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Saturday, April 14th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up as. Even their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome Cindy grilled nation show here on 980 AM came BCI am your host Jason growth thanks for joining me again today and I each and every week here on growing nation. Whether you're listening on the radio on 980 AM came easy or on iTunes. Via podcast we appreciate also appreciate you listening today if you are on line at relationship O dot com. Very exciting show today that's good test of some of my knowledge we have guessed that I actually. I'm very excited to talk to because it is an area that I don't know much about and we'll get to that here in the second the first I want I think our partners and supporters of the show. Title sponsor of the show or Mo banks and be okay financial and trusts and its US companies and Ryan Greek. A pitcher is in discussing donation to include one might luxury apartments and the Reagor NG recurring Cohen right and maybe. Today show we're gonna be joined by mode bank in the UK financial apartments or order a girl nation the CEO of Milbank and executive vice president of UK financial is joining me Michael easily. Is back for the show today welcomed the show Michael how an issue I'm doing great you guys of been here a lot recently we had changed some scheduling with the show sub got a CU. You guys in studio decent amount here recently and it will be another agreed to show that we're going to be doing we are going to have on. Deborah Sandler who's the general director Ian. The CEO of the lyric opera of Kansas City the website it's TC opera dot org. Three thrift with you Michael when you when you told me that you bring endeavor on the show today I was. Well nervous because I don't know much about the lyric opera well of operas all sales from that part part of my task here to help you explain to your your mind. But you know it's it's a lot of probably what your thinking is a lot of what I was thinking about six years ago. Yeah I remember. My gadgets Blair in this music in my house vote going up and you know at an age when you just wanna sleep and on Saturday. And never gain a really appreciation for them overtime miss my kids are more wall music an opportunity to make here. Really found a passion for nuclear. Offer for opera real passion for the lyric in a lot of house to do with the passion that. That ever Sandler just you know it oozes out of weren't. Terms of which you want to do for the for the art form are also which wants to particular forum to. And she we Roland senior talked to be his. She is not a you know actual Kansas City and originally she child she worked his grip in the East Coast. Philadelphia went to college out there and actually had some opportunities to work. Or her life in this industry. One of which was in Louisville where she came in the city. Oh so it's commission to talk here about. Won her background and to. You know what's it like being backing from being in Kansas City in three years you know how do you keep the opera. No relevant to this generation today in the next generation. Mollen she's like Cerro us who didn't know much about Kansas City in mind now he came up to consider moving here. The more you learn memorial lava. And then you're Caroline price not a year or once for once retrenchment that's just the way our community is. And then. You with the lyric itself here in town is his morals performing arts. I think is really under appreciated. For just a quality of the performances. The contents. Other quality of the people that are open putting on the production and Enron company. And it's one of those things that are big focus for theirs and for me is to have about a week out but next generation. Of of person to really. They're exposed to or learn more about it really come to appreciate it there's just lots of ways to and learn about it there's lots of ways to really appreciate. What's going on. But the company. The other is and they do so much will be and a on the show and one of the things is that exciting is the do perform in the caught coffin now performing arts and now. I saw was with world class of 2012 lovely or 2011. A neck and a change the game. Earlier copper as far as performance hello any dead DR at the building where the company was then. Before there was transition in general director. Art Kaufman sooner was opening up Thursday. Huge wave of of call it transition within our community on a lot of different levels not just with. The Kaufman sunburn if you murmur at that time there's a lot of other drama going on our bus Magloire on different ways and there's all these things early. We seemed kind of conversion at the same done. And the great facility to down in the east crossroads right up. It's Butte prickly couple buildings and I stole and predates me so how all the background to a but if you think about. What is change in that area in the last ten years. The lyrics in there for last seven years. You know attention from Walt has been there for a long long time which is just a couple blocks away so open Cooper who deserves a lot of our appreciation for their commitment to that part of it of town put alert came men and notes that. It's a big investment and a part that today looks a lot more developed than it did before then kind of a modern looking building through imports