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Saturday, April 22nd

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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and post due to the conversation to the next level. Prepare to get rare access fascinating. Yes your connection you have a big factor do you enjoy. Really illusion. I connect with Jason on Twitter at Jason grilled connect with the show on Twitter at grilled nation show at all online at girl nation showed dot com. Welcome your own stuff grill nation always dressed up and even in our radio studio. Here's Jason grills. Hello everybody and welcome soup grilled nation on 980 AM KM BZ and act. Grill nation showed dot com Kris Ulysses will name on iTunes and tune in via podcast. Always you can connect to me on Twitter at Jason grill and that grill nation show love hear from you guys. Thanks for joining us were over a hundred episodes now and it's been a great ride so far you have a great week. Well I think our partners and supporters of real nation with JC girls are we going on today show. Our title sponsors of the shore trusts mode bank BOK financial US advisors in rendering guest contributors and cohosts are. The rear Casey NJ Reagor Rinko. You see tar light district and reactor design studios and Clifton Alexander also think Ryan may be as well. Big show today we have one of Merle partisan supporters of the grill nation who'll be joining me a few seconds that is Andrew bash who's the owner of bash real estate also. His website is bash Casey dot com really wanted to have injure on today we haven't seen him in a few months. He's been doing all kinds of great things he's a guy you wanna know here in Kansas City not because he's a good businessperson but he also is a genuine person you. I have really kind of make you think way when you're having coffee with her you're talking don't he. He takes it take something in kind of spin zone it's had some time to give you a different thought process behind it which makes you really can look in the mirror and kind of think about yourself and to me it's always been a good thing and Andrew bash. Is says he gave guided Kansas City and in order to have them on today to update us on his real estate company but also to talk about his new endeavor awaits your state. Enter bash welcome to showcase Jason thanks for having me so we didn't rehearse the showed all today I just thought we should have a cup of coffee. You know pat you on we'll just just talk and see what happens. I love that I haven't had coffee. With you for awhile when you do baseball game or do so I don't know man those of the good old days but and so put away these talking Portuguese sanity you enemy 35 things those for us to talk about today. Or six or put does decide okay. Itself more try to hit all. Think that that's sort of been up to man housing bill everything's great it's my wife who is never been so full we've got to the company is doing phenomenal all Lee and we expanded lately. Expand retired four new agents. There are all amazing amazing people. Air and of the re branding his his really hit its stride which I'm excited about. You know we started with the the world wouldn't the signs of people seem to really take too you know let's talk about that so you just change the bash bash is really. I'd be your last name is really kind of on everything yeah and we switched from the Basque group to bash we. I love mood. The contrast between that strong. Name and pain so that's our primary color we also have orange and gray. And who we did that very purposely you know can choose. Which color sighing you're having your yards you get to have a little control over what your front yard looks likely you're starting role. None of a positive. Feel to it the color schemes he picked out our allude you know they Kenneth T feel happy. You know if are so I had this amazing thing happened to me and that was I needed to find a new listing coordinator. And I hired this amazing person. Julie. Wintering and she. Is really. I try to take credit for some good but the reality is Juli has been amazing and helping us design and create the new brand then she's. She is she's in my cock them any ideas and then comes up with something that works. You have like poured in your office and you always are you're working hard now you did this all with Julie Julie I just as Tyler branding. We hired a couple advertising agencies I've hired a couple freelance. Graphic designers and decided that there was never gonna work because I had enough creativity to know kind of what I want Ed but I don't have any creativity of actually. Like. And making it come to life and Julie does that forming at this is kind of different. You know having the different color schemes and and you being able to pick up the Sunday when your front yard and in typically in the rules say undersea we see. We see signs with realtors faces on them we see signs who is that a board drab and more. Yeah there's more language on there you can even read the things because there's too much information center with political side to put too much stuff on their nobody remembers your name. So. You're not doing that you've you've got have you you don't already know against Cuba no but it's the idea. We know I just think that our industry is is one of those industries it needs a little bit of an overhaul mean and the colors represents. Term. Something new vibrant exciting. There's going to be some people that don't like come