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Saturday, March 24th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplish our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the nets. Local prepared he had rare access to fascinating guest George connected. Factor he'll join brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter at grill nation show and online at correlation show dot com. You're still grill nation always dressed up as. CNN radio's studio. Is Jason grill. Hello and welcome CD a grilled nations show I'm your host Jay seem really listened to came easy 980 a M and I appreciate joining us as well as you always view on podcasts via iTunes for those listening at the gym or in their car wherever on podcasts I appreciate it. And also appreciate those joining us today on grill nation should dot com we can find. A list of all of our guests are photos of our guest key sponsors and supporters of the show. Appreciate everyone's support as we enter I think now lawyer into the hundred fifties of the show since we rebrand the the showed the real nation just it's been exciting. Our think our partners and supporters of well the show title sponsors of the show are trusts. No bank Bewkes financial and q.s advisors and Ryan drink also contributors the gorilla nation shell. Are the reader NG rearing to go with Ryan maybe every other month he comes on the show. One might luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander. The first supporters ever had on the show we started in 2012. Win the word entrepreneurship was a really being talked about much here in Kansas City for many. A startup world kind of mentality was the Kauffman Foundation. And since that can't believe it's been over almost six years. Since we've been doing the show I've had guests on from time to time from the Kauffman Foundation here in Kansas City and and have been really looking forward to having on more gas and one of them is joining me today they do some amazing work here in Kansas City and throughout the country. Where the entrepreneurs and also as well on education but I today wanna focus on entrepreneurship. Because that's within that obviously I care deeply about and we've had and talked about many times on the show that. It's always great to have experts commended and actually you're out there working with a entrepreneurs and kind of helping grow entrepreneurship in our country. One of the in this Philippine Gaskin music director of country skis and the director launched real communities and it chief of staff at the Kauffman Foundation. Walking the show Philip power unit. You think you're having me it's great to have you. We've known each other for probably a few years and how we sought I'd be great to have you on the show because you have a really pushing background story and do some really. Amazing work at the foundation which will be getting to her second segment every now happens is foundation. But let's go senate takes step back you can talk about your background beaches. You are originally from Kansas City are you. I am not you are from some Ross tells about where your from I'm born and raised in in Los Angeles, California. Saved by the Los Angeles Dodgers who is my if you. My parents moved to Los Angeles from the east and south right before was born because of the Dodgers they were big Dodgers fans that is why I was born and raised in Los Angeles and not either east or procedures Ayers Salisbury North Carolina but. Los Angeles born and raised there and I like grown up in Los angels and I love I love loss and as we talked about the soft fair bit it's. It really cool city I think. A lot of cool things going on right now and very very eclectic and on up on that have to be one of the most major. International cities. On competitively in so many different ways. And as great place grow me a place to grow up it wasn't as much traffic back then he intends. But very gene always tell the story Horry could beat. Standing on the beach. On a march day. And look on the clear march they look all the way back inland and see snow on the mountains and then beat in those mountains in two hours and that's amazing so it's that's always that's always the appeal of LA are you know you have the this it's always sunny it's always about 75. Then gets hot but not to and write your skiing at big bear that went down ambition are bound to ferret them. And man that's why rumors out there particularly good at a great place to to grow up and I'm very very good. And it's. You know prepared me for other stages of life because of the eclectic nature of Los Angeles in the multiculturalism. When and so you you route there would start your career correct. I was yes what were you are working on back then. I was in the travel management and consulting space so it worked for what on the large. Global travel management and consulting firms running business units that supported fortune 500 companies and in managing all aspects of their travels so it was a and global nature. And was helped me see the world travel the world but also. Run. All aspects of general management business you're traveling everywhere traveling everywhere with 32 countries so far awhile and and and and going innocent people that there tell me have a lot of catching up to do compact or beer what would be your couple off of paper places you government. Internationally. In the United States and we were Samir fans. I would say for. International aid is the tactic nature of Bangkok Thailand on Kanye amazing place insists he first second Third World altogether. And domestically. That's a toss the turbines every state and it depends on the season. And where you are oh what's your favorite part of this great nation. I think that's amazing to make you forget about. The United States has so many different. Places