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Saturday, February 24th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who's served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepared to get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connected you have the X-Factor he'll join. Bridge illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grill tonight with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show and online at grill nation showed dot com. Welcome your host of grill nation always dressed up and ready. Even in a radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to see the grill nation show coherent team BC nine ED AM. I'm your host chasing real thank you for joining us if you listings via the radio war. You podcast at iTunes or also on grill nation should dot com we can find photos of our guests. 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What do start there was some clarity we taped the show. It it airs on every Saturday but we did tapes of interviews earlier in the week. A fortune one of our guest in a Goldstein who has a life and business coach. From the great city of New York was supposed to go on the show here in our first segment today and its website as an Goldstein dot com she's not been featured. In many respects throughout the country. Including the Oprah Show and many other different things in magazines throughout our. World she had to cancel this morning. Dietz and family issues that we will have her on the show again sometime very soon if you wanna check out more information about Anna. Her website is and a Goldstein dot com Indian looking forward to having her on the show again sometime soon. But she's in some great work as a business and life coach in new York and throughout the country tool will reach out to her again and have her back here soon to talk about. Don't think she wanted to talk about today were how society is brainwashing us in the thinking you have to choose between profit a purpose. And per restrain your profits launching a service based business. Have a running in the show but the great part about this is we've actually taped to segments already. With our actual deaths for today's show Sean storm check about a Sean storms are com. So we bring on here in the second to fill in for in a he is already taped segments Syrian statements or of the show. Which were very greats now we're gonna go back and taped the first two segments of the show which are listening to now and hopefully we don't confuse you so. If there's things out of order on the show today just know that that is the reason why and Sean was lucky you know happy enough to. Graciously come back into the studio and help us out here for segments one and two today at a gravel and I in the hallway and in drag him back in here but Shaun welcome back to the show this is just starting out here on the show today but we party say a few segments security approach and veterinarian. I don't. That's a work metaphor got a wing in this but. We will get into the simulator segments but again just give us an overview of your background for those are just joining us now and show. So I spent the first twelve years in my career. A fortune 500 company in Kansas City we would know today's wires he worldwide. Whereby the ripe old age of 28 I thought I knew everything and I was introduced to doctor W Edwards Deming who's the guy. Talked Japan everything they know about quality customers. In running a business successfully and as we know that is just a tiny little island are on the Pacific rim is now an economic superpowers and Deming is well known. He's no longer witness but it changed my view on business and so is my career went forward. Even though I was an operations guy originally I had the executive management piece. I sort of leading sales organizations and I found out that the wave. Sales are expected to happen inside of companies is why we are where we are today were companies are having so much trouble growing organically. In Seoul money thought was as I studied demand creators. Know we talk about some of those being quick trip and Pixar apple. Circus so lace southwest air BMW likened the list goes on and on and on as I studied those companies and even the most summer in the B to C space. I found out that there is a way to create demand by not only did it my own career since I went on my own. On the we've done and it had many companies and assisted those leaders including many that you've had on your show. Talked about that process you use and he said you were for big corporations. And you you currents are doing this what was that like for you because. That is a transition let me tell ya I've done a lot of different things in my career but it is always. Daunting task to start from scratch. When you leave a pretty pretty well set job he says incorporation. Absolutely and so I was leading sales and marketing organization I was. CDC. Level person at a local company Immelman who they are immune to read before think's going to spring after Linkedin page here on storms search for a guy's brilliant and put them seriously though of it this is back in the two thousands. And I was made an officer of the company and then three months later I was asked to leave it to this day I don't know like it's you know I guess as to why they asked me to leave but I thought you know what. If I'm going to have any success going to rely on myself and not others who