let's YE you know that they can choose orange pink or grade to go of their yard. Bell came from I pick the color pink and then I was going on though. What do I get a single guy and he he doesn't wanna he's nervous about putting a pig sign in his yard in my okay. A new mortgages give more and I was like mortified amid like high end neighborhood they don't want a bright colored their yard they wanted to be toned down all of elect what about gray area. I was like perfect that'll be part of the process you get to pick the color of the site and goes in your yard. And really what all this comes back to is the the the mission the purpose. Our northstar right of our company is designing the extraordinary moments. Every theme that we do is about this and what we do is we design extraordinary moments and we help you. Find the housing mechanism for the moments we design and all the moments and memories of your life because really at the end of the day what is a house right. It is the it it's a street number it's a piece of real estate but what it really is it's a place that you bring your first child come to. It's a place where you come back from your honeymoon. It's a place where. The good the bad and ugly ugly happened in those are memories and that's what the home is made up in and we just think it's important that as a company we not only have results. And if you wanna buy or sell real state and Kansas City there's nobody more knowledgeable there's nobody more successful as far as we're concerned. But we also are vested in what that home really is and the make sense it does it's about it's about the extraordinary tip. So for instance let me show you this. I want to pick a card any card. Yet. Obama card please. And Kelso says if you were me what question would you be asked are perfect that's a good one to get on the radio show is Jason. I was gonna ask so we are cards we have. And I got degree one yes there's gray pink and orange and every car has a questioner quote. And the reason I did this is business cards some people even carry them anymore. But instead of it being just hanging out of the business card now we get to have a moment so. If you and I were talking we don't have a lot of time up but I wanna know like. You got that and it's always ready always gets like the card like the quotes. Or the question term they're supposed to get so I know Jason doesn't like be asked questions Olympic you know when request. Hope that it's a quote Kamal. If you could have dinner with three people dead or alive who would you Q okay 'cause America has just never answer that real quickly along gosh John F. Kennedy because. See here. Gosh stuff give me when he yours. Our arm and my gosh. Less for one for mark to market who would you very. I know nice okay. Atticus would be one mind Boca there we go three so this is a good ice breaker right there just so you know now we had this it's what I get to know little bit more about you regional of the more about me and it's not just sustaining them a business card but there's more to love it. That's real estate bash Casey dot com after the break we're back more with more tender wanna talk conduct kind of this real estate market in Kansas City right now. What you should do if your buyer which use your cell or and also get into wait your state later in the show. To a senior gorilla nation show with chasing grill 1988 and came easy we re back with more is injured bash from the bash. Real estate. Back with. Andrew back cheer on grill nation under its chasing girls think to join me again today 980 AM TV's the and also on the relationship dot com that's Apple's iTunes and stitcher radio. It under bash bash real estates. That's key C dot com is the website social media. All over the place natural state really cool look. Like any callers and this isn't just about eight did moments he create the spirit cheaper it's also about results. And you've been doing in this you've been in this industry for quite a long time he's seen the ups and downs. You gotta get a pretty good record here million. Yeah yeah we even during this. Were. Gosh I've been now only seventeen years. In the last oh I don't know eight probably eight years. I've been in the business journal top 25. On probably thinks only eight years in a row. A few of those years I was number four drop down a bit last year but still on the top point muted. And part of that I think was viewed the re branding I don't. The amount of it it's a lot of energy and effort you know we've hired advertising agencies and then decided to. Com doing our own though you did how did not so this is all. The junior team. He had chewy when hearing who's my. Tumor I was scene coordinator but she is also. My graphic designer and she and I. We're gonna all the other it's it's been so let ticks of a lot of time you obviously did did it's it's it's flowing now but. Our results are still great you know we we are incredibly successful would both are. Our listings then what are buyers mom were great at finding stuff off market for. Buyers which is or which is incredibly important right now. Yeah I'll tell you that because I've been. Look around and it's hard it's hard to find inventory what they will say though quickly about your website is. If you go to the website you. There's a quick search tool on her by. It's ideal in there and it's it's very intuitive easy to use and I could sell it. The in this Sitka and it pulls up things and it doesn't pull up in such a tough to understand when it's very easy heavy deciding who map would that's awesome a lot different than what I've seen on them on sister in the past with. You know all the different things involved it's it's more it's more technical this is more did the guy. And did you while you work yet you want the information both ultimately with few hire someone to help you find a house. You want great information you have access to but especially right now you want an agent the news. Able to arm. Buying stuff and put clues. I guess I caught. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together right finding homes that may be are on the market talking to sellers that maybe aren't sure there itself but then. If they had some they would pay them a fair price. They would do so and I do wanna tell you couple quick stories something mud LO RE. Because like theater bashed or is well. You know. This market is estranged. It's a strange market because. I'm there's a lot of different things happening as it relates to in certain areas investors are builders trying to buy homes from. The elderly. There's. Agents that it will tell you value your home is significantly lessen it is because you'll get multiple offers and who have to work very hard. Iranians. There are people that are sending out letters that are saying that they have a buyer. I just want people understand this everyone has a buyer. And if you're thinking about selling your house right now don't sell off market unless you're really comfortable with the price. And your certain that you're giving arm. The market value for. The reason I tell you that and there's sometimes where I've helped sellers seller home off market. But it it's it's hard to do that on a regular basis because of market will dictate the value there's a couple stories I want to tell you one is I was up against another agent recently over in our Mission Hills. The other agent told the buyer the cellar that they that the property was worth 45475000. Dollars. They bought for 425. Maybe 34 years earlier. I told her 599 to six point five. Well. They had to move. Mr. mr. seller had a little bit of a hard time believing me. Because of the were such a discrepancy. We put it on the market. For 599 we had multiple offers and salute over us. End our if they hadn't talked to me they were sold my house for somewhere probably around 450. On fifteen and so when you get. And the other thing people do is go under price it nugget port near thirty offers on the house. The sellers and understand that if you declare thirty offers on your house your agent underpriced. Don't you get to get four. You probably price where he's in the right Zuma but if you're getting toward your forty offers in the first week that music you're you're under price. At least in my estimation I mean happens. But your agent's responsibility is give you the most money in a reasonable period of time with the least amount hostile. And oftentimes right now agents are still under pricing things sometimes accident knowing sometimes maybe not I don't know. It. You have the agents have an obligation to really help educate. Sellers and buyers. There's incest and how buyers are right let's talk about that that put the coin there and talk about buyers. So well from the seller side yet sounds great and it. I get more money from home what about the buyers right now that are. That are stuff that he would you know the last fear is seems as if same house is gone up. A 100000 dollars. On the market in my crazier with with all depends on what your situation is overall right so your buyer's agent needs to really look at. Herm you mean how's your tears are going to be asked for ten years. Arm are you getting ready married you earn him maybe have a couple kids. Or you trail answering here from I don't know Toledo Ohio for job where you're not sure you're gonna stay or not. Arm the idea of just randomly showing homes and not really educating you as to what your your specific situation is because. If you overpay a little bit for how 657%. Right now but you're going to be in it for ten years it may not matter who. But being it really is the unknown for Kansas City heavily right now. It is. Is this inventory issue specially him you know plaza brook side a court or in the northeast Johnson count me. Well it's happening all over. Is this going to continue based on all of the press all of the activity all the excitement that now surrounds are city which. Candidly you know better than anyone because your biggest cheerleader. Wasn't here by Kenya I in years ago and there's always new people moving back here from the other coast. There were gonna come back Kansas City that now are because there's so much more to do culturally in restaurants and bars and no I mean it's an exciting place to be. And the question is. Are we just this is where it is now or is it gonna fall off a cliff for something in. I used to think I knew. But I've been wrong for so long that I I'm not. Not sure I'd and I think inventory is what is driving the prices right now and as long as there's a shortage of inventory and certain. Areas that the pricing rules continue to be about what about the modernizing of these areas so. There's lot of people who don't care boldly go moved Burke cider an older part of town and just say hey. This house is old but its investors out there. To me I feel like you know you travel you travel into you go to different cities in California Colorado wherever. It seems to me there's a lot more