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Saturday, March 18th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who serve in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host that conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare act so fascinating yeah. It's your connected. Actor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show and online at girl nation showed dot com. We'll then you're still grill nation always dressed up and ready you know we've been in a radio studio. Here is Jason grills. Hello and welcome to grill nation with the JC grow on 980 and and top 980 in dot com appreciate you listening blonde girl nation should not confident and be a podcast at iTunes. Great shows so far great show today were excited to have on two really great yes. Just really get people here in Kansas City our first guest today will be Joseph Goldberg from fox sports Kansas City are. He's a nut civil contributor to grill nation is always there to answer questions about what's gonna happen this year worth the can't see royals also like to talk to joys in new lot this off season with the Missouri mavericks. Which shall now be known as the Kansas City mavericks' next year. As well as he did some work with you in case he basketball to adjust is very active around Kansas City so it's always good to catch up with him or talked about. Some of the things he's been up do as well as get into you the royals' season which is about to begin here in a few weeks. Also on the show today is Tori few gate with Casey pet project she is the director of marketing and development. Just a great great person and they've got some really cool things happening with regards to a election on April 4 for a new animal shelter. That would be questioned three if you live in Kansas City, Missouri. You're able to vote on April 4 and one of the questions is involving in new animal shelter for Kansas City, Missouri and Torre. I've adopted in Pug dog from Casey pet projects is just. A great person with a wealth of knowledge about animals and about all the different things that go on at the Casey tap project and why it's important that. They root didn't you facilities. They're very outdated facilities and we'll get and all of that with Torre in. The 34 segments today after we talked to Joseph Goldberg. I think our partners and supporters of grill nation with chasing grow our title sponsors of the show our trust bank of Kansas City. Anti US advises and right drink also contributors to show our Ryan may be with the re your case CNG re your Rinko. You see power like district and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander who is he on air contributor and guest cohost thinks your support of the grown nation show. Being connected me on Twitter at in Jason grill and that relationship. OK so let's get started today with our first guest Jill Goldberg fox sports Kansas City. A he is on the phone right now his Twitter handles act Goldberg Casey. Welcomed the show joy Arian. I'm doing great just short term government. Start of the season the pick every day everybody else so the eco and Arizona I was already there and now I'm home Alpert pure which. You know when the weather's great that's nice what it's not maybe you'll put those warm period but obviously it. Couple weeks ago so sorry your seasons almond joy that I have a home. Before America here and. When is the when is opening day is an April 3 curt. Grow all your thought a yes so it's sort of the broad this year that's always insisting because when you get to opening day in Kansas City. We can be seven in Arab foot six and are we can be read through your own six you know. Don't search who knows so many of either way opening gate at the air city law will be an apparent to always choose. But we're about that are used to order a little after a while being. Is that when you. Its reliance right. You could potentially have three different opening gave me all our circumstance I know we have or Minnesota. Obviously we have org home that we go to Houston. After Minnesota on the structure they opened at home. Forward error not Soviet leader George reopening paper you know. Almost want to get past it. You get to the important part play in the game but the lead up to a is all no pomp and circumstance and their celebration and the never Carter and the start. Our Roland. Mean you've had a busy offseason this year. Then even get all different types think even though a lot of the Missouri mavericks. You're and you Casey basketball to Europe. Lastly it's are bad offseason here are done not that offseason. Last couple of years where. Wear out our budget things are on the contrarian and travel. And this year I I get a lot but it was almost all locally which was great because it just got in my own bed. Which which is obviously dark spot trouble currencies and well it also for me it really I felt like out of all. Oh well organization continues. And then what Patrick your backyard becomes a lot these are part of that family itself. You know able to get on track they would go in there it is that would people coaches players administration. So popular that the mavericks