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Saturday, March 3rd

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Success for media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes you're connected you at least a factor he'll join. Really illusion. You connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter has grown nation show every online in relation showed dot com. Welcome your stuff grilled nation always dressed up and even in their radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello and welcome Cindy grilled nation show funnier host Jay-Z grill I appreciate you joining us in this week really cool showed it and it's very excited about it. Appreciate you listening today on in 1980 yen came easy or on iTunes and podcasts or rat grill nation should dot com. Four it's our guests I want to thank our partners and supporters of the show as always at the top they are the final that the title sponsors of the show our trust. Milbank be okay financial into west advisors in right drink. Guest contributors to the growth nation show or what might luxury apartments reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander and today's. Discos and Arne air contributor is Ryan may be from the Reagor and Ryan it's been awhile we haven't seen here in a while you've been busy. I have been greater than you back addressing these shows every other month and we're back on schedule now can be that I love doing this show it's. Adds muscle reprieve from. The data they madness I know isn't it it's a reprieve from the mills from the travel and a the client services business for you it to talk down about Kansas City you are right it's great it's a today we're gonna talk to you hear about some updates in the second it. You'll have you bringing on the show are Peter Robinson today who is from New York City. She is in town to speak at the annual event for busy TC the website is it Peter Robinson dot com she's the founder of been at a known in the strive. And she's got all kinds of cool things going on and she speaks. Regularly as a keynote. Two different cuts these companies yeah and try to all send a inclusion and she's really done a good job of yes she's Ted resident which ran out or find out is pretty small group she is a very good Ted talk but she's coming Nikkei is seated for the first time and you met her. Of this weekend so it's going to be cool to have her on the show today to talk about. Out of some of the things she's done. With travel inclusion in that market and growing some of her own businesses with the with also about. David she's doing here in Kansas City loses he's yeah absolutely I think you'll visit Casey is done such a great job of promoting. Our community and promoting our our local businesses and organizing things like this that really get people excited about Kansas City and not only. I can local people excited about Casey would bring in people like if you Datsyuk. Give presentations and experience what cancer has to offer than they've they've had a tremendous impact on on the community. Yeah and they met here another speech I believe BOB a to have her in studio. Talk about kind of some of her travels their businesses which seem to talk about with his ETC at their annual event at the Kaufman center for performing arts. And also check out her with Sagan you've either Robinson dot com also on Twitter at. Right I don't care to believe because there and senior while you have been on the road. Wanted to talk to you about. Some of the things that manifested that's going on right now obviously the reader is above manifesto manifesto a CF putting a lot of awards but. Talks but the James Beard well that. You know I honestly I I don't even know what's going on with the equipment that we are you're tired because. This is a famous guy yet your appearance here and is considered a the god father of American cuisine more or less a sort of one way of looking at it he. An elderly Julia Childs and and and famous old shots like that. And that upon is that there was a foundation. Founded in his honor that helps basically. They provide. Tuition money financial support for people for kids someone to get into the culinary. Arts and go to culinary school on a kind of thing they provide scholarships and and things like that so they do a lot of work around the country based on the New York. We do a lot of work around the country with. Restaurants and show us in the U fundraisers and things like that and they have this annual. Awards program called James Beard Foundation awards. That's kind of considered likely. More us Oscars of the restaurant industry and for years it was solely focused on. Chefs and restaurants and food and just within the last five years or so I think they've embrace the fact that. While there's a lot more refusing to the restaurant business and her son recognized people on the beverage side of this they're recognizing. Somalia is for wind they're recognizing it. People in that as beverage professionals that are recognizing writers and journalists and people that are. Publishing books and things like that that are helping to further along that that field. And the bar side of it. The just five years ago started a category called outstanding bar program and it's a national. I category. Where they they start off with Lou the first listen semi finalists