you can go in the right so different. And it's sometimes you don't think about you just think of the big cities with pursuing every state that is to Montana you go up to. Summer and in the mountains you know it's just been you know like Chicago are gonna LA you're gonna new Yorker. Florida I mean everything Texas everything's so different country we are so fortunate with what we have and there's so much to explore. And before even going internationally it's been a lot of time with the Internet. Very he summons in every state. I tell that's very rare answer both the Dakotas to you've been north and so I there you go I have and and one of the firms that I. I worked for we actually. We're the first firm to open up operations. Low cost operations center. In Fargo, North Dakota in the nineties but then again that. All of Gascon is our guests he is a he's either a director on true trees and chief of staff at the copper foundation thought you had some campaign experience is well. And when we end this the next inning but we believe both believe that. Campaign is like a startup. The ultimate sorrow the U worked on some campaigns through the years I have been and win here. You're different aspects of campaigns obviously but when you're in the that's the field operations side and that means we would always right that's the part that really wins the election it's been if I haven't. You are geared. Your understanding neighborhoods. End of the majority dour perspective you're building movements and you're starting up every single campaign that way and what you learn. From the volunteers the voters the citizens about what they're passionate about what drives them. And to be and worked to help them. Find solutions to their. They're challenges block by block and it's amazing work. And it's amazing work and and the movement building is inspire because it's that type of movement polling that. And have as we say. Ordinary people like week we all we all father's ouster ordinary people in campaigns doing extraordinary work I heard their work I agree. About a minute left in this first segment for you under the Kauffman Foundation our next segment our talk through how you made that transition. Well look really help you make that transition was the candidate it was a was an opportunity what was the transition like for you is it candidate point point in time. In our in our nation in 20082009. There was there was a drive. To be a more active participant. In solutions for this great country. And it was wanting to just do something completely. Different from going using different part of the brain in different part of part of part of the sole. And and thus was if that they made over two to campaign. Very cool. Philip Gaskin is our guest right back after the break opponents are talking about. What you do with the Kauffman Foundation and what Steve Kauffman Foundation is working on here against city and throughout the country you listen you have. Hello and welcome back to the show you're listening to relations show here on themed easy and nice even game him precedes yours as well today on iTunes as well as that grill nation should dot com. You can check me on Twitter always act Jason grill that real nations show. Also connect with the FD and great website agree Twitter follow if you. We learn more about fostering economic independence and advancing education and entrepreneurship. Our guest today it's Philip guest in who's the director of entrepreneurial communities and he is the chief of staff at the Kauffman Foundation. A lot of titles their fill you do a lot of great work at the and that the Kauffman Foundation. You mentioned you worked in campaigns and menu. You pivot did it to work in the a startup world and on strategic initiatives and partnerships. Mission of an impact on the kind of brought you the kind of more of entrepreneurial startup where you were more operational. Type person right. Yeah a big big the campaign work and the work at the admission hunt is common denominator is communities. And building communities. Four people do great work at mission hub that was community of impact them which were co working. Facilities and for entrepreneurs to go through the five stages of entrepreneurship from it if they easily operations and and scaled. So bet that community work that. Brought me here to Kauffman Foundation and in working on each per narrow community space and at the Kauffman Foundation you I'll work on a lot of different things or foil grants initiatives that further than Foundation's goal of creating more effective inclusive and strategic needs to increase. New business formation enhance conditions for overall on current success. And talk about Betsy you came to Kansas City here not looks like in 2016. Been Iraq a year and a half. What was that like as a person he's probably 32 countries and has been to every state in the union it was fantastic is that area remember. And when I was. Interviewing for for the role that mean in this positions in Kansas city music critic of Putin didn't they were expecting that I don't feel as there is a great because. It was this type of work to be doing this type of work from the middle of the country as we say. CO ridiculous as the middle as the new men and understanding. This in him. Looking at ways to create the a participant in creating a new model of economic development and in doing that work. From the middle of the country. Where so much of our nation was was the built in support it is just it's inspiring at this time and our nation's history mean. So you you came here and what were your thoughts about the foundation before you quieter we will do you have knowledge of the coffin vanish I know it has a huge. Entrepreneurship knowledge background and education but. I was in curiously what people outside