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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. And you're still grill nation always just okay. Even then their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome to grill nation here on came easy and 980 AM I'm your host. Chasing real thanks for joining us today as always I appreciate it can be an awesome show today and I'm very excited to have you listing on. Lying on iTunes or via the radio today. What do quickly think our partners and supporters before energies are Q awesome guess that we're gonna have on the show today. Title sponsors of the grill nation show our trust Mo bay can be UK financial and two west companies and Ryan rink. New Jersey girl nation showed on their guests costar Ryan may be from the Reagor NJ rigor Inco one might luxury apartments as well. Thank them all for being partners and spores you can check out their website and give more information about them pat gruel nation show. Dot com on today show we are gonna start out with. Injure Cameron who's the owner and founder of dermatology. A awesome donuts shop. Here in the Kansas City area looking forward to him telling us more about that. And I'm hopeful and actually I'm seeing right now that he has brought in. It least let's see here at least 24 different types of of donuts and they are. Amazing and I can't wait to share these with everyone in the office and with our other guests today. After ranger we're gonna have on Matt Jordan who's the managing director and I co-founder of Edison spaces it's a really cool space offices down in Overland Park. Private fully furnished team offices with monthly rental rates each offices Durban by industry leading technology and includes business class minis the website is Edison spaces dot com. Matt is also the president a former presidents CFO frequent company that. Sold. A few years ago for over 300 million dollars so we're gonna talk about entrepreneurship. His journey and also get into the wide Edison spaces is unique and there's nothing like it here in the Kansas City area so will be joining us. In segments 34 today after we talk now to danger route Cameron who is the founder of dermatology. He's also been the owner of other donut shops here in Kansas City is that correct standard yeah I on six daylight doughnuts as well six daylight donuts is well. Welcome to show injured Cameron from the dermatology how are you the answer is doing well thanks for having me great to have you on the show. First off what's talk about your background. You know how did you get into this word you drop batter you I know hysteria Creighton alone as well. You have just can't can't city born and re assess the mentored to Omaha for school. I jesuit university I would distinguished university myself all right on a similar kind of great basketball schools. Cool intercity campuses. The whole nine yards right. Yeah I mean I originally went up there to be a doctor and hear him to a known. Really really see you grow up here McCants a year which college there and what the heck happened after college yet again become a doctor throughout summer camp by. Earth throughout college or does summer camp and we. God donuts all the time and a slew of doughnuts are never occurred to don't in my life mean before I open my donuts shop that afterschool I one and two. Go into business for myself so like you know it be really fund certain don't sell. This is when you pretty young right out of college really and that that is that's unique and I mean nobody should nobody usually. At least. Probably back when we were gonna ecologists like. I'm a sermon company. He just doesn't do it happened back then you went to work for a big company you. Went to grad school. Right yeah entrepreneurship is a big deal to my generation and the generation after me it's bigger than met. Him. So okay so tell us about. Your first adventure CU you owned. Daylight doughnuts in Kansas City what are you tell me about that six of them cracked. Correct and it it's just culminated and I had never occurred to go to my life I love doughnuts and open a donut shop. And we opened our first store in leavenworth Kansas and went really well so we just kept going but it was decision it was a typical donut shop. Was today it's deathly know what you're doing now correct two dollars and yeah it's more like a traditional donut shop I mean we did build them an old house and then our next one and Lansing was an. Old car wash U literally drive your car through our. Or donut shop room and when in the window what don't it's like that's pretty innovative. Yeah and then maybe that's very that'll catch on at some point that it's an old car wash the point in the windows when you drove through on an audit. It never really liked and a teeny yeah I'm huge on experience. Ends morally at the store was an an old thing so I mean we try and and do things that are a little different it's always kind of been in our DNA. Mean. What is it so when you did this I mean. In this was early 2002 finish eleven ish when you sir kind of owning all these. What was that was the market like that and I mean because. You have your big donut shop threads that are international national franchisees. What was it like I mean I feel like donuts store Stiller come local. Yeah I mean we've seen since horror inception in the market change for governments come. Back then you know the only players you really knew were Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts and whatever Rosen doughnuts you've found your grocery store. But starting in 2013. Fourteen. The craft to tone it took. Kind of arise mean. Then and why is that because. It seems to me that the healthy. Two world is is growing we're seeing