which is the top fifteen. Borrowers that they name from around the country. Which now manifests so has made it two years ago so this second. Consecutive year being named a semifinalists. And then sometime in a few weeks on narrow it down to the top five. Announced that and then in May though have served big awards ceremony in Chicago. So I didn't you generally shoot it James Beard so worn grew out of all Israeli Prius I really really just like the secret society man I don't. I don't really know unevenly you know yes there's been some other genes are actual winners in Kansas City like Colby you Kobe one. After like seven or eight years of being a finalist for an you know I've asked him before my first off how did you maintain. Being a finalist for seven or eight years in a row you know what kept you up there in that top five and then also. Why it is takes so long creed actually win you know I mean he isn't even now he's like I had no idea there's no like. Application process there's no. Set of rules like this is what's expected if you're gonna you know be considered for James Beard there's just no way of knowing it's very secretive. My guess is they send people when you know that are undercover you know sort of anonymous people to check out the restaurants and bars and things like that. Who knows I mean no one really knows it's a big mystery. On how to formulate their lists and and how that all comes about so. Come. On the show like it that way because that we don't have to worry about it we're now focus on winning awards it's not really our. Our sole. You know goal with the business of their closest to do we do and. Forget recognized for it then and that's medical pesto right and you guys have been in business now for almost nine years or nine years old on April 10 yeah. Crazier and if it why I realize on New Year's Eve. This it was the tenth consecutive. New Year's Eve that stands in that building in the reader of celebrated ten years he's in a row at the reader. Because I was that are. For 2008 going into 2009. Your under construction. At manifesto that point and we were sobering answers nineteen toward forming. Amazing admitted you guys it is such euros and has been wild man yeah it is hard to believe in his somewhat amazing to. It is it still is still. Tough to get in that place her in the sunlight it. It depends MEI I considered the easiest par in the city in cities you can actually make a reservation that I can't blame Alessio it's super easy but he had small. If fills up fast and and that yeah it's it it's always it's always busy and we're we're doing we're doing great. Which is hard to her to do after that many years to keep a bar. Like that operating about high level some extra root problem. Ryan maybe is our guest chose today we're gonna have Ryan Beck for one more segment to talk about. A and there can't see topics that we think are top of mind right now. And no laughter arrival haven't Peter Robinson is a regular Ted talks speaker from New York she's in the travel business you'll be speaking at visit Casey's annual meeting. GC keynote speaker very cool person check on her website at Cynthia Robinson. Dot com. Thanks for joining us again today on. The grill nations show on ninety ADM came easy and on iTunes we're back. The grill nation showing ninth DD and came Louisiana nineteen. Via podcast in that relationship dot com we can find. Links to all of our shows yes photos and our sponsors. Ryan maybe is one of our guest hosting distributors and showed him on every. Other months through. Dark Disco and again in 2018 we're here we're here in February search side to have him back. But talking to him about through that are in things going on in Kansas City as well as at his business is now on the following Ryan love. Peter Robinson from New York city's here to talk about travel and inclusion at the annual meeting of busy Casey. Brian. You guys are in year was. Three we return three years old as far as you're dating back to Romeo one. So low over three years old. You run and hard expanding everywhere. Recently expanded to California we're not quite yet always tell us Omar. So we were officially signed on were were read a certain set up in the state. We have our distributor. You know sign on and we are I'm in the process are now planning all the launch event so officially we will launch the last week of march in California. Which means I'll be going out there and hosting events and tastings and seminars and you know came back behind bars and making drinks and doing a series of a psychic how much he'll be they'll be like a roadshow. You know it's not just 'cause you reader's a reader do everything all day everyday how do you view that how do you schedule. It's tricky. You know we have to work very closely with our distributors and each state. And coordinate with their schedules but you know you park in part we kind of rely on them. To use their local expertise in the and their market and introduce us to the top buyers on both the retail side as well as the bar and restaurant side. And so we can set its meetings and hopefully get our products placed there in and get them excited about it behind it. So the distributor does that part of it did and I were often use my connections and relationships in the industry. To say hey let's let's have a party let's human events you