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Saturday, March 25th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post to take the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access you can. And leading give us your connected. X-Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grill connect with the show on Twitter at grill nation show at all online at grilled nation showed dot com. We'll Camilo he still grill nation always dressed up and even in a radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello everyone and welcome sea grill nation with Jason real hero and came easy 980 AM and also on relationship dot com. Appreciate you also listened today via podcast that's on the website or iTunes or stitcher radio precede downloading our podcasts. Going to be great show today very excitable and think our partners and supporters of grilled nation with chasing grow. The title sponsors of the show are. They can Kansas City and Milbank. Trust. US advisors and Ryan drink also I have some yes co signature readers such as Ryan maybe ended the Reagor TC. One of those gas and great partners and supporters of the show is bank of Kansas City also known as no bank now. Michael easily is with me today in studio Chief Executive Officer and president. Promote bank for our interviews today welcomed the show Michael. Thank you great to have you here and first off let's preview our show today we're gonna have Tom pagan on. Who's the CFO of in GP ingredients the website is in GP ingredients dot com. Interesting company near basin Atchison Kansas off 45 minutes from Kansas City. Over 300 employees it's just a very. Vastly growing very fast moving company. And working with the trends in food and alcohol and providing room manufacturing standpoint a lot of ingredients that we see in our. Alcohol and food I think you're really enjoy listened to the story and learn a lot more about him GP even knew you would or thought yeah right and there'll soon. Launching her own brands now not just manufacturing for folks and these are were winning. Yes that's I've heard that and that award winning an inner at a national level and Tom is. I'm from Chicago originally worked at Kraft. And Nestle's been. You know. Just moved to Kansas City I think a couple years ago so Reagan did with my with. Michael agony with Tom about the transition. What's it like move Chicago to Kansas City. Working and it's in Kansas what what is in GPD in the community kind of products today today and produce. Lie in the alcohol industry but also in the food ingredient industry. And just in and out targeting GP ingredients because we wanted to have them on the show because in GP. You know guys like me and you might have heard of them but maybe other people haven't because they've been more in the manufacturing site. They're also now as they said branding her products which is still Lanka. We we've we've heard of people will talk about that and some other products on the Bergen and right side is there one of the largest. Right. People in the reserves produces the United States is bulls Berman. Which is itching to write your record and some try your you're arch mineral company in our right and Al lot of our local craft cocktail people in. Use the products and and that's how they get their start so let him GP gradient CFO. Tom pig it on the show today. So Michael be easily with mode bank. OK so you guys have been working very hard. To get through this transition to. From Dave Kansas City Q mode bank what is that been like in. Officially I can say you are the executive vice president excuse me the president and Chief Executive Officer of moving up. And so we are we closed it the transaction in the end of file in November. And over prisons they week and we wanna throw systems conversions of that all the pieces could talk to one another. And we've we've learned a lot during the process whereas most integrations. Gold ironing went smoothly as the camp. But I think you know a month and now. Refuel whole lot better about a lot of those things that's. Shouldn't pop up with pop him and gives us opportunity here right back to 100 Jews continue to grow the business or the bank. And our relationships what has been rule inching. Through this whole process it is. From me. More bank relationship perspective. You know there might have been a couple weeks it didn't go so well. But the good world that they had built relationships that the bulk up over 1030. Years or about. Have all kind of come to fruition because you mine had a stress point. One day but then the next days we took care of them. And they remember. That you know its system this year it's on. Overall big changed my view for a while and it is it nobody likes change yeah and so if he'd been with Missouri bank. You know in years your mobile deposit thing is changing or year. Things are changing it's hard for some people are rests at that I will say is a as a customer of Mo bank. The people there great work with and you know they do help you out if there are any questions so that that's expected all the one thing about our combined people on like. All the combine pieces of the puzzle is people we've hired. People from that moment. All of them load in June and taking care. And the caught the focus has always been trying to maker customers. Interfere with the issues and how much she put the relationship itself it's the same people there. And so. And so that's that's been its limit on certain days tests that men but. Overall though the reasons for combining our actions the reasons for white we shall call. All those roles though there. And it's you were program on the show heroes before you hand. You know grant chairman of the market eyes the chairman of the key as the market that's right and I compute in my role. In the market as well. And you know every