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Saturday, April 7th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. You're still grill nation always just okay. Even in their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello welcome to be a real nation show. I'm your host is Jason Gruner and came easy nine ED AM I appreciate you all joining us if you are in your car at the gym or just hanging out your listing and be I teams or the Internet. Greatly appreciate that is well. Big show today. Really excited about our show today we haven't we done about a 155 of these now. As far as the relationship goes separate she continued on and joining us again today. Forty to our guests I want you thank our partners and supporters of the relationship with G seem real that title sponsor of the show or trust. Mo Bay Buchanan financial and q.s advisors and right Henrik who is actually going to be joining me here in the second. Looking forward to you sitting down with him I'd get Al so have some covic contributors and guess because of the show the Reagor. Ryan Ayers is Mia Ryan rink is with me he is with two west advised US companies excuse me. It's all the so it's all the same right you're helping people. Ryan Greinke is our guest host and partner of the relationship he's with me today and we are going to be talking to. The CEO of the in AI GM car here on the shirts they have the first or talk to Ryan. And catch up from our Iran. Heavier than I was last time I saw it and how I changed its so so we have to give back in the gym. Yeah oh well I have excuses for everything right now at some point for the weather to break okay. Which is extended winter and that hasn't happened and now I'll since this has been really depressing us and violently Kansas City hopefully turn drunken I do enjoy springtime there. You know stump for some baseball and some outdoor activities so Ryan tell me about what you do your T west company's president. Ellen what do you do there. How this whole thing started about ten years ago and Carter I'm mark ownership moved into a spare bedroom with a dream broke we borrowed a hundred gram from each of our mother's mind didn't charge interest is dead. And we had a vision of DN. You know we're 41 K consultants for the most are but it was doing things fiduciary for fiduciary it was cool like a buzzword. So. We tried it. We figured we could always go get jobs and so if you fast forward now almost ten years later. It's been a stitch in we've been recognized nationally or locally fastest growing and company and so when you see yourself doing that it tells you doing something right and then you know part of my relationship but Jim Carr who we're gonna talk to a little bit later. Ms. we jumped head first and a higher education and so small college consultant for a freebies which. You know I say isn't a person a gift but we're up to Tony folks were feed our families were open a lot of people under. We've got big plans for the future and work Kansas City born and bred on well I love this town to US companies dot com is the website. You can pretty much help anyone that needs to not be Syria assistance and financial help correct this Fon yes. It's just about. It's by having the right business on Vienna I was scuffling to travel Lexus and a meeting right. It's not what we work roughly two years or risk a little thing we're simple folks that make fiduciary funds from kappa. So while Ryan also hosts a radio show on intercom. Live with the Rican Laura at at one point he. He is the one of the reasons why the show it continues to exist is he's a partner and supporter Indy we he's introduced me a lot of great people throughout the years we kind of merged. We merge shows a little bit kind of the same kind of fear of interviewing and talking view. People in Kansas City CEO's it's the most our leaders doing amazing things here at our local community as well as. It's a regional national people to really folks in Kansas City Buchanan did this for. Our six years in over a 190 interviews around that theater right. Well you and our unparalleled for awhile there I just started ahead of Brian which show prep for the show like let's do this is that Alan you looked good everyone else produces the show and I had nothing that is shut up and starting yes thank FF. But you and Aaron parallel Soes is Laura McKnight I my partner and that in that venture. Which is interviewing local talent right what's going on in Kansas City and it's cool stories move stores. But as our shows one in down because both of our you know careers kind of started taking off. Your show started to ramp up at the same time right and so I remember going to Jack and Conan yourself and we had sponsors pay for our air time right means it costs money to do his thing that's right. And so I went to the sponsors and sail like chase finally chased a lot of them on the show is great I love what he's still one. Let's all of us and come together and support him as we come as some live in the drink or goes way. And guidance to three years ago yes the stench fan and I know really good and I start visionary and on a really good enjoy. Connected I get to come here stories to them to be co host when Jim Carr debt is a good trusted Carter a friend of mine and this is to become more the norm here we're gonna have writing more often should I haven't taken advantage of it it's going to be a lot of fun. On talked about