know I your bar and and it they're all different all unique and you know I do this stuff all of the country actually. Just a couple days on. On Monday night LB. A bar in Washington DC doing Agee reader eco pop up one night only in in DC where were. The sun's gonna be really fun where we're doing. A playlist of all Kansas city music. Of featuring local bands and stuff and then the cocktail menu beechy re -- but will be inspired by the music so. You always do these kinds of like. Lackey creative events around the country and California's big one forest because it's it's literally the biggest market in in the United States so you know we wanna make sure don't screw up good at. I'll only be out on the just get him usually I'll be gone. Anywhere from some troops are just you know one night one overnight to date kind of thing I'll be back and then. Most often it's like a mid week Monday to Thursday or to sit Friday. And a trip and then in in extreme cases are being on for a week or even longer than a week depending on. Other the travel schedule shakes out from you know focused on Southern California northern California both you you know I think. I think that. I had to explain this to me recently when when looking at California is California can be able prompting an overwhelming. And of a different in my in the industry who knows that market wells said. You build your brand in San Francisco and in northern California but I use cell volume in Southern California and so. It it's an interesting perspective to look at it that way so were a match in my first trip we Southern California. San Diego and LA and then I'll go back a couple weeks after that we'll do basically the same thing in San Francisco. For 45 days. Very cool. And don't forget about Oakland either to grab hold the whole Bay Area fans actually Epperson great bars Arthur Texas of oracle prize fighter that I remember. Going to that was just fantastic that's good stuff Brian maybe is our guest. Ryan I want to talk to you about a new world ways away from the Christmas season. And I've been looking to send me. Things you've been doing in you talked to about what a miracle bar is all right so this is this is on the M both. It really excited about also terrified of this year so losing. There's a concept called miracle right and it was sort of by its dominant New York about five or six years ago. Who owns a bar called mace in the east village and during the holiday he. Like from Black Friday and so leaders he converted his bar. To a full on way over the top Christmas and Chanukah themed bar so just decked it out like insanely. Over the top with the decorations everything and and create a menu to coincide with prudently Christmas music and in at Christmas movies on the TV screens and just. It was a ridiculous concept that just was a huge huge Teddy called a miracle on ninth street. And it was so successful that you cited to trademark the name miracle. For the bar industry and men Soledad S franchise and so he's now I believe blaster I think get 51. Franchises. Franchisees around there the world actually had one in Hong Kong. But the way he does it is the only allows one franchise license. Per market per city and nobody stunning Kansas City and I've wanted to do for the last several years. The hold up being I didn't really know exactly where I would do it. He and and also not a south I mean it's a it's like opening a whole new Barbara it's only for six weeks it's for a six week run so it's going to be. Passenger wrestle anyway this year I went and just decide to pull the trigger and licensed it for Kansas City. And so now we're in kind of early planning stages of what that's gonna look like and at this point assuming you know we're gonna do it but I wanna do it somewhere in the theme that urban core. Of Casey whether you like from between downtown and the plaza somewhere along Mac or or. And yeah so little more we have a miracle barring Kansas City this year does that for the I don't know what this is all about it's really exciting. It looks exciting I'm looking on the list of cities Rudolph fifty right now we're on the list yet there is some in Missouri actually there's one in Saint Louis saw her room by. Ted Kilgore there's one in Springfield. He the guys from Scotch and soda do that one pretty sure is so cool I actually went to a bar. In New York called Ross German restaurant. That is on. Third avenue and it is around Christmas time this was. This is blamed for mere bluster and it's got the same thing yeah and then they did look at display some show a picture they this is a little more intensely you mentioned it a sick of bargaining just like twelve. And I mean yeah and that in my my eight years old school you honeymoon we do it I wanted to be obnoxious I wanted to be like ooh way way over the top like Barack like Ross or her crack hit a few walking and then you're just completely immersed and Chris Christmas and winter wonderland so slow so I remember like people come this like this is where you go to have a beer right if you're tourists to new Yorker on Christmas she unit up all the hot spots within. Somebody said you gotta go to this bar and yeah it's kind of the similar theme it's the restaurant bar but it's just like you walk in there it's like Christmas throughout the there exactly everywhere all right I. And I love that you