day we just coming. More and more. It is it is via flash. New logo. Well similarly the moment logo right and when we. We decided by little are last year and icici guys have looked slow Friday have you have more of the orange brightness is a you know living that down I've seen the new logo on the yeah September into also in the crossroads. That grant and his team have been implemented for two or through four years and all we did was OK we had a contender recess because. Replace rulers logo there were other name. We replaying. So fights of making candidacy now is being all Sunnis don't end up. 121 from capitol room or at least some branches there. That's all more bank and it's all orange if you gore torn orphaned office for a by an official from 64 important. That's normal to know more bank in cities and everything that. Was thinking insidious item normal bank or weave stories and puke if financial loser and or two on ams. And so you'd use to my business card on one side it's at that. UK financial and you know such a small very cool it's always I mean isn't there yet it's all the same company is just a different brand depending on what the particular. Will you be investing in more orange time if yeah its entire everyday I've hunt not every. Only when it comes to you this but today I got to look you know look when you look good yes yes Harmon school soccer Golisano also went theory grand yes that'll be I evolving throughout the years so it makes homer mayor -- you'll heal fully understood it but as much as I got the customs socks from you or your so go with her. Our people from your your financial like your some plan to smoke out guys we would love that so. We support socks and an orange title media after a Michael B is always with me today he's title sponsor of is most bank and as he said the UK financial. With for the entire show today and they were going to be back with Tom Pickett he's the CFO of in GP ingredients. Great guy we're gonna look for the talking to him and we'll be right back on it coronation show really excited about the show that. Appreciate everyone listening and thanks for joining us today your. And thus the man. Chance of him. And don't mind. Yeah. Hello welcome back to grill nation with Jason growth thanks to listen today Oz and 988. NBC and done relationship dot com. Pre show also listening today on iTunes and stitcher radio for those who enjoy the podcast version of the show. A with begins today is Mike movie is only who is the CEO and the president correct Michael I am trying to make sure of your title right bank of Kansas City. Well that is now now only moment now not smoke thing that I wanted to make sure were on the same page we talked about that in our first segment today amazing which dollar redundant. Exciting to see what mode bank is has done is while love the new branding up it looks great. We're still working through the moment brand in the VOK financial brand how they go away you can see. Reached its not time building number ten years and and decide the sunset now when if ever at the moment looked scared yeah I like it. Really set a better guests today on the show. Michael is. As a worked hard and we have Tom they get on the line actually. He is the chief financial officer at image. GP ingredients. Great company here locally. The website is MGP ingredients dot com. There headquartered in etched in Atchison Kansas they began in 1941 of the small to Stiller operation. In the heart of America's Greenbelt they've grown tremendously. And they're doing some really cool things here in the Kansas City region and throughout the country Tom welcome to the show are you today. Thank you do and well. To join you. It's good to have beat some OK so we know that you kind of took on this role as the CFO. In late 2015. Which it simply that's almost. The year and a half two years ago time flies but also about your background and what you did before you came into MGP because they know the URE. Near Kansas City in India have done a lot of different things in the Chicago area. Including. Being a Notre Dame grad which I. I go out fighting Irish have always been a fan Notre Dame that you you've since some time outside Kansas city's to take us through your background. Sure thanks so yeah I grew up in Chicago has won it seven kids I went Notre Dame. I. British Tories. I thought it was pretty resolved through school in. Depressed man Notre Dame I. I told my mama's gonna be a liberal arts major. And then an hour later. The phone rang it was my dad. And yeah how it can pay for the degree. Became an accounting major coming out at Notre Dame and I work in Chicago. Hurt more than twenty years in he beat you with Kraft Foods we've. Neftali. Remic LA. In that. Then. So a craft that was. That he would vote that most profitable business unit crappy group new solutions unit which is all the dry grocery products in crap. And then crack up acquired. Three G. In and do I need to look for new opportunities. In. I got a call from a hat on or about this small companies actually can't isn't. And Kate got an interview with Gus Griffin did in. Dave grinned and then she's endured one of the board members and exciting to learn about the company. And the people on the strategies in Santo. I told my wife I don't know I'm getting the cabinet and by that in this company. As I can see what what potential was there. Oh hello does that light some when you got ahead under each nets you about a job and that's in Kansas come from a third largest city in the country. Yeah I. I. You know it was like what was it what excited me it was. Outlined. You know I didn't Chicago my whole career it was an opportunity tried something new. The end also it coming down here in a meeting the people. God and neighbor indemnity Geneen in and just. Touring the town Kansas City as well let's help people