and a very regular basis and then beatle people there are acting roots. And Europe Casey years. Draw and I made just. You know get my putter to a different oral and air guard bureau that people from. From prop republic of airports. Are you. Are you don't the mavericks this year he's still doing some games. I'm gonna look at mavericks aren't you got space picnic there or are you got bigger guard. I'd amidst our game last week so loyal about their sort of acute back. It types Saturday to ought to use their end of the year and see them by the spirit of the year. Or sit out keynote speaker after that. About 500 people were without Belichick later then and now all strategy back and watch animal what they get layouts and almost eleven making the Welch about what you are on oil off favorite architecture to do that but there's also people over there and and and charity you know a lot of players which is challenging speakers because a level that. European minor leaks there's a lot player movement on any given day guys coming going. But I have a chance to get to know a lot of those you know younger kids that. It has already been keeping in touch some of them going to be if I'm on a given summer. Some are Canadian kids Greece could go like blue jays and every day Alamo. Having now that you're against the city what I view among other drop them. Pick out a lot water atop the press but not Peter it's a draw our welfare all your connector Pittman. Or take new looters royals ever tried hard and of course you're royals but about that ought to ought. Who end they changed their name for next season can't seem parents. Yeah I love it and our editors cover girl are. Talking to people there are some porridge refute because I don't folks out there on order that are Crowe got our fans. That they want that team and independent development in the state independence so you know they've got a lot of pride. Being Missouri I tell people I know that that. But the organization feel they're they're they're trying to grow poppy you're the lowest levels grassroots bill that thing up and I know you talked or thought. You know NHL team very beginning here you know HOU. While or altered you've got to try you've got to really opiate for truck treat or ritual out now. You gotta have more you're ordering more people all of which leads to more interest them in corporate dollar an odd about the whole package and so. I don't know what they want to it be inclusive. A city being Walt stole. Staying out and hundreds and make sure that it you know they they talked about. Here you remember this big big soccer rare occasion that or you know and when we're met the main gauge what the sporting your lot he and needed an and now you wouldn't even think twice about it all you do is you evidence ordering your city you know. What that is. And then I think he that you associate that name. We're very rare very popular where it's our Arctic that are from nursed airport call your city met its match. It does really well about credit report erupt now but also I think to stroke country I mean here's a string in your you do a lot travel group. When you hear can't disappear Casey could edit what bursting nick potter the royals because of products such they had. Certainly picked up trees in the about great barbecue when you're here to Missouri man ever. That's foreign but you don't know where that's from right back rewards is you know is it in Colombia as a sport where is it even know where. It rolls where. The geography beat up mr. moral here gate here yet to be you know. It. We're talking to Joseph Gilbert we read back on gorilla nation. In past them then. If you've been going crazy. And yoga and the baby's room where they inject Emo kid. Hello and welcome back to grill nation seem easy ninth game. All right grill nation show dot com. BC listening as well and I teams we have Jill Goldberg with us via phone easing Kansas City. He hosts and reports all 150 royals games on fox sports Kansas City. He's also the TV play by play voice in Missouri mavericks which will now be known next year is the Casey mavericks as well as the Yoon Casey basketball announcer he's also. Very involved in in Kansas City seamer and about nowadays since he's been in town more. Joseph we need to have our up pre season luncheon at some point I mean you. Every year I know we haven't done that yet have been busy even busy better. Or opening day or maybe potentially for you started your journey. But to get together for lunch and catch up but you got to yeah a lot on your play right now. But the royals baseless commendable they wanted to mention briefly is a dead BBC's being going on will what are your thoughts about that I noted. Internationally it's becoming a pretty big deal maybe not caught on as well on the US because we care more about our club teams but what are your thoughts afar how that's gone. Minus Salvi strict he. Beer and alcohol Celtics during. Really is it to them ultimately. A whole lot on the practice and he can't get injured or conservative. Like everybody else but I are really you subscribe to the period that. That you keep keep these guys flying at WBZ. And there's no