Jim Carr he's the CEO of the NA IA obviously we buses per of that organization the website is in a IA dot org. You Menem a few years ago and we'll get into kind of how you interact with them bit I'm excited talked him because he has such inching background he's he's off from Keene city he he went to duke law school also were to you know be. During the running reds days it's the really cool guy would report to me I've never met. In person but it's me on fund one of the most humble. Well connected to well thought out of sports figures under rated in the United States no many lives right here in Kansas City and he's. And outside the box thinker. He's not just your traditional status quo he pushes somber Lopes. Which I have to and higher Ed. -- small you don't park gavel of the small 200 to two schools around the country that they serve. Are awed that seems like there and survival mode right periods under crisis situation so two dollar state of the cool ways and don't leverage in their infrastructure to help schools so yes source critic you like to hear he's very humble person went very much so I guess he's he season. He's touched a lot of things of basketball that's for sure. He's become very close these bright top ten friends or enemies in I've gotten really close that's pretty cool and knock him out of his radio show year old very explore McKnight thank you know he's trying to strikes again. So he'll be will be joining us for the for the three segments today after this one a burly gonna talk to him about his background. Share some fun stories about his education where he came from and and really kind of breakdown. With the inning guy doesn't and Ryan is unit talked to him about. Some of the things that he's been able to to work on within which again plug that real quick about which years of built in what you're doing because I think it's pretty revolutionary. So for this year consultant for for a three babies for small colleges is not a flu is a 43. Not for profit book and so. Yeah we gym on a course of two years with the support of this president's which is the council of I 23 presidents. Proud to announce that we built the first come aggregation multiple employer plan for the small schools to come together to get the buying power. That they can't get on their own so they can save time save money and save liability and and that's the first national program across the country and that's when saint Jason. Out of Kansas City city ask Kansas City man wanting to get into aside Jim Carr CEO of the in AIA today is. You know he's on the board abusive Basque aha puts job and be excited talking about his he's been to the Olympics yes he's he's metal aboard his Mac coach k's medal of us is important as these relationships that I need giddy about a sky like peel the onion and onion NC. Where these guys who like I told Jim that he needs lead with that what do you do for a living on the board of men's basketball for the US Olympic to say that this thing because everybody jaw drops out friend and I say I'm the CEO then AI I don't know what that means. I'm on the board of the men's basketball and saying it. I love it meant bribery is our guest coast today principal. Two US companies to US companies dot com. I'd urge everyone to check it out the great guy can help you outlaw different things. We're going to be talking to Jim Carr CEO at beef in any IA and also on the board of a men's basketball. And the Olympic Olympic team here today on the grill nation show thanks for joining us here today and 980 and came BZ. Hello and welcome back. See the growth nation show here came easy 988 AM and on high teens if you're listening via podcast today. Appreciate you joining us as well at grill nation showed dot com where he can find. A photos of our guests which we rule share today as well as more information about them. And as well those of all of our shows that we've done as we move through the group nation over the last three and a half years. Very excited to have with me today how Ryan Reid who's the president of two US companies. The website is to US companies dot com either a partner and supporter of the grill nation Chile and also a former. Post himself of his own show. Which we come emerge in the show which. Whenever we talk about publicly about we have and Ryan is gonna be joining me hopefully more often hear. But welcome back to show Ryan Ari thank Jason. Life is good bro I can't complain good good well. Ryan has. One of the things Ryan does is seen as long people in Kansas City and has a lot of great relation is why that we have Imus against partner in. Just goes to the show one of them is with this today. We have Jim Carr who's the CEO at the in AIA. The web site is in AI AA dot org the national association of intercollegiate athletics. Jim welcome to show our Easter the day isn't going to be here with a good to be here with you today Ryan is a told me a lot about your organization and what you guys do but for those that don't know about it let's just cutting of the the short elevator pitch now wanna get into your background and which are gearing kids. Ensure the many is they small college athletic association we're about to under fifty colleges and universities around the country and primarily in the midwest southeast and out west and we run. Are currently 25 championships for those those schools soon to be a 29. So a lot of great things for student athletes