unique things happening with homes across the country were. You're seeing a lot of people terror downtowns and build new structures is that happening at all and the court or is it just people moon an old home I'm going to get a new paint job and they get sold again it's always a fine balance right now between what the city year the residents have been using pre goad is an example any of 7800000. Dollar homes on. 111000 square foot lots used to be. Arm Cape Cod says the builders are now vying for anywhere from 175. Of them can steal it. Do 250 to 300000 depend on the size of the loss from selling an 800000 more on the air. And we've never seen them before and and people are willing to have smaller yards to be you know walking distance suit. Through two or Mickey's stuff now via and it's changing the dynamics and others. There's plumbing the tear down what's happening. The cities in the residents and a lot of these areas are trying to. Curtail live or to. At least have a healthy arm approach to it so that it doesn't get out of hand men are. I understand have been at some point Q when you have a house from the 19100. Sometimes it's. It's better to tear it down into. Rehab it over and over and I don't know depends on who you are in your view we universe there's. People out there that are purest of policy that take place nobody likes change and I've noticed that the my work and every City Council threat to everyone's going to be against change but a lot of times the change actually makes the city a better place. You know as as a guy who sells stare downs and a guy who sells the the homes that have been there for a long time I am. I'm somewhat neutral on the ball what do you say to a guy like me news. B 38 this year. Puts it some of these homes in great years like you're talking about that are close she can walk. You know but you've seen these photos of these homes and inside it's like gold back in time. They go back to like the 1950s now Samir homes on your site. Pretty innovative inside. Some of these it is what I would say that guy could be really good at what I told you buy new 1218 months ago he pros who bought and then you would have. And built an equity already and sell it for her for profit. A wise man once a wise. And don't answer your question what you there's got to be some creativity and and in your search right now and because people or willing there is such a shortage of homes. Supplies so low right now people are paying prices that are. You know. Are typical of. If your grass is my guest today bass reel save the website is bashed Casey's dot com great commerce issue this is it seeing. A lot of people what they're looking to buy a home or to sell on right now. We get back in her only get into Quaker state and in what kind of your thinking behind this it's been kind of taking over I've seen your handouts all over town so we go through that you listen to crow nation thank for joining us. I've yet. Yeah. Welcome back to the show grill nation JC grill here. He had 980 KM BZ also grill nation showed dot com got a great guest in CD today under bash she's a former. Partner and supporter of grill nation a great friend NA great guy hearing Kansas City to know a few. One of buyers saw house but also. Just you've got to know he knows lot of things in his very positive person and one of the things you do any Andrew is. Bash is set a school that's cutting your slogan for bash Casey dot com and bash you the statement also. You do a thing called a wake your state have a handout in front of me where you kind of integrate your branding your colors. We talked about this on on earlier shows last year we kind of got all this started and now it's gone devolved into the wake your state ma tells them well OK so. This was. A week your state came from. Are you know I do these. Talks to make a Q&A royal like column bully talks but I go to schools hard highest rated show we ever had the wrong time. Really coming on the nose and your first one advisory I was the first one at centuries it's grown into more yes why don't learn are now are a number of schools narrowed them. I'm always open to doing more. It's bullet talking about bowling yes so I told the story of me being a bully. As a kid growing up and kind of what was going on with me. And then go into help kids understand what it feels like as an adult to still be considered that bully. And that I don't really get lose that Mark Kerr you know as an adult because they're still kids and people that remember me now so fondly and and then you know through the process of so Brian. And as some of the stories are just you tell elicited the the high school kids into the kids about BI you made amends and how. You know just some of the craziness of what happened in these people's lives via its is it's wild and yet that's really what awaits your state is about it's about what you know if I had been. Animal were. Positive mindset. As a kid. And I would've probably not been putting up the negative energy that I was through others. And what await your state came from as I was coming back from a conference and in the conference. One of the things that. That they talked about is that your state of your business. Is more important then your story for the business or your strategy. And too often businesses will. Focus on their story and create a strategy to support the story but not ever spent time on the actual state. Of the business the culture the mindset the energy and what's funny is I'll