greater parakeet. About her health army what happened it could happen in the spring training ever to buy out current terror but there are some real all the way or anybody. On social media orbit as a starting at that actually it was. It to a conspiracy period sure that impaired short shame on your. It if you were just joking and it was tongue in cheek which is art a dumpster on social media are so cute age they're okay arm. Maybe that's what they are not so sure are. Yeah repudiate you thought that at all but you'll note true or your article are which. I'm so that natural it's silly super or our art our our idol. I'd affair of its current ought to turn our game army and mark it left on the a lot shall hire local baseball watched any upbeat. You know it black humor or stroke or shopping eager Caracol a lot on. Arm because that meant more than you know operate during. From god and reverence spring training game. I Arctic air themselves they can't protect themselves injury. In their work out let alone. You know a game anymore than than anybody else so that such as part of it. I don't know what we really Carol all our allotment if you look at the crowd for our US security gate. In Miami in the United States or that all American or United States that particular republic. It would so I don't know of any itself all based on the Dominican Republic anymore but there are there but I Pickett could drink. Where people from the PR from credit well are more shortly is try to grow this game. It's certainly. That they need to try to grow this game better in the United States and then knows he would skirt. You know the basketball and at a full ball on the soccer at least try to get the rescue and to go up for baseball whether you are intricately intercity. I think that it's it's not that brings you would grow the sport in the Netherlands and grow the sport charter. Grow the sport may be now in Israel and in Italy and places like that remember the royal Bernie. The world would give him a martyr leaks look they're they're they got out of Italy so I don't recover that they're. Through it and try to grow your sport grow your product just like basketball star and our and other sports or try new credit or are great aren't you respect that. Same thing with soccer team though with with international competition bureau of the season it's the same kinda deal. But your right but it's it's critical CDO royals players in their home countries jerseys targeted Jill Goldberg Joseph also. Royal season April 3 begins what are your expectations. I mean what are I don't feel as if it just fizzled different communities here in this offseason I know this is kind of the big year this is 2017 but I don't. I don't really have that same feeling maybe that I had in 2016. They didn't seven that is invested in yet because we know we've got March Madness gone on we have mavs talked to we've all these different things happen I think one opening day it's your town hates you that is royal season. You mean I don't know if you're you're a little bit different that their work and other post all that I talked to. Are are gone both excited and kind of opened choppered to fit in November these are every bit more like he's like a real ready when it's time. And you know we all go off that. In my more or work related. Our approach or I I think that our auto rental bottle mark that as we are more bad last year the year. And I your right your right Europe drag escalation has said is is it seems to me you know once a free agencies over I get really into the hot stove. And all the movement I'm totally into the apple once there's not many. Battles going on in camp maybe there isn't that I don't know about it but it just I and we know the team as we know the guys are. A you know let's just play some ball spring true lies not intend to me. Arctic or stop and that just in the sense that. I think we have an idea what this team is and you know last year towards sort of trying to repeat. And the year before it Oilers trying surrogate over the all predict that a World Series yeah. And so. They beat out here it is if it's some. You know or or or there's not a re you well at all apple we have our expectations for this team and you know look what doctor Gaudio worked on the start. Will regret it it may be every bit doubtful but it marks our artistic or sixteen years. Imus might be a few minutes seem. Paper is unnecessarily or you know other than that big name Mercer actually hear anything like that not removed in beta well alt glutamate good. And you know they may I edit that they have a better in my paper that it it last year. And their base stay healthy they really have a lot better team but it's all like. But then again at some point this team. Really at all and then the last reader or your work are seen little or have all the arts superstar. What they stole our Burberry or from like Europe or go to opera reserves the right way he territory. The dynamic between mysteries a little bit upset that that they've got more pop. There's a couple of more power on this team and so that will be adjustments working in that didn't have a lot opera or. Or what I like most