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Saturday, March 10th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up and even in their radio studio. Is Jason grill. Hello and welcome sue grill nation with your host Jay seem real picture joining me again today appreciate you. Stopping by and joining us for today's show I'm very excited about today show and a very excited have you listening today on 980 Ian came easy or via iTunes on via podcast. Thanks for joining us today on the grill nation shell. We have a lot of great supporters of the show on wanna mention him at the top one of Louis joining us here shortly. Our partners and supporters of the girl nation show with Jason grill our title sponsors the show our trust emote bank Dubuque a financial and two US advisors. Guess coasting maturities the show are the Reagor NJ Reagor and tell Ryan maybe. One I luxury apartments and reactor design studios yes coasted on her computer is Clifton Alexander. Who is the creative Chuck Norris at reactor design studios. He is joining me today in studio. Four. A fun show welcome to show Clifton and thanks Jason I have you here and first off. This is our last show for awhile for awhile yes a little while and it's okay for a good cook didn't cooks and we're like yeah they just gives you so much great knowledge every show we need to give his brain a break here for a few months. But hopefully will be back here soon we'll leave enjoyed having him on the show. I'm listening to his his great wisdom and leadership. Every month here on the gorilla nation shell. And so with that Clift in Morgan is some updates here in the second bullets preview our guest today because yeah. Every month view either bring in the wisdom in the knowledge install leadership on. Design marketing and branding with your company reactor designed CD is what side is reactor Casey dot com. Or you bring any deaths and you brought in a timely guest here today who'll get to in the next segment tells about it yeah I loathe. Guests that are timely as you say because. If puts the show into mode of saying hero talk but this thing in the you can go experience the next week if you want to yourself. We're gonna bring any guy named doctor can it be hacked in Kenya is the owner of the candidacy phantoms arena football club and if you weren't aware that we had arena football team Kansas City has an interest in history. With arena football we've had a few teams over the years have come and gone. And Kenny is you got a new team they started playing last year this will be their second season. And they're doing things a little bit differently I think some then the different kind of a model to try to make sure that this team. Stays in Kansas City for awhile he's got a great group of owners and coaches and much of people behind your organization. The plane at the independence of then senator they social Eisner's arena arena which I was just that last weekend for area and events great people over there yeah really good job yeah cool I was at the globetrotters last week could you go every other again I know it's crazy. Pieces of interest sing and be a good conversation wanna get in Q. Just talking a little bit about arena football on the metrics behind middle and and you know what's it like to own a a football team of professional franchise. And so should be a fun show and will get into some gentleman here can. Then and talk about his background as well. KC fans are on nine Casey phantoms dot com the reason this is timely because they're season opens up Friday march 16 2018. That's the kick off and so Peterson talked him actually knew one of the guys that used on a team here in Kansas City Tyler propp now who's. Was a big big he oh in the first on the brigade with a little Armenia women aero or years ago Kemper arena debt is certain there. Our brigade gamer Tia did you yeah yeah yeah and so I'm excited to talk seats doctor can be packed press kept. About everything that's going on in what he's doing here he has an inching background. As a sports psychologist. Which I think is a distinct. A dealing with brain injury and post can Husted therapy and mental also I like it did and that was yeah I think we definitely could these estimates seeing thoughts on that especially related to football and some of his work there and little known facts that way back in the day Canon's also standup comedians yeah. He's got a very interesting background know her price is no perfect ideal from CNET comedian to sports like a psychologist who you. Owner of football team that the figured out that's simple Wetzel who beauty of scroll nation chose. We have people on the show it live live plays a lot eternal Syria and a very wide wide range of the town itself. Including yourself Clifton. Rector design studios Kenny give us an update on what you do and Andy what are working on these. Yes yes our focus. These days we we've always been a branding company or marketing firm if you will. Our focus these days really has meant about figuring out the best. Ways to help our clients grow their businesses and we use that through the lens. Marketing branding. Advertising design those sorts of things that we've really been working to change companies. Teams are dynamics change how they. See themselves how