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Successful media and public affairs consultant accomplished our expert nor a national writer and contributor attorney who served in the Missouri House of Representatives worked in the White House and CNN our leader entrepreneur and host to the conversation to the net's global. Broke parent had rare access fascinating. Yes you're connecting him. Factor you'll enjoy brutal nation. I connect with Jason on Twitter at. Jason grills connect with the show on Twitter nice girl nation show every online in relation show dot com. New York Post grill nation always dressed up there. Even then their radio studio. Here's Jason grill. Hello and welcome TV grilled nation show I'm your host Jay Singh growth thanks for joining me today on came easy. 988 individuals on iTunes and via podcast and on grill nation show dot com appreciate joining us again this week. Spring is upon us we have some warmer weather here in Kansas City which I'm very excited about and that is why we are going to be joined today by two awesome guess which oh preview here in just the second. Think our partners and supporters of the grill nation show with chasing grow title sponsors of the show are trusts. Mo bay can be UK financial and it to west companies and Ryan rink. Guess coasting attributes of the gorilla nation show are the reader NG re hearing coach Ryan maybe. And one might look tree apartments and soon we will be getting on as a quarterly. Supporter partner and and yes coast KC eighty C. My good friend or their Tim cal and and the great people over there are going to bring on some guests here. On a quarterly basis so I'm very excited to have them involved because they touched so many cool development projects. And things going on here in Kansas City says stay tuned for that we should have their fur shell peer at some point in. June on today's show we are going to start off with Jill Goldberg who you all know who broadcasts. Many royals games living close to 150. Threats yearn fox sports Kansas city's also. Done some work with the can't see mavericks as well as the UKC. Gurus and music AF keynote speaker as well to be joining me here in just the second to talk about the royals and also. And it's always from the talk jewels he was going on his ruled he always is a doing exciting things. After jewel we will have on Shaun Edwards from fox for. I've got to be cool to talk summer not the weather's nice why jaw and talked about the royals and then we'll bring on Sean. After that he's the fox four movie critic he is gonna come on I haven't seen a movie in quite some time. To preview what summer movies we should be seen this year he is. Did seeing movies all the time and obviously do reviews all the Time Warner talked to go we should be looking forward to it also. Maybe something we didn't miss this year what movies that we missed that we should have seen IE enjoy. Going to the movies and I knew EDT you sell a little bit different should they were to talk about entertainment. And also talked to two of our girlfriends. Who have been with this off for the attorney. Of they show in the past and future a joke over and Shawn Edwards he can fall jewel on our on Twitter at Goldberg. TCU polish on at S Edwards TC on Twitter. Let's bring in Joseph Goldberg who we with this for the first two segments of the show today. As a mentioned Joseph Goldberg is the one of the broadcasters for the Kansas City Royals and fox sports Kansas City is will's an entrepreneur himself. Welcome to show joy how are you that. I'm good I'm glad you didn't have me on the spot while the weather puck or not colder. It was her. It's short I know this is a totally all right tell me about that to you were traveling to a lot of cold weather cities the last few weeks with the royals. And Detroit was on the schedule and Europe in Toronto for awhile. You actually went out CU other places well Cleveland maybe will always like. All the warmest weather place. Warmer weather climate. The royals plated or at least as a woman looks pretty bad. Has been Kansas City. And yet the city had to you as close Colin. Because. Hold that though it. So even even as the show airing the royals are in the midst of playing are. Double header in thirteen days. Oh my god another in America. Is that the U there Angel will come back now so. We started at home. Played to look at the White Sox. Got go to other cold without every wanna call it. On the on the they'll go actually. And that'll let you beautiful tropical Troy. Where the third game of that series it. Bitterly cold and that he couldn't play that we opt out of box set of waiting for the way it went straight Cleveland where we got all review then. And the wind chill or it every game that you're at the bit or these. Came back to Kansas City had about it read day. Break or kind of warmed up a little bit. I sure remember they're playing Seattle art that you're. I spoke it's gonna below that are like soccer everywhere until the order but it was gonna be like you know would