people optional but are are they look spring training in my trip or mature I'll go one church in their batting practice with me about I. You ought to work jumping in the game which I don't. If you're not really wanna look at stats and I'm not our. Art separate because it's quite convicting him there and you know it's harder so while they look I don't care oh what losses but what I can tell you. Is that the new players that they brought in and I'm always urged that that. Really rip the same kind of character bowl. As you know Hosmer in the so these are not armed you know the court goes they're all about meeting their their war quality people. Through their Carroll couldn't prevail like so far and and everybody that brought him from Britain bosses they character or. Jason Hammel who got some good character or. Travis lower order so aware. Are those guys are committed there BB BB cut the art they're putting it in the cool thing about bought some of these veterans like Campbell and and war and their bosses that they wanna be your that they could go other places. That's the fascinating thing could be that's 67 years ago. Eight years ago. Those guys were calming your because all things equal there's no way to get the studio wearing in the tiebreaker you're not the way to spread. It from wanna come here now all things equal even monitor close to. Should grow article McNair is simply because they're wearing their parents are good. The stadium as hole. It's an easy media on the orient it's an easy location. As far as being in the middle the country. And so now we're winning album almost our breakers and for them that you know in free agency appeal to go out there and and and get the two best available pitchers after your car or truck got. They never went out about statement before we couldn't win the battle. As exciting news and you know looking for terribly damaged just. You know we got to get the team figured out but I think that to get shot this year really do editor wild card. Order a division do you honestly think it was. The expectation actually playoffs and a boatload matter Ari it and you know this that any time. That the exports. Automatically crown a champion already looks very ever received so Colombian beer and sales are chips well this sort of you know they do now without full knowledge of open injuries sorry Jason you missile accused him as insurgencies have. Everybody heard the crowd Red Sox area least chair woman. You know what out there and I got Chris shell because rate cut Crisco and they report spelt like they're part sparked your interest so. You know what are you contributor moment armor and Eric you have almost I think to be viewed credit they they dealt. Because of injuries or Michael Brantley last year pitching injuries latency animate it so that. Arm but that that's great thing about prediction or predicting based OOR. Yeah about a minute thirty left in this segment jaw Joseph Wilbur fox sports Kansas City with us just two great guests with a demo on the year. Wisconsin Badgers IA. I took the -- it's Michigan and they didn't they didn't win. Your. What are your predictions for your alma mater. And it turned up. They won the first round in. 5050 or. So they are so bad thing this year Eric. They've they have great talent our Arctic prepare their top three players command against anyone in the country. And further basically all February. I had my. I'm not sure that they could beat any additional premier. So extremely frustrated ever come back epic that term or are we. And there is speaking world have been a lot of all the gore westerner they just crushed them yeah neutral ground in Yemen Libya or inspections are idle ballot that. That element that saw or in the country they've got to Roy senior true believer murder here all year. Omelet it's armed they're they're frustrated but a lot. One taken him and that's for sure and game just because you will not because I think their solid and it come tournament time I'm not. That's about as far as in third inning did I I think Michigan though I I don't know what it is about Michigan. But I'd go watch and and pretty much the last has lost half of the season and I think they're gonna win a few games I'm I'm going crazy on the Big Ten I guess a little bit but it's going to be fun to watch. Joseph Goldberg fox sports Kansas city's on Twitter at Goldberg Casey great follow if you are. A sports fan just a great you know Kansas City follows a well thanks for coming on the show today jolt check back filled with view after the season gets started here excited are royals baseball. Very serious problem still value in our judgment is also spoke to his ball. Yes they do or we're excited about having Casey pet project guard John Roberts thanks traditional early show we'll see you. And now our foot birdie I don't go to an instant an American in just like I was names like and even as a. Hey welcome to grill nation welcome back I'm your host Jason growth thanks for joining us today on. Came to Z 980 and on and on. Grill nation showed dot com as well as thanks for joining us via podcast. Alan I teens this afternoon and today wherever you're listening. Please