beautiful. Yeah and technically as. Very sound functionally is talking with the company. And Bob believe busy and via just almost every opera company it's. Really yeah. Both have been sending us really talked about enough in our cities is we have this performing arts center that. Will Alaska Deborah about it but it's in the top ten in the world right the cost consider for the former NASA senior year lyric opera band in the work offer going since the you know administrative side is is that it's a beautiful. And of great environment for creativity. And very modern and a great place where they know stuff first running so non parents undergoing a cocktail there on the ground. But the actual production facility allows for them. To have a full. Sat. The colts are put together. Within the building so they can test to see what works what doesn't work so they can rehearse for weeks long before they actually have to go. Put on the main stage. Play your room too old process if necessary. There's rooms to make costume users we do. Room still work on wigs and other design things so. There's there's not many places in the country that other opera companies have have benefited. I mean Michael is solely with us guest hosting future really grow nascent show executive vice president the epiphany chill and presidency of no bank. Indy five appreciate you bringing Debra we'll get to Debra. After the break. Everything Gilligan review where we just chatted a few weeks ago but everything else kid and and is you have. Us Sydney in here against an enduring yet and they're issues she's so one memorizing stars some. In our secretary program and its Fonda. And how Parole Board and are kind of starter her power off and with the company in her career I mean. Greg I do want to come home to say thank you again for I know when you're legislator did work for autism. And I know was so they recently were over and ash are recognizing. Autism and efforts that you go behind it it's our issues that directly impacts a lot of us that the bank in your work on the Imus made huge difference people's. It's no thank you very much I was wondering if I look back on politics that was successful down or both parties gonna came together to do that era parents and families in. If their insurance reform and it was exciting that's one of those things you smiled out. Look at how wall EC yeah. That bill signing makes it actually worked right got to work for once and while with the authors say and then you're out this it's a big deal or I don't puritanism thank you so much help Michael is always with us and be right back after the break we're talk with lyric opera. Goosen group. Hello and welcome back CU KBC 980 AM and he has grill nation show your host JC growth thanks for joining us again today. I appreciate you balling us and joining us each and every week here on the show. You connect with me on Twitter at Jason grill that grill nation show the website is grill nation shell. Dot com. Well I think our partner and supporter and a friend of mine Michael Rhee is solely from no bank in BUK financial. Michaels the executive vice president of the UK financial and the president and CEO of Mo bank he joins us. Each and every month. And we're lucky to have him as a partner and friend of the show welcome back Michael are you O. Wall thank good good every month few. You seem to bring in an A list person near Kansas City that is really doing amazing things. And today will be no different we will have on Debra Sandler who's the general director and CEO of the lyric opera Kansas City. And when did you dinner Newser because she's now in studio and wanted to kinda. We off the interview here I'm happy to do that so. I'm involved with the lyric opera world all you you've been. Actors and six figures and and I just recently moved into the role I was at the bank and Everett recently removed under her position. At the lyric and I was looking for something right near normal and community. And as turns out. We had two previous connection with the lyric and so endeavor and I got together and said dependable. Look we do. Sourcing and about joining the board at this time there really wasn't torture that's where I want to do the Susan matter. And we had com an opportunity I get to know one another night since for background where she was going with with the lyric. Being that I don't know Rui. Anything about opera Bluetooth I was in I install from where she approached her and her background ouch report. And its organizational. Very cool you know Deborah welcome to the show. Thanks Jason Leonard earlier Michael it's great to have Devern Syria. Tulsa by your background because I've looked a little into it and before you took the letter does and where it's located all the great things you have going on. And also your path to kids seekers at a discreet posting you've you've Charl from the East Coast originally is that right. That's correct said the leader Capra Kansas city's actually the third company where it's at the title. General director I was born and raised. On the East Coast erupt in Philadelphia and and up until 1998. I had lived my entire life leader in. Philadelphia Manhattan. A Princeton, New Jersey non input in Princeton the first opera company I ran which is not the first performing arts organization I ran. The the first opera company I ran was this summer opera festival in Princeton new and I was there