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Saturday, February 17th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always just okay. Even at their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello welcome to be real nation showing came easy 988. Am I'm your host Jason growth thanks for joining us again today a love to have you reached every week as we enter show while 144145. Year of the girl nation showed pickle on great shows. Over the last few months and today will be no different appreciate you joining us again today. What take our partners and supporters of the relationship before going on our guests today are title sponsors of the show are remote bank. Be okay financial trusts and q.s advisors and rendering insurers the relationship and honored guest Kos are the rear NJ rigor and co grind maybe. One night luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander. Mentioned one of our sponsors and supporters in title sponsors of the show at the top no big deal could financial were lucky to have on the air. The president CEO of low bank and the executive vice president of be okay financial Michael easily about this in studio to welcome in our guest here in the next segment welcome Michel Michael. You know a lot of wire guy out. So while you've been back it's going to be your first time this year for sure now. Personal between eighteen and we've been. So are these going view are good. The site. Generally tend to say better and user OK good to have good. Policies and justice are honesty doesn't eighteen news resolution plus some on so many different fronts in terms of my family and people get to work worth them when I get to June. And you know the impact on the community and just you know our guest today is an example of what makes comics are so great. In Cuba have a relationship with him and this makes him X-Men so our guest today will be. Danny O'Neil who's the founder of the rosary the website is the road street. Dot com they have I believe nine locations in Kansas City actual cafes they also have. Grew their company through obviously wholesale operations and working with local businesses and catering and you know you see rusher he's. It coffee dispensers all over town now and in some your favorite restaurants and Danny started the business almost 45 years ago I believe and so we're gonna have him on to talk about. You know the growth of the industry hit his his town a journey with the coffee world and kind of the latest expansion I guess and you. Anymore cafes. Or anything about him turn embarrassment I have this idea sir so 181000 dollars or is tunneling and no you you take a look at kind of the presence of the grocery brand in our marketplace. And then he just a great feeling you get here in the cafes and kind of meet any so unassuming. Newton and put so much unassuming and an assist me about what he does but very tall. There was resonate this part this is as big as anybody you know government PI he comes from Iowa now. The history and islands. But farming Oregon big family. Now it's pretty cool but I yet so it's it's inching case that he beat is you know it's been very successful business and he will tell you that. You know they even have a cafe in you know for many years it was just all right so low so and that's word of mouth and that's hustle the holiday and but they're they're something that through a court to it any in the way he is. And the way he wants others to be successful he's put so much faith and other people need to allow them to be successful and allow them to be. To really let their creativity and their schools in China that allows him to do what he does incredibly well. And what's what's in their claws won the most creative module are you mean aunts and am. You know sometimes his team needs to rein in men. But that may send that. Whatever that puzzle is in house treatment. Yes he I'm looking forward hopefully here and some did entrepreneurial. And and and life. Tidbits here from Danny is he's been all around the world and has obviously has worked for a lot of Kansas City entrepreneurs throughout his time mentors. You obviously probably had that met many of those people throughout the years with your procession in your job and and indeed they do have a lot of insight and some anxious to see what kind of inside gaining he had shared this about. You know growing business and and and the trials and tribulations and just you know being successful given back. Now that I know that's very important well and and you'll hear that time and time again and in what he says how we approach is different things some what. His role muscle control people's roles in the community and we kinda old act others. Yeah and I've recently counts are drinking more coffee issue with that. Notice inserting company 56 years ago we see what kind of derailed car feature and then I'm trying to be you know I'm trying to learn you know bit. They're EI a will bring this up and Michelle I mean Dini has has got to get branded a mean there's so many entrepreneurs now spurring out of starting coffee. Now businesses are cafes and town and you've seen a more throughout the country and and obviously have your your big companies like Starbucks in the world and anyhow how does that kind of work and you know I'm sure Danny's his his his coffee palate is. A light years ahead of minding your so he could tell us you know which ones are good and which ones aren't. You've seen a lot more competition out there. There's there's there's so there's competition to host your Christmas tree Sierra but it it's really Heidi boosting her yourself in some cases. It's the quality of the