they talked to talk about themselves and those sorts of things and to our our new arrests. Clients that we just lined up this year and when he team were really against the very core quit. As an eighty year old company called western fireproof Seymour contains a lot of the the ways that they're working toward their growth pattern that a lot of really cool things and then coming cults don't block which is a there have been biometric facial reading. A hardware device that had does some really incredible things for me doing some. Traces of them and change and have their brand voice and in rethinking. How they market themselves in an effort to you experienced some pretty significant growth coming appear in the next couple years aren't really settle in into the deep deep dark. As shallow as Dowd tells ornery depth zaps the deep dark depths and are able to take. What those companies have been doing in their incredible products and move them into the next phase of their business plan. None of my guess earlier we just we intended either through the through the lens. Branding marketing design those sorts things. And then we can act and with other people that times are another industry's sound. Cool stuff taken off the year in hopefully you'll. We'll have a ourselves against growth tears while paying so yeah. He has two really good job over a reactor design studios the website is reactor Casey dot com one of the things you always try to do is is grow as a media entrepreneur. And one of the things you're doing here next weekend while the program no you're the second is your traveling and Austin for SXSW. Starting on my. Us you miss all the craziness of the weekend and it's gonna like gum. Going to Vegas you know we have via the weekend before that term at third you have got to rest of the day in the press conference sermons. It's kind of a precursor yep then you have the tournament and it is it's crazy there to your cutting getting to be getting into it makes not C wild. But a lot of people still in town he can make great relationship so it's crazier. It's been looking at all the different events and all the things happening and I never mend and so I'm looking forward to experiencing it for the first time that. You know I've got a lot of people literary no that are going to be down there are many making some connections. That's really the purpose of the trip as a Cisco now. You look and see what other brands are doing and how they're activating their their brands and that type of environment you have no shortage that now I'm understanding that now as I'm looking always different things I can sign up for and mean I'm going to some tennis sneakers. Taco pop up shop if you if you can I don't know I didn't get toggle and a snicker I sounds good to me I would. Definitely I NC I never get it I never done all that stuff I want violent and dangerous on the road birch reality became a thing now like welcome by Samsung's activation. And so all these things that based lead to be like taking the plaza and be taking like. You know some big restaurant in turning into like eight corporate activation huge party yeah and all your technology in free food and yet all kinds and then they have one thing you do I'll I'll look into but there's another thing with. A magazine and has like speakers. They just come in and out all day long and outside patio isn't that he's in the biggest I'll leaders in the country wolf hello and so they're not so they got clipped and Alexander all hopefully I hear from again soon but on today's show it's doctor can be hacked the owner of the as Kansas City famous. Right here on donations coming up after the welcome back to us. Real nation on TVZ 988. M and on iTunes via podcast as well as that in real nation showed dot com or you can see photos of all of our guests. Contributors and supporters of the grill nation shown as always you can connect with us on Twitter at grill nation show and add it Jason grill searcher me. Appreciate all you all hit me up as well and thanks for all love on the show and our guests I think. Our sponsor supporters guests everything its partners of the show being great so far here in 2018 so thank you for your continued support. We're with cooked and Alexander who is guess coast contributor to grill nation show and he is from reactor design studios director KC one of the best design branding marketing. But leaders here in Kansas City. A great show sponsor for over a couple of years now in your to have. He is as the as the guest Kos and sponsor of the show brings on the guest every month on to the girl nation shell and one unity is our guests here today because he has a real inching background and I'm very excited to hear about it doctor Ken V hack from the UC found that phantoms he's the almost sixteen C fountains it's be it sounds. Who was the owner of the team as a raunchy story so if they want to take it from here and tell sort of guess and yeah I'll do that soon IE. Randomly connect to a doctor can a couple of months ago probably and linked in or something and then. We had lunch and it was a it was a really interesting time because. I didn't know anything about arena football I didn't know anything about your your background or anything can and so. So be really interesting to have