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Saturday, March 31st

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always just okay. Even their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to be a grill nation show here in 1988. MK MDC appreciate joining me again today. For another exciting installment of the grill nation show. Pre Sheila C as well nineteenth. And via podcast today. Very exciting show I'm excited to have one of our title sponsors in studio today the introduce them though bank Bewkes financial. Also I think our other partners and supporters of the girl nation show including other title sponsor trust. And q.s advisors. And Ryan drink. Yes coasting on her contributors to grow nation also include. The Reagor NG reader ago but the Ryan maybe one night luxury apartments and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander. As a nation we have on. Milbank be okay financial and they're gonna bring on a great guest here in just the second one walking into the studio. Michael movie is solely who's the president and CEO go bake in the executive vice president of the UK financial again. Two relationship welcome Michael thank your low grades every time yeah it's great to have you I get excited when you guys coming Q you always. Put together great shows and before get to one of our guests here today I wanna preview your shirt today. We're gonna be joined later on by a Jeff I don't know who's the president of citywide day also have city what franchise in citywide mean ants. Really company franchise companies dedicated to helping launch real sales Vander Starr and run a successful management company in the building maintenance industry. And then the company citywide maintenance has been around Kansas City. For many years they offer more than 25 services to commercial properties from coast to coast. And that's the really great company and lynching story we're gonna talk to Jeff you're on the show I but he knew Jeff and once you decide during wanted to. You know we've we've done in which there. Over the last couple of years and it's just one of those things where Jason my business and kind of the way in my brain works in just love understanding. People's businesses and their philosophies around running at you certainly were. I am in my role where he is his role in talking more about kind of leadership styles in driving the business and we do. And of what's gone thinking your what's going on his business and so it's a tool situations where just we get do you quarterly. We talk about a lot of things around leadership and floss for you real talk about our kids. And numb as I think about. And of what why you love to talk about on the show. You know criminal business launch nor. He's done a lot of very thoughtful things about growing the business. Just very inching in terms and the way he thinks about about the world and just one of those things to where you hear the story. They're being Kansas City. Not German people know about it if you solve lol go. You'd recognize logo and all the sudden you're trying to connect the dots or soap festivities company well. Now they want to sit cities franchises they. They got. You know thousands and thousands of employees that they were with. Millions of square footage you'd stand there and in the other piece of it is kind of you'll you'll get a chance to hear about how that business has a bald men or your target started. And then when he got involved and and how did he grow and what events and Richard growth. Great story. And very happy Michael is always with the to bring Jeff go to to the show because when I first heard about Mike. I had that initial reaction like Bela janitorial us businessmen and I looked more into it. And they do some ignorant things from on landscaping to root thing to cleaning too I mean. This and just really going to be should hear from how heated took over the family business with his brother. And family members and really an agreement until artists today and the business itself are more strossen by meeting business owners who have businesses like that that. May seem on glorious in some ways but com. When you know we get spoil warmer sharpen our office and Irving's tidy generated ago and not reverse awful as you are probably our terms of how we keep things up and then also just from. Business as interaction with clients and root races you need your placed what I mean is it does make a first impression does make a lasting impression. And if you don't have a polarization hope you with that. They did have an impact our business so I think part of it just philosophy industries or companies to make sure. That they have a passionate purpose in trying to make sure that the clients are successful and dolby talking to Jeff here after the break he's that's amazing things. And also share so much for your wisdom with us as long as he's also written a book. Which will be really fun to talk about involving kids and tented commandments that you should abide by if you are going to be a of the great parent be cheap and the principles raising successful children organize ulcer and brought turner dot com and Forbes and ink magazine as well so we'll talk about some of his. Untrue real advice as well as growing a business and things to look for if you are leading or managing a team. One day introduce Michael you and introduce. Era here guess Jeff Pensacola beach honeymoon hammers Hemmer is with us today. She is part of horror leadership development program she grounder from more issue last year Oklahoma State Oklahoma State this season is supposed to of Ohio house see you're and a back. And born and raised in Kansas City blue valley North High School. And it's a program