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Saturday, April 15th

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post to take the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access. And eating just your connected you have to factor you'll enjoy it. Real solution. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at girl nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. And you're still grill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello welcome to grill nation with. Jason girl on your post on nine AD AM and on relationship dot com preachy listing as well today on security and I team's radio. Via podcast. And a great week here in Kansas City hope you're doing the spring weather and I'm hoping that the royals start winning baseball games to be nice wouldn't it on today's show. First off let me we think our partners and supporters of gorilla nation before you to our guests for today the title sponsors of the show are trusts. Milbank BO OK financial. US advisors and rain Greek also guest contributors and guess coast of the shell. Are there read your KCT. Rigor Inco. You see power and light district and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander elsewhere think. Right maybe for joining me every other month as against coast and closed in Alexander. Or joining me every month as a co host also. Close tonight played golf the other day. He's a pretty good golfer too if you ever see him out there on the golf course for reactor designs Indians. On today's show who we are going to start off with Emily brewer who is. The sister twin sister of of my better half in girlfriend Elizabeth Kennedy. Knew we had on the show. Almost three years ago actually two and a half years ago in December of 2014. To talk about bashing column twins dot com. Since then they have launched a spin off apparel company off of that brand which they started in and we went through the process with that again today called locally. The website to shop locally dot com. When I talked today with Emily about kind of how they grew their online following in social media following and also talk about. What they're doing in apparel and in e-commerce these days is walls wholesale and really kind of dive into the manufacturing process and the ups and downs of running a business like this in the fashion world and so and we'll be joining me real briefly after I. It to our next guest introduction which are beyond sick it's three and four today. We will have on a busy I cannot pronounce her last name and she will pronounce of forests in the interview she is calling in from Poland today she lives in New York City. And she is the founder of poetry nights and poaching nights has come to the heartland it's in Kansas this year. And thanks to the generous sponsorship of Buick LLC. And poetry nights is open to all Kansas residents it is a state white essay contests in documentary film project. That is dedicated discovering it's honoring the power poetry and alliance ordinary incidents. This is gonna be really cool interview David is very interesting person and deep thinker and does the love of everything literature and poetry and we're gonna break down to the poetry contest. Which there's more information at poetry nights dot org and also. Really kind of get to know her and what is inspired her throughout her life and in what poems have inspired her. This series has been through Europe it's been all throughout Europe it's been in New York City and lucky to have it in Kansas and so. Archie nights is the dot org is the website again and Eva Z will be joining me from Poland over the phone in segments three and four today. Did you connect with me on Twitter at Jason girl that girl nation chill on the website for the showed in his relationship dot com where to find all of our podcasts. Guess photos of our guests and information about our partners in supporters I appreciate you joining me again today or on over a hundred shows now I think this is a 102. And so. Everyone thank you for listening in joining us every week. Okay our first guest today is Emily Burr one of the fashion column twins. Alongside Elizabeth Kennedy. Two sisters you began to building a website and writing about fashion many years ago the web site. Originally its bashing called twins dot com also they have shopped the locally dot com Emily howry did it get Harry good to see you negative you you look nice today nobody got dressed up. The India descended into thin so tell us about your background. With you Elizabeth and kind of what trying to convince you to start a blog. OK I am. I guess we eat we started fashion on twins which is our blog on several years ago you guys out of college you're you're. Yes you're out of college it seems like year after being. And graduated a key state and and we both just really love fashion and and we won in TU. And create an opportunity for us to get into fashion in while living in the midwest because and Hart. And blogs for becoming popular and I was working for him acting at the time and I I can defer their online on. And and so I was like let's start up on a fashion bug and Elizabeth is like but that. Didn't think she had a a degree apparel market yes yet because she has an apparent marketing degree I NPR degree so it kind of worked out I'm. We started this and we first started out eking Diana's what we would mayor. I'm because both of us are reeling in a shopping as you now yeah we love to shop and yet but that's different. Styles yeah it was similar but different yeah I was just more like oh. And I'm kind of more like a classic I now and there is this is kind of planned breasts you you know photographed allude wearing just and tell people where a