product in some cases it's the service on time to assist the experience nor why do people love your show it's Compton. Your very energetic fifth and I thought oh god. Also I guess I'll get feedback is is the experience of people get when those. Yes and then when you get to a role streets experience. I mean when your Aron and ultimately that's kind of the way people are hurt him that's how we ultimately really make some of those. Decisions big and small marginal and and he's federally great Robert Cree next day as NEC God's gonna dental local person. It's big to have a local. Sport local. Grow local. His signature earlier it's the fifth. There will be our guest on the show on the should have on the show and he always. In this in deep conversations LaDainian talk about you know the coffee industry it will maybe get into the tea industry because that obviously is in sting as well and you see all more coffee. Shops offering those are T offerings growth of its cafes and really just kind of the growth of his brand in his. Is it has been his. It Kansas City communities help within that Obama and will probably get into what it thinks about. You know what's going on here in Kansas City and entrepreneurship and with com business creation right now and kind of the development of the city. Probably a lot of phone and any any of them on the show on his Twitter handle is at being there and again. The website is he wrote During Nagin by partner and supporter of the girl nations show Michael B is solely used with mode bank deal current financial. Got about a minute left before you to Dini here after the break Michael anything you wanna you wanna promote here about the banker what you guys are doing right now or any exciting events are coming. We should know about 2018 motors which is returned our opinion having. Trying to create the right X transfer. The people of know him and his friends as I mean that's what we try and do. Every day as well. And spent a lot of time Marty this year visiting with different teams and giving input from different people as. And how to we continue to enhance that experience and with the bank. We've we've or are you born reading her party had first of water bimonthly market means to really connect. Everybody that's part of our. 310 person universe that is that is you know awesome all bank. For those people couldn't go videotaped is too important an internal communication just really turn. Get people fuel occurrences. Love that climate wise every summer tax reform was I mean for their business and nervous talking more interest rate hikes was immune for and you can tell you can't throw those questions are out of McDonald's and no talk a lot about what the stock market storm and I can also in my views on record. But no gossip I would love to have that coming. Just immediate. Michael is always with this right after the break we've that would Danny O'Neil from the roadster you're listening to -- nation here on nine ED MNBC thanks for joining us. Hello and welcome back. CD's real nation show here on came BCS ninety AMs and on iTunes if you're listening via cup podcast as wells that. Grill nation showed dot com as we mentioned our first segment today I'm joined today by guess Coastr contributor. Partner of the gorilla nation should title sponsor Moe bing UK financial. In studio today we have the president and CEO of Mo bank and at the executive vice president of the UK financial Michael easily back if that's a today it's been a while Michael it's good to have you back love being here it's good to have you thought as always catch W about. Everything that's been going on in our guest today and is a Kansas City entrepreneur that. Got to know a little bit over the last you know handful of years since I've I've looked in the year. Kansas City entrepreneurial space. Wanted to welcome back. Danny O'Neil who's the being there and at you real mystery. Is that Twitter handle is at being Berrian and the website for their history is the hero obviously if you. You've traveled anywhere in Kansas City you've seen the the logo in the branding the Dini has developed over the years and a great company here in Kansas City wanted to have you on the show they Danny talk about it. Welcome to the show our Easter period that you didn't have to be here at good to see you again it's always nice. The deceit Danny and obviously it's always nice to have a cup of his his his cup of coffee if you will. Michael I'll watch you talk about kind of the relationship you have with the union and we'll get in becoming his back or not burner real spirit. I do connect with the Iranian and I did regain the Sheridan. Well it's kind of inching its chemical from two different angles one from from the days of big in city. We were actually the first company committed to having an event are seen Bernard. And it was a fantastic event and opportunity meet you there and and ever since and up can connect with you in different places. And then we'll do you know aside from Missouri bank side. I forget what you you said Tuesday night an arm Lewis. June and then before nine before. When you know Graham birch German team came over and said we've logged you're story learn more about how we help you grow and be successful on. And so kind of bring it together where we are today and and so lots of different touch points and Ballmer are also of course it's early approach. Right back you guys total class now well thank you so the roadster human that you started this in 1993. Is that you have fallen 1993. Quite a journey right you know and it has been. But it's kind of like I don't know if you like when you do reunion in high school