that be OK financials had a place for OOC 45 years. And then is as much a formal credit trading program as it is is leadership development program. Every year. We have. Pre significant size class so coming into this coming summer or how of brought to be okay for me to franchise we're gonna have point five interns for the summer. And the world's gonna have 45. Recently graduated. College graduates joined this formal training program. Cindy has been through kind of the core regiment already is now going through rotations in different lines of business. So she's had exposure to our food and commodities. Rupp or commercial rules state group. She's been in retirement plan announced her masseuse he gonna private bank already. And there's Mordechai treasure management's all aspects of teams that we haven't NC expose her to those different elements of it. And for two weeks now as soon hang out with me incoming get a sense for. It's also an islet cell life which is exciting the Pasadena setting case and the fans know what is Tulsa you experience a foreign of the UK financial. Yes so I'm and then in the program about nine months now and I started down in Tulsa. Ended forma credit meaning there and then moved back in the city. In November and started working with moving and is doing my irritation though. And about three to four weeks in each irritation and just getting to learn the bank and and that way they really understand every line of business and and can be in most successful. In my position on and placed there so how did you get done connected to the Buchanan. So moaning at Oklahoma State and heard about the okay financial lot down there and I had some friends out of interned at the bank and it just really dynamic a great opportunity. Graduating college and this coming into my career and it seemed a little less intimidating having. Formal training program. Kyra you into the real world. That's good held the pirates who knew little bit if you think you're at least 25 spots reallocate. I think we generally get about 3000 up so well so if you do the math that's pretty significant so. Pursue new be selected to be part of that fixes a lot of number him. RC we go on us that are heard so we spend a lot of time together in Kansas City I think we are five or six other graduates of the program so we. We make concerted effort that's pretty needs to invest in school now. Well city thanks for joining us again on the show things are happening below have you kind of they yell at this would bring Jeff photo on the show here in the second Michael thanks for coming in today and now we're excited that you what's important. Do listen to grill nation we right back after the break thanks for joining us today again on came easy 1988. Hello and welcome back. Tuesday for a nation show here in 1988 in KM BZ and also on iTunes as holes that grill nation showed dot com appreciate our. Partner and supporter of the girl nation show no bank and be okay financial. Again the president and CEO of mode bank in BO OK financials executive vice president. Michael B is Jolie is with me again today in studio Michael are you. Always do when I'm here okay it does is Lara. Deserve a break from reality we come into the studio and talk about people who really cool things here in Kansas City and one of them is with this year today. Jeff photo is with us he's the president of citywide franchise. A Michael what on Q kind of introduced Jeff. And how you guys know each. Well we've gotten no HR though last couple years so I just her interaction community and I think. We first times third kicked things off you know another we are an airport and Denver and recognize southern to start chatting and ever since then I've been very fast and his business and summaries and use envoy investments and I'm with Meehan. This funeral inching net kinda it's not in the business but also him and his policies on. So the company's cults citywide and you've expanded into franchising to also about 01 off welcome Jeff when I hear from you or is that a good morning thank you good morning. Tulsa by your company. Well citywide. Maintenance and franchise company would provide facility maintenance services to commercial properties so. Basically any thing from handyman services to fuel janitorial services to on landscape services. This is a family business there's an answer okay so I'll hold is that. And it's our in 1961 so if the 556 years bowl oh well now. There were UA Kansas City native. Yep born and raised never never lived any place else in Russia's high school Kansas State University right here. Because that Michael we rarely see that do we know entrepreneurs that are. Thicker around here and born and raised here now I was a lot of people college age difference and how they can review commitment to city while I moved around a lot of I was born on our fourteenth terrorists and I. I moved to a 138. And mission and now. I might not all the way out to a 138 and also I really know drowned alive you know equipment. Talked is about you after you graduate from K state you did you jump right in the and we business I'm glad I did I'd like to say by choice but my father said. I've got 1516. Companies and you're coming into the family business you can choose which business Hugo went to buy it. You're coming into the family business so who are only stipulation was weakening going to business one of our other Brothers was already and so. I chose the chemical manufacturing and distribution business them. It's something I know nothing about. That I miss you all right I didn't know I think about it here's didn't rather see you have a siblings obviously they're the company yup one older one younger on the notes. Middle