you on the show and just talk a little bit about. The business arena football. Little bit about your background and how we got into this and then Morgan ready to embark upon in the new season and the second season in Kansas City says doctor can tell shall live by yourself and more than. Welcome Michelle thank you very much guys pleasure being here always good to talk about arena football especially. Discloses season starting our first away game is this well Friday the the ninth to march when and then our first home game is going to be the sixteenth and we played the Silverstein. I sinners arena. So you come from Florida is erroneous I do I'm not in Orlando Florida have been there. Since about 95. Prior to that I was up in Pittsburgh for a while after I got out of me. Done a whole bunch of different things than. Tickets on site tickets are very you want the readers I don't do so that's left until recently comedian purr yes oh yeah I was there have been a comedian my whole life basically. Started performing professionally at the age of fifty. Yeah instead. Sort of doing impressions that I worked with the pleasure work with frank portion and you know the riddler I'm Batman okay. And got to work our way up through. On both hi I'd had a little bit of a discussion with my dad after I graduated high school he. He didn't like the fact that I was working in clubs and coming home with 3 o'clock in the morning and eighteen years old. And so I said I'll show you I joined the navy. It's and then living years later I was I was discharged as involved in the missile explosions. Internal things or Grenada. And now has put out with a medical and known then maybe and I reached an agreement they said it will will pay for anyone to schooling you wanna go to and that's who I want to be a doctor and he said. Yeah if you think you can get a go forward so I did. Is did OK yeah took me a little longer. Then you must because of the brain injury that I have I did you have traumatic brain injury. So you don't get that time getting no process these cleared. A little bit of time. Such a bout a year and a half vote longer than should've. Or normal blows up was that process like. Learn how to rewrite walking topple organic it's a rerun of I get out out. It's but as a result in there's not. Do a lot of things that Pique my interest I got back into doing stand up which helped immensely as far as getting the repetition in the quickness. In the brain firing again meant to you carry on stage and and have somebody equity in cynical. Be back in a minute. If you've got to be your fire right back you know which and that that was real helpful in Mecca there what you know you know in order to help non helped bring recover. Do you say you went to med school in east you really love home run and MPH PH heater on cycles occur under a psychologist and a while. On honed that tape vote looks to me about eight years total eight well well. From me. Master from masters to doctor yet net that was many years the only takes about six. After that you know you mentioned you gotta stay and agree it is yes well I that was when I got out to started doing. Selling radio time. And then now on the morning drive guy got sick one day in and filled then he never came back yeah. Then says general manager of the station and also more and drug after three years as an alternative radio station says. Played out REM YouTube almost a fellow. This kind of people cool and I also want and say you you've got him out of Yeager Ph.D. and which the F well now and into the VA system. I can and docket to VA because. I had an advantage I felt. They guys come back from Afghanistan and Iraq with traumatic brain injuries. Where they were doing skullcap operations where you have does you know around the skull at the in his skull rise to the brink and swell and then contract again. And then they'd have to have a recovery program and I was running treatment plans and actually do the treatment. These guys and establishing the goals that they would reach and achieved on their way to recovery and try to get them as good a quality of life as possible. Once they you know hit their maximum medical improvement. Now. I did because I have a traumatic brain injury and when you sit across and somebody and they look at you go we don't know what it's like ha. NI as well let me tell you my story Andrea you know and and I thought that adversity the whole way through I mean. I advocates for people going through college using these students with disabilities. Office because it wasn't for them I don't think I would have made it through my first warriors. That to help the assistance extra time I got take exams. So you have to let them understand there are programs to help them while they recover and so that's what I was able to do a little extra minutes of in my own dvi. That is inching journey him and so. Do you like Clifton we talked about the software you really kind of get indeed sports psychology yes so tell us about that because I feel like that is a at least growing kind of thing it is talking to athletes is I mean they you've seen athletes throughout the years like. Guy Rick Ankiel right he was like the best pitcher and neat he couldn't throw ball. Dub plate he was like watching all over the place and it was