sure you think of it was your on here. Very well respected okay our our social entrepreneurs. In that it worked with before it's certainly. Knew of Kaufman or always it's seeking out Kaufman's is advice. And that it was a little bits and a little bit. Distant and course they were on the on the on on the coasts. More than in the middle and so we didn't necessarily. How about much insight insight knowledge of the foundation. But through the indexes the research and and number of different medium fantastic programs like fast track one million cups etc. There was certainly knowledge none of the foundation as suffering true I've noticed that someone who grew up in Kansas City just. I know a lot more now than ever did because of all the different things you all are doing in the communities throughout the country mentioned one million cups. Fast tracked obviously has helped. Many entrepreneurs start their companies throughout the years. And you guys are expanding on many different things and what I like about Kauffman Foundation as your researcher policy. Suggests ginger data is. It's Alec a think tank where you know like you get a think tank and he could be one side or the other it's. It's and it's a nonprofit it's it's it's nonpartisan it's it's everything about just trying to help. People grow entrepreneurship. Right we'll realize they're begala absolutely and you know we're we're we're pivoting to being unit and active participant. In collaborative. Weigh in active participant with organizations. Across the United States. Looking at how do we spur entrepreneurial activity men and so we look at over over the last twenty years. The rates the bond girl starts has been in decline a little bit of movement of the late. But looking at that and saying there's a different approach that we can take. And how do we help the individual. How do we help communities. Moon be more. Effective and in the their success when it comes to partnership for a while I think people can be too they're looking for. You know always want that solution right right we do great in our city. But I also liked the fact the EU and the VP of entrepreneurship at often foundation has balls the CEO and others that work on team. Are listening don't earners the year gone throughout the country and actually liked. Asking them like. What do you think woody feel we do are we need to conferences it's it's not just like hey guys and gals hears all this information if you do all these things you're going to be successful like. What are you seeing out there what are you learning out there what do you need I mean you guys are very actively participating in a dialogue it's not just. They were the but the people up and high they know everything about entrepreneurship well exactly I mean there's and their. Well what we're looking to do is reduce the barriers that stand in the way. Individuals and communities. To be more successful. And on her perspective men and realizing it we we didn't we do believe we do that we can help create. Economic reality for millions more more people. You've got the and you have to listen. Thanks so am ability you mentioned the listening part. So we're actually in creating disease today announced partnership and ecosystems or community of practice. So it's around and you start with. The listening in the learning so our first ever Asia summit. Last year arm or mayors conference series bringing. Bringing people together ecosystem builders. Together and to listen what's working what's not and then when when I go out and test. Those things what's working what's not test those in a number of different ways. You find the solutions and reduce those barriers. We're talking to Phillip gaskins a director entrepreneurial communities in chief of staff at the Kauffman Foundation located right here in Kansas City, Missouri right off the positive. Amazing facility if you've never been there's amazing things happening there and only in entrepreneurship and also in education. You mentioned barriers talked just about I know the ought to major focus on up. A Kaufman's zero Bayer's. What what is that and then what does that mean well we believe that unfairly ecosystems thrive when people are connected working together developing new approaches it etc. One of the the biggest fears is that the ecosystems and communities soon. Ozone assistance mean it's it's it's. Its community of entrepreneurs there you go system builders of those people like you think of is this community. Relationship act you know building communities. It's really community go right and they sent entrepreneurship short. End but when those communities are not connect it. Mean win it entrepreneurs are finding it hard to move through the steps that they need to take in order to start a business. Or grow a business when those. Communities are not connected. We have problems those are and there are a number of different barriers that could be in the in the way but what. Two success so entrepreneurs can be looking for help with. Different types of resources and and that could be knowledge that can be meant to ship that could be capital could be a number of different things. But we look at all what are those things are in the way and how to we helped him. Remove those. And so zero barriers is all about regardless of who you are or where you live. We wanna make sure that they're zero barriers in the way and having effectively consistently do. You writing in this is to help people. Cross any systematic barriers no matter you said. Regardless erased in your ability your geographic boundaries. The media I feel like in and you mentioned earlier that. Entrepreneurship growth start of growth has been down in the last twenty years announced turning optic which surprises me. When I started on the following this happening and that