child and Michael were talking off fare of what that is like jumping into a family business. A sir see you ready I'm obviously young age value grew up around it tells them that experience. Well I think the experience is all based upon your history and for media. And all my and my Brothers we grew up in the business so. It was pretty easy precious to step right into an area. Every Saturday we go to work with my father with penalties Saturday with them over through this summer's. We spent the entire some working in the business done and then every night we were required to each one of us had to clean our own bank. So we learned the cleaning industry editor of the gates of through high school. We cleaner each one of us had her own accounts that we would clean. And that's how we've learned the business so typically I go pick up my cramp on we go hang out and get a cup of coffee afterwards who was actually more fundamentalist works so. Stepping into it after college was pretty easy because of the background with. On up and Michael we don't see that as much these days doing. No society. Half a million people are trying to drag your kids out of bed in the morning on Saturdays. Some of my friends who is back in high school and college so no closer let me see how that MR moment that you grow up and I know. My first job was so. Sweeping and cleaning toilets might it's huge so no Louis you know you go to these idiots on. So did you so you didn't have that that moment where you are like. Really don't wanna do this I got to college it in you because I've my dad as a company to Armenian it's he's an attorney I'm an attorney met. I never really wanted to take over the business I thought I thought about doing and I never did it. This pointless special time I guess you that what. Was there what was that there was a thought process did you even bleaker did you say I'm doing this is no. Because of the upper and well and so I've got to give you both this my idea older brother really wanted to be doctor hand so. That was so big. Discussion around the family for years is that he wanted and wanna go into the family business and my damn I was like well I appreciate that but I need you in the family business and it in a B in the best thing ever for. For all of us including my brother Rick. And for me and really care amount the middle channel people please her he told me where to go to college. He told me when I was I had to study architectural engineering because in case the family business fell apart at least I would learn a trade. Of the new ball that didn't have fall back on right so for me is just it was easy. So was this man is this your father's business that he starter isn't there to go back doing further know my a Graham Paul owned grocery stores photo food markets in hand he ended up. Having a heart attack and basically dying hand. So the the business and my dad just got married just had his first child. And bought their first house when this that and the business went bankrupt. And so he didn't really have any skills to fall back on USC. Air force pilot RI AA for you he served in the air force and went to Missouri. I university but all he had never done it's the damage businesses well and he said the one of the toughest things that. They had in the grocery store business was actually find people to clean the stores at night. And those states in the fifties the hardest part nobody gave strangers keys to their buildings. So he just figured that if the hardest thing for them as they small business owner was say on three grocery stores was fine people to clean. Then he would. Go into the cream business disease in that other people would have that same problem and sure enough. You know that was. Consistent problem with a lot of people interest and attention to kind of go back in. You all the layers of the north girl how to actually started out you know because those are long necessity there right. We're talking to Jeff photo citywide. Maintenance and Urals the city what franchise president of both. By the website. Is CD go citywide dot com correct sir Coca. So Jeff. OK so tell us about ten of the growth of the company when he started how many employees did you all have visit. Pitcher friendly business are you somewhat large at that point. Well we were. Probably for years and years we were and who won the large. Missing Kansas City and the end then the national company started coming in and so. My dad actually started to diversify. And had all those other businesses so. When I took over we were clean in about three million square feet in night. And so it took us call it 35. Years at that time to get to you three million square feet and it was spamming business. We were the second largest in the city when I took over. And the big national company in Kansas City woods. Was the marches. He'd three million square feet how many. People hours. Yeah you know it's. I would say he had several hundred people currently is what we had employed at that time you know most all of our people are part time. Employees they have full time jobs during the day. The maker supplementary income they work for us tonight from three to six are 34 hours. Starting at six and then at 10 o'clock. Vast majority of our workers are 34 hours. Inching I didn't realize that I didn't realize that that was a second job yeah most people you know as I mean we I work in office and every day at 630 years whatever 530 did the cleaning service comes and I hope it's not hope it's that you I don't know where this. But. You know movies I just I'm looking around I'm like OK so does this. Along are they here does this work and yeah. It's it's it's a second job performance absolutely still how many people