know we're going out going out drinking going to bars and restaurants there's one of the things I love about it is that sense of escapist and you know it's it's not just about. The drink it's not just about you know you and sustenance you know feeding your appetite whatever. There's a certain level of escapism and you wanna kind of forget about everything outside of that place and I think that some we've done really well it. And manifesto over the years in creating that sort of unique vibe it's like anywhere else that this Christmas thing. I mean really I'm really excited for it momma can forge I think it's going to be really fun I've been to a couple of the others in other cities. And it is incredibly well received so. We show a lot of film that. Zarrella in Kansas City thank you very much Brian for bringing that found Ryan maybe is our guest Brian. Losses happening here in Kansas City. You guys obviously have the crossroads is growing your going we're gonna get some place next story hopefully soon hotels and down by you. And out on the new hotel a lot of construction lot of construction yeah Lotta new look concrete be important you know cranes everywhere it's great. Street car effort it's in its main post aren't they that was always a pack and I hope he does so. Expanding south right and then also expanding to you got a closer where. I would like for its your right TJ readers front door. Especially in early and historically there's precedent and high wind there was actually back in early nineteen hundreds there was a streetcar line that went. Now on third street and down we're not rights of the old time birdie which is where we're located was actually called the timeline. I would like to restore that that's some that's on the table it's from not but I can outcome would get us anyway Larry is what it was in the you know you know we can. There is talk about going to dial three. Yeah and I insurers recently to which I though is and that was kind of interesting. Yeah I mean what's happening with Berkeley riverfront park all that development there which is really exciting. The casino itself I mean. It's something and it's it's a destination point you know but I think that the real benefit the end they were the streetcar is not necessarily where it goes. But what does it create along the routes a long way to get there and that's what I think has been the biggest. The biggest boon from from the the street our development is the development along those lines so free extended north we go so I'll I'll have to pre. I think we're gonna see a lot of development. In that part along the river on on the north side and do I say it would it would benefit Jerry Recco in the east bottoms as well then. How's the office on their caring because those things go on down there in the office the office seller. Agrees you're really really well or. You know we talked about our launching new states and everything RF two or watching Arkansas. Tomorrow. Specifically. So you were were kicking off more distribution across the country and that means that we have to produce more boos and were able to do that right now are we keep up. And we would love to you're just keep doing that then and not only grow. Our presence in our brand nationwide to grow our footprint locally as well. 'cause they've gone for you I mean hell house beyond what state TV did the most surprised all the when you expand into his popularity which ones have I've been surprised by knows yet what we Indiana really of all places and I think it's just a matter of the distributor that we signed on with the others crushing I mean. They're getting us placements in very high volume venues like Arenas and casinos and things like that which are generally. Impossible for a small brand like us to get into because you've got the big boys spending millions of dollars on. On that kind of on just acquiring and securing that business but I. Obama are artists are renowned there's been a great job of a building Brandon and getting getting us a lot of exposure. Chicago's or second biggest market outside of Kansas city New York's third. New York is growing it's doing really well Washington DC is really growing now we're we're doing some cool things there but Jerry and I think it's been the most the most surprising. Ryan maybe is our guest cohost on the show today he brings a lot of flair and flavor each and every other month and that's good to have back in Syria. Good to be your good to have you Ryan we wreck back with a view Robinson. All press off the plane from New York City speaking at the music he sees annual meeting this week here insist they drive. I guess. You can grill nation John heroes chasing drill here on ninth PGA. On iTunes as old actor a nation should dot com. Very excited to have back our guest host and contributor partner and supporter of the girl nation show Ryan maybe he was the with the reader and with the G rearing tell comes on every other month on the show and brings us and some really cool guests and we have one in CDO today. I'm Peter Robinson is in town from New York City and you guys up alleviate deduction Iran because you you medicine. While back now very far bit and I'm I'm I'm not out Mario we haven't really noticed there. Very long known. We met that the reader at the bar I was I was sitting there and in a meeting and as