from 1987 to 1990. And then I was recruited to go to Louisville, Kentucky and run in the Kentucky opera. And this Yankee East Coast girl on the had a learning curve from going to the south. Only available some people consider mid mid western some people. Considerate southern but it has a lot of southern roots very different culture. But another very great warm entrepreneurial community but it it's in the. Eastern time zone and where it hurts isn't it's I've been there many times the mayor's great by the way. I never thought about being dragged minute Jasper east policies that are being talked. Yeah I guess we're trying to I'm proud that I got nowhere to put it but rice you know well obviously midwest appeared in a thus far away now well lieu of the. History of the the eastern time zone had to do with some. Very powerful families. Every city Nazareth has some and a tariff for families and powerful corporations that they started and they wanted to be in tune with the on the stock exchanges. On the you know there are cities that are directly north and directly south. Louisville which are not in the eastern time zone they just sort of carved out a little niece completely awful special places and so I am I then I rent Kentucky opt propaganda then I came and that's very cool. So tell us about your passion for music has them look me resume you will went to temple and dagger and bachelors there in your master's at NYU. Both in the musical. He'll seek and I knew you wanted to get involved with this early on right I I was one of those very musical kids too you know at my mother. But parents from my but my brother my brother was four years older than me piano. A when he was seven and I was three. And they made him take lessons. And I started plank and I think and they news that I was in musical kid and so from there I started saying and I sort of place several instruments and when it's weaken programs and policy choir in the summer programs and I had a very very rich I'm happy to say musical education because at that time. Our school system invested quite a lot in the arts and so on then teenage years hit. And then Shelley just say I hit other pursuits a vet had less to do with practicing. The piano and rank and and by the time college came around eight. I was a math major awhile. I have a lot of sort of math geeks in my family and kind and my brain works that way to liking decent education is something to do with it Erica I think there's a correlation between. Music and math. And finally. By the end of my sophomore year I had had it. And I said OK I'm either going to music school with a feeder school so for one year they let me be in both schools and I decided that music would win out. Cool though I got my undergraduate degree in music may and then went to NY youths at a news ecology. And got my masters degrees and a lot of early music issue my doctoral course work. Moved back to Philadelphia was supposed to degrading it dissertation. And instead got involved with a very young to fulltime chamber orchestra one of the first in the country were Curtis grants. And that was it I said you know this is much more interesting and much more fun and much more engaging engaging. Then a a long time in the library stacks on that I don't like libraries. I'm I decided library stacks burned for me in and I want it to be out in the world doing it. Mean Michael I have no musical talents whatsoever. Growing up I played in secondary we will learn how to play the recorder I think. I look I tried to learn how to play the guitar in law school and I learned like two notes of a song. You know did you have any I mean I I guess I wonder when kids really gets started in this and when is that a GOP talk about sports in UCL east. These daily golf was prince is right now the prodigy he's playing and like four years old you know and then I mean is music the same way I had no musical talent. I guess I need to brag Loeb are pretty good to air guitar Oka and there's problems and how are former producer of the show actually judge day air guitar competition when they have the SS yes. But I I really don't. This was to send my parents want me to play the accordion its on going analysis. Ouster but we're really there hasn't you no no I don't know that a lot of Saturday night it. Well with my wife. She put current Internet as a child and then with our four children. Each of them has been learning an instrument on then. And so that's always been our seats rate I think your point about map hand in music and also just. How the brain works I mean that musical. And I think it really benefit our children it's kind of how they've grown up with you know understand in my influence from house offs so map. From music her room positives. And then when I got an image to him being involved program. The same time when my daughters was. India as school choir. And the other daughter and involvement the year its assault this is the way and met with them Newton and then here comes now. Robert is junior high school. And he's been caution you play piano and precaution and strong major ice marching band so. We've got that connection Nico are now eleven year old he's playing. In Seoul. I was finally able to connect the world or you guys figure Leah. And and I think and from what I'm also love this throughout the high school her words kids and even Nikko and now when. Was nine or ten. Or bring them to. We