retaliatory if you. Have kids and you look back through pictures. It's kind of time is really interest theme it can be used it can be. A little bit elusive at times when I mean by that is like. 1993. There are times when I think oh my god it's been almost 25 years but then there wrote something happen to think I'm like I that was just. Ironing paying. Closed in my basement you know you can do it it's in this is thing with kids I threw my kids do something and I think I'll like Michael that we're talking off her earlier. But for the grace of god I had anything to do with that innate I get that feeling. I get that feeling every day using multiple times when I see my staff doing something awesome you know there's such an incredible team. And I think but for the grace of god in most the time I didn't know they were doing what they're due on their due and you know they're creating these neat. Aspects of his service new products and stuff and they'll just have me at the table trying some contestants something in. So it's happening. It's it's it's happening right dramatized and you know obviously I'm a part of that that. They'll be that these these times of where it's almost surreal and maybe if you you know if you have a anniversary with your with your spouses I think it's kind of that same bucket you think I'm Icahn. This we've been married next month a time and it feels like you know eight I remember the first day I met you that kind of thing you know yeah I go through that. I'm plus a lie yeah. So we started out kind of take us through that because obviously now you guys have expanded a lot. And wind that our next segment it's gonna take me through the early years and then how you decided to be an entrepreneur and business. Yeah. So very I was just think it would Michael's talking about. About our our our our founding of their relationship with the bank I was so naive and I still am as you know we grew up in Iowa and we just the tussle corn bail paid notes up this list expands. Do you know what means all the things that you do that we've we'd save that money we buy motorcycles sometimes I go get a loan in my mama cosigned. Antennas will also was well so I'm all the way up into my thirties and I decided. Economic tried this. And I just think I'm just gonna you know have this idea migrated any Kim. Get the money that I'm fifty K it's embarrassing that was in my thirties and I on you know it was just like that total idiot. And I'll tell you can just walk in and observe banker who banking to say need. 500000 dollar has learned OK I I don't. And unfortunately I hit seventeen it has then I figured out you know I found out real fast that that was gonna work that way. And so Rick usher who's still a good friend assistant city manager. Is bugging him about. A location and kept it he said man what I want you to start your basement do you know do you have a house or start your house you have a house and I said. Yeah average him roast coffee in your house and usual let's look at Armenians he would look and it educator in laws and that's how. That's hello if not for him and if not for that question we probably never would've started so. That's amazing fellow Marines are gonna talk about I so twelve of them went to the roadster. And then a few hundred went to the basement. That's when he 500 went to the for the logo. And and pretty soon I mean I have no job no money you know customers who. Both sides there you are and yeah. And you are you spending gave you you do in this and to have people talk while yeah yeah I'm talking to Jason and then. I'm talking to bomb been I'm talking to Michael weir we can target anybody but it doesn't mean anything's going on in here. So I just I just had that I just had this incredible fear of failure my background but it's kind of like I mean. For me the same thing as football you'd. You know you didn't the year. Playing football but you do not want to lose you know you ought to the death and it done on on the field. And in any given Saturday you know any any team in any kind in any city can get beat any college. So I kind of feel I felt that early on and I feel that that's kind of what I still feel every day just almost like what we're talking about earlier. The minute you start thinking in something about yourself and start Pope met your test them is gonna comes like you had been done so. That's what kind of I think that's what propelled us on campus go on and we came. About three days from getting the house repossess that Russia. And we had these great stories before the meltdown and in the meltdown happened I think everybody trump this by a hundred as the numbers all go away worse. Source stories don't resonate as well as they used to grow. Did you us so so. It started in 92 when did you kind of start actually doing sales and processing. Eating a little bit of a US money in the bank. Well that's that's where she and Michael good tell you but I hope he does it there we basically have no cattle still. But. We believe that Brewster was used to say we got incorporated in this in November made are for sale and in December and that's true bit. Actually the roster was set up August 26 then maybe September 26. Of 1993. And I didn't make it sale until mid December. So every single day. All day long now the industry logged in from back yeah total is I feel like. I was just talking to them about this ain't even at the coffee industry has become. So competitive you are back in the day union member gonna comes like Folgers yeah that was it right Rebecca I mean it was competitive. Let it. Oh yeah but a bit more like you know like you see Budweiser is the big beer company