don't get this methodology. So that's how I went out so no I I was forced out to be honest bud. It was scary very scary but wind within the first six months. As they surged to speak around the city I was ready for the business journal. He added that come about that's interest in me since this is interest someone who works in the media that is in Shanghai seniors who recently sold Mears advertising yes Barkley. Are simply great guy in Sam I was not a William mentor for me. The day literally am walking out of this company with the box in your hair or gosh I called him and I said we've got an outstanding invoices we view right and I was just walked out of the company you better make sure you get paid he said future rerun down here and let's talk. Literally two hours later he says to me. Go down and see Russell grade the business journal an Intel in what you're thinking. Right because they just lost a guy who for twenty years at the corporate level for the journal have been writing the growth strategies column being Jeffrey Dahmer and I said the last thing people need. Is another shoe multi sales guy and so. Russell bought it understood it in the mixing your rate for the journal and I started speaking on behalf of the journal throughout the city. How cool such kind of you're in front a lot of people and yeah I'm in daughter relationship so it's been humbled and will be forever grateful to the business journal for what can our fallen Russell read it for me in and that I kind of connected to a lot of people and you now do like keynotes through Kansas City. Some critical organizations such as Ellsberg him program did that a degree in entrepreneurship program here. And also a case CDC were quick manner I. The end you know. Most people are looking for a change the looking. For ways to do things better Jason Witten but. When they hear how different this this this that we ought to go create demand music selling seen this so hard. It really messes with their heads so. It's it's a challenge. And probably eight probably eight out of ten I'll walk away saying I'm not going down this road chair right I mean I'm listening to you now won't get into a more on the show later on about. How you create demand and why that's so important and you also in other area eight stepped kind of program tell spot. We're gonna belliard showed just give us a flyover so anything that people would learn from me whether it's from the gates steps of demand creation and profitable revenue growth he RG. The workshops that could go through it is all born from the cause of the problem remember on a dummy guys so it's all about root causes. And I believe that the more sales people you have and by the way this isn't. I'm not against salespeople in general Aziz bin holding hired to do certain job again it but the point is that some. Beat it into the idea is to sell the idea the cause of the problem is the value proposition. It doesn't have much of values we have three. Jon storm is our guest is book says Sean storms dot com we're back. More on the. Welcome back into the drill nations show appearance fees fees 980 and joined today by Sean storms through his has what's that is Shawne storms and dot com. Sean reached out to me about coming on the show after we've had on many of his clients on the show and threat the years and spent it was a one of those things are very like you know what all of these CEO's seat on the show and thought leaders here in Kansas City have been. Very successful and they've been on a theme that you their purpose driven team. And creating demand and so wanted to bring him in here to kind of talk about some of those things. Again we we taped the show backwards so if you get confused our apologies we had a gets canceled and it's a show on his back with us for segment due today. And we'll business again in three and four. Sean one of the things you talk about a lot is about sales and marketing and why. Why is set up and optimize and why is it not the answer we thought it would be let's let's get the skin of that because. You were all about creating demand and not all about sales you wanna create something you wanna create a revolution. President burger restaurant. So why what is it about sales and marketing because everything in our boy and teaches us. That hey when I search company I gotta go tell my story heading to sell myself I gotta buy ads I got to go to coffees I get a dual speeches which hosting some of those are fine. When you're talking about straight sales and marketing. When you're living in a world of sameness. You have to do coffee lunch coffee you have to go all the meetings Justin network yet to join the group spew Joyner you have to do all those things and as you gotta enter any community is what we'll see how and yet I had zero relationships. Would every CEO that I work with. I told people build those relationships after they hire you but you can attract them with unprecedented value in DC at the understand it. I'm. You don't have to do all of those other networking things just don't have to slightly throughout two things on the heading of selling. Eighties these are two sacks 86% of sales Pete salespeople do not achieve 90% of their annual quota. Put another way that's only 14%. Or one point four audit and even hit 90% of their sales quota. That's a Miller Hyman study from about four years ago. No we find out that we spend fifteen billion dollars a year in this country on sales