diet. And that is when kind of answer Graham and they spoken in social media was kind of just going to be accurate yet. And so you started doing that Easter writing. But different looks and what and that continue he also had some newspaper types that he did a columns are wrecked. Yes we did and we lived in Lawrence at the time and so we started writing ahead as the week time and current management is key member of it. I am at cashing conference and Lawrence journal world. In Q how they get here remember and there are Dan article yeah yeah criticizing Kansas there Lawrence I had an idea of a member senior roles. Voted yes this way before any guy that's what the media interest in really really love. He did that he ended. That what satisfaction palm twins know you've you've still got a little bit of that mine that you yeah all right we still are a lot of. In in it's actually mainly on social media requests and Amsterdam. Daily he. Because now blogs are kind of moving towards this. People looking at your social media accounts so looking into it and he would Q where and when Nancy is the future years so. And working column that are aren't aren't happening as it's not not much I mean blog her most people discuss a comedian at my inspiration and passion desperation thing that patents that are going to an actual dialogue. Yeah and you guys have been on television gallery you you use the UU group the blog in the news targeting. To be on local. 10 yeah I was really you're still in Myanmar and and working on the blog we Wear a parts. IA as pretty straight he TT five and they asked us to come on and India fashion take me and so from there I'm east we continue to view. Segments and then the legends. We do fashion statement Atlanta and now it. You who and so they kind of snowballed into. So many different opportunities for rats. Which discretion early which is accurate is that why I think it's get a conflict itself out there in Brighton cheers yes your inspiration to Gavin. Potentially could grow your business and only Marti. We really really and music kind of ethnic and online it's an online portfolio for what you can create an even if he had from being. It you are passion and I definitely. Again some. We're talking name labor today with fashion called twins dot com as well shot the locally dot com after the break I really wanna break down the new adventure you've taken with shop look we dot com to listen to grow nation on 980 AM thanks for joining. Welcome back to grill nation I'm your host Jason real nice 80 AM and on top ninety and that concrete shoes because we'll stay on stitcher and iTunes podcast. We are talking to him Lieber is one of the founders of bashing called twins dot com as well as the new venture that the twins have taken on shop locally dot com and Malia and her sister Elizabeth. Are the principles of local. Is it shop locally chopper shop the locally on NC Graham and FaceBook. And then if you wanna go back in and look at some of the work they've done. Growing their original blog it's bashing called twins. So Emily tells about why you decided T start a e-commerce business wholesale on the action apparel industry business locally. Well I'm Elizabeth I have been wanting to do this for a long time and we actually. Attempted to do they mean and first graduating college that we can really know we're doing and so it's amino we've always went into you it's always been our wiry hair that. It never was really the right time. I'm in so we just started the blog act and and then realized who like that we can do. It is now on and there is a lot more opportunities. Again he said in the midwest now in our neck and back then. As far as high including when it was Baldwin but they were CNET style back and yes. And then Matt and I was actually when I got back from that LA. Marathon match is why from the fly with me out really back is they go to LA like every other week and yeah I think in cell they were kind of the it. And they were going out there years in the mid two thousands to close at a yacht but now. There is a lot more competition there yeah there's a lot more local brands. There at time of local brands. In the guys enter kind of oh right wing neck on the yeah starting to take a third at the beginning. When we first started there on you know kind of local brands found there right if you feel that I am. But it. Now there you know there's manufacturing. In Kansas City and it's starting in which area and open. I'm antsy don't necessarily have to make an eleven year currently TDs mainly it is. Which is great decision. So. Why is it's been something we've been planning to do for a long time and abs and locally is a play on it's a local business and you're in the EU stands suffer the sisters yeah name's Derek and you know visited and we yeah we want it it's beyond my outlook all like every fifteen year your city or yours sports team more meaning neighborhood. About sort of way. The brand is out. Men and Europe can't make sure that separated you from. Kind of just another company was the secret to healthy and how that came about. And what I like. You know and a bold being moved in and sparkly things and so we we keep decent team can have different and it's green rant I'm more of an application design which is what we do you. And so. We found a manufacture you create these handmade tee and I'm patches grass and they've been really popular in Kansas City we moved in Q had few other markets as well. And so yeah that can have our iron to nature's secret and I'm design is really such and such that's. We see a lot of does the net is that shop politically dot com if you will look it. Kind of what we're talking about Kansas City is in sequence and you've done other