was happening first after the recession I figured it would be more people starting business but the data shows that it is actually less. Which is inching to me and so I guess a lot of the testing with the voters right act that's shall we we've we believe that's true because there's. And you'll see in our our our recent entrepreneurship. Say much partnership 2018 or report. Until there's our optimistic about their future optimistic about starting. Starting businesses what we wanna do is to make sure that they can do those with as few barriers in the way because what can happen. Yet at times it could be the very very easy things. That's and in the way they're when they're first getting gate that they can be so frustrating. Knew that they to stop give up in the perhaps try to take a traditional job rather than following their dream we wanna make attaining that dream you know. Then much easier but. Certainly optimism out there and that we just did a survey of over 2000 entrepreneurs. Are. Basically telling us here are some in the youth teams since new trends that we believe that. Are out there and in the way that we can take care for them. Yes I I really enjoyed that and that's on line to a checking out at Kauffman dot org. You can check out that survey there's excellent. A poll that was done it's it's amazing it's about 32 pages of data on almost anything you can imagine with startups and entrepreneurship. And be like you set auditors are very optimistic. Not only about their business currently battles but the future of the business and potential for growth. There optimism carries over to that they're senate's action with current economic climate for business is their province belief that conditions continue to improve for business owners. But however despite their current satisfaction on Tracinda struggled the most with the technical steps opening of business. We'll get to this in future segments but also to youth barriers government payers. And you Lawler working with. Mayors and other legislators. Elected officials to kind of told them the importance of entrepreneurship and the importance of meeting other ecosystem builders and organ that our next segment with the mayor's conference it was he should summit but those are to get things you all been working on it in Sperry successful. Yeah our our policy work is very very strong and I think that. We are occurring in engagement and then next significantly you know about recent Palin on Capitol Hill in helping diners. Philip Gaskin is our guest from the Kauffman Foundation appreciate joining us today again on the grill nation show thanks for joining us today in 1980 AMP. I guess. Through the drill nation show era in night Indian ABC thanks for joining us again today. Hope you're enjoying our show we love death bringing agreed to review each and every week can bring on some. People are community that are doing amazing things and really affecting. What's going on here in Kansas City and throughout the country. And I today's show again we have on the Philip gas gained from the Kauffman Foundation he's the director of untrue communities and chief of staff at the foundation. He he does a lot of different things or is law different hats. But that's because he's a very strategic person and knows how to affect change and help mr. to help communities grow. With their entrepreneurship ecosystems. Broke quickly the stitch on your other rule as chief of staff because. Then that is a law as someone who knows has known a lot of chief of staffs in the whether that's with the elected official or any campaign or an organization. You do with a lot of operational. Complaining and strategic type issues that he. Yes and then chief of staff for our entrepreneurship department it's an entire foundation for the entrepreneurship department. So it is. It as I as we talked about zero barriers. In the words there were doing about zero make sure there's your openers in our department to. Being efficient and successful men. For our our directors. And for the vice president to make sure we are. Being as the best leadership team we can be or are teams that dude absolutely amazing work. Telstra quickly about the vice president entrepreneurship because. We had former vice president entrepreneurship on the show back and then we started as entrepreneur Casey. I tell us about him because. I know he's doing some pretty cool stuff there and yet the foundation and he's recently need to yourself yes Victor Wong. Started. Eight months before I did and then just spent two years. And has brought in a a refresh your view what we've been talking about it how we approached. Communities and economic development from the community level. And through his work. In his rainforest or who in other philosophies is bringing an inspired. Way of looking at. Attacking entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial the challenges that are in the way it's really cool and you know I I've met so many people that know about Victor for his from the rainforest booking all of that and you know it did to makes all the sense it really doesn't. So folk asking is our guest Philip let's talk about kind of the creation of the ship summit and in the coffin play in the series and what those things do and how they help. Entrepreneurs and cities throughout the country. I think as a Kenya meeting of these suits him and he's coming up here in July rank that'll be that'll be our our our second he should summon our first was. Last year and I talked earlier about the the needing the need to listen man be a good listener. To ecosystem and builders across the nation but what we wanted to do what we set out to do is have the first ever. Convening. Of those that I identify as ecosystem voters there about six or seven personas. In arranging for women entrepreneurs