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Saturday, April 8th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to that next level. Am prepared to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connector that you have these factor you'll enjoy it. Real solution. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome you're still grill nation always dressed up there. Even in a radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Phil welcome to grill nation with chasing grill here on 988 in and on real nation showed dot com. Pretty happy with this today it's been a great week so far. They're excited about today show as always. Got a great. List of guests here today and appreciate joining us again whether you're listening on the radio. On iTunes are secure or on girl nation showed dot com wanna quickly thinker partners and supporters of grilled nation with Jason real. The title sponsors of the show are trusts mode bank BOK financial. And q.s advisors and Ryan drink also contributors and guest co host of the show or the read your case CNG Rio Rico right maybe. You see tar light district and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander who's the owner. Of reactor design studios he is here today with me in studio he comes in once a month a great guy in Kansas City also very involved in the all different types of things and set up a great interview force today with Jason top. Who is a just is there really interesting guy he's a cold Colby certified growth consultant team builder motivational speaker. Welcome to the show. To my guesses today Clifton Alexander how are user. And how I am good. We. Just. At a very exciting thing happened to us in the ninth okay. We were into the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association awards show and we take home message you know really congratulations. To us three signing so we we do this being dead dog and pony show did that he towards. Show they are everything was judged by an independent group of people out of Detroit. And they chose one of our. Are pieces of other top honor so what was the best to shoot city it was an imitation nets you an event for KV seed which is a client of ours we've been in this and then imitation for a long time and you know we knew we use something that's more of high end. And then imitation you get a lot of eyeballs on any and really get response rate. And is a beautiful piece he's a lot of really creative materials and you know the whole point is drive people to the event. That's been successful last few years and yes we know but the best show we also got. Most innovative solution which is another one of the top tier awards for a project we did with the with the local. Company here in town helped with some of their sales teams Souza is a pretty. A pretty good night overall Tacoma two golds and let's show most innovative solution all that those of log on for this team. Celebrity award winners there. Something like that you can you also team can work with reactor at reactor Casey dot com great website eighty some amazing creative branding. They did you all kinds of things to help you grow your business. And and look at it and be creative and then you send out the really great stuff we put up the dealers are really good materials are there at reactor. Also the crossroads is also cool. I organ geared up for first Friday and start we're gonna be in April so. Our ansari in May we won't have a show on April which is this would now work out I guess it was yesterday it hit it. But we will have our first show of the of the season and that first Friday may which is also sync and in my own so it's going to be really festive and interest thing first Friday experience in the crossroads on sink in the mine now. And it about a month also a lot of great things happening in your business. I anything else going on what else has been going on you know we're just continuing the work with all agree clients we have then. We just started work on new project this pretty exciting for. The company local company their manufacture and we're gonna help them get in touch with all of the people in the country that use their product. No we're gonna help their sales teams essentially by creating some unique. Mail pieces and some. Information for how they can. Reach out to people via phone calls sulphur sales teams and it's all about trying to get a foot in the door and getting. More. Growth in that area and trying to change them market elements we're gonna help them that was pretty. Pretty nice projects that should be really citing a launch on in July. We just rampant that and continue with a lot of our other. Yearly clients. Wrapping up some big time rebrand projects that will have guild announced maybe by the next time. On the air hopefully well I don't Mullah Omar little a menace really top seeker but they're just. The ones that we're not mentioning are not generally go into details until we're can alive and in public hands and really really really cool stuff the world and now. Very cool guys if you wanna connect with uplifting you can check him out at reactor Casey dot com we include the Alexander owner of reactor designed serious. Cooked out today show we have Jason cup coming in he is a interesting guy you know he draws everything that but let's just let's just set the stage I took a Colby index. Which is a and if you go through a process into 37 questions. On the really kind of teaching you different things about your instead. Jason is gonna come on the show to talk about what my instincts turned out to be I reveal live around here feel that lie has not seen. The results dozens acts and sewer and talk through that to be really it's going to be action to see. You know this measures all different types of things. The Colby index with a mere fact finder fall through quick starter implement her. You know teaches you what shrinks are where their strategize adapt innovate in vision. Very long haven't seen it and others look at Tony