shoulder. Mid thirties and they be kept in the heart thirty or whoever that's worked well Saturday you know in an interview they look we Kamal mayor. It's cold out there and met at a relative to the real goal. End and then by the end of that home stand out that we are a couple weeks ago where the weather away from seventy a couple of days back on the thirty. And we got. Colbert snowed out again on the song they get the angels went. Back on the road Paronto. Liberal M. This in the cold and ice storm would hurt the way they're all down. I'm bought the shattered window players bought that on the highway could have been. I actually really tragic all bought but everybody was okay com editor overweight and about money more look at whether you're gonna recoup a lot of what at least. It low and we know they'll look like your adult. Are all that took our whole group the almanac 00. Can you know. Federal law and few weeks for you guys. That's what I realize what you you care. If you can't even play inside or go home. That it despite the mother nature saying hey you got started early this year the U of garlic everything common oh. Let me ask you question on that I I it seemed like he double header so I know that there come old fashioned on what what are your thoughts about that as someone has to be there all day in and ended with that and and your job I I kind of like it is from a fan perspective on the phone. You have corporate perspective it's not a Florida epic level you also perspective that you belong. I don't care what you leave the Lowe who who are you. When what would your work in doubles at your workload doubles. It's not that you can't handle it but it. Yoga resemble cultures. You also that's that's typical. Are part you know it's. That could double header Corrado actually I could do traditional letter they don't go much anymore because. What you traditional doubleheader. Could only car. One you know one game 08 I doubleheader you can release cleared out and you know also put game and you know chart based on that so. Because the belly I guess that lacked at the white knuckle. They get the traditional double letter coral I admired that because. We. You know we're going on the air local short to the court and get a copy guarding walk out of the dugout gold. And post game show instead of being in our power whatever it is. Suddenly become a a great poked its lack reach it sure though it looked all under the you know. Yeah yup we're like thirtieth minute between games are. When you have 88 I double header you know you might or outlaw it even ordered off the air or thirty. The post game show and that won't back on the air again at 630 and reviewed show. So it it turns and Cooper BA export show day. Had dumb are all. But all. Oh and if that all would look. They still are. Hey Amir an escape. It's two great days and one that he. If you don't talk about they've done it so arm while it is truly a darker. Joseph Goldberg is with us Todd check his website actually jeweled Goldberg media dot com he's he's an entrepreneur himself he does a lot of speaking here around town how old Brett back on grill nation with more chilled. Pixels. Welcome back Susie grill nations show I appreciate join me on the radio today on came easy 980 AM also appreciate you listening if you are your car at the gym or. Do whatever you do on iTunes via podcast as walls that grill nation showed dot com. Our guest for the snakes they may get his Joseph go work his Twitter handles at Goldberg Casey he's pre and post game and in game. A reporter a broadcaster for your Kansas City Royals on fox sports Kansas cities also keynote speaker. Check out more information about that at jewel Goldberg media dot com angels also was started a podcast which. He's got some really great yes so I urge you to listen of that as well. Joy you're mixing your travels. The royals this season haven't sir oft he top five and fifteen were taping the show play they've gotten a few more wins when this actually airs but. I mean you book acts going on I know the bullpen this is not doing too well. Dario and it's not got the ball. Really based on. You know before the told them so. Maybe maybe right now based some are arguably the I don't know I'll tell Leo well we all. 00 cricket by as what they bring it show. They're column back to back games yet this year so they have a bigger enemy action. But they haven't aren't you losing your that would explain. Pretty much a record stable weather. If you water or warm finger their split finger or use our global. Which is just awful. That their reason and why you came into the year. With really eating contributions. Gary peacock who regard. Governor rural water level over the Coca-Cola here with another rule all the clothing unit at the Obama. According to the real of the third quarter shortly they won't recoup battered little up. On Nolan. Go here is great but that everybody else trying to get all the him has really struggled. All these veterans have really struggled over WR I Ottawa. It took that become