usual when I'm trying to plan my my guests for this show I wait to the last minute and treasury note you unity oh billion dollar match I thought. I thought I somehow fool you but now I end up well is waiting to the last man and I had some more and and then he was like I don't know I can't do it masked man. And then the ladies and visit Casey were. Sitting at the bar and and came over and set a high end I was like oh well okay I got you play of options right here in Sylvia's in town. Icu you did I just need here absolutely drew and sometimes a sometimes it just works out really really well I think you. Very cool so you tell us what your dear but your background is and how you're here in the we'll get into in the next an account of more into what you're doing you can see the kind of tells drag yourself media because the look to your resume and you very untrue and it's really cool studying the idea really exciting things that Debbie great to have you on the show. I mean just Putnam told a ruin your website is here trying to find it really is just your name right. Well I guess I haven't Peter Robinson dot com and if you wanna learn more about the tribe which I'll explain it's no Magnus TV dot com then so what's really cool is up six and a half years ago. With a three time acts hack coming out of living primarily in Asia. Me and I was going to things I had never gone through before travel withdrawal I'm reverse culture shock which is nothing new. When you kind of leave home and then you come back home and home fills warrant. Which is quite tricky. And on the I was also the only dengue fever because I was backpacking between Thailand and Cambodia and had a lovely mosquito feast on me while yes so I came home I'm a little bit early for my trip after going through on that and I really wanted to find a community of people that travel. On and not just win their allocated vacation days but a community that. Really was like minded and they set up their life to prioritize traveling around the world because they knew its value. So I started in September 2011 with a hundred people in what is now no madness travels I've. And now approaching six and a half years were had over 191000 members worldwide. Have about fifty regional ambassadors in my members live all around the world and it's a tribal community primarily for travelers color really all ethnicities and but it was really something integral about building a home. For us and our lifestyle and stylistic and the way that we travel and the sense of community. When we go on trips and on and experience is a bride's. There was a community Forrest really when I started this that entrepreneurial. Spirit came in it was like lovemaking. And. I tell you what I think grinds probably travel a lot. I I I used to do a lot more. There at the the world actually and you mentioned Thailand that's a great place Seattle's Bob man yeah I used to live in Chang my I'm actually going back for song Krahn. In April with no madness I don't know song Kong it's a big countrywide water gun possible. Makes your New Year's celebration and so it's literally like the world's biggest water and I sounds amazing it is and I've wanted to go to this for so long when I lived there I live their journey unlike creek on the big lantern festival which is beautiful and enchanting. I wanna like squirt people with super soaker. The HD a few subtle. I'm going back its array time. So often are you in New York I mean traveling just every week and yeah I it became important to me especially after it like being an ex pat and being on the road for an extended period of time. And I'm very much kind of like that back packer solid travel on I needed a home base I needed simply to just kind of clothes come back to and be able to root. So I'm in New York they're more often than I was when I was actually you know living backpacking and ex pat life style. But I'm on the road I would say probably at least six to eight times a year in some capacity and it's cool because like the keynote speaking and one of the reasons why I'm here. This is giving me more of a chance six or around the country which I'm normally like OK I'm packing my bags in my past where it's gotta be and here is different out of the United States and you know so now it's become a bit of a balance between domestic and international travel from uncool. Well what does it Ted resonant now what I'd like. Guys as so is that I think I had talked get many times yes they have and I'm sure they probably a patent can carry out and we have an intensity gap. Doubt they sell out the Israeli army dad. They sell governor yet because I know detects kind of like the extension of them of you know holt had phenomenon. On there all over the world and really big so. A couple years ago I wanna see the residency they're just starting Covert number five I was a number three. But I think the program itself is less than three years old so it's very new but what they did is they had this extra office space on actually in their headquarters in Manhattan. And they wanted to bring together some of like you know the best of breed that's in the body in the Michael Jordan's of their industries you know and none of us weren't conflict everybody's like feeding the world. It's trying to make it better on their own mayor ray and so they pick 23 people in my cohort and