like get it that. A mini version of Chicago with all this you know you can get around it some rookie year I live downtown and actually got that city. And is it just it's a fun it's a fun place to lift it really is so. You know initially had the meditation and of that as I learn more. And that more folks very excited to come down here. Our listeners who might not know how far is Atchison from downtown. It's about 45 minute drive. You know it is neat dropped to bury you got we have an empty. I wanted to say about third of our. Can't there are at some work force living in the greater Kansas City area. Also wrote about in GP. And tells about kind of the history of the company but it also tells about what you guys focus on nine it's. It's not just alcohol it's also food. Yeah yeah so. The company did you mention was found it to 85 years ago and iCloud crazy here and cared Bieber is is the founder's granddaughter she's the current chairperson of the board. The company had is a public company lip lipped on that back revenue of 300 million. Mark kept about 900 million dollars now. And we can make light of it is first to distillery products segment. In. The company had to get Tories wanted to hear that says that based gin vodka. And the other didn't Lorch. It basically what we do you think we provide the liquid. In other companies buyer product. Makes them great brand. Itself on this distribute them. In we are. We're the largest supplier of rye whiskey the US and you guys are probably familiar. That is a very hot product these days. So. This whole cocktail culture that evolving. So then not today the distillery segment and then. Utley the putting green business end that provides specialty proteins and starches two credit to companies. In the green or you can product like cap bread and soups and sauces. High protein products I buy her products. Benefit from from the greens we make and that pretty produce an Epson. Interest and I EI a had heard of you guys obviously knew you were always. On my radar bad until I talked to Michael you don't you don't really understand just how large. This really is or Michael and and Tom one of them the reference points are always found interesting is. The your place. In producing the brown and good role to some of the captive manufactures. Yeah what what's exciting now is so. We have the company purchased fifty years ago the large earth distillery. End it was all seater facility. That quite frankly had not been kept up and it had not been. Efficiently managed I would say. And NDP came in within experienced at best and facility. In really kind of read did a lot of things now. Lord urges that fifth largest urban distillery. In the US. In. What happened now with the with the growth. Berman and and and rye whiskey. A lot of producers are back capacity. Sue part of our role in the industry get back. People that that want to get. Rye whiskey and we support you urban and we support. Large multinational companies. And quite frankly a lot of small craft players that they want to do there own cup and Blanton and and work with our distillery expert. To produce a product. So. That facility gives us it is is a large scale facility and it is so nice competitive advantage. So and so what I ES so what I see on the shelf I see a local Kansas City whiskey awry heavy sleet. When they first start out. They can't make their own stuff that it they can't they they're just they have to go to someone now about seeing guys kind of our. Supplying all of this throughout the country which is that she has there is such a huge. Movie no we saw the craft beer movement. But now that Kraft cocktail movement is is taking over and we're we're seeing a lot of growth here in Kansas City with. You know. A handful to more of local. Urban companies or gin companies or pocket companies I mean it's amazing how it's grown. Yeah it I tell you put on industry to work on it and a lot of great partnerships. Oliver time. Ended yet it's here point you know you're gonna launch of urban. You eked out net you have to typically one at age proctor for years. So that's an MG peaking come they didn't and healthy get started. In the work with you got to blend it and create something you finish thing. That that you can launch at your own trademark. The other the other aspect of the business is just getting going it. Which Michael mentioned as we're just starting to launch her own brands which which is a lot. So now we're opening our own our own name on on the products. Got about a minute and a half left in this admit Tom take it is the CFO. In GP ingredients the what site is in GP ingredients dot com the company was founded in 1941. Locate that's in Kansas City have over 300 employees in year is that correcting your also on the NASDAQ. Since 1988 you've been ample security company. Which is after seeing over 300 employees that's that's great. Yeah I mean really hardworking dedicated people it's fun to come in here as a new employee. And just that the willingness. Of everybody who learned to it to grow. Under got to leadership in the gut and I are both relatively new to the company and cut came in the script and our our CEO. Came in fifty years ago and and that's the one thing that he not talk about is. How much we loved. Working with the team here and how adaptable. Companies that. Them let's say has a lot of great information. Key facts your leadership your mission and values and also those third breaks down. The different kinds of alcohol you guys. Create end food. It's amazing having you heard feeds you work on as well topic it is our guests today I'm joined by Michael V is only used with no bank. And they've renewed some exciting things as well you should check that out. We're back with more after the break with Tom when he didn't see some of the brands that they're now putting