more of a learning experience. An issue they you know they armed struggle. Warmer on the all the gauntlet that now common goal that aren't they all. And starting pitchers are pretty good but when would you need Peter and I and anybody starting pitchers. Are otherwise your. Being able Obama will lead to a way to win baseball. Yeah we know that because why would roil the successful all of the years a one really big reason was because the ball and adequate all of that. I'm Rick talks about body ball. You know that that that old book and movie. That would about market and equities in the about the Oakland days wearable art you. In it and in certain you know categories. All of skill that other tunes I. What will let it go oh or to pay your big bucks closer. But ultimately the royals right then applying guys where they have we were closers you know hurt Davis all of well I am that's Lou coach you were wearing what we gave up the I think it was open. So memorial little have a lot of those guys. What is it about but it was well look royals to put it to look to want one way to that it wouldn't go global car like that. So the article and all those players whether they were closer and thought. So Lou Lou. And now it's really expensive local or. So yeah that actually became erratic the royals in some way it's gone now so horrible that because of the. Then he believed her job over with the is looking at the standings are now until the royals aren't. I think last place there's seven games operative. You mentioned the runs scored their last setting in baseball the twins of sorts 69 the royals scored 68. The twins are two and a half games out the royals are seven. Because of the run against it. Yes the bath Stefan are not as well. Well. That you you very much. Lead to a copy always blame but I think you very much you look at the worker. And I think you'll be in the look at cold weather we are or whether or you know so cold weather you typically go to Ottawa. Off to a really bad offense started terms it would surely they know and vocal on it. Up 55 runs this year the royals of Europe a 112. The report stretching is ridiculous OPEC often be the other but. It promptly hit a cold on it are very local all the coal. And the royal also have no way in a warm weather city they haven't played other than on a couple days and in Toronto. I'm in the dome and so. My acute pick. Account so that an. Yeah we're looking. You know the numbers you're looking got a base hit the real quick snapshot of a portrait. Yeah so you know that all people that like the equivalent if if you play one game. You know or three or or maybe making it by a quarter. You're making your judgment on them. Based on basically they'll wanna be able football you would do yeah so well it is somewhat by ops you'll really early. I'll welcome back if it is it's. If they can't get some production in the bowl the murderer really really hurt public it. Yeah I'm looking at their schedule of upcoming. Obviously they have this homestand which they're on right now bit. And they got to go to Boston used to strip the cover off the ball then their lack come against Detroit in their in Baltimore and Cleveland so. Not me warm weather cities in their big in the weather certainly changed it to deposit. Exchanging summit and then balked at you know look what about you never thought based on the record or their seven you can order from YouTube and they get they'll hit. So. A pretty good reminder that you really never go on a nightly basis based on what could potentially happen. I'd buy an ex royal right. Our energy and tell it was over stray I wish we still odds overs finalized plan now and I love that guy. You tell you go to the L look back if you straighten out what you know I think but equal Yost or let that go to a long rational thought. Because the go go with the boat and you know but my cup mr. Qatar and remarked. The fact that in the context of the little. Most people want to have a rational. Or in terms of thought oh look we you're that guy the other a no hitter Arctic. And it will pick the World Series. Then. Which is new for the royals fans are it will and that's. When Eric usually Joseph Goldberg is with us so. Jill I you might we stock is playing good pretty did what's what's his attitude like I know you're on the guys a lot obviously I was a big fan here is our implied that he still with the team on by the he's playing for the royals obviously he's he's a hell Claire. Not even thirty yet. What somebody CM and so far. Bet that's correct if not at. There were some question marks going in because. You know he turned on the royals all our outlook or local book he would be well I concur or don't seventy billion but you turn that down because the animal you're deal I'll work and in the market article about him over the we don't. And absolutely you look at it back and starting your Burke just sit oh they got a huge ultimately we take that paycheck right now we yeah we. We all what. By the that there were some questions from people. You know