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Saturday, April 1st

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert newer and national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host that conversation to the next level. I'm prepared to get rare access. The leading guess you're connected. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. Connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grill tonight with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show and online at her. Grill nation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up and even in a radio studio. Is Jason grills. Hello and welcome to a real nation on TVZ 988. And aimed at the grill nation showed dot com along. With iTunes and secure radio free she guys joining us as well on podcast today. Beach showed today it's can be a lot of fine broke quickly before I get started with our guests. I wanna take our partners and supporters of the show the title sponsors of real nation our trust. Milbank can be okay financial two us advisors and or injury. Intruders and on air guest cohost and supporters. There your case CNG where you are and though Ryan may be. SER lake district and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander. One of those gentlemen is with me today. From the Reagor Casey and G Reagor and co. Ryan maybe is going to be joining me on the show today we have a fun show and Stuart. And we're gonna be Bergen on a guy by the name of Michael quarter Vito who is the chef and owner of core mean those supper club and tasting room. New restaurant opening up in the crossroads. Lot of funds can be really from the talked to him about. And what's going to be happening down there Ryan has set that interview up he's joining me now Ryan may be welcomed the show. Thanks and going to be back so were never timely show today. We have you and with Michael. For stuff aside about what you what you been up to. Jet setting right now trying to expand. And I kind of feel like I've been on. An American tour or something. Lot of different cities and in pretty brief times and the we've we've been we did the same thing last year. During the spring we added a whole bunch new states distribution wise for. And we're doing it again. Basically like February through April. And as we launch new markets and and make our spirits available there. That's really important and united that we have the ability to. Help cultivate the businesses there and and nurture the market in and going and train the sales team and meet with buyers and our owners and bartenders and just. You know hope and help inspire people Ricoh products and. New website. Same web address GA Reagor code dot comic Euro website. There's a tab with the spirits locate her and it's really cool how it's done it's very interactive. But it shows a map of all the different states you guys are available and so which are obviously Missouri Kansas Illinois you're in Texas Louisiana Georgia. A lot of states all the way out to Colorado. The Minnesota up in New York now DC. Some stuff on the East Coast through Maryland Delaware yeah you're Georgia seventeen states seventeen including Washington DC yeah. What is been your biggest surprise that when you've been traveling about put people think of Brandon. It it in just got to the whole the whole environment. You know I don't know that it's it's really surprising but it just the overall. Responsibly get the reception people are really. Excited about it. You know I think what we have is really special and unique but. May be the the biggest surprise is I think people get all over the sticker shock and when I mean is that it's less expensive than what they expect then you know in this climate right now with a lot of new. Stories popping up in and offering. New products they observed some of them are really expensive and we've from the very beginning men. Really intent on making an approach will price point and and in ingredient seek news and cocktails and I think that's been a little bit this prize to. Bartenders are owners and people in the industry is that we're really competitively priced and you guys is that stated whisky gin vodka cafe Amara yeah what does that again so cafe Amaro is the word tomorrow. Means bitter new Zion and it's a category of we cure from Italy that is. Designed as an after dinner drink did you Steve O was originally intend to have medicinal purposes. The one that we do is herbal botanical. And with coffee we partnered with. The romance which is a look here off heroes who reaches the beans or do the rose to pursue cold brew. And so it's it's like a coffee which are but not sticky sweet like so many of them still got some bidder herbal. Try to finish to it actually a wine enthusiasts just did a feature on popular pictures from around the world and they raided. They rated hours along with many others and we got 95 points and passing category rose I was I was pretty exciting. Greg Lewis and thank yeah you guys. Is you're killing also I will mention Ryan's. Manifest those James Beard so he can finalist or what has it was a nominee. Semi final some nominee for James this year for a outstanding bar program Mason we're talking Iran may be guest ghosting interpreter grill nation. His Twitter handles act roundtable right. One of the things only talking about for you and our next segment is. Your specialty. Kind of a signature limited edition released that you guys are just now actually it's it's happening. This week I believe are very soon he had to sit source hit stores this week the new monogram whiskey yeah tells about that. This is a really fun trying to bring great branding and ads. And and elements of branding that this label the monitor and whiskey label is