do you think you've you've worked with over the years. They have done. Out of work for you guys and on the server. I'll pour hundreds right. Thousands well we have over we don't have over a thousand clients in Kansas City today and we have over 151000 people work and Boris. Now. So war clean tonight will clean about 250 million square feet. Cityscape for a OK just put me in my place there I I was trying to be cool little. Slow there on the on the number but she's a mean I didn't expect 151000 people in fifteen fit into their fifties million innocent. Holy Moly. For all over the all of the region. All over the country yes although the judge okay franchise okay so we'll get an of that the next segment our talk about why that makes sense to make that move me to do franchise. People have different opinions obviously franchises so what are your opinion on and why it's been successful why you advocate for. But here in Kansas City says are you so you're still though the largest local crime I guess you could say your local business you're here you read national companies though right. In Kansas City are great we are the largest country in kids and what. Inching so what are you all sizes of businesses you work with or. In your in the day today like who who should be thinking about dude who or what size with but coming employees probably the office spaces. Fifteen to twenty employees and office. Oh yeah Oca. Yeah no are we have an entire division that serves clients that are under thousand dollars month so there average size countess 350 dollars a month. So. Pretty affordable for appear business owner and you want somebody to come in for. And our night five nights a week you know talked about three to two dollars on a monthly basis so. Pretty affordable for sure am and all the way up to the largest accounting concedes that weakling. Twenty hours American century Union Station so. Very large companies on top so piracy piece of trash and an office Michael. I'm gonna call you know record contract I passed back and well hopefully I expect it'll be there tomorrow. Yeah they're at. Jeff photo is our guest the website is go citywide dot com. President citywide franchise and president of city life maintenance. Also joined today by Michael easily from moving from the UK financial analysts integral nation children. I guess. Welcome back. To the grill nation show hearing came BZ 980 AM I'm your host. Casing growth thanks again for connecting with the showed today whether on the radio online or on iTunes via podcast. Appreciate kicked his well on social media on Twitter at JC grill in that group nation show. Also available on other social media networks just checked my name and you'll find us in the show. We're talking to Jeff photo is the president a citywide maintenance and citywide franchise on the show today the website is go city why did. Dot com. Jeff again for our listeners give us a quick kill elevator pitching case they missed the second segment about. Well your businesses do and then we'll get into kind of the growth we provides facility maintenance services to commercial properties. So easy isn't Michael. So easy baskets I was carried out to get married your Linkedin information but that is much since a lot easier now. So talk to us about the growth also with Michael easily. Remote bank in the UK financial president and CEO. Michael Ers he's read Jeff. Talk just about the growth locally and then kind of the decision to franchise. Okay well you know. In the family business I just basically took over what my dad. And my older brother was actually run in the business at the time it took over that chemical distribution manufacturing. And now home. At some point they've family asked me to takeover of the janitorial services business as well as the chemical distribution. And and I did it allow my older brother to focus on the development company in rather focuses on the credit card processing company bases and Rick was running a development. It's on run in both the yeah janitor service at the time and it's into a supply. And just doing what they were doing but as it turns out I really did hated it I mean just there's no other way of you know around and I needed so when you lower earlier bullet. How old was idea I was that way I'd run this. Six years so I was 28. Years old at the very yup the time now. Very young running a company you should yes com. And so. You know I went to my AO brother and that my older brother of time we've been running it my father and I said you know I just this line of work good for you but I just I absolutely do not like it and going back to kind of middle child. I had a very difficult time delivering on promises and so we would disappoint our clients and we had constant turnover with the hourly employees in. It just was not working for me into the point to where. I went to the family and the family board meeting my mom and my dad's still very actively involved them monster comes in every Wednesday we have watches together we went states all five of us in. And I remember this one Wednesday I came to the board meeting at lunch and I said you know. I love you guys appreciate the opportunity but I'm not willing to be a generator for the rest my life no disrespect it's not that I don't like. They the physical work it's set I'm not. Fulfilled I'm not happy I'm not. Living my purpose and I say use those were respect them because people they care about vision mission for opponents are already done but I knew us and happy right. And so they thought you know us just complaining and whining is saying okay we're very embryo and then they justice is what I knew I was unhappy guy I think it did know exactly what it was but it. But