training and that math is never made sense to number and not only that. Well hey here's our here's how you argue for that as a business and sales people. You put on a mission based seller right. And incentives. Can a lot of minutes lots of different mentally he's right I mean it you know most people I talk to their starting their companies don't just give someone that's in sales a huge seller there's an incentive based deal. Just like you know hey if you sell 5000 widgets. You know you get a dollar for me to the widgets or pay. You know here's your salary but it sure is gonna be compensated during sentencing commission. That's that's maybe had to keep the cost I hear you but I but Peter teal sand right up near teal not only Ro zero to one of the great book. He is the co-founder of PayPal who's a billionaire he was the first major investor in FaceBook and he says if you have to sell. Or advertiser. It's not good enough. And I believe him now I really do. So if we take all of that and I believe that the more selling activity you have going on and more sales people you're hiring it's an indictment on your value proposition I believe. So go to the marketing site. You remember the apple commercials where Justin long's cling to hip cool apple guy onstage and then the other guy was gonna heavyset maybe Bill Gates looking Guyton. You remember those commercials don't but it's on through earlier that Ed Kim you know I never even seen the real apple commercial the first 11984 OK I was also monitors like this is the most popular commercial all time to change Super Bowl or cheesy changed as sure ever. And I'd never insane it's I have not seen the sad but I know I know Apple's been treated with this. It's so all I'm I'm guessing that a fair amount of the listeners have seen out bad guest so it was a long campaign went up for a couple years. All they were trying to do was to force people to choose sides will roots in the city it's a very nice town might get that but every time we put Opel stake in the ground. We forced the marketplace to choose sides that doesn't mean you have to trashed the competition may you say here's who we are. Here's how we help you what you mean to us bright how we deliver unprecedented value and here's here's what they do that's all we did know marketing campaign there's sales went through the roof. Have to pick a fight have to pick it up professionally you have to think tactful but until you do that nobody would know what you stand for clearly. And the cinched. And that's why marketing efforts fail cut do you think you have to if you have to sell our retires it's not good enough product not a doubt. Attack on the outskirts of gimme so so this. I howdy do this. In regards as his client services because I understand if it's a product like it on selling us on selling a cup of coffee. And people are lining up from a coffee shop because they've heard something it's there it's referrals or you're just the best everything you have and anything except people on their word of mouth. How does is that the same first for client services because. Everyone has always said advertise advertisers advertise sales sales sales you know so. Look at a company like you and pat lassie and ATL a SS I. At last seen is the only one of all their competitors it doesn't have any sales people. National Kostner hello their costs are no advertising Lucy turtle never heard of in their grow you can pull up on Google just it was last year and it's a new sales people you'll see that charts the growth is exponential. The growing so fast beats the products a loss and the other thing I would say totally separate. Topic in terms whether it's professional services or elsewhere then chipped Indian feed through to both last year which is one of my favorite books of all time called the power of moments. So how many times have we heard guest experience. Right is being a differentiator. And I have no interest in different she should street circumvent an advantage I want unprecedented value in the power of moments. Is really really strong. Do we know what they are there is a hotel. In LA called the magic castle it's on. Hollywood earth Beverly Hills boulevard area in its number 21 trip advisor even though looks like crap from the outside the gulf the magical and the magic castle. And yet they have better reviews than the Beverly Hilton or anybody else because when you're out by the pool which is a standard not so great pool that's a popsicle hotline. So usually fairly in the future in the pool to pick it up say need to cheery to Manila to cream soda read articles. Some guy comes out on a silver train brings the obstacles ease the power of moments that's the what they remember down the line. To guest experience now is becoming more and more defined. Than it ever has but I believe that's up a one waited too to get unprecedented value Disney made. And luckily. The said he doubted that makes sense it's guest experiences it's it's how you make people feel the part of it. Al-Qaeda like that does resonate with me is all businesses I have a chance to work with these that chip awesome take for granted. And it's bad bad PR we mentioned dimensional divisions there's mother who has done what we call a experience map and terms of how your customer's experience you. You're telling and his school. You mentioned off the air one of the greatest demand traders that has ever existed in our next he servants with us Sean