really true to the original. A Nigerian monogram whiskey and we want it to be kind of our signature reserve. Higher and bottling and is who we did was we took. For 500 leader Sherri voters that are between eighty and a hundred years old which are basically impossible to come by. On the we have a partnership with bodega and in Spain. And a we're willing to give a cease for large cast some we filled them with like corn whiskey that was. I'm nine years old and with some straight right it was eleven years old. This is back in June July 2015 and we've been. Finishing this was he's in this casts since then and doing a solar system re basically draw some out. Blended and then topped the barrels off with a little bit more younger whiskey and then continued to. Agent so that it's been this kind of ongoing. Blend that we've been formulating in between ourselves and Steve Olson who is a partner in the business and Sherry wine expert. And so it's something that we're really proud of were really excited about and we think that it's something that. People never really taste anything quite like this before. Thousand bottles. Yeah that's very exclusive for the country you love offerings here in Kansas city of port most of it will stay home yeah I don't know cedar Casey. Why I just think it looks great there's an article McKee is he star about it you guys are checking out. Resurrecting the monogram whiskey thousand models available. This week in Kansas City and throughout the country. Right for those of us who have not visited the distillery tells them that how that works. Well we're rookies on the east bottoms are across street from local pig and across railroad tracks from knuckle heads. And I know Bob follow up yeah that's a cool a lot of fun to really cool location and animal pocket of Kansas City that. Now upload people know about. But we're excited to be down there and it's we're in about a 151000 square foot old. Concrete warehouse. Rumored distilling every day and now we have about 2000 barrels on hand that we're we're continuing to agent went from. And hopefully gonna extend. At some point as well and Angela. And even bigger so that you are welcome come down you don't really have like a formal chasing rumor events based that we do. Sewers on occasion and you are always happy those people in and check out. Yeah you that's one of the things I wanna do I have not been down units and and he's told me about it you'll live removed from access will be down there in April. There's a PC business are holding on to another I told anybody's like Alka you have three or four months ago and so will be down there in April some excited check out Suu Kyi has been up to actually set foot on media. The the hardwood for the ground floor there and see it's all going on we're going to be. Ryan's gonna be joining me the rest the show Laporte top as the discussed within and then after we do another Simmons right we have Michael we're being no forums where Venus supper club in see through joining us here on some real nation we expect excellence. Going back to the show relationship with Jason grill tonight. Catcher dot com again thanks hosting won't podcast I think. Maria. We're talking to Ryan may be who's the with the reeker TC and G Reagor co guest contributor partner and supporter of real nation just. A great guy here in Kansas City and really done a lot of great things over the years happy to have him on again. On the show we have them on every other month where he brings in a really cool guess we talk a lot about its what he's been up to and on today's show afterward on the right you're gonna have on Michael corn Reno from where Venus supper club and taste through which will be opening up. Very shortly in Kansas City crossroads. We really cool concept Brian. You know small play they're gonna have affordable options live music great rate high in fi too if you wanna do a taste through kind of concept. Just invigorate edition of the I had. Thank. From Dallas and he took over the executive chef for all the American restaurant. Super cold dude great food and I just love the fact that he has decided to. Open up has his own place in Kansas City and just around the corner from me in the process I'm sitting it's going to be one of the more. It's when the most exciting restaurant openings in Kansas and in a long time I mean he's he's gonna do some cool things the music element I think. Yes that officially needy kids city. You know we have so rich history of of music in in Casey Ian and not just jasmine beyond jazz. And you know I I think that we currently could use more venues you know more more out places for. Played her so why would someone ask you that question Brian secure a food man and just you know everything about Kansas City right now. What would you say oh would you say do those lists virulent means. Well actually I there are quite a few. But it recently I really. I've fallen in love with the green they lounge area I think it's really cool I love the fact that they are open. The other 65 days a year live music every single day until 2 AM. You know and it's just start elated this article earlier rye and so it's it's reliable and consistent and it's good. Mean the lineups because they have planned there are really really good it's got a great lively tonight it's not just an old school jazz jazz goes like listening rooms were. I remember going to places you know 1015 years ago and getting charged. You know but it's more of a bar environment nearing cocktails hang out talk friends. It's a funky little bar if you haven't been there I mean it's it's a fun little place that I. I think that's been a fantastic addition to the scene here. And one when Mike and go too late night places in the late. So