fancy restaurants. Many healthy options. Why is it did donuts of of all things kind of became more popular. Obviously you come that you kind of grabbed onto a market that. You know fraud since purposes could have been dying with mean I remember when bagels became day when I was in college. Eagles are the healthiest thing you'd be right with regards survey Eagles cream cheese let's do it and that's a deck on the tickle fall here with this health conscious noncarbonated. How the heck do donuts continue to grow. Yes really interest saying obviously. We look at the health marketed and does the interest thing about the donor and industry is that it's never. Gone down. Despite all the health Greece's it's actually continuously grown for over a century. It's not crazy spikes of growth but it's it's a constant uphill. Growth trajectory. So you know we've we've never really had to. Deal with any downturns even I'm when the economy is not doing so. Most people can still afford a 99 cent on Newton. And your Cameron is our guest founder of dermatology and owner of six daylight donuts here in the Kansas City area joining me today young girl nation show. For Indy kind of everything about dermatology. We'll do that our next that'll take you through some of these doughnuts and and some of the unique things you've dealt with some local companies and it's again it's about experience. Tulsa when he decided do this and make that move. Two fancy name. It's the doughnuts and how how did that all come about for you might you decide to do that when you already had six other. Promising locations. Yeah we're looking at the market we loved the craft donut experience. And it's the problem with the traditional donut shops says what she ran out of doughnuts you were out. So lets this happen for the millionth time one day in the customers get really angry when you run out of there favorite doughnuts. I decided you know what I'm gonna make it on its office is open all day long and never runs out of donuts. And it's going to be an amazing interactive experience muscle donuts full G with foreign. Go to college's website is dermatology dot com. They have their menu there story in their press on the web site injure Cameron is with me. In her on your next save our talk about that experience and your local partnerships and you know Connie your location the YN and hopefully draw some entrepreneurial advice from me. I also talk about an award you recently received. With age. And global competition here. He would. After the break on the grill nation Laura and Andrew Cameron founder of your health. Hello and welcome back to the drill nation show I'm your host Jason grills the youth is today on nine Canadian team DC as well as. Those those things that I teens via podcast and all of those those on the line you grow nation showed dot com. And a fun show so far I've we have in your Cameron is the founder of them tall he also. 06 daylight donuts here in Kansas City at a young entrepreneur who is having a lot of success the donuts in his life right out of college. Gun I don't attorney and it's very successful. He's right and a lot of samples forest today they mean JP the producer of the show on board op have tried a few of whom I have just try DP BC you peanut butter icing Reese's chocolate drizzle. Also wants on tap today I'm just going through these Sanders who can kind of people flavor of what you have your mini cake doughnuts you have a sweet bacon a mine AF free off which has three doubles on it I'll have that later. And a pretty totals for quite awhile. You such mores lemon meringue. All kinds of chocolate varieties of Boston cream donut. A coup Oreo cookie from dummy got it all night you let people do whatever they want to these are kind. Your staple yet those are the top twelve doughnuts basically and you can do up to 40000 different combinations with all the different. Toppings and ingredients we have. So kids must love this the coming here they can they can get their favor many donuts in the can trial on everything writing give it a case to go with like six or seven different kinds. Pretty innovative right yeah not just your typical blaze known here yeah I mean kids love it but we see just as many adults. Actually our our top customers. Or between 25 to 35 years old 34. And that pretty troubled known human sentence. Is our top selling adult donor. Isn't a well there's some assaults are going on there I will definitely be trying that amid driver one of these at some point today. You you look in Westport is that correct yes okay so to tell spot that decision as you mentioned your other locations before you sir dermatology were. More suburban areas obviously cater to on families. Why west for it and why your location yet. Was well first don't tell yes absolutely the Westport was the perfect place to try some thing out of the ordinary. I'm it's more of an eclectic mash up of culture and ages and different types of walks of life ends. It just made sense to do that and and Westport this was more of an experiment for us and it it turned out really well and also the building or and it's an art Deco building build low forties and were the second tenant and a pillar. So we did it had been a dry cleaner for over seven years. And then we they got bought out and we took over the space of the bill of directors and so we do. The city. That's a great dinner didn't. So is it's a walk up when there are now a cool. The intersection is aggressive. That's that's for sure that's a nice way to yeah. We're talk letters section between you know old west board. Going down the selfless traffic way or south I don't with young mr. south of traffic weighed on the plaza. You've all been through before. Done at all these