Paige balls through yep. Some looking forward to check that out this can be a fun showed today and you've also done this index and I have gotten an adjacent over the years Jason cup is what's a's Jason cup with TP's dot com. What would he know about this would woody woody woody take I think I mean when we look forward to today. Yeah I think just even for my company and what we had dead about a year ago a year and a half ago is just. At a place of growth and at a place of kind of crossroads essentially with with who we are as a company and who we were and we decide is as a group to take the index. And to work with Jason and it's been really eye opening I think it really helps all of us to you. Understand how each of us works and operates a system work better as a team and ultimately helps us with our growth. And so that's Dallas the lens and sort of which which we hired Jason to go through this process. And so. Hearing him talk a little bit about the index and in the the what a dozen and how it out acts and operates not sort of thing as well we'll find on the little bit here and and then just having you take the index CC earlier you've seen our result I have yet it will what are your initial thoughts to give too much away well it it's interesting because I a IE. I know your background as the and an order in all legislator but also an entrepreneur in the state these things don't necessarily know they don't write it I don't at all. And so so the other recent elite your results are a little more like. The little lawyer side and a lot less like the entrepreneur side. But as we talked about a rule will continue to talk through is the man who can adapt. To circumstances. And sometimes. Just because your not super high in one area doesn't mean you can't teach yourself things that's that's. Well and to you by the so many different things that go into these that I think you're pretty risk adverse if you. Your name on the ballot turn pro lecture in Europe there in the public side your maybe that doesn't mean you know. But I also believe faltered fact finding you know have an organization. It is important so you know. Innovation to see with the index tells me but I think no matter what you always. If you are political person you have to take kind of I'm an entrepreneurial risk you are set to set up so totally you get that as a business owner and this will be fun show. Now it's very interesting. And I'm looking forward to it having Hillary Syria and we're gonna have sponsored Jason is not the I personally news movie Shia are around a microphone and so have some really good discussions I think in. From all of all of this first time we might have Arafat and of the Jason Unger a patient though he always thanks for illicit gay guys are very close to Alexander. Creative Chuck Norris and owners reactor design studio record Casey dot com after the break and be back with Jason toxic talk about the Colby and through a single nation thanks for your. No NN albums they go and that. Well welcome back seen grilled nation was chasing growth came easy 980 AM in that relationship dot com preachy listings will stand iTunes are stitcher radio via podcast. With us today we have in studio our partner and supporter of gorilla nation cooked and Alexander who is the critic Chuck Norris owner of reactor design studio the website is reactor TC dot com. Great guy he's he's with this again every month on grill nation and one of the great things about. Clifton is he is brings own amazing guest to our show at some good times cliff we've had some great guests we could beat our. Our guest today in our last segment they're very excited to have on. A a new guest today who's chasing cup whose states are certified Colby growth consultant. Which I didn't know anything about learned a lot about it I would through a test. If you prior to the show which will get invited to test which yeah which will gain to in the next segment we're gonna learn all about that test. But Jason is also a team builder motivational speaker he's a frequent flier apple addict and a wide lever beer snob in coffee drinker. For the royals and his website. Is on line at Jason cup that's cup with two peas dot com. Great website and a lot of cool things here and keynesian throughout the country in the world so while walking into showed Jason how are you. I am great namesake Jason yeah I don't. Have been doing this is our hundred I've looked at this for girl nation to others like our 10100. To show we didn't celebrate unsolicited on the the celebrated today we've been doing. Something in the studio for now over four and a half years. We probably had about you know I ever 600 yes I don't think. I can't remember any other Jason come on the show we might have had another one I don't remember one bit. It hasn't been any Seles is no common name so it is just where it's at it is it it isn't very uncommon name and I can see you listeners cannot laughing right now plan. Politically Clinton just kind of a common active don't run into a lot of Clinton's in my mind immediately. Good bet that. So how do you guys know each other what's the story so I was thinking back on how I originally met Jason and I think it was probably some kind of connection to the cubs. More than likely they only like Jason I know a lot of the same people we have a lot of mutual connections a lot of mutual friends and I think our initial. A friendship essentially started over in mutual. The Chicago Cubs. That's something that both of us are really into you you had season tickets for a period of time and all that I'm actually I added up to Wrigley next week for opening weekend I also to was today. Cubs who is a nationally to the throne that we tell us what because I had friends that my cousin had cable had a median half the whole thing again neighbor had to be united have cable. Knowing how much gain counselor yeah so in the world of cubs and you're actually known as Adobe EG in fan I Clifton there such thing as a WG incomes and not