ones with tellers in Kansas. Different different states as well yes. So. You guys did you focus more e-commerce or did you do more wholesale floor which I. Which cutting your niche here do you do both there how does that work could be gaining we did a lot of holes now and then you know with with. The competition is becoming a little bit harder to use an hour and a thirteen more. And economy Ernst. And and yeah just telling her weaker I think also assign differences that we get him. I am are you guys here ramp that up more this year unit. And they've done some local shows yes the first on year our business neat candidates like every show. Just to see what worked in nineteen that's important you just see what works for you might doesn't win those are always a crapshoot you. Yeah I don't know what the weakens going to be like you can't replace him terrible location exactly and if you're right on the red on the cusp of the floor. And ever won us the walk by or do if you're gonna have a way better today act. He just never know how those are gunning but you. I feel like you have to get the first year in business is fifty what happens and how are you. And so this year word gain. A lot lasts. But. I guess they were trained you ramp up online sales and establish. You mean kind of. And do you guys have different. Different collections. Are asked to be not just dull sequence. Now we do have sunscreen and and are working ion. Am I penning the different lying emea not town yes spring of 2019. In the meantime are coming from different designs and returning do you like a kind of like and mix and diversify its skid. Any mention you're in some other cities to the work with yes so we're and a boutique in Chicago and we were in MPT. In their craft that. And then restarting it possibly diss them. Some customized orders now. Mean that's good did it yet that's become got to the next level of death of wholesale yet discussed and stuff at least for my Eric my knowledge and more businesses and organizations in more people want customized product. Yeah yeah we penalize people reach actress businesses and things like I. See if we. We're talking Emily birdies one of the founders of locally the website is shop locally dot com also blogs at fashion called twins dot com. OK so what is what has been. The biggest not a surprise. So far you've dealt with since she started this business what would it what is really come of surprise you that maybe somebody that's starting a company might not realize. I am I missing him the amount of work and no work never ends it. Just constant there's always something you know that might go over honors from being the you have to attend immediately. And so there's a lot of tact I think as into it and again. Think both of us are and it shocked at how much really goes into duke starting a business. And the filling orders in yet and filling orders and yet to hear every. As you guys are doing your own fulfillment. Your manufacturing you're working. All that out. You're doing although social media doubt we do everything. Tough Africa at sea ice is what you have to rest and extra activity. So that's been a surprise gas. And manufacturing process with that been like what's your advice people who were. You know trying to work either find needed manufacture overseas or when in the UN answer I mean that's just a lot of researchers have what Woody Allen met. For manufacturing. It yet it's a death it's difficult when you don't know what you gain me first get into it that. If you decide you enemy action overseas they're. Companies mount saint Hubert and they leave unbeaten in the manufacture which hand here in going down. Senate as the kind of just don't I. LA Marla and the ninth by Andy Murray is part variety. Also made me yes I would have enactment. Starting here. Is. It's just the communications. Better and I'm the Alcoa hang in Hampshire will be a lot better. The product yet. And that's becoming more readily available for people exactly and he said there's mounting factoring in that he. And so let me you know like in the thirties and forties there is like. A fashion district heavily yeah Armitage I hear what you had to have that is starting to take some move forward and yet by the government might type stuff I mean. You're seeing more people manufacturing. Most of their product here. Ink in the area and in the US yeah I definitely I wanna see that and because. I mean it is slowly coming. You guys are doing are you had been doing some some markdowns and sales yes. Then you probably had a lot more work after the did you yet I we had yeah we definitely need are now a thin olive oil products. Tiles and patents for sale in the spring sale it's. Always good it is just a lot of orders to go. Yeah their digital link is here to do everything yourself fellow actors. So what is what is that a pleasant surprise that you. Encountered what what is actually did you think was in the heart that's been easier for you guys. I am well actually in manufacturing process when he first started out. And begin mailing you mean if it was really difficult and when you. Kind of go through that there is beginning stages and then you really it is to tell where certain and then. Insists start going more smoothly than needed before it's we're kind of at that point now and happy grateful for an Indy start this company be sharing 2050. That is so now you're you're barely two years. So you've you've been profitable you guys are growing yes that's a positive yet. Could that we are. And if it's just it's been a lot of work but it's also right in definitely Wear it when here. When you have the fact that I mean it's now it's scary but it is also awesome so in that in the future you're