that aired during even cover all the broke out throughout the country it would go visit the Europeans and that they. That. People are wondering oh is he going to be grumpy because in an aura. You is bad bad actor Eric that's Arctic where if you look at all or whatnot and it welcomed though good speakers. You like baseball works all on offer at this can't fix the two so they thought he or are ordered the they are accountable nobody. You can't. Come back at it you gotta get there next year so what do you read it after this here spoke out they should have you become. Either or valuable. Ed. You know the little wonder that the good because obviously got a great at all as well you're. They couldn't trade he had. The deadline that there would go a little piece of her wolf they've ever seen like. That he's a great help. Army will use it and really good shape and you look. Like the most complete. Let the hitter that I've ever seen him. To lure you with this again a couple minutes left fuel. My friends to me off to the show Brock Mirant IFC. It. I've watched a few episodes. It's about an ex broadcaster news at the top of the mound I think for the royals actually in the show and many now he's back in the minors he's. Crawled his way back up and have a lot of things broadcasters on the show it's kind of funny. Have you watched the show what are your thoughts. I have watched that are not I never watched all the watched the first pure. I just. Like urgent threat herbal let's look real but for the ball or the circle back hysterical but at our. Don't you get a little bit of bomb. Premier Carlo but we'll look look look look like all of the meat a little bit of all Major League you also. Yeah right here it is that the computer all like the old battle school model old school but the the older group of moderately whom you know the other satellite mall. And he's just. I'd guy died I do it's it's starting its season two I believe is starting here are sooner again he was the teensy royals announcer fix only on the show. And he there's a lot of great puns and in Joe Buck is on the show and and they play along with Joseph buckle up with could but they think about him but. Under do you as a check it out and also T gotta represent the sports go anywhere isn't it shows pretty pretty awesome act. Joseph I see any any kind of more aggressive sports Kazaa do you anytime soon. How I. Am that our job. You don't knock one out Meyer level look better. Day. But I hope you all well off so oh well all. I've got out dismissed in Mecca that purchased a bunch of new. Sports coats and they're all maybe your blue or some shade of blue sun assuming you almost hear sports go to most year tire you to be anti every day is. Is blue. Yeltsin certainly norm. I edit luckily I don't have to Wear little color to be more about the versatility. Of our club. Of the fact that when I travel. You know eight left complicated code in particular long wait a road trips are seven co. And he did anybody wanna think about your packing news Joseph globe. They are worker Roy. In my job that I know radio for a a week to week ten day road trip I can't imagine that we'll Joseph Wilbur thanks for coming on the show today. Congrats on your success again my man and will hopefully catch back wc when the royals are. On a winning streak. Don't look good book report due we hear about all the good movie choices you don't need a lot of fun and I always good Erica thank you jewel. Brett back here in relation to I guess. Welcome back to the grill nations show here on came BC nine ED I a and I appreciate doing his wealth today on iTunes as rules that grill nation showed dot com you can connect could be on Twitter act and Jason grill in that girl nation shell and search for me on social media. The search chasing girl also on FaceBook snapped chat in chagrin all the social media channels ring connect to meet in the show. As slippery in our first segment excited to have back on our friend of the show Shaun Edwards he's an award winning a film critic for fox TV and he does long entrepreneurial things as well. He is in studio today to talk about some movies you might have missed. Catch up with them in the talk about some of the best summer movies we should look forward to that should be on our raiders' radar it's always a fun. Tie when John Edwards is on the show is Twitter handles at as Edwards Kasey John welcome to the show my friend. Is Jason grow your romance it is yes wow man just like the second coolest name ever had. Tom Cruise and Tom Cruise they newsroom and Sosa let's just figure out how would allow these celebrities that they have. They have fake names you know start quizzed me on X I don't know which is where it's just fun you know some of them just under Tom Cruise labor yeah. It's just funny to you start. It's looking through that stuff and your life why Ali it's weird to think of them with their actual name yeah yeah I know I know when he amid when he hit that point real like your agent or some nieces and many you change your name yeah