tickle me on Twitter asked reducing real and that girl nation shell also available on the all other social media handles the search for reducing growth. I'm really excited about our next guest today appreciate her coming into the studio today Tori few gay is the we make sure have you tolerate your Torre director of marketing and development act Casey pet project. And they do a lot of great things here in Kansas City I wanted to have a wrong one to talk about my dog. And get some feedback from her and also to talk about with this. Let out what's going on a Casey pair project they're always involved. In so many different things and and they have and uninteresting things come and appears in about an own emotional tour that we'll talk about a big campaign. But also a discount talk about the basics of what Casey pet project does. And about how all the different things they deer in city in the region and in how many of animals they sir. So welcome to show you brat in great to have you are on. So take history you've been there for awhile now is to tap project. I hear is this month actually and on time. We're gonna work and added a interesting dynamics that are and I come and we're making it work as much as we can whip current facility or at Philly about that. So we took over operations of the camp settings or animal shelter in 2012. Historically that. He sings or shelter was not a wonderful place for animals to go to. On that was considered very high kill facility in the nation. About 70% of the animals were. Going into the shelter weren't leaving the shelter as early as 2008. So. The city at one point unsaid we want a nonprofit to run that they opened it up forbidden nobody bit on and it paid a lot of people considered it's hard. Facilities in the seventies. To now dated to small. And no lifesaving could really happen there are so when can be bent on at our group was formed specifically to take over. Operations of the shelter and we were formed as a company in late 2011 and took over January 1 2012 and that is over the current animal shelter is over by the stadium's right it's right by air I hadn't Kauffman stadiums some kind of sets off the road it's on rates on Brodeur at Kansas City shelters so let's look using for people but we are the city shelter for Kansas City, Missouri taking and all of your stray pets. All the abandoned pets injured or ill and even some owners surrendered pets for Kansas City elk. To ask them if you go onto an arrowhead you death injured by you have an iMac or notice in target to no deal yet I never never. Never looked Fella I used a marketer and then I had no idea that there is miracles out of the gun there for a long time sounds so how many animals do you guys see come in on a weekly basis well on a weekly basis actually on a daily basis we take in around thirty animals today. Thirty animals a day and a lot. And some days it that's just incredible to me in some days or more some days or less the you have to imagine what is thirty animals are ID your doorstep today what was you do and how would you move them to a new home marred. Try to get them back to their homes. On and you know think one day that sings exhausting all in the next say there's thirty coming in and then the next day so we get around 101000 animals a year and come into our soccer all kinds. My guess is nonsense hats we take in about 6000 dogs Sperry 500 cats. And Dresser other pets so we have chickens and occasionally I don't come zen and pay against an exotics to analog rabbits lately. Do. Rats everything except for a large food animals come into the shelter while. On how many how many are we reconnect with their owners we'd lose curious to me BK is. You know you clo de not a lot but in some part of parts of the city there are. Banded dots yet there are others and certain birds and days so we're reuniting around 12100 pets with their owners. Bradley says process for that survived a fund revenue on the street and I see a dog in and around and it obviously is outside for quite awhile you know in the wintertime and. Absolutely if you are accusing Missouri resident here a couple options one you can pick up that Amylin bring to the shelter. And it's a twenty dollar drop off feed that out that helps us cover there in takes their vaccinations and none just a general overall care can that is a city mandated. 120 dollars a just helps us care for that pet. Or you can call animal control us at 311 action line and report them missing animal. On the T happening your care or if EC history animal wondering you can call animal control and they can go and check on him then. You always wonder if sometimes pets get away right and parent and I always wonder about that came in that might have lost the past. And so that's hopeful that if they have that they can you know you connected into them no more times than not it's it's not that situation right right. That's got to be weren't a tag IC more dogs and cats women with collars on with no tags and they're not microchip. So it's like you know like you have a caller on if there's no tag and there's no way to identify it that makes it really that much harder for us to