out. With their own label and also talk about. The involvement of the community of MGP ingredients they've been in the community for many years and Kansas City region. So again that more with Tom we're listening to grow nation shell be right back after the great thanks for joining us. Hello and welcome back to grow nation with Jayson growth came easy 988. And and also on relationship dot com. Pic of me on Twitter at Jason girl and that girl nation show. Join again today by Michael easily use the Chief Executive Officer president of mode Bankrate. Partner and supporter of the relationship oh we're talking to Tom Pickett who is on the line he is the CFO. Of the company called in GP ingredients the website is in GP ingredients dot com. Great company here in the region. Been involved in. Analyze everything since 1941. Over 300 employees are listed on NASDAQ. They've really they've really grown alive and and very very impressive company in this in this region based on Atchison Kansas. We're talking to Tom about the decision the last and that the Varian tale into. Create their own products and Tom already in a more of that. So what what was behind that decision and talked to us about some of the products the guys are putting your label on and releasing new market. Chairs so Bob the company. Got his arrival at CEO. Went through kinda strategic assessment and came up with a new strategic plan in one of those strategies. It is. Capped to capture a larger share than value chain so. In essence. You know it. Long story short a lot of people were making a lot of money off of the products and GP was producing in here we had this great talent and capability. Making high quality. Urban and in stock and Jin didn't end. We you know. It was a no logical extension. Where the company. Was as strong dad and gut script and our CEO. Ran Jack Daniels globally so. Here we had. Former leader Jack Daniels as the president and so why not try to try to extend in this space. And in the way we look at it is certainly our core business solely to support. The brand the bulk of multinational from the small craft. Players that we produce war. But there's plenty of light space out there with. He grows and all these categories for up to participate. So that was that was the impetus behind the decision to enter enter the print space. Then and I'll find those pinching them when she companies here that part of it is that channel conflict in my current and partner Brennan's point people. There for a third that's also a big strategic decision to different skill set. Or company that's been kind of a manufactured becoming brand company. What are the steps to educate kind of position compared be ready for that. Yeah. That's a good question to part of it is. I'm really not getting out of our over ski too fast right away I think dot com then you know it's global leader. Jack Daniels has the economy. Is death spirit brand experience. And he is slowly assembling a team we get tired and he meant he had about brands to. It was a long time brown Foreman executive but also supported some crap friends in the consulting world so. So it it says. Slowly building that team. Testing and learning. That first the first product launch. Was Ervin called Matt is a lot. In we only produce 6000 bottles. To our surprise. It got a 91 and that was key advocate. It. It got a double gold in the San Francisco's spirits competition. So it all the sudden it is on the map and it sold out right away. The author if you mentioned Al copilot beat the interstate thing that came out of that. Is. All of a sudden some of our customers with with the company being elevated with that product. And then Mickey advocate naming the company is the year. Many of our customer all of a sudden help or pride. In disclosing that they were getting better. Their cues from from the GP. One of our customers actually got a full page dad. And Wiki advocate to congratulate you on getting used over the year. That was their way of saying that they were getting there that are rock for men GP. It incredible job that so accompanied. I was using your words your product as their base. Congratulating you on a brand product and effectively. Compete for shots. Yeah I mean that they yeah they were Iraqi gradually at being distillers the which was out. Com of the credit they met in the next thing industry I think you know there's there's a lot of support. For each other in this industry. Like. Others. You know improve in other consumers bases extremely competitive what I find. Is that it you know the players in this industry try to support each other and to their to their own success. So that is that is important in and I was thing in the same thing Michael once I mean. That is cool that they did that because of access to them industries. You know that doesn't happen yup it is it's it's a shame but I feel like even two in this region. We Cindy is supporting each other a little more and build collaborative. Type work environments with different partnerships run here in Kansas City and I think that might be little difference other markets throughout the country where you turn the system you bankers in this market. Well ruler cordial to one another. And I. I found that coming down here that part of what energized leave it up around here it is how welcoming the community is. And there's a real beer around Kansas City and helping. Can't city businesses succeed. Which it is fun to be a part of and in within that period industry you know I've. Certainly met with Ryan I know he's gonna get on your show. A great guy and there is that collegial environment within how we work. Yes very so right navy's with Jay rigor in Yahoo!'s. They're they're really get a branding and obviously working really hard. OK so let's talk a little bit more about your food ingredient technology. That's very