honest to god between that Wednesday Femi lunch and the following Wednesday Stanley launching guy named mr. Cho. Knocked on my door. And he said you know I clean the American Airlines overall pace up at the airport and I lost my only count and I got an amazing workforce. Trained skilled people. Do you subcontract any good work and I of course had no subcontracting spat we use all in house employees. Hand but thank you very much away he scenario subcontracting Scott let me tell you about until he told me about a long story short. You know I really was I was in a bad situation we claimed five highrise office building it's out by the airport and we were in jeopardy of losing those accounts and so mr. Cho was Tommy gun I said. Why don't you mean me up there tonight and I'll show you one of the buildings and he says no I I take over all fired tonight. Like man you're pushing no you can just I mean I'm me up there. And our Shea won the buildings well. So we did what we always did every night in the cleaning business most janitorial companies. They sell during the day in service the crisis and during the day in and I think they'll pay a pimp labor's. And the legal clinic mass I was doing basically every single night. And so what I want to attempt labor agency a loaded in my car salmon my management team and then we pull in and there's mister show and he's got 23. Koreans. In uniform standing at attention waiting press roll lives like a military procession really and I look at my rearview mirror and I've got three day labors in my car. I think in this is just absolutely crazy I'm struggling and dying for hourly people every single people. And here's mr. Cho with an inning and it would be trained workforce. And I got in my car and I talked to my supervisors say and I went over to mr. Joseph and I said this is either the dumbest thing I've ever done the best thing I've ever done but it's in God's hands now here are the keys. Two buildings and forgive me for those by pirates office building type in I did not status. But I did I mean we did all of our managers and night they stayed and worked for mr. Cho. And I've returned all of the day labors back to the their workplace and that that's how we got interviewed the partnering with independent business owners and that night it basically. It changed everything force and so went back to the following one's safe and the poor me I said. You know I think I'm onto something because I went from being in jeopardy and five Paris office buildings the property manager it was very unhappy with us. To what actually called us in that period of time said you guys do an awesome whatever it is keep up the great work. And that's how I knew we were onto something just because I was willing to. Because mr. Cho I just was blessed and at the right guy came in at the right time. And not to my door and says I can help. So I I owe a lot too with not a factor conference remiss named after. Mr. Joseph still today's missions go really if you're out there listening please give me a call I think it would love to say hello and can speak you select kind of spurred the growth and really it changed everything it cheat everybody to agree to it did it allowed me to focus and my team on on what we do very what we do best. And you know there's just so many contractors that are out there and it allowed us to go from being just to janitorial company. And now we are able to partner with long landscaping contractors and when a washing contractors campaigning contractors and refer some plumbers only so it thinks. If they're really good at those skills. But we're really gonna decline experience and so by partnering with those folks it allowed us to really grow. I'm gay web site go citywide dot com you mention all the interior servers you have beat just talked by your tears services so. Not only DD the interior also do all you said paying lighting Lenin landscape parking lot services pressure rushing roofing so assertion window washing. All car also contract for the most part yet. As they grow business right there a so more people are doing even today I think realizing that they. They know how to do what they don't do well and then they have great partners and teams around. The themselves and says they're good to be a lesson here and recognizing. Or one it's inching you know a lot of times great ideas Hamas situation dire situations where you're at the risk losing count or what are the cases. And then. From you can quickly assess what your stripes will be good out there I. And you leverage other people and help you be successful then went out the in your own organization turning the right people around you or your business turn right there and pass it as other. That's really where that strength is really a logic transform one you and also then your business. Then Michael ms. Jolie and Jeff photo with me today Jeff talks about the franchise. Well yes so what ended up happening this week and why why that point you decided that. Well alone either India or that saying that when a student is ready teacher will appear. And that is where I was this we've gotten to point to where we were now significantly the largest player in Kansas City and I was. A little bit bored so I started to open up businesses in other markets and and I just remember. Having a wife and three young daughters at the time and I was constantly on the road and again I was miserable I was really back to the family business against him I hate this you know. We are having success for making money. But it seems like at the cost associated with having success just hasn't worked. And churn out Tom hill who my other conference room is named after. Tom hill was co author for chicken