are really. It's in your play athletics or to get an education also just as they love to do it and it's they received by those student athletes under Amro how many 65000. Wow so locally piece although mark. University I forgot to mention rendering is also had a busy guy Park University guy and also and I grabbed my mom's been at an AI still working there for thirty some money years when you think of any I locally think of you don't you know you don't get into at least in Pittsburg State it's. It's analysts baker it's mid American dance it's. And addicting polyps all the small schools. You know I don't know maybe a thousand traditional students those are the only schools that I have any chance at one point I LE one letter from baker. To put something up for got a ones but yeah I mean it's it's it's tough to deal I've a lot of friends that played football at all of these schools are mentioning. A lot of local schools the or even liberalized the level of competition oh yeah it took him in scholarships lot of them out just go play. They're. What do smaller environment is they there we want to get educational is places and also go to Paula so Paula yelled and based here and they can't well then I started as a basketball tournament James they Smith one of the founders of of the term in 1937 Boca and then. Over the years branched out in the fifties to other sports and through all that time based in Kansas City. And then for reasons that right and I've talked about that we can't really figure out in 1993. We've jurors as organizational Tulsa Oklahoma Tulsa was a great place but just when aggregate that they would hear is that 1993 cancer I was there and react. My wife Nancy. Was a stat girl. For minimum wage back when stats were tracked on paper while she was and also she's calls it a while she worked for them ai she was being that teachers are press repaid something repaired a minimum wave something like that. He gets have a ton of conferences is all right we do 21 conferences around the country amazing. And religious defense that there remove or this from back appear in 2001. I'm always like to point out that I was part of a group move orders from back as opposed to moving it out of in some. You guys have an office in the red darted out of town we dutrow had granted it's been we've been there since 07 and it's been great response force. The ought to change your honor I have here who have yet you have more lunch spots Nadia didn't there's probably wondered too maybe two there it was hard to find a sandwich back then but did you switch jobs across the street replace both sprints that are so things things have to Islam that's pretty cool. Were you from originally I groping Gulfport Mississippi. First eighteen years there with the smalls were almost up college in Jackson Mississippi in them. And bounced around a different places and when that thing and tell us what that's like grown up Mississippi I am very unfamiliar with I had no Mississippi game. I I think I've driven through a few times and MLS you know my there was not much but treason to the destination for most folks but it's it was a great place grow up a group on the coast. Beautiful place is beautiful but to their fifth 2000 people on the coast my own fellow gulf port about 50000. It's about an hour east of New Orleans so go on New Orleans flavor to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and and lot different than of the delta Mississippi and other places room. Around the state but again group lists grow up and up on the collagen Jackson Mississippi and small school there and you say that's going to be sitting there and test of this this capital maybe. What are places to plundered their 2000 moves so I'm Matthew from Jackson said before that is not the debris and he's got but he can't say have met somebody from Jackson he can't if you candidate because that's that's the one thing I knew a Mississippi. And an old medicine in Mississippi State this period just go grove us when we replaced Manto gate and never been there volume when Barbara are of the two. Sons of Mississippi. And had to grow up about everything else from ever taken right ring to the group Oldman and I'm not it's almost it's almost that we have not done magazines and SEC's will now Brett Richey always seem to play at that almost like once every ten years IE Linux them in the camera yeah I haven't done any of those that's teacher can. There are positive lobbyists' money to Hattiesburg. He sent me down to go talk to William Carey university into. And a high school alone aren't Hattiesburg we have heard of hating her to let Syria know that's legit. Truth and that's looking for singing Q you went to school there. And with the loss of their team no lives are so after Millsap cited. Like like his in the what I wanted to do and you play any sports and don't yet but best ball most talented since a division three I was going to play in the eyes of the into division three okay take us through that again hey kids. You know I think we'd be cool to know what kind of how that works yes a one video it is yes salute. Worked propose suffer from the NCAA in the NC has three divisions took on two and three. His name there. But we. I like to think that thin ai is somewhere in between division into division to a division three invasion three. And they don't give athletic scholarships in the most at least get some some form in the play at their