mean that we are not okay well. I did go to college in Saint Louis so I I lived in when I was in college there the rams won a Super Bowl. And my girlfriend at the time and obviously huge cardinals and in all my friends are cardinals fans. So I had to live through the rams are these super rule in the cardinals. In the World Series so that also group my cub the report earlier at royal support and give up on. But but not now I'm kind of more removed I think I'm I'm. You know not not not a super finicky. Why is from the state for the record because obvious loser talk about the cubs which is great as I do believe that that was the original my friendship. But I am equally royals fan it's been pretty awesome to celebrate the last three years of life. Having two of my favorite teams in the entire world. Be be at least play in the World Series so pumped after a lot of years of pain so that ring what would happen if the royal split because of the world's we talked about we can get really good about it right. The entire time so we obviously mine not again and there's no winner in a situation like that there really isn't because you don't I I didn't want that to happen because I was sure. It's like yes I would want my home while my local team the royals to win but I've been comes in my entire life so it's like. You know which one wins out and just you of that. Yeah it's not so self self fun fact about the way that I became a cubs fan. I'm so when I was growing up my grandfather. Was a manager with the band Johnson baseball league and in the city urban and I'm sure I'm David Cone who we you know Dario was like I mean. Awesome playwright York yankees on awesome guy he played on my grandfather's baseball team so the boils. A famous meets baseball team went so when I was growing up my grandfather was a minor league scalpers say for being Johnson. So when I was a kid we literally jumped in the car and drove to Chicago when I went to Wrigley Field for the first time as a kid and I online and I also equally. Went to as many games I'm at the K your role as complicated and a Koppen stadium. So my love for the royals my left for the cubs lose really rooted my grandfather being in like elected tried and true baseball guy here in Kansas City. Pretty cool deal I love it above that so we got a mutual fund a baseball love here yeah. So yes a jays have and had just been friends there and now we're really work together until fairly recently. And Jason's work as a consultant and working on with companies on this. These tests and learning a people's natural instincts that's her thing was a good fit for me. To hire Jason and my company is we're growing internal learned some things about. You know just just how to be a better. Small business and how to grow and so for about the past years so we've been working together a regular basis to stand in Jason and helping us essential resident as an outsider. And years to follow on and and a person help us I get your team on track and together and that sort of thing. Jason tells a little bit more about your which he do you every day in a new year. Do a lot of different things you kind of like all of us were entrepreneurial. Picture it came out of the more of the corporate world looks like is CEO one point. Before he started doing this this and he says if you do which regards the growth consulting Nicole Lee will be testing crisis manager and speaking to take us three credit your. Evolution in what you do today. Well so I was born back in the early seventies mode not that could. No afternoon tee so. Jason Jason wasn't names is that he's out of 279 but it could you tell us they're Jason's got a stop to like the mid eighties we icici. Actually think you're somewhere right no so I'm so I like everybody else it seems like in Kansas City won Iowa is a little guy you know 1213 years old certain on lawns. I'm little that I know that I'm twenty years after Schoen on lawns I would be running one of the largest architectural design build companies in Kansas City. I'm totally bizarre. Mean we were doing work on the West Coast are doing work in the desert in Los vague answer don't work and south here I mean it's crazy we literally had you know this this headquarters here in Kansas City. Do were all over the metro anyway that the fund economic crisis of you know 2006. To 2009. I'm obviously struck our business and unique way but when it happened in 2005. Copiers were that is. Is that I was them a couple business partners and we wanted to learn a little more about ourselves so friend. Of a friend incursions to take this thing called a Colby a index that maybe help our ownership group which it did helper partnership group immensely. I was so intrigued in that she doesn't actually looked it up this morning really technical BA June July 7 2005 so was twelve years ago. I'm so I was so intrigued by what the Colby eight will be about me and told me about my team that I was you know actively involved and as the owner of business at the time. I wanted to learn more about so I jumped on a plane for their accurate flock to Phoenix Arizona work will be worked with which issues that will be day. Is headquartered. And I became certified I at the time thought that it was going to be simply you know from my own use from my own business. What happened was is friends. And family and coworkers and are asking me questions about Colby because I was busy telling my story about how the impact on me. So in 2000 late two dozen by early 2006 a consulting company was formed. And so when. He design build company started to you know kind of changed and evolved into smaller businesses simply because of the economic demand I knew I was in good. Knew that I was gonna use this tool and go help small business owners all over. Really north of North America. I'm changed the way they were gonna run their business look at themselves look at their teams Uygur people build teams solve problems. On power through adversity all the super things and on hold