you had to apply for the program and get accepted. And at the end of the three and a half month residency kind of working out of I can't headquarters at least four times a week. On having mandatory meetings luncheons and obviously you never know who's gonna walk through the doors like. What are my favorite times I had there was like Monica Lewinsky was like walking in the hallway and believe it or not she is one of the most amazing Ted talks and ever seen in my life and it actually really relevant. To a lot of like bullying and social media and things like that today it's it's if a nominal ten tot. On but it's just you never know who's gonna last miles an office on a rimes is there so you know it's being a part of that just like priceless network. Mariam and so you're embedded in it for life when you become our resident you get picked through this program and you have to work on projects. That you apply threw for three and a half months and then at the end of the three and a half months and give a talk at the headquarters aids. Is that something that mean you always has a goal being always eager to that's the sort happened along the way I just I don't shut out. This is kinda my thing. Yeah. I mean doing it for a long time with my background was in spoken word and that being my commencement speaker my graduating class in college though. I'm like really big with that it with the with the talkative stuff even as a kid I'm sure this family members that would test. But on it's cool now to be able to have built a movement and a business and an international community. That allows me to talk from the point if you have an expert you know in what is diversity in travel you know which rise in mind here. And so for me specifically head. Telling Ted had been on my leg vision board for at least a decade. You know to me it's it's one of the Iraq from represented like kind of like the pinnacle of talks you know that you can gave rise not a speech is not even a keynote it's a performance. And so I really dug in. And left my god I Nazis. It's very critical of. A watcher your time talking on your website it was it was really. Very engaging in any yeah it was it was awesome. I've been telling her as Jason and I mention I travel off from work and over the last especially the last two years. Found myself giving a lot of presentations. Then public. It talks in select the most Selig trade oriented. Professional oriented towards my industry towards the liquor industry in the brain as you back and I think Brett. I really enjoy it it's you'd kind of a rush from. Being up in front of a crowd giving email. You're always nervous I tell people like the nerves never leave view you know I ran have to be like in my own like mental space before I go out there. But and it's just like all of that energy is transferred. You know to the crowd to everybody that's out there and it's like when they start Qaeda. Laughing when your weighty. And and reacting the way that you intended in your head it's as it is it's like a high right you're very you're very yet the butterflies Bradford who are gone yet and I enjoy. Your Mac yeah. You can to a strive like you there's always this moment I think for me sometimes is and I when I get like the first laugh. Or do you react this to the right lamb like cog item and then. Got down and it is this like RU NN owned the stage walk this age just be really casual and I'm. I talk very you know local equal it's just like I'm very conversational you know when I'm on stage. I'm not tied Mary took power points and stuff like that it's buried is engaging in I think it's real. You know it's the story and it and there's a different type of presentations now we're talking from her absolutely. Peter Robinson is with us today OK so where you from originally. I'm drew in Poughkeepsie New York Poughkeepsie New York I don't doubt aware has. I don't know why an anytime anybody says. This is like why have you heard of it can for a man's. Easy man as few days it is so I was born in Albany but my family moved to the tipsy when I was around two or three years old and I was indicates the all the way through graduating high school and then went to college in new Rochelle new York and I own college. On and then after I graduate college they're all over the place gap but I progressively saw myself moving kind of like. Out of rural areas in about two hours north of the city like inching and inching closer until I ended up like in New York an island in the Bronx for ten years before I moved it's Newark, New Jersey. And did you always gonna be much corner of thing greater help us kind of rebels and it. I'm my background and I actually was one of those people they did go to college for something may allows which was television production and that's I was doing a lot of reality TV I'm production back and before I got into. And down. And you'll still see a lot of right a lot of fun I've met it's a lot of were kind of that peaceful and haven't yeah. Personalities and I didn't maybe end and now that I think of that I've never thought of it this way but maybe that's part of why it's easy for me comes kind of natural for me to be able to not a geek community the way I do with you know over ninety approaching 20000 members you know worldwide. There's something about the interconnectivity of personalities then you