looking at new lines and in any kind of doing other things are an app. Yeah we're looking to diversify away. You people have this secret designs we have new and keep that and maybe come up with some different. Variations of that. And also. You know people still have the screen and so we're definitely looking into that and from some other things coming. Mean that is exciting. There working hard on the and in the what said he shop locally dot com. They have information about the business what and we have a minute left in this segment Emily. What's it like running the company with the family member. With her death at its interest heading to win especially one you guys both have other jobs still onion. What's that like it's gonna be ups and downs right. Ariane lots of ups and downs. We we get through it. And it yeah it's definitely difficult working with the members because you don't have a filter. You say you guys so if your parents did yeah I might make sure viewpoint different than like my viewpoint yeah. We parking and build their businesses and they were together and sound like in at all we know open and so it it's not weird precedent is that if we definitely get into an argument. An all that but we get. Okay argument yes you know Larry you move on and you grow the disaster. Emily birth dates are coming on the show the website again and shop the locally dot com they're also available in many different boutiques throughout Kansas City eight. It's a great website I would check it out great products if you're looking for gift for your wife girlfriend. Mother whatever you need. They have it's not politically dot com thanks for joining thank you for having me. Brett back after the break with more broadly. Yet. A. Hello and welcome back to grilled nation with JC growth thanks for joining me today on 988. And and is well on grill nation showed dot com preachy listing usual today. Via podcast at iTunes and stitcher radio always great to have you listening in all different areas whether it's on line. On the air or on podcasts. Extra joining me again today you connect with me my name is Jason grow act GC and grill on Twitter. And that grill nation shell I'm also available on. Social media handles such a sentence to Graham and FaceBook at JC grow appreciate connected me on social media and checking out our. Photos and all the information about our show. And our next segment we are going to talk we're gonna be crossing overseas for the sake that we have caller on the line from Poland today but she resides in New York City at the keys. Goes back and forth. I'm going to say her name is Ava Z. From poetry unites. She will. Pronounce her full name here once we get are on the line but I didn't wanna mess set up at eight disease is with approaching unites and she is in a claim polish. Born writer and filmmaker she's the author of numerous essays short stories and children's books. In 2006 in collaboration with Belgium based. Events foundation she created the series coaching nights bring everyday people together through poetry. And the reason by. If his joining us today is because right now. Port she night's Kansas is going on and that the website is poetry unites. Dot or bow when it to have her on today to learn more about her background and also to to talk about poetry unites gave welcome to the show. Yeah it won't come and my name is Ed. I think Scott is the Barrett that the cut polish I. And that is that is why you say it so clearly. That I wanted you to say that so they've. Your calling yesterday from Poland. You're obviously from their what what is it like go over in Poland today how is it. I got a weeknight. And I got England then steadily like probably go to eco etiquette because it pretty well and so. I'd try is to end this holiday with my family. That's great well that's him that's great very excited for Easter as well. Back here in Kansas City it's been seventy degrees the last few days in sunny keys still work work excited about that. I'm glad. You. So you have that night they'll live better. Yeah we have got to pick up now unfortunately on Sunday all of that in. So Ava tell us about your background. And how you got involved with up poacher. Clinton invoking we've heard Craig I. You really quiet tree I let her. Go look at how it. I'd like that out that I like who leaked it treat at that may not like you know. At great de LA I went different PU I lack. At how what their last week I. Oh I bet you he. Feel at favorite poet and I felt like in crackle. But you include. And I hadn't putted. He came and at peace while it thought he'd be out. About people who lack talking about Dave played great poet and call it. I lapped the idea though I hit my that he and I think cook couldn't do it cannot object. Of course of our. End. They couldn't get coming Oak Park and then the band PM Sunday that look you can edit it Arctic. Then actually how he he he Paulette look at past. I package Billy bit. Filmed on quite the lap however it be different between. My approach to the Arctic and it up but you. Owe a debt I didn't hook looking. Yeah I like elaborate more bit of electric. But more like 8 PM. I'll let her. Who pipe that yeah you could call it. And any lack. Let Orlando be. You realize that led equal. Talk about poetry they hadn't opened. That they they talk about Mo. Then went and your diet I'd be doing this for their last year. I. At Arctic eat technical project Jack men and men that Arctic Poland equal daddy. And you look they heard it here go out now at excuse a year ago at not. My mind. Interesting interesting Davis he's joining us the website is poetry unites. Dot org. So they've. You did the contest you did the they'll work over you know authorize Europe and