themselves and economic developer community developer mayor. I'm in her academic as well no number different ones and realizing that world building communities. And how do we learn what's working and what's not and so we brought them altogether as many as we could act and in the same in the same room for two and a decent. That design thinking platform. Around how to design think through what's working what's how that. We developed together we design together and can it deliver. What's working. And that then those learnings. It put into the coffin and ecosystems and throw communities playbook and which you can find at Kauffman dot org or slash playbook we have an on line and is also an in in print form. That was in the codify all of that knowledge and codify it and so that individuals and communities can use the playbook helped them. Worked through the seven design principles that are that are in the playbook to build. More effective communities mean. And then from that then we wanna look at how do we then test out. That qualified now codified knowledge in communities across the United States that something that we're. We're working on now if it's from strategy perspective. And will be releasing in the next couple of months. What's exciting ward Phillips talking about too is I I've had a chance to work with them on the mayor summits the mayor's conferences throughout the years and this year. Not only we have these shoot some think in the city you bring in the mayor's conference entrepreneurship here. To coincide Conaty converge if you think of like SXSW talking urges all these different then so. Oh Kaufman foundation is gonna convert the he ships summit with the mayor's conference controversial which I think is brilliant because. You bring these mayors into this room and they and they get a lot of value out of the policies. That the colliding the recommendations but then also tears. You're gonna Clyde in with one day and also have them connect with the eco system builders. Again ought to mayors throughout this country are learning more about entrepreneurship. But maybe they don't have to maybe they're smaller city in don't have a system. Builder and they can actually sit there and talk to someone from a major market or promote middle sized city that's been successfully grow entrepreneurship because this and say hey. How are redoing. Yeah I mean it's amazing ebbs and having entrepreneurs at the table with the mayors to help. Think together on how to solve certain challenges in. Mayors cities. As it relates to which partners and I noticed throughout the years to fill the mayors want to be mourner. You've been gosh you've probably been to hundreds of conferences in your life I've been doing handfuls many handfuls is well. And I always get a lot out of listening to the the follow leaders and rights if you have a a brilliant anal of people. That's great but also to mayors these days they wanna get their answers they wanted to wanna focus on their cities in their challenges and so I've noticed a trend towards more interaction. It peace conference is riding desperate things the mayor's conference that brings you together in the LC get a get their hands dirty and move around and in speed data if you will and just is is become of you'll figure out what's going on across country. In their action inclusive. Inclusive of the equity all of those things we look at in our into whether it be these ships summit where we had. You know 48%. Of the attendees were female and 30% people of color 48 states. Represented. In and that was intentional work to do that end. And mayors. Mayors conference as well. Having them interact and in. Thrive in an inclusive environment if you notice we threw pivot away from panels. And we have fire starters OK so we have fire starters that started the different. Segments of the summit conference aka and that spears. Different type of thinking inspiration. And pushes people into collaborative. And collaborative energy. Politicians sometimes it's hard to get it you have those old timers who were. Used to sitting in her right and so when you first start to get them to collaborate it's amazing about the mayor's. They understand the value that more so maybe than state legislator congressman variable. To kind of really kind of communicate is that he's doing now with their constituents weren't the right there with their constituents day in day out the city council of our mayors there Ridder the you know they're getting the calls every day about why is Parnell not fix in front of my house more and more so than a congressman. You mentioned your trip to DC grip recently for the state of entrepreneurship. You guys actually went to Capitol Hill met with some of federal legislators Clinton's boast about that because. Are they aware of of aid of what's going on entrepreneurship I knew in the past there is Bruce different forms of starter back to encourage. Different things to help spur startup and growth when it was may be down what are what are policy makers and and capital thinking right now on ownership of any. It was a wonderful day as a day of action that we did and we took. Forty lunch for nurse and there's our partners represented in such groups or organizations or their their own businesses. To Capitol Hill to have time with and there congress people Newton and it was so enlightening. To be in the sessions and in Steve the connection and to see the learning. That was. The mutual learning that was taking place I would say that that one of the things that was the most inspiring seeing home. The congress people lose this staffers. Where's learning things that they hadn't that they tested now new saying I knew. There was a challenge out there but now you're giving me something that we couldn't see me. And soon you're talking