know. Yeah. We got a minute left in the segment tells about what you how you get involved and I get. Be a member of dad you wanna become a member of no madness on you just have to have at least one passports stamped that's all we asked Beagle and you know her Y travel as a as amazing as it is mommy you can go to the website know Magnus TV dot com. And literally in the top right corner has joined and you can see the video of me explaining how the group flows and that your contact. Pretty cool you Morgan ended why you're in Kansas City Internet Simmons is this your first time here it is OK there you go swallow lots of talk about. But Peter Robinson is our guest along with Ryan maybe his guess coast her website is her name and Peter Robinson dot com and then she's on Twitter at. EV Robbie checking out and Ryan what is your Twitter handle. Now around the table ride around my personal one roundtable horizon Ryan's. Welcome back after the break and talk about what you're doing with it is the case C. And get your first impressions of what you've seen so far in Kansas City and maybe. We'll see what you thought of the Reagor last night it's. We're back on donation thanks for joining us today on 980. Welcome back. To drill nation was chasing grower in 1988 AMP BC's world. Podcasts via iTunes and that relationship dot com more real post photos. Our team yesterday and there's more information there about supporters and sponsors again joined by. Brian may be from. And as Peter Robinson who's in town from Manhattan in New York City our website is it Peter Robinson dot com. You're going to be speaking. At the visit Casey even tells about that the kids. Wanna know why you're in Kansas City and talk or write your first trip here is your dad traveler looks a tear to think. I've been here all of sway for our Minnesota is kind of like no pressure should ever I think. No but I'm here for on visit Kansas City either 2000 an EI annual meetings with a lot of them the business local entrepreneurs but it's a lot of like the Tora operators. And people that are in the travel industry. On and on here as their keynote for this year are. Yeah. Empire run and it could integrate event I've been to before I had some years ago and yet. Astra says that great organization actually gusty Kaufmann senator in which is the net and yet so yeah we did the walks against the seasons you'd it's incredible I love. That's where they have to Ted talks here yeah yeah I can imagine yeah of course of course he had no it definitely looks like add items site yesterday and I was just like them to be beyoncé. Yeah but on but it's amazing game and why I was brought here is because a number of people from the office. Jessica and Tracy. On they saw me speak in Montreal add destinations international's big convention and then and I was though lassie keynote at outline and Andy were just like we after brainer so shout outs of that and that is it Kansas City. End and I'm coming in to talk about diversity and why the travel industry needs to see in color and. You know the buying power that we have you know African Americans in the US alone are bringing in somewhere between fifty to 55 billion dollars. And on annual travel revenue to industry that you would ever know that if you look at the marketing because we're not really represented though. Among my mission with my tribe behind me on to talk to why that needs to change and why representation matters. Brilliant sting. So it is so give us supreme you give us more preview we gonna talk about his right and I won't be there tonight I will be that oh you well. And there. And yeah yeah area there you're companies sponsor. Oh could have very nice you let's talk about that then. You were there this week yeah Bryant has been. Of like a local legend here and in this industry for awhile with the what did you think of as Russia. I love that I loved and Natalie and I love it but I'm a very late. White Y name pro Sacco if it has bubbles are kind of down. But I don't really go into the cocktails and I went into one of them last thing and forget the name of that is it a little. Already she and maybe that's there was something I had rose and it he and that's why don't das yeah and it was really really did say I mean. Like delicious now we have and that's something that we we take a lot of pride and being of being a bartender taking part in making really beautiful cartels are using getting radiance and achieving harmony and balance and flavors yeah just like a chef that's. And all our our whole bar staff really embraces that in and the do good work. And you guys all have amazing ink. I lemons I tell you that's that's labor under instantly I think mocking and I was in my jewels to add yeah I could tattoos are so beautiful epithet. Since pilot who is this fact that the bat. But no it was it was absolutely amazing I was we have more time there and I appreciate you allowing us a sneak into the men's bathroom to the photo I. Al Capone and. Senator you you cannot miss the men's bathroom you have to you have to check out to rule as we made sure that when he was then married a man were harmed in the drinking episode out. But bay yeah now it was absolutely amazing and going downstairs and seeing just like all the speak easy kind of you know prohibition in a bidding history lesson allows us. Are very very whom