and there's not a lot of craft Beers now there is right. Is there become more but if you think about what that those Budweiser is Budweiser. Miller. Splits them. Past blue ribbon back then all those it was intensely competitive and you know I mean there wasn't the craft beer movement. But now that's just as competitive as their you know it's other of the commercial Beers with puffy same way. So writes I mean just from an outsider without education you he like. The industry of of coffee shops that are you know private coffee shops is it coffee is grown. And they drink more now but not a grown. But it's still it's always been competitive yeah I mean there's always fellow competitors but what's happening now is. You know we went I can go in all the history but it's all fairly similar if you take bread. Chocolate. Spirits. Coffee. We went through this homogenization. Commercialization. And you know late fifties early sixties you're sick of the onset of TV TV dinners that whole thing. So quality kind of what the hell. And then and it started kind of coming back with wind and in the late seventies. Especially coffee really got its. Early the beginnings in and contraction and early eighties Coca. You know as we surgery can hope being caught feeds. Locally roasted whole being caught in 198384. And and then you know so that's kind of that was the onset of it and then. I'll tell you with something kind of interesting. So and it's early ninety's as you mentioned there weren't there there was some coffee culture here especially in Kansas City but it. I would say especially in the midwest. And distillers and imports you know if you go south and east on the coffee can get really super nasty. You Kennedy it's often. But anyway. So. Rip so we did a lot of educating out of educating and I remember in our inner. Early. Vision statement that they educate the public on specialty coffee seventies and in some of the folks early on said. Yeah yeah here and there measures that make my. And profit and I said no this is 1993. Until people understand the difference they're not gonna pay the different. And I'm that way. I love I remember would Boris Said for example. You know is in miners one time and I thought cheese. Three blocks of pound difference. Right and the guy says might try to simply said sure I get it that was in like nineteen. I don't even though 1990 does reverence that never enough but fortunate that it's their cheese everything what an incredible difference. But had they not tried it we can cut sometimes you code juxtaposed. You do a and B you know our country's chocolates you know you think you know I can be in some country and have a bite of her she's I think of them bad. And if you have a next and under is like. Oman and what was I thinking Danish I was just there did Danny O'Neil is our guest today we read background. I guess. Welcome back to the grill nations share in 1980 yen came easy and also fuels via podcast we appreciate it at iTunes you can connect with the show at. On Twitter at grill nation show and that chasing Greg Jones and me on Twitter as well. Our guest today is Danny O'Neil he's on Twitter at being there and founder of the road street at degree coffee here in Kansas City and great locations and you can try to have Colbert is now they have everything they have keys that coffee to have. They're merchandise so a lot of locations we'll get into other let's say it is the registry dot com also joined by partner and supporter of the grill nation show. Michael easily from mode bank BO OK financial. You guys are gonna talk about the journey there and kind of when the coffee culture change and and when did you start seeing kind of a change here in Kansas City obviously you're one of the leaders of that change. Now I feel like you konduz it's gonna like Silicon Valley to any you've. He started this this coffee movement here and out seeing all these people dislike him so Camellia had a tech company in the them from that deck and he started another tech companies such as. Seems like culture's growing I mean I've I'm very much aware of it yeah I never was a coffee. Hopefully that's the case you know. And that this is like the economy either you know rising tide raises all ships in. Over the years you know. Way back who went in the mid eighties when Starbucks. Was truly gets you know they were special. Then the millennial believe me when they say that bit back in on the mid eighties they really were. But even in early ninety's when they started doing you know hundreds and thousands and thousands of stores. I'm I would always say that the market is so much better with them there would be without. Regardless people. They bring a lot of people into the fold and then people get on and everybody will climb the ladder but a lot of people duke I'm no Letterman they do we wanna be weighed their form then you could think about you know. Even people who don't need bread. That's kind of a crazy example bit. Thumb at some point in time if they if they're face less developed than you can make money eat locally you know fresh baked bread. Chocolate like we mentioned before him. Maybe some who started Hershey's and stop there have been a lot of them won't then you know then entrees will be kind of sit there and you could think about beer too obviously and so so the more that there is softer the stronger the culture of the better. Any of our local barbecue places would say the same thing you know and if you took any one of ailments that what would happen if there all the rest to the Barbeque place who shut down. Home any of amend this this would say well that would be the kiss of death for a