against some country. Early ads. So Clifton you've taken this test obviously you OK can we can we not call the test. Like it's it's it's literally like like one of those words that if Kathy Colby herself for listening to this she probably well. She you'll like be like tests but I mean it seamlessly and he is. It's not just because you can't because you play it yet you can't fail. Knowing what we call on this thing we recall and it's an index because an index. So you took the index I didn't how did you do you remember what kind of a per I knew where. I don't know that out I think there were some things and that there were surprising to me but not entirely surprising it's really more. You learn a lot about yourself. In that sit in terms of your natural instincts in the way you view operate but. It's really am very interesting when you compare it with your entire team and everybody serves. Learning about this team dynamic and he certainly understand okay this person is the type of person that just needs to have a lot of detail. In their life and on the type person just doesn't and so how do we know exist and how do we make sure that word them on the same page with things like that and so. I don't remember my exact. Or so. Results is always. I was horse results. Right after I told us exactly to the tee but I do know the areas that I am high and then low and an end it is. A little more typical of an artist and entrepreneur type of of person. And that sort of thing so. How does this differ from other types of work related indexes there are. Let's call those other. In the last you know it's you know you take out as the Colby index differ on. Great questions questions asked often so. In a lot of people heard of like Myers Briggs are predictive index PI and all of the mean there's there's a literally a million questions that are out there. Colby index is the only one out there in the entire world literally Kobe or owns the patent on it. It measures a person's natural instincts all of those others either measure person's personality whether an introvert extrovert. Other gonna handle themselves and social situations or are gonna measure. A person's intelligence or knowledge that are you know they're the string sentences. Data and all of that and it's the Kobe index measures to pursue natural instinct which is totally. Different. I'm world environment and love it. We're talking to Jason cup we're gonna talk about the Colby certified growth index which will be. We talk about Meyer is that my results him here on the break out Jason's got a great its Rampage checked out at Jason helped with the peace. We're right back on drew that I've. I guess. Welcome back to grill nation with Jason grill her and came easy nine ADM and at relationship dot com aspirations again today on iTunes and stitcher radio. You connect with me on Twitter at Jason girl and that girl nation should also available on other social media is that tendency Graham and FaceBook at JC grill. Where Clifton Alexander who is with reactor designs CD is the owner of great design company here in Kansas City did you work with companies throughout this the city and throughout the United States. You ever need any branding her design work or any kind of strategic consulting on on what you're doing. Easily got to talk to your website is rector Casey dot com. Clifton were talking to Jason cup today. Really interesting conversation so far Jason's what site is Jason cup with two peas dot com. Jason is on Twitter at Jason cup Colby certified growth consultants. Jason what's unpack a couple things so. Let's continue on and our conversation about. The differences between this index in some of the other things we might see out there that. You know businesses might use or employers please. You bet so. So in tactical being developed the cold index in the late seventies and early eighties. She identified. That there really reports of the mines reports the line is people are on to them. Which is world knowledge is that our education certification news clips and obviously as on this amazing knowledge about things that look great. And the way to message things in the way to tell stories will that's that's knowledge at the end of the day he he'd at the age of five years old he didn't know that he learned that he went to school for that. He has been a student that he's obvious are always made companies in the city did all the brainy. Each one of those nuggets changes is his cognitive. Format in his mind right expense and that the second part of the of the brain. Is the aspect of part of the match where and that's numbering in minder interchangeable. And so the app effective part. Of the mind is where personality wise or emotions were we watch a movie in that movie it's scary week it frightened right. And that can change over time as well so our knowledge can change over time cognitive part of them. Our our emotions our personality can change I'm an extrovert. I am at the core I love meeting new people we had some great banter before we went on the here and use and getting to know one another yeah but at the end of the day in my business such a public business. When I come home after being you know long trip which that you went off and I want nothing to venture wanna sit on the couch and watch a movie by myself. And can act in in my own little world. Well but I mean lecturer a tick Myers Briggs right now you'd be an extrovert like I'm home for me on the road. Absolutely and he'll be union there in the spectrum which that's the halfback decide about the emotional side. Now it's. Well and I took this index. And the second prayer minor sitting on the outside a long day. Collection believe AM basketball game going to be during the tournament. Yes so that on it'll affect me mostly against you bet than the third part of the mine with cap which if you. Google this and Il find tactical reason team. All over the cognitive part of them on which was people haven't heard the under part of the mine and