right you're gonna be hit the road you travel all the time we mentioned in the perhaps a little alien wins are sitting up in Minneapolis. Back to back nights are trying to. Yeah yeah back to back nights at the parlor and in constant and how does that happen. How do you how do the how well I knew you were famous. That's a bartender because that magazines that you were yet noticed a lot you know you cannot arrive you kind of a do another thing easily you know yeah. Arts and you know it's funny I am I is somebody asked me what I deal. I love to say I'm a bartender I mean I I kind of self identify as a bartender because I think. That's it has meant so much my career you know whether it's going on sued to bar restaurant ownership are now. Which. Sunday when I grow up I just wanna be apart America into you know I really love doing it but I I take a little little slack for myself because I parts and more outside of Kansas City that I do here now. And I honestly don't bartender at all anymore at manifesto in the reader my and I don't have time and we have a great staff so. You know that that part scrape it as we build our brand as we build G Reid and company. Around the US. We really are building the brand through bars and restaurants and through bartenders and threw cocktails. And as we do that it it's just sort of a natural. It's a natural thing for me to go and parts and that these these bars and and places around the country and help promote the brand that way. And what's really cool about it's it's such a collaborative and supportive environment within our community nationwide that. They want me to come to you know school I want them to come here I wanna bring people here and have been guest parts and that manifesto at the region we've done that as well suing your guest are -- you know you can tell people bought the brand and where you're from and absolutely I'm talking about the brand obviously in the console them also late. My clearly spreading the gospel Kansas City may and so is super proud of of Casey and where we come from so that's a big part of as well. Ryan may be with me today. Ryan. Joe's Casey how you guys have been doing a lot of collaborations again that you mentioned tell me it's with one year with cafe tomorrow. Talking about what you're doing Jews Casey. I ordered a couple a couple clever things with them. We've been working for quite some time on a collaborative barbecue sauce with Kansas City whiskey and that's. That's gonna that a reader before you know it were pretty excited about that that. With their chef Kerry were also doing collaborative dinner at their events base out south and over on park. On April 7 were doing a four course dinner with chef art Hanna from the reader and carry from Joe's. And will be doing cocktails with NG reader spirits that is in April yet April 7. Very cool. That's a beat seeing a whiskey are so. Accents right I mean I. Tim we have we had to guess a few weeks ago we talked about a Dino catch. To his wind intensive amount in there there on this they're on the shelf so I think in the hole it's yeah so I mean. Think about it I mean why not was you barbecue so absolutely. And that's pretty cool yeah did not talk about software is they're so. What are you expecting that to be completed. I don't know I don't know when it's going to be dose limiting yes I don't I'm assuming or hoping that they're ready. Can kick off on the night of the Stoner. I can't promise that right now but. The rest he's done were kind of working on T bottling and packaging labeling of it. And then middle it'll be out there will be available. So. Lot of development going on in the crossroads now we're to have Michael on the talk about the organs but organs where are organs get station excuse me and what he's doing at court he knows supper club in tastier. But also TU we talked about it there's a lot of new restaurants of their two week mission taco is opening yeah and there's a new place rev a where you live that's going to be opening. It's like to the entrance. Swordfish Toms is coming across a source it's time swords yes mom I love the name actually I think it's really cool it's a reference to Tom Waits album. It's really neat but it it's can be kind of you know I discreet little basement popped so layer. Where ironically the entrance it is in the Alley literally right next to my podcast I home. I swear if it like any another speak easy right outside my door and you know Valhalla no I'm kidding it's gonna be owned and operated Mitchell Cox and from she's from Nebraska and Jenna. A bar I've been Lincoln for awhile that was really really well known and renowned and she's been working on this for awhile I think it's going to be another very cool addition to the crossroads. And should be Israel fund mission taco you mentioned. In the building they hit by the car Islamic up plowed into biodiesel where you store or that are part of town remembered that day when that happened yeah they've done they don't we're kind of prolong I think that that little incident and slowed down their hockey practice. Let from when I understand they're closer now on their can it's start hiring and mr. tuck is based out of assay Lewis and there's three locations in Saint Louis and I've been all of amend their. A good man it's it's consistent good quality. Mexican to lots humans now. Think you know sort of like we're Fonda dish yeah yeah I think that's it's going to be a coalition of the crossroads nothing else. I like that there is a lot of additions of on the east side of the grocery. You're in the conflict the hallmark airs your your kind of in the rain San Siro was yeah let's let's crossroads yet what does that what does have been like seated is if it's an issue. I think it's