a mental golfers have the Dalai big time don't I have to tell me about free throw shooting. I mean just yet to mean there's so many things I think that's a growing industry with wouldn't be. They're really does the reason I I've got into sports psychology you work with trauma fur prolonged period of time for me was about fifteen years. And I certainly going to arena football games because we don't have a real football team in Orlando. Man Simon I gotta interest in the game and started enjoying watching it play in front mindless action one of the owners of the team. And I said to him after the second year when there's a look at every opportunities in the ownership group let me know and like the interest that. And knows about that time two years later accused comes back and he says look we've got one of our owners of wants to you know bailed do you wanna take your slot. And decent prices X amount and I said well you'll get a real literal out of the VA because they need to take a break from doing trauma. And I can either spend this money on marketing myself as a sports psychologist. Or I can. But in the investment team become an owner and instantly become the team's sports psychologists and she were taken on to rules yeah. At a school ends up from that point on. I sir working us or psychologist I work with a football players that work with. Golfers that do work with occupiers and worked with in any sport because I went in and baseball players especially pitchers didn't because they know that the mental. Game for most of these guys is distinct. Anibal give us a little a couple tidbits on on what you can tell when those votes aren't mentally. You give us kind of a talking to here if you will week charity Clifton is a guy that. Not I do as I I watched them play. Right. No not a swing coach writes I'll leave that to swing coaches. I look for when the brain gets out of the way. Which is when you're dealing with upper level athletes that's what happens you know they get set up they analyzes shot and all sudden. The brink of subtle way the muscle memory kicks in an office shot goes. Once you've identified that point. And then you can see where the person crosses over and costs yet and pat is a second guess what the Marines already pulled the body to do. And then that's what we're yet really into what the professional players don't say anything with baseball you have to look at the way that their their confidence will change. During their wind. What area it is that they they have that is become unnatural. When the way they've thrown before. And you just work without so I have to watches now let it be easy enough to you know take a look and say OK that's where I see. We you Wear your brain a subtle way this is where you just need to go. And I call it the go signal. So he's an interesting thing because. What you're basically saying is that. Our. Brain. Informs the decisions our body's doing and then it stops in the body just does it and I. And so what happens in these situations is that then the brain is train constantly. Readjust itself for something written with what it's doing early as you said thing guessing it's very interesting to think a lot of people would seem that. Your brain is just constantly telling your body what you all the time without ever taking a break from that at the very interesting. A dynamic to think of it that way to say sometimes you just need to stop focusing. We do that a lot where. The creative process where a lot of times our best creative ideas come and we're not thinking about or creative ideas exact we talk about a lot about the importance. Just eating lunch together as a creative team and how that removes herself from the process of trying to sit down around a table and create some great idea yeah. Four of the best ideas come when you're in the shower or driving or something like that for this this it's all sorts to relate breaching. I was doing an interview with up Peter Immelman. His son actually is based and famously Bob Dole and somehow he's also musical artist himself. And we were ever really good interview he was talking about that exact same thing where I ask the question is it true that you know. The good songs just kind of fall right out of you where the bad songs can take up to a year right. And very usually you know that's that's a good analogy is a bit sometimes the good ones could take up to a year but most of them dissed by the time you sit down. The songs written. Mothers of doctor can react is the owner of the Kansas City and to lose with this today on the show gets cozy contributors to chuckle to now a commander from actors and studios also with those. We're right back after the break thanks for sticking with the S students. I guess. Soup grilled nation here he came easy night 80 AM. And I am your host casing drill here on the radio show earlier today as well as if you're listening today on iTunes on podcasts. Again with Clifton Alexander reactor design studios owner of that great company here in Kansas City what's that is reactor. PC dot com for all your design marketing branding it needs here in Kansas City. We're also joined by doctor Ken Viet he's the owner of the Kansas City phantoms. Cradled a really football team here you can see the website it's TC phantoms