that's were drive that's worked in steep slide that's where. Natural behaviors which should be communication problems and what we do. Win the pressures hot when we have to make an immediate decision that is what Colby index measures there's no other index up the measure it. So what that tells me and what the research is is that so you might have taken that index on the couch in the evening watching an NCAA game. At the end of the day your results are your results here adults and they will not change. Firm you know from now for five years now to ten years turnout in fact the statistic is is 97%. Of the people that take the index and retake the index results come back to be almost exactly the same no matter what life events. No matter what stresses have happen no matter what business events are family events or whatever happened your instincts are born into youth they're four they don't injury time. So when I found on in my consulting practice and and now being a student of Kobe for twelve years as we mentioned on the first. I'm segment is that and also I've issued a price like 3000 racing interpreted 3008 things. If that. That it's predictable you can rely on the results to tell me how someone is going to problems all other and communicate. Either gonna operate in a position other operated own and operate with family and friends. Socially in the business workplace I'm when conflicts arise and it really really has been a tool. It is massively helped business owners and to build teams managed teams. Coached teams to place teams in the right positions. That they can Maxima. Who they are every single day and for enemies. And so I needed to a lot of our business is here Clifton and in a city. Whether their entrepreneurial order a growing quickly. Pretty I mean it's a pretty interesting set of data you're really think about it that your your gathering about. And only says this is these are the things that aren't they hiring and changed this is the way that you are and are going to be and so how do you. How do you make that work in your working in my arm and he make that work where. With your coworkers and end with all the people around your fear and an owner does that work with your employees and interact with them on a daily basis. The really interesting Saturday and that's why I think we were. I'm drawn to that hearkened. Do any work with the most Jason as it. What what time of the the process for company years how many employees there he how does that work you know it's a great question I gotta tell you mean I've got everybody from. To be starting a business you know that literally that one employee units themselves and they wanna grow a business. To you know company you're in Kansas City that's got 250 employees that I certainly within mussina Colby index when they had nine. Nine employees and now at last count there were approaching 250. We've got to Colby index on every single one team members helped build that company. Using this tool could really is a white slot but I will tell you one trend one tree and it is it is bizarre. On what it's like to linked to a number one almost all of my clients are small but I don't work for. On corporate America and any regard whatsoever right an affinity towards small business in the the trials and tribulations so perseverance of small business owners is that one piece and then. And the majority of my clients had some familial connection. A family member. I a brother father sister. Best friend that works with them is that adds a whole another level of complexities to it. And quite frankly we've musical index helped dismantle some of those elements that exists amongst you know Yemen. While Jason cup is with this today. His website is Jason cup dot com with TPCs on Twitter at Jason cup. OK so. I took this index about a month ago you artists are going through the results here we've been packed everything we've learned about with the Colby indexes. Had about forty questions about believe. Or so on this 366. Six song from my perspective I think I could have answered it all there's four different things that you surmise in my mind sometimes. I could have answered it would release to sometime maybe even three and a one or two of the questions though I literally looked and I set IQ Bil for any time. So was actually it was inching to take. BI it. I try to put as much thought and as I could. Turned B street schools like a written permission to see what we we came up with tears and he's not senior I have not know this is gonna talk about it. I'm still not polite. Here it is assailing. It's by suing your results came in my assistants and one word but the so do we send these to Jason in your granddaughter aren't all. On the air and all gaps. You. Yet you know so the interesting thing about it is that you were you you have those questions about the questions themselves the other rhythm actually measures inconsistencies. And so if you were inconsistent and the way to you answered the questions and actually would have kicked you out with no results. We wouldn't be able to sit and talk. Not your results today and yours so. The thing about it is is that once we have results we have bristles. And those results stick I promise you go back that 97%. Amir's older adults your results. And I will say this there were and I know for a fact because it took the thing is. I am not a person that is you know. You adults. I know that like. I've not gonna your eye socket of the I'm not there you're right I'm not gonna rebuild my based on one day I mean I'll try bit I've I've come to the point where I have other friends of mine on. So you know it's new it's so she we had a couple minutes left in the segment you're just boasts are however you like Jason brief overview and had to send back real soon. So the Colby index once we have result is invited to Ford for action but most people in the world by the way every single person in the entire world. As a Colombian Russell give a fifth grade reading level or higher you