only natural I mean the great thereby. Were mission Tucker is kinder some guidance and there are. Probably longer than anyone crossroads we talk about. A pioneer for that neighborhood stretch was that way on the front. So seeing some of those buildings and anti surface parking lots. Now all be developed and turned into something A gets its connects the dots and makes everything much more walk wolf that's really the key I mean. Four for a downtown neighborhood like that to. Thrive I think it needs to be very very walk more and more businesses we have. Popping up and filling in the spaces. Will will accomplish that goal. Speaking of that you've been looking out your window into a blighted. A development that hasn't happened yet the only for many years that it's true that a alumni have a hotel to your right that's going up and also to your tell me now this is going to be developed we. Yeah the other side of the street not in all you have really out now as affair no what he can guest media. Whenever lately is that everything has been approved and there they're moving forward. We've met the developers a couple of times it was you know we talked about this before or more further shows I think we're which sobered yeah yeah he bought up. All that property basically about the entire block who anti surface slots and though old ms. equipment lessons tell and he's been very. Motivating and aggressive to make something happen and so he's found a developer I can be decided Detroit. It's developing into mixed use. First floor retail and you know from another bar restaurant and then. Above it will be residential and I also think he oh I know he is a salvaging the facade of the old. Which some US which I think is great you gonna have a really cool collected mix of this. You century old architecture with new architecture as well I think that just gives them in a lot of. Lot of character well you know you had a Condo or the apartment six or you know the attitude if beautify that streak now. Some Fulton is there really yeah. It it's amazing. Also too we talked about a little bit off fair about goalie Simpson's. The crossroads woody woody woody nobody. I don't know a whole lot I just know that it's something that the crossroads community association is exploring. As group follows out of town for a they had an obstruction meeting. Last week and I wasn't able to attend. And it's in house meeting notes and other working with the city and looking at options. And with some of the these new lot's being developed into a parking garage and suddenly we're gonna have opportunity. You know to share space and annualized valleys service so. You know if the city or if the community the Christmas tree association can help. Make that work that would be great for everyone. Yeah I was. Leads few bodies here for people at home you know a year the parking lot it's always possible so good news so did. Brian may be with me today. The reader Casey. Going to be joining me as we go to our next interview with Michael core Beano. Court Venus supper club and tasty group. And analysts say for that is we're being known dot com. Really enjoying thing you know Bryant's day in really doing you loosening his wealth and I'm really gonna enjoy this next segment. Like so please please stay with us today and we're back on her own age. I guess. Hello welcome back to grill nation with Jason girl 90 AM and on. Talked 980 M dot com precede listings on iTunes stitcher radio via podcast. In academia act JC grow on Twitter at grill nation shown they'll also. On all other social media is to search for Jason grow appreciate you joining connecting with us again today joins vegan by guest hosting contributor to grill nation Brian may be used. With the re your case CNG re your Rinko. Great companies here in Kansas City and now Ryan has been. Been working hard and was able to line up our guest for today for the final two segments of the show vital core Beano with a chef and owner Hackwear being a supper club and taste through opening up. Very soon in Kansas City in the crossroads in the court in station building in new building that is right in the heart of the crossroads. Michael welcome to the show. Thank you for having a great to have you Ryan. What you started softer because I know that you guys have known each other now for a few years and Buckley you're back on his pretty pretty pretty cool and you've you've traveled all around the country and decided to. Pitcher reached down here at the curbing a separate public in cities so. Right which started softened. Your class that we so we first met when you moved here from Dallas. Stick over the executive chef role at the American running yes which was Leo was about. Just about almost four years ago. Doesn't always done we've been complete shows about the un American and now public through a gust over and I brought in Doug frost. A while back and we were we were reminiscing about the American. It's a special place and treated me well and it brought me to Kenneth that in view of effective manner exhausted. A Dallas by way of what Portland is Sarah run urged that he scattered around. Northwest I was Oakley I opened a couple of restaurants and Portland prior to being in Dallas who has. Listen. Not the Florida for Cooper your third of that and Chicago. Refute it originally from where we Washington State wolf while Washington oppress all day in your bio what's wallow while Washington like. It's a little teeny small town in a valley in the corner of southeast in Washington and around by desert. And the Columbia River and ethnic record. And say you you ended up in the midwest. With satellite Paula different than probably grow it's crazy Eddie in the extreme. He in the Cyrus and Ream cold