start with going back to live the tide adds that we're just discussing in and really thinking through that concept of engaging the audience and what it takes to really gauge an audience with not just a clever script or those sorts of things but. But how do you deal throughout the course of the 34 hours that the game is on the air. And I'm so great and and if you any thoughts on that to somehow that. You in the media buy it was really clever we started talking a little bit about the happen maybe breaking that down just a little bit more on those because I personally. Now is my favorite. And so on and off. I think it's like. No other you wake up within in site that this spring board you know grow larger idea. You know makes you're a great point about the brilliant. Those sites that are you know. Your heart beat somebody you know purely when they were yeah yeah. You really tight contest that pregnant you know the creative team's. Number created is what it was 120 you know the strategy at the it looked at all the concept of people that. You know they took to the quiet you know you're down to the decline in the with the idea the kind of won over everybody. I guess you can either you like it's one of those ideas that you could why that would be the windy like yeah why are part it would go that because. You know its breakthrough than usual lover and it makes it great or eight. About the Blair and should not gratuitous or you could say is should probably think I'm sorry. Gary and you can crop lines when you don't it's well in the apartment so you could say that he you know I did zawahiri. Ask yourself in the sense. You know he's always talking about a close are. We going into the air and good that the club right here in the viewer you're willing to accept the word you look at the no Wendy's. Which Arabic speakers throughout talking about how they're not throw it on oh. I mean you know it's so heartfelt because you know cleverness with that you know the viewer with Armenia the picture. Yeah I I think the interesting part about. All of this that maybe a lot of people don't really talk about is the importance of the media by and makes me wonder why and and or how. Some. Agencies are able to come up with these really incredibly creative media buys like all the different spots the tide had throughout but then. Our member of a series of spots and a few years ago where Bud Light. Had bought the third he. She's second ads instead of 132 ad and they were sprinkled throughout the entire game dear members Allen Craig. And I just thought that was a really clever way to buy media and I just wonder why a more of these companies don't come up with creative ways by the media as well as create the spot. I think I'm look and like you know created either by it like it is important it is a step out of this and trying to. You know do something on beer and social media. You know or who turned out there and create some bothered by immediately. The way you structure of the innocent. It's our own. It will look important obviously would get thirty. And with the other sites you know credit in legal route currently at 1530. Years. You know the great way of expressing you know I think also. Commercial. The big game bad. You know we're still very good independently. Yeah elect. Oh who did it for you guys that go bad they knew what a lot to a boy. I thought go to Chicago really fun. Adjacent mineral like balance what I kinda like this power it was interest thing. But is you've got to do foresee has gotten into you guys are you know lets a user base and nobody on the I don't know what's the use of so maybe that's part of the part of the price 100. You think about elects in your own over the benefits as she offers Eric any way by having those people collect personally is that we wouldn't waste. A bit. Well I don't think we're that clever you know what my favorite. You know the paralytic McClover and I feel bad to me what it looked so lost boy. One and makes them more of a human connection to you because. Elect say is just a robot inside of inside of a Bryce and then all of a sudden now we're seeing and hearing celebrities. Being the voice of a lack Simon knew it does create a much more or even just the way we refer to Alexa sometimes has her. Where she had worked on had sort of think and it just continues to further that analysis that I. Our net trade fighting is joining is via phone he's worked on some really cool project he's an award winning creative director writer with over 25 years of experience. Is 1610 lion awards and has three number one spots on the big game is rules Emmy nominations. Craig. Talked is about you know there's a lot theme the author is similar theme this year and we we had a lot about kind of the whom by. Social justice. To all be equal kind of thing that was a big theme this year I thought and craziness that. Yeah I think I dump the worst social saying well we'll. Like the old Luke warm social last year and this year they currently. No the contentious currently live and that you know who is really more of a never tried it more than you can do them any light hearted. But I want Connecticut College graduate is there is. The 100 he may be that own it. Ever try they would regret what I did well. It was you know power repeatedly to movement has and is so much in the Newton's ate my. I think the league you're bit you're people who would like they were. On the contentious. Both going on I think it kind of yearning to more lighthearted we got even worse on you know. Working the social they've thought like maybe a little luck that last year that we weren't. People being furious but there were new there but I didn't feel low. And who. I did like the mass mutual long nose before the games started to Clinton as the countdown on his. On his and his deal with stand by you commercial. We also enjoyed the Danny DeVito we saw a lot of celebrities that's obviously common theme right yup. Right the frank and the celebrities are always you know Olympic track and that. Gave you. I thought maybe it was a new dual use postal agrees we. Yeah it might I was just going through. But it was