soup for the soul. And he presented to us as a member of this stitch. In hand he talked about ordered removed from being successful two significant you have to franchise should distance so how can you take what you are currently doing in teach others and teach them and give them the same opportunity you have. And at franchising allows people to move from successful. Two significant and that was the world's greatest change forest effort because. It completely changed everything porous. And I got off the road. And we turn those locations into franchise locations and it's really allowed us to go from just struggling with having two or three corporate owned. You really. Have a much more success and by helping other people achieve the same success we think it's then. When that kind of start the franchise 2001. Then neo. And so now how I mean how many you have heard housing grown and across the country yet weren't weren't 56 of the largest markets in the country. And so we are starting to move into some of the smaller markets so. All almost all of the markets that are more than two million people where we are and it's an hour's for an move into when they need to mean. Population markets and then or long term and less than lean people. Mean let's inching in and that would as a tepid person comes patty how do you interact with these people out of they find you would they did they decide this is kind of franchise I mean. It's not the one you see on TV all the timing honey how do you convince them this a good idea yeah that's actually the hardest thing that we do is is finding franchise. Owners out what we're looking for his high level source managers so people who have who are basically. Spent spinning their time. Building sales teams because that's effectively what we ours were cells organization we sell for those 25 different service contractors from your mid sized contractor. You're stuck in as a mid sized country to weaken sell your services we provide client relationship. And collect money for those contractors but our franchisees are effectively the sales organizations so. We hire this is brokers and work would this is brokers that's all they do a franchise brokers. And that's all they do is I'd go out and spread the word about franchising find out people who are in rescue franchising and determine a good fit Nate. Will call us and Tim got a person who has BDB this is to business background and sales which they keep this one person would. Would death match up well with you. Jeff photo is our guest citywide. Since the company took Connecticut citywide dot com you're going to be right back with. Hello and welcome back to our final segment today on the grill nation show on the hearse chasing real appreciate joining us on came easy 980 AM. As well as on iTunes and at girl nation show we can find all of our guests photos or guest. And information about her sponsors and supporters one of them is with this today. Be okay financial and Milbank Michael easily. The president and CEO of Mo bank and executive vice president of UK financial is here with us today comes in each and every month. Obviously great I guess and a partner and they we have Jeff photo who's the president of citywide franchise and citywide maintenance the website is and go citywide dot com. Great company here in Kansas City do really amazing things both locally and nationally Jeff welcome back to the show. Let's talk about kind of things you do on the side here you seem to be a pretty strong family man I'm reading up from your bios in new actually penned a book. And attended the kids commandments out by the ten commandments that's right it's for sale on Amazon tells what provoked this in. What made you decide to send some of your very little extra time on this company family business you write a book well. I I ate and trying to replicate what my dad did so he got his three boys in the business and I'm hoping that I'll get my three daughters in the business work the very least. There are espouses in the business and so forth so I thought what I need to do was a loan write a book to make it kind of document when it was and so I started out with a book that saying these habits in principles that. I have used to grow my business. And I say it's the same ten principles that I use to run house. And so I wrote despite book a Wynton tried to get it published and it as you've heard by many many authors. It got turned down over and over and over and over again because that's that's why I never start that's right I I wanna do it either. Okay we've BI wanna start anything neo consider this just the just but it it was also my in my mind it was sauce. But I gonna get a publisher said you either had to choose one or the other either you're the CEO of a business or you're the CEO of household. And so what I did this I just. Broken down into sane decent ten things that. You need to do. To be an effective parent. In order to view. Have a successful household and so that's why I wrote that book as relates trying to be the legacy. Or my girls to understand. What it is that we my wife and I Karen have been able to accomplish. The book is on Amazon. It is before it is like Tom hilly Mitzi is the co author of chicken soup for the entrepreneurial entrepreneurs. Yeah girlish within I would like to have him on the shows and timeouts I listen I don't know I'm very happy to select diverted that book that is that is why but I am about deal of the check this book out I think there's probably wanna get advice. And Michael has some good advice and well as of being a father and and you know many kids for a moratorium like give advice. It's ya ya that's a you've also found time to Kennedy's them entrepreneurial