schools. And a division to. As some of the bigger. Are bigger schools we have so few more resources but the level competition and we get about the same. Where rehearsals were allowed to give the same number of scholarships or can give as many scholarships division twos there for the welcome to disperse some work to deepen divisions. That's it's it's it's very hard to keep track you know can they change in the NCAA changes ought. A division one double labs like what exact I'm trying to remember what. Local school era that two divisions and then ai we've got. Participate in this conference at Atlanta athletic conference. But be an affiliate of the midsouth conference because that's for the full of power I mean depending on the sport so late but I get confused and I've been school on this for. Four years since Jim and I sort of thing now but it's stuff. Yeah I've been around for twenty years in the last five to seven there's been so much more movement epic battle started we solved the big divisional accomplices. People are shifting in the West Virginia is on the big twelve them. Have you guys that I conference realignment in the in and someone in but not quite the same reasons but but some of us. So back to your stories CU went to law school you know of Kabul stuff before so after most outside. And you know in the end I didn't know they can pick. And they minimum because that's a one of them is a point oh execs could get up I hate to see what's in here I'm like man. Just it's all did though I know and love blog athletics it was great influential made some. Back then north Demi sport measure programs profound one up at UMass with a you know it was round numerous Massachusetts in Amherst. Went up there for a year and then. Part of a program to do an internship and those that would do an internship but you know via Las Vegas back in the Jerry Tarkanian day the last probably follow load different going from a division three school in Mississippi that the Vegas and that you're Turkey union. Runnin' rebels we are. Won the national champs of first euros there in an undefeated team got beat by duke. The segment as well then parlors limits and act as a left there. Go to law school Duke's those accused of ball in the championship trophy around and again that the merely so well was that like being there for that. Vegas never run an up. It was on it was amazing I was you know aluminum total Paulo's the bottom of the of the structure but just. It was discouraging others. While things go learn the were good things about the way they know put on events and it was just entertainment all that but. Pretty fast and loose with the rules to exploit that Beck had heard about that want to know I personally about you know these programs they fall off the NC for a long time and lots of us. Fact here you know state sports all know that you're Turkey in cases when the more. More well known cases but due process and those ads and that was quite a coming off via NCAA final four at an AI events like this thing Ambac today you know be. 2000 of the amazing. I remember growing up watching alone in debt I've I was at the first hole where your OBB due by thirty in the finals and many. Making any it's a bit and didn't know anyone undefeated team comes and duke wins but instead of being at the final four there I was. In Las Vegas confiscating. Illegal merchandise with the FBI back in Vegas and go to the food and go to bill in the final four is that you have like a dumb director licensing sir no. Which was well Amanda experiences and is clearly that we all hate it you know that the teacher guys aided. Nearly kit like college gives is making teachers notices are on the teller first us. Artist or I girls around saint Thomas I don't know I was very Ontario and I was like 1982 I think let's say I know those moves late eighties the has just gone in thirty or thirty years under the espionage like dizzy meanwhile it was you know yeah. Here's the fun fact about Jimmy's these were on the most underrated CEOs in in sports are on the country but yet recognized. And I told the lead with this all the time because he never talks about it. He's also on the Olympic Committee. Of the selection committee what the borders of the for the men's Olympic basketball team. You know some one abort your safe about it so I. I don't think we need that everywhere you go you know he's English asked by the intrinsic value. He's Alamo the whole lower but I don't know Zeljko skated in and Jerry clans or come to me to decide whether you know Paul George mixed with the Emerson and for us but we do we do oversee all look. And he goes to resolve them until I was against the heat sun solaris as well as wins the next one when there's an X it's independent which went one. But the flight even within an hour ago fell half a public Bubba your friends right the United States are doing their illness I've never been. I guess I do covering from the the last Olympics us network we're on what the I'm I'm conversation after the break when Jim Carr CEO's seat in AI Ryan briefed joining me is the president a few US companies you listen to grilled hard. I guess. Hello welcome back to the grill nation showed 1980 MT BC and on podcasts. That was in today via iTunes connect with the on Twitter at JC grill that relationship on joining you today by. Brian ring guess coast and partner of the real nation showed US company's website just US