the winners when Dallas Chicago. Optimists I never. Settled on the midwest and here you're here I am. I don't know if one sport might. BK is Brian they were talking you know they've got a lot of good press of the last fifteen years growing city. How does that change in mean you obviously I showed up ready to begin in 2008. And who's really. Entering an era the peek through it's huge restaurant. And boom when I go back now others under. Two restaurants there that I did you weren't there that have opened since that's just concrete there was. There were kids moving from. Every city in the country apart and I got there we opened it. I think our entire team for urban farmer one of the restaurants are open with sixty people and now. We were able Harold if you grew faster than now now everybody is that where all the coat it's so hard in every city. It was it was crazy when I mean there. There's a lot of parallels in the in Portland to Portland in in Kansas City in my my experiences there as I just the culture the that attitude the growth downtown with restaurants streetcar. Mister curry important is really similar to the one here and in Kansas City as well I've been so other cities lately. That I was gonna surprise didn't have. The public transportation and I thought they would apt considering their size and population that Portland feels comfortable feels familiar. If there's way more hits his improvement in city a lot more bat that I share electric car really. I thought about a lot when you people have questioned ticker it just goes so far him. I user I lived I lived in the pro district and worked embarked on their way downtown. In Portland and I took it every day we take you to get from one restaurant to another bar that five minutes away. It it's added a city feel like that the campus video from earth. Oh yeah. Ryan you've you've you were bullish on it. And actually getting when people were were restaurateurs were. Angry about it self destruction yeah I guess somewhere I mean it used to bring opinions are put and the construction was a headache that that I thought it. Was something we would just have to. Contend with you know in order to make the city better and you know we got through it and I think we're better off for a you know it's got to stop just on the street or you know a couple doors down from the reader and right around the corner from where you're going to be and so. You guys are the U together the pioneers view view an hour and then Michael Smith is a Libyan and urged. I feel like I'm coming in when the time is right it I find it quite poetic but the neighborhoods ready for more and Ryan and his. In Howard are excited American parent and hope that neighbors in a when I hear that and that's what. That attitude look at Lincoln city and an amendment if you're we better on the judge she's great. So. OK so tell us about the location. I know co pay in his is involved with that organ station. It's it is right next to a streetcar stop. At a close to Michael Smithson in everything right around their right what's the lead with yes it. In their story and trips back to on one street on a street on nineteenth some OK it's it's a fantastic location. And it broke apart and drug history oh gosh people in the city love and of the son of of more parking right right and they do. And sure enough it's. It's really M think it's going to be very hopeful fervor here on. Areas I've I've. Drove around. There your three times admin and I'm happy to check if they're so busy with I get off work. It makes me happy but if some kind of I could get two blocks and park there in over. It is pardon grudges forever so brand new building rights. Oh. You can really well. Old 1921. A brand new new Iran and I knew that if I yeah. I don't do it you'll building by for your place there's. It's gonna the pretty nice still Tulsa about that tells about none of why he decided to open this restaurant in city. And in what it do you know it's going to be in a brand new renovated. Building. With subtle like tells about kind of why you decided to do this do we have we ever had anything like this he can sees this new gonna go through the restaurant indefinite definite and I think it's very. Unlike anything. I see in Lincoln city would it. Didn't unlike. In the restaurant. Really experience through that ruined you walk into the back of a very large state. Christine and I decided to open this restaurant here. We're actually shopping Seattle and Washington my home state third trip we're coming back here and their when looking at seventh and what are we doing. Remove. Really mean it opens them into your recipe they can the same thing it's pretty amazing when that happens right. We know we know the neighbor heard we go to work we love the city it's been really good to us no people who support us. And we've went right to work on witnessing here on and we wanted to rest are elected. Cook an Embraer one arrest of the would speak to Kansas City so we have so many news trends that are musicians and there's so many young musicians coming here and talking about. The ninety's when you were playing music anywhere and it fell off and it's coming back. And. I love the music scene and wanted to have a restaurant to have fun and unique in the city and as a way to rally behind. That's exciting. For me as well something that I find really. Into sing about your concept is that you know you've got you're you know you're style from the American obviously very high and very formal. You're gonna have a little bit of that in in this location with the tasting room part but then you've got a stage like a really legit stage and sound system and in the having nightly every night my music. Every night revved you know background to dinner