feeling so. Now you know for us and we wanna be we want to be the best we wanna be the best night and it air again since but inequality cents. We'll tell you though it. Went to pranks. I. It's a good coach try to do something different because that's so yeah and so I've noticed the level of of facilities and stepped up. I mean how is subtle coffee shop as you know it's walked into little joined now you guys have. Beautiful law. Places the end of his team with just very very homey very you know high in materials to me it's just it's very competitive and you really taken to their level with some of the location. Yeah. I never known at least to say enough you know. In the seventies. Everything with competitors except for a nuclear energy but I even you know that that changed in the ninety's so. I've never known in my entire life. Anything that wasn't intensely competitive. Ever. I you know I wrestled I played football I try to get straight days I've never known. A non competitive. Environment and never lived in a non competitive environment. And we had ten kids so every meal with competition you must follow our news out of yes so it's just I. I don't know I mean like even. Every I just don't know anything outside intensely competitive and I I just would want in any any other way. And so. Yeah so. Is it to grow our show here I was injured push McIntyre you distinguish yourself in not totally I went out but I had to. Experience yeah I am all the wrong absolutely how do you serve you know I just think of service. Service of and four others service for others and. You know immediately when I say that I think a barn that held where you think you had me blocked. I think you're Joyce hall and you know I think. That Dunn family and in just everything that they've done in and given its. This is fairly easy to just go through life and coast and that's just never attracted me I don't find anything about that attractive. But in the end so to get a seat. I'd rather get an F I mean sees in my mind they suck if that's the best you can do great bit. This just never attracted me so for like our cafes you know I just put read. We we work with tough than me I'd look I'd love Matthew huffed and he was on the Giuliani was grant yeah so he's a very very humble. Credibly gifted but humble. Humble guy and it in I think our culture's just mesh and unbelievably well it's not about Matthew. America you know ordered our culture is not about me. It's about ten cities serving serving others and then. So weak it's easy for us to kind of try to put ourselves in other people's positions and how in my you know how are we showing up in how might how might treated. So. If you go through our cafes you'll find. When my favorite quotes is by justice Oliver Wendell Holmes who said it wouldn't give a fig for simplicity on this side complexity but I would give my life. Where the simplicity and others said the complexity. And out how we mean I live the net I I try to do everything I can that way you know real. Try to be really intentional about things and that he looked at her cafe to think well that's. A big deal. If you look at it in Huff really helps us do that. It's we tried to be you know really intentional about how the design is so it feels intuitive it feels fluid. If you've been in any of them Buchanan knows how how old. How would a natural inclination would be the order in. And then we make it is that we do we go through just I will go through there's a bunch and erotic. We've built a model full scale model of every one of our kept pace first. So we. We're mindful of other doors open and this down to the point of 89% of people are right handed so that doors are going to be opened so that. Very thick and have you know forward facing. You know before we're customer base and hold time annually I can't tell you the although hundreds of different things that we go through so that it when the time comes with me watch Cynthia. Very cheerful. Really is friendly face on non pompous not arrogant I'm conceded. We're here for you were here to serve view and the attitude and hopefully it comes out and everything that we do. Now watch Dario was there are inflation last week and it was everything that you just. It was a great environment along the way it was designed to walk and you know they look me in and I got. No knowledge of what I'm about apps or put it image. Questions. That area and you guys have on the new locations they need to incident we have nine write down that that might be you know we don't know. Does seem more room recently some areas because I always CDs. You always wonder about that EC company's growing so fast and you've been around for a long time melodies start ups. You know there have been 45 locations overnight and Mike. Well left functioning. Though no hard about that. So. You know we. We started really getting into coffee and studying coffee and in 1978. Mission and I can tell you here right now I still. I that if if if learning everything you can about coffee is a 100%. I feel like I'm probably a 25%. And then there's there's a lot of there's a lot of special folks who just got in the industry and are experts are ready and done. Yeah oh so. I will you know we'll just see how that works so form but it's there's a lot to learn them we still have a long way to go and then every day where there. Learning a touchy touch most parts of the other region though and you have a give downtown obviously locations you have a Burks on location I've met many meetings there now you he said have some in Kansas two in the next day and in the Uighur and. Yeah in what those are. You know we went for twelve years without having a single cafe customers Maria so. And it was really for us it was. And that's the same you know how hard retail is it is bullied a difficult deal retail banking retail in thing is is really hard. So we had to really be kind of drug push kicking and screaming it into retail to begin with. But we went into it as you know first and foremost we wanted to kind of feel the pain. In we knew that we would become a much better suppliers to our customers once we were once we were in retail. And then really we did it to again to further the brand build the brand. This year eighty. 