companies dot com. We are elect you have in studio with this today Jim Carr who's the CEO at the in any guy that website is in AA IA dot org. A great organization here in the Kansas City area and Jim was telling us about his is experiences with USA basketball and it has a ring with shell which Olympic ring you have. From 2016 he does most recently you know you get a gold medal. No the Coleman is all around quest for America trying to get to me. What do you have any Jenny story about any player you might have met throughout the years that we've heard of him. It to charity thing like a them because you were just talking about these guys are like The Beatles back when Brian and I were watching it now. We're trauma the dream team logo look back quest for the Larry Bird Magic Johnson Michael Jordan is what I want my or my first. Recollections of an event with two wells or the board is who's gonna happen to walk him of reception and there was. LeBron James Chris Paul and and James Harden them. This happened to stand next though in the can have been nicer guys sort of guerrilla they are things about LeBron but at least in that setting he was. Nice to can be him or baseball and they torn the same ways so that him. At at the same time in some other events where others get mobbed him understandably the captives. Looking for a way to get out though most partner. Good guy Ryan and I experienced panel time where I guess I would not. And those that are outside the door turnovers or Brazil like you know most amazing they were to comic. Gibson the team actually still a cruise ships against on this cruise ship was docked them at the port and but to get aroused over at the challenge whether they scared to death about security but we we took Hoover's different places and never had any problem stated. Or company listed down on the beach and losses is beautiful in the before is from William. No but there's trouble out of of the venues although proposal on the poverty man that goes owns those that really don't. In the city with. Grimaced about a lot of lot of wealth Malone poverty what a cool experience on an only that. You know yeah and you know with with what you've done your life. And ultimately it makes appreciate the way that habits are run here in the United States our first we with the serious swimming event we were the first few people in the event we go to get a burger at the concession stand him. Six people six people alive and they are read and oh good they're disliked completely overwhelmed them and they may have gotten better as the Olympics along but it was barely rarely happens around us and they they knew they had always new venues that were there is trying to open at the Olympics those are daunting task for them a lot of corruption there are so gimmick it. But sure appreciate and as states for you back to we do at the inning guy tells C and about the experience and Deke so he went to law school there was no insider and a class by by chance and only AFLAC. That's how players such clinics it was in my class okay okay. I've got about five men in three different times we've always been he's on your own eyes are really excited he's doing well in the NBA and you and you know you. I think started out like a rock star Missouri and then ended not not so well there but in my time with him and and also a good bit better got to put a lot of bouts while together in just the good guy and Dave Willis was. Two years ahead of us Oka and lost close by Jason Ambien town may fifteenth of him as it does speak at a Jim's character worst want to we do every year this your stuff Muhlbach and not go to India dot org the and oh check it out. Right wanted to get tickets so you can call to bill us. Is awesome right now because of their duke on this Erica you know and then it Jada come and speak the champions character for a student athletes. The school's pool that is really cool and it's about to name Quinn were there when I was but he noted the calls are great. Who has replaced vehicle triangular is great and tournament three years at duke and Cologne but a flock there were from a UNLV here on the run through thick and understand why some go where you know bill supporter view and have been edited by the the actress Kate does a great job with the program there was a part of like department no gutsy it's instantly. Surely try to do at the right way overseeing and NC division one these days. The pressure the winner big him new book throw a lot of money around gotten FBI's attention so yeah duke then get caught up and all that with a couple there. There the freshman this year named at least is most gospel. Notre Altman's. Most families who took money out if you open while. Off with is a crazy world we don't have that it mark yeah I had. So we Jimmy woods also did had you know make into Kansas City assets well NC question is we don't get many people here from Mississippi that. Who via via you know the Indian duke law so I'm gonna say roundabout way after and with law school I've no wonder puts together but my sports background with my legal background. But decide to go practice law for awhile and just an opportunity to firm in Birmingham Alabama. Roy love the firm but after I've been their for a couple years news that that was a thirty to forty year career for me it's no like Q was. And enjoyed law school and learned a lot we're still appreciate a lot of things I learned the news of Rex