just say that another direction. Odd times. Got a great state. You're profitable. Your story. Isn't the story does can get you on in a magazine or on TV it's sure you have just you're good business right just don't have the unique story that you're seeing did. I started but he company and I had this crazy story now a multimillion you know so. It's inching your point too because a lot of people. Don't have the story complete these poll but they have state where you're saying. Lot of times people spend all this time they have a great story that great for him but they don't even concert in the state of the business within the cultural player absolutely. And when I was thinking about my own business what my biggest issue with my business. Is. Or was. Probably still is is this guy named Indy apps mean. And that when I would walk in the office in the negative state. It affects the entire office. And what I found. Was. I was sitting there are American Primakov he what are the things that caused me to go negative how mine in the stop being negative. In the meantime you know there's there's posts on as I'm doing this FaceBook posts about trumpeter really complaining about him. On FaceBook announcing about how. Negative. We have become as a society right now either of your approach trump or anti trump doesn't really matter. If you're spending time complaining about the anti trump people or about trump. Not early in solution at all all your N is sending out. Negative energy and that was at its height probably when you're coming back on display yes it was it was he hadn't been inaugurated yet so. A seat right here what can I do click what are the things that I can of being worried. To. Keep my state positive. And I came up like quickly you know criticism free. Complaint free judgment free. Gossip pre. And those were the four hours like if I stop doing those criticism for the ISO criticizing myself or others right. And nine now go into these talks ought even corporations and companies. About the culture and about a waking state because so often. Gossip how would you handle that so year summons under performing at your company. Right loves my point is it criticism. Constructive criticism to. Assist someone to do better is different then complain about your boss never does this or whatever. Mean we all know the difference between like. Criticizing to be negative and criticizing to be constructive and if you don't know the difference. And those two things then that's a whole other conversation that I Obama you look at a but what happened was as I'm sitting there. Although some of the chief wake me up for coming in America alas I'm like that's sit. Wager state but weaker state and oh we LLC did we are creating an out. I was like an accountability for. Your states are way Sid is this is this now your you know lakers stay when you speak to people you're you're going as. Just ice and am so we talked. Now and the name of the talk is awake state and what I'm doing with. That the talking is it also allows me to lead this leave behind and ends up in the they can immediately focus on whether your twelve. Or fifty all of us could spend less time judging gossiping complaining or criticizing men and those negative activities and so what happens says. So like I have this group of kids China mission Sydor on this group with me hammered during the same that. If you go negative you type in a way to state and all the other kids they got it. Today are hopefully await their state by a with somebody else that like has gone negative or somebody remind you saw in our office here's how it works or in my house. If my kids played too so people are gossiping in the office. Yes so if I do make your stay awake to Sega and it takes a personality out of that and if you agreed to the accountability. Right and then all of a sudden. Like for obvious example right. I told you this whole time like there's no one that is a bigger work in progress and me. So I talk about the stuff but I'm also not like I'm. I've already figured it all out I'm still consummate the net and people respect right so I'm driving home to get pick up something per. My wife. Over Valentine's Day and I had to get a balloon and aggression storm we had changed to a different location and I basically. Said I don't know they have balloons and they'll have a lot of snotty uptight people in there and she's like. There's no reason for me to have said that like I just went negative for no reason she's like awake state. Would normally would happen if my wife like tried to give me advice I would be like how dare her like come the third hole you know. The guy I'm the one not error. But I was like I sat there like no personality was involved because. She and I were agreement. That we were gonna do the switcher state. And so it's out there and I thought about like why did I do that and why did I go negative. Normally we go negative because of fear. Or were uncomfortable. As opposed to acknowledging that which is what I did as a bully right I was in secured and feel great about myself so it made other people feel that way. Mean so wicker says like. OK got it I stopped drinking enough time to think about like okay. Sort of like defending my position of stupidity and negativity I was like why I do mean. When I did it was I was uncomfortable and a new location and I didn't know old. Oh it was just outside of my typical comfort zone right. Well that happens in my household now when my kids are being. They're