never see Lisa. I never see him why don't you none of spot. Right but he's always bringing the kids in the kids bring friends Oka and you know it's sort of but it's sort of retreat foresaw who is Michael bringing tonight. Friends are they bringing you are right it is something that music is like. Really really important to us and this much we can influence and high school education urged the our curriculum and middle school no match will always thought we keep fighting for. I agree Deborah Sandler is our guest today director and CEO of the lyric opera of in the city. Oh and it's left in the spur segment talked to some value. Made from Kentucky did it in the city and how that transition went for you and what it was like on the Kansas City. Well I actually. I left on the Kentucky opera there was a couple of years hiatus between the time I left Kentucky app per. An atomic came to lyric opera and I took some time off on lived in a couple of different places I actually worked with say. A new art college that was beginning in did external relations. And waited for the right opportunity in Kansas City called and I said hello to pick and could beat it down and I came and I interviewed and and it was very exciting was very special time for the earlier. Because it was it coincided with the opening of that coffee center for the performing arts and so all of a sudden this company which is now celebrating its sixty year. Was jettisoned into an entire in new era. So not only did we have a new performing arts facility which is state of the art one of their. Always ranked just like one of the ten best in the world we also built our opera center which is how Michael and her. But we built our own administrative and production center and so it was a wonderful opportunity. So you are located across truth is that correct. The old lyric opera's located across whereabouts in the crossroads where on on eighteen street we have two buildings that we go from home this through Charlotte. Mika Michael you go there often are meetings one on ya. Now an embryo or means there mentally he's there and there that's really developing. I'm a first Friday's they're two well I'll tell you that the lyric when this side of old buildings where they. Were definitely I'm at the front edge of the and then I would make points out it's just use it because we made the investment and I was actually predates me that we company. I'm not so it. And twelve million dollar investment in that part of town. Which now if you are taking a who map of two neighbors lose. Seven years ago. It's or that definitely growing grab him but it's a beautiful facility and moved. Reluctant. Huckabee is solely is our partner and supporter of the grill nation show mode may be okay financial desk coasting with me today. Ever sand there is with us today the general director and CEO of thief in the earlier offer of Kansas City the website is PC opera dot org. We'll be right back after the break. I guess. Welcome back. TV grill nation show hearing came easy 980 AM thank you for listening to us today also I appreciate you joining us on iTunes via podcast. In that relationship dot com or office photos of our guests. And more information about our partners and supporters one of which it is with me today. Mode bake the UK financial CEO and president of Mo make Michael easily and the executive vice president of the UK financial. We're talking to Deborah Sandler is the general director and CEO of the she's been a lyric opera of Kansas City. What site is Casey opera dot org. The opera lyric opera is located in the kissing crossroads community and it it's a transformational ought crates transformational opera experiences. Their performances outreach and educational initiatives also aim to develop talent repertoire programs and productions that bring the best of lyric opera of Kansas City to the world. Was found in 1958 and again we have had ever seen in there who's the general director in seal with this again today in studio. Generals talk about we've we've got to got to your background how you got Kansas City. Let's talk about kind of the back earlier opera and it's been around for quite awhile we'll talk about some of the things you'll do me to meet today. But gonna give us a history lesson on. What it does in what you guys bring to mean. Okay will it was started by three people. Russell Paterson who was the founding director. And it was with the company until the very early ninety's. And his two partners were Henry task and might reveal yeah. And three of them had this idea that they were going to start a company when the company actually started I believe it was in the rock of theater and what was interesting was that. It was a company. That was founded with the notion that. They would perform the accurately viable opera's. In English and only in he should he come to the opera today you here. Opera in its regional language and we make use of the best technology. And tickle the feeder system so that the translation of what you're hearing. Is right in the seat in front view in some companies and some houses which are not as advanced copy center. The projected over the stage by narrow house there on the scene from a viewing as far as we know the only other places that haven't of The Metropolitan Opera and symphony opera. But the company started. With the notion of only in English with with the idea that opera needed