throw artisan and we're gonna start with who. Weekend bringing an end at 930 tenants credits that are being opened ones serving. They're gonna full menu till one on. Going to be an raucous and fun. I had a death than life is set up my girlfriend at some friends from the town and they similar you do a nice dinner once Willis and alive music in I was like. Trying to think of places I would take intensity. And you know there's a painful I you know this is not a late night crew they're not the one name crew. And so you know there are many mean that I know places to go at 738 tolls and do like music you can get it. So. That's pretty excited that you're corporate music in the yeah where as we pick it's it's scenic but then it's this kind of old school thing. And that's where we came to what we call this restaurant wanted it to be social and fun and have a big are and it's not a par separate thing. And we started looking for what the ala. Kept going like Castro. But that's all you European influence on the food strictly in. We just in the supper Clement are researching in the midwest and supper clubs and somebody just sent me an article from their newspaper two days ago about all about a resurgence supper club wanna customer to gather and socialize and meet people. Have fun and listening music while they eat. And it's just it's all coming together throughout. Approachable all right it's time for a little place and you're gonna have seeding it looks like at the bar abusing into the kitchens that's still happening there's a little peek into the kitchen knives civil porthole window if you're in a car crash that. We get about a minute left in the segment just give us a preview of what we can expect from a food. Stamp. Of the are you until a large restaurant with the it's designed to soft serve a place of Euro everything's. Just think of a menu full of appetizers and you wanna eat with have no royalty in order one you can order to you can order and in any order you would like to use super approachable approach won't price as well. That's important places we were a couple Obama too often comical and that we. And then we're working done there's another component we basically have us teeny tiny little restaurant within this restaurant there were gonna. Develop. Over the next month and open in the beginning of on May Napster case it seats up to eighteen you can make individual reservations count seats. One focus tasty menu that we you're on every individual caps preferences in actors are so that's a fine dining component that's completely separate. It's opened the kitchen. You're you kind of feel like you sit in somebody's home that threw the kitchen cooks will be serving you are Indian amazing lot of fun. My hope we're Mino chef and owner export being a supper club and and tasting room is our guest back for one final thing within her and maybe after the break thanks for joining. They'll welcome back to cronies with Jason real nice Indian. On relationship dot com intuitive I Ryan maybe the read your case he and if you re hearing co great companies here in Kansas City. Our guest is Michael core Beano who is the chef. And owner of deeper arena supper club and tasting room the website square veto dot com. You're opening your first restaurant on the ground floor of the historic organ station Harden crossroads our district. Formally of the American ship green as contemporary as we Dziena is described as interplay of the ingredients. With the juxtaposition of texture flavor shape and color welcome back to show. So you. The restaurant eighty seats is that right. Have to force 74 seats. Small plates. I'm an American guy who we don't like says Muppets and small. Right path I thought the iron is all placement for sharing is. Avoided them very much because. Patty patty Sherman interpret that Cabrera at. We're gonna have a low light music. So what are Samir fades already that you can keep need to tell us about some your favorite menu items. People listening should enjoy. A restaurant the product absolutely yeah it. This the cuisine is through them. Modern American food what that's come to me is lending greetings and techniques from all around the world to very much. My experiences. Possibly train friendships. On. European chefs in the night in Iowa a work. And Chicago on a Chinese restaurant in the penance vote eight. Open the Japanese restaurant in Portland announce on in the modern steak house important. But anything from. We've got to bred program will be making. Numerous different breads and house restored now for a couple different ones porn Madeleine and the plane with. Born from the midwest and playing around with. Actually I don't have Heredia were plan. Osama and greens firm to your readers that's gonna ask you about but I know we never followed up but I really excited came out really good it's got great potential organ and wait wait to them and really ready. Yeah we make a lot of different fun thing making this muffins is to have. On that are little sourdough starter BB that he. I don't know how many years network but it. On you have anything from that to king crab Fred writes. It's really. Is really no rules in the food it will ruin all of my experiences and best ingredients are confined. Entity in its not gonna be super expensive right. Heroin can come and neat absolutely there absolutely allowed at the fine dining component the case are very small to completely separate peace in the restaurant. Quality is high absurd it's all about quality of ingredients. From food drink and Michael you've been searching out the crossroads. As a place to go to open the stress strategy you obviously looked and other cities he said. Oh whitewash cross routes for you there is no world we