in New York City. Why did you choose then to come to Kansas City this. What are good and like that can be made it diet are you leak who you say he hasn't. Yeah I say the project and you like say yeah oak Billy Patten and and that you know prominent because even though I did you look it. I meant a lot of people are all are you kind of cool Google app would come that. I met. Up big and you glut. I am very slow it I have are how we talk who looked bought you can bet Google apps are. And now I heard at that they blocked till I get I looked meant to do it he can fabricate and I I mean I look at that I know I thought that people from him. That is true there's a lot of Kansas City airing Kansas folks that. Moved to New York City it to put their lives and and live there. And then sometimes they end up staying there and sometimes in the coming home so. That. Poetry lights dot org is the website and again this is the contest is in Kansas. The life the life of the mine in the heart of America's severance celebrating the power poetry in the life of ordinary Kansas. This. Contest details are poetry nights and or but. Poetry knows no boundaries and I won it's you kind of gonna give us a taste of one what you're looking for in the in the contest here in Kansas and and what people are are submitting. It. What I am really confident that he lag. People and and that as a patent that he could really happen. They do it felt that could be very Eric. Lou get to know more people who have a rest and who. Get who knows all the bad. And it fell partly because he. Loan category and edit it and tree at. I had that Luke chrome. But that's only if that they get me excited to X then that that black. You make the heat. So back there aren't what they can we collect. Right the pot that night and anything that aren't. And all. I you really need. That at the acting as the favorites are at not at the back in the notes that. So if you pet they clicked on and eat right lasted at least. He could go all right kind laugh. Mean I I need to I need to go back to my old poetry days back in the high school in grade school and find some of my. My favorites back then and again this is day contests and how works is. Poaching night's Kansas is open to all Kansas residents of every age and you invite each participant to submit a six under word essay. Describing the influence that a specific promise hat in his or her life. And then you're gonna have some unity have a jury of five prominent poets. Writers and educators who will choose a group of ten finalists. Tell us how that works on looking at here judges there esteemed group of people. Yet they re doing a heck. Ed let her. Lead at that point it low fat content that's. It is. Eric McHenry. And a black crashing. A prominent. Paula it. Rule all if the president optical then on Sunday a New York. We have not got it right there and not let a two week head. Nick Miller who hate they haven't as. A war between her head right there. And who he had the controller. Who birdied ink. Our entry. Mean all of the judges are on the web site again poetry nights dot org. New list you have a list of all the judges. And they're backgrounds. So what is it about butchery that really captures you Ava. You know what what is it about poetry that makes it excites you. Yeah well let. Sometimes they ask me who like to see how it tree. I all the way. That you know quiet tree in improve memory that for example if you memo like that poll and let you that you are elementary school. Intricate par and that week they lead you create are life. Then I'll look up how I creep he could you with Luke at the Valero led different way. Let and that of course improve your vocabulary. They've backed by the way it got video Mac OK Colombia right at a youth who eat at school up Agnelli. And you look like me he. You didn't. You hear the pike creek bed then you will head an article about. Power it great wait a need that whale. And whether they think they had at night life. That's a pipe pretty. As the media like. It's beautiful. That's beautiful Ava Z is joining us with poetry nights. She's the director of the website or key ninth on or your attack after the break with board in the loosening grooming can think for him. Hello and welcome back to grilled nation with Jason grills 1988 years and real nation showed dot com pre she listened today and joining us for the entire show today I hope you enjoy it. Again wherever he macro last yes she's calling in from Poland today. Ava Z is on the line is she is with poetry night she's the director. Poetry nights dot org is the website there are also available on line via FaceBook at poetry unites Kansas. And it poetry unites underscore K ads on Twitter. They have a really cool exciting event or excuse me contest going on here in the heartland of America. That is drawing in a lot of great stories. That celebrate the power of poetry and there's a contest going on through May fifteenth which will get into more. And we're looking for submissions. To back contests today on. Drill nation show. Able welcome back to the show. You were talking about what. What makes it motivates you about poetry which was so well equipped. What are again the particular poems that meta change the way you think are the most meaningful to you in your life. You know I it it it it that. Say this cut quite good for you because I had a hike favorite. At a bathing in the lap and the fact that he felt. Latin. About the act of moving to New England cracked the back. Could you it will Pawlenty and I I read it probably right. It hit the go ahead I currently locked within. That didn't vote the park and Paula in the mindset that I know that when I will. Let them. And we love. And you don't