and law. The traditional setting anyway it was when did you know in 1998. My predecessor Steve Baker army to be. CEO and General Counsel at any and stay there for eight years in prison knows the that was in tolls though that was until spirit so in 98 were flown tolls Olson's got a big city for for gym here come from Mississippi right. You Hamadan. Have been to Vegas yes there you're going to. So does that as does placed pitcher reached that exactly is that it's. You know Ryan last connections Tulsa now at the that's it was raise a family and when reckless for the and so we. We the national searches them where I want to move in them with a quick comeback in city because we've heard some. Negative stories about out and it left back in 1983 and you know compared to the Baltimore colts Leland Melvin wasn't the NCAA here too they were and they left in 99 we came back and won. They gave a series of crazy it is really crazy that's about. Thing about the whole history of the show and what. Kansas City has got game and a lot of folks recognize that. But nationally lot of people don't know of cool stuff comes out this town really is this it's awesome. In imports if you know wasn't around those will be speculation on my part but around in the mid to late ninety's. Munis aroma run a country really got really aggressive in terms of bring in an organization like NC double unsure national junior college. Or your say about that matter others. Is epic in city was slow but slow to react to that and so we lost the national voters by schools the big gate. The NCAA. To a port every time word of the big and new Dallas does not only well only when they became the big twelve that Joe's between doubts and OK where where was the NC a boy's offices is in Overland Park. Originally they were just on the street from where we are now on a mission. China mission parkway in the memory crazy mood of the college. Boulevard you know what where I'd I feel like were were competing again like he may have the Phillips of the world in the sporting people do and a in the US training facility out there in Kansas I mean. That's a pretty beaten or I guess that's bringing US soccer occasions that he is out of the Disney continue to stuff. This is certainly been a request from the and so. Seems to me greatly struggle to yet Jim Carr the CEO of the inning guy seems three years have a lot of tournaments here. In tsuboi has on turns here too for basketball east and other sports that I. But I keep hearing about. Events with a basketball in Kansas City. Yeah and it's it's those men are great. Basketball town you know they said the women's with a women's Rachel's pregnancy vigilant here and see how men's regionals here all the time to do you know big trolls here every year in the them minge regionals there may well threw for five years probably. And then in my double A we're talking earlier about people who confuses what's an what's NCAA and then at the conference like there might double play which sells low flow like in a subject we used by the that's. And armor schools the region's most mission to you most thought your interview since. Religious basketball right now and it worked the sports commission here totally set up and there's the CVB. Opens are events like of people around the country so we were on the bass while terminal out of our our office but we have more. Support from those Indies Republican it's more here it's the opposite that set copyrighted. Did the old this case he onboard and then a man. Read Casey sorts for this week old school down the municipal that's also back where it's just old school hard woodland when I was growing up. In a park built in. Literally in the mid eighties my folks because we were a Park University. Would drop me in my brother's off. At the first game on Wednesday. And I wouldn't see my pants in a til like 7 o'clock at night and we would just run. Enron Enron and watch troops and I mean he can't really do that anymore I would mean my own kids but it. Yeah we just finished up our national term that's been on for a thousand years here. And Graceland university. Let's give a shout out to the local part of America conference and commissioner Lawrie Thomas. Graceland university just up the street in Iowa. For the first time ever qualified for the tournament and for the first time ever one that turned it's once a five seed ai in overtime. They've been in the maybe six or seven years and never qualified for the tournament got a for the first time and then. 15 games six days and problems terming a slow the great things about the term of ransom. The first three days we have eight games on loans to get in there are many elements nuptial pistol almost 1 AM. But if you're if you win the whole thing you got to win five games in six days so we refer to those caused us most of his tournament. Most people intensity at least heard of it while people been down there we have about 41000 people. Umpires generally on social media it's here now there's a lot of people talking about it. It was a lot of fun all of it was because also because we at a local school of fuel there I know us so we have a lot of we had 7000 people the national championship in which. Record crowd I think there was. Look at your website here any guide at Oregon to some of the other schools in Missouri that people probably are familiar with you mentioned Avalon. Park University if your from the Saint Louis