can musical B index whistle which measured. Serving in the world has yet on typically they have one initiating instincts that Kyle and dominant. Some people actually have to. Initiating instincts. A rare number have the marine initiating instincts. On and then some people have no and machines they literally are all in the middle. I'm and then some people as I said if there's inconsistency in the congress we know so. You actually have to initiate some kind of hit me in the middle there. I actually just means your special afternoon. That it's a you have to initiating Clinton's Presley had three now potentially more. And and before we go all reveal your results have we do that the next segment because I wanna make sure that I go through it. But it essentially the four action would be in the eastern on the order of the New York on the piece of paper. So I'm someone who initiates it it's a fact finder you hide detail orientation they need the dead and you re search. Any information to be able to make decisions someone who is an initiating follow through they need to understand the process the schedule that checklist they need to follow. On a list they probably make a list every single day when he got the earth shortly have a list and check and often arc. On the third. It action mode is what's called quick start quick starts had the ability to make decisions incredibly quick in meet those with their gut. They they really don't need think about it in need information that timeline. Budget ages literally snap their fingers and decision made. And often times that decision is the right decision that gut instinct. For Stefano me expedited our fourth you're right they had a had a tough for earth the fourth instinct is implement. Which is someone needs to build it they need to be involved and it needed touch it it's a tangible tactic it's. Using your hands using your fingers to be able op that's a lot of times. People that would workers or you know are in specialty trade musician or something often have a missile that. Early high tried to learn how to play the guitar once the law school they learned seven nation army once saw a White Stripes denied it's in Saudi work in high school. The united did not fueled either of those jobs so we'll see what happens so we have were chasing cup today dissing cup dot com coldly Colby index Colby. Ernie go over my results. From. Index here after the break through listen to grow nation should the should be staying on looking at some of the photos right now drafts didn't site. Thanks for joining us they'll. But back to grill nation with Jason girl 980 AM and at relationship dot com and on iTunes and stitcher we're talking a few of fidelity director's done city as it heats up. Kobe index results physical we've certified birth consulted with and Jason. With he he's dot com check it out integrate with cyanide. Related should see how these these test their season these indexes came out and also teed it. And to talk to Jason how people can get in touch with a two have their employees or himself take the Colby index. Jason let's let's catch up where we give an overview of some I got two with a four. I've points you've been waiting patiently during a break to see in here years Clifton has the PDF file which ticket with a look at you know you don't hear what will mail a Tia Africa Africa the year. So so as I said you have two dominant or initiating instincts and your your most dominant institute with Apollo through which means. You like systems you like structure you like schedule like list. Everything has its place my guesses is that obviously studio but are to go to your desk that's where you operate you know and if you missed it to the left of your computer Mars are removed from the left and the right that would probably about that group wouldn't bother I used to bother me. I'm very was I here's the thing I'm pretty organized but I think as I've gotten older maybe even a little less big gets a new film listen when he begins in the office. I do have things pretty organized by the deaths so dissident let's jump to at home so. The drawer were all of your eating utensils are India have the big works and works in the expense and those completely organized by size they are not. It's safe or not but I have all of my other stuff is there or I'm not I'm not a I'm not a big cook so I I. You know I'm saying so does so so but you're eight's it's a year in aid and follow through which is your highest number of all your action my days organized yes your Eitan yeah I mean if you're five minutes later some times they probably bothers yes if you go to church or its early probably have a list of -- I know it's Alicea where it's a list on your phone a member surround around I know what I need and I get out of there but most people who have your results Jason. A check mark things office they go through their day in ten things on a list that they want to accomplish any given day once the five it is done. They scrapped the piece of paper into the five that are left to the top and re populate the list that sound familiar I aboard a sophomore I'd be able sometimes a more process. Or get dark colored and I thought my gift. That's completely but the point is is the U operate its schedule. Regiment hated life it but as. It has structure to it has struck I have a lot of different jobs but I I I like that a little bit of structure and also. You know what I do on juggle and tons different balls different situations. My days are never so sure I mean they really are from a client perspective or from a past perspective. You've you've you've literally. Dealing with the tons of different things at one time and so that maybe that follow through in my mind helps me to. Some what they organize even those sometimes enter government borrows right absolute nonsense and the thing about it is I don't wanna go often Arturo. Is that your results tell me you've been doing for a long time so you. Miniature instinctive is the only way he believed