to be accessible mean. You know you wouldn't read a book in French we read a book and German. If you want to understand right and out. That changed in the early ninety's with the departure of Russell. By the company was. Very. Innovative for its tiny. Were all very sensitive to what our audience once to see. And not throwing too much contemporary work and the one time we did open not too much but in the early days Russell was very plucky. And they did all sorts of things they did several world premieres they did a lot of musical theater. And some of the things that they didn't. And now we don't consider contemporary because if they were done in 1960 they were you know their sixty years salt. I'd. Was accompanied it grew gradually had a very strong following and then the company evolved it became more and more professional as time went on. I'm I'm the third general director of the company in that title itself is something of a mystery to most people what's the general director. If people don't salute when I walked down. Anything like that that I have for my cheese she asks us to Dina. Your square sweep on where did you guys have the performances before the arts and the Foreman Erickson Harris and Dylan lyric theater. The lurch here and where is that a. It's okay. Okay I'm 29 central apparently he had this it's now becoming a Y. Oh yeah yeah yeah no it's dominance tonight but does facility was very charming. Wasn't originally built as an opera house which meant that there were some challenges in terms of producing opera. There are more efficient ways in less efficient ways to produce opera. And more efficient ways to create a product that other companies can rent or share an expense of them and because of the idiosyncrasies. Of that particular theater. He made it more difficult. It to produce it was smaller. Which is looking bird go for a wide its partner really needed to take that next step but it's evolution men and my my view of it grants predates my involvement by there was a vision about where they wanna go home. There was then on the same time recognition. Nor do that they needed. Balt they had the opportunity or made that transition long opening for arts and then. Which and also gave the company an opportunity and find its new. Works its new home. And that kind of gets back to build an off homes and buildings that play. When you got the ministers which just beautiful facility in itself but the benefit of that is right next door. It's time productions. And in now. It is water lots of rooms for the different aspects of opera that you'd be very costumes wigs moments. The tuners are huge section though allows for woodworking took the old all the sites. Rich. We accompanied him out before. The then they can rule all that out. In to destroy an area which it is recently designed to replicate what stages of arts. So they can. Sign up and worse on that holding them. Before rushing normally. Or are so honored to execute on the production that's nice knowing you news back of trucks or can now move men and off though so. The person that Watson to pass it more convenient way. Vs tile so so tell us about the performances of the season like ISIS'. Are we bringing people in of these Kansas City people performing how does that all work both of those still layouts OK okay now. Just. From from from square zero or circles your. And you know nine many people will go for example to the musical theater series that we have an accountant. And what they get is a traveling show. So a show opened on Broadway. And then a couple of years later the producers say we are now going to create the traveling tort ready recast it and basically think of at this rate I really really big truck. Everybody rolls onto the track the scenery rolls on the light straw launch. Cast rolls on. The instruments roll on everything comes. And and it drives and drives and drives and drives in the land in Kansas City. And the back of the truck comes off and the whole kitten conditional roll off the truck. And then go into one of our theaters and do Iran of a week two weeks three weeks four weeks whatever it may mean. That's not the way reproduce them everything we do is instantly more organic so. When we do a show we have to decide what shall we want to do we have that the site is your scenery available someplace in the world or are we going to have to build. What it would clothing or at least people and we're gonna build costumes you're gonna rent costs. IE spend a lot of my time. Listening to singers either in addition we're going throughout the world and hearing different people saying. So we cast every principle artist and they come from throughout the world news. I'm not just American but from out the world got a little trick here is visas no but every single person who's on the stage has been placed there. Now what is it Kansas City part of it we have a phenomenal course. So in almost every show there's a chorus and they are our own course it's he union course. We. Are very pleased that we have such a great one every visiting conductor and director comments on how wonderful courses. We have stagehands who put the show on we have artists in here in town who make the props do the wigs. You know that part of your costume is either have clothing which in the wind you have make up. And we have props which are the things on stage and we hear furniture and we have scenery and so it's