actually they say which you say to me more than I probably say to them which. What I from what I'm trying to create here is. Here's the thing about kids. Right. News. It's modeling. And we do not what we're told but what we see him. And for instance I don't remember how my parents acted. Arm they were really nice people insurer I don't know there's a whole lot of supervision. But bit. What happens what these kids in the schools in the suicides in all these other things that are taking places. We live in a society especially right now words it's okay. Talk crap on people men and like when I go out to dinner with people sometimes will it will be two hours in. Gossiping even though I'll get to the dinner and say I'm not gonna gossip tonight I Libya. Catalyst for change in positively need and then like thirty minutes and did a Mike. Oh did you hear the story. Because it's it's it's ingrained again and how we operate. And so wake your state is a way to like figure out and accountability group of other people that are game on to do this and try to. Look I'm not trying to like change make a one AB I'm trying to make like a 53. To 5% shift them. Changes how people operate mean does that will have an entirely different shift on how we all operate of one another long term. And that makes sense it does make sense and one thing you mentioned is the clutter for. That's another part of a way to stay we have a minute left in the senate is the battle the most important part for all of us enough I am. She huge huge proponent for meditation. It will literally Alter the course of your life and I don't know why. We don't spend more time as a society talking about this because mindful in this. And taking anywhere from fifteen to twenty minutes before you start your day to sit in silence. And if you go download the app had space dot com it will teach you how to meditate it is not intimidating. And it will cause you to approach your life differently and you will not be as. Fifteen tournaments here day. There's always ornaments. Somebody said if you do this for fifteen preeminence of the day you can do it right really you have more happiness. More success. More fulfillment in your relationships would you do it yeah you do do it but nobody does. He checked that out Andrew bass is the BC dot com lakers stayed we re back after the. Welcome back to grill nation with JC rolled 980 AM came easy and relationship dot com Kris you listening as well. On iTunes and joining me again today for were over a hundred episodes now grow nation show. It's a great guests lined up for the future we've had some great guest so far in 2017. And one of them is in your bash. Bash Casey dot com as the website on social media bash real estate Andrew bash who's talking to us about his. Is new company await your State's. Also to we obviously got into the real estate stuff. Early on the show. Intro to continue with the wicker state it it's based on energy your state of mind determines the energy you bring to every minute of your day you have choices. You can choose to be positive or negative a weaker state improves your outlook and helps. You make the choice be positive and powerful thirty posited you've got to be free there's five main. Areas of this is criticism pre complaint prejudgment free got supreme clutter free. So you've been talking about this throughout Kansas City and admitted to party your business but also directed a lot with high school students sounds well high school G. Your almost anybody ordinance convincing companies also had me come in and talk about it and I just. You know it's funny in like I was telling you about the story with my wife it is you know. I will with these would move the kids at Shawnee mission east it. Are kind enough entertain mean these ninth graders. In the ninth graders in us. They are the coolest kids and I'm not so I'm sure they probably. Making fun of me every time I leave after a marathon not a OK it was I tell them am I I keep on coming up so I spoke to the freshman class. I think an October. 400 of them and we had this great. Car owners are doing very well I I I hope it did I felt like it went pretty well. But I had I gave in this these books to try to create these random acts of kindness and it was an epic fail. And so I came back after I came up this week your state and trying to re engage in what this and they were pretty much down with and then now we have I'd turn in those contests ago so the into the year. Where they get points for. Plain you wake your state game they get points for being kind of one another and reporting they get points. Were curing mean by commenting on on an article all send them or. Get points from volunteering whatever. And at the ended. Semester. Will me there's a prize for both cash prize for first second and third place you. We have theology tells is not so that the Pentagon entitlement but. The the point of it is again like I'm not expecting there's certainly. Like there's kids that might be doing it superficially there's kids that are totally and do it. I'm I'll tell you what has happened for me. Is like. One day I was driving demonstrators and really negative mood does have a hard time getting out of the and I typed a week your state into the group mean. And all of sudden I have like point five kids that said got. It immediately had me go like. OK a man I mean for making this day as John wooten wooden would say. My masterpiece Wright who he can't make a day a masterpiece appear in this