storm John storms I come we'll talk about. How he creates demand and why this is so import and go over the 888 different facets to his proprietary plant. But you mixing greatest demeaning creators ever and I think it'll surprise people who is that I know what to the idea. That kids. It is kissed the rock period that's not surprising that people. So why how how did they do that I'm this is remember them on the golf. And upper thirties so kiss is a little bit before my time certainly off their height of popularity but what do they do decree demanded. Maybe didn't exist. In the early seventies when Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley came together as the founders of its. They wanted to business they actually dreamed that someday they would have a billion dollar business they wanted to get girls can be terribly honest I. These two Jewish kids from New York City right people don't know that those two they've never taken drugs in their life. Don't drink don't smoke the air is clean cut is any two people you can't sit out about the other two members Barrett. This was about business and so how do we get flash pots how to we get the big show the spewing of what looks like fake blood right. I'm Gene Simmons with the long tongue all of this was eater today and to given that experience in those moments. There's a story you can pull up on Or just Google it. Cadillac Michigan back in 1975 and kiss was child's skating started they couldn't get me airplay because their music to be honest is mediocre at best. I can't go through the whole story here but people need to club Cadillac Michigan kiss. You wanna see how you can stand for something more than the average rock band in wind up product itself Apple's. Iphones for instance are not the best phones on the market that they have 96%. Of the profit. Of all cell phones mull mobile phones right as they stand for something more than the average company. That's what kisses Don and they have done over a billion dollars in. Umbrage and I sales music concerts all the things they did over a billion dollars in. As an action and they created their demand craters and they offered a different experience. And to keep things in identifying the opportunity this was the mid seventies we were in the middle and recession. People just wanted to cut loose and have fun and that's what they did. So we're tarnish on storms couple minutes left in this segment. OK so if it from a personal listen to the show and I'm kind of at a crossroads where Marmara revenues been good. I'm making money by profits are good. And but I kind of let's say for instance I made a million dollars from a company which is again amount of money. Last year amid a million dollars this year we're not seeing any growth. What is your advice for companies like that because I think there are a lot of companies that maybe the CEOs of the leaders are. You know they've done well but there are always thinking about Shia exit now should keep growing our people what what's the strategy there and what are you thinking I mean is it. You've been successfully proven your worth you've proven you've created demand but. You know there's like competitors. Howdy Hattie Teddy kind of just six yes a great question Jason on the need to be honest with themselves as often they reach that point by not creating demand it often reach it because. There was opportunity in the marketplace right they just took advantage of it but they often plateau after awhile. If I ever met each ton of emanate people recently in the same my gosh with these business owners were trying to exit they think the company valuation should be. What it actually is spending close in the need to be honest and say what's causing the plateau why didn't we. Explode why didn't this go to where I think it should go they don't do that. I mean taught us root cause is first of the problem but most people wanna jump right from problem to solution to the first thing alas the news. What have you done what you spend money on in terms of solutions and they'll have well we refresh the web site. Also every company that people show new website and I'll show you'd ten competitors take their names off and all those web sites with the same disease website developers use that template. And that is true. That's saying you gotta be honest with yourself I mean to cut things Nina. Do what's best threat we live in an agent not only millennial some which my daughter is one that that we live in an age where. This idea of standing for something more seat the deal through right. Whether it's healthy eating. Whether it's sustainable. Businesses almost takes a thinks people want to know what you stand for and if you don't come to the table with that clearly look at Patagonia. Mean. Did you they don't even political pinnacle unit can tell you today a sense of just storms our guest on grill nation showed today thanks for joining us again bureau. I guess. Hello and welcome back Cindy grilled nation show here in 1988 and came easy also thanks for joining me on podcasts today on I teens. Get a continue on with our theme today really excited to have lunch on storms to eyes what say Sean storms that's SE a NS TO art in ES dot com. Who is just a fabulous guys a lot of great experiences here or talk about those on the show today. He's it is CEO keynote speaker he's a published author and nationally syndicated columns as well as they. Cease we purpose and profitable