I'm a history in Kansas City and in general. I'm an allocation in particular the reader it's well it's it's it's got a cool story and so what is your favorite city urban to travel to fearless and then why did you do because they're gonna have a lot give us your top tier three OK on top two or three so I'm gonna go with Johannesburg South Africa. And I am going to go live. Berlin Germany. I'm going to go with Barcelona that's been I've been there Barcelona as one of the few places I would move to. Yak and and it and in Tokyo. Well yeah I've lived and or gone to a number of these places over and over and I lived in Japan for your did not live in Tokyo. But I got to Tokyo anytime. Near Miami and New York so its did it yeah. See I like I went to Hong Kong and reminded me of the New York by cleaner hunt convoy of energy Steve a kid really tell us why I got stuck there in the airport just trying to get back when I caught dengue fever and one of them only in May be one of the only places wherever I deemed relate each injury I was sick. I had been dealing with like six different you know currencies within a short period of time. And it was just and the pollution. The pollution really got me when I was down in Hong Kong and likes like they haze that was as there I was like wow this is. Is no joke it's really no joke there so yeah those are some Tokyo though yeah Tokyo Tokyo's it's it's it's fiber as I'm Verlander. Because of the street art this is a funny thing is gonna sound I mean prior lake typical new Yorker but it's like a lot of the cities that I realized I gravitate toward that I like the most it's because they have certain aspects. Their own stand with certain aspects of the things I love about New York which is Miami New York home the bears history art and graffiti culture. In Berlin that is absolutely undies inning and then you have to your Narnia which you they've definitely and I IGT I'm all. Fascinated by the street art this I had no idea that was the thing is little. Little crazy the first two years that I went on there's this place called taco recipe since the government is knocked it down wanna say they knocked it down in 2013. And it's so sad and we have some of like the last footage of top class but it's this warehouse that's like four or five. On floors halt hundreds of artists in residence from around the world. From jewelry makers to graffiti artist anything you could think of and they had their own space to play. And the government not to down because they wanted to crawl out there and it was just in they were fighting for years I interviewed the manager of it for years and and it was just it was heartbreaking afterwards I have not been back Berlin since they knocked. Chocolate is down but they have music festival the first and I went. What slash music festival is in for apple is Germany maybe an hour or so train outside of Berlin and it's like hip hop Woodstock. And people are camping out for days like myself back siege like public enemy hockey it was just it was crazy like hey hey you know so their there's a lot of that the music like Jimi Hendrix I think Greek knees actually lose and no madness. Like we ended up running into her at an open Mike night that they had that was just phenomenal. And kind of like rice this age when night that there is an arts. Community emperor wind that is amazing. Yeah there who get LeBron. Very cool we got there I was runner on the east side we don't usually cross your we have a guy that Kansas some disregarded operate in the diner like museum before I leave then to have our sincere part of. Of Kansas City the crossroads east process we're gonna find the biggest concentration of great it's still very much an arts driven community Graham was. Kind of an abandoned neglected part of downtown about 25 years ago that started become populated by. Well artists and art galleries not galleries is much it's just studios in Michael ware houses and stuff. Unfortunately with all of as much as it's grown and changed we've done a great job I think of maintaining. That element of it not making not pricing LP artists grains are local art community is still very strong in that area so driving. And street art is actually pretty big big part of something that I I personally love the yeah. Are you love and love Berlin. You're out there that. Well veto we appreciate come on the show anything else to unplug because I know were running out of time to get his Casey. Yes no I was speeches around the country on travel and. IG Lou I do and I'm going to be gas so if if this is something that you think that you need you know incorporate space that you spoke at Home Depot in Atlanta sounding but for things that boarding completely off the radar. But I love it you know so if you if you wanna know more about the movement again just got to know madness TV dot com and sign an app and you can reach me there and I don't we how do we find your kid talk. Oh literally on the website know that is TV dot com as soon as you pull it up you cannot miss it it's starts speaking before you start scrolling. You can find it right on. Our web saying. Peter Robinson has been our guest Brian maybe think for coming on bringing her on today and appreciate all the folks who visit Casey for makes news happening today and we'll see you next week thanks to both you and have a great day.