negativity which is so. Prevalent right now. For so many consumer people on the ground up. And so that's how it works and that's kind of how the app is supposed to work as well that's in development right now. And we started with 36 kids came to the first meeting only get points for bringing other kids into the group and and I just looked while we're talking and were 230 K it's amazing and when I'm an Indy again this is you first talked to. Middle schoolers greats who this great high roller this high school there's a freshman and this is hard this is harder and I don't know a fourth graders. Were you out there are lot so like I had a conversation with the kid the other day. He he liked. He's Karl let me know he thought it was I don't know if I wanna say thought it was stupid but flawed would be the way I would put it. And so I won't say his name on the air presenting a permission but he's just from you we really cool kid. And I had this great conversation with him and we connected. And he gave me some imposed on the app. And he expressed his concerns with some of the kids in that they might be you know doing only for the money. Are the reality is. Everyone's gonna approach there life however they see fit and and is not for me to judge them. Either way. What I can do as I can focus on what I can do to bring change to. Miami area which you know is my basically between my head to begin with the right in my ears. And then how I expand that out. And I can tell you that there are times when I walk in my house. There are times around walk in my office. There are times when I might walk into the radio show right where I'm not where I wanna be an. If I had accountability group like I have now where like I immediately M like if I'm not there are some consent wake your state I can shift out of that. It's made huge differences in my office. In my company because. I'm still might get stressed out I can be you know and shorten. Little more aggressive than I'd like to being. With the people who matter very much to me in my office. But they can look at me and say wake your state and it stops me dead in my tracks. And that was sort of the purpose of it. And at these kids can take this back home and they hear their parents gossiping or whatever in the parents have been game on for the accountability inside the house they can now say a wake your state. Mom and dad. What is evidently parents. You you probably around the age you could have a high school in right now freshman in high school I have friends that have a lot of high school here and what it would have hit. What is that like for you. Is is is the parents. And they it Evian and the issues with that I mean I'm assuming that be supporter of the waiters most of them have been supportive they don't. Like I don't know what they say when I'm not a round pick. At but that's not fun part of about this experiences I don't have to care yeah. Mean honestly I'm doing this. Because it matters to me I started the idea that was super Ike. How do I change my own mindset. And create an accountable for my mindset so well be the jerk that I can so easily be. Believe what he meant what he meant I was like you know the senior bashes the need to these are unique. He. It is true like acting toll tell different this from two years ago or three years you whenever we met. When you're taught you did well I don't know about the opera when you're talking about the salt time it's a lot harder to be. The jerk that you can be picked. I saw a guy the other night I was at it. A restaurant and the last time I saw this guy was when our kids played like for football against each other. And you know I when I was coaching my kids like football team a couple years ago was kind of psychotic and probably a bit. Like any parent who's I swore I was gonna be psychotic and was. But anyway I saw this guy and last summer some when playing and we were no love lost for only met. But it was under the circumstances it wasn't what he was a bad guy or I was bad guys but I. I came in I saw him I saw his son and there's part of me it was like a huddle on a line. Talked yeah you can Arroyo I don't put your what now initially right. An all time I had actually done and you wake your state talked to his son also right. So I want to hide right which almost wanna do that sometimes us like drunk at the height. If you need to go say hello and introduce yourself. And we had this nice chat and and knows that like we're not going to dinner next week because we don't know each other that well. I would consider him friendly acquaintance now and the last interaction that we had with the each other didn't feel that way it was so easy. Not be. Like you know. Negative or hide because you can't talk about the salt time in the not trying to limit a love. Under bash bash real estate bash Casey dot com as his web site also wake your state. You're a corporation or local school he's a great got to know it has an amazing talk he does on bullying. He checked out out all city if you want a buyer seller on meet the got to talk yield notices signs or Kansas City. Lot of neon and you can't miss them either bashing to coming back on the show today keep this in the live for love to have you on for a coffee some time in the near future maybe in the fall. And keep me updated and appreciate that Cuba I appreciate it. You're listening in had been listening to relationship are appreciating your bash for joining me today we'll see you next week take care have a.