dude in the beginning because you won't do work ideas why won't. Like watching the ones who make the transition why. I doubt ice cube sort of as a rapper. Became actor but he stayed ice cube. Delray you know Queen Latifah stay Queen Latifah wind and rain oh and put some people go to their real name like TI went to light two players I just you just never know how to go to make that did that switch. Or when it's time to make the switch it is is pretty interesting stuff so Sean what did you love and up to even back and forth from day what do you mean he's a hello alien almost you know what I'm almost at a point where I'm not that important anymore. I'm actually pursuing waned that the league got me into this profession in the first place with his actual filmmaking Oca don't actually starting to make. Movie semi grow movies so we just had a movie that I worked on it. It opened on April the twentieth caught traffic. Oca star Paula Patton on perhaps less Alonso gets caught traffic directed by Dion Taylor. It literally opened on April the twentieth did very well at the box office it's a 100%. Independent film. We're really proud of it did very well taken down in Kansas I. Oh yeah Erica hill prison in traffic TR and Belmont today. I'm not go. On tour and I have a tour de in my hometown it. That's probably not a good thing she says she's gonna have a gun Mike Rabelo we're actually best friend she says she's gonna have a tour stop you're Casey but now you can totally watch traffic right here in Kansas case a traffic is out he got more filmmaking duo pro make him and I'm still I'm slugger now with the movie trip project we've been pitching that concept to turn that into a TV series unto them along with Teresa O'Leary. I am we're getting closer and closer that's going to be a really really fun TV show me get that off the ground and up. Because this previous outing in what is that a guy like where you watch a movie and you notice locations and we show you how to vacation at those locations like. Star Wars fans noticed all the locations that we use like in Iceland and Ireland and in the UK and we show you how you can go actually visit those locations that means same flight. Did injures people noticed where these movies are shot they wanna go visit there so we show you how to turn that trip into a really cool breached patient. Because I love this show I'll give you a hot exclusive right here Erica. My latest project is I'm working on a documentary on the gates family in gates barbecue. Oh cool dad duo fund a new riding a slug and Al the script right now. I'm doing all the research. But I guess it's going to be a go it's got to feature a lot about the entire world of Barbeque with the focus will be on gates and how gates. As an establishment. Of to elevate Kansas City and really create this. Sort of millennial boom for barbecue it's crazy Yemeni parties on us learn in the last ten years it's insane but they've been around London club they were pretty good. All of whom are good they cannot go wrong barbecue and has been perfected right hearing kids she got a cure they say. In Charlotte or Memphis or any parts of Texas Casey Estevez barbecue flat out in the story let's talk move. Snow okay let's talk movies. Don't go away so I think you've been busy man I haven't seen any movies this year I'll always out of my element here I. I've seen any movies. He's this year and it's it's maybe I wasn't very I was just excited by anybody in the Oscars this year I don't ask don't always terror done enough not to show that the movies there were forbidden movies or even worse I never I never I never lead. Got in the union as a missile does that now get out who won best picture yet out of counts double. I saw that preview and it's the last movie I saw includes about snow it was that that might have been I Tanya. Alabama and crime Christmas time that's really blame either one of these news they saw a preview this you know I'm not at first and I'm not now when you're watching not tie if you. And came out of my home law. Long time ever I would do it announces are ours is up much like I was like is this is this a real movie like your first does like you didn't seem like a bee incident and it's up for best picture you can now should assume Y shaped water. These all those right yeah I have to. You can. So a zone have a job let's talk about some movies that I I've missed you mentioned a few of America. Yeah I just there's an easy life she lives only five movies the money. About one LSU along shoots me that but recession is seen these movies. A quiet place that I. Let's drill our place right yet John Kaczynski directed. And wrote and stars and it with his wife Emily Blunt okay it's a more quicker guys visit to horror film a story of course. Black panther didn't see that I. Black panther broke avatars I know right after may have made more money than Titanic and you haven't seen on the ice in the one movie people talking about all year long so is like. If you adjusted for inflation it's sold more tickets in the