ancient to me and obviously. People these days they want healthy options they want nutrition stay once. Again takes that won all three of those things tells about kind of how you guys work to aid building gradient solutions and enhance. People's all the with the food. Yet so. About being greeted segment it is we work was with. You know none myriad companies. And our specialty are in high protein. High fiber we paid ingredient so. Like somebody want to make a mop and higher higher fiber to their diet. And GP can provide increased to help them do that. Somebody want to make. There's an exciting. State that developing yeah meatless burgers. In NDP distinct. Provides products that go angry particularly in view. Into meatless burgers so. It's really combining. Science in the companies that technology to help. Branding companies. Develop products that that pitted a healthy lifestyle so. Are certainly tied in with that. High fiber and high protein trash and and not GMO. Trying to take advantage. Where there's some of the greed segments are on. And I and I see that. And the food segment my business every day is a big part of corporate poisonous and and it is inching to see Canada a pollution of these profiles consumer preferences. And end to be involved in this segment particular animals healthy lifestyles. This is this is a very good. Very good spot. Dad look at her website you guys aren't as they've also been disputed. Bakery products. Operating encoding cereals and snacks infections. Did dairy products filling flavorings Brady's. Nutritional bars in some drinks posse noodles. Processed meat poultry and seafood salad dressings registered products and this is truly the full gamut and it's an itchy demeaning you guys evolve with deterrents. Your moment the trends and in both in the alcohol and street with urban and arrived and also to refute. Yeah and I think. One of the strategy the company. I think food. What I think got gay men and and realized it was not getting. Enough attention attention and the company. And she hired a new resource does money but job and he's still leading noting that guy is a leading scientists. To try to. Build out. This business and it's responding. The company's you know it's it's well positioned within some growing segment. Imagine not I heard high protein. And with the addition. So new leadership and and Dodi. On the scientific front because a lot of this is is working with companies and into the experiment and try different things and know he's expertise. It's really helping us to take advantage of some of these strands. It's instinct trying new things out I've met a lot of companies wanna do that we feel. Yes it say if a long process the development cycle on and news. Food product. And it takes a lot of expertise and patience and and that's something that and GP. Is able to do and has been doing prolong. Now do you guys work with a lot of the entrepreneurial feed people's wallets you do with the Bergen and and and right people obviously to craft cocked to limit. You're seeing a lot of smaller kind of companies as well and then in the food industry with entrepreneurship. Yeah yeah I mean we valued customer. That producing. And the list. Bird that become popular and number. Restaurant chain switches. Under the part of and and meeting with them and helping them. Develop the product and and see what they're able to create with our agreed that club on. Very cool we're talking to Tom Fey is the CF oh in GP ingredients the website is in GP ingredients dot com. Have 12 left Michelle after the break Michael I'll be back I wanna talk to Tom about. In GPs community involvement what they view on those social responsibility and involvement in our region is very important to them and doughnuts are. See Tom little bit more about his move from Chicago to Kansas City and what day transition been like for him. Coming from Kraft to. Two in GP ingredients they saw a similar effect after the break. Welcome back far final segment of the show today grilled nation with chasing grow along with Jessica today. Partner and supporter of the relationship. Title sponsor. Michael V is solely who's the executive Chief Executive Officer and president of Missouri. Our sees me of Milbank. Just went through the exciting. Deal here they beat Kansas City in the bank and it's making sure have all the terminology that Michael you are born more details that I think outside their small banker Bewkes financial eleven we've been targeted Tom pigott. Who is the CFO. In GP ingredients a great company here in the region what's that is in GP ingredients dot com. My Tom I wanna talk you about. Any involvement so in DP and greens obviously they've been around since 1941. We've heard of them what are you guys do the comedian and that's important you do beast the be involved. He. Accompanied. Oh wait that long. Commit committed to the community perk for many years. Support a number of charities. The united way. We are large donors are local local united way we're also it involved. Heavily and you know acute care and carrots seem very that your chairwoman of our board in the crate family. Involved in that send. The new Lionsgate it's going in. That is getting renovated and updated. They've been very active supporters. And helping build. Come in so between the companies. Activities and in the family's activities it's really. Led to. A lot of growth in. And kind of it. Growth than in actually Kansas there. You got a new hotel in new holiday and going in the YMCA is I mentioned is getting updated. And and Benedictine College right up the street is Korean and and the word support the constitution so. There's a lot of synergies that are happening in town here between the company and the community. And and the family. Just admit I just want support that fact and having. My involvement