88 or 89% of our sales are going to be wholesale. We got bills that is that is the we will that is why low which are saying because that's not the glamorous thing that everyone sees no we live it's where people make money yes successful. Well you bet you we've lived through you know folks like. Colby may get ride through Jasper Michael Smith you know. Selena TO. The Bristol classic cut you know the Nelson Atkins most of what we do is. Is helping helping others you know to do well with our coffee and espresso. End down. And that's where you know for me personally that's probably where I spend 90% in my life and we have a cafe team who just loves what they do. If we didn't have a build the brand mentality probably wouldn't we wouldn't have you know the cafes that we have. Though we filled in in in spaces and gaps. The end that's how those came about then they came about in quick succession. Mainly because of the market you know that Michael would be able to have they'll say how that happens you can work on. As tuchman Junco pick and he worked on his face and in. Crossroads did it just took one thing after another took eight or nine years for it to happen. When it finally does happen some considerable like you pick. Often it's those aren't those are. I do your control there's a lot of circumstances. Like the next thing you know they had that no planing since the mideast tennis friendly happening you know. Last year. So that's how it worked on them though is the space on main street and particularly. Moved by because that's Henry Bloch has been my mentor that that is you know a lot lot to do it dated the H&R block that. That was something that we worked on for almost five or almost six years. And oh we call haven't paid as you know we've who have radar map. And soon the very lonesome. Very cool right back after the break with more drilling. Look back to the grill nation showed ninety MTV's real happy Valentine's Day with senior O'Neal from the U grocery and Michael easily from no bank BO OK financial. Danny you guys have been doing some degree things have to ask you this what is your favorite kind of of coffee to drink. Our style of golf you know walk in a restaurant got 25 different things in front of me. And I try to hide you know I'll do the black coffee comes simple what's wild I'll do on the local so what is your go to if you had to pick one. But you know he hasn't. Just choose one and it would be the French press French press yes laughter. I love the if you if you look on like when you pouring French press and then you look on the top of the cup you'll see. I look like a little oil slick those are the polaroids and that's the real. Flavored the body in surfing richness of it over the coffee and paper filters will filter that out. But that's I love really thick miles feel. And I think I just think about that mostly chewy and the and the and the French press gives that there if you really like that flavor of kind of voluptuous. Syrupy richest round smooth. Makes me think of like a month throughout your jaguars with cars are much more of that voluptuous instead of the chiseled. You know they're tough anyway that's that that's why when it. I have a question about the team market and the guys despite that because I feel like this specialty Teahen has also grown recently and I know. It's our god and I when I go for meeting Michael I don't sales UT. As we don't do that it's a coffee or was let us calling me this is close or that is. Hit it it is but it's it's as two different things. Well in first we started selling T in 1993 so we've been entities in the get go and then. We what is. Lots of tea plantations in the mid ninety's than. And in the started getting T end a couple of things so. Since the Boston Tea Party we've been a coffee culture. End with. A couple of things like on the business at T. Upon its he'll make 200 cups. So if you think about that means some is gonna spend eight or ten or twenty or even a hundred dollars bounty. Upon the T it's 200 cups and then people who drink tea there's this notion that if there's. So much so that is that like an expression right idiom he told her. So you'll just drink a cup of tea or something vs coffee. And then make culturally where obviously a coffee culture if I say you know what Michael that's awesome list while we have a cup cup of coffee and talk about it. It it just conjures up everything it sets the place that's a study and we're gonna have this discussion and if we have a cup with he. Did it in our culture that says well might be a little bit more formal a might be a little shorter might be a little crisper none. A little get to business and be done where his colts where is culturally if I say let's have a cup coffee. That's totally everything differently but we had folks have been our farm. Sunday. And you know this post was in the coffee so we've we've brought out we probably. I would wanna go to Danny doesn't really Olivea. You know I call you during Grumman have something else to say we probably had seventy or eighty. Different kinds of T. And I