growth mentor what the show Sean aria. Thanks so much is an item great thanks good to be who we've been talking off very old that we have a lot of mutual friends now are really excited to have you on the show today. Slow but I your back and your you don't allow apply companies here in Keyon seen throughout the country as they chief domain creator for the third Dorian you'll. Search she's result officer for the redemption boss ultimate absolutely so I cut my teeth in business was border raising yellow freight system which is now why are seed worldwide. NASA brought me to Kansas City and so I have all of this fortune 500 experience in after I left the big firms Granger included. And went to work for some smaller businesses and what I found out is that even though. Initially the Genesis of my stories really and operations in total quality management and doctor W Edwards Deming and those kinds of things. I was leading sales organizations I was looking out at him theory very different way. It and data and eventually led to how the white hate these teams and I'm leading. Not rely so much on the sales organization itself but tried to me and and let's see if we can figure out the attraction model. Drive profitable revenue growth that way. And you work with countries so we got on the shows it is dimensional innovations case you know arrived outdoors. Amongst others a lot of great people including the bash group and former sponsor of the showing your vast. You also wrote a book recently called the clean slate it's and it went on line honors with for sale on October 2017 tells of that process. Because I got a book copy. Here are my hand look out for greeting him as well thank you it's been quite the journey you know I read two other books mums sports book I which did well long time ago murals and novel. But this was ten years in the making other ones were pretty quick in this is pretty much the culmination of my entire career. And again why there should be a clean slate when we look at business. So not only to companies that you mentioned locally and also just really cool keynotes for cross first bank which is highly mistress and if you know rumble winner Mike Maddux over there. I'm also Tim Howe and in the case CDC had spoken there investor conference. That's awesome Tim's day a great guy who have got to know her the last few over the last year or so and it. You know he's he's got a great story and it villager work over there and that's really cool to mention so you often are you were tell me that you know as a launch foreigner myself. You know you're always thinking about sales right see you wanna that you need out there and people think you know. We gotta hire people and travel in and do all these are things and you kind of have different spin on it based on your experience and wanna kind of break that down so. You believe in domain creation. Title leaving him in creation what led me there was how we look at problems of the problem is we don't have enough sales and we have to be honest with ourselves and say why is that. So when I at least came to the conclusion. The conclusion I came to was. The reason why companies are growing organically is because first and foremost there's an identity crisis inside the company they don't know not only who they are you don't know whether or not. Mean that is true. And I can I can name many in my businesses I work for fed up or not another work for that and under that I. I've met her on the show and in the promises as a notch for her obviously. Or business owner you're here you're taking whatever you get first right there so if you're PR firm you're you're taken smaller retainer you've taken smaller projects. And you reach that point where like. This is too much work for 1 am making in hey there's other clients out there that. One of pay more money wanna you know art are different. Or if you're a product company right and you take on 45 different things at once. What actually bringing your revenue and that's what half. And Smith had the identity crisis we're not sure who we are we haven't seen this a million times we have flavor of the month strategies to start tomorrow. Not all that does is cause widespread variation. Which will bring us to Deming eventually hear what variation really means it's not lean manufacturing and six sigma. At least in my world it's not its organizational variation source the silos start to form. We have all this organizationally Didi because we don't know who we know more then that relates directly to that you know. Newcastle oyster talking about the purpose of figuring out who we are and why the business exists in the terms of trying to make people's lives. It's way beyond social responsibility which tends to be where purpose gets digital aria that's got a new name and again they're used to be sure you know. One tree have a product we have a product to the four are awhile but it charity year old. You know that is that's now you're talking about you're really talking about becoming purpose driven this is not so chipper response only what is. So John MacKey of whole foods. Started the conscious capitalism movement in what this turned that he came up was whose purpose before profit. And that drives the average CEO business owner Boozer because they're all about profit through let's be clear. Whole paycheck compare all of our problems right path that so it's not just purpose but for instance when you have let's say to