a combination of the best of the world and the best of Kansas City. And when redon the run of the show we rehearsed for three weeks and we move and everybody on that stage. The Kauffman and their for about a week before we open. And when to show. Our business like overnight camp. Preference tearfully leaves and they hope to come back again our core starts to get ready for the connection now. Interest you know beyond a great explanation is kind of demonstration of how performing arts and city and others. In the symphony. Excuse now. Right that they orchestra that plays in the pit and opera so we have a very close working relationship with insistence that great partners. And how many performance is beyond the year. So we do four shows in generally we do four of each of that sixteen on the big stage. From time to time we had one to sixteen performances on the main stage at and we have lots of other programming. Is in Tulsa that. Okay well one of the programs that's been. Now including its its second year it's called the explorations program. And the goal of the exploration programs is to present more intimate performances in smaller spaces. And to take people on a journey and to name explorations. So we'll do the kind of music that we can't do when a really big stage it'll be music for. Four singers will be music for three singers in a string quartet it's very intimate. And it's an usual music and it's been wonderful program and partner with other people as well so it's been a great series and we have. Three more plants for pictures well. If you and your web take Casey opera know where you also look like give camps. We answer a what education is all. On not a day a lot of education it's also about how what what it ages the U educate and kids' faces some met a lot of government owes you. Right. A wanna talk about that the next segment where were they ever stand there from the lyric opera of Kansas the general director and CEO. And Michael easily partners order of the girl nation show with no make him be okay if any study to be inching we get into new. The next generation and we knew we we talk about education there and really kind of talking about. How do you impact that next generation and have an impact on the community. As well as. You know how to parents involved to really kind of help their kids you more involved with lyric opera and and make it fun interesting exciting and who really kind of showcase. That's sounds if you guys talk about that. Releasing new grill nation shall be right back after. Hello and welcome back to the grill nations show learned he's he's 9 PM today Amherst chasing girl thinks you're a stand with this for the show today. Been very informative I am learning a lot in im excited to. Check out the lawyer opera Kansas City the lips eyes he see opera dot org again joined by Michael easily from bank of Kansas City in Milbank. And it's easy Bewkes financial and Milbank and Deborah Sandler from the lyric opera of Kansas City did a general director and CEO. The lyric opera can't city's mission. Is for running transformational opera experiences and abroad service missed captures the hearts and minds of our communities. Deborah one of those things that we talked about was the next generation gain him more involved. What year would easier general planted to do stuff like that and to really kind of make sure the ability opera continues to grow in our society. At a time words maybe pretty hard to do right now. I will say that. We think we have went beyond audiences and am right now so that's a good place to start. We have a young friends group who are also working to accomplish that. I would say that. In addition to education in addition to first Friday's. What we try to do is to communicate with the needs and so that means that in our communications and in telling our story. We try to use. Those tools and those tax forms which easily accessible so is euphemism for special platforms and right digital communication. We try to. Present. A lot of different programs. And tell people what we're doing and to do good. You know at the end of the day ended giving it no matter what age you are. Quality has to win. Because we are aware how competitive we need and we try to use state of the art technology. We try to do things that will interest people. There is how. Something of I think perhaps a misperception. So a lot of offers that are being written today and we did do we do four shows as I mentioned and one of them is generally content work. You tend to be killer operas and went and said swing on. And there's a perception that in order to engage young people you have to do Acer socially it opera. And the truth of the matter is that all of the research shows the people who were coming in the first time wanna see who worked that they heard. An analogy. He got Paris for the first time UNC Eiffel Tower. If you're coming to the opera for the first time you might see. Me in my legacy tribe. You might want to seek army the big name shows. But in everything that we do we try to have certain rights to a 21 of the pieces that we did it's your risk of Everest is one of the most visually sophisticated. Operas that that that has been ever created. I was based on the climb that arguments it's kind of Everest on crack or wrote in an air. And we brought an enormous number of people. In for many of them. We are opening on an eight roll 28 and