like the early part. Let me calling him I remember that way what I can't. Let quite a bit. Well and and then I can't think and try to make him a boat that he let Iowa. Yet they yet. It looked like quite grown up while I am. And somehow. Yeah yeah. It. Think that you look at your intentions are good however you do a horrible thing. And no way that this there feeling that happened yeah you know laugh because it. We played great. Couple couldn't patent and and and well not is there like me. Mean interstate. Interest thing that is that is very and perspective there I appreciate that really wanna get into quickly to. That puts unites you conceive this. It was made possible bring it to Kansas through the U league. Group the Kansas based high technology publishing company that is committed to advancing the essential public interest in the arts information in science. And again how it works is. This is open all Kansas residents of every age and each participant is invited to submit a six under were essay describing influence at a specific poem. Has had on his or her life. A group of esteemed judges it's five prominent poets writers and educators will choose a group of ten finalists. Three of these finals will then be selected as subjects of media document documentaries that we present at a special gala. Screenings in Overland Park, Kansas and in New York City. So not only is this gonna touch Kansas were going to be. Had Neptune New York City Q I join you you're a US home or when. The New York City right even. Yet great. Look. And you know what I hope I am sure. You know abetted this at Arab marry them that day comes I'm glad I call it happened and present that data. Well over eight feet. And you pay any ethnic have a pretty Noam met at a healthy. That won't impact that he he fought would be Eric a point. Well you go at them that you haven't that they actually market yet that they they're a quiet tree. Thought I'd say that. You look around about. Do you think you are I didn't are at increased. About that I've been AL is ruled. That we need more. Yes. Well I I don't know they eat you eat your note is on our web site at. It will be open back in cool guy and I'd say at call. This site I think the fake eBay com said. We didn't think he Ed school critic then by a black has. How who leaked at pollen and call. Lab with it because the lab that pool. And we leak then who all of it. Just noticing on your award in recognition page also to those who are those ever will receive an autographed copy of that book. If you're selected as a finalist you'll receive a special corner of award. And your S to be published in the contest program LB presented at the gala screenings. Finalists who were chosen as documentary subjects who received transportation lodgings for themselves and he gets to attend the screening in Overland Park. Also tell wanna mention any of the how to participate. Real briefly again is SA submitted for the contest may be ready in any stellar form but the poem describing as they should be written by a published poet. Whose work is available to the general public. The SE should touch on three topics. David you wanna talk about these three topics are you want me to share that with her listeners. You well hi you actually got great up and you don't cut it had access. A we look Omar we'd love your act that the FH TSA should touch of on three topics what is your favorite poem who were. Who wrote it and when did you first treated number one number two. Why is the poem important TU. And number three what does your day look like what are your dreams and how did your chosen palm relate your life. Truly meaningful questions there and topics writing about. That's right yes and and I would LAPD who. Yeah you Luke poetry and other cool right to. At say annually and then become. Beautiful on the web said he and his coaching unites dot org. Previous winners also Q are are there videos are on the website if you wanna check that out from. Both New York City and all over the world. In in Germany and in Poland. Different places throughout Europe and this is a really exciting that has you guys have come to the heartland. How is New York City these days of what is it like for you living in New York City. Pride I'd been waiting for OPEC went Pierre and you are now likely youth day and and let Pete people who speak a lot of blue. And you can back it up a book on the beat. Not a book Fannie Lou you can get that Google put to Abdullah of the bill. A. It is nice it's. Always movement there and always a lot of things going on isn't there. It. Very great again poetry nights dot org even Z is our guest today on the grill nation shell. And again three can contest finals will be selected as subjects of media documentaries. And it's can be very cool contest what that he and his thirteen nights dot org very excited to. Have Ava joining me today all the way from Poland A of I think you are. This phone call is probably one of our furthest. People we talked do we talk to people of England. Be your further weigh in that's not an hour ago you've we had a record here today on the grill nation show. I appreciate you coming on the show today of and appreciate you brawl do you do with coaching unites and for bring in this contest. And to the heartland in the Kansas thanks for joining me today. Thank you very Matt okay yeah. They key to thanks for listening to grow nation show with Jason grill again check out ports unite support you night side organ connect with me on social media. On Twitter at in G some real impact and real nation show like to hear often about our radio show I will share. All of our photos and podcasts of ownership that relationship. I'm great week talked you see who think.