dot com. Doctor kid we talked about economy progression here. As the owner of the team in Orlando and also a sports psychologist for it and let's talk about kind of now I you've made to Kansas City also know there is one more stop along the way. With the tonight should Julianna. You Thurmond their lives there. Ansari. Well I yeah I wrote for the Tonight Show flew in about six months after Jay took over. I was gonna stand up and it's Gergen and time and a call went out for a comics to submit material used it wasn't doing too well if you remember the first six months that he was on the show wasn't wasn't meanwhile. Well I was for four or whether a guy that was gonna go on to be his head writer of the known at this season Chicago. And we sat McConnell wrote all week as in Norman Nelson do watcher and a standup comic performer our day. In Oakland 123 hours to kill. We were sitting there writing at the end of the week he said to me say yeah you think about right and oh yeah I said that I. I submitted my name and everything when the call went out that I got that thank you but no thank you. So here take this number down and not give him a call on Monday it all right now. So I didn't think I'd like to start submitting material and in answer well thank you very much we've got all people need that's well known here all it took all your camp okay no problem here look to to do today. And so what at that time we're grinding her jokes and faxing. Men in nice in which is kind of fun. And then later on progressed to there was a website Iran went on shark feeding frenzy in. I become a cool like submitted joke in his seat on our way earlier today I thought that Jay Leno wrote all his own jokes and I touting an. And I had no idea how can you telling me is there's people behind the curtain pulled their words a multitude of people behind entered her at least fifteen staff writers unloaded it dealers across the nation. That's funny funny how that works are ya know it. Everyone sees the talent big you guys agreement there's all these people behind the scenes who don't work the nice thing is that you be behind the scenes okay to visit the blog at the joke bombs that was a needle than it did. Right that. So I mean that's another good analogy you know I think you related to any kind of business. In in general. There's usually a figurehead or a person he's out there and you can take myself for example I'm I'm on this radio show on the one that people see events mullets were thank. But I could never do what I deal without the sport of all the people have I'm. Right. So it's a very similar type of situation already sore losers are missing cuts and business I love it oh yeah. So you obviously are not burner here and Doctor King you touched a lot of different things how did appear in Kansas City that's the question I have because you've been all over the country where one what brought to Kansas City well. Probably Kansas City. I mean even you ever been here before now all we have failed used to this this how I came up here regardless of coming here know I was part of the NFL PA down Orlando oh yes I would come up here for will shields golf tournament. Okay yeah and I learned that term you go oh eerie view of the arena football team I hear things but do one we had a couple in Kansas City they did well we just don't know what happened moment. And I don't think going in the business again I sold out of the four years ago now and I'm not sure charter and after we never talked about that by the way differ for years in Orlando than you well know did did did the that are Furl nine years OK you were an owner as an owner. And then I sold out of it okay and got out there for about four years well why did you that. The elite model changed okay business model and go back to business yet they started basically. Taking money for the teams that we're doing well to support teams that weren't so they could maintain the league then in a period in fines of fifty and 60000 dollars a month. During season is over like uniform you know violations of like and I'm like no I'm annoyance. Wow OK that is so then you got out of it got out of it. Yeah started coming up here are thing you know Eads started meeting people here in Kansas City and then they approached you about fifteen we're talking about it and I like the area rodeo. The people appeared it's really just a warm or friendly area once you get to know people who you know it's they're very welcoming. I thought about it I see you know what it's centrally located believe that I mean pronounces the champions indoor football league. It's a boss leagues so we don't have the expense of flying like we didn't in the heavily. And we are flying to California twice a year after you washed in Portland. And and up north into. Philadelphia and Cleveland. And you to play games and that's a big expense when you've got you know time life thirty to 35 people plus equipment. Back and forth every week earth where you know we're we're we had twenty games. That's a long season the tent and your road games or you know other than to he's a Florida flight to. This is a nice moral nice business model and I'm rather inexpensive on the travel site. It seemed like a very friendly a group of owners good people to be with which it's turned