reunite with their owner. We hold them for five days first the owner to come in and reclaim them and once that that stays up there either put up for adoption or. You know which is for a lot to rescue groups all over the country. So there's a lot of. Of options and it and it's really exciting how many people are at the TC -- to give a lot of volunteers right. We have a lot of Mans years in wonderful army of volunteers and fosters who help us care for our pets comment all of our locations. And we have around 100 paid staff between and all of our current adoption centers we have three adoption centers in the Kansas City metro area. We remain shelter of course and then one of my eyes are Derosa. Ahmanson and adoption center that houses about sixty to seventy pats at any given time minutes open seven days a week and then our techno adoption center at the ninety's that and we're Vera peck and storage Overland Park did not know that it can only have two other places you can go at any time and adopt a pet and we actually partner with. On five additional Echostar is miniature area to adopt out cats so we have eight locations now that you can adopt a Casey pap project animals so. All over town and they're all on our web site Aaron if you're into sin and yeah what is the website. Casey pet project dot org is our website you can see all of our doctoral pets. We also have mobile app for iPhone and android that is free and people can download it and see our pets at any given time if you love scrolling through and looking at all keep pets we have available for option. Torre few gay director of marketing and development Casey that project is our guest. OK so I went through the process I have I've gotten a puppy. From you all know who met him at the a press conference the F famous I got to think this puppy he is he's big now. He's bigger I guess he went about twenty ways 120 pounds. I got only has vilified in Israel it was very cute he is a lot of energies name drop off the moon and I've never had a dog before real life. That I actually. You know as a kid and girlfriend has a dog and that's. I don't why I wanted to do a doubt my own dog with their but anyways it is been eight inching experience and their bad that he can they are does but he's that most. Nine I think now. Your your documentation city was born in July so I dismayed at July 4 rectangular yeah that's a birthday bad. Yeah it's been interesting the whole potty training this days in the amount of energy adult like him Nazis mixed terrier mix as you know right Jack Russell and bunch of other stuff but he did in our leaders let out here. Then his major years and he was kind of the the show dog yet at the bark at the park and musician is now being utilized in their ads and I've asked the royals for. Royalties for him and his friends keep it for tickets because. It is that's rather famous photos. Yes so I've I've actually gone to the process and you know it was really exciting and ever owned was really nice and it wasn't that hard I mean with the proper protocols fill out the paperwork. In the background it paid the fees had the vaccinations done. And it's been fun so I mean I can't imagine getting thirty of those animals a day and Ian. You have pets are a lot of our responsibility but you know we. We really make an effort even though that the pets can go home the same day whenever people come into a dot that's a wonderful. Thing that you don't see yet come. A lot of shelters and more shelters are starting to do an Alice in an options. I'm really really sit down with an adapter to take over their lifestyle. You know does pat urge you have a backyard do you not have a backyard deal of an apartment EU. And you know jog a lot we're gonna try to find the best fit for you and your family whenever you come into adopting Casey pat project and you know we'll make it on suggestions if we know that the dog is really hyper and needs a lot of energy may be I'm not the best for an apartment. Idols. Is a Nationalists and on ralphie that's nice but you negate his gay guy. BS that's the greatest part about it is there is a lot of available through rain cats and you can. You can find one that maybe pitcher famine now. Me I remember walking away with a poppy thinking oh pokey so cute you know Owen and I mean it might be my first first. Adoption should have been a adult yet now I thought he better but anyways it does. It does change your life that's for sure with you know with timing because he had taken a lot yeah and if you're busy like we are you've got to. Your all that out and to come daycare for the first time. Of sat. Causes those admission process he survive they can survive its cellular is it's a great organization and what are tucked year not next story is. You are working very hard on a campaign and so. Euro's surge just a little elevator pitch about what's going on we have about a minute left in the segment in the in the final simple take you deeper dive in the. And so on April 4. Using Missouri residents are gonna have the opportunity to vote on. On the GO bond initiative that the cities that fourth. Or questions 12 and three. On question one being a roadside