considered. It just felt so right with the five of Woodward do you mean. That the creative artists. Since a comedian in the cross serves and then the musher restaurant owner that's it that's really I love hearing that obviously. I've been singing for awhile that a I feel like the crossroads now like the dining and drinking Mecca of Kansas City or as you know it's ten years ago it and the plaza west or you know other other neighborhoods but it. You think about the concentration of great chefs and and restaurants in the crossroads and we still have a lot of empty space that you know there's a lot of opportunities there I opened my first business there almost eleven years ago. And see how parts come today and it's amazing but I love hearing you say that you never even considered. Another neighbor of the use knew you wanted to be down there that's really cool. Yeah I was it was it was a no brainer. Love it. What are some of your favorite place to young Kansas City the size the rerouting a it's the Riordan. I go to the rear and I put. In my elbows on. The count out there where Howard defending its spirit thousandth and interactive. And a beer issues ahead. A lot of the my friends these guys have been so good to me as a pretty tight knit communities and it is and I can't wait till it. To turn the tables and church or place with them and a hospitality. So lump sum that you like about everything a lot of different time is so remind diffusion and you know I. We we're we're gonna step to another day learn on the entire room of all its staff are ready said the fever food. Nobody said my fears that it kind of a no brainer domestic it is obvious that everybody the pizza. An island utility pizza to and I'll go to tonight find Neapolitan style high. Blood. That comment down and dirty. We are. But I it serves a purpose we Fserve get together to get places you PTQ and city and thank you and there's a. More now than there was. Yeah I think having more options is huge for us. In. Like Brian said a mean more than mayor around absolutely and I've read yet we welcome more mean. How much and across the street from the reader every day for the last eight years and in that whole stretch. Along mainstream between nineteenth and twentieth as just being completely. Falling apart aside from affair in Ambien which is doing a great job when you step Herbert us right there are you was yeah I is there for. Or you could hear something like that but. You know now it's finally got to get redeveloped as loans all these all these empty spaces are being filled in yet and connecting the dots and making it real tense vibrant neighborhood. Nets excited. So talk Sawyer hours again so when do we expect to come in what day you open or go Leo but we're starting with five days. Certainty what seagate two days off a week now. I doubt on how to throw. Start with five days. Tuesday through Saturday. Will be 4 o'clock to eleven. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and 4 o'clock to 1 AM Friday in San. That's great to sit up until one home or switch over to a late. Late night menu on. Around 10 o'clock handle and start a late night menus. Slightly smaller than the regular but it's still a very sad it's a very substantial man who popular company dinner minute. The biggest difference with it and how. A lot of little one off things that aren't on their dinner and human you might find. Super ingredient driven fantastic. Com diners are cheaper on. And that's of the now waiting for admitting and out of Saturday sounds great TV eat well line cooks wanna once mast and ago after Caroline chemical beer. I'm really excited about the the like music component. I'm having another option Donna which is is greater than any specific artists you guys have wanted to be regulars there they'll be performing a lot or that you're excited about. Where were turned it immediate. In the immediate future stay away from. We Gregor is in just a lot of people in the door when on. Want one of our dear friends we got married and her parents farm chest as if to mussina a pretty regular letters from current and numerous different. People playing with them. One of my favorites. Learn from his briefly and on she puts together a couple different. Groups that she plays with and that's important to me is it's a very. And a folk hero country influence things she's got jazz influences but will we're not just over restaurant and a bar right with music. But we'd. Not gonna just be chancellor Angela blood diversity in in the Kensing music scene what was though the band. But the last night at the American I was there is like jango Reinhart kind of really Le grand style. In the name of their fantastic. Open to see them again. And the keen hot club kids soccer club on a PC so she'll be singing with hock them case she sings and it's fantastic it's so fun. It's like anywhere from 567 guitars and Merrill just gone back room and those kind of an incredible. And it and then. And then and then a violent Korea. In the a lot of fun core Vito supper club and taste Syrian you guys have a FaceBook page it's at according OKC also. The website if you want to click to reserve your experiences that we're Reno dot com. And congratulations Michael on all your success. Thanks for staining Kansas City can be great to have another great restaurant in new. The crossroads to attend a release become outcome of the restaurant area ego and he went to check it out and he waits. Bit of some of those the small plates and actually are small and a lot of the late nineties the sun hit it. The report to you which heavier. Thanks for coming on the show right maybe thank you for joining me today. Faceless liberal nation we'll see you again next week really enjoy the show he did they.