continuing on the second fourth and sixth a production of barber of Seville. Barbara Seville is very well known because some of us are up with the Bugs Bunny and everybody knows that too is whether they realize it or not. It's a funny story. But it is been updated slightly and it is envisioned. As if it were a pitcher all the of our movie. Says there are chickens. Last costumes. It's really a lot of fun it's a great first opera for people to come to. So again we try to do activities in Bob young people we try to do good work that will be of interest. And we have a very robust education program try to get kids when they're young. A lot of the young kids that we've gotten. We've then got the parents. And you know it's hard it's what we know about our audience is that there's often a gap. Between thirty and fifty. When parents are driving your kids around to activities that are very very busy many get them before some comeback. If you can all tell you it's it's been for me and mine and you know education analysts interesting in the sense that a and avarice which if you were just and it. Books or you were you were nationally save yourself like this now. Com but once you're sitting there in your is it and yours you're soaking and you really get a sense that mrs. Traditional and and it's cores opera. Just present and away and it's very nontraditional. Men both from either the educational wise. He pulled out. There you are on the border of the people right. Would mislead viewers traditional opera lovers. I was skeptical whether I was in I was unsure whether or not they were really. What they would think of Everest. They really did so it will be this kind of bridges a lot of different areas you know. You think could be more towards the younger generation appreciate like farmers are real. Harman turned out those are more traditional operas or are brought my kids. And who and so. It really bridges a lot more of those age brackets and you actually thanked the way this 'cause of unity in the atmosphere and production. You know opera's opera is multi disciplinary multi dimensional. So it's not just people standing on stage singing your signal light show you're seeing a visual panorama which is the scenery. You're seeing you here at orchestra you know I think you know video yeah we usually have video. I mean it's it's it's an artistic feast for the eyes and ears as if we do our job right so we'll have to look at. Man of peace and good fashion through which bridges lots of outrage market but with each of the productions coming up. There's arguable although behind the scenes. Right there are lectures and he's not as these with our so there are several different opportunities before the opera opens. Tickets and and learn aspects to it so you go into a much more confident and educating moment. I am we started a program this year called explored the sport in which the director and conductor of each show couple weeks prior. Well the chatter production center. On people who are invited to come and talk about what's special about the app with the listened for an up. What is what is his composer's style so it's a really good you know it's really good window into what's. Very touching stuff I am captivated I can which check it out uncharted Carol what opera when you see this year martyrs and then over some virus and now there's there's your answer there that the but our roads and well which will start on Saturday April 2 anything goes. Through May sixth. You talk about creative endeavors and ballots with talk about that for people and and what the operatives that because it truly is a good balloting creative. Peace of mind compared to which in the real world that tells tells it is that's a mean you'd like to talk about with with music being creative talent. For people absolutely I mean whenever anybody comes to the opera I feel like giving a big party and I went entertain as well as I can't. And there's a communal richness and coming and watching something together. But I want to act absolutely engaged everyone sitting in the audience with what they're seeing on stage. And if if you don't wanna look the one thing to great things you can look at sent the house. And it's entertainment. But it's also a way of storytelling. Transports the person who's listening there. You know recount we tell stories many times by the addition of music and visual elements changes a story and sometimes you can hear things in different way. I agree Deborah sailor has been our guests today. A lot of whiskey involved Casey opera dot org you guys obviously have a lot of supporters. Donors and great endowment and just young friends groups you have at all and you can check data Casey opera dot org. Find out more formation C a performances the 20182019. Season get tickets. If you know get more involved volunteer you can do it all at TC opera dot org Deborah Sandler. General director and CEO of the lyric opera in city or appreciate come on the show today and sharing some other information about everything you've been up to and how awesome Miller toppers in any just get in we're starting next season with westside story al-Qaeda they really don't see nobody I've heard that once. I heard about Michael Michael is will be okay financial and now moving picture joining me today as well being here. You listen to grill nation we'll see you next week we'll talk too soon and thank you for joining.