mark bridges question to being flood control and question three is on improvements to public buildings that includes a new animal shelter for Kansas City, Missouri. I can't stress how critically. Needed this is for our. Pets that are living in Kansas City, Missouri that are coming to our shelter our current shelter is past it's usable life and we are hoping get a trailer based yet we have a trailer or out of currently use up. Yeah our gonna be voting on April 4 and we urge all residents to use. And there's a web sites and up. Four that it's called race though wolf. A seat on a war. There aren't raised the roof and raise the look can't. That is been you've been a process he has been working on this all long time and it's getting close to you. The but why it's so important and and with the actual campaign is doing after the break you worsening relations. Hello welcome back to grill nation with chasing growing came to the nine AD AM and Kristi joining us as well on gorilla nation should Docomo oppose photo of our guests. Today as well as all of our old podcasts are on that website. Also too thanks for joining us on iTunes today for listening via iTunes podcast appreciated. We've been talking T Torre few gate is with B Casey pet projects he's. Director of marketing development she is all there PR she very active with with with everything going on in. Just is very knowledgeable when it comes everything in rules and tests and just east knows everything she's a she's a good person talked in the break I just asked her about. A harness and charity has given me company to purchase again aren't necessary so she's. She's great OK so raise the wolf we we briefly mention it again it's it's a campaign it's. We can't seem Missouri animal shelter. A question three coming up on April 4. A few living kissing Missouri make sure you go out and vote on April 4. It's very important for her for what Jordan because again you see thirty animals a day coming into the shelter. 101000 a year conserve and you guys are working in a facility that's. To be frank uses. Is cringe worthy hand and so this important it is very important for animals I mean for a lady friends right. Absolutely so the facility itself was built in 1972. It was actually. We recently learned was a bowling that was built for. Construction equipment storage or building Arum had stadiums so it was never meant to be sheltering facility. Once Sarah was built and that was done they converted it into an animal shelter. On the and it's had a couple of you know add ons and stuff throughout the years nothing in the past bunny ears really. Shelter itself the dogs are all in one room together it's very loud as very stressful and of the worst environments for an animal. To have to come and see you especially minority stressed that and running on the streets or they've got lost from their family. On something has happened to them out in the community and then they come to us and we half to basically make them whole again in an environment that is. Less than ideal for them to come into our cats live in a former office space. I'm they used to be out with the dogs before Casey that project now we've had them in a quiet office space but we don't have proper. On air circulation for any of the rims that are animals are in. Which in modern day shelters you have a wonderful air circulation facility that will help cut down on stress we'll help cut down on and diseased. On from animals getting sick from each other they'd basically lived just across from each other they stare each other all day and they arc and it's very very stressful. And we do as much as we can every day to help the animals that are in our care we do a lot of enrichment either in channel enrichment or. Getting amount walks leading players that are dogs every day just because. If we didn't do those things they would just basically go crazy in the environment that they're in and that makes must adopt double. An and you know makes are linked to stay longer at the shelter. On as early as 2008 that the Missouri Department of Agriculture actually said they wrote a letter to the city suggesting that those city building new animal shelter that this one was basically pass it's usable. And so. Knock them with the skits approved on April 4 make shoot out and voting in fourteen million dollars would be of apportioned to an additional funds will be raised from private sector are now. Pay for construction initial through that would go and spoke park is Eric. That's correct at a corner of Gregory and own wouldn't slope part. Amid be right down the street from the zoo right across street from lake say nature center set kind of we're all of the animal and centric organizations or Ernie located we would eat right there with them as well park which makes it better for our residents as well. I'm we're not near any bus lines right now we're kind of on the outskirts of the city very very difficult to get two for some people. On you know their pets get lost and they can't actually get to the shelter to get them back so there's a lot of benefits and perks about being its hope park for one it's beautiful there'll be a lot of