writing I've noticed the you've. A written for entrepreneur dot com and various times throughout the years very short reads the very inching reads this Lister joint check that out. Tell us why you do that. Well. Our franchisees. Or what we would consider partners and legally they're not a partners but we treat them like our partners and so when I'm trying to do is to share best practices and principles or our franchisees. And it's the same time if I'm writing it for our franchisees to learn what we have done and can see it's made a successful. It has been picked up multiple times through some of the entrepreneurial franchise our area magazine and ink magazine franchise times and so we've been very fortunate whiff. Some of the magazine seen some of the writings that I've done to our franchise fees inn and have published them. And who's very cool so modest re a couple of over an entrepreneur. The secret to our conversations with staff keeping employees from burning out it's another I was are using your team the sport needs. And are you leader or manager wider understanding the difference is important in everything about that that's a great topic. Nobody would it would've had to explain the differences because. That that happens a lot business where you. Well personally they you know you're always dealing with clients are different things happening B also athlete team. Where he is managing the team well are for us seeing is that everyone matters is a great book called everyone matters that are written by Bob Chapman and the real focus is treating every member as a member of your family and so. What we're trying to accomplish its citywide is creating such an amazing culture that people really feel like they are part of a family environment. And the leaders I think really begin to understand. The people that they lead and that they are there to serve the people that they lead. And I understand what motivates them and their job is to help those people accomplish her goals and I think as a manager is more along the lines of you know my job is to produce a certain number of widgets and to accomplish certain. Objective and they use their people to facilitate their objectives and so. We're just trying to constantly teach in reminder people that were at the bottom up organization we're here to serve. And we're here to lead people rather then managed them hand. Use them war. I dated a gains you want them to if you beef are filled in to experience. Success one of the four things that we say is you have to learn to inspire. Of the team unity. So it's got to be morning PH were really trying to inspire them to be actively involved in live in our nation mission then. That's one of the things that my maps row what are which when. Things are we cheer with people on company. Erred on the program. Is is over time return for Euro cup or two times when you lead. When you manage. When you. So win you gotta find yourself that turned to assess and one situation means the those three things. And you know I've always known as well it at different times you also need to. They understand and when others were leading when you follow. And I heard some pretty defining although simple the other day which was someone suggesting that you should have the courage to follow. Mean you don't just fall in some and subordinate role but you of the clergy conference on natural I DX US rules or worse I told you it's. Not so it makes a lot of sense but we got a couple minutes left to the show tells about Kansas City and why he hasn't decided to obviously a lot of roots here other grosses city and in how you think that the entrepreneurial community. In the business community has supported you guys throughout the years in we're awaiting a with the current state of the city and the region. I love Kansas City I think it's one of the greatest places to live I travel a lot when my job as you can imagine so. But boy when I come home Kansas City is just it's it's such a an amazing place to live I wish more people knew about all the wonderful things. Michael and I serve on the boarded in severe development council then that's all about bringing more businesses to. Kansas City and I'm just so passion about it because. We have so many things that. Is great for family and businesses in. You when you do travel and you conceded differences are really makes you appreciate. Where we are super excited about the new airport I think that's going to be fantastic for the city. Love the leadership I think we've got a lot lot of great things going. On here in NC. That's great Michael and 300000 state and the absolutely you know we've solution for twenty years. It's. It's about sponsors and we him to grow business and he success. Dawson you know Jeff we appreciate coming on the show today. Your website again is ghosts citywide dot com. Growing company here in Kansas City that's been around for a long long time and also is doing a lot of franchise work as we mentioned throughout. Though the United States and down a lot more opportunities in the future are never gonna ask you with the next big thing is done. Yes forty seconds is there anything you wanna highlight coming up for in the future that he wanted to really work on her share their audience. And twenty seconds or less. I thought we ran out of time not sorry added Tommy continue to drive business the next and we have you know we have on your daughter's working for you or. The other spouses Monday helped him throwing that figure out. Thanks soliciting relationship thank you to Michael easily and no bank in view okay financial for partnering up for the show and we'll bring on Jeff photos today from city life. We'll see you next week take this.