Dark Knight in the highest grossing James Bond movie which is under ball really everybody in the world scene this is trick for you there live mom put out oil into that man's borrowers who have said today it's stalled in mid ocean traffic. Yeah imagine traffic but traffic on the list Google worked on the project I'd be insane if I didn't mention traffic or two people to go once it. About a movie called blockers it's. I see it it's. We call it the to the team. The teen comedy about a group of parents do trying to stop their daughters from having sex on prom night. Really sounds interesting is very funny it's very very very very funny it's written and directed by the lady did did pitch perfect Seth wrote in it as a producer of it. Right that's what's funny okay into it when was that out of that so it's not stuff because that's still outsold checked out up blockers. Well I saw a and ask for that and south by this you're inside a robust idea but it restricted at this. OK so that's what we should check got the comedy and loves and their love Simon what it's like them. John Hughes knew leave for this generation is about a young man who's trying to come out of the closet while it's. And done very well loves Simon that is also in theaters. Don't talk roster of people can go and say that's a tough one at the mouth against the question. IO of the dogs. There are good guys so I wanted to see I can only dogs is that is that they six reasons is that is that creative exciting was Anderson. That's the movie to see if you love dogs. If you love weirdness. Or if you love stop motion animation aka. Which is if you at a post three that's you know a lot of people of dogs I'm not sure about weirdness or stop motion animation. Look at their first full as far as very Irene Jay got mixed that the little controversy broke I thought that like a little unfair but. It looked I think created got a lot of good reviews the tried to an unloaded its under this latest sick it's weird it's quirky you know he likes got motion animation or love dogs and stood what are they definitely aren't checked out I wouldn't put him atop my must see list but it works. It is it's entertaining it's very entertaining you will not be born. Okay. We got a ton of movies to discuss rear its John Edwards talks for me it's harder to end he does though a making movies and do all try craziness trying that he we've got. I've got a list up here we got a couple couple minutes left in the sudden we have another segment. A rebel with a the summer stuff now yes I guess it unofficially now the summer movie season well let's get nicer inside finally you know it's more than a few ventures is kicking off the summer movies day and I have no interest in seeing this but you probably didn't we're probably seeing a pretty soon or what what is it the avengers. I think yachts I can't talk about oh you've already seen it yet you talk OK so it's coming out here seeing partly because that was the word problem embargo hit. That's the because there is talk about so you as it's coming out. Star or worse has another song of the summer and by the way they're going to be a lot of action mute hero movies again. Are you didn't summertime explosions. An animated features. So tell me about soloists are were stolen base stuff it tears your heart. Monticello and there's our hour long movie every six Disney bought them they bought the franchise they're cranking them out got to get their money back but I mean I'm so low is arguably one of the most popular characters from the Star Wars universe and he's getting his very own movie. Look at but the thing is everybody's talking about the land oak how receiving character because it's played by Donald Glover in right now what's hottest. Districts there's nothing he can't do like. He stars in movies like big movies like solo Star Wars story. He's a show runner on his own TV show Atlanta which console FX which gets like huge huge critical praise and record Grammy nominated albums they keep he does well. A lover. Our local Roca childish Gambino assured a place where no calories here was played by Billy. A childish Gambino is a big deal. I does it all you I always like they just had several he's hosting SNL and going to be the musical guest on the same show. Really that's how awesome he OK held his skin. I don't merely some pretty young yeah he's young your Franco's soloist Star Wars story every year they have these these movies I'm so tired of the Star Wars movies but you know hold on a Signet. Usually come on December I saw they change the shape that usually they're December which are kind of like it into the get mixed up with all the other action here are some room. We and I'm not sure what they move this wood to the summertime. Listen you're just on Wikipedia they had no background about a change producers on this and all and answer indirect and direct and so this is a prequel though. The young so this young solo okay hold a movie before in my too old still parents did not pick at the they tried oh Indiana Jones you