Mitchell and nations on the talk about delivery people from mediocre experience and well part of their journey was the do design in the do build. And that team found out that if they only did one or the other it would be less than mediocre experience that's purpose driven if they're only gonna take jobs now. There are designed and built and they know that the cost rule be highly satisfied that a big change inside the organization. So becoming purpose driven and it has really clearly knowing who you are who you're not the difference you're trying to make people's lives this decision now. I saw as a tough decision for company because. If you do get to be in demand right you've created a command base in your reputation or your work product. Cutting things the stuff it is if product lines or you know in the stain age they'll see a lot of people on there with. You know without e-commerce site or with a wholesale site Earl sailed sales or retail sales or. You know custom sales so it's like what it what are you focusing on. And just. That's our part because there's going to be ebbs and flows especially the congress rule so that gets as you're right absolutely neck gets us to this issue of demand creation. Well go slow here which is born from unprecedented value. And tech we've never seen a car company like Tesla gulf war and nobody was asking for just like nobody asked for the automobile. The airplane the radio. Television the Internet nobody asks for these things and we have to see would others miss we have to deal almost becomes scouts camp out in our industry chair. If CC what others are missing in and start to design unprecedented value as were comes from three demand creation sport from. But what it frees us from what it liberate us from Jason who. Sameness number identity crisis was the first caused the sudden cause a sameness and that's the businesses these it's reached epidemic proportions. So when I hear companies say here's our strengths great. Here's their differentiation here's our competitive advantage fraudulent. There's enough manner the salespeople know. There's that's a distinction on stormed his. If that in order shore like if you go to the gym we which. We play in the show out and John we knew it was going to be close sitting in here Brett and so people other New Year's resolutions those are probably Gama at this point. But on. You're talking about fitness and organizational fitness and tell spot I don't know whining and achieving alignment and clarity. So those are the two key words right first comes alignment so for purpose driven and operationally we drive them through the entire organizational describe briefly how that works. We we then become aligned and that takes away this tremendous variation it wreaks Havoc on the you know. All hidden costs that you know is driven from identity crisis in this riot all those kinds of things. Securitization organizational fitness peace is to get us clear guests lined. In that happens let's look at some companies look at quick trip. And if to court sessions. And lewdness and speed look at Pixar every movie that comes out is ranked number one when it comes out I mean story is king. In trust the process take a look at apple it's all about. User experience in design to any company its purpose strip. I can usually find or they sit so within the books they writer for talk and it executives if to court sessions organizational fitness is purpose. What are the court sessions how did we see what others miss so we can drive demand and we execute. Then. Does this process work in an industry is is not revolutionary. So. I I you know realistic company or a law firm or a a sales basically sales company if I can tell you how many an accountant I mean I don't we don't think of something that's gonna create demand and in the world that is. They're saturated so doctor Deming would say. The problem with most companies in the solution for most companies is the same darn thing leadership. Sizzle the only reason I were with CEOs and business owners because things are good or not good because of them purely. Cut Britons thought about that. Right so when I thought it was more about the team you think it's Mara the leader by no it's more about the leader of courage not only did Demi say that is. Every answer his question all the times I heard him speak live or on some slime a cast and people are asking of theory in depth. Problematic question man you just lean into the microphone it's a leadership. And what he meant by that was is Jim Collins good to great very famous book. Level five leaders are humble in willful usually confined willful and resolute all day long and can we find humility. Mean why is it that nobody in forty some odd years has been able to take on southwest there. Well they created man affect your point first then they traded demand something unique and you've India I think more people are. Have tried to kind duplicate what they did in their industry. The say they saw what others missed it by one kind of airplane so conservator low right because their only training on one airplane you'll get parts Roy airplane all those kinds of things and that culture that is very fun. Disciplined but Siri on. There's CEO Jerry Kelly is known on Halloween a flying all around the country 24 hours street dressed up in drag for instance Internet attack she knows that he has to lead the purpose peace Brighton too tall leadership. Interest and