about barriers against so it's it's then sharing one of the barriers that are in my ways and entrepreneur. And how you can help and how government can help. Don't solve some of these. Problems ramming the barriers that are in the reduce the barriers in the way. And there were the breadth 4040 meetings throughout the day Dayton oh you're over forty plus million dollars in the brewing on capitol right now we had been. And then set up very very well. And it it was again so was their their own. Spokesperson for their districts or others that perhaps sat on certain committees that were on Euro friendly mean and. I don't think people realize how much effort isn't that logistically. As as I is is we've both the U. Being meeting set up on Capitol Hill or. You know going around forty different members of congress is it's quite an ordeal in other staffs who. Let's especially this summer in the Hart senate building consumer in the Daytona so that you're going back and forth is trying to make it all work. But it was that it was. And test. Contrary what people hear about what's going on in Washington right now on in the media Boston as a city is is is it is if is an amazing place if you've never been. I I hadn't been in a while and was there a few weeks ago and one of the first things I noticed was that the metro is now not does not like it's in the seven easy market when I lived there it was marketed and you don't now they've updated their metro system which I think is one of the finest in the country as far as getting around the city it's so easy and self. Beautiful place to go like highly recommend it to when going. Quick Sergey V one of our entrepreneurs it was their first time to Washington DC okay and he sat seeing all of these historical buildings. And I just feel so much a part of the country mean in there is that it it it excites me and they. And regardless. Of what side of the I earlier on when you come here you're here to here to make change. And he felt that he had been heard by news congressperson and he was just. It is and it's a very moment ago that there is a month analytical mind and I I agree with you get. Yeah different feeling when you only see mr. steamy place obviously I'm just so much history in just a beautiful city. We're talking to Phillip Gaskin who is the director of untrue communities in chief of staff. On in the entrepreneurship department at the Kauffman Foundation. Our comeback after the wreck or talk about in the city would fill. And listening. Oh welcome back to the growth nation show here in ninety. Team Z thanks again for joining us this week hope you're enjoying the shoppers she also downloading on podcast on iTunes and checking this out again on growth nation showed dot com we can find all of our sponsors photos of our guests and move more social media information to connect with us. And always appreciate you listening over great guests and content for us as well. Many exciting are here with the director entrepreneur communities and it chief of staff of the entrepreneurship department of the Kauffman Foundation Philip gas in. Is now beating Kansas City for a little less than two years on his journey here to the Kauffman Foundation doing great work. And really strategic work here in the Kansas City here you mentioned that you have the ship summon every Waltz in his second year this year. We have eco system builders come draw the country just like you do what are what are their impressions one thing I think it's really cool as we bring them in Kansas City and a lot of them never been here before right. And so they're getting to see our city which we're trying to promote obviously exactly so so tell us about what their impressions and what were your impressions. A first their their impressions were all wow. I didn't know there's this much here but now I have as friends of mine is like that I'll sell them. So mean everything's why they need to come here and busy now half believe me they get off the airplane in coming years and that is that allowed now and achievements yeah. And you know from the culture to the sports to the work ethic of the people. To the museum's there's just there's just so much here the much here and I I wonder. If we ordered to pick a time of the year to tell our friends it is it lower the I tend to like spring or fall in city. Summer gets all hot yet winner you know Gator Federer the worst you must work through those now it is exciting could yeah is it mid October. Let's leave you grew up in and LA are curiously never really had season. And no they did beat because of doing so much travelers at Stanley in the east and south we were we we'd go sometimes. Summer times. Visiting relatives of these itself. Christmas time Mac it's I was eight years you know when I went to college where it snowed a lot so like I had I and it takes as I exceeded actually enjoy. Having seasons more than not having seasons now ready to but I do like going to Southern California in January or February down. And let the jury Monday. The cable could be able to travel their own school here right might just so so you see have a good for you had a good first impression again like. The coffin foundation you know is is really. Are people in Kansas City that may be. Don't know how to get involved and help how to connect with deal what what are the best ways to mean is it one million cups is it. Is it. Bass track is it is it entrepreneurship type of activities he opened on because. And I thought that was always an instinct thing you know you're doing all this amazing. Research policy entrepreneurship in rebuilding. Great work education which we don't even talk about on the show. With the future education. The lot people intensity were Carolina what do I do I don't I had always been what are they doing and I don't get involved