know so that was at an ever solve I never thought I don't know who so. OK so we don't wanna see owed so long we want young so John Edwards is with me today were discussing a summer movie preview. We got so many more movies to discuss here after the break. You're listening to grow nation show here on nine ABM came museum here with John Edwards. Follow him on Twitter at S were at as Edwards Kasey. Address. Welcome back into the growth nation show came to see 9 AM and on my teens and rogue nation should dot com here again with John Edwards from a fox four reason. Award winning movie critic we're talking summer movies. He is looking forward to seeing in that we should all be. Having our radars and checking out one of those is sorry to bother you will sell about ten minutes. How weird small indie film starring. Upping coming incredible we keep stands filled. We don't know the name you've probably seen the mornings on Atlanta which is on FX he was in Selma a couple other smaller movies. It's due to an incredible talent. Fourteen is movie because is the one movie and listed at the potential to be fresh. A ridge you know thought provoking. Them way different from everything else you wanna see all summer home. Oceans eight yeah man who hit got a good look this little. Reboot the ocean's franchise asunder bow legged Riyadh and oh I didn't really break in new faith in something and have really gone out of it except. I was not in Vegas okay New York OK I have to tell you what has the ladies although. I'm really curious to see if this film is the sort of back lack. Backlash at the all female ghostbusters cats I remember how much they was like thrown that way. People hated that movie before they even saw its it'd be interesting to see how people respond to the all female version of this franchise him we also have another dead pool that pool to. Mean they're always great but I think it was great because it was so unexpected and came out of nowhere but I do dig Ryan Reynolds and he's great. In the lead role no I just don't know what more they can do but I'm still looking forward to seeing their Pu Q I just don't know where to gonna go with this but. It's another comic book movie which I generally do not like that but I did like to forget who. 11 minutes on your list is terminal with Margot Robbie. I like parasites like journalist I do like Durham was not looking forward to them it is like your your movie you'll look important salads and beautiful lush you know no no she's very beautiful like. Do people ask you this question on time to interview a lot of people like. He's so striking that it's almost hard to interview car he's like oh yeah I can get a quick he's an awesome. Dead pull some and we also have a really skew female there's lot of action against Iraq Mission Impossible follows Tom Cruise still lumber here. This I did. Okay. Domestically. He's still bring in it internationally and that's why these movies still inmate then leg he had to just rely on American audiences I think he would be in the retirement home right now we've we've put global leave these movies still make a ton of money he's still out there doing his own stunts and everything so ahead. Elliott's daddy she's tried hard on this one from a mistaken but he still out there doing it though. My knees Mission Impossible movie the mean none of whom have ever made any sense but they're really fun to watch. You have Jurassic world loyalist I couldn't believe there's no. We're back in charge come back and change Melissa I'm looking forward to address it was a caught probably I can you really ratchet world following Kingdome junior when he second how can you reinvent. It Jurassic Park over and they did laugh a little late. Like a billion dollar check don't I don't know lass who made the last two rested part to rest of world we're gonna call it made a billion duck people like watching these. Everyone knows the dinosaurs are fake but people loved watching him I know I love. This trip and I saw no good Jurassic Park that's our eighth grade I think it was maybe as high school environment refresh their wanna date a murder in the movie theater remember them by saying. It was so cool back then it was like early 190 no good. Because you could never seen anything like it he just wouldn't have ML plus 25 years ago man this is Hollywood they milk and a man. And I just want some creativity last caller remember the last who made a billion dollars it's insane. Incredibles two. But nothing about this franchise we Linda did sort of superhero film you know the first one I don't know first what was done open. Look at the first I have no. Is John so I don't I don't get a little like grown people Saudi Incredibles Chris Pixar they tend to make kid movies that aren't we kid movies that adults enjoy more than kids to take to see them in the first incredible with a really really cool move I'm not sure what to do with this one. But the previews. Look OK I try not to watch the trailer it's a lot of fun to give too much away any kind of like