interesting Sean storms as our guest today. On the grill nation shell. So we give back from the break we're gonna have another segment let's talk about the you put together proprietary eight step framework that provides the architecture necessity create monopolies the holy Grail of PRG profit revenue growth. And now looking into that and the design that demand creation if you will I know that. That's a lot to get to one segment. Love to learn more about this this exciting topic and Andrea if you're listener hero fully take a look for clean slate. Great book here in Kansas City and throughout the country it's on Amazon right wrecked mom excited to read it in his. Update fought. Mattel like. The emotional notes due it is like you know today is John storms are guess Sean storms dot com we rip back after the break with more gorilla nation you're listening to. Relations show with euros chasing groan came easy night easy and he's all real nation show. Dot com thanks for joining us. And go for. Welcome back to the growth nation show here is Jason drill your host sir thank you for doing a scene today on 980 and came easy. A north Sean storms to his day a great guy he's a chief domain creator for the third door and he doubles as the chief results officer redemption plus. He was it'd depend can't see business journals by monthly growth strategies desk call for five years. He's recently written a book called clean slate which is available on Amazon and and is available in hard copy hand on Kendall. And he has up perform major key minutes for groups such as the tells her aunt parliamentary ship program hemp. He CA DC Merrill's wealth advisors cross that banking and the amusement acts of expo international Las Vegas. That's pretty cool it's coming at Pearson. They Sean one of the things he talked I was trading demand and you've put the other preparatory up kind of a deal here with eight kind of steps framework for a demand creation improper revenue growth. I can only talk to about those things as we get through this segment the first thing you mentioned is establishing an organizational higher calling tells about. So its interest and write a moment ago you asked about professional services tech companies when there it's insurance on wealth management firms. Certainly legal is a big one. It is the leadership issue right and in so. They think it's all about marketing or preempting usually. Engineers especially over with a local engineering company and they don't think in terms of creating an unprecedented value for their clients they just wanna go engineer something right which I get it I don't blame them. But these are eight steps are really the horse before the cart what happens is if they're not purpose driven an episode in an actress in their living in a world of sameness right. And nobody able tell the top dog at the value proposition is not even vapor. Not only go up to the marketplace do all those things that are popular. They will sales training they will bring in a marketing expert branding experts will and so forth. Think about it the raw material they're working with isn't great know of course we have to start with the higher calling we have to start we true north wind is the company exist. The what is the difference it makes it people's lives and I'm sure one more thing every time I sat down with a senior leadership team ass and take a piece of paper. Answer those two questions. You think that the answers or even remotely in the same zip code and confusion now so what happens. This function or hour and exactly to reestablish set organizational are calling you got to define your core obsessions and associated haters correct. Correct and so. While I believe in the behaviors peace let's go back to some new financial the nation's Winamp collaboration as one of their. Record behaviors that leadership team. Actually may need that core behavior operational and exit together so they're more collaborative so on and so. But you session piece that we mention mentioned a moment ago and have those two core obsessions. In nature that leadership. Is driving those Sunni organization with strategic plans here's the big one Jason. It's the whole HR component then how are we hiring or we discipline and are we promoting Howard weeding rewarding some color we firing terminate. Although Singh should be built around purpose behaviors court sessions that's what drives this thing through the roof. That's interest thing I get to determine your opportunities Brent that's huge sometimes we chased him any and is that you think you have to really kind of that define that piece of that pie. And really identified to dominate that space there without a doubt in so when I was working with a local business development person actually very. You're successful business development person. Found out that he was of course like a lot of sales folks taking people on trips hunting fishing things of that nature. We find out that what he was really doing this is the purpose peace we found out that he was actually hoping. Business leaders. I transitioned to their next amusing air quotes next and the next generation don't maybe they sold. Now they got a financial windfall what do I really wanna do so he takes a mommy's excursions these big adventure excursions. Actually talking to them about what they wanna do next he's got a network to choke a horse this guy. So if you wanna Reese champion resources of Lexington