out it. Hand like that so I got talked back into her. So when did you by via when you have an owner that in September of sixteenth. That you went there for awhile now. How many teams really. We have fell eleven teams in the league now we have plans to expand to about fourteen after this one. We had a couple teams that knew coming go. Nearly and in fourteen last year. Some of the teens send to go to our differently in this since folded because of the requirements and leagues but. No we're strong league we're the largest lead if arena football. In the United States and right now and we're just gonna get stronger nannies because of the business model the way we run and mostly. You said bussing so mostly fairly close or get through blessed and we're taking our longest bus trip on our opening game or game we have to go to Bismarck. If the code and an owner of all our Basra are so packed yes and he said on the muscle their way I usually don't bust down. It's nice and a member honored of these team names are kind of tool you be taking on the Omaha beef and some yes yes I. I own worst and I am hello yeah our area your part of the Omaha beef oh my goodness so kids city fan and still smell of that name. Then the name we actually held a contest. To have moved people at Kansas City named team. And we put out for different names for. And it Kansas City phantoms won. The it's an after the F four phantom which is the jet was produced actually in mr. Mujica and we also worked really well there's a good friend of ours Antonio or is my. Or Ernest. And he and I are both the navy both disabled vets and it's kind of a unique relationship we have. But he was an air airedale then he worked on your Packers aren't. But a good friend of ours flew the F four was shot down not in Vietnam was a Prisoner of War for about a year now. And he also has the distinction of used to hold the highest parachute record. You know colonel took it enter singing I shot 85000. Feet freefall. You know felt like them over some other names you throughout their well let's see Kansas City express. Was one. It's me it's not in the room and young ones they where they were there and owner there were. Both for the phantoms the amount. On top tool look go again Casey phantoms dot com first game at home is march 16. At the Silverstein I sitters arena agree facility. Out in it independents actually. What side is really cool we have all information on line. A doctor can be accused of the theater of the TSE phantoms. Talks up the business of this he says we a lot of competition in I mean how do you how does all work well. The nice thing is is where were at in the in the season we start now goes through June. So it's really before Lou the royals actually kick in and before you were really starts paying attention to baseball were done by June. And people usually don't pay attention to baseball until after saw all star Kirk. So we have a nice little niche there's an economics it's. And the expenses as far as running the business are reduced because as I said before with the trouble in the you know pay and our child budget when I was at the predators in Orlando we were paying you know almost one point eight million dollars Justin and travel costs. Now in all of the country and now with robustly we we have our heartland railways is our bus company and how to deal with them they ever ties with us and around we reciprocal. So the they do and I start getting back and forth it's rather an expense that must. Our took the Bismarck the most expensive there any else's like maybe one quarter of Austin and a after Newton so the players don't make the million dollar salaries and you know these are guys that are. They've gone to come lyzard they're trying to make it up into the NFL. And we just have a couple there you know they were in the NFL that are now. They're not desirable in the NFL but they still won the chase the dream is still wanna play. Good high quality from the highway Austria last year our quarterback David Olson was assigned by the Baltimore Ravens for camp today. Fill in for Flacco as it was her. 'cause I talk pride myself on the fact that ever since I'm owner arena football team. Available one or two people up in the NFL he. Your article. We always have Soria. Her more and that's certainly a football back the most famous story probably yeah so this so that the sport is still healthy then because I remember when it started to mean a member seen the Orlando predators on NBC I mean it was like. TV broadcast. You think there's there's obviously you're an owner I mean there's enough interest still in the sport people lawful pro yes I'm not even within a felt the. Not all and and that's the thing people have to understand we are football we we were actually present football in and ends indoors right. But we are entertainment. And you can take a family of four to one of our games for a lesson Acosta take affiliate for to a movie. If you include drinks and pop. There. Very cool and you you'd have you been doing environment I've got an amended the phantoms in number no matter remember going to some other games as like. It's like going to you Minor League Baseball or something where it's just a fun. Mainly environment where there's a lot more action going on than just the