right around there are so if you get frustrated with traffic to pull in there and get some of these amazing donuts. That injured his team make there it's foolish is experiment founded in hand made here in Kansas City don't tell you. You guys also have you do a lot of marketing with local companies you have like your own mind I know is she wearing some. School socks or are you liked fought formerly known as soft 101. Great company great company socks on that we use that the company made free all would you like customer can. You know I need to get my hands and repair those I have even had tried moves on your but it looked great you also Jim pair thank you also worked with companies such as the road street shut to milk in Charlie hustle. Also build. You know you know you have to talk one on sock he had a dermatology sure kid Charlie hustle church you drink where most. Why are you doing all this I mean is there a market for Donna products out there besides which you can eat. Yet the the donut merchandise line is surprisingly robust. And basically those are one touch on the local cassettes huge for me idea I've from Kansas City and I firmly believe in keeping us much of our dollars and towns possible. Havel a ton of pride for my city. And partnering with these local companies is been a tremendous asset for us. Because so many of our customers also believe in our town obviously a little bit of that was spurred on with. The royals and and and creating that civic pride. But people loved Kansas City and and so do we. So that's. You Joseph for companies like yours boulevards Charlie hustle saw one on ones of the world. Obviously that all those companies get a hit a crescendo I guess with e-commerce at least during the World Series. But since that you know it's good to hear that it's still are a bus because. That's kind of faded a little bit and in you're trying to do innovative things over done with college in its cool that your teacher to sell like crazy your socks. Mixing up where I mean did you ever imagine you sell some me T shirts that Casey art teacher with a don't announce Rickles on. I had no idea this was more were initially of after thought hey let's get some cool T shirts and but in the end we've we've sold thousands of these and people just. I really latched onto. Our unique brand and the fun we have and the love that we give to our town. What. What does the future look like for dermatology before coming get into some entrepreneur with them I mean you guys looking gates being have a great location here in Kansas City. Com what's that look like because I know that this industry not the only player I mean the competition has grown in the higher and make your own donut but whatever you want a category. Competition is certainly growing as people have witnessed the success that we've and others and we have we have big plans for don't apology. In the in the beginning into the spurts. You know a conversation during the next beer Mets. Mum but then we had our customers clamoring for more and they we would constantly get requests. Hey can we take one to Omaha and the Saint Louis. The Florida. We really like what you're doing and your Dartmouth street. So we'll see what the future holds Boris speaking of which. Injure camera is our guest founder gynecology. Not only you have done a Q also a lot of different coffees of milk shakes. All kinds of different things you can hear it at dermatology. Also ahead this being that I wanna talk about which I mean it definitely try this summer which is these ice cream cone. I twisted dough filled with soft ice creams rules that did not those out it's called in our domain elected tornado OK I'd donate a so you're you're getting all these. These trademark things that are so cool Linda NATO and that looks delicious it's your more than just donuts so if if it's a hot summer day somebody come in there maybe it's in the afternoon her one daughter played at late morning I don't wanna have donuts you can get anything really that's. That looks delicious such as I screamer Shakespeare coffee. Yeah we're big on innovation. That that's something that we constantly strive for every single day I don't told you. And the donate those born out of that necessity for innovation we saw. That there was a Hungarian should indicate that was spreading like wildfire across Europe basically is it's open aired fried dough. And so I called over to a manufacturing hungry and had them ship plus one of these. I don't grills and we're like well we can hurt donut joke on that as a column and so we wrapped it up. And with Barclays on I don't coated with cinnamon sugar filled with ice cream and whatever don't toppings you want. And it looks like a tornado zone it's the donate up. To looks is on the trying to. So what do what do what is your schedule look like are you on sight line are you travel and are you what are you doing here because you use on different things yes in the semi come Madonna tells you can I can hang out with the man the myth the legend. I'm there are a lot. Absolutely the scheduled over not renew her is a bit erratic. And sometimes. To the downfall. With there were guards asleep and spending time with your family it's very tough. But yeah I spent a lot of time on site. And I am all over Kansas City rep and doughnuts and having fun. And you get along with on the other don't have folks in town. Yeah you know it all the local people all they see played each other in different industries that are competitive but you you get along you know girlfriends I mean we're all unless to have fun and you know make people happy so. A lower happy with each other. Injured Cameron is with me here and grow nation. One to talk to you about this really cool thing you did the next gen franchising a global competition. 