to have someone of the structure even though it is chaos in all everybody in today's world as. Yes so true so your your your next dominant current machines in its back which means you need details to go along with that structure yes you in fact when I walked in he says I've been researching news that's the first thing. I I'm not right. Yeah I've been to your Twitter red -- in there and I'm like always deeper fair always be prepared such as such as a good voice and I was an eagle scout and so there in and so that your fact finder you need information you need data Google's probably want your favorite for tonight and here in the research yes we and in and that's what makes you good at all of your different positions you know especially on this issue you different testament he reached hurts them in advance in 01. The world looks like when your interview leniency in ads and conjecture and then Fletcher fact finder you're always gonna go back and you tales. If you don't go to The Beatles chances are you Marty you've been picking up called red crimes of mean your your third most dominant instinct is actually and which which you before and implement. Which means you said earlier on you guys it's in the fixed opera house now you're not -- I mean I I I can learn to understand about you trot out the best you can drive but it's gonna frustrate you probably pretty it's pretty quickly I mean. You know and so. To the end of the day you're gonna recognize since high quality that you don't have to do it yourself in fact your better. Did jump online and find something like that I feel like what you accomplish a building something whether that's the address a drawer a whatever you know fixing something in the house and and I feel more accomplished because I feel like I'm not there yeah. I'm not the best in me. Sure where some people get energy some people with a higher number of energy they have a project that you every single yet tonight you ushers. I mean it's like with some. Your your fourth action mode is that a quick which UQ and which means that your fairly risk universe doesn't mean here knocking her wrist injured out. Because staff and and by the way a lot of people fill wrist is a financial risks it's actually arrest of time we auditing for hours in the day Easter time. On the wrist can also be the reputation risk. It's now there's also financial obviously. You will rescue obviously risk significantly because you do you have a lot of different businesses the ball and running and stuff. But it's a calculated risk with your high follow through I fact finder you actually are going to have a system ties. Risk as he'd mind. And once you have to understand this schedule and the data behind it or all of offenses all in your under the and to do it. You're gonna and an immense amount of activity around if you minimize. I think as I've grown in business career and in Mena professional life I think the quick start as increase for. And it it definitely was lower when I was. More of the legislator lawyer I mean now I think it's become more become more. Or sticker. The rep my upper career. I'm willing to listen and learn from other people went. Clifton and I might have a relationship that he says hey let's start a business doing this and I'd say. I might on ho like that sleuths of the are not do whereas ten years ago I would not been like that now. Now about relationships on her relationship guy and if there's a mutually beneficial relationship includes and I have a gradient and we decide hey let's let's start business. On the sot I mean I'm more receivers to be that maybe now that I have little to do more money in the bank and more. Older that's why. I don't have to be too much debt that's a good thing but yes silly that's the point. I think that what is increasing a little bit more and my. Some of the others may be a little too increasing. But yet it's all it's it's all the you know an interest in prost did not even so this school. And by the way I. We've just scratched the surface it's a Clifton at the first that is in yourself and so I'll be excited if news media it's an eighteen pages long who we are literally stretch. In its arms Lotta grass to a satellite. A lot to graph I do like how clean it looks follow through tells me like I do I like it and you know I think I think the fall there is key to me you know being successful when I do you put them I don't know about you did. Having that a little bit of structured life that may be is somewhat chaotic with client services and client service industry always kind of being on. I mean of that while you're always on you're always feeling or something yeah. I say where do the same way for me and politics I mean you're dealing with hundreds of different legislative issues. And constituents in every day there's a new problem you try to throw the the falters. And having the fact Chinese. You know you wanna weigh both sides of an issue before you make it. So this is really cool Jason so we have forty seconds left tells how we get into a tree view and how. If you wanna technical B test or Kobe index you can hear academy to get that right here. The the best way to reach me is through the contact its government Jason cup dot com with a piece Jason cup dot com. I SO NC PP dot com just click the contact in descend into the goes directly muted as ago nor officer anything like that. And Colby is spelled KO LDE if you would do some research on this index yet to really cool I enjoyed it didn't take me too long to DD index. Just excited about it look reported seeing the results Jason cup has been with this today Jason thanks for coming on the show and with a Ford to talking to you Ian down the road. The season. Country thank you very much Clifton for coming in today you can listen to grill nation may have acted like it talk about this all day long looking forward to hope you enjoyed the show looking forward to. Check it out he pulled the end I think it should try this. To see again relation picket.