game that mom moved on the court. Oh yeah there we bring fans on the field we have contests is a lot like going to a what really baseball out here you wanna keep the fans involved you when Gator body excited. And and our scoring no we're not a regular football game we get us a game last year where. The score was 7270. The primary great defensive battle also you know settle. Yeah really ought to see the opera you notice you see the defense from London icing as you can score three touchdowns in a minute. MGs again check this out you see phantoms tackle Casey phantoms dot com. Doctor can be heck is our guest our guest goes future of the show today is coasted Alexander for reactor design studios. Will be back after the break our final segment of the show Mort talked about you ought to find your own relationship. Talking. Welcome back and see the growth nation show here on ABC 1980 AM thanks for joining me again today and the host Jason grow on site Clifton Alexander reactor design studios guess coasting to triggered a grown nation check them out a reactor TC dot com for all of your. Design branding and marketing needs he's a great guy here in Kansas City has been a great partner of the show. Clifton we are joined today by doctor can be back he's the owner of the Kansas City phantoms KC fans dot com greater really football team your intensity that plays. At the silver Sinai scenario great facility out there and independents right off the highway. Other certainly seasoned here coming up shortly their first home game is Friday march 16 2018. At 787 PM against the Omaha beef. Look this paper are really formality. Hello laughter. So doctor Kim look at your schedule here you guys have about what ten to fifteen games who played twelve games he's twelve game season sounds excellent. That's great and really get into a playoff games 606 when the league has eleven teams right now. Mostly functioning in the midwest. It's the. Champions indoor football league and it's very cool and also look at what's gone on the process and you're going to be starting here soon. Final cuts are coming this week you know gosh you do it all men yeah it's it's amazing how quickly we have to do this were Rome bio by rule regulation of our operations manual. We're allowed to start training camp two weeks before our first game. So we have to bring your ready and evaluate them pain in look at look at how hard look and then. Noon and like today is our day of her final cuts will no exact words he looks like for Friday and this is you have to. Three days to basically work on the way is that we have won that one day to us when the days when it travel we were traveling to Bismarck on Thursday. You guys live players from all over the area. Different colleges different colleges different parts of the in the United States we also have of about eight local players from Kansas City. So I'm gonna do your roster from last year probably had people from. All local colleges including some from like big twelve schools around here which is really cool. It's a lot of people maybe people heard of it's a good place to bring your family what they're due tickets cost for something like this you can get a ticket. For ten dollars. To come to one of our games now that doesn't include urea fees which says and tax which is another three dollars and fifty cents and but we do we keep the prices decent in the near front row ticket for 45. Awesome and it's a real it's you be right there like a hockey on Mac ought to snow there's no glass okay. The first you wrote they're still in play. Okay yes I know that he really gross and uncertain for this is that our number one rule in real football that we have it with the fans and this is true ladies out there. That if the ball in the player go into the stands. You get to keep the ball. But you have to throw the player back. And I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not perfect surface. What up what we're gonna do here is Clifton I mean go to game together here yet we're gonna tell front row or are they want then we're gonna we're gonna talk about Kansas City and ended hats in new scheme for our next big idea that. It will be doing in the front row at the fans they'll be a lot of fun can I do to check this out again you have six home day. It's and the season goes from march Q genie says yeah or June 9 is our last scheduled home game. And to make the playoffs and we've got two more after that. How does that work for playoffs we got two divisions aka the go north and itself so elude the best teams in the north will play and invest in the south play one week. And in those two keys to plague institute for the championship worth the championship. Championship whose is based on the best schedule notice on the home team get all the best record best record Winston and that's where they they get them implement the championship game could theoretically do you have any fears I sing her iron Casey totally awesome. That's what coach Lemond says that's what this and now he's he wants. The do that there there are doctor can be checked is with us. Let's talk about you you you've obviously mentioned bureaucratic. Brain injury you. Popped symbolic. This whole concussion itself you will be mine I mean I got affect you because you have