900 applicants from around the world and you were chosen as one of the top four millennial entrepreneurs to receive investment to grow your business tells about that experience because. I did read the press release and this was in February and Damon John is that correct was there. And he's one of the ABC shark tank. Yes we entered this contest a bit on a whim. And they ended up loving don't apologies so they they put me down to Phoenix to present at the international franchise convention. So I presented on stage to 4000. People in the audience Damon John was one of the judges the founder of edible arrangements and the founder anytime fitness in a placing second. Really. How is that experience and and and you're very close to first were understand yell we we must sound first one vote out of thousands cast. It was so it's like you know what's that that's a recount situation if you in the politics absolutely it was heartbreaking the silliest but at at the same time it was extremely exhilarating. And it was amazing to see the love that we got. For our business. Outside of Kansas. You grow in this clear get a clear conflict you know. I mean you've got to investment here from this competition which is really cool you obviously meeting those CEOs and leaders and probably need experience that you you've been grown. Pretty rapidly and pretty Smart it sounds. Yes it's then. You know I've been in the business now eight years seven scorers. And as suspend. And Gooden we have that. Taken any outside investors so I mean it's been. Yeah I completely organic it's all about reinvesting the money back into the company knew and you know instead of trying to buy a bigger house there. Vacation home somewhere that we just put it all back and that's. Great that's great now you have the eyes and ears of these folks. It emits into. Potentially other states franchise and all of this is in the table for the future and so while we're rooting for your anger and I appreciate you coming on the show today. And bring us all these great donuts are obvious some of the come into the store and check it out don't apology dot com. They're located on. 1009. West or eroding futile Kansas City, Missouri. In your congrats on your success and look Gord the talking and seeing my friend her thanks so much picture come on the show we right back with more relief. I guess. Well welcome back. Two of the grill nation show here and came easy 980 AM appreciate also joining us today on iTunes in the podcast is walls that. Grill nation show dot com can quote me on Twitter at Jason grown bank relationship. Really fun shows so far today wanna continue on with really cool story and yes I think that's going to be. Exciting for all our listeners today we have a manager and who is on the show. He is the managing director and co-founder of Edison spaces as some spaces are private fully furnished team offices with monthly rental terms. Each offices German by in this industry leading technology includes business class amenities the website is Edison spaces dot com. Matt also is the former president and CFO of freight quote as well eyes a CPA Bakken zone. These old days welcome to show Matt how are you at a dead thanks for having me it's good to have you by. Had. Note about your story go on and and checked out your space is the other day. So I was like a bigger deputy to have you on the show. Our listeners you who don't know about your background kind of take you sir who a local Kansas City are you from tomorrow sir as you get here and I Kansas City, Kansas went to bishop Ford high school a school. Into the University of Kansas. After EI and I'm a Kansas City editor and through mean my my career path. Ironically as I live we live in Kansas moved to Dallas. Back to Kansas moved to Maine back in Kansas moved to Charlotte acting Kansas and then at probably thirty Tyrell has this is were actually wannabe. So. That's our argument here forever and that's a question that I always talk to people about his. Is an entrepreneur so like yourself you always have this tendency to say you know. And while level up what's the next thing you know I don't why do you do I go to the other cities doing meet people better take my crew to the next level. And a lot of times people and of coming back in city is that they like it or or they stay here right do you kind of did. Back and forth and probably realize this is the place for. Yes I think it's I think it's great free day person who is great for me. It's going out live and another city getting exposure. You you you get a feel for them by businesses need the attitude of the sea and the politics the government. You know it's every city is so different. Probably the closest city average live Q2 two Kansas City was Charlotte Oca but still big banking city baking industry and the coast. The end getting out they're living in this city is very different and a a week vacation. And it right you can see with people are like you can. And see what what's your neighbors are like you sit your CPA yet okay tells bust out out of college needed which University of Kansas BM can CPA went for local network of local accounting firm. The only teach them and spent about three years there. Great company enjoyed the people but I knew it. Being a CPA performing audit and tax services wasn't going to be. That is sustainable for my mind them selves would you have to judge you as you get your next sector and you you worked at area. A cooling technologies company for awhile yeah I actually went to work for. What was formally Marley cooling technologies in Kansas City and cash they were just acquired by a company called SPX out of Charlotte. An SPX was on