this. I just don't want that in my head when have to watch a movie to review but I'd I am a particular system but the door discuss Pixar they don't do a lot of sequels tumor didn't incredible too that she. One of your one of the movie that was under Lewis that I saw analysts which is just. Was what I got a reading intern in this one it's called attack our area I think every president play in the same game attacked for decades and how the game is ending and everyone only has one chance to tag champion it's got Jon Hamm minute Brian Holmes it's a co starring in a film us who we are game way too far combining action humor and what could very well be an exciting way. I had no idea what this movie's about an hour and it does sound it's a media telling the truth you know playing tag right. Also sounds similar to game night which came out earlier this year which was not a bad movie and did very well that could be like a stick to what little summer sleeper hits and trying to. A super fly. Had this great. There was an original movie called super fly back in 1972. During the blaxploitation era and it was actually a ground breaking film about a cocaine dealer who wants to have one last score before he gets out the game. Actually had a lot of social and they'll political impact back in today. In fact the film was so greedy in the real and raw at the NAACP. Actually boycotted the movie. But the cool thing about the original super fly as it produced. All time number one best ever soundtrack. Which would be quarterback Curtis Mayfield like the super fly soundtrack is is batted in his Saturday night fever soundtrack. It's I mean name another great soundtrack but the super fly soundtrack in my opinion is the best soundtrack. Ever ever ever created in the history of movies so they re doing this movie now I just wanna see just because the first movie. It's a classic especially if you talk black film first super fly it's everything some really curious to see this is going relied all on line with the original. Or be more like the millennial version of belly. And how much good reference no and apply. That shot hundreds as of this from fox four continuing on local phenom hero Paul Rudd is now a superhero who yes yeah indeed. And it may have and the loss yet nothing I'd like to say the stuff in the July time what. He is making money or Syria and of course we do well yeah he's he's this a good movie I saw it already is officially make you retirement money. Diseases usually armament is meant to be mad remember the days on friends I know he's he may do I turn right bigger checks for big slick money if you pick it. It's not a big one you like the first scene. Of the surprise. That we can't win in a marvel comic universe is like a third tier character. Million billion. What that what I understand is the rock he's still making movies and still people these are for president I don't he's not right I know I know I don't see knee injury was dropped but he. He's got a movie called sky skyscraper man c'mon she's she's just keeps Macon blockbusters Kamal many Rampage do well. And then I'm doing good name ten I couldn't I sought quiz on TV is like name. Five Brockman these I could name two of them oh let's see what else we got here fast period seventh masters eight bass series nine masters ten and you've gone there you go. Okay what else we got here we have. So you could almost a newcomer in Christopher Robin. And that's good that's good good select. Roche repeat it's it's good. It's live action but it's weird I am this I'm destined geek in me come and really wanna see that we. And in another one on the list is this one's really cool from a lot of different perspectives is called black Klansman. It's directed by Spike Lee then. And it's produced by Jordan PO who wrote in directed get out. It is also written by Kevin will mine whose from the Kansas City area Oca Daschle's got a local guy local control. Mae and somebody science fiction we got we got even next gallery displaying the scientists and movie called replica yes and I guess yes no I mean this guy which yellows with coach Mike Timlin who has a known or met that's not a death and I Israel. We know actually did isn't really its Hawaiian from Hawaii that's actually his romance the on Marines everybody on the roof so there's about thirty to forty. Blockbuster summer movies coming out and I'm fifty total and 150 total hundred fifties we took our class by the summer movies which will be released from may first. Through Hogue is how many days in August 30 313031. I don't know. And so hard Shaun Edwards has been our guest John Edwards from fox for award winning movie critic at as Edwards Kasey Sharma man. Picks are coming on the show why have you on again on the story always cheer talk movies talk. Tough to really get movies or hopefully next time we can talk about some not the actually in the months movie you know. Well I appreciate you coming on and outings IMAP present specialists in real nation will see again next week take care of doing guys take care.