through Unita whales towards see the impact and him GP Henderson and and not only is it during a lot of good for a lot of people but just in GP as the economic and you itself. As the impact in the community. And I know. They take that role with Corey. Madden football coaches goes back to reports returned. Gotta yeah owners who who. A lot of that. Tom Chicago he went to northwestern by the way congratulations you get your grad grad degree there. Congratulations on making instantly turn this year there are budget. First diamond in history. My vocal in their local. School here UKC. Who has never made the turn either rule or make turn them must've been cool for you. Yeah it's exciting now I have to tell you in the more I bet you and your bad but boy they've really goes. That kids really play great it's fun to watch him play. I don't put my bracket was blown up I had Saturday and going to the elite eight dollar's been inactive phase two bit. But it was cool to see that that movement and very ready probably. North Notre Dame in northwestern bass who harvests seller said that those school for you and I notice I was worried from UC Davis I used to cry I yeah all right I would like to see nines during the first three minutes and pat pat pat pat pat. Paranoid. Tom OK so you're you moved here you you came from a Chicago you've got the had under dungeon. Pretty down here in in Atchison. What is that transition been like. And he said he lived downtown obviously denting Kansas City is has gone through a a revitalization here in the last ten years. What are your initial thoughts and was that transition been like. Yes so first of all. Professionally. Coming day asks then I think was an exciting thing for me career wise because you are you working at a company crap. And you have all these ideas. Hi you wanna do things and to come do company. Hear that in which would have very talented workforce. And great key you kind of have to play look at your patent. Which we you have to realize. You can't run all the played by the way he did pick certain plays. And run them really well and and slowly build it from there and that professionally than a lot of fun. At Kansas City. I. I'm enjoying 'cause there. Rather. Downtown Kansas City in the power and light. So I'm in the midst of transition they. My. I think daughter who's the senior high school and then once. She graduates. To know moved down in all three Americans of being college so we'll be acting actors. How we're looking forward to living in car like you go to. To take that the street car up and down river market. The the concert. I just had my kid down. That last weekend to the contradict if you live which is a great. Drawing card pick to get them to come visit me here. And in it together they call men in all it's all right there. Which is it is very manageable and had a lot of fun. Tom I also live downtown at one night and I'm in that community so I I was the suburban I. For a lot of my career. And that is cool because you know a lot of people in Kansas City we have a lot of were very spread out community compared to some other cities but. You never realize just how many things are going on or how many people and obviously that's notice what the big twelve turn him in this week lobbed NCAA tournament. But to sign normal everyday basis during the workday but also at night with all the different activities going on and you know Constantin noses always is always prayerful that. It's pretty amazing when you when you don't live down there. I need you live down there you start to see how many people actually are are moving downtown and in and taking advantage of all the things happening. Yeah I think I think it is it's wonderful to see. And some beautiful buildings getting her renovated in the new ones going into one mind that you might. Make it even more attractive I think. I think I can walk to probably twenty different restaurants. And you know. Get too caught men without getting in the car. Block to sprint center there it did this out what to do. Right there. I think that the masters is students really excited to come down and be part of that she loses here. This weekend and we spent some time the plaza shopping and the concert. We also went to sporting KC game which by the way. Our pocket to pocket were a product or sponsored sporting KC and what an exciting then you that is to be as well. Definitely is we admits that till locked that we Michael I talked about that up here. Tell salute about that that's that's interesting partnership. Yeah tell it it dedicated. To the heartland the hardworking people. Are our. We're in the heartland. And it may only with can't sweet. And what makes it's special that this is that there is moot drink. It it's one RD five awards. It I tell people it to you dictate that we did that we get that tape that was them. Wall Street folks investors. Greg Hughes vs tell. And they were lying and they thought they were drinking grey here and you're drinking till it's a really smooth but guess. Which was fun to do and that we had a we got this great partnership was sporting KC. To help build the brand it's been important states right now. And I think we we believe it's got a lot of potential to grow. But yeah we're gonna take our time with the but we're very excited about it. Tom take hits CFO. In GP greeting insolent cited in GP ingredients dot com layer you guys to check in value probably. Trickery many of the things that they've worked on throughout the years precede coming on the show today Tom and congrats on your success. They could very Kurdish appreciated Michael thanks for joining me in today Michael we don't Chief Executive Officer and president mode banquet of Mercury. Local banks here in Kansas City. Specialists in relation show we'll see you next week have a great week and we'll talk since they.