just such a clever idea locally. Trying to promote. A new crack and nobody's. Immune being there it is using their parent 20. You're going to be complete about northeasterly at turtle with a all the stars Aaron wanted to go to the footnote to that is although the actors. In commercial beautiful great. They want to promote all the Australians want it to promote. Australian tourism. So there was no way that oh. You can look awarded to do that commercial. It wasn't that something like maybe national pride. In which do you actors and actresses who wouldn't do it. That's a real lynching point that I hadn't heard about it makes a lot of sense that you're right they. They probably just put all of their budget into the production in the buying in the media and then we're able to get all those folks to say right. You do although people would still be here and we got it I believe I mean you could never afford that collection of. At that's really a point we noticed the Budweiser did they not I don't think they had declines in commercial cash they have the water commercial which I was really good. Yeah appellate that that would have been oh let's turn negative that water initiative everywhere but life. You're on the bigger for a number of years let it never really Margaret in any way I thought that was really great way of if so Chile socialist ability. Who. About attitude and you clipped yeah I your. There are number of those that Dennis L art one bit with their water dot org a modern art or is a local Kansas City. Organization making big waves across the world and so that was a really great partnership and and working with. In the in the same way essentially the same bison you know. Work without symbol. If more water people who need it and that that is that social justice and thing and it's really. Seems to be clearly geared more toward the millennial. Tilts have people and trying to you. But get Myers in that area we did see something kind of tilted towards us on the beer knows that he light path and embracing that really like commercial in my entire life. And I was kind of issue with college there right yeah it's always chaos always on the cheaper beer it yeah the team beard is gonna help you pay off your big can't help but tell us what a funny concept. We're going there. Mike you know that we're talking you know I think it also. The other like the beginning you know rugby and you know. You also so that's something to lose and so I think it's interesting about this you know the guardrail and argued in the work can speak. Now. Because there are a lot of flack today. Aired it just show you look at the it would be that an interesting aspect of it ever tried me like. Just like a movie that is great in being at them on some reason that law maybe no one apparently is total control. Over how their message is interpreted. It obviously with a I actually I like it ever. That touch on world. You know. You know social thing there yeah we try to be serious it was always the chips with regard to backfire and you know obviously. This commercial for god rim went up the ranks. In Owen Allred flag in the project because it who key stake you know that if you look anything. All it would show itself but even if you if a kid who always bitch and outspoken in the indoors could be interpreted. You can you know that you were a big Kendall Jenner and let you know all that. You can imagine like I wouldn't want and you you more obvious even more weight or you think. If you don't go to a badly although things could go. Relay are you all right in the agency. All of a great idea behind and threw a great idea that it now the president a year ago you chief marketing officer who like oh yeah. I and that and you know you didn't warm well the beat me we feel that school. Craig fight it is our guest right back with more relief. Welcome back city grill they should show here on came easy 980 AM on your host chasing growth thanks for sticking with this and I hope you've enjoyed the show with Clifton Alexander from reactor design studios reactor BC dot com and myself. Jason growth gonna put us on Twitter at JC grill and acclamation shelf life relationship dot com. Greg by giving enjoyed this year from Chicago and he's a big game mad expert and has done many award winning ads for. The base game in America cooking up some ball question form in the cluster. You don't just. A little bit about why you why are companies willing to pay. Five million you know millions of dollars for thirty seconds of TV time I mean I guess we're talking about it now maybe that's why about it. And if you any additional insider thoughts on that courageous in terms of why is that such a big deal and why even this why have we have as a country guy and so enamored with this one period of time where we watch these big commercials. Yeah I think it like. That trouble saying you know one is that. It's one of the bigger audiences in the world you know how we couldn't between minister hundred million square familiar. No other out war and all we use the chair and you know to read so many people you're government. Your question becomes like yeah what you as a brilliant. You know. Or advertise them Super Bowl from Serbia as any break in Europe they could order we don't want to. Yeah no longer the leader demographic they say yeah but it's such a huge commitment. In terms of their budget to go on the two. Of the people the gauntlet and you know it's just across the commercials are hoping to go was. Or after the before and after the big game so you know you so little. Three. You media exposure whether we're talking about it you know if you heard or. Whether you're into your comment here you look at the amount of big commercial. Been reviewed. You know it's really. It's really amazing and even if he knows now which would you you know the commercial with a bit on the big day extreme yes it better. But they're good they that you. A lot of prayer and they're opening more bang for the buck. In there and that the trend like where we are you need your life these social media. It had such a big impact because they'll continue to be one of the still