opportunities were walking dogs on trails and having a lot more visitors come to the shelter we really want to make it and more welcoming environments. Or visitors that aren't just coming to adopt that can also come they're just. Birthday parties or meetings you know we really wanna make it communities. And it sounds like you will be you emphasize the bond between humans and pets. Also the current facilities 141000 square feet this wouldn't be proposed 60000 square feet again. Sound proofed insulated and again this is key c.'s only home in only shelter for. He CMOs homeless pets. Right here the only shelter that takes in animals for Kansas City, Missouri the lost and abandoned pets at animal control picks up that citizens pick up thing bring to us we are the only shelter for them and currently that building. On is not the most welcoming place for your pet to come and see you on so we really want to. Not only just increase our capacity for the animals coming in we don't wanna make get a bigger shelter just so we can take in more animals that we wanna make it a more. More efficient from facility. On the more modern facility that looks more like the shelters that you're seeing that are built all around the country we see. On places like Pittsburgh with their name municipal sheltered Denver they have these wonderful. Beautiful municipal shelters at a city can be out of an and its residents can be proud of and so that's why on April 4 that's so critically important for people to go out. And vote on April 4 vote yes on question three because we service all of Kansas City, Missouri so if you live in the city and you have a pet. Read and if you Don you may have a pet someday does that impact CO. And if you just want. Animals eating carrots broccoli and navigate home yes you wanna see those that are abandoned like my doc. I now you know suddenly doesn't even as a puppy and he he is believed T siblings which. I've never met them so until flee their gums up to eight. I until under bombs that they weren't Oscar for a time. You know with Morgan yes. Because our shelter is. You know puppies that come and that aren't vaccinated I have no previous records have been vaccinated they can get sick very very quickly so we move them out of the shelters -- is seeking and it's also very stressful for a little puppy did he and that overwhelming environment to get a Foster they go to Foster homes and so that's wire fosters or so critically important and that with this new shelter there could be opportunities forest actually housed smaller animals and puppies. On site but they it's mostly likely go to Foster homes because as early in the critically important for us. Museum they do form some habits of those Foster parents I noticed when are awfully. Yes the I was spoiled in certain ways it is very very spoiled and he got to go you've seen his picture and it's a gram of like when is a puppy and even now I knew people like. That the royals holding an am like a bet that dog before and they. They yeah then we actually and we do a lot of events throughout the community she's very you just. And another event the other night he's got an artist Danny Duffy is sort of support behind. Raise the most campaign against. We love Danny comes wearing Casey and also getting very appalled that the campaign and several players have urged. Residents are raised the roof as well and and so this is really a huge community effort and we could not do the work that we're doing in Kansas City with out the community's help. On so. We encourage you to go on our website you see pet project are hard to see how you can get involved and see all the events that we have coming up all summer opportunities. On an end. Pleasing with simple let me get get so many things happening now we raised money for a thousand dollars and one day just by people going on eating burritos aren't that I was off them. Well is a wonderful response amazing and bark at the park. You market the park and team manager yeah we're doing now and that's the one with wayside so there were doing the London on September so got all of on secured our dolls are how does that work we had about a minute left we had a joke over from the royals on earlier in the show. I'd show up there throughout being held in the whole game. He's got my ticket take your dog to the game and ending go hang out watch world based on and you hardly. It's like the cutest things seeing all the dogs and then there's a lot of stuff for them to do prior to the game know is there vendors set up in things like that soak. We're going to be doing and some extra events going on with arc at the park probably this year were working on some cool things so watch her. Watch her face a page two for updates about the campaign missiles are shelter. They see pet project dot org. Just an amazing organization Torre has a great job Torre if you get it. Is with TC have tragic director of marketing and development and make she go to get on April 4 to be living KC MO. To vote for the new animal shelter question three yes. And also just you know check it out and I'm gonna they're both went to pass. They're great or greater organizations for.