Kentucky being Triple Crown series you can help you you wanna start hot air balloon company. Can help you and so became more than trips became. Higher calling an actual movement in this business that he has has just exploded. So he's making money doing this now the you can say that so we need to talk on after the show don't get it always so weird when you get a lot of relationships and you. Today how do you make a business out of two and with introductions and coalition building on not that's interest and yeah I find your dream client and yet profile correct correct and so those first three items that we talked about purpose. The sessions and behaviors and determine the opportunity that is going to change often drastically. Who you should be going after because. That the customers you have a business partners may have everything to do with whether or not you make money is a company. And brightens there was a local cop fifteen Kansas City insurance company commercial insurer that were with. They found out that are seals who people were bringing in. Prospects from all these different industries when you found out after their business was a nonprofit like harvest Hearst and the other half of their business was in construction companies and contractors will Pat's where they should what he's right because that's what they know right so serious and went bizarre when they started bringing in let's say technology companies needs of the dream clients' important change your business fires carefully intentionally. Designer unprecedented value kind of talks about this think revolution reverse evolution. Today it went right this change. Mean people don't want to change however if you're living in the world of sameness in your having the sell sell sell market market market and try to do without went. Hard to Iowa and it's really our was socially Tuesday sure you know with with all the different op ads in all the different. That's a waste in a people's attention now saturated and it's felony congress. It's cards. Is that market. So I will often say when they do the opening keynote. I'm there will be a picture of of folks all lined up in on in in May of 2016. There was our company with get this. No PR no marketing new dealerships no pricing games no sales people Jason there was no car then. In day 1151000. People on don't thousand dollar deposit for the stock by the end of the first week. 375000. People that put down a thousand bucks but in the first month it was over 400000 went a slow launches the model three. And that financing goes through seventeen billion dollars will go to Ilan mosques pocket. How do you think all the other car companies on the planet feel about nugget because there's special exemptions and there's a lot of other revenues in sentencing on and that that's another story shot. He's an Elvis job number six was custom confirm and proposed unprecedented value to seize me customer confirm. The proposed unprecedented value proposition. Stick through Ira quick absolutely so. I'm a couple of studies have shown that for instance Bain and company did a study that showed that 80%. Of a select group of CEOs hundreds of them were asked. Now what they thought their competitive advantages work and what master customers mean only 8% agreed. Then a thousand CEOs were asked what their top three competitive damages worth 997 and got it wrong. 300000 got a right so we don't customer confirm what that value proposition is is customer meaningful. Will it create demand. Interest and AS shot alas to a certain jumps Jon storm Sean storms dot com. Are your eight steps are employed third millennial. Millennium marketing I don't know what that means you can explain it and a track from a power position of power does the last two people wanted to take this scene is offering that they have the Sally proposition. Which is often value lists it's the same as everybody else. In they want to employ social media. All sorts of branding techniques in every other market research marking things you can think of indeed the marketing people always like to say 1250% of the works we just don't know which 50% lots of Holland investing my money then get on stage right. In an office say to people you want your business to double the next twelve to 24 months let people know what you stand for. So do I told you when we were off off Mike here. Nine years I've picked up the phone right so you create this unprecedented value purpose driven. You know and you do get on stage and you speak and you bright and you let people know how you can help them it's not about you. And it's about the customer like that. And then a track for a power position of power that's the last step in. And I wanna I wanna thank Sean for coming on the show and Sean as the book out clean slate if you wanna learn more at. And in read further the let's say Du'Shon storms dot com shall we can find more information there and nick Reid aircrack who really great having you on the show you motivated me I've Catholic event fifteen cups of coffee now because and so fired up to go to work. And really can connect with you more throughout the years to see which are coming up with because some really great information great value for those who suffer seeing him show us. Thank you we've got some workshops the look smooth things and see them. John storms dot com thanks for joining us today on the grill nations and a great show and we'll see incidents thinks it's.