a very big acquisitions. So I went to work for a company and our goal is to buy everything we could around the world so for about seven years. I spent. At least. A week or two a month whether be in Europe or Asia or South Africa. I'm looking to buy cooling tower HVAC system thermal type companies and who it was a great experience we we clues about 300 million dollar operation here in Oakland park when we started it. And ultimately ended up with a one point four billion dollar global company in. Or that experience like. You know from a Guinea against kind of back to the city and now getting exposure to other come countries. And that was amazing. I'm traveling nonstop for seven or eight years or you have young kids. That'll take a tall and Yahoo! every week you're in a different. Kind zone we get back to view it from years still in Europe or whatever but and a you know really go out and learning how different cultures do business Howell. How how they view business in the US is very different than how they view business in Europe. Where in China and how they view profits how they these people need it. It's nice day and giving and understanding and working with. Chinese companies for example. When you when you work in the US and with Chinese companies have different appreciation war or how they operate what their goals are. Manager ms. with a sand grill nation major current coal miner Edison spaces I needed Afro handful of years don't ten years then you. You join frequent restart frequent right now joined Freddie Jones frequent OK so it was in the process now they're on 2011. Yeah frequent was founded in 1989 by Tim Barton. Okay also love that that changes in mullah what that was like because I understand it was acquired in 2015. Correct. If I went there in 2011. And joined in after a previous CFO and left. He is the biggest again you're using your CPA yeah I would last until eight so that's a so that helps your your your background helped there. Yeah week at the time when I went there we were looking at possibly. You're doing other acquisitions possibly taken the company public possibly selling the company. I haven't had broad background lists. What I mean you could fit for the role. Non when I got into the role though what was different ones unlike any corporal whatever hat whether with a CPA firmer. Press PX this was a very entrepreneurial arm them where you would go to management team meeting. And it's so much that hey I got an idea. And someone else say hey I like that idea. You start executing on it now or later and corporate role sometimes I got an idea you'll talk about that for three months in approval for two months. And come up with a six month plan and executed mound prequel was a very entrepreneurial. Technology driven industry leading technology. And really use it if someone had a better idea what we're currently doing. We were we were on it by minutes later mentally it was a very exciting. Citing company name. And that that that's sold in not very long radio. 2050 to a company if any died in Minnesota yes lesions the mayor of a dime in our clothes okay peak I had a lot of work with Kaufman and they we have a mayor's conference and I've gotten to know him and he is very content area which is cool site. My research through the show today I saw that sounds like while us so that's the first time I've seen the Dinah in a death sentence. That is involving the mayor's those chemical. Up in Minnesota nonsense says that that happened recently aired T does. Fifties pretty early 2015. We sold the company. Free quote was kind of an e-commerce LTL. Primarily at less than truckload freight broker from where again it was at it was a technology play you can get online and look for quote. In a waterfall listing every quote. Click a button bunker for me. And there's a lot of consolidation going on in the freight industry so CH Robinson witches weren't larger rate recovers brokers in the world. 1415 million dollar company out of me Minneapolis. Acquired free quote and then. Gingrich and and you moved on to the next exciting gauge I stay here for a stay there about nine much work did you transition area helped kind of pull in ball left feeling like because a tape of launch from her and admit talks on entrepreneurs and and that's a tough thing is we need to sell your company or you are working for someone else and just not able to make via that the decisions anymore right. Most of them it's a great point and it was the first time I was on that side of the table. When I was at SPX we were acquiring companies we are going to acquire companies say hey here's all the great things are gonna do you mean when you really deep you. You say you know here's here's our corporate environment here's how we're gonna do things here's how we're going to. Two national indoor environment. And from that perspective we were always doing the right thing that companies that work. Once we saw free quote we hear a division of a fourteen billion dollar company. Naturally they're going to want to comment and incorporate free quote in two. The larger corporate strategy. Now it was a very different. Gated environment where we would like I said earlier we heard comments of one had a good idea in the world often running. Now it's making sure your decisions line up with the greater good then and it did in just there was a different environment going forward in. So you see you you have the learn a lot obviously that industry and maybe. Got a cup war that entrepreneurial. Bug as you word. And that you know I had yet an intern deal there. As another CFO kind of similar and then you decided. Two co founded me and manage the Edison spaces and against her in Overland Park. Tell us about that transition