such a background in this industry with. Football it's inching that a guy who's had brain injuries is no owning a football team. Well and that's based pardon because of what I do as an hour psychologists are constant educating myself on. The new things that are out there we like to say that anything it's an any information your research this'll room three years is ancient history. As far as neuroscience got. There are studies now that shows that if you feed your team a raw broccoli. Before a game that it helps to inhibit the swelling of the brain and the closing the venture polls if someone gets can cost. Okay how. You know I yeah never you and I and every hero broccoli yeah but I try you don't know my hope every either but you know what next seven look I don't know I'm curious from each other than that rob rob before dodged going in there. But the thing is having worked with the NFL and then he passes protocols I understand. You know what happens during election. And I'll be making the call. As to whether the player comes off field or not which is definite you know there's not going to be one this is always looks like he got hit in the head he looks a little while we always good no he's not. I mean we're duke per protocol and. And today asset they have all that stuff in the really early calls yeah. And the NFL's always trying to like. Enhance that it seems like every year they'd be something that's different this year the don't have the medical tenth mountain have last year which apparently Nick Saban created in Alabama he creates everything gets. He apparently had the first medical tent on the sideline but it's like a little hut that they don't you know yeah they it seems to be a huge deal I mean this this this progression and playing the sport I mean I never played little league football. And input to high school so I know there's I you know I drive by. These kids that are only second third graders play and thought boy this is funny to look at Peewee football the way we all play baseball and basketball we bottoms and play football that. It's something that you know is odd parents think about it and put their kid. In sports really especially you know who or finding out now everybody looks at football because the hype that's going on with all the an idol athletes and the CT either finding in the NN FL. But. Women's soccer actually has the highest incidence. Of noon CT Ian and very measuring entering. It makes sense to me how watch saw I watched some soccer and it's just like you think about it and you know ever with. Targets a batter up kids people not a lot you especially in some leases in it and have a stretcher Mac guy and drama yeah yeah it but it didn't get a daily dirt jumping up and down like knock and he knew each other hit the ball I mean. There's so many it's richer you were no pads it's immune shin pads pitching guards. Yeah I concede. And their their colliding in each other full speed on me on the field and do the brain's not gonna post up there it's floating. You know in popular realizes that you would do you know pour over ice and the glass and shaking back and forth and that's pretty much which brings doing. I think it's a seem to have a doctor can be hacked owning a football team they just just your background near clicker when you really is not from heard just just touching on different types of of work during your career. Think that's organic culmination of a lot of things trade barrier in order goes into making Indiana where an if you can work towards making. You were play only players safer. Through and through enhanced her calls and understanding what's happening down there. And hopefully that makes the entirety of the football experience ultimately safer at some point as we move forward. That is the biggest thing their race talking about right now in and how do you how do you do that and that's that's great to see you on the sidelines as an owner of the team work and through written. All this is a place that's kind of the culmination of all those things you know then maybe your town a few jokes on the sideline to William get them. Alma I don't know where US during games on silence okay you are on a walk around you really do like Jerry Jones you're like right people's faces you're gonna that's like trash can upload limit while also walk run in the arena thanks people for showing up you know I'm really happy every comes out. And I'm also big phony talk like getting laughs oh I said do we should go back and leather helmets. That's an area and there are really why I like will they not use their head to lead anymore and it. Right that's right. Everyone says like we go back in time let's head injuries like it didn't. Doctor Kim via has been our guest today on the gorilla nation showed website is KC fans dot com. First home game is march 16 it's a Friday night at 7 PM at Silverstein of Vincent. I Susan solar site I senator arena. A lot of fun talking today doctor can appreciate your time Nicklaus and Alexander appreciate you bringing in on. Very excited we're definitely happy we're gonna have to serve time because it assists and there is out of I congratulate success thanks as the straight to have you on the show. Thanks for joining us today and relational see you next week take care of you.