big liar and a network television equally relevant. There's a lot of discussion like well you these states. I think we're to talk about the big game. You know because that's what were so many people think it's so much attention that really like you know what sport than aren't that bastion. Can be that everybody recognized yeah it is used to be. In the one bit. It is it a little bit is that they'll bag or so years people that you know. Not wanted here and I wanna show their commercials. That they were hearing at the big gig or what occurred in this yeah right now. Advertisers are more than happy to light you know so the commercial or because these aren't again. Pregnant so was great for their buck they could care loud whether you know someone in the spot already when it airs on gay. Yeah I definitely agree with and they you that you see a lot of in the system and inflow I guess the last few years you've seen a lot of the commercials where almost every single commercial would have some kind of a Twitter link or hash tag after it or some kind of you know to be continued on line and and really trying to draw people. Al but one of the interesting things and and one and tell me about trends in this next is. I noticed that very few commercials this year had that. Additional steps they were a few that had some hash tags associated with that or some. To be continued online but not nearly as many as maybe the last couple of years prior to this where every single commercial at a FaceBook link or something in it. Incite thought that was interesting in my age my theory behind that is maybe that they are just weren't getting as much engagement out of as they thought they wouldn't. And maybe can. Shout out here a second Craig Christy about. Now on the tray inside but I think. I look at it to you and I say me and that's only something SR for thirty seconds if it was one of those spots that just fell into that middle range. Where nobody was really talking about it or anything you may not even remember the spot to let alone go to that website or FaceBook page or whatever afterwards. You are sick. Curiously. Purely through a lot of there's Colorado and discussion right now whatever. You know measuring the fact that this steal social media. You know. It's a very complicated little endeavor in the picture I don't know or wherever. There is a little bit of this many tourists scared nowhere looks liberties are buying you know. Twitter followers make it looked like it would be always. Yeah Collins and the issue right foot paperwork and people you're worried about the social media they what you got a beacon oh bulk of the media. I think people are like you know why are we wasting. Or are you an effigy because. It was military bigger commercial on the big gay. You have your act arrogant or you know good Twitter and the only good he. With the YouTube you know I go 120000 used. We don't really work in that extra work that you have and regulate the strait tourism we really leverage. And why it would still be allowed to. Bad that I gave can get it will I what you're doing social media the nuclear case by case that it definitely has a little bit left leg. Who do we need to do it hasn't worked so that will write your contemporary church. I think marketers. I think marketers are listening smarter about it and their understanding. Let them just like you were just saying they can't just just because everybody's putting hash tag or someplace McLean doesn't mean that you should. You're exactly right about that in is that so those are always some trends on that do you see any negative trends say coming up in the industry related to either big game answers advertising in general. I don't know if it's you know 1 trend that I am trying to. A little tired of is the user generated content. That. Only in the leg in a big deal look at you know. You look at the craft. You know everybody has and he is. Still. A Leo like oh my god not another user generated. Can you the last one arriving at the party when you decided to user generated a ha another big game yeah. I. I'm learning I'm learning it's. So so so solar Samir other ones that you can we got a couple minutes left the you were not a fan of this year. On the game yes. I'm. The Diet Coke you know it you know doing a good swings. You know just forget the news we knew I. Weird not very entertaining. And I don't know we really did what for the brand that is they said the crap gender or third. Super. I got you know one never I would. And I would like it just didn't they indicate that you know you can important speech for the Dutch where America. Now that the New York have been very controversial but I think it just showed you like out of you beat the engine live. You discard put out like you know secret message. Yeah then you know even though it approved by the thing is king estate even there I think we're a little taken aback by the well. Even someone like them that very close to a mean result look back. We got about a minute left I wanted to like just quickly here number once a commercial time. Noon and well take it collides ilsley did you work done on. How the one. Once. Is. You know that nobody ever tightening too often called the greatest commercial art and it really started betrayal and or. For the big game advertising everybody took their cue from on this. Air and is there in 1984 and only aired once on this. Ever ago we spoke openly is commercial I'm that was the apple. Home I'm gay explore. Add that really just set the tone for everything and it could be. I only did it become like many couldn't fight the best of all and but like it's currently virtually the only aired once they never aired. Yet it Arab League you credible cultural impact. And let the free media. Fossum Greg remind you write great guest today on the show I think your coming on the air website as crow alum dot com you do a great job and exciting due to its interact with you on these different topics appreciate coming off Patrick. Pregnant you know listen to grow lacing Clifford Alexander reactor designs serious checking out and thanks for joining us again this week have great.