was like we're why you say you do that that in the next and the wind kinda nuts and bolts of in his. Space yeah I mean for it was eight. Again you know back to the finance CPA transitioning to a different things. That was a totally new experience but it was kind of exhilarating it's it's literally sitting down in a room. One day with a couple people at ten. I got this idea. Okay what is the screen this real estate that is the basis okay how we gonna do it. We got a piece of paper route got a pencil out drew what we wanted to do how we wanted to do it. And you know how we're gonna furnish it. Because a couple of days to do it now like OK let's do it it's starting something from scratch literally with a piece of paper and pencil. That's exciting and it's scary and more people gonna want this product who knows and it's really that was by my first true experiences. Yeah. Okay now now I am and corporate stuff behind these two great background as an adult service well as our team sport and business let. Start you know sitting ASEAN. We're gonna do something it's not being gone down. Because it exciting exhilarating and scary. Okay and what India's toward the next segment but. The year. A founder partner of prequel right Tim Barton is also involved in the distance yet has yet to miss or also sought an Al work out. After I drank guys what's the along. Yeah don't credit and a free quote ever and you know most almost everything you have learned about entrepreneurship. Was working with ten has some of the other members frequent. Wind I got to free quote. Early on Tim was always trying to launch a startup. That would ultimately destroy frequent. So for me this mindset of trying to create company to destroy your company. Probably took me a year to grasp. Why that made sense but the minute you start to earn a type of young creative destructive product to disrupt yourself someone else will and then your own business. So we were launching new products new startups. You know on a monthly or quarterly basis and pre. And just seeing that seeing an environment. And really it rubs off on unit some point you like that's. That's that's. Pretty incredible way to live doing your own thing in your mind on top. Manager news our guests on the show for the next segment we'll be right back he's media director of the offender. Edison's face you're listening room. Welcome back. You can grill nations show came easy nine PDA and appreciate you anything today on the radio or via iTunes and podcasts as rules that grow nation should dot com world post photos. Of my guest today Matt injured and from the Edison spaces co-founder and managing director Matt we were talking about Don. Punch for year old journeyman on and business journey let's talk more about Edison. Spaces now. You mentioned count of the why him into the Matt Light bulb moment that. You know it's also about. What makes Edison's face is unique because you you know laugh you personally I've seen a lot of co working space is to have gotten kind of hot locally. Nationally obviously you have your big ones. Talked to me about Edison because. You know it is there something about pitching the crowd obviously you talked about being disruptive so how are you all being destructed in the century when the. I think traditional commercial real estate has been doing things the same way forever you go union you need an office lease you signed three a five year lease. Yet to spend money on tenant improvement yet to do personal guarantee. And feel like shakes when you search same personal guarantee well and that's what scares a lot of people a lot of people don't know that they're putting their personal wealth on the line right should should their business fell. On edition of that money they investment business. But. Ian Kennedy go back to oppose free quote world there are several others who were. Getting together trying to come up with something to do and we had three or four startups we were signing traditional freed up by the releases. Or 600 square feet 700 square feet. You assign at least you had. Orders from furniture from Nebraska furniture mart then you would call a Time Warner Cable try him out there so you don't. Maybe too much to sign at least maybe two months to get the furniture. And this is literally just. Worthless stuff you do. And two of start your business work on your idea her we don't remember doing it let me -- office site you know you gotta do all that everybody does it and then you're guessing is just the right size office I need the next five years mean and if you have four people. You know you can assume you're going to be eight when you could be too. You have two people you could soon be here before the year so ultimately you get a year into a space that's typically not deal in. This is spaces came out of our general frustration. Haven't you just three or four times in the space night in night deal we said what do we treated. He office spaces so. And how how easy can we make this how we treat with technology. Austria 5070900. Square and office space let's fully furnished and let's give every officer prime Wi-Fi. We'd like couches and chairs and why boards around the couches chairs wipe boards and I'm. We wanna refrigerator coffee machine was but refrigerator off Michigan. So they're fully furnished that are decorated nicely they've got all the amenities. Ian you can go to as is basis dot com. Select an office except the terms and conditions. In your payment method and move in the next day. So instead of this sport is six month process of getting an office space. You you can be in there with him literally one we've had people stop and sign up and you work in a couple of hours later. I've actually had a meeting there