doll. I mean from quad lump or two canyon everywhere in between I have coffee pots and teapot from all over the world and so you know we made her teeth because so we sell tee so. We're not offended if somebody wants to turn Tebow to Steve does the you know DC restaurant Tuesday's changing their menus is ever want healthier option I mean it as early affecting your mark. Well it's been great you have like Barnett send me probably an average is something once a week usually enter health. Yeah that's it and if you look on her website. It since 1993. There has not been a single they have all these ridiculous. How low inaccurate. Totally distorted. Feel. Notions about coffee and they were all wrong and they were just mindlessly you robotic lead. Repeated its for decades for some stupid reason but somebody you know stories its research and if you look. Pick and less you have high blood pressure. There are just in the he would edit it it coffee is unbelievably good for you so if you just look my girlfriend is just it's gonna have to listen to show just tells me all the time. Well it's it's your kinda it's almost like debating gravity hits like. I heard your girlfriend and I. You have your girlfriend just look at the science is better about there they just look at the science you know and so from longevity lifelong longevity to any action ceases say. Yet he has any actually it's good copy has more. But these all these emotions where my era it reminds me of that when we were kids. You had to wait the an hour after it to those women that but it doctrine only your guns a doctor would argue that you get cramps when you're hungry. But when you're full. So the best thing you can do is eat something before you go swimming. But yet that wasn't much of the minute I Presley Riyadh and those kind of weird right. But thankfully. To your question. Those folks out there kind of in the know or into that the quickly find out how good coffee is where you. And so it really has no knock yourself what you wanna drink you don't want a trinket that the facts are the facts off better or worse and it certainly worked. Are favored must either he's a puncture. In the it's nothing there there's. I know that the core the core the end awesome for audio out now. We got a couple minutes left in the show talk about Kansas City mention a lot of your mentors and in just you know process of growing a business here and the community at inspire sported it seems like you. Yeah I I am pretty much. You know so I'm all into local and but we grew up that way we're small town Iowa. We didn't really have to go to college and kind of figure out that local. You know supporting local made sense it was. It wasn't like look at cool I'm doing local it was like your stupid if you didn't you know I mean seriously then of course you would acquire she would so it's always been a default my whole life. So we've got a company that way. Since 1993. And then I think it's sort of getting a little attraction. Among the greater. I mean a lot of folks had that I'm that same night I mean I did you know you any unique in that fashion. Bit. So then it makes all kinds of economic sense. Also so you know play spend a dollar. With the local company it's gonna probably go through Michael could probably tell you that the multiplier effect is probably separate times that I was gonna change hands. It within the community in if I spend it with international based company are multi national you know national company. It might be one or two and it's gone you know when you do business locally and all stays here. People can city in the midwest they get that you know we don't after it like wrappers self running axle very hard to figure that one out. It's so we've been blessed just absolutely blessed. I just feel like we've put we've gone through them. The path we did have to figure it out you know that the Joyce told to the world Burnett's of the world. Figure that out for us and I think. Kansas City there aren't communities and Michael coverage lived in a few of them where it matters how much money you have. We don't really give a rat's you know what how much money you know we really don't in their other cities in the country where it does make a difference. We don't care about we care what you do with your money and we sure as hell cares if you major money here what you're doing with the right hand I love that about Kansas City so. Kenneth speaks to your. Or your motto doing something that is. You know going through life and activist right what do you know about make it deters others I always think of you can't walk into a different walk into her room. And make a 10% difference. Then you walking into the wrong rooms you know you need I feel sharper early stay away late work your butt off to think you know do what you say you're supposed to do. And make a difference it's not just make a buck. Who cares what you do and help others what you do and four others you know just a hole. It didn't matter with that you know their religious gorgeous men and women of and four others. Kansas City is has built that way that just makes a huge difference to us we and I do this with myself that I do this with my team to. I always asks so what. So what if it's just somehow just make him a book and it's just good for us as. Probably likely we're not gonna do it. You'll like it. Danny O'Neil has been our guest the road street checking out Michael easily thanks again for us coming on the Aronson isn't good enough flu outbreak sponsor the show moving feel the financial Dini and you'll former students are coming. Thank you so much revenue will see you next week thanks for joining.