sure. And that's one of the one of the things that is a priority for us but obviously. And we have Coughlin got off without org the website meant that we can get engaged there and number different Dem numbered your ways. And in signing up on though the website for communications to stay with us. And one million cups is of a brilliant opportunity and every Wednesday at 9 AM at the foundation. As it is 9 AM across the country it's amazing to me hundreds of city that's ground. So asserted. Kind of keep an eye on you all it was it like it was the first city obviously in team than it was about twenty cities now it's it's under threat is absolutely and and where where where where opens in it's our all of our. Our bios are on the website feel freedom look at our website click on send this message. We'll get right back to you. Phil what are you we're a much talk about some trends and entrepreneurs who we talked about some of the he findings in the knee again it's it's about. Various interest said the what what are some of the trends are seeing because I know there's all the various into refer me. I feel like with the Internet with e-commerce and with you communications it's. There's so many people starting company. But you know a lot of them fail what I mean what what are gonna some of the trends I mean obviously. You know we're talking about being more business friendly with government streamlining taxes repairing infrastructure all these things help. But as a notch better when you're out there talk in the what are they excited about what they optimistic about. I think first the higher for. Leveled first framing is around there we see as their meg entrance and entrepreneurship than those in areas of demographics. Geography and technology and job growth path. So from a demographic perspective the US population is increasingly diverse. I'm educated older if the entrepreneur population is not changing its path. Not. Geography wise entrepreneurship is increasing as an urban phenomenon but. But outside of urban areas. To construct we need to spread that and midsize. Midsize cities new technology and job growth we we talk about ai and everything else all the different forces that are going in technology. That are. Can make it easier for people to. Access information on the line but it can make it tougher for people actually connect known technology is actually going to be an erupting. Some things well from an AI perspective and and in looking at at Johnson where jobs gonna come from in the future. So those are is in the mega trends that bet that we see and again you can look at those in our state of entrepreneurship report 2018 statements there's a report. Other things are just are around. As mentioned before entrepreneur struggling with the nets ambles business. Businesses. And finding out having access to how to learn and get access to as quickly as possible. One is in the excitement there's excitement there's there's hunters are optimistic about their future. But too many demographics. People of color and women find it hard including people color women. Find it hard. With in that excitement and and optimism. Engaged to be in the game. Mean and it yet since seeing I'm thinking about that and I to a stop you but the rural communities is one of the things I think that. People think about and I think entrepreneurship is and you guys focused on different kinds is that going to attack. I capital by you know growth exit strategies that. You guys who work with mainstream on foreigners in your policies affect mainstream. You know rural. Recommendations it's not just the big cities it's it's it's you're trying to help. Pre bears get rid of barriers to entry for all entrepreneurs may serve earners include. Exactly as I go back to none are found mr. Kaufman who he would say is we've we've everyone has the fundamental right turn an idea into an economic reality. And us. Race gender creed color geography anything new end. And there are G-8 geographic. Challenges. Were a rural perspective real. You know and in some respects you look at there are urban edge challenges and edges of of urban cities there on the challenges to access to resources. Same girl he's and there are some that are common. Mean end end we have more in common with their peers and challenges that we're different. And so it's about identifying those in and and it and attacking those and solution in this is very very key. Well if they don't wanna point out is that one thing I learned when a certain work with Kaufman nation is anything going on there events was that young companies. Zero to five years. Create more jobs in America than any others right I knew an element if you listen to mainstream. There happens it's out there but your data and all the research and policy that you guys went out and it in surveys. Shows that that's the case 05 your company's re create the Russia right. That is it is fundamentally inching in and I wish more policy makers understand right in the and so through the new nature of and an employment nature of business we need more business starts from exactly those. As entrepreneurs are talking about an order to an. Employ people in the future. Philip guest in the director Rancho communities and chief of staff of the entrepreneurship department the coffin a nation has been our guests today appreciate him coming on an act. I urge you check out Kauffman dot org and also fall them on Twitter at Kauffman. At the end there's all kinds degree information surveys. Recommendations ways to connect it's a great foundation reluctant to have a hearing in the city both think your coming on the show that he grabbed me it's been great hour if it takes joining us to get on grill nation we'll see you next week and have a good one guys and gals thank you very much for joining us.