the other day it was pretty cool very you know modern facilities. Yet rate furnishings. You are located in Overland Park in the suburbs a lot of the Euro competition that may be sold different. They're more in the urban areas you guys have chosen to. I stand the suburban ring still smoke that decision and I know I look through parking ticket well it. Initially we planned on being in the urban area Oca and we came up with this design to elect this is wrong starts this is reality of course an innovative people you've got to be in the crossroads or Westport last. And it was we we had this light bulb moment in this meeting work which we were hosting house south and Johnson county and I think of the five people in the meeting. For lived in oval part one lived in the cell summit. And we were like hey if we had a choice would prefer not to commute. The Auschwitz. And if we had a choice like me we hosted that day we'd like to be able park easily. So we just said you know what it's being done down there there's a lot of density has great groups done. But this is an underserved market out in the suburban green. In an oval park and and and the summit Shania and probably North Kansas City just a lot of people with small businesses start ups. That don't have a choice they have to commute into or they have wanted to have the only other way yeah matches which is the heart and we could we try to do everything people say really is kind of a different model. Which I think entrepreneurs don't always address the other one thinks are trying to do something new that. You know it's always about the consumer and you guys obviously found figure that out because there isn't. You know I mean to be quite honest I haven't heard much about any other you know places like this no no room Parker showed North Kansas City. And again those people want park to an ego that they co working is a very hot trend globally then there's a couple of national brands are doing great. And income working serves 888 specific need for certain people. We we try decent coordinates based on for us personally. We found it a little too distracting. If we had three hours people we wanted them in the wrong room talking themselves person sitting in a brawler and 20 actual offices this is this is unique is yet. You know Obama lawyer and wanna office there yeah you know. Yeah offered through I've got I've got everything any at this is spaces. The first location has seventeen offices. Are teams of 38 people and you share the carpentry. And a break. New new office where opening is going to be larger with 44 offices. More conference rooms private owners again. We give you your space feared team. And then this year communities are also included in the price manager and is with us from Edison's face as you mentioned a second okay surety launching a new location I'm at first was growth yes so it's. You know luckily we came up this idea we needed it we don't other people needed it. We can uses this catch phrase you know I have my entrepreneurs warned viewers that the demand has been there and we and our donors had one. And will probably do 45 of these in Kansas City as we start to expand these other markets I was I was my next question is assailed local player he needs and outside of Kansas City. To get the Kaplan knew that we want us to establish our brand here make sure we get it right we've got. Great local. Resource is technology and marketing people and once we kind of you know we'll tweak or model each location. Once we've like we have right. We'll start building and and really going to hear the other two cities probably tier two cities. In the suburban green we're not looking to go to Boston. You war. Really look at the markets that we think the super reunion tour so that's Smart because I think the mid tier cities are underserved. The Kansas city's go Louisville's. You Charles and growing pretty quickly I think but it. They don't have to be in the frankly we've gotten some huge business is that a new down here in Kansas City but for the most part. The second tier cities are salt lake's amid tears it'll. They don't have these types. Places that are that are used in unique in his upscale and you guys are offering it and if you look at affordable cost if you look at the large metropolitan areas and you kind of you leave. Boston New York LA Chicago. The whole world right now it's focused on Denver Austin and Nashville. The amount of construction and development going in these cities' is insane well. There that are literally 150. Other cities out there that are. People their small businesses that are. Whether the mortgage brokers or you know whatever they hour. They need office space and looking for the right. Flexible option. And they they don't have. Edison spaces dot com is the website great. Photos of Nvidia's and everything you have on there is a larger furnishings he got about 45 seconds left. Matt appreciate come on the should any entrepreneurial wisdom you wanna share our with our with our listeners. As you continue to grow and other business now I would I say it was a mortar not nearly two very different. Accounting and finance. You know I guess that we we saw you know. My experience. We sell indeed it was a served we had this great idea we we went right after that niche market. We're glad we did that CEO. Creating something from scratch it's Iraq it's exciting it's fun. I think I would recognize. Or you know he's got a great idea. The shot at least once in your life yet given its huge John take that risk that I appreciate come on the show today thanks Roy do they spend check got Edison's face is Edison's face dot com. We'll see you next week on the show thanks for joining us have a great week talkies to.