area you know I've. Harris though is there there I've seen them many times are baptists. Some of the local. Jackal column because move well Columbia's college or it's right that's right what we got in Kansas City that we did we owe a lot of it. They're. Bring it up here much computer do other I think there eight team. Cause there's some centenary team private schools in this old order and there. If closure of the credit friend's neighbor McPherson. Kansas Wesley uses less and tried and I didn't leaving dollars is data Kansas for many years. We now know. Now Ryan lives there now resides there a Baker University figured it would have been American policy always America has a real powerhouse like that. Jim Carr is our guest today CEO of DN AIA. Right Henrik is also joining us great guy at US companies. Will be right back after the break let's just share some more stories or I'm expecting you and Ross segment today to really. To bring some think it inside knowledge and Jim. Because like you're talking about basketball they alone since you've gone through other topics here on the grill nations show on ABC nine. Welcome back to the grill nation shell came easy 980 KM from here host Jason growth thanks for joining us again today hope you've enjoyed the show here on in 1980 AM and on iTunes via podcast. But yesterday game gets coast to partner of the grill nation shows Ryan rink from two US companies president's. And Jim Carr CEO of the in the ai the website is in a high eight dot org the national association of intercollegiate athletics. One handed over to my guess coast Ryan rink to. Keep the ball rolling here. With Jim Carr. Engine's great. So I met Jim back in fourteen. If you'll remember he added it's similar here. And intercom with a warm night. It was personal for a moment we have the highest rated show in cancer history and history of Kansas City the most well decorated and recchi and hug you know live radio. Brian on it up it really is a bit at the top of the mountain. It's like if Tom Brady would have retired after super Qaeda. I kinda guy that's a little differently about it a little bit. Now we've brides Jim on. That it can have the saints or that we had today just different right and different but just a different time engine's life. And I don't know there's something about Jim we were talking about you know athletics in the difference between all the NCAA and an idol Zack and n.'s Jim and it's gonna hit it off. And I called Jim probably sixty days after that show on this that I I don't know with Cisco have you know will be airlines and see what's going on. And so we got to talk and we connected really well and Jim made a comment so it to west we've always been a fiduciary to the small side of the defined contribution. And marketplace. And at that exact time mostly for a long Kaye private sector. At that exact time we've gotten introduced to higher education pencil which is. A curse and again. A lot of what is looking back now but Jim had made a comment at the time and it was about. Using the gym and made the comment that for the past seven years we had great national. Partners to help lift up our schools from athletics to a point because that's always been and always will be the main focuses. Athletics right that's the entire you know roots of the inning I. But he made a comment that was more about your trying to leverage your infrastructure. In ways that you can help the small schools Jason I mean we're talking small schools or we're talking a 1002 doesn't suggest and it's almost like they're always a survival motor cutting costs is still alive and all these different things. So Jim has had a big initiative back then as the inning I kind of bring on. Outside partners out strategist athletics that period has more holistic approach. So I started looking at the NAI footprint to west helps the smalls that's what are gifted us. Any eyes built on smalls and at the time there was a lot of consulting relationships and Aaron. So Jim and I got to talking about you know does that make sense for to us to be a national partner the kind of be the what I call a bug light of the NFL the official fiduciary vote is here. That is 250 member schools. Well one that conversation started. You know Jim kind of put the brakes on because who it's getting real what might hula and well then grill I cheated the system I showed up with a past president of baker university and man okay so pal longs to play 89 years as president of baker it's kind of fun turnaround story in the and that she retired. I lured her out of retirement to be a business consultant to west who she still is today. To help us navigate higher education well as soon as I walked in the room pal long. Indiscernible I don't know what you're doing when her. But if she's in a competition could as a gym to go bigger risk on to us it was one of the first partners outside athletics. That that you. You know. Took a chance at any invited me in to talk to their council president which is 20/20 five different presidents from each conference. Right they kind of if something's gonna go out into the system of the N ai is a I'm a promoted to partner endorse partner sponsor partner whatever work on it. It's got to get through those 23 presidents want to take Ukraine reached. Of all the people in the world. Not wearing jeans and a belt buckle the sport coat into the president's. And I think it was October of 2015 and I told a cool story and how we can help. You know bring things together and help small higher and at least from a a fiduciary standpoint for the fourth B programs and that was 2015 and has spent two and a half years later. And has brought one of the better decisions I've ever made has been a blast. So Jim's been a great partners grill I travel country I know I've I've I've you're like I'm in. Cities have never heard of nonstop. Nonstop on in South Dakota North Dakota. So here's how it works at home since I travel. You know within ai were a lot of rulers across the country and will need to look at my schedule and a fumble on a Portland was we've got clients in Portland she says Ayman. Portland organ yeah Alex for the Mississippi I can't worry about it. And no offense to mind my good friends in Mitchell South Dakota Dakota Wesleyan because alone and I do go there often I've of the you know my wife says wary ahead and I say Mitchell. Or I say ask lose Iowa that way opinion if you're CC's I am. So it's it's been a fun ride and we've created some really cool programs. Burst in the country quite frankly. It's been fun. Then 100 things are ran in and missiles. Obama's struggle with. Where do we go with these these companies who would be a part of any higher won it in access to our schools but. Are really connected directly to athletics and that is number are the president's been received them is that. Can it work basically and so but ran into west embassy Cayman. Wanting to learn more and understand that the challenges of those institutions and not initially really selling but usually make sure that those people understood they want to help and so. Or three years later in the got a lot of great clients who have now started. We're in the middle in the midst of forming a multiple importer plan that would allow all of our schools that they chose to do sort of common under one. One plan. Look to reduce a lot of cost in the bid big the big deal for over schools so there was some great partnership. Bet that was the fun thing you're flying around talking all these people. Presidency of those institutions. And they've got this big bucket of money called for a tribute to retirement plan for the faculty staff. Every single one of it looked like was doing the exact same thing they're all with one provider in this case TIAA is the market share. So basically look at it like this Jason there's seven either ninety's schools all doing the exact same thing just do not together. So when we went back to the council president's message hey I think there's an opportunity here that we can aggregate multiple employer plan and bring these schools together. And let them receive the benefits of doing it together as they were doing it together just not any benefits. So then just go through the store do the same thing and receive all these benefits which is reduced cost. Reduce liability and a lot of times and so. That the council president's plus that voted to formally adopted I don't know last fall Jim and 2017. He's right or in the midst dole never gonna go live here shortly and it's the first of its kind in the entire country. All out of Kansas City that's my films through different point of this town so love this town is also in the first. National aggregation program for 43 p.s found it right here in Casey. There you go and I talk a lot of punch the nerves and people with bank of higher education is certainly not for profit sector and entrepreneurial but this is a great example of that would would mildew without. To Weston and Brian's ability that. Bring people together Binoche and or but it's it's the spring prequel that's a pretty cool story this Coleman all happened you know it's amazing what can happen when you. Bill relation to help people right. It all started on the radio Asia and when he fourteen right here and enter college you listen you listen you listen with the pain points where and you figured it out no. Both little girl well part of is you know I learned from pat long and from Jim both as. The break into the higher had market they don't take kindly outsiders real well. So he's got to learn how to speak the language and understand shared governance you can understand how to address a president. You know to like on doctor do I wait till this and he's got a big a lot of them that I had to learn because I came from the private sector. And once you kind of crack that code though that I found is that trusted advisor I won 1020 or thirty. The thing about higher Ed different in the private sectors higher at talks. Right so there's been a lot of fun worked on this. All think that was one thing's always thought we could do for a company that is to get them into these decision makers and presents because of the difference and then they and and I've. I probably know at least half of the 250 president up there are sort call them and say there's a good guy Ryan ranks with them visibly and it. Tell everybody what I'm going to bless story and what they amazing things that are going on in AI. Jim obviously CEO and president of the U and I appreciate